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You know the drill girl, we gonna do some "high fantasy" stuff. It is gonna be good af.


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Anemone could hear Damara call out her name for behind her, but she couldn’t take her eyes from what she was doing. God she only hoped that girl was smart enough to keep moving even if she didn’t get a response.

It was disheartening to see how little she was able to do with the man coming her way. He was closing the gap between them, but he still had a serene look about him. The sort of air that told her that he didn’t even see her as a threat. He was just toying with them at this point. Anemone knew if she didn’t do something big and fast, she wasn’t going to make it out of there.

Taking in an unnaturally deep breath, she let out a quick string of words. Almost too many for the time she had to say them. When the sequence came to an end she moved her hands and the earth began to move. The flat, grassy plane that stood between them reared up. Jagged mountains of rock and dirt collided together, making a single peek with the man in the center of it. She didn’t even stop to see how effective it was. The enchantress simply turned and ran, praying it would be enough to stop him only long enough for them to get out of sight.
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Even though Anemone told her to run, she had a hard time abandoning her new friend that easily. She started backing up, but finally turned and ran because she knew she had to make sure her sister was safe. The young girl was gaining consciousness slowly so Damara helped her stand and prompted her to begin running alongside her. Their speed was still slow, however.

Looking back, Damara checked on Anemone once more. She had used a spell of some kind, but the figure was still set on advancing. He felt dangerous. "Anemone!" she called out. The witch said that she would catch up, but Damara wanted to make sure.
  Damara / moonpieranger / 2y 322d 1h 47m 17s
Anemone was afraid to look anywhere but straight in front of her as she ran. Ahead of her was Damara with her sister; they moved slowly, the witch knew it wouldn’t be long before she overtook them. And if that were to happen the pair would likely become dark entity’s target. Cursing under her breath she turned around once again to see the man walking at a leisurely pace in their direction. She found his lack of urgency disturbing. Double-taking back to the dark haired siblings she knew they would have no way of defending themselves would be marginal. She then noticed Damara’s eyes come back to her and she shouted out to her.

“Keep going, I will catch up!” Her only hope was that her fellow elf would listen to her. The sooner she was to safety with her kin the sooner Anemone could make her escape and regroup with them.

With that out of the way, her full attention went back to the sorcerer before her. The man’s fair features foiled his overwhelmingly depressive aura completely. There was a hint of amusement in his golden eyes as he continued to press forward. It was menacing.

Feeling desperation set in her stomach, Anemone made the first move. With the flick of her wrist and a few old words, the tall grass he was treading on began to grow and weave itself into ropes. The thick strands clung to him, slowing his process. The woman was afraid there wasn’t much more than that she could do. At least not without incurring his vengeful wrath.
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Damara had watched the ritual reverently and with awe. Anemone was very impressive. It looked like hard work, like it took lots of energy and concentration. She felt so fortunate and flattered the the witch would do something like this for her. She wondered how she could ever repay her.

When her sister opened her eyes , Damara almost shed a tear of joy, but managed to keep it together. She wouldn't want to have her sister's first waking image to be her crying face. Being possessed by some force for any period of time would leave you tired as all hell, she imagined. So once Anemone looked like she was finished, she bagan to approach the pair.

The rumbling of the ground almost made her stumble. The rock broke and soon a man manifested. It must have been what was possessing her sister. Anemone shouted. The crowd began to dispurse. Damara lifted her sister and began to run. The added weight made her slow. She glanced back to check on Anemone.
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“I can tell you for certain, this girl is not sick.” Normally that would be a good thing, but Anemone’s voice had a tone of grief in it. “She is possessed.” Her eyes stayed trained on the girl as she went on with a sigh. “In her current condition I cannot be sure who or what is in there…” she paused. The enchantress really wished this had been a simple illness. More of her life experiences could help in that category. This was an entirely different ballpark. “But with some luck, I should be able to expel it.”

Standing from her kneeling position, Anemone excused herself to sort out the best course of action. It wasn’t more than half an hour before she returned. “I need someone to carry the girl to the field a ways to the north of here where the large boulder sits. Lie her there and I can get started.”

There was some hesitation but eventually someone was called to take up the task. The clearing she lead them to had shorter grass, although it still rustled lightly in the wind. When Damara’s sister was situated as Anemone requested the witch retrieved a mortar and pestle from her bag. With it, she grinded a concoction of several rather aromatic ingredients until finally they there was a deep red paste coating the bottom of the bowl.

Taking the creamy substance on her little finger, Anemone wrote out a string of sigils along the girl’s forehead, wrists, and tops of her feet. That was all for the child. Removing her vest, the sorceress was left with only here wrappings covering her. On herself the enchantress made a line trailing from the tip of her middle finger across her chest then to her opposite hand in the same manner as the first. Taking the remaining gunk into her hand, she walked to the large rock and drew out one last symbol, this one much larger than any of the others.

There was a small crowd watching now, it made her nervous. “Stand back, I am going to begin the extraction process.” She watched as they all moved back some. While they were still closer than she would like, Anemone was relatively certain they would be fine there.

Going through the preparations gave the woman a bit of time to mentally prepare for the task at hand, but she was still trembling ever so slightly. Kneeling next to the young girl she had never really met, she pondered whether this was worth risking. It was a selfish thought, however she was a selfish person. Normally the risks would be to great for her to even consider doing this, but Damara’s sad face kept clawing at the forefront of her mind. Shaking her head, she also shook the thought away and with one final deliberate intake of breath and pressed her straightened fingers hard to the unconscious ones stomach.

Anemone focused all her power into creating a vacuum within herself. It whirled around inside of her pulling harder and harder. As it escalated it began to manifest not only within herself, but physically around her. The wind swirled tumultuously around the pair, orbs of light danced like lanterns, and her hair rose on end in an unnatural way that couldn’t possibly be caused by the air’s movement. When all of this came to its climax she began to feel a shift at her left hand. Slowly she could feel something dark and heavy running across the line she had drawn. Immediately Anemone raised her other hand to point at the boulder across from her. A black mist expelled from the tip of her finger and was drawn to the rock.

The longer things went on the quicker the sludge like manifestation transferred. She felt ill as it passed along her chest, but managed to keep composed until the extraction was complete. When the very last bit passed through her, she let her hands fall to the ground where they could hold up her weight as she continued to hold back form violently retching. This was not the easiest task as she was completely exhausted.

Beside her, Damara’s sister’s eyes snapped open. Normally it took a while for those under serious possession to wake. Anemone took it as a testament to the child’s strength of will. Gradually the sickness passed and the magician was able to stand. She turned to see the wanders were beginning to come closer.

Behind her, Anemone heard a thunderous crack as the ground rumbled. Slowly, she turned on her heel. The bolder split. The mist gathered churning in the space above the stone. The sound of footsteps halted and she could not take her eyes from the hazy blackness. As the last of the darkness trickled out and congregated with the rest of it, the blob began to condense and descend.

On the ground, the mass took shape, the outline of a man coming through. His features became quickly clearer and clearer until at last he stood corporeal before them. It was then Anemone recognized him. A shutter of terror ran through her as the realization of who this malignant aura belonged to hit her.

Eyes wide, she turned back to shout. “Run!”
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Breaking the hug, Damara turned to the magic user after she groaned. Wincing slightly, "That's probably not a good sound." She looked over the sleeping girl with a worried expression. She appeared to be as bad as she was when she left. Even without magical powers, she could tell something sinister was involved. But with Anemone here, she didn't feel as hopeless.

The old lady gazed over Anemone with a skeptical look. Damara figured as much. She was a very protective woman. "Grandma, this is Anemone. She's come to help. She's a witch," She began. She told the woman a few highlights from their travels. Her grandma nodded seriously, then with a tired voice said "Let's hope she can do something."
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The small grouping of tents was quaint. Much like her own home. Still, that didn’t mean she would immediately be comfortable in this place, but admittedly it did help. Although the settlement wasn’t large, it seemed bustling. Nearly everyone they saw came to greet Damara, but she didn’t seem too interested. The woman was on a mission. Anemone kept pace easily, it was not her typical walking stride.

Following close behind the taller woman a she entered one of the deep colored tents, it took but a moment for the witches eyes to adjust to the change in light level. There were two other people in the cozy establishment. She assumed the sleeping child was the sister she had heard so much about. The elderly woman on the other hand was not someone she had heard Damara speak of commonly enough to know.

Giving the pair a little bit of space for their reunion, Anemone came closer to the girl on the ground. Her sleep did not appear to be restful. Her intermittent twitching and bags beneath her eyes attested to this. The enchantress squatted down, wondering if there was anything at all she could do for the young girl. What little medical and healing magic she knew came from her mother when she was young, but that was so long ago now that she could scarce rely on her memory to be accurate.

There was barely a moment to worry about that before her stomach dropped. A sickening, demonic smell lingered on the young elf’s breath. In that instant Anemone knew exactly what was going on. This was going to much more involved than she had hoped. The recluse groaned.
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After a few more days of traveling, Damara spotted the familiar colored canvas of her family's tents. She exclaimed in excitement and ran several yards ahead of Anemone. Turning back to her companion she called "there they are! We've made it!" She was certain she had a large smile on her face. Wiping a tear from her eye, she waited for her new friend to reached her. She was glad to find her family again.

The tents were in a variety of colors and sizes. They were set up in a circular fashion with a firepit in the middle. Approaching the camp, there was a sweet smell in the air mixed with the strong smell of incense. Music with a heavy drum beat played as the sun began to near the horizon.

Damara entered the camp confidently, knowing it forwards and back. There weren't a large number of people, but it was like a small community. While many stopped and tried greeted her, Damara only smiled and waved. She was leading Anemone to a particular dark violet tent.

The inside was dark, as the canvas didn't let much light through. Lit only by a lamp was an old woman sitting over a young girl sleeping on a mat. Upon seeing the woman, Damara enthusiastically hugged her in greeting.
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Anemone slept in later than normal. It was strange, but not unwelcome. She had been exhausted. Interacting with all the people drained her quite thoroughly. Not to mention having a drink or two in her let her sleep more deeply.

It was not till the morning din of the inn started that she opened her eyes. She was quick to shake off the residual drowsiness. She found it odd to that Damara was already up and about, not that it bothered her. At this point she trusted her companion well enough to sleep soundly in her presence.

Her emerald hair was a bit of a mess when she sat up, but she made no immediate move to fix it. She only stood to dress herself for another day of travel. Now that they had the things they needed, they should be able to make the second half of their voyage without a hitch. At least, she hoped it would be that easy.

Leaving , things grew quieter and quieter, and as they did Anemone’s heart became calm at a proportionate rate. She was happy to be away from that place. The experience hadn’t been as bad as expected since she knew Damara had a good time. All the same, she was ready to leave.

The terrain changed around the pair, the forested area she loved so dearly had melded into flat plains. The tall grasses had their charms she supposed, but with no trees in sight and she felt exposed.

  Anemone / Loxi / 3y 288d 37m 15s
Damara bid Midge a good night with a hug, thanking her for spending her time with them. They parted ways as the travelers headed to their room. While she wasn't used to such a fancy bed, she fell asleep easily enough. The drink probably helped with that. Before fading into sleep, she thought about her sister. She looked forward to seeing her again. She fell asleep with a smile on her face.

The morning sun shone through the dirty window, waking the elven girl. She groggily got out of bed and dressed. Her companion was still sleeping. She smiled fondly thinking of the stunt the witch pulled off last night. It was risky, but nothing seemed to have came of it. She was glad for that not only because of self preservation, but she was growing fond of the green haired girl. She was proving to be a good travel partner, if reluctant.
  Damara / MoonPieRanger / 3y 301d 5h 52m 35s
“Yes, I think I am ready to be done for the night.” All this interaction had her a tad drained. Anemone wasn’t sure what it was about socializing that did this, but it had just about always been that way.

Standing from the table, she gave Midge a pleasant enough farewell and waited for Damara to give hers as well. The matter did not take long and the witch was glad for this. The pair passed the troublesome man from before on their way to their room, but he didn’t so much as glance at them. Admittedly, Anemone was glad for this too.

The room was not large, but it was definitely cozy. The warmth of the décor reminded her of the home she spent her youth in. Somehow it helped her to quickly relax. It was almost embarrassing how quickly she fell asleep once they were settled.
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While she was the slightest bit concerned for Anemone getting found out that she's a witch, she couldn't deny it was funny. And it got her out of having to actually act interested in the man. Luckily the witch was subtle enough for no one to notice it seemed.

The evening's progression came naturally. Damara chuckled at a joke Midge made. The night was turning out to be quite pleasant, though it was getting late. Covering her mouth as she yawned, she turned to Anemone. "Would you like to turn in?"
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Anemone tried her best to keep the smug expression off her face, but once they made it to the table her lips curled firmly into a smirk. Thank the gods she was not facing a direction that the man would be able to see. That might land them in some actual hot water. As for the other two’s laughter it blended in with the scattered sniggering across the tavern.

Giving a discrete nod, the enchantress didn’t mind if Damara knew. As long as it was just kept between the two of them things would be fine. Not to mention she was in a particularly good mood now that she had had a bit of fun. She might not even pout the rest of the night even though she was being swarmed with mun.

There was also a sense of relief that came over her when Damara’s smile stayed intact after confirming it had indeed been she who caused the little accident. She had been slightly worried that the woman would be upset that she had gone against her wishes and used her magic. And dealing with an angry traveling partner was not on the top of her list of fun things to do. Traveling with anyone wasn’t really on the list either, but spending time with Damara wasn’t so bad.

The rest of the night was relatively uneventful. The great Viktor did not bother them again and Damara was able to visit her friend in peace. Anemone jumped in and out of the conversation, as to assure them that she was not feeling left out.
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Damara bit her lip to keep from laughing. The image of the big man with his food splattered on him was stuck in her brain. Once they were back at the table, she let out a chuckle. While.she could have handled the situation, she was somewhat glad she didn't have to. That guy did not seem like good company. Midge was concerned at first, but smiled once Damara began to laugh, knowing they were ok.

Turning to Anemone, Damara said quietly "You did that, right? With the chair?" She was mostly certain it was the witch, but wanted that confirmation, if only to congratulate on a job well done. The man seemed mad, but he wasn't bothering them for the moment.
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The look in Damara’s eyes told Anemone her answer to her request before she could even shake her head. The witch deflated somewhat at the reaction, although the hand on her shoulder did sooth her to some extent. It was not enough to completely slake her anger. She seethed as she blankly stared at the man’s face, committing his features to memory.

As her companion went to make another attempt to defuse the situation. Damara’s feigned interest seemed to fool this Viktor man well enough. He took the bait, much to Anemone’s chagrin. The wheels in her head started turning as soon as he took a step closer to the brunette. She would not let this foolishness persist any longer.

As Viktor turned to call the barkeep for another couple of drinks his foot caught a chair that had previously been a foot or so away. He came crashing down on his table and his friends’ feast landed magnificently on his head. It was a nice touch, Anemone wished she had thought to add, but alas only the moving of the hair was her doing.

Chuckling lightly under her breath, the enchantress’ expression quickly turned to one of mock concern. “Oh dear, what terrible luck.” Her arm deftly wrapped around Damara’s, linking them. “You know, you can just forget about that drink. You need to get cleaned up and WE couldn’t possible impede you from that.” Hastily she swung around and made stride back to their table with Damara in tow. She could not keep her solemn countenance though; a well-defined smirk graced her lips. It had been subtler than she was hoping for, but at least she got to knock him down.
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