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Quietly making his way to her. Drych reaches up and cups her soft cheek in his hand. Her care and endless consideration for him warmed him in places that had been cold for far too long. Slipping an arm around her slim waist, he pulls her to his chest once again. Cradling her for a moment he lets his eyes adjust to the new candles. Leaning down and pressing his smooth pink lips hers. Closing the distance between them. Careful not to smudge her make-up, he deepens the kiss before ending it tenderly and softly. His thumb lingers on her jawline before tracing her chin.

“Shhh.” He whispers, still inches from her. “It’s alright. That girl tends to get out of work. I was merely curious.” While staring up at the ceiling awake last night, Drych had decided he had to know. He had to know how her lips felt against his finally. He knew the action would rip them both apart. It would ravage them as she stepped into the carriage that would take her to the other side. He needed her to know how he truly felt, how much he truly needed her. Even when he was losing her.

Holding her in his arms felt good. Better than good. He felt as though he was holding onto the last hope his sanity had. The very last thread before he fell to his knees amongst the fear and mistrust his beloved home had become. Tenderly he traces a pale blue vein down the side of her neck toward her shoulder and then down her arm. He pulls away from her only when he hears the soft knock. He makes his way boldly to the door and pulls it open.

Blocking the inside of his chambers with his chest. Emma’s eyes lock with her prince’s bare chest before following the muscles to his face. Silently and with a small bow she hands over breakfast and turns to leave. Alina had made it very clear that she didn’t want her in the prince’s chambers and her low position in the castle prevented her from pushing forward. Blocking her always running lips and her never ending curiosity.

Balancing the tray with one hand and closing the door with the other. Making his way to the seating area he lays down breakfast, chancing to look up at her.

“Breakfast?” He questions softly. Her lips still tingling against his.
  Drych Brazensycthe / shesmorethanamemory / 1y 280d 4h 18m 7s
Alina was already dressed. Her hair had been brushes through neatly. New makeup was applied to her cheeks, and lips. A simple, yet equally elegant dress adorned her body. The young woman had left to change in her own room before returning to get the room fixed to his normal liking. [b I had her prepare breakfast in the kitchen since she is one of the few who knows your taste well.] Placing the last candle in the holder, she brought a match from a pocket, invisible from view. Sticking the black filament against a small white board of stock in her hand, she reached up to light the cream colored was.

Blowing out the match sent a stream of grey colored smoke up towards the embossed ceiling. In the front of her thought was Drych. It was very possible and somewhat likely he would be upset with her for taking what was considered a lesser duty away from this Emma person. Sighing , Alina turned back to face her Prince directly. Her heart racing with anxiety and fear. [b I wish not to upset you with a change in routine. Yet, I thought it be best if I did this one small thing for you. Not only so you may rest soundly, but as my way of thanking you.]

She wasn't quite sure what to say next, or even if she should say anything. Their conversation from the night before ran through her head once again. She was going to leave, Lands away from this man whom had saved her from illness and death. Her eyes lowered thinking of just what life would be like away from her only friend. [b I apologize my know well I never wish to inconvenience you, or go against your wishes. I just wanted to take care of you....before I leave]
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 1y 287d 17h 11m 58s
Emma had reluctantly handed Alina the silver tray. Surprised to see her. The warm water sloshed, though remained in its crystal bowl. With a curt bow, Emma received her orders and shut the doors. She turned quickly on her heels and briskly walked down the spiral staircase to the kitchen. There she gave the orders to the cook while slyly mentioning that Alina was once again in the prince’s chambers.

“Wearing only her slip.” Emma whispered, leaning close to the cook and slowly turning a pear under the cool water. Emma then continues to pile the fruit and breakfast rolls onto a different silver tray. Emma begins toward the prince’s chambers while Drych slowly rises from his sleep. Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, he pulls himself into a sitting position.

Around him Alina was taking care of the candles, a job normally reserved for the young girl. What’s her name? Emma. Drych suddenly remembers. Standing he makes his way to the washing bowling. Quietly dipping the cloth into the warm water before running it over his face, neck, and chest. He would have one of the maids draw him a bath later, but for now it felt good to have the water drying on his skin.

“Where is Emma?” He questions her, running the cloth over his face a final time before finishing.
  Drych Brazensycthe / shesmorethanamemory / 1y 287d 17h 35m 35s
The young woman's heart jumped into her throat when his grace took her hand and brought her up to his strong, well defined chest. His body was a comfortable temperature, not radiating excessive amounts of heat. After a few slight moments she relaxed, adjusting herself to for his form comfortably. The small of his skin tickled her nose and sent her heart racing. She wondered if he could feel the best of her own heart against him. Closing her eyes , the elf like girl fell asleep, more quickly than she would have expected.

Through out the night she lay silently. Her always racing mind quelled by the comfort of the man whom lay with her. It was normal for her to wake during many time of night, her mind relentless in thought. Yet her slumber was uninterrupted with useless tasks. Could it be that all this was due to companied sleep?

Night soon turned to morning, and morning to early afternoon. Her thick black lashes fluttered open to a now sleeping Prince. A small smile graced her lips as she held herself up by her elbows. For a few moments she watched over him, taking in the finer features of his face and body. He had kicked off the wool blanket that covered them, his relaxed brow made him look almost boy like. His full lips seemed so inviting. She thought of their softness and imagined what it would be like to have them press against her own pout like rose colored lips. Slowly, hesitantly, she leaned forward, her eyes partly close. Then without warning a small knock came at the door.

[b Emma....] She whispered before slowly retreating from the bed. The prince still sound asleep from a sleepless night. Walking over to the door, Alina quietly opened the door. [b His majesty is asleep...] In the girls hands was a silver try. candle sticks lay upon its polished base with a Porcelain picture of warm water. [b I can take care of those. Please make sure breakfast is ready back in the kitchen] Alina looked sternly at the younger female. Deep down she knew it was her who was the source of the rumors, yet she said nothing.
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 1y 294d 20h 10m 56s
Drych watches her shadow undress and then politely looks away as she steps out from behind the changing screen. A piece of furniture he rarely used. Unlike before Alina perches on the end of his bed, waiting. Dark steel eyes glance over her, taking in how the white slip hugged certain places and then billowed away from her, leaving him to imagine the rest. Blinking once he banishes those thoughts from his mind. Reaching out and sitting up he offers her his hand. Tenderly he pulls her to his bare chest. He waits for her to adjust and get comfortable before settling back into the soft pillows and blankets. Wordlessly he lifts the comforter and drapes a little of it over her legs, waiting to see if she would kick it off before moving it higher on her body. He didn’t want her to get cold.

He laid awake for hours, staring at the ceiling far away in his own thoughts. The day had been wonderful. They talked. Laughed. Shared. He could see himself spending the rest of his life like that. Endless days meandering the garden, watching the bees float from one massive blossom to the next. A fat fluffy squirrel darting across the path in front of them. He could clearly see it, the memories that he hadn’t experienced yet. A feel of dread settled in his chest and stomach. Memories he would never be allowed to experience. Before his death, King Brazensycthe summoned his son to his deathbed. As tightly as an old sick dying man could, he shook his son and whispered in his ear: “You’ll never be able to love.”

His father’s last breath was spent telling his son that he was a heartless monster. A tyrant.
  Drych Brazensycthe / shesmorethanamemory / 1y 296d 4h 10m 40s
"I'll miss you more than you know" His words made her already beating heart beat even wilder. Finally, she heard from him something deep and meaningful. He spoke of her with meaning like one of his beloved blossoms. Then his figure walked up to her which still sat upon his plush bed. His cool, firm hand wrapped around hers. Smooth skin from his thumb ran over her knuckles with ease. His touch felt natural, and assuring. Again, she glanced up at him. His long hair falling past his shoulders, long whisps of onix hair floated towards her. The dim light of the candle lit flames made the shine of his hair glow a warm orange. She sat there a few moments with him, just like this. He was beautiful, she couldn't believe that someone as beautiful as he, with rank like his and a name would ever lay eyes in her like he did that very moment. When his hand fell from hers, her eyes followed. His movement to the other side of the bed brought her back to reality. She would be leaving soon. Most likely in the next few days, if not even in the morn. Feeling the pressure of the cotton filled mattress shift, she turned her body to view his. She couldn't leave him, not when they had so little time left with each other. Finally, Alina stood, looking to the changing screen. [b I'll stay....]
Her foot steps were light on the time floor beneath her. The small clicks of her heals stopped just behind the screen. With straining grace, she reached behind her to untie the laces of her binding corset. As it fell, the jewels chimed. Finally she could breath. Under her dress was a white slip, one she always wore under all her dresses. Stepping out from the paper thin screen, her figure again emerged to his sights. Slowly she walked her way back to the bed and sat at its edge peering at her Prince. She care not bring forth the words he let slip out for fear he might angrily recant. His face was not like as he relaxed, no longer stern and pointed, his brow finally un-tight, his frown now raised to normality. She was afraid to get into bed with him. She was afraid she would want to touch him, to hold him like the time before. So she sat, waiting for his invite.
  LunaLucisCaelum / 1y 301d 4h 21m 2s
“Stay.” Carefully he kept his back to her. Not wanting to see the pain in her eyes and not wanting to have to lie to her. He knew that eventually he would have to. The air between them grew thicker, heavier. The candles dimmed adding another layer of tension that neither one of them had ever expected. Unable to hide from her any longer, he turns to face her. The jewels decorating her dress twinkled in the flickering flames.

“I…” He hesitates, moving closer to her. The rise and fall of her chest threatens to distract him, though true to his raising he refuses to glance down. He swallows thickly, a rare moment of weakness threatening to crack his voice. His perfect white teeth find the flesh of the inside of his mouth, biting down on the pink flesh.

“I’ll miss you than you’ll ever know.” Boldly he takes her hand in his own. Tenderly his thumb runs over the back of her knuckles like silk. Her figure creates a shadow on his bare chest. His steel grey eyes turn a fire red before dimming once more and turning a flashing orange. His thick lashes rest on his cheeks as he looks down at her. Reflexively his hand twitches, her plump cheeks mocking him with their perfection.

“So beautiful…” The words slide over his tongue and over his full lower lip without his permission. His mouth opens for a slight moment, as though his next words choke him and catch on the back of his teeth. With a small audible click his jaw shuts. His eyes flashing brightly. Softly he lets her hand fall to her lap again before he moves around the edge to the bed. He climbs into his side of the bed, leaving the freed blankets off his legs.
  Drych Brazensycthe / shesmorethanamemory / 1y 302d 15h 32m 0s
Alina quickly turned away when she saw him begin to change into his nightly attire. Looking down at her hands her face blushed red, cheeks tingling, chest tight. Just who was this man to her? Really, was he just her protector? Her friend? Or was she wanting something more for them. The feeling in her chest was one of which she did not understand. In his eyes was a look of confusion, a look of pain, a look of distress. He, like her, held back. There was nothing more she wanted to do than to take his hand in hers. To wrap her arms around his shoulders from behind in a loving embrace. However, she knew such an action was forbidden.
Eyes lifted when he stood just mere inches from her. Their eyes locked as he pulled the crisp sleeves of his dress shirt from his wrists and arms. He moved closer to her before turning to walk away to change further. Turning around again the woman nodded. She wondered just how much their relationship had changed. He had washed himself without her assistance, a job she had done for year. Was he afraid to let her touch the paleness of his skin in worry something greater my find them.
[b It may be wise if I don’t stay later than I should] Her hand gently traced the bed sheets remembering the night they had already shared. Though it was innocent enough, and nothing remotely mature happened between them, she could not help but want to keep him safe from the rumors that already filled his life and his name.
Turning again, she sat on the edge of the bed and waited for him to speak once more. Biting her inner lip her lungs compressed as she had forgotten to breathe in her already rib tight corset. Quickly she stood, her breast raised high finally filling with air. She was about to burst with speech before catching herself. She could’t say what she wanted too. She couldn’t tell him what she truly was feeling. Except maybe for one: [b I’ll miss you….while I am away ]
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“Please don’t forget me.” Her words stilled his heart. How could he ever forget her? Everything about her had wormed its way into his life. Until now he had never noticed how he looked forward to the spring breeze carrying her smell to him. Before now he had never noticed how he needed her companionship. Stirring his tea slowly, making a tiny whirlpool in the center. He needs her like his tea needs sugar, like his roses need water, like everything needs gravity to stay on the planet. Picking up his cup of tea, he brings it to his lips, sipping carefully as to not burn himself.

“I won’t.” His words came out more final than he intended. A grave cold silence fell, saturating the walls and air. Thickly he swallowed, he could see her from the corner of his steel eye. The fire flicked across her face lighting her eyes and flaming her emotions. Her hand rested on her chest, the fingers appeared to be trembling there. Clearly there was so much she wanted to say to him, he could see that. He could see every word she hid from him. Soundlessly he replaces the cup on the table and turns toward her. Endlessly his fingers twitch with the need to reach out and touch her. To caress her cheek and trace her jaw line, to line her lips with his lips. Thick corded muscles tighten with the urge to wrap an arm around her waist and pull her to his chest. A heat begins in his belly right between his hipbones.

Licking his lower lip to wet it and stimulate saliva in his dry mouth he turns his attention away from her and toward the process of getting ready for bed. The wash basin sitting on a stand sparkles in the candlelight. The water is cool as he dips the wash rag into it. The task is mundane though he finds peace in it. Peace in doing small things for himself that normally he would allow her to do. With their relationship twisting and complicating he refrains from asking her. Carefully he runs the cloth over his face and neck, unbuttoning his shirt as he moved the cloth lower on his chest. After a few swipes of the cloth he dips it back into the cool water. Once finished with cleaning himself from the day’s dirt and sweat, he turns toward her once again. He moves toward her, dapping at his face with a dry soft towel. Limply like a skinned snake, the towel drapes over his shoulders.

“Make yourself comfortable. My chambers are open to you always.” His deft fingers pull his shirt from the waistband of his pants and then free the buttons from their loops. Inches barely separate the two as he pulls the sleeves over his hands and wrists, slipping the shirt from himself. Swiftly he tosses his shirt over the back of a chair and then moves around her, going to his dresser to change into a pair of sleeping pants.
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Alina listened, as she stepped into his room once more. Her small, rounded ears perked as the sound of a locking door echoed through the room. The light bounced of the chestnut colored waves of her hair, darkening the curls in shadow. Following him to a small seating area, she sat. Her bold black dress flowed from her knees to the floor like a blooming flower. The silver trim bounced the light of the candles, giving her skin a white glow. Her usually black eyes were not slightly translucent.Yet in her eyes showed concern. She would have to leave her companion, the person in her life that she spent her days pleasing. There was not a true moment in her life that she could clearly remember not being at his side. Watching him pour the tea, she could not help but notice just how graceful he was in everything he does. From the way he sat, to the way his ebony colored hair fell around his shoulders. He was certainly a prince of high order. Yet...he chose to spend his time with her. Shaking her head of the thought, the young woman counted the amount of sugar cubes he placed in his small silver tea cup. Out of habit she watched, to make sure he would be happy when the drink met his thin yet firm lips. Holding her cup in her gentle hands, she peered into its smooth brown steeped liquid. Her heart softly broke within her chest. She wondered if he would lose interest with her being so far. She could lose the only home she ever had, the only family she ever known, and the only man whom had ever shown her kindness.
[b My lord...I will go where ever you need me, whenever you need me. I just...have one request] Biting the inside of her lip her eyes lowered. What was she doing, how could she request something from the man whom had already given her everything? Just what was their relationship. Tensions had risen within a few days time. Lines were crossed the moment she got into bed with a prince. Placing her hand to her breast, over her heart she sighed. [b Please don't forget me]
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“You already know my answer don’t you my lord?” Alina’s voice breaks into his silence. Chewing the inside of his lip, he deliberates on telling her or not. Whether he already knew her answer or not did not matter. What mattered is if she would continue to be loyal to him during her stay with the other king. Pushing that thought from his mind and the others that followed he refocuses on her. Solemnly he nods. He doesn’t have the strength to answer her vocally. In the short two days, they have taken their relationship beyond companion and friend. The new bond between them has dripped under his cold armor like water seeping into a paper bag.

Her questions continue to flow from her even as he opens the silent chamber doors. The massive engraved gates glide over the gleaming tile. The room’s dim candles filter out into the hallway before he motions for her to step inside. As the day had progressed he felt their time closing to an end. He allowed her to talk freely of herself, only giving her, a few prompts here and there then answering for himself. Unlike other conversations they have had he refrained from making it solely about him. For the first time, he found himself taking a great interest in what she favored and what she frowned at. The longer they talked the more he discovered about her. The longer they talked the more he discovered about himself and how much he needed her.

“I don’t know.” He answered honestly, shutting the doors behind them. Slowly he turns to face her after listening to the guards lock them in for the night. Sighing heavily, he slips his jacket from his shoulders. Now sober and in the candlelight, he looked different. Older once again, but he appeared harder, colder, stronger. The shadows splaying across his face and flickering slightly made his nose sharper and his lips thinner. His pale skin only affected a little by the glow from the fire, though no enough to tan him. Quite the opposite happened. His dark eyes swallowed all light.

“At first I thought I would wait.” He mused crossing the room for his evening tea. “I would wait until the first big battle. I could let them have that one, then employ my most savage soldiers. That would give us a story, a reason why you would feel the need to cross enemy lines. Though the more I think about it, the more I believe the sooner the better.” He continues pouring two cups of tea. He takes his usual spoons of sugar and then slumps down in the evening chair. His dark buttoned up shirt coming undone at the throat. His dark hair is quickly shaken free of its leather tie and left to fall around his face.
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Hours had passed since they started their day together. Night quickly fell upon the two as they talked about everything and nothing. Topics ranging from favorite foods and books read filled the silence that otherwise would have dominated their time. Alina's curious eyes flickered to the pale white moon above. It's light shining down as if God himself had kissed the two with his grace, though she knew there was nothing about the man who stood before her that God would approve of. The Prince was well known to be the most ruthless of all past royals. Since the death of his parents, his tantrums had cost the lives of many poor souls who once worked within the castle. Many thought him a tyrant, a soul that could not be helped or saved. Many just stood by and watched, secretly hoping that he may one day choke on the very food he criticized so much. Then why was it that Alina felt such a strong pull? Why did she have the need to protect him, to defend his character, and to be at his right had side through all his tormented actions?

Glancing back from the egg white light of the moon. She bowed her head and walked with her prince to his chambers once more. As they walked the grand white marbled halls, the servants moved quickly aside. By now the rumors had filled the entire castle. It was as though you could hear the buzz of silently spoken words through the walls. Even so, ALina chose to stand beside her Prince, even knowing her image would be tainted with misunderstanding. Reaching the heavily engraved double doors of his chambers, the roasted chestnut haired girl looked up with a sorrowed expression. [b You already know my answer don't you my lord?] Her small hands gripping the sides of her well adorned dress. Quickly she looked away taking a few deep breaths, her bust gently rising over the top her corset in a rhythm kept pace. [b How long will you need me gone for? And when should I leave?]She could'nt help but think of all who she would be leaving behind. It wasn't just the Prince she would be missing, but her mother, the cook, and even some of the guards. However, it was mostly Marybell whom she would miss the most. She felt awful about how she had left the situation earlier in the day. Her mother was only looking out for her well being, and she blatantly no heed to her mothers words of wisdom. She wondered how Marybell was doing, if she was still hurt, if she was crying? Alina would speak to her mother later in the morning, but right now she had a more pressing issue. [b Can I come in?]
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Deep under the castle, Marybell sits among the stored food. Dark red strands of thinning hair fall between her fingers as she weeps. Self-loathing fills her heart as she wallows in her tears. Ceaselessly her mind berates itself, conjuring every insult to hurl at herself. Quietly creeping down the narrow stairs, Emma seeks out the older woman. The young girl’s childlike curiosity and need for chaos brings her to the side of Marybell. Tenderly the young girl drapes an arm over Marybell’s shoulders, gently cooing to her and trying to dry her tears with the stained sleeve of her dress.

“What’s wrong?” Emma questions nearly kneeling in front of Marybell. Under her weight the burlap bag shifts, the grain within it conforming to her shape. At first Marybell continues to sob, not wanting to reveal anything to Emma. Something about the young girl’s tiny mouth and full lips made her weary of her. Emma’s large doe eyes looked too innocent to Marybell.

“Nothing, just exhausted.” Marybell chokes out, uselessly trying to dry her own tears. The storage room under the castle teems with rats and roaches. Despite the infestations, servants still crept down the cobblestone stairs to get away from work or to take a break. Often the cook stole a break here, pulling out a bag of forbidden tobacco and rolling a cigarette. Marybell hated the smell and because of that fact convinced Alina to advise the prince to ban it in the castle. Of course, the servants did not listen, some even risking getting caught with it.

“No something is wrong.” Emma insisted and stood. Raising a single hand, she gestures for Marybell to wait for her she then trots up the stairs, leaving Marybell behind with the squeaking rats. Emma floats into the kitchen, nearly bumping into the cook. She begs his pardon before moving over to the ice box. Grumpily the cook questions her as she ruffles through the ice box looking for any chilled left over pastries. Deftly she grabs one before turning on her heels and disappearing into the walls once again and down the narrow stairs to the storage room. Marybell had stayed as she had been asked, her tears had stopped flowing and her puffy eyes were still red. Gently Marybell daps at the coal streaking her cheeks.

“What have you brought?” She inquires, looking at the chilled pastry wrapped in brown paper. Emma’s eyes held a serpent’s glimmer, putting Marybell on her guard. Looking shyly down at the present, she smiles only slightly.

“I was saving this for my birthday, I stole it from a dinner plate a night ago, I put it in the ice box to keep it.” A brief pause. “But I want you to have it, Marybell. You’ve done so much for this castle and everyone in it, I don’t think you get enough credit. Everyone is always fawning over Alina, how she helps the prince and keeps him together, but you’re the real gem.” She murmurs softly to the older woman before stepping forward and putting the wrapped pastry on her lap. Sniffling, Marybell could not help being taken by the young girl’s words and feeling a soft feather stroke her pride. Carefully pulling apart the edges of the paper, Marybell reveals a delicately, slightly soggy, blueberry pastry, the sweet sugar drizzle having gone hard and cracking.

“Oh sweetheart!” Marybell covers her mouth with one hand, touched. Emma smiles gracefully, bowing humbly, and then turns to leave. Marybell watches her go, unable to from the words that would explain how her heart throbbed for the girl. Maybe what she had thought about her was wrong, maybe she wasn’t a senseless child only out to cause havoc.
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Soft clicks echoed from beneath her small kitten heals. The cobblestone path leading their way to a stretch of intimate space between the heavy stone wall of the castle and evergreen bushes which climbed their way up like vines. Her right hand tucked under his arm and gently rested her hand in the nape of his elbow. As they walked a sense of serenity came to her mind. In her view, a lovely scenery filled with the worlds most exquisite and rare floral gems. The air around them filled with an aromatic perfume. The sent tingled her nostrils and calmed her heart of any lingering heartache.

[b No, much of my time was spent in mannerism classes.] She smiled looking back at the thought. Simple things like how to hold a spoon and when to use your napkin may have come natural to some. But to a child who had never used spoon before, learning how to be a proper lady took much time and dedication on the part of her teacher, Marybell. [b I never fit in well with the other children of the castle. My mind was a bit more mature. What they found funny, silly games and immature jokes never intrigued me.]

Looking around them as the sun in the sky passed the fourth hour, Alina stopped in her tracks, glancing up at the stoic male beside her. Her full lips turning to a gentle smile. [b I prefer to draw. On the table beside my bed is a sketch book. Within its pages are just random drawings, mainly the many flowers that hide within the castle walls.]
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Drych rose to her side, offering her his elbow. He takes the first step away from their little tea table. Stretching out ahead of them and curving to the right the multicolored cobblestone walkway tempts them forward. Drych naturally takes the lead, letting her sweeping sparkling dress dazzle him as the sun kisses her. A pleased smile pulls at his lips, he could remember having the dress made for her during the holiday season, she was to wear it to an evening ball. He and Marybell had agreed that she looked better in a powder blue dress with diamonds rather than the ebony black one festooned with glass beads and jewels. Drych vividly remembers watching her turn in a slow circle before them, the black dress she now wore billowing out around her feet and then gracefully swaying back to its rightful place. Marybell had tailored both to fit her beautifully. Quietly they had agreed on the blue one. Now seeing her beside him in the black one made him realize that either choice would have flattered her, would have made her the bell of the ball. Slowly he could see the slimy green jealously rising in him, colored by the ginger red pride that filled his heart. There was a monster deep in him that wanted others to see them together, a beast that could not be sated until others burned with jealously to have what he has.

Stretching petals soak up every ounce the sun has to offer. His prized roses claw their way over each other, pulling and pushing at one another like children begging for a treat from their mother. Drych loved the wildness of them and yet loved how they so neatly clung to the path he designated for them. As the cobblestone pathway swerved to meet the castle wall the roses followed, keeping a respectful distance though their massive petals drooping to all who walked the path. Each bush tangled together wildly stood taller than a man and created the perfect barrier of privacy. As they meandered, Drych finally managed to pull himself away from the distracting roses and blue sky.

“When you were a girl, did you play an games with the other children in the castle?”
  Drych Brazensycthe / shesmorethanamemory / 1y 351d 3h 45m 2s

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