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Squalo thought a bit more as he thinks a moment. “Hmm, I suppose we can at least call them on weekends and all. At least make sure they’re alright.” And he was sure they’d be able to find something to do in the meantime. Dealing with Xanxus wasn’t so easy so...maybe they’d be able to go on missions, focus on training the new recruits, or pretty much anything to avoid flying wine glasses...well wine glasses flying at him anyways... He then chuckled slightly. “We’ll probably get a call from the Vongola about those two terrorizing them...or we’ll hear Tsuna screaming.” He could just imagine the terrified squeal that the Decimo would make. It might actually be louder than his own screaming, and that actually made him chuckle a tiny bit. “Sure. I don’t have to train until later, plus brunch sounded pretty good right about now..” Plus it gave the new recruits a break, so he happily followed her to the kitchen. Well semi-happily as he still had quite a bit on his mind.

Fenris smirked a little more. “My guess is it was originally created to scare students into misbehaving, though it became nothing more than an excuse for those who want to fight and get away with it. Delinquent committe really....” She said that with a straight face, though there was a bit of a twitch that was just subtle. She nodded a little in agreement to not letting her father hear. “Yeah, your dad would go on a yelling rant about how his former student should have been focusing on his swordsmanship and not his...ahem.” She just cleared her throat, deciding to opt out of making a perverse comment. That was more Lussuria’s thing anyways. “Better keep that from my dad. He’d take Tuna-Tsuna having a son as a problem...” And probably take it as a smack in the face too, being that the name Shinji means “true ruler” in Japanese. “I’ll check...” She then began hacking into the schedules, bypassing a couple firewalls with little problem. After that it just took a little bit more to get their schedules. “Yup, here they are...” She leaned back a bit and observed their schedules. “I wonder...” She then pulled up two more schedules, those of the two from the Vongola. “Well...looks like all our classes are together, along with Sawada and Yamamoto....Might as well know what they look like...” She then decided to finally pull up the pictures of the two, and she was actually a little surprised. “Huh...”
"I know... I'm worried too..." Miyako just did her best to try to keep herself calm, though in the inside she was freaking out. What was she supposed to do without her kids? Have another? No no, definitely not that. Shaking her head a bit, she then giggled at his comment about Vongola. "You just know they're going to go out if their way to raise all hell for the other group..." She nuzzles into him some more before starting to head towards the kitchen. "I'm going to make a little brunch. Do you have training or can you join me?"

When Bellona saw the gun, she started laughing. After being Fenris's friend for this long, she knew exactly what the gesture meant. And she was going to be there when it happened so she could see the priceless look on the Tenths face. When the disciplinary committee was mentioned she just scoffed and rolled her eyes. "Why is that even a thing, I mean really." When they got inside she grabbed a rolling chair and brought it over so that she could sit and watch Fenris. Bellona could do a little hacking too, but Fenris was a lot better at it. When a son of Yamamoto was mentioned, she exhaled deeply. "Let's... not mention anything about that, yeah?" Her dad would totally freak. When the Tenths son was mentioned, she leaned forward and squinted her eyes. "Shinji Sawada? Well I'll be damned... hey, do we have a schedule yet?" She was intrigued to know not only who was in the same grade, but who'd be in the same classes as her.
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Squalo sighed a little to himself and hugged her a bit more. “I guess so...” Keeping himself sane wouldn’t be the hard part, with his wife there and all but ... “It’s only natural for me to worry...” He thinks a bit and sighs, nuzzling into her hair a bit and thinking a second as a small idea came to mind. “Hmm....I suppose this could be worse though. At least the Tenth and his brat group is in Namimori still so...” At worst case scenario, they’d at least have some backup there. “...I have no doubt the Vongola’s going to have hell...”

Fenris grinned more, chuckling at the thought with a grin actually spreading on her face more. “It’ll be toooo good. I think I’ll make a big entrance.~” She chuckles a bit, pulling out her single pistol as if to emphisise how she’s going to blow up one of the walls of his house, usually she used her hand claws but for a big explosion this would be best,, then putting it away as they reach the tech center. “Well, half my time’s probably going to be spent fighting their disciplinary committee but, yeah.~.” She smirked a bit more as she headed inside, going right to a computer and starting to hack into Namimori’s student database without a second hesitation. “Hmmmm, let’s seeeee...Nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody..." This continues for a bit. “...Kito Yamamoto...sounds like your dad’s former student had a kid of his own and...Hmmm, interesting...” She paused on another name, one with the last name Sawada. “Looks like the brat had a brat of his own...” She didn’t even bother looking at their pictures on file, not yet at least.
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Miyako could only nod at first. He was taking things extremely difficult, but he wouldn't let anyone in to help him. But, like her husband, she couldn't blame him for it. Leaning against him, she sighed loudly. She loved both the girls and she'd miss them terribly, even if they were a handful at times. "There's not much we'll be able to do about it, darling. For the mean time we should focus on keeping ourselves sane. I know you'll miss and worry about her a lot." Leaning up, she gave him a kiss on the cheek and smiled a little.

Bellona grabbed herself a bottle and just smirked and shook her head as she chugged it and then threw it in the recycling bin. Following her sister, she rolled some thoughts in her head about how exactly this would all turn out and who would be there. When she heard about Vongola boss living there, she let out a snort. "Oh you know we're going to take the time to give him hell. I mean what else would we do? Oh man he's going to [i f r e a k] out!"
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Squalo sighed slightly, formerly annoyed but now a little calmer. “I’ve got most of it out. It’s going to take a little longer least it wasn’t burbon this time. That stuff takes WEEKS to get out...” Well, the smell does anyways. He paused a moment in washing his hair, thinking a little bit. “He’s more difficult to deal with than when he first took over the Varia....not that I fully blame him, considering all things AND that he’s taking this harder than anyone but...” He sighed a bit, resuming his washing until he was sure all the wine was out before stopping and wringing all the water out. He actually missed those days when Fenris’s mom was still alive, when Xanxus was a heck of a lot less aggressive... “I’m almost scared how bad things will get once the girls are away...” Sure they’d keep in contact and all but...

Fenris chuckled a bit as she stood up too. “Yup~ Plus we’re just awesome like that...” She smirked at a sudden idea and grabbed one of those glass coca-cola bottle from the fridge, downing about three-fourths of it before tossing it at Levi’s head, making said bottle break and soak his head. “Hehe, that never gets old.” She smirked a bit more, hearing Belphegor laughing in the background. “Okay then, let’s go see if there’s anyone noteworthy in that place. Doubt it though....” She then began leading the way to the tech center, thinking a tiny bit. “Ya know, I heard that Namimori is where the current Vongola boss lives. Think we can give him hell while we’re in town ?”
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Miyako, for a moment, stared worriedly at him. Ever since Xanxus's late wife passed, he became twice as aggressive and twice as guarded, as if the man wasn't already extremely difficult to deal with. Even so, she could tell by the unshaken expression there was little to do. Before she left, she reached a hand out slowly, patting his knee. It was the most contact he allowed from her before throwing stuff at her too. "Fenris has grown to be a beautiful young girl. She would have been proud. She'd also have been very excited to see the girls 'go to school' together." With that, she got up and left the room, heading towards Squalo. When she caught him washing his hair, she giggled a bit at him. "How's getting the wine out, love?"

"Mhmmmm, you know it. Ali'i and Zari would give just about any other box animal a run for their money~" Bellona laughed a little bit as she put the chips away and stretched out. Hearing those plans made her grin ear to ear as she hopped off the counter. “Mhmmm... see, this is why we're sisters. We end up with some pretty awesome ideas." To say she was down to see who they'd be going with was an understatement. She was almost too excited to contain it all.
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Squalo sighed a little bit and gave just the faintest nod. “Okay.” He then went to wash his hair, though letting out another sigh as he walked away. This wouldn’t have been the first time his hair got soaked in wine. Heck, Xanxus had thrown glasses full of the stuff at him before...and burbon, whiskey...pretty much any alchoholic drink in the house had wound up soaking his hair at one point or another... Xanxus just gave his head a little shake, thinking a bit and his expression never changing.

Fenris couldn’t help but smirk more, giving a small nod. The thought of Levi as a human pinata was freaking hilarious. Poor Luss would be healing him constantly, only to have the old fart get hurt again. It would be hilarious, and it’s going to happen while they aren’t around. She grinned a bit as she nodded again. “Heh, I’d say we in the Varia have the best Box Animals eeeever~” She then thought a moment or so. “Ya knoooow...we could go hack the Namimori High student files to see what kind of trash we’ll be surrounded by right now if we wanted to...” With the technology the Varia had, it’d be a simple matter.

Belphegor couldn’t help but laugh a bit. “Shishishi, like father like daughter.” He then turned to go and pick on Fran...or rather to use the illusionist as target practice. And if not him, then Levi would be the next best target.
Miyako flinched again. She knew that Squalo was used to the abuse, but part of her still felt the need to protect him from it. Gently she took little bits of glass out of his hair before letting go of his hand and shooing him out of the room. "Go wash your hair. I think one of those still had wine in it." Closing the door, she turned around and walked toward Xanxus with a concerned look in her eyes. "Do you need anything Xanxus?" She sat in a chair nearby him and sighed a little.

"Your dad is totally gonna use him as a pinata." She was laughing too, kicking her feet against the cupboard. Thinking about Fenris's Tigon eating some of the classmates was hilarious, but she was right, she was too good to be eating junk like them. "Same goes for Ali'i. She's way too good for all that." The giant Moray Eel would probably hate the students, considering she was so picky.
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Squalo sighed to himself again and gave a small nod. “Yeah, I guess you’re right...” He thought a moment, glancing at Xanxus out of the corner of his eye and noticing how he was drinking more than usual, before turning his attention back to his wife. “I know they’ve been trained well and all but...still, sending them ALL the way to Japan just feels...wrong...” He bites his lip a bit as he thinks, getting another wine bottle to the head but this time not even complaining.

Fenris couldn’t help but smirk a tiny bit as she also heard Levi complaining and gave a small nod. “Yeah, But you and your dad have gotten a few well-deserved hits in too.~ Mostly beating the crud outta him but...heh.” She thought another moment before bursting out laughing. “Ooooh boy, just imagine what’s going to happen to Levi while we’re gone. He’ll be sooooo beaten.~” She could just imagine all the punches, kicks, and wine bottles the latter would have to put up with.

Another smirk slid onto her face as she looked at Belphegor. “I make no promises on my part. If there’s trash there, they’ll get treated like trash.” She honestly probably wouldn’t do anything toooo bad, but at least a few students were probably going to be sent to the infirmary on a daily basis... “None of the student will become Tigon food, anyways...Those trash aren't good enough for Zira anyways."
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Miyako too was rather disgruntled by all this, but per usual she was able to keep her cool. In a sense, she felt for Xanxus as well. Letting go of his daughter, who he had been extremely over-protective of due to her mothers passing, had to be difficult. He wouldn't show it directly though. "The children need something like this before they become adults, anyways. They've been very sheltered." Her hand fell from his arm to his hand, lacing their fingers and giving another squeeze.

"Hmm... I 'unno, being dressed up by Luss can be a pain. All the tight clothes and heels are just awful..." She chuckled a little bit, but understood what Fenris was saying. This was a lot of responsibility being suddenly dropped on them without their okay. Then again, that's usually how their home worked. When she could hear Levi's groaning and mumbling about the pain, she started laughing. "I guess that's something only you and your dad will ever know."

Her eyes shifted towards Belphegor, and a grin took place. She'd personally always gotten along well with him, affectionately referring to him as her Uncle. "Oh come on Uncle Bel~ We won't be [i that] bad, right sis?" She winked and tried to make her grin into an innocent smile.
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Squalo sighed a bit, forcing himself to calm a little though he still had a bit of a twitch since he was pretty mad about this whole thing as well. Still he forced himself to shut up before he got another bottle to the head from Xanxus...or worse, the whole darn table...or a broken piece of wall if the boss so decided to break and throw a wall...which wasn’t compeletly impossible for him.

Fenris sighed to herself and leaned back in her chair a bit, giving the slightest nod. “Yeah, but they’re basically sending us alllll the way to Japan and making us do all the damn work while they’re in the background., being dressed-up by Luss is better.....” She crossed her arms and scoffed a bit, giving her head a small shake, narrowing her red eyes a moment while she thought. “...I just realized though, this’ll also give me a few hours away from Levi....speaking of which...” She grabbed a random brick that she kept stored through various places throughout the base and flung it down the previous hall, once more hitting Levi upside the head. “There’s just something satisfying about throwing things at his head...”

“Shishishi, I almost feel bad for the kids at that school....” Almost being the key word for Belphegor’s sentence, as he was clearly finding humor in both Levi’s being beaten and the hell the duo could possibly cause...
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There was a flinch from a woman when the bottle hit Squalo square in the head, as always. "Squalo, please." Squeezing at his arm was none other than Miyako, wife of the loud mouthed Rain assassin. In front of the two was a wide-eyed girl sharing their white hair, but donning one red eye and one blackish silver eye. Her red eye twitched with irritation as she looked back at her parents.

"Bellona love, why don't you step out with your sister?" Miyako gently rustled her daughters hair with a loving smile. The tom boy huffed and walked out, mumbling angrily. When the apple core came into vision, she was able to lean to the side so it hit its target. The training with Uncle Belphegor sure paid off.

When she saw the black haired girl in the kitchen, she carefully approached and patted her shoulder. Though the two had different parents, they'd been practically inseparable since birth, though Fenris was a few weeks older than her. "I cannot believe what they are having us do..." She sat up on the counter, reaching knowingly in the cupboard and taking out some chips to eat. "We'll still have each other though, right sis? That'll at least make things less... irritating and new." As she chewed at the chips she scratched at her head with her free hand. "Dunno how I really feel about all this but.. whatever. I guess after all the times our parents have kept us out of all the big missions this is a step."
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“VOI !!!...” Screaming filled the Varia headquarters for a few minutes before a wine bottle was flung at the head of the screamer...none other than Squalo Superbi. Quite a typical scene with the elite assassination squad but no less annoying, and this day especially so. A few others besides Squalo and Xanxus were gathered in a mission room. “This is bull, I’m outta here...” A random table was thrown at Levi’s head before one of the group trudged out to the kitchen, biting her lip slightly and looking rather pissed off.

“I can’t believe this, an undercover least I won’t be alone but still...” She huffed, moving some hair from her face only to have the whole right side get covered up again. ‘Ugh, I give up...’She just let it be like that and grabbed some food from the fridge and started nibbling as she thought, eating an apple before tossing the core down a hall and managing to AGAIN hit Levi on the head. “Heh, something relaxing about hitting that idiot...” She mumbles that to herself with a shake of her head...
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