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[size29 [center Characters]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Nessima - Blonde hair, orange tips. Blue eyes and brown ears and tail -Fox- Healing powers, plus able to use lighting -No Family relations with Xepher de Latino- Blue eyes. 21. Good.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Amber de Latino - Blonde hair, one odd brown streak in bangs. Half witch half angel, good with spells and potions. -Family relations with Xepher de Latino- Blue eyes. 21. Good.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Rena Kitsune - Raspberry coloured hair, green eyes. Always wears a yellow bow passed down by mother. Half wolf. Can transform into a full wolf on her own. Big boobs. 19. Good.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Xepher de Latino - Blond hair, one odd brown streak in bangs, one blue eye, one red eye. Half witch, half angel. Best at potions. -Family relations with Amber de Latino- 21. Neutral.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Delilah - Long curly purple hair, onyx eyes, black cat ears and tail. Can turn into 3 cats - Panther, domestic, and black bob cat. ~Unknown family relations~ Has power over fire and shadow. 19. Neutral.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Damien - Tall, black hair that is army cut, brown eyes, little bit of a mustache. Half bear, strong. Knows of family relations to cousin, Delilah. She doesn't. Slight spirit powers. 20. Neutral.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Mark - Tall, chocolate brown hair that falls into his eyes, and bright yellow eyes. Half wolf, has same powers as Rena, plus slight earth powers. 17. Neutral.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Jason Grey - Werewolf, Greyish silver hair, brown eyes. A doctor that is gay and in love with Xepher. No family relations. 25. Neutral.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Liam Rolfe - Werewolf, long scraggly dark hair. Amber eyes. An almost insane werewolf that lives on the streets. In love with Rena, no family relations know. 21. Neutral, besides his insane tendencies.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Diana - Goddess [Minor] Long black hair, deep blue eyes. Hair has electric blue streaks. Badass. 17ish. No family relations. Neutral.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Kari - Blue hair, black eyes with red pupils. Daughter of the Devil. Has full control over fire and pain. Her horns are fairly small, tail is half the size of her body. 16. Bad.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Serah Serizawa - A shy elf. Greenish tint to skin, long purple hair, green eyes. Isn't away of any powers, but can use any type of weapon expertly. Likes Mark but is way to shy to show it. Looks 13, but an adult in elven.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Amy Lea - Werewolf, black hair with red bangs. Blue eyes, no powers but knows basic fighting skills. -Family relations with Tyler Lea- 22. Neutral.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Tyler Lea - Werewolf, black hair, blue eyes. Now powers. -Family relations with Amy Lea- 22. Neutral.]]]


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[size10 [center [#FFA500 Delilah stood on the roof of the West Edmonton Mall, watching the night life below her. Her long purple hair stirred softly in the wind and her onyx eyes flashed with amusement as her tail swayed in a manner that projected calm.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 "You're late." She told the girl who had just joined her on the roof.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB "Sorry, had to get away from my boyfriend." Nessima looked at Delilah. "He wouldn't let go of me. He's with his sister now though." She sat down, letting her legs dangle from the roof. "So, what's the plan again?" Her ears perked up and her fox tail draped itself around her.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Delilah sat beside Nessima, "well, we know that someone in the mall is holding about one million for his own personal stash of drugs to secretly give to the public." She sighed, "Unfortunately that's all we know, so it's gonna be a long night."]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB "Damn." Nessima sighed. "Should we get backup?" She looked at Delilah.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Delilah shook her head. "Nawh, we got this."]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Nessima snickered. "You sure?"]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 The other girl nodded and went inside the mall.]]]

[center [pic]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 "SON OF A BITCH!" Delilah screamed, grabbing at her leg.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB "You asshole!" Nessima knelt down to look at Delilah's would. "Shit, big wound, can't heal this." She got back up and lunged at the guy.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Delilah groaned, looking pale and losing blood, fast, "I'm gunna kill that bastard!"]]]
[size10 [center [#FFA500 Quickly tearing a piece of her skirt off wans wrapping the wound, she shakily stood up as her hands lit on fire, "Nessima! Duck!"]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Nessima ducked out of the way, behind a counter. She charged up her powers for a counter attack. If she passed this test, she would become a member of the Treasure Hunters.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Delilah threw some fireballs at the man possessing the drugs, and smirked at his screams, "Nessima! Get him while he's down!"]]]
[size10 [center [#FFA500 She bit her lip as her leg gave out, and watched to see what the other girl would do.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Nessima cartwheeled out from her hiding spot. She knelt down and put one hand over the other, palms out. A pink orb shot out hitting the guy straight on. The pink orb turned into lightning bolts that made the man paralyzed.]]]
[size10 [center [#FFC0CB "I-I didn't know I could do that." Her mouth hung open in shock.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Delilah grinned, "Well, whatever it was, it, was good, grab the drugs and bring em' here before the buyer gets here.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB "Right." She ran over to the guy and grabbed the drugs out of his pocket, running back to Delilah. She handed them to her and shook her hands out. "Disgusting!"]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Delilah laughed, despite the situation, "Tell me about it."]]]
[size10 [center [#FFA500 She scrunched up her face in concentration, and after a minute, they spontaneously combusted, "There, the drugs are gone, now let's get out of here before someone catches us."]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB "Got it." Nessima ran up the stairs to the top floor, jumping against the wall and lunging off of it she reached up, grabbing hold of a pipe and throwing herself up and over, just high enough so show off a bit and manage a backflip. Landing on a beam, without a sound she looked down at Delilah.]]]
[size10 [center [#FFC0CB "You coming?" She giggled. "You don't have to some up my way." She held up her arms and jumped up into an air vent.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Delilah shook her head at her partners antics and smiled to herself, it seemed like yesterday that Amber and Xepher found her on the streets and saved her. She shook her head again 'Focus,' she told herself. 'Visualize where you want to go.']]]
[size10 [center [#FFA500 Shadows surrounded Delilah, and she disappeared only to reappear in the getaway car, and promptly passed out. Her skin looked nearly translucent now.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Nessima landed beside Delilah and gasped. "Oh my god!"]]]

[center [pic]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Delilah groaned and opened her eyes, only to close them again at the intense stair Xepher was giving her, "Shiza..."]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB "I told you. Your powers are weak." Xepher growled. "I also told you not to go on this mission. What made you think you can disobey me?" He snorted, getting up out of his seat. No more for you. You are staying here until your leg heals." Xepher turned off Delilah's light and walked out.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Damien was waiting outside for Xepher, "Don't you think you were being a little too harsh on her?"]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB "No, I don't believe I was." Xepher raised an eyebrow. "Why?"]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Delilah listened to their conversation through the door, thanking Xepher for casting her in shadows. She heard Damien, "You know that Lila only wants to be initiated, why punish her for trying to prove herself?"]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB "Because we almost got found out!" He hissed out. Xepher growled again. "Nessima wants to be a treasure hunter. You know we cant be found out and have the only good hunter in danger, are you crazy!?"]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Amber appeared from around the corner. "Xepher, don't be so harsh." She looked at her twin, her icy blue eyes staring into him. "We are all terrible at the moment. If we get caught all of us would be in danger, not just Nessima."]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Damien sighed. "I just hate seeing Delilah get so upset when we leave her behind, ya know? Good or bad, she's still part of the family."]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB "Yeah, but she's injured. She's going to put all of us in danger." Xepher sighed and leaned up against the wall.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB "I have been practicing with her." Amber perked up. "For her powers. I have been helping her with her powers and she is getting better, but she still needs a lot of work."]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Damien instantly brightened up. "See? She can totally, handle herself! Come on Xepher, she doesn't even know what the organization is, maybe when she's healed up, we can have her help us do good things?"]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Markus turned the corner, for the last bit of Damien's speech, "I dunno... She did jeopardize Nessima's mission... It's safer if she just stays here."]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB "I agree with Mark." Xepher started walking down the hall. "Nessima did have a lead, then bam... Lila kinda connected with the ground." He walked into his office and gasped. "There's another one of us!"]]]

[center [pic]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Delilah laid in bed, wincing every so often. Once Xepher announced that he discovered another, everything had gone silent.]]]
[size10 [center [#FFA500 The door opened and there stood a girl close to her height with raspberry coloured hair that had an ugly mustard coloured bow in it, she also had piercing green eyes.]]]
[size10 [center [#FFA500 Delilah was already bitter from the argument outside her door, so she was really sour to the new girl, "So... You're the new one, huh?"]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Rena rolled her eyes. "I get that a lot. Yes. I am the new girl." She laughed. "Rena can transform into a wolf whenever I want." She flopped down on the other bed. "Xepher is pretty fuckin' hot. I'd tap that."]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Delilah gritted her teeth. "He's taken. Not by me, but someone else. I'm Delilah by the way."]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB "Damn. That's lame. Is she like hot?" Rena looked over at Delilah. "And what's her name? I'd like to know this."]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Delilah sighed. "Nessima, and I guess she could be considered hot but she's a newbie, he's probably only pitty dating her." She sighed unhappily, "But I highly doubt it."]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Rena thought for a second. "Nessima. She's the girl that came with him." She grunted. "She is pretty hot. Damn now im jealous. What powers do you have?"]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Delilah sat up, wincing as she did, "Fire and shadow. One of the Scariest combos know to us."]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB "Hot damn."]]]

[center [pic]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB "Do you think it's ok for Rena Kitsune to be with us?" Amber asked the others.]]]
[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Xepher shrugged. "She seems fine."]]]
[size10 [center [#FFC0CB "I don't know." Nessima bit her lip. "She's a lot like Mark."]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Mark raised an eyebrow, "I take offence to that!"]]]
[size10 [center [#FFA500 Damien shook his head slowly, "I don't know if I trust her just yet, but we may as well give her a shot."]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB "Nessima was talking power wise Mark." Amber rolled her eyes. "Face it she may be able to keep our secrets. She has been living off the streets." Amber poured herself a cup of coffee. "The streets is bad, you have to be able to keep a lot of stuff. You have to be sneaky as well."]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Mark nodded, "True but-" He was interrupted by a yell, that came from Delilah's room.]]]
[size10 [center [#FFA500 Everyone rushed to her room and opened the door, there was Delilah on her bed laughing at Rena, who was yelling at the other girl's fiery hand.]]]
[size10 [center [#FFA500 "Wassamatter?" Delilah asked between giggles. "Afraid of," giggle, "A tiny flame?"]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Rena pushed herself against the wall and giggled. "No, but I don't like it either."]]]
[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Amber laughed lightly. "Ok you two. That's enough fooling around."]]]
[size10 [center [#FFC0CB "Yeah! I thought something happened to you guys! I got really freaked out!" Xepher looked like he was ready to blow fire out of his nostrils.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Delilah raised an eyebrow at Xepher, while still giggling, "Oh lighten up! We're just having some fun! It would be WAY different if someone had some for us."]]]
[size10 [center [#FFA500 Damien grinned at Delilah, appreciating how well she was handling her house arrest. If it was him, he'd already be climbing walls.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Xepher sighed. "It would, you're right, but you don't understand! Rena's scream scared the shit out of me!" His eye's grew big as he held his chest.]]]
[size10 [center [#FFC0CB "I dropped my research papers." Nessima added in.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Delilah's flame guttered out and her expression went cold, "Fine. I'm tired anyways." She turned over in her bed to face the opposite direction.]]]
[size10 [center [#FFA500 Mark and Damien exchanged mirrored looks or worriedness, and walked out of the room. They both knew where this was gonna go.]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Xepher walked out of the room, and back to the meeting room with the others.]]]
[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Nessima stopped short in her tracks. "Xepher. I need to talk to you in private."]]]
[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Xepher brought Nessima into his office. "What's wrong babe?" He sat against his desk as she sat on a chair.]]]
[size10 [center [#FFC0CB "I'm going to be a treasure hunter soon. Which means, it's going to be risky dating you." She paused. "We will have to break up."]]]
[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Xepher stood up. "I guess criminals and citizens cant date." Xepher walked out of the room looking like he had just crapped his pants.]]]

[center [pic]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Delilah sighed for the billionth time that night, her leg kept her awake for hours, and she just couldn't get comfy.]]]
[size10 [center [#FFA500 A shuffling noise outside her window caused Delilah to smile. Her window creaked open to reveal a pale face looking in. "Hey Lila." The person greeted, "How's it going?"]]]

[size10 [center [#FFC0CB Rena's nose started bugging and itching. She opened her eyes and bolted out of bed. "Werewolf?" She sniffed and stared at Delilah. "Werewolf."]]]

[size10 [center [#FFA500 Delilah jumped. "Holy shiza! I forgot you were bunking with me!"]]]
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