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Marybell entered the room in a rush, the door shut loudly behind her. She watched her adopted daughter gather a flashy gown. She also watched her pick out a new clean slip to change into. Marybell’s already wide blue eyes widened further. She was fully aware that Alina was a grown woman, but her decisions affected everyone and everything in the castle, whether she knew that or not was a mystery to Marybell. Just in case she didn’t, Marybell had a strong-willed opinion to remind her of that. In the years that Marybell had worked at the castle she had become everyone’s mother or aunt, a few of the older servants considered her a sister and dear friend. The king seemed to enjoy having her around, even asking her opinion on outfits every once in a while.

“Alina, have you forgotten everything I have taught you?” She harshly questions Alina’s back. Politely she turns her gaze away as Alina starts to change.

“Have you forgotten how unpredictable the king can be?” He hammers her question into Alina’s silhouette plastered to the wall. She watched the black shadow flicker in the dying candlelight. The sight of Alina’s chambers also upset her, the signs were clear that Alina had not returned to her chambers at all that night, well after dinner.

“Where have gone, what have you done, what did he do to you? Are you hurt? Are you…..intact?” Marybell’s questions flowed out of her without thought or without any sign of their stopping.
  Drych Brazensycthe / shesmorethanamemory / 2y 11d 16h 2m 43s
She felt an odd sense of pride as she walked out of his bedroom doors with him at her side. The guards from the night before stood waiting for them to exit , one looking fearful, not knowing if the young woman was alright. Alina bowed her head to the men and continued on her way. Stepping down the stairs, she found herself not wanting to leave his side. Could one night together really change the strength of ones feelings for another? That she didnt know. However, once she made it to the hidden doorway within the silver painted walls, the young woman turned and bowed her head once more to Drych.

Now separated she quickly made her way down the winding corridors. She had already begun to notice silent eyes glancing over. Some with look of worry, and others discussed. A heavy sigh escaped her lungs as she almost made it to her private quarters when she head a very distinct yell from the end of the hallway. It was her mother.

Alina had froze, mere feet from her room. Quickly she turned to find the gracefully aged woman quickly walking her way towards her. Her face was like stone, each step the exact same length in stride as the following. ALina knew she was in great trouble all she could do was try to make it as private as possible. [b Mother, not here, come lets speak inside...] Turning quickly , the younger woman quickly opened her door and stepped inside.

Her room was quite spacious. Not like the other rooms that the majority of the servants had to share. It was quite evident that Alina was in fact one of the Kings most liked staff. Candle wax dripped to the hard wood floors beneath her feet. Her bed still made from an evening absent. Walking over to a chest by the foot of her bed she quickly pulled out a lace covered black gown, silver thread embroidered shimmering lilies down the bodice and edge of her skirt. In another set of chests were undergarments and a fresh cream colored slip to pair underneath.

Hearing the door close she knew Marybell had entered. Standing Alina bit her bottom inner lip waiting to be punished by Marybell's stern hand. [b Mother...don't be mad.... You know I'm an adult know right?] She whispered
  Alina The Gifted / LunaLucisCaelum / 2y 11d 16h 25m 0s
“Would you like me to meet you in the garden?” He asks her lightly, part of him was growing impatient because of the teeming questions he had for her. Questions like what her favorite flower was? How she liked last night’s dinner? What she thought of the color green or what she thought of the latest fashion? He moves around her and takes his dark blue overcoat from the edge of the bed. He shoves his arms through the sleeves and then starts to button the front. A soft smile pulls at his lips as she answers him, confirming that she wanted to change and freshen herself.

“Of course.” He makes his way to the large double doors, he opens the right one for her allowing her walk ahead of him and into the short hall before the stairs. Closing the door behind them, he nods once to each guard before walking with her to the second floor of the castle. He knew she would disappear into the servants’ walkway hidden within the walls of the castle. She would follow the dark pathways to the servants’ bunker in the basement and she would head to her private chambers. Her chambers he’d had built specifically for her. Proudly he bows to her before parting with her, making his way down the steps with a grace that had fled him last night. Passing servants gawked after the pair, noticing her wearing the same dress as yesterday and him in a rare good mood. The air around him breathed good humor and his servants immediately picked up on this.

Marybell makes her from one end of the castle to the other. Her wrinkled leather hands twisted around one another. She’d woke to find Alina not in her bed where she should have been, not unusual. But when Marybell had inquired about where she was the rumors quickly made their way to her. The night maid had seen Alina carry the king back to his chambers, he is described to be extremely drunk and leaning heavily on Alina. Alina is then seen entering the king’s chambers. She isn’t seen leaving. Over breakfast Marybell catches wind that the king’s personal morning maid had seen a woman in the king’s bed, an emerald green dress was seen behind a changing screen. Anger and concern colored Marybell’s clouding blue eyes, he greying red hair was pulled back neatly in a hair pin. Walking as fast as she could, Marybell sought Alina, looking everywhere and praying for a case of coincidence and mistaken identity. Alina’s retreating figure caught Marybell’s attention immediately. Rushing forward, Marybell calls her name loudly.

Drych nods to a pair of guards guarding the gates to the garden. Orders for tea and sweets had been given to the cook. Servants have been sent for, their task was to set up a small intimate table for two in the heart of the garden. Overseeing the placement of everything with a detailed eye, he makes sure everything is perfect before settling himself amongst the massive blooming roses and lush green bushes. The sun perches high in the blue sky casting the perfect morning for a garden visit.
  Drych Brazensycthe / shesmorethanamemory / 2y 11d 16h 55m 31s
Alina stood behind the ornate screen. Through teh thin white paper she could see his own shape move around the room. Holding her forest green dress in her hands she maneuvered her thumb across its brocade outer layer. As she gazed down at her dress she thought about what had changed between her and the king. She knew the moment she walked out of teh room rumors would be spreading of their nightly affair. She wondered how her mother, Marybell, would take the news? She would have to explain that nothing sinful had happened between them. Suddenly a deep thrill flooded her body with the thought of a more lustful activity between the two. Shaking her head she slipped the dress over head and snuffled down her body. She knew she shouldn't be thinking of such things, especially with his highness. His voice broke her thoughts and she stepped out from behind the screen. [b I think a new dress would be best, I would not wish to walk around in the same attire I wore the day before]

When she heard him speak of the regrets he had about not spending the time to get to know her, she sighed. [b You have been nothing but kind to me my King, You have been my very best friend. I will share with you all you wish to know, starting with custard tarts] Her eyes glanced over to the silver plate he had held in his smooth pale hand. on it were filled with his favorite fruit, alone with some more expensive delicacies. Walking over to his side, she peered over his shoulder to see the small yellow fruit he pondered over. Smiling she finished walking around his body and stood in front of him, her small stature shadowed his tall frame. [b Its from the tropics, its known for its sweet buttery flavor. The fruit vendor had called it a mango. Its thick skin is a mixture of reds, oranges and greens. Much like the setting sun's sky. Its flesh bright and smooth. It's not very acidic, I think you would enjoy it's luscious flavor.]
  Alina The Gifted / LunaLucisCaelum / 2y 11d 22h 34m 5s
Her flushed skin didn’t go unnoticed by him. A prideful smile pulls at his lips. He watches her hips sway he she starts away from him. Moving to watch her silhouette, he picks up the other plate of fruit before sitting on the edge of his bed. A knot tightens between his hips as he thinks of her sliding the dress over her slip, covering her pale skin from his gaze. Feelings between them had changed, he could feel it in his gut and veins. Drych’s blood ran warmer since last night and it wasn’t the alcohol leaving his system. Dully his head throbbed, an ache right behind his left eye started; he takes the pain in stride letting it remind him of his limit. Her excitement surprised him, her voice lifted as he offered her his day. His own excitement settled on his heart making his palms sweaty and nervous. He felt like a child having a school yard crush all over again, though he was never allowed to go to regular school with other children. He had servants to play with and the occasional cook that would send him on errands. Growing up a young prince was filled with loneliness and standards. Drych had to be the perfect innocent child, though he wasn’t allowed to be a child. King Erolith expected his son to be a prince from the very day he was born. Alina reminded him that he was still human; human royalty, but still human.

“If you like you can change your dress, or I’ll have one brought to you if you prefer. I would like to know more about you. I want to take the time to know you. You know me, I realize this now, and I have neglected you. I have not treated you as a friend should. What is your favorite pastry?” He questions the cream-colored shadow. The changing screen protected her from his eyes, but he could still see her shapely outline by candlelight. Patiently he waits for her to reappear, for her answer to his questions, and for her final decision. Silently he reminds himself to be patient with her, to wait for two days’ time for her answer.
Plucking another sour strawberry from his silver plate, he holds it up to the light, inspecting it. Satisfied with the color and with the roundness of it, he pushes it between his lips and takes a bite. Chewing slowly and swallowing, tasting everything, the strawberry has to offer keeps his lips silent and his mind occupied for the moment.

Mentally he makes a note to ask the cook to buy more strawberries, also more pineapple. Next, he takes a square mango from its place on the plate and begins to pick at it, never seeing one before. Only recently had mango be introduced to the area via trade and it was quickly becoming the new fashion to eat. He holds the yellow piece up the light and asks:

“What is this?”
  Drych Brazensycthe / shesmorethanamemory / 2y 12d 16h 33m 53s
As he pulled her in, she was afraid he could feel her heart against his own chest. His eyes peered down into hers like deep pools of grey. She didn't even notice him reach past her to grab ahold of his leather strap. Once he lifted his arms to set his hair she could feel herself breath again. Her face grew a deep red and she lowered her eyes. How much longer could this feeling build up for, and how long would she feel this way? That she didn't know.

As he finished pulling back his thick locks, again his gaze peered down to her own. He asked her how she felt. She wanted to say he was making her heart race, lighting her head and leaving her confused and warm from blood rushing to her cheeks. [b perfect ] she whispered as his arm was wrapped around her wait, being pulled into his body yet again. Alina found herself enjoying his contact more and more.

[b I would love to spend the day with you my lord,] She never remembered a day where she got to spend a full day with rhe king unless it was business. Looking around her eyes found the changing screen where her dress was folded over. [b I....I should probably get dressed as well] she whispered bashfully
  Alina The Gifted / LunaLucisCaelum / 2y 12d 16h 53m 38s
He considers her offer carefully. To let her make a remedy for him would be taking the easy way out. Gently he leans into her touch and allows her to trace his jawline. Subconsciously he wraps an arm around her waist pulling her closer to him. Her breath smelled like pineapple and other assorted berries. He breathes in more of her smell before smiling gently at her.

“No, it’s a reminder of my mistakes.” With that he reaches passed her and grabs the length of leather from last night. The edges are splitting and frayed and the leather is cracked. Tenderly he holds the old piece between his fingers before scooping his hair into a ponytail at the nape of his neck. Looping the piece of leather around his hair, he makes a small knot to secure it. Consciously he smooths his hair down before looking at her darkened eyes.

“How do you feel?” He asks her. The thought of their time now being limited has helped him realize how little he asked her about herself. Drych didn’t know much about her, he did know that she made him her number one task and that she had made so many sacrifices for him. He wanted to ask her so much more.

“Would you like to spend the day with me?”
  Drych Brazensycthe / shesmorethanamemory / 2y 12d 17h 19m 59s
Alina smiled, her cheeks flushed with his flirtatiousness. Her eyes watched him as he continued to dress himself. The room was thick with a tension she had never felt before. Her heart pounded against her sternum with every glance of his clear grey irises. She thought back to the events of the night before. Her body was sent into shivers as her mind lingered on the memory of his hands holding tightly to the slip on top of her waist.

[b I'm just as well, if not more] Her bottom lip curved and she sheepishly looked away down to her hands as her mind continued to replay last nights events. When he mentioned the morning maid her eyes perked forward. [b Emma?] Alina turned her head around the room, counting the candles to make sure that all was in place. She made it a habit to know all the names of his majesty's personal maids and guards. She did this to keep the peace between the staff and their king.

Looking forward again, Drych had finished dressing and walked over to her side with a plate full of fresh fruit. Picking a plump, fleshy piece of pineapple, she brought it to her lips. Its acidic and sweet flavor filled her taste buds and traveled through her sense of smell. It's tropical flavors a delicacy that she was favored too. [b Would you like me to fix you a remedy for your head my lord?] She knew just how much pain he was in, though surprisingly his mood was much more uplifted than it had been in months.

finishing her fruit she swung her legs from the sheets and stood next to his side. Her long delicate fingers traveled his jawline as she fixed a strand of blue tinted onyx hair behind his ear. She looked up into his eyes, hers darkened from the dim light. Shadows contoured the delicate features of her face. She could not help but look up at the man who she had always admired, and now shared a bed with, though the actions were innocent.
  Alina The Gifted / LunaLucisCaelum / 2y 12d 17h 40m 17s
Pulling a dark blue overcoat from his chest and then moving to a different one to pull out a crisp white blouse, he turns when she calls for him. An odd chill races down his spine when he glances at her over his shoulder. Modestly she covers herself with the blankets, leaving Drych’s imagination to fill in the blanks. Remembering clearly through the haze of pain, he knew that nothing inappropriate had happened between them. Bending slightly, he lifts a pair of dark trousers from their place and then turns to face her. Tenderly he smiles and nods.

“Yes, everything is fine. Are you alright?” He asks her in return. Gently he tugs the buttons of his blouse open as to make it easier to put on before slipping one arm and then the other into the sleeves. Taking his time, he buttons his blouse over his pale defined chest. He watches her with one eyebrow raised, questioning her and watching her with an amused expression.

“I never realized how pleased I would be to have you in my bed, no matter how innocent.” He gives her a good humored wink before pushing one leg in his trousers then the other. Properly he tucks his blouse in to the waistband of his pants before turning and searching through the bottom of a basket for a pair of clean stockings. Tucking his trousers into the stockings he completes half of the times fashion. Grabbing his black boots, he clothes his feet, tediously tying them himself. Drych’s head throbbed from drinking too much the night before, but his heart was light and this prevented his usual impatience from creeping in.

“The morning maid brought fruit for breakfast, would you like some?” He inquires as he straightens and moves to the coffee table. Using his index finger and thumb he picks up a strawberry, biting into it with perfect white teeth. With his free hand, he picks up the silver plate and walks to her, a wide assortment of fruit and berries pile the plate, he offers them to her.

“Take as much as you like.”
  Drych Brazensycthe / shesmorethanamemory / 2y 12d 22h 3m 15s
His fingers gently caressed the baby soft skin of her cheek. It had only been a few occasions where he physically touched her elsewhere but her hand, however, this encounter was more sensational. His fingertips trained down her arm and side before being brought into his body. There she felt his face bury into her coco colored hair. Lush wave's of brunette flowed down to her shoulders and smelled of rose extract. Closing her eyes, she took in his sent, behind his smell of wine wore a smooth earthy sent. Her body relaxed into his with every breath of his unique smell. Soon she too drifted into a comforting mindless sleep.

The next morning Alina did not stir from her slumber, even as the king moved about the room. Her chest rise and fell to the tempo of a soft melody. The curves of her figure hugged by the twisting of sheets and her hair delicately draped behind her neck. Even as the young made walked in starting her daily duties, Alina did not budge. She had been exhausted and sleeping on such a form hugging mattress eased the worries she held inside.

Emma turned her gaze away from Alina, quickly finishing her tasks. The young girl made sure no act like nothing was out of rhe ordinary, this to keep from punishment from both the king as well as Marybell. Once through with her morning ritual she quickly stepped her way to the door and bowed her head. Only a few of rhe candles were lit as to keep from waking Alina, with that said she kept quiet, only answering his request with a small bow before turning and closing the heavy wooden doors behind her.

A few more minutes passed before Alina woke from her deep slumber. Puzzlement reached her face seeing Drych had not been beside her. [b My lord?] She whispered sitting up, hand curled up in the silken sheets as she brought them to her breast in modest cover. Though she was fully dressed she made sure to keep her modesty as not to send the wrong impression. [b Are you alright?] Again keeping her voice low as not to agrovate the pain he must be in from rhe night before's drink bendge.
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Dreamily Drych looks up to her. His eyes grew heavier as the alcohol pulled him closer to sleep. Peacefully his eyes roam over her body, taking in everything and yet nothing at the same time. The cream slip she wore caught the light in such a way that made it look darker. With his left hand he lifts the blankets and offers her a place beside him. Once she settles she rests her arm out in front of her barely touching his. A smile graces his full lips as he feels her warm touch. Tenderly he reaches out toward her, caressing her cheek softly. Inching forward he wraps his arm around her tiny waist and pulls her to his chest. Sheepishly he nuzzles his nose into her hair and tucks his right arm under their heads.

Drych sleeps dreamlessly, his arm wrapped around Alina’s waist as he holds her close. In the morning, he can’t remember ever going to sleep. The windowless room refuses to let light in, making him believe for a moment that it was night. He could feel her warmth next to him, during the night he’d pulled her closer and tightened his hand around a fistful of her slip. Her breath is reassuring to him, letting him know that she was still there. Without waking her and as slowly as possible he releases her slip and starts to slide off the other end of the bed. Hammers beating on red-hot iron echo off the walls in his mind. With a soft agonized groan, he takes his free hand and places it on his forehead grimacing. Pausing in pain and waiting to wait to see if he’d woken her, he lets a few silent moments pass. Carefully he’d put a few inches between them, keeping his right arm under her head as a pillow. He caught himself watching her in the remaining firelight. Dying the embers smoldered weakly, barely smoking. The embers cast just enough of a shadow for him to see the outline of her features, shoulders, and hips under the covers. Quietly he watches her sleep, finding himself mystified as to how fate had put them together, why fate had picked someone so understanding and selfless.

A while passes before the breakfast maid gently taps on the doors. As gently as he could Drych slides his arm out from under her and swings his legs over the side of the large bed. Having memorized the room, he can easily walk around the three chairs and coffee table. As he passes the pedestal with massive blooming roses he reaches out delicately and touches a few pedals. Turning the knob of the door, he greets the thin mousey girl. Her skin is pale and grey looking, her eyes a dull blue color, and her lips nearly green from the cold night.

“My lord, I have brought breakfast and candles.” She explains, her terrified eyes looking down toward the ground quickly after taking all of him in at once. Shock played on her readable features before a pink flush colored her cheeks. The girl was new to the castle and Marybell had convinced Alina that she should be given easy tasks. The easiest of all: keeping the king’s chambers lit and bringing breakfast to him. Marybell made sure the girl was never late, often waking her up rudely and scolding her over and over; once or twice smacking her hands repeatedly for coming too close to being late.

Opening the door wider for her, wordlessly, Drych emits the girl and she quickly gets to work. The girl was the only other one in the castle that he’d allowed to see him shirtless. Emma’s blue eyes scan the covered body on the bed curiously before jumping immediately to her tasks. First she places breakfast on the coffee table amongst the three chairs. She then pulls four long white candles from her apron pockets. After a few minutes of fumbling with the iron candle holders she has the room somewhat lit and is quickly moving on to stroking the fire. Drych moves around her annoyed by her presence, but tolerating her. Emma strokes the fire and arranges the fruit on two plates quickly. She takes the morning tea and pours it into two cups.

“When you’re finished leave us.” Drych orders, moving to a chest in order to pick his outfit for the day.
  shesmorethanamemory / 2y 16d 22h 7m 29s
Watching him struggle with his clothing she smiled to herself seeing him have the same struggles as any other man would. She traced her thumb with the cloth over it across his firm lower lip. As she had done a her actions paused, a moment in time still. Shaking her head she dropped the soft cotton threaded square in the now dirty bathwater and set it aside. She felt his hand reach for waist and rest there as he steadied himself on the bed. A warmth filled her cheeks and her hands tingled to their delicately thin fingers. Though he was intoxicated, the jester itself raised her heart rate significantly. As his hair dropped to his shoulders Alina couldn't help but be drawn to his now softer looking appearance. She had never seen him in r his way before, totally vulnerable, and totally relaxed, no longer holding himself to the expectations of a prince.

Feeling him tighten his grip on her side her mind begun to wonder. Just what was this man to her, and what was his own feelings of her? He had always referred to her as his dear feiend, however, at this moment lines were beginning to blur. Just how far was she going to let this go? Looking to the side she noticed a changing screen. As he settled into his bed she walked herself to the paper thin screen. Again red painted flowers covered the segmented oriental divider. Stepping out of her shoes the young woman bit her lip as she reached the drawstring of her corset. Pulling the lace she let the emerald green gown fall to her feet. Under her dress lay a cream slip, lace ruffled around her neckline, cuffs of the sleeves and a thick ribbon wrapped around her waist just under her bust.

Slowly stepping out, she walked her way to the side of his bed, the silk sheets looking cool and inviting. Then she saw him, the light dimly shining against his pale chest. The shadows contoured his well defined frame. It was the first time she physically saw him as a man. Slowly slipping into the sheets she laid next to him, feeling her cheeks warm as the skin of her arm touched his.

Looking over she watched her prince not knowing just what these feelings were.
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Stumbling, Drych followed Alina up the stairs, holding onto her hand and trailing a step behind. Somehow, he managed to walk with a straight posture, though his steps zig-zagged. Toward the top of the stairs the right toe of his shoe caught the lip of the step. Through the haze of alcohol, he could see servants and maids press themselves as close to the walls as they could, avoiding looking at him directly. Part of him hated it. Hated that his staff were so afraid of him, revered him and some even despising him. In the years that followed his father’s death, he turned from a spoiled prince with sadistic tendencies to a tyrant and demon. Reaching the top of the second flight of stairs, they come to a set of engraved doors. Unlike the rest of the castle, this floor was entirely private and dedicated to the king. Gold leaves and swirls curl into gold roses and lilies. Toward the edges of the doors the gold turns silver and drips into the scene, acting like a waterfall background. At the center, two hummingbirds hover over an intricate gold rose, their mouths dipping into the heart of the door. The most striking feature of the pair were the crystal eyes, the knobs. Turning the right one Alina allows him to enter. In a true drunken fashion, he trips over the threshold; quickly catching himself before hitting the floor. Exchanging concerned glances, the guards posted a few feet away from the doors wonder about their master’s health. Turning in a slow circle, Drych faces Alina as she enters behind him and then closes the door behind her. In the dim firelight, he could see clearly how dark her eyes could be. Her pale skin turned into an illusion of sun kissed tan as she covered her heart with her hands. Absently he wondered what she thought of him. If she really was loyal to him, respected him, perhaps even loved him as a king? Perhaps she was just pretending, pretending to save her own life.

Gently, with a tenderness he’d only ever seen from his maids growing up, she directs him to the bed. Flopping down, he huffs slightly; a drunk smile curving his lips for a fraction of a second. Her words float lazily to his ears, diluted by his thoughts. Drych leans into her hand as she presses a cloth to his cheek. Letting his heavy-lidded eyes close, he sways with the tilt of the earth, he lets himself imagine that the feelings behind the actions were true; even if they weren’t. With his eyes still closed he reaches up with his left hand and pulls a small length of leather from his hair. In thick black strands, his hair falls down his back and over his shoulders. With the weight of the war pressing down him, he body sags into her touch and into the soft mattress beneath him. King Erolith invented a new mattress, one constructed of a wood skeleton covered in a sewed cotton sleeve, the sleeve is then stuffed with hay and goose feathers. If King Erolith could see his son now, he’d be disappointed but understanding.

Drych lets Alina freshen his face with the bathwater-warm cloth. As she worked to remove dirt and the smell of wine from him he worked the buttons of his blouse then over-shirt. He slipped the top layer off easily by himself, but his fingers stumbled with the small buttons of his blouse before finally removing that too.

Finally, shirtless and more comfortable, he opens his eyes look up at her face. With Drych’s hair down, he looked several years younger, though older at the same time. Stress and defeat seeped into his features with his hair down, giving him the perfect reason to keep it neatly tied back; the times required a clean and cut society. Not many knew how long Drych’s hair truly was. Placing his right hand on her side, just above her hip, he steads himself as she continues to clean him. He watches her face closely, looking for any sign that she didn’t want to be near him. He could see her eyes glisten with light and her lips shine as though wet. Flickering slightly, the fire gave her cheeks color where there hadn’t been any, the dim light took life from her giving it to places that didn’t need it. In this moment of weakness, Drych concludes that she is entirely captivatingly beautiful to him, that she was no longer that little girl he’d caught stealing from his garden. Before him stood a woman with a womanly shape that part of him couldn’t ignore. Lightly his fingers tighten around her side as his free hand supports him. Once she had finished cleaning him he crosses his right leg over his left, untying his shoes and then kicking them. Hazily and lazily he pulls his stocking off with one foot then the other, infinitely more comfortable than he was before. As his comfort level rises his eye get heavier, drier. Reaching behind him he yanks the blanket back, reveling silk sheets underneath. Scooting back, he moves to the right side of the bed before slipping under the blankets. After a few minutes of shuffling around and situating himself he is finally ready for her, watching her.

“Make yourself comfortable,” He slurs leaving the rest of his sentence unsaid.
  shesmorethanamemory / 2y 17d 18h 3m 34s
[b Drych...] she let his name slip her lips. Only a handful of times had she ever used his name, though he had granted her the ability to do so on rare occasions. Swiftly she stood, placing her hand in his and guiding her other hand to his side to steady him. There were several times she saw the man in front of her taint his blood with the devils drink, but this was the first time she saw the pain that encompass his lusty grey eyes.

[b Come now my lord, I'll accompany you in your chambers tonight, no need to worry about the rumors, for now, lets just focus on tonight.] She would be lying in she said she wasn't nervous. She had never spent a night alone with anyone let alone a male. But what shocked her the most was who this man was that was asking of her presence.

As he dropped the bottle the glass rattled and echoed throughout the room. Making sure he had his balance she pushed the wine to the side and again took his hands in hers. [b Come, let's get to bed] She took the liberty to take the lead and bring him to his chambers. As they walked, many of the other castle workers pressed themselves against the walls, even making sure to avoid him entirely. As they walked her mind raced with thoughts of all the possibilities that could arise from being alone. Stopping at the door, Alina turned the crystal knob and let him walk into his room himself. Stepping inside she turned, closing the heavy engraved doors behind her.

Holding her hands to her chest she could feel her heart beat against her chest, twisting her stomach and tightening her lungs. Her onix colored eyes were clear as diamonds, they almost shined in the dimly lit room. They followed her prince in every direction he stood. It was just then she noticed the situation she was in. She was alone, with a man who could cross his own bounds because of the toxicness of the nights tonic. With a heavy sigh she lead him to the bed, setting him down and reaching over to find a cotton cloth next to a wide bowl filled with luke warm water. [b Just relax my prince, I'll stay with you tonight, but lets freshen your skin]

dipping the white cloth in the rippling water she slowly reached up, tracing his stoic features gently to cool his flushed skin. [b You've cared for me like no one ever had. So let this be my time to take care of you] She smiled warmly, think of the many times he had protected her when he would had punished all others for her mistakes.
  LunaLucisCaelum / 2y 17d 19h 9m 6s
“What good deed have I possibly done to deserve such a loyal friend as you?” He asks her softly. Carefully he reaches a pale perfect hand out toward her. In the same smooth move, he pushes his chair away from the table and stands stoically beside it. Patiently he waits for her to take his hand, not an uncommon action though his motives are unclear. Keeping his face in peaceful thought, he hopes to assure her. Thumping dully, his heart sits in the pit of his stomach aching and barely beating. Being decisive is one of his strongest qualities, though he hated himself for how fast he’d made this one. Drych wanted nothing more than turn back the hands of time, to take back every letter he’d spoken and wash his mouth out with burning oil.

“I’d like to have you in my chambers tonight, just to have you close.” He explains softly. Drych only wanted to hold her against his chest as a big brother and friend; as a protector and to hopefully tell her he’s sorry.
“Don’t worry about the others, they’ll murmur but never speak.” He assures her. Gently he reaches across the table with his free hand, plucking the wine bottle from the basket. With his thumb, he pops the cork easily. Unshed tears cloud his eyes as he presses the cool bottle to his lips and throws his head back. Breathing in through his nose, he lets the burning liquid quench and torture his throat before swallowing the last drop. Slamming the bottle back on the table, he glances toward her. Drych’s full lips pull into a slight unhappy smile. The harsh steel of his eyes fade to a foggy grey as the alcohol floods his system, tainting his blood to the point of inebriation. Despite his fumbling state, he frees the first three buttons of his collar and blouse. His pale chest shines white in the library’s candlelight. With the back of his hand he wipes a drop of wine from his mouth.

“If you don’t wish to join me I understand.” Leaning heavily on his chair, he watches her. His sluggish mind working to understand and to keep his balance.
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