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Romeo and Juliet, a story that everyone knows about the two lovers that were forbidden to love each other. This story was made up by one of the best poets of all time, but now it's coming to life in the real world and it'll be even more bloody then in the story.

Aria is a young girl who's been kicked out of the house ever since she was thirteen, since then she'd found a gang and stuck with them, making them her new family. She's nearly eighteen now and she's made a place in the gang. They reside in the 'bad' part of town and love it there. Everyone pitches in to keep up a tiny little house that the gang uses as a hid out or extra sleeping space if others can't go home on a certain night.

Her Romeo, a young boy in her gangs rival gang Raiden. The rivalry has been going on for as long as they could remember. The reason? Unknown, but the possibility is territory or maybe some kind of misunderstanding from the past. Still, these two gangs are about to clash in a huge brawl in a nearby park soon, the date still needs to be confirmed. When Aria and this boy meet up things can go terribly wrong.


Each person isn't any particular age. I know some aren't true to the play like Tybalt being the brother. It's just for a basic personality.

Aria{Juliet}- Taken by Islyn
Gang Leader {Mr. Capulet}- Open
Gang Leader's Girlfriend {Mrs. Capulet}- Open
Aria's Best Friend{Nurse}- Taken by SuperDuper312
Aria's Brother {Tybalt}- Taken by TheJokersTheif

Raiden {Romeo}- Taken by Nanatsuki
Gang Leader {Mr. Montague}- Taken by Nanatsuki
Gang Leaders Girlfriend {Mrs. Montague}- Takenby SilentSounds
Raiden's Cousin {Benvolio}- Taken by AmZFuture
Raiden's Best Friend {Mercutio}-Taken by xxxtwinklexxx



Name: Aria Amakir
Age: Seventeen
Position: Juliet
Weapon: Switch blade and hand to hand combat.
Bio: When she was young she was kicked out of the house by her drunken mother and abusive father. At first she was lost and had no idea where to go, until the gang found her. Now she lives like there was nothing wrong in her life. She doesn't see the point in fighting this other gang, but she does it just to protect her new found family and make sure nothing hurts them.

Name: Elliot McCoy
Age: 17
Position: Bestfriend Nurse
Weapon: Pistol & Pocket Knife
Bio: Elliot had been bestfriends with Aria throughout childhood. She was there for her when she was kicked out. Elliot had been the one to get her into the gang, and she couldn't be happier that the two have been sticking together like glue. Elliot was practically her Nurse in a way, always ready to take care of her.

Name: Treffle
Age: 18
Position: Tybalt
Weapon: A self-made rapier and a carving knife.
Bio: Treffle was born an orphan, his mother being killed during the birth and his father being unknown. He was sent into the care of a foster family for the first 5 years of his life before they decided they didn

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  Treffle / TheJokersThief / 10y 84d 32m 43s
Elliot had drank a bit too much, which was obvious when she stole a dress and a mask during a drunken theatre show at the party she was currently attending. Elliot soon ran home, looking like she escaped from Phatom of the Opera. On her way, she stumbled a few times, got whistled add, and could of sworn someone had tickled her sides. She giggled, tripping up the porch steps up to the gang's house, just in time for a police man to buzz on by. She had regained composure by then.

Elliot made her way inside, her eyes were glazed over, one of the mismatched gloves she had put on was just barely holding onto her wrist. The other glove was a tiny black one, elegant looking, even on Elliot's hand. "Pretty glove.." She cooed carressing her left hand, staring at it with admiration. She decided, carefully making her way over to the kitchen, to make ramen.

Elliot did the steps, , and then decided she didn't like Ramenians, and didn't want to eat their noodles. Loudly exclaiming it. She thought, in a moment of clarity. Elliot regained her balance and tapped her chin. She shrugged her shoulders, figuring she would find out later. Aria could take care of herself.. And the wild Elliot, who eventually passed out, on the couch.
  Elliot McCoy / SuperDuper312 / 10y 84d 6h 42s
Aria smiled a little when he introduced himself, but like she'd suspected she didn't know the name. Maybe someone else would know it? She had no idea, maybe she'd bring it up later with Elliot or maybe even Treffle. For the moment she pushed that aside so she could focus on the present.

When he asked her name she was suddenly glad she wasn't a major person in her gang. Or at least, not too well known anyways. "Aria" She said simply, putting her hands behind her back and smiling at him "It's very nice to meet you Raiden" She said before giggling a little. She wasn't sure why, but she was suddenly comfortable, happy almost like she'd known him all along, like they were best friends or something.
  Aria / Islyn / 10y 84d 12h 11m 40s
Raiden smiled, still staring at the girl.
  Ryu / Nanatsuki / 10y 84d 12h 16m 55s
Aria was slightly surprised to run right into someone. Maybe I should pay closer attention She thought to herself as she stepped back and looked up at him "Oh, n-no I'm sorry. I wasn't really looking where I was going either" She said before giving a nervous chuckle and rubbing the back of her head. Good job Aria, smart. Why do you have to be such a klutz? She mentally yelled at herself as she looked up at the boy.

A small blush played across her cheeks as she realized he was, well... Staring at her. It wasn't in that creepy way that she usually got either, it seemed almost thoughtful or something less scary anyways, she couldn't place it exactly. She smiled and looked down a little before glancing back up at him again and simply staring back. She obviously couldn't tell who he was, but even so she didn't really dwell too much on it just yet. She almost forgot about all the dancing people around her and played nervously with the skirt part of her dress.
  Aria / Islyn / 10y 84d 12h 34m 58s
Benjiro sighed as he was walking around the party, he found it all quite pointless, in fact he wondered why he even bothered coming. Why did Ryu even bother coming? Uncle Phoenix could be a hard ass at times. He sighed and ordered four shots and downed them in 30 seconds. He was wearing a very odd cat mask, an old formal styled silver vest with silver arm ends and black jeans.
  Benjiro / AmZFuture / 10y 84d 13h 8m 12s
Time Skip

  Ryu / Nanatsuki / 10y 85d 11h 56m 51s
Treffle pushed open the bathroom window. He then stood on the toilet to climb over the windowsill and out onto a flat roof. He could hear the animated sounds of drinking and many other adult things taking place below. It was nice to be outside at night. He closed the bathroom window, severing the link between him and the house. He slowly walked to the edge and sat down, his legs hanging over. The air was cold, as it usually was at night, and the sky was masked by a blanket of clouds.

Sliding a tiny white package out of his pocket, Treffle stared intently at it; willing it to speak to him, to give him answers. Another courier and two dealers were killed today by their main rivals. It was horrific the amount of deaths that had sprung up over drugs and money. It had all started, at first, with territory and who could be where and when. But then it had escalated. People went from getting bruised to being severely wounded. Sometimes people were even captured and imprisoned in basements. Treffle
  Treffle / TheJokersThief / 10y 85d 18h 15m 20s
Benjiro smiled and hugged back."Yep, it's been a while Ryu", he said and when they pulled away he chuckled a bit. After Raiden asked where he had been he f=grinned a bit."Here and there, you know me, I like to travel...I don't like being trapped around this hell hole, like to get around the world, go along my own rules and travels", he said now and sighed a bit. At hearing Phoenix Benjiro just went silent as he talked with his cousin, he sighed a bit, he'd never been much of a family person, hence why he was never around.
  Benjiro / AmZFuture / 10y 86d 9h 26m 46s
Seeing his cousin his face broke into a huge smile which brightened his whole face.
  Ryu / Nanatsuki / 10y 86d 9h 39m 3s
Benjiro had been walking through the streets looking for his cousin, Raiden and his friend Thomas. Knowing them they had probably got into some sort of trouble. He sighed now as he spotted them talking with Raiden's dad. Raiden had just told Thomas to tell Benjiro he'd be at home to talk but Benjiro now walked over stopping Raiden as he was about to walk off."Heh, no need...I'm right here Ryu. How's my favourite cousin?", he said with a chuckle, then his face went completely flat as he waited for Raiden to reply.
  Benjiro / AmZFuture / 10y 86d 20h 42m 7s
Raiden clasped onto the letter, this wasn
  Ryu / Nanatsuki / 10y 87d 9h 36m 57s
Thomas had been about to comment further on the fighting, when all of a sudden there was a bit of incomprehensible murmuring, and then nothing. (b
  Thomas Gladstone / xxxtwinklexxx / 10y 87d 10h 18m 37s
Elliot climbed out of Aria's car, running inside, trying to dodge helpingwith groceries. She popped a piece of gum in her mouth, waltzing up into Aria's room with her. She tilted her head, "Can I go too? Sounds fun!" Elliot smirked, flopping on the bed, kicking her legs in the air cause she was bored. "Or i'm just gonna go to this guys house. Y'know? The peacemaker? He throws parties where people from other gangs can mingle and shit.." She shrugged, watching Aria quickly change and rush out the door ignoring her question. "Hey! Aria! Where are you going? Fuck." Elliot sighed, she was out and gone.

She walked down the stairs, lingering in the kitchen, rummaging through the fridge for a beer of some sort. "No beer!?! Gah." She sighed, announcing that she was out to the Peacemaker's party for the night.

Elliot walked the dark streets alone, on her way to the party. Hands in her black leather jacket, the zipper about halfway up. She had on a nice shirt and black hotpants, nice sandals clung to her feet. Elliot had her gun and knife in her pockets, she wasn't too worried. She finally got there after passing many suspicious alleys on her way. Elliot nonchalantly walked in, creating Dan Peace, the man of the house. He gave her arse a little pinch, "Hows my girl been? Eh?" He smiled, embracing her in a touchy hug. Elliot pushed him back, "I'm good Dan." She said flatly, makingher way over to the beer and popping the lid off with her strong teeth. Something not many people can do. She took a drink, swishing it in her cheeks before swallowing. Music was thumping the house, people making out on couches, pot smoke was in the air. Even a few were passed out. She got goosed a couple times, nothing new. She had a nice butt, she thought. Elliot sat down on the coffee table, crossing her legs right over left.
  Elliot McCoy / SuperDuper312 / 10y 87d 10h 23m 52s
Delaney smiled, grabbing the keys from her pocket, throwing her jacket over her shoulder. She shrugged, addressing Thomas' question first. "It was Beckam and Josh again. Over god knew what. Probably some girl. Bit oh well. I kicked them out. They won't be back until either one of them is dead, or they got over it." She she shrugged again for emphasis, not caring. It was probably either over a girl, or over drugs. That's practically what it always was. She turned to Ryu next. "When I got up, he was still sleeping. If you want, I can run it up to him." Her hand had paused over the door knob, to see his answer. She ran the hand through her hair, then let it fall to her side. "Otherwise, I'm ready to go." She remembered vaguely that sue was out of cigarettes.

{Sorry inhabent posted in a while. I've been swamped with other RP's and then I had a massive Writer's Block.}
  Delaney Skye:. / SilentSounds / 10y 87d 10h 31m 32s

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