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Finally alone, the young woman took in everything that had gone on within a few short days. Her fingers reached her lips as she thought of his kiss. Her heart skipping beats as she replayed the image over in her head. She had not expected her Prince to ever to such an action. The tension between them grew heavy with each passing moment and she was happy to have a moment of clarity, though she missed him dearly.

Slowly she laid back on the bed. His sent filled the sheets and she couldn't help but take in every part of it. Her beating heart wouldn't keep still. He had invited her into his room, not just for a moment, but indeffinantly. She knew this was what her mother feared most. For if she was to take this step, and truly become his, her life most defiantly would be a delicant dance between his passion and destructive temper.

Finally, the young woman stepped out from his room. The guards both bowing to her, knowing the result of his majesty's wishes. Handing them the key to her room, they assured her her belongings would be moved into the Royal chambers.

Quietly, Alina walked through the servants halls. Castle workers looked at her with a shameful gaze. As she entered the Kitchen to make sure the cook prepared the evening meal, she could hear whisperings of the advisor whom had given her body to the Prince night after night till she found her way at the side of the throne. [b No such thing happened....] She whispered to herself as she held her stomach.
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 1y 135d 20h 49m 4s
Placing a kiss on the side of her head. Drych attempts to calm her while standing at her side. His annoyance keeping him standing and moving gracefully from one end of the room to the other, aimlessly looking for something to do with his hands. Marybell’s actions angered him. The shear audacity the older woman had to enter his chambers and upset his love was enough to ensure her hanging. Though, he respected her wishes. Perching on the edge of the bed, he hung his head in his hands. A soft knocking on his chamber doors causes his steel gaze to focus on the gold handle.

“You’re majesty. There are delegates here. They wish to speak to you.” With a hiss, Drych commands a moment and for a room to be prepared. The real world had a funny way of always kicking down his door. Seemingly he would never be able to escape his kingly responsibilities. Even though he’d been groomed royalty since childhood, it still bothered him. Drych throws an overcoat over his shoulders, quickly buttoning it and turning toward her. He touches her tear stained cheek for strength and offers to let her move her things from the servant’s quarters to his. Not wanting to deny himself her company any longer.

“It is a choice for you to make. Unfortunately, I am forced to be in a meeting.” He rolls his eyes. “I will miss you every second.” Kissing her lips, he then leaves her to the silence of the immense room.
  Drych Brazensycthe / shesmorethanamemory / 1y 143d 3h 28m 8s
Alina sat upon the ornate white chair once more. One final year dripped from her chin down to the cloth fabric of the table lining beneath her. A warm, steaming tea brew was set in front of her in a delicately molded teacup. She watched as he cared for her in silence. She knew he was angry with Marrybell. His eyes held a concentrating glare that only showed during times of annoyance.
Softly she nodded her head. Her hands reaching forward to hold the tiny teacup as it still sat upon the table. [b I apologize on behalf of my mother...the rumors have spread within the walls. I know she hears them all. She just....wants me to keep my heart guarded.] Watching the tea ripple with the tapping her forefinger gave on the glass, Alina looked up to her Prince and nodded once more. Alina's soft brown hair draped over her shoulders. A more modest dress concealed her chest unlike the prior black one from the night before. Her skin glowed white like the moon, while her lips were stained as if kissed by ripened strawberries. [b I'll always speak with you my lord...]
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 1y 184d 19h 46m 1s
Drych, with his hands clasped respectfully ahead of him, steps aside as a weeping redhaired woman left his chambers. He’d heard bits and pieces of the conversation. Understanding that harsh words were spoken on both sides. Not needing to know what was said he turned his back on the guards, moving back into his chambers to comfort his love. Tenderly his wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her to his chest once more, letting her cry and be hurt by her mother’s words. Marybell hadn’t said anything in response to her daughter’s abuse. In retort she simply left, keeping just how wrong Alina was to herself. Marybell had never meant to make her daughter feel that she wouldn’t not tolerate the relationship, in fact she didn’t have a choice. Anyone that openly spoke out about it would certainly face death. With that heavy threat looming everyone’s heads, those truly safe to utter the slightest criticism were those of noble blood. Blood which didn’t run through Marybell’s veins. The slightest mistake Alina made now would mean her death.

Inside, behind closed doors, Drych poured Alina a cup of tea, not minding if she drank from it or not. The gesture was still there. Every instinct within him wanted to ban Marybell from the castle, wanted the woman that caused Alina, so much pain gone and starving on the street. Though he knew that the woman was still very important to her, so would let Alina decide what to do with her.

“Will you speak to me?” He inquires of her, leaning against the tea table.
  Marybell / shesmorethanamemory / 1y 184d 20h 8m 16s
Alina stood silent. Her stomach twisted and she felt as though her stomach would empty. Shaking her head she tried to reach out to her, but Marybell only pulled away further. [b You think I don't see his dark side? Do you really think I've never seen it? On the contrary mother, I've seen it first hand. I know just how he is. Yes....yes I remember being a child. And I remember seeing other women. Am I to expect to be the only once he's shown interest in? I expect to be the only woman who's fallen for him? No....] suddenly it felt like she couldn't breathe. It was becoming hard to take in air but Alina kept going. [b I've seen his every side....I've been there during hearings....And punishments. I've seen him lose his temper, but I've also seen him love. Yes... I do think he loves me. I really don't care what others will think. Why should I be punished and live without the man I love? Is that what you want from me? To grow old alone?] Suddenly Alina turned away from her. [b If that's so...then you don't really love me. I thought if I came to would at least tolerate our relationship. But I was wrong. You're just jealous! I'm not the little girl who follows you around anymore. You see me happy and you're just.just angry because your alone and not me!]
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 1y 187d 22h 24m 39s
Marybell watches her daughter struggle. The older woman’s heart slammed against her chest as the anger welled up in her own eyes. Such a foolish girl. Does she not realize what this meant for everyone in the castle, what her actions did to everyone else? Does she not see that the rumors will only intensify, only worsen and grow to complete slander? Standing, pulling her hands away from her daughter’s hands, Marybell begins to pace.

“You love him?” her voice cracks, a fat tears streaming down her face. “You truly love him and you believe he loves you?” she assumes, not pausing to let Alina speak for herself. More tears drip down the woman’s face.

“Have you not heard a single word I have told you? Have you not heard those punished crying in agony at night? Have you not heard and seen what he has done to others? Innocent others.” The question of how was not something Marybell needed to ask. Over the years she had heard of women falling for the unendingly handsome cruel prince. In spite of all of his evil, he could be tender and sweet, hiding his true nature from everyone. Marybell knew for the sake of her daughter she should make her go, but to do so would be to make her hate her. It would divide them even further than they already are. Simply put, she couldn’t bare it.

“Very well. I cannot protect you from your own actions any longer. You have already condemned yourself.”
  Marybell / shesmorethanamemory / 1y 187d 22h 43m 16s
Alina waited for the door to close before she took her mom's and and pulled her farther away from the door. [b Mother....i was going to come to you after I was through helping our Prince get ready for his day...] biting her lip. The young female sighed. Looking to the door, she could sense his presence. She was grateful for him. He could have scolded Marrybell. He could have punished her severely for disobeying the guards and pushing her way through. But he didn't. Sighing Alina sat on the edge of the bed. Her hands to her stomach she she felt the ribbing of her forest green corset with her fingertips. [b Mother...don't be angry] she pleaded. Standing she brought her hands to her chest and looked at her mother with large chocolate brown eyes. [b I won't be leaving like I had mentioned before. I can't... I need to be by his side. I....I can't see a life without him.] Quickly she took hold of her mother's hands. Tears welled up as she begged. [b Please....don't put your anger on his majesty.....But... I made a choice, to be at his side forever. Mother....] as fresh salty tears fled down her cheeks, her hands gripped tighter. [b I love him. Please... Please don't send me away, don't be cross....I know you wish a different life for me. But this is the life I chose...]
  LunaLucisCaelum / 1y 187d 22h 59m 17s
Expectedly, the soft knock followed the voices just outside of the chamber doors. Pulling away from her, Drych moves to open the door for the woman. Flustered, Marybell stands before her prince. Staring up at his steel grey eyes with a ferocity that only women are capable. Opening her mouth to speak, Marybell intends to scold the prince as she would any servant in the castle. Bowing deeply and respectfully, Drych disarms the woman. Letting her jabbing finger return to her side, Marybell blinks a few times before clasping her hands in front of her.

“Please, welcome to my chambers.” He purrs, motioning for her to walk inside for the first time since Alina’s arrival. Marybell’s jaw touches her chest as she skirts inside. The guards listening though their back is turned to the door. Bowing again, Drych escorts himself out of the room. Allowing the two women to talk in privacy. Drych stands as the guards do, in between them with his hands at his sides. Glances to the left, then to the right, he regards each man before returning his stare straight ahead.
  Mason Crator / shesmorethanamemory / 1y 188d 3h 37m 41s
The hard thumping of his heart against his ribcage echoed against her ear. It's rhythm fast and strong. Just the sheer sound of his thudding muscle made her own blood boil. Sighing she held onto him tightly for a few moments. There was no speaking between them. Just the sound of each others breathing. Before long Drych spoke into the silk like softness of her hair. Relief flooded over her as he had chosen her over the woman gifted to him. And as he moved away to get ready for his day, she couldn't help but feel a sense of worthiness. He, had chosen her.

As he dressed himself she kept her eyes low. Though, she couldn't help but glance upon him. Rosy cheeks glowed as the young woman had fully turned when he cared to change his pants in her presents. Giving him a few moments , she looked over her shoulder. He was tucking in his white collared shirt and fixing the cufflinks up in his wrist. Smiling, Alina stepped forward, holding out his heavy jacket for him to slip into. [b As always] She whispered. Moving around to the front she tentivly clasped the ornate medallion to his chest on each side. Stepping back she looked him over as she always did. Not a hair was out of place, the fur around his collar plush without mats. [b I'd give anything to be able to do this for you as your queen....] She whispered. [b to be yours in all regards....] Suddenly she could hear the guards speaking to someone out front. It was Marybell. Alina looked to the door and sighed. [b Please....Drych....don't be too cross with her. I'll go and speak with her. She's....She's my mother after all.]
  LunaLucisCaelum / 1y 201d 55m 28s
Alina’s words pierced Drych’s cold heart like fire. In response his jaw tightened, his eyes dropped to the floor, and he ground his teeth silently. He wanted to be with her, to have her by his side and she wanted that too, but she didn’t want to be looked down on. Disrespected and for the rumors to follow her to her death bed. Drych understood that all too well. Licking his lips, he moves to her and takes her in his arms, pressing her head gently against his chest so she could hear his heart beating for her.

“No.” He whispers against her hair. “I won’t have her. Gift or no. I will only have you.” Drych holds her in his embrace for a long time. Letting her scent mingle with his own and letting her presence chase away any apprehension threatening to rip him apart. Wordlessly he pulls away and starts back toward the breakfast table, stacking the empty dishes on the tray and wiping away any crumbs that lingered on the table. The task is done in only a few short moments, though the silence between them made seconds into eons. After stacking the dirty dishes, he moves to his dresser and begins to dress himself, pulling out a white undershirt and jacket with black pants. Pulling his long ebony hair back into a low ponytail, he finishes his signature look. Facing her, he questions: “Presentable?”
  Mason Crator / shesmorethanamemory / 1y 201d 23h 30m 19s
His words filled her lonely soul. She had no family, no home. She belonged to nobody, she was in all encompasses an orphan. To her, Drych was her only companion in life. To her, he was everything. He was her world, her entire being, her reason to live. She had kept her feeling locked within her. Never had she ever thought to burden her prince with any emotion she thought he didn't reciprocate. However, knowing now just what she meant to him, the wall that had been built up for so long, finally crumbled at her feet. Looking down, the young woman closed her eyes. Her think black lashes holding back tears. Unlike her Prince, she didn't notice the woman outside the door. Emma had taken an interest in their relationship. It was unknown to anyone why Emma was so intrigued with the two. Alina had not understood why Emma was still even around. She could barly do the simplest tasks and her mouth was always open to gossip. Even her Mother, Marybell had a connection with the girl. Always protecting the young woman with the long, golden hair.

Quietly she left go of his hand and stood. She felt as though she couldn't breath. Her heart heavy in her chest as it sat still without beating. She stepped close to his side and leaned down, her lips taking his as her hands pulled his face to hers. Gently she let her fingers trace his jawline. Tears finally fell from her eyes to his own smooth cheeks. She wasn't about to leave him. She couldn't. She had not been able to leave his side since the moment their eyes met. Their kiss lingered for more than a few moments. It took all she had to keep herself in control of her ever growing temptation for him. [b I'll stay] she whispered into his lips. Looking down at him her lips slightly cured upward. [b I'll stay with you long after the war my Lord. Let me forever be at your side] she whispered letting her forehead touch his own.

Outside the door, Emma stood, trying to listen as much as she could. The guards had been at lunch, and with the war, some had been sent to the front lines. Down the halls, voices echoed. The two men had returned from their scheduled break. One looked to the young girl and shook his head. [b Emma...I do not think the Prince is finished yet with his meal, come back when the doors are open] Their footsteps stopped at each side of the door. their hands behind their backs in attention.

Alina looked up from Drych hearing voices outside the door. She sighed before looking down once more. She moved his thick, long blackened hair from his eyes, away tucked behind his ear. Soon she would have to tell mother of her decision. She knew Marybell wanted more for her daughter. Yet, it was her life to live. [b I do not want others to look down on me, I know tradition. A King can only be with a noble woman. Any other would be labeled his concubine. If I must, I will take that title. BUt if you were to ever marry another.....] She shook her head. [b I wouldn't be able to handle seeing you with another.]

Turning, she walked across the room. Sitting down on the edge of his bed, she though about what she was to say next. [b Emma is of noble blood, she only works in the castle because her mother gave her to you. I know you only put up with her to keep the peace between families. But we both know why her mother gave her to you.] Looking at the door she wondered if the guards had moved Emma along. [b In order for you to take your rightful place as King, you must marry, she was a gift to you, so you may take that place. If I must, I will be the Kings personal concubine, I will take that title, in order to be with you. But promise me...don't make her your queen]
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 1y 208d 23h 52m 41s
“You’ve always been the one I need.” He answers quietly, keeping his tone hushed. “I’ve always needed, even when I didn’t know it. Juvenile ignorance had blinded me, made me mistake my love you as innocent companionship. Never could I have anticipated how important you have become to me.” He murmurs. Pushing the white bowl away and pulling his tea closer. Taking a long swallow of the dark warm liquid, he pauses thinking for another moment. Want and desire clouded his eyes as he kept himself carefully controlled. Drych kept her hand tightly in his, needing her warm touch in this moment. Flicking his tongue over his lips to whet them, he clears his throat and prepares to speak again, to beg her again, but a chill running up his spine stops him. The air around them changed, grew colder and warmer. On the other side of the door, Emma stood with her ear pressed closely to the oak. Curling blond hairs fell around her dark gleaming eyes. Faintly she could hear them talking. With each the guards on lunch, Emma offered to protect the chambers while they ate. Emma knew she only had a few more minutes of listening before having to separate from the double doors.

“Please Alina. I can’t bare it. I’ll give you everything you need and want, move mountains in your image. Stay with me throughout the war, and possibly longer if you wish.” He continues, ignoring the thrill running down his spine. Drych felt watched, though he was sure that was impossible. The windowless room protected them, at least he thought it did.
  Mason Crator / shesmorethanamemory / 1y 209d 3h 24m 16s
Alina sat speechless, her mind a blur. Over and over through her thoughts, the memory of their shared moment reflected through her eyes. She couldn't stop thinking about it, about what had happened, between her, a peasant girl, and her Prince. Her eyes instinctively moved alone with his moments. His gracefulness as he reached for her, and also the long backed chair he currently sat upon. Her heart had exploded within her chest, her feelings manifesting in ways she had never once thought could.

Her eyes welled with warm tears. Though they did not fall upon her reddened cheeks they held together in the wells of her eyes. He had just spoken the words she had always wished to hear. He needed her. He, her prince wished for her to stay by his side. Yet she knew leaving him, if even for a short time, would be best for their people. A battle forged in her mind. Would she be selfish? Would she break all regard for her position to be with the man she couldn't live without? Could she ignore her people, in order to keep the one glimmer of happiness she had ever had? Would she, in fact, ignore her mothers warnings and guidance, and possibly bed this man whom had been her company for years?

Her hand held tightly to his the more she thought. Never did she want to let go, to give him the chance to see another woman, and look upon her as he looked at her this very moment. Her body became hungry for him, her heart wanted to have him to call her own...yet, it was her mind which quelled her instincts and booming heart. [b I don't want to give another a chance to be by your side] She whispered, eyes focused upon his. [b But...] her small voice cracked as the young woman shook her head. [b Dare I neglect our people and watch them die from hunger, as I almost had. Do I sacrifice them, for the sake of my happiness?]

Finally she looked away. She could feel the tightening of his grip as she spoke. She could feel the burn of his eyes upon her face, forcing herself not to shed tears. [b It's never been my thought to intentionally leave you. All I have ever wanted, was to be the one you need.]
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 1y 220d 21h 27m 46s
In a single moment their love exploded from its bud. Like a rare rose finally blooming for the first time. It yawned toward the surface finally touching the sun. The leaves uncurled, the thorns pushing deep into their hearts. Forever marking them. Even its roots had thorns and they reached farther into shaking ground. Drych could see it clearly in her eyes. In the way her fingertips never left her lips. She too felt it. It being the anticipation, apprehension and finally the temptation. He needed her now. In the very moment with her dark doe eyes staring up at him. Softly he makes his way to her side again. A heavy echo still reverberating off the chamber walls. He looks at her. His steel eyes taking in everything his devastating kiss had caused. All words were chased from his mind the instant his lips left hers. Boldly he takes her hand away from her lips and holds it in his own. With his free hand he pulls the other chair to her side of the table. Breaking all breakfast etiquette. Joining her at the table, not letting her hand leave his, he pulls the tray more between them. Relaxing against the high-backed chair, he plucks a strawberry from a small white bowl.

Alina’s fingers were hot against his palm. Her cheeks flushed. She looked even more beautiful than he could have ever imaged. Her simple touch grew to be a great comfort to him in the silence that stretched between them. What could he say? What should he say? He questions himself mentally. Slowly chewing another strawberry. Hell would freeze before he regretted the decision. In fact, he wanted nothing more than to order the guards to lock the room from the outside. To refuse all visitors to the kingdom. Once alone and guaranteed privacy he would have her as nature intended. Though that wouldn’t proper. The rumors would burn uncontrolled in the back of his mind. Even as he changed his mind and didn’t send her to the other side. A selfish sick part of him wanted nothing more than to drive a wooden stake through the center of his floor. To chain her to this very room to protect her and keep her his forever. To never give her the chance to look at another man again.

Blinking a few times, he pulls himself from the inner monologue racing in his head to the now empty bowl of strawberries. Turning slowly to her, he takes both of her hands in his; careful to wipe his fingers of strawberry before touching her perfect white skin. His full pink lips a little darker from the crimson berries.

“Please.” He begs, his voice barely above a whisper. “Don’t go.”

“I need you here. Even though your kingdom needs you there. I-“

“I’m going to leave it up to you. A carriage for the town on the boarder is leaving tomorrow morning. It’s bringing much needed supplies to the villagers there. I have it arranged for you to be brought just before the first town across the border. After that it’s up to you to make your way to the king’s side. Any further involvement from me could alert them early. “

“Please. Don’t go.”
  Drych Brazensycthe / shesmorethanamemory / 1y 227d 20h 2m 14s
Alina was caught off guard. She felt smooth gentle fingers run across her jaw, and find themselves at her cheek. His eyes were focused. They held her attention for a moment before she felt his arm pull her into firm embrace. Her cheeks flushed, and burned with fire. Her heart slammed against her chest, weakening her knees which held her. As he drew near, she knew what he was to do. Lowering her eyes from his, she looked to his full, pink tinted lips. With her eyes fully shut, he had pressed himself against her, their lips slowly dancing. With her right hand, she reached, slowly tangling her fingers is his sleek ebony colored hair. With the other hand, she gripped tight to his skin as she tried to pull him closer. Their breath heavy with the sudden deepening of their kiss.

As quickly as it started, the moment had ended. A light nock at the door stirred her Prince away. As he gracefully stepped to the door front, Alina quickly sat at the table once more, her fingertips upon her lips. The young woman playing over again in her mind what had just happened. Her breast continued to rise and fall hurriedly. Her cheeks still deeply red. Suddenly emotions she had pushed aside began to fill her chest. At this very moment, they could never go back. Words were never spoken yet actions spoke clearly.

Emma was a smart girl. She knew she had interrupted something. His majesty dawning a protective stance over his highly spoken of advisor. As the door closed, Drych brought a familiar silver tray to the table. Alina's fingertips still pressed to her lips. Her doe like eyes, once again met his, and for a brief moment all was silent.

[b Yes.] Shaking her head softly, she begun to put together two plates of food. Her mind still rattled with the memory just a few moments earlier. Like his, the feeling of his lips lingered on her own. This feeling, must have been what marrybell had warned her about. She didn't want her daughter to fall in love with a ruthless, tirent of a Prince. But it was already too late, she had been in love with her Lord for years, only now, with a shared kiss had she come to realize just how strong feelings of love could be.
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 1y 228d 20h 10m 42s

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