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  Lucis / 282d 1h 42m 6s
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[size10 You know.. I've always thought this, but tonight I'm suddenly reminded.
You're so admirable.. in so many ways.
But right now, hearing you sleep in peace.. it makes me want you to always be at peace.
You deal with so much at home, with constant stresses.
Had I been in your shoes, dealing with someone like that on a daily..
I don't think I could ever be as strong as you are.
I don't think I'd turn out as wonderful as you are..
And on top of that, you strive so hard despite what's trying to bring you down.
You don't give up, and you're as positive as you can be.
You raise me up.. you give me hope when I need it.
You inspire me, you know? You always want the best for me.
You're so encouraging.. you're so thoughtful towards me.
And you're protective of me.. you're so headstrong.
Which is why you are the most important person to me that I've met.
And one of the many reasons why I can't stop loving you.

I want you to know that you are nothing like her and never will be like her.
I want you to continue to pursue your dreams, or at least the goal you hope for to be comfortable and happy.
I will support you and encourage you, just like you would for me.
I hope I can raise you up, just like you raise me up.
And I hope I can learn to protect you through it all too.

One thing for sure.. you really live up to what you are known for.
Blooming regardless of adversity, a sunflower in the midst of weeds.
Keep being you.. I will continue to be the pillar you lean on when you need it.
  Lucis / 317d 14h 22m 35s
[center [pic http://i63.tinypic.com/2evrz1z.jpg]]
[size10 Today I learned something.
I read that your soulmate doesn't necessarily mean it's the person you will end up with.
A soulmate.. is someone who takes you to where you're supposed to be, or where you should be.
They are the companion along your journey of growth.
They inspire you.. to be the best version of yourself.

So.. even though I'm not happy with how things are lately..
Thank you for being my soulmate.

No matter where our paths take us.. I consider you my soulmate.
  Lucis / 1y 36d 19h 2m 11s
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  Lucis / 1y 268d 15h 58m 52s
[center [pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/0793d075519df3418c80ce14b697a7cf/tumblr_okanmcaLUY1uh5bkeo1_500.gif]
Loving you is a highlight of my life.
No matter who we are to each other, where our paths lie.
You showed me what love is.]]
  Lucis / 1y 269d 13h 4m 25s
[size10 Stealing her edit for this post.
I like it too much--

But I just gotta say..
I'm happy in the place we are right now.
I'm not overthinking anything, I'm not in a rush for anything.
I'm content.

About last night though..]
  Lucis / 2y 2d 16h 43m 23s
[center [pic http://38.media.tumblr.com/f1f3b129d3ff01539294d295cb0cb0be/tumblr_naeburWwDs1r8gaaho3_500.gif]
The moon and the night sky.]]
  Lucis / 2y 6d 4h 31m 11s
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  Lucis / 2y 6d 4h 37m 56s
[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LN3UOb3iiTE]
Nothing and nobody.. can change how much this song means to me.
It always makes me think of you.. saying those words about me.

Know that.. even though the moon is so far away..
It will never let you be in complete darkness..
For now, it's just hidden.. but you will be okay with your own radiance.

Even so.. there is a new moon tonight that you end the night with..]]
  Lucis / 2y 17d 10h 5m 4s
[center [pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/c1c3e3b1e66c8eea624dac401752ea63/tumblr_oj3tgrwarV1tw2hyao1_540.gif]
I must be.. the only one left in our chamber of memories.]]
  Lucis / 2y 33d 3h 41m 54s
[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNW71XASrbw]

[size16 [font "mistral" [b When Night Falls.]]]][size10 [font "times new roman"
The sound of feet lightly shuffled across the living room, belonging to a tired young man who had just got home from work. He plopped on the couch, letting out a sigh of both relief and exhaustion now that he survived the long day. He looked over with a small smile, knowing what he wanted to do next. Simply, he just wanted to relax, let his mind drift to sleep, and enter his happy place. It should be easy, considering how notorious he was to be quite a quick sleeper, always falling asleep in an instant the moment his body decides it’s time to shut down for the night. Almost instantly, lids closed shut, his body falling over the couch, head hitting a soft, cushion-like support to aid his comfort. As he began to free his mind from troubles of the day, his mind entered the hazy state.

A soft pair of pale thighs would substitute for the pillow in his bed. Although not as fluffy as a pillow, they were comfortable to him; the transferring of heat from the thighs to his pressed cheek was all he needed. He would nuzzle into them, a smile of peace following suit.

Gentle touches felt against the scalp of his head, fingertips gliding and tracing marks against it. Dark tresses brushed back in one direction, repeating like a pattern. A silver band of jewellery could be spotted in between the dark tresses as fingers continued to trace. A small cherry blossom lay atop of the band, untouched as it glides through strands. He would be relieved to see that it was still wrapped around a finger if he were to open his eyes.

[b “Stupid jerk… always so sleepy.”] A line of familiarity that held nothing but endearment laced in the soft voice. There was no pain behind it, no form of hostility or resentment. It was as peaceful as he was right now.

Warmth suddenly graced his cheek for a moment, the heat even warmer than the thighs. The warmth belonged to the soft pair of thick, plump lips that he was familiar with feeling on his own lips. They weren’t covered in any shade of lipstick but the nude of their skin. But admittedly, he loved them the most when they held no other colour. It simply shows a vulnerable state, one of comfort, as they did not show off for compliments and pictures, but just him to kiss in the early hours.

He shifted to lay his head backside-up, his face now exposed to the ceiling. If he were to open his eyes then, they wouldn’t meet the ceiling, but the pretty face that the plump lips belonged to. They would smile back at him, and expose their pearly whites that don’t show as often as he’d like them to. When they do though, he would always feels warmth in his core and more so when he was the one to make them show.

Dark, yet warm eyes would stare back into his and they would speak words that the mouth couldn’t. Long, thick eyelashes would cover those eyes as they blink, and he always found they were one of the most beautiful features. They would brush lightly on pale, round cheeks, in which he found was what always made his lips inclined to touch them and trace to the nose that he found was the perfect shape. Often, he would say that the nose resembled that of a kitten—small with a rosy flush on the tip. He looked at the familiar face as if he was staring at the sun rising to light up the dark night and start the morning—appreciative, grateful, and adoration.

[b “Quit staring at me… jerk.”] There it was again, the term of endearment in which it held slight embarrassment this time. But it was what he always loved to get from that voice. He loved to hear the nervousness—the tone where they are caught off guard—where they do not know how to handle the emotion. That would be the cue where he would take charge and make his own emotions known.

His tan hand grabbed the pale one, bringing it to his lips and pressed against the fingers, just beside the cherry blossom band. He would look up and watch the pretty face with their flustered reaction, gaining a smile for the young man. He let out a sigh of contentment this time. He would play with the pale fingers, intertwining to let their rings dance around each other until he would drift back into deep slumber again.

As soon as his hand drops, all was gone in an instant and he was alone on the couch. Dark brows furrowed as he tossed and turned, his body disagreeing with any position to sleep in, his leg accidentally knocking over a half-empty bottle of alcohol on the floor. But he didn’t care, let alone was even aware of it. He just wanted to go back to that pleasant state again. He just wanted to see the sun again to end the dark nights he’s been trapped in.

[center [i He just wanted to be happy again.]]]]
  Lucis / 2y 53d 7h 6m 51s
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  Lucis / 2y 53d 7h 41m 40s
[center [pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/98891057bcd7820c78a23827f4f71916/tumblr_o5f4whZ5qM1tb1bqzo1_500.gif]
You are so lovely in your sleep.
Because everything in your mind bothering you comes to a stop, and you're at peace..
Even if you snore.]

[size7 I'm still glad I still have that effect of keeping you at peace with the sound of my voice.
It's like you would just fall asleep in my arms, feeling safe.]]
  Lucis / 2y 75d 14h 46m 16s
[center [size10
Ah, the order didn't process the way it should've. Guess I spent too much?
Well.. at least it wouldn't have placed a burden on her to own it.
Something as heavy as that.. it shouldn't be coming from me.
It was supposed to be an upgrade, but.. now that's not happening..

Though it was really pretty.]]
  Lucis / 2y 87d 10h 59m 43s
[center [pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/ffefc5c0f4a3a7d4f3698bbdba061b2e/tumblr_ozrvlt0ufP1wizbteo1_540.jpg]]
  Lucis / 2y 87d 9h 53m 46s

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