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Hearing a voice from beside her, the young girl froze. Her small hand still hung in the air, aiming for the fruit she was about to take. "Um..." she whispered looking up to the tree than back to the the mysterious man in front of her. As he moved closer she stepped back making a crackling in the leaves. "I....I'm sorry, I'm not hungry, I'm actually just making sure that all the fruits are in line " She smiled softly patting the fig from the blossoming fig tree.

The figure however didn't stop moving. Aso she backed up her back hit the cold iron bars of the cast iron gate, casting an echo throughout the empty yard. WhenThe young man finally stopped and she could finally get a view of his eyes she held still. It was one of the only features she could see from behind his think blackened hair.

His robes were well fitted, made with some of the most expensive of materials. His eyes sparkled bright and his skin clear as the moon. He obviously wasn't just a servant, and had some sort of title.

"I can leave....." the doe eyed girl rose her head to show her face. "I didn't mean to lie earlier, I didn't know who you were...."
  TheYoungEmpress / 1y 182d 16h 58m 32s
Soft pink roses bloom at his feet, their tender pink petals reach out to grip the last bit of the sun. The deep purple sky above him is what some would call a perfect end to a very busy day. His castle walls are black against the darkened sky and the air around him is silent. The sound of the still calm night is almost deafening. As he is moving from his pink roses toward his darker more colorful blooming flowers, he hears it. The dull thick sound draws his attention. The sound is of a young heart, which is unusual so close to the outside walls. Curiously he follows the walkway around toward the large gates. Lining the outer walls are fruit trees, they bare several different types of nuts or fruit, it isn't uncommon for the guards to find beggars stealing nuts or fruit from the trees.

Tilting his head to the side, he moves closer. There he could see a tiny figure wrapped in robes. He couldn't see whether the figure was male or female, but he could see that the figure was swimming in the robes it wore. The robes themselves were outdated servants' robes. Shifting his weight from one foot to the other, he waits for the figure to notice him or for the figure to take what they need. Small hands peak out form under the robes.

"Are you hungry?" He questions the mass of robes. Taking his pale hand, he runs it through his thick straight black hair. The long strands flick across his back and around his shoulders. The setting sun casts a shadow on his angular face, his narrow eyes are more daunting than in normal candle light. His ear are hidden by his long bangs and his lips are full and pale pink, almost the same shade as the roses. Venturing forward toward the figure, he strides boldly.

"Let me see who you are." He tells the figure simply as he moves closer.
  shesmorethanamemory / 1y 182d 18h 45m 27s
The sky was a deep purple. The sun was just now setting. Many of the towns merchantso had begun to pack up for the day. The young girl had waited too long to grab the extras that many sellers put to the side of their carts for a lower price. However, many seemed to catch onto the fact they were missing produce and held their products closer within sight.

It had been a full day without food, and she gone the day before with only one small meal. The young girl couldn't stand the feeling of a burning, twisting hole in her stomach any longer. Something had to be done. With the sun almost fully set, she wrapped herself in old robes, that of which a maid or servant would have worn some years ago. Though they were obviously too big, it would have to do.

Close to the palace gates stands the kingdoms gardens. Rich and lush, full of fruits, and other eddibles. If she could just get close enough, she could squeeze through the bars and pick what she needed. Surly no one would be out in the gardens when there wasn't much light to see.

Making her way to the gate she stopped a short while to listen. The only sound was that of the slight breeze that blew past her. It was strange, not even crickets, bugs known to frequent the area, made a sound near where she sat. Carefully she pressed herself through the bars, into rows of fig trees. "Okay....just pick what you need and be off" she whispered to herself reaching for what she desired.
  The Young Empress / TheYoungEmpress / 1y 183d 15h 47m 49s

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