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Magnus picks up another Warlock child while meeting with a client unable to resist the child he takes her as payment since the child's mother isn't taking care of her. He brings her home to her new father and loving older brothers.


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Willow was drifting off to sleep on Rafe's shoulder he still smelled like ice cream and citrus and it smelt good to her. She jumped when Rafe began to panic and blinked some sleep away from her eyes as she rubbed them. Her tiny ears flickering slightly at the sounds of people talking when Magnus called her she pointed at the bandage "Rafe fixed." she whispered to him softly before letting out a yawn as max came barreling out of the bathroom without his pants on and Alec was running after him.

"Maxwell get back here!" he said to him softly as he tried not to scare Willow with his loud voice Max ran up to the sofa just narrowly missing Willow's tail to join in on the hug.

"Group hug!" he said as Willow's ears went down as Alec sighed to the point of giving up on telling Max he needs to lower his voice as he picked up the youngest son and put his pants on.

"Come on Max it's your night to pick a story while Willow and Rafe get washed up." he said to him softly then to Magnus "I'd use our bathroom I haven't cleaned the flood in the kid's bathroom yet."
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"I am pretty sure fish don't have horns ,darling" Magnus replied sighing as he went to go get pjs and such ready fro bed. He stopped by the living room to see Rafe and Willow. He was a bit startled at the first aid kit out. He walked over seeing her tail bandaged. Rafe was holding her tightly as if to protect her from all the evil in the world. Magnus was half tempted to heal her tail but he was not sure how she react to magic. "Hey, Rafe you have to take a bath in a few minutes okay?" Rafe panicked and held Willow tighter. "I can't leave her. Shes scared I can't leave her." He comment trying to will himself to not panic so much like did when he first went to came here with his fathers. Magnus went to put a hand on his cheek to place him back. "Sweetie, we are going to take care of her okay? Max also. She is going to be fine." He looked to Willow smiling. "How are you doing my little willow bug?"
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"Do you think Willow is gonna like all the pretty colors and bubbles! Ohhh When can Aunt Izzy and everyone meet her." Max said splashing about as Alec shook some bubbles that had fallen into his hair as he smiled at Max as he looked at Magnus.

"Are you sure our son is a warlock and not a fish?" Alec said in teasing laugh as Max splashed him some more. "Easy Max don't make too much of a mess." he said as he shook his head of bubbles. "I think it's gonna take time Max." He replied.

Willow nodded weakly as she moved to give him her tail she jumped slightly at the ointment stinging her wounds but she stayed still for Rafe. When he was done she went right back into his arms to hide shaking slightly scared. "Bad people scary." she whispered.
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Rafe understood then she was still in pain and was instantly running to the kitchen where a first aid kit was. He went to look at her tail and saw it was bleeding. Though he had to assure her everything was fine when Max screamed. "He is having fun. Its a bubble bath. There are tons of bubbles and there are toys. The bubbles smell like flowers. Daddy and Papa sometimes put in this toy light that lights up the water pretty colors. Daddy and Papa never hurt either us. I promise." He assured getting antibiotic cream and bandages out. "Can I see your tail?" Rafe didn't want to touch anywhere she wouldn't like. He knew how Max was about his horns at times and who knows how Willow felt about her tail.

Magnus frowned. "If anything we can shower her or get a wash cloth with warm water." He paused thinking of the next thing to really do for Willow. His goal at the moment was to get Willow comfortable enough to sleep. She looked like liked she had not slept in days. Her got some food in her which was a good thing and at least she was bonding with one of the boys.
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Alec nodded as he took Max to the bathroom to get him washed up Max always went first when it came to baths because he normally like to drench the whole bathroom. Or he would try and turn it into the ocean and summon fish like the time he summoned a baby shark to swim with him in the tub and it almost gave Simon a heart attack since he and Izzy had been watching the boys. "I hope she didn't seem to want one when she was out I'm worried if someone made her afraid of water." he asked looking at Magnus wondering if it was hitting him hard.

Willow hugged Rafe tightly afraid he was going to leave as she wiggled her tail whimpering "Tail." she said hiding in him when he asked about the duck she shook her head and gripped him tighter "Rafe." she said wanting him. When she heard Max partying in the bathroom she flinched at the yells thinking it was torture.
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Magnus was very surprised to see Willow attached to Rafe. He kept them close to him as Alec had Max. He looked over at Alec knowing part of what he was saying was true. He ran his hand through Rafe's hair. "Alexander..." He said gently. "Lets just get home and the sugar monsters a bath. Also try to see if Willow might take a bath after them." He mentioned as they arrived at their building,

Rafe kept singing as they walked back. He hated bullies or anyone hurting his family. "Are you okay?" Rafe asked Willow as they enter the building into their home. He sighed setting her on the couch. "I have a stuffed animal. Its a little duck pirate. It was max's but he gave it to me when I was upset. It probably make you feel better right? "
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Alec wrapped his one arm around Magnus waist and the other one gripping Rafe shoulder guiding them out of ice cream place. The walk home was quiet except for Rafe's singing which calmed Willow down but didn't lessen her grip on the older boy. Max got worried "Did that boy do it because he hated warlocks?" he asked scared as Alec sighed running a hand through his sons black hair.

"No max he thought her tail was a costume he did it too be mean it had nothing to do with her being a Warlock." he told him.

"But what that man said about you and Rafe?" Max said looking up as Alec looked at him and sighed.

"Max some people are cruel because they need to feel bigger about themselves. They are very sad people and don't deserve attention they get. However you and your brother our lightwoods and banes we play dirty and get our way." he said to him with a smile and a laugh "Which is why I'm so happy with your brother right now."
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Magnus was up sparks angrily popping from his fingers. He knew not to interfere unless he new Alec was in danger. Though what was testing him was hurting their daughter. He picked up Max quickly wanting him to be okay because he was a bit startled. He looked over to Willow but Rafe was holding her tightly and picked her up singing the same lullaby he and Alec sing to him when he was upset.

Rafe was so beyond tempted pass by Alec to get to this boy but Willow grabbing him with a call of his name, is what kept him back. SHe was clearly shaking and not okay. He held her close saying it was okay. He picked up calming her the only way he knew he was comforts by his daddy and papa. Singing the Spanish lullaby he knew by heart.
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Willow sniffled holding her tail trying to kept her sobs quiet as Alec came running over to the scene and glared at the boy "Where are your parents?" he said and the little boy literally almost peed himself because of Alec's tall and almost straight out prison vibe. Alec put a gentle hand on Rafe to calm him down. When he heard a small noise he turned his head to see Willow reaching for Rafe "Rafe." she whimpered again wanting a huge from the angry Hispanic boy. She burrowed her small frame into his chest and shivered crying into his chest as she hugged him.

Normally Alec would be proud but he was currently laying into the man for letting his son run off an torture other people's children. "Yeah well maybe your brat should speak english you fag-" the man didn't get to finish because Alec punched him.

"Magnus grab the kids we are leaving." he said in that tone that clearly state he was so done with people.
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Magnus hesitated on giving Willow up but Alec was right as always. he laughed a little at how Max ate ice cream still and he wished Max didn't eat food like he hadn't eaten in days. He grabbed his napkin trying to wipe down some of the mess but found it useless. Magnus gave a look to Alec of its okay and he was right there. As he tried cleaning up the mess Max he heard Rafe yelling.

Rafe watched his brother eat ice cream like crazy. He shook his head at his messiness. He picked at his ice cream as he looked up and saw the moment a boy came and yanked on her tail. She teared up and clearly was hurt. The same protectiveness he had for Max hit him he was up pushing this boy away. Standing in front of Willow he started yelling at him in spanish about backing off and never going near her again. The kid clearly not understanding it backed off scared as hell.
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Alec saw Rafe reaction and knew what was wrong as he sighed "Magnus let me hold Willow she isn't going to get used to Rafe and I if you and Max are always the ones who are near her." he said to his husband as he held out his arms for Willow who looked terrified at first but slowly uncurled and let Alec hold her. She began to nibble on her ice cream in confusion at the taste. As Alec fed her she started to relax and watched as Max devoured his ice cream and she didn't know Ice cream could fly everywhere. Soon she moved to sit in Rafe's chair since he had moved to Magnus' lap when someone began to bother Alec. He shot Magnus a sorry look but got up to talk politics with a werewolf.

"Did Uncle Jace make someone in Uncle Luke's pack mad again?" Max asked as her head turned to Magnus who looked like he was trying to clean some of the mess of the child. Willow moved back to Alec's spot in case Rafe wanted his place back. When Magnus and Max were distracted an older boy had came up and yank on Willows tail so hard it began to bleed. Tears filled her little eyes but she didn't scream she didn't want to take Magnus away from Max like she had for Rafe she wanted to stay and she could only do that if the two boys liked her too.
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Rafael felt guilt hit him hard. He couldnt help but be mean to her. It was a new person and he hated change. "I am not a hard butt..." SHe seemed to like Max and there was no way he was going to like him. Max probably like her more as well. Jelaousy hit him next as said a another spanish word in anger. He brought his knees to his chest as ice cream was finally brought. He pushed his to the side deciding he didnt deserve ice cream. He wanted to curl up with Magnus like always did when he was upset but Willow was there. Now she stole his dad. He tried. He promised papa he try but it wasnt working.

Magnus came back and was smiling. Max was using his magic to entertain Willow. "I wish I had my camera, Alexander." He said as the straw wrappers dropped when he dat down, sitting with Willow in his lap again. "I got us neopoliton so you can try three different flavors. " He assured as he saw Alec pour ice cream in front of Rafael and Max. Rafael pushed his away with a mad look. He looked to Alec worried. Rafael was not taking this well at all. A kid refusing ice cream was bad news.
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Max smiled at his brother "I wasn't planing anything other than to try to make her laugh since you seemed to scare her being the hard butt you are." he said to him with a bigger smile on his face Willows ears twitched towards them so she had been listening to the talk . He took the wrapper that Rafe had chucked at him and began to make them moved and dance on the table . Willows head turned up slightly in amazement as her ears twitched again as she reached out to touch one and her eyes lit up as it shook her finger.

Alec shook his head as he order the children their ice cream "She is new Magnus and from your report that might take awhile I am pretty sure Rafe and I terrify her I scare the daylights out of her still." he commented kissing his husband gently as he grabbed Rafe, and his own before walking ahead to give the kids the treat. " Max don't make a mess." he told the little boy.
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Rafe smiled at his dads and nodded when they got to the ice cream shop. He asked for cookie dough ice cream.He was always protective and whether or not he liked willow he protect her. He looked at Max right away "whatever you are thinking dont do it. I actually want ice cream. " he glared. He looked to willow. She been curled up away from both of them and he hated to see her like this. He took a straw from a dispenser and opened one part of the wrapper. He pointed it at Max before blowing the wrapper in his face. He laughed a bit loudly.

Magnus smiled at willow fitting in but still seemed attached to him literally holding onto his leg. Prying her off he assured her he be back with a smile. He trusted Max and Rafe both keep her safe and calm but mostly rafe with his extreme protective side. When they were at the counter getting ice cream he joked with Alec. "Shes a great addtion to the family,Alexander. Just needs to come out of her shell." he turned hearing Rafe laugh findinf the boys were being boys but not causing trouble.
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"Max don't force your bother into doing things he doesn't want to do it's rude." Alec scolded as he put a hand on Rafe shoulder to assure him they were not going to force them to do anything he didn't want to do. As they got to the ice cream parlor it was rather loud causing Willow to shiver slightly. She hid slightly behind Magnus leg as they got read to order she looked at the flavors confused and Max of course got cotton candy which everyone swore it was because of the colors not the flavors.

"Okay Rafe watch Willow and your brother when Magnus and I go get the treats okay Max listen to your brother." Alec warned as Willow sat in the chair playing with the light up display innocently. They were left alone for a few moments and Willow made sure to avoid eye contact with either boy.
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