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[h3 Welcome to Sword Art Online.]

A land full of monsters awaits you, dungeons to raid, guilds to form, an of course, bosses to slay.
However, there is one twist with this game, you are trapped, forever. Or until you can beat all 100 floors of the Aincrad castle.
Be warned though, there are no checkpoints, no save stations, and no respawns.
Once you die, you are dead, in both the world of SAO and the real world, but which is truly real?
That is for you to decide.
There will be no magic, save for the rare unique skills that certain players, NPCs and items have acquired.
These skills include, but are not limited to. Dual Wielding, Beast Master, Blade Rain, and Reaper's Judgement.
These are only a few of the many skills that are contained within the world of SAO.
All are obtainable throughout your quest to best the 100 floors of Aincrad.
If you would like to enter this world, or learn more about the various skills, monsters, and classes of the world of SAO, please send me, the game master, a friendly PM.

[h3 Rules and Info]

Now that the weird intro is out of the way, let's go over a few things
No OP characters, characters may be incredibly strong, but not immortal or invincible
No magic that is not a legible skill
No instant kills
No instant romance, romance is allowed, but must be naturally built up
Human races only, unless altered via skill
All skills can only be obtained once, so new duplicates of skills. Eg: if one player has dual-wielding, no one else can
And of course, have fun!!!

[h3 Skelly Template]

ES Username:
Character's Real Name:
Characters In-Game Name:
Age: (13-27)
Pic URL:

[h3 Accepted Skellies]

[pic http://i68.tinypic.com/2n20hlh.jpg]
ES Username: DarkVulpis
Character's Real Name: Cain Karnez
Characters In-Game Name: Kraze
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Weapon: Quad Chaos. Four swords connected by small cables. They join together to form a weapon similar to a ninja star, except it looks the four swords forming a cross.
Skill: Beast Master - Can tame any beast, even bosses. Must be animal-like creatures. Higher level moaners have a lower chance of being tamed. Can only tame one at a time.
Pet: Voranéz - An event quest boss. Known as Lightning Dragon. Can move at blazing speeds, has a lightning breath attack. Low defense and low health. But high close range and long range attack.
Class: Beast Tamer
Personality: Always itching for a fight, can be quite ill-tempered and oer eccentric. Always likes bragging when he wins, and always boasts about his rare skill. Even though his skill was acquired via a rare quest. However, he is very caring and passionate about his goals. Is quite the heroic type when others are in danger.

[pic http://i68.tinypic.com/2qsa2xe.jpg]
ES Username: Arya
Character's Real Name: Zanna Akiado
Characters In-Game Name: Zana
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Weapon: A staff weapon, with a hidden scythe
Skill: Blade Rain
Pet: N/A
Class: Medium Wielder
Personality: Usually distrusts strangers, but opens up once friendly. Hardly ever jokes, but that doesn't mean she takes life seriously.

[pic http://cdn.photonesta.com/images/4.bp.blogspot.com/-4u_3DcKYKPc/TckRK5Yc-WI/AAAAAAAAAS4/hlaRr9lSCpE/s1600/Anime+Guys+with+swords+3.jpg]
ES Username: Voltan
Character's Real Name: Voltan Solaris
Characters In-Game Name: Voltan.
Age: 18.
Gender: Male
Weapon: The Dark Rose and The White Lotus
Skill: White Lotus Wave- a devastating wave that unleashes a powerful wave in one direction as a last resort. Use is one time and paralyzes the user for 5 minutes. One time a day move.
Class: Lightweight Swordsman
Personality: Calm, Friendly, giving and brave. Doesn't like seeing people get bullied and will step in to fight if he has to. Generally is a heroic type willing to put his life on the line for those he calls friends.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/n4RbbxT.jpg?1]
ES Username: Arcarius
Character's Real Name: Arcarius Rilio
Characters In-Game Name: Arc
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Weapon: Arcane Ash - Katana
Skill: Arcane Flash - This powerful skill allows the user to teleport over a 30 feet distance. This can be used with a mount and or to get out of a tight spot, if used to get on the other side of a target the user gets a attack damage bonus.
Pet: Koda - A one time event beast. Known as the Guardian of the frozen forest. Koda is a Alpha Silver-back Arcane Wolf that reaches 9'8" when standing on all fours, he doubles as a mount. He his surprisingly quick and has a arcane fire breath attack, his state are well balanced making him a great mount as well as fighting companion.
Class: Mounted Ranger
Personality: Arc is usually one to stand back and analyses a situation before jumping into it. He is quiet, calm and level-headed, he thinks on the here and now instead of what's to come, he is also not shy on voicing his opinion on things.

[pic http://i1207.photobucket.com/albums/bb480/cardinal_laxer279/Eliteskills%20Edits/kendall.jpg]
ES Username: TheRisenSoldier
Character's Real Name: Kendall Denholm
Characters In-Game Name: Saeg
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Weapon: Golgotha (Broadsword)
Skill: Angel Tears - Only once every 24 hours he is able to heal a fighter whose health has dropped to 25% or lower to 75%
Pet: None
Class: Heavy Wielder
Personality: After being discharged from the military following an accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down, Kendall found solace in video games. When he heard about the NetGear and SAO he made it a point of going out and buying the game, wanting to be able to walk again, even if it was just virtually. He's a soft spoken guy with the patience to match.


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Roleplay Responses

Kendall strode down the dirt rode, almost choking on the dust. He had forgotten what the sound of rain sounded like, but he gladly welcomed it. The sun beating down on him, even for a game, made him feel as though the field he walked through was a pan on a stove. He wiped the sweat from his brow, continuing to move, one foot in front of the other, down the path.

He was whistling a tune he'd forgotten the words to as he listened to the breeze pass his ears. It'd been awhile since his last interaction with a living thing, be it player or computer generated creature. He only stopped his song to sigh as he realized he was beginning to get hungry. He made a mental check on what he had in his bag. What food he had was not very plentiful, and would only keep him from starving to death, though not very full.

He sighed again hoping he could make it to the next town, or even a player to trade with, before he ran out of the energy to do so. A smirk cracked his face as he watched birds fly over head and he began to whistle again. Soon enough he'd be able to munch on some form of nutrition, even if he just had to keep his mind, and stomach, off the subject.
  Kendall Denholm / TheRisenSoldier / 2y 243d 8h 31m 46s
That other guy they had met upon the road, he had finally caught up with his big friendly wolf. A single man cavalry charge against hordes of enemies. Usually, that would fail. But, this wolf was hella huge, had claws and teeth ripping through the mobs of mobs trying to kill him. And the guy on the back, knew how to use the weapon. Shit starting getting real when the guy threw his sword, which enlarged into epic proportions, and the wolf starting swinging it around in his mouth.

Kraze, he did his own krazy thing. It didn't really involve the dragon, unless you count it disappearing. He changed his clothes into armor, which looked neat. He took out his weapon, Quad chaos. Chaos, multiplied by four. Four blades spinning around, only connected by a visible chain, which led to Kraze himself. The contortions, praise and neat.

Herself, she was just helping the killing spree. Still not the time to get cocky, as anything could happen. That would throw the cockiness of, and then worse things would happen. Her style, precise and on the dot. Jumping up, she came back down, swinging her staff on one of the mobs. Last moment, she triggers the hidden scythe, and the blade went in clean, and the mob went poof. She disappeared the blade. She swing the staff at another mob, joining the fight with Kraze. Not the best idea, but it was fun working together.
  Zana / Arya / 2y 274d 20h 2m 22s
Kraze smirked as they met a male with long white hair, he seemed quite ruthless when fighting monsters, but they guy hadn't met Kraze. Suddenly Kraze's eyes glazed over and his expression became blank and lifeless. He jumped off of Voranéz and the dragon disappeared in a loud but harmless flash of lightning. Kraze equipped Quad Chaos and the four swords spin around his figure as he walked slowly and casually towards a group of 10 small blue lizard men. Kraze seemed to open his menu quickly and click something before closing it. His coat disappeared and he was revealed to wear skin tight black leather armor that covered everything but his arms. Then blue pixels appeared around his figure, he now wore a long black trrench coat with spikes on the shoulders and arms. A symbol of a psychotic looking feral red fox with an open snout appeared on the back of it. Kraze suddenly grew a creepily wide and psychotic grin as he dashed towards the group and grabbed one of the circling swords using it to ferociously and gruesomely slice and decapitate the small creatures as the other floating swords did the same. All the while Kraze could be seen grinning and cackling psychotically.
  Kraze and Voranéz / DarkVulpis / 2y 275d 7h 40m 41s
Arc sat there for a moment and contemplated, should he just go home, or should he follow. See as he had nothing else better to do he decided he let you a light sigh then patted the large would on the head "Well Koda lets go have some fun shall we" he said.

Koda barked in reply as he wagged his tail then the two set off, it wasn't too long before the two where racing down the street, players and NPC's alike moving quickly or diving out of the way of the large wolf. Upon seeing the hole blasted into the cave he shook his head slightly as he went though it 'Man this guy has concerns for other players' he thought as Koda ran though the twists and turns of the maze, plowing over monsters that thought they'd be able to stop him, while others where cut down by Arc's katana.

"There" he called out upon seeing the large dragon from earlier, Koda seemingly nodding in reply and leaping into the air as Arc reached down and pulled the trigger to the sword "Head up Koda" he yelled as shot out only to be caught in the wolf's mouth, soon after the weapon enlarged and upon there descend closer to the group the wolf swung the blade cleaving one of the larger monsters in half right horizontally down the middle, as he did Arc jumped from back on the saddle and landing on the wolf's larger tail before the wolf launched him forwards towards another larger monster.

Being launched towards the larger monster Arc drew his weapon and sliced as he did so dealing a strong blow before Koda attacked it and finished it off before catching Arc on his back.
  Arc (H) / Arcarius / 2y 276d 18h 19m 21s
With the arrival of a few new players monsters started to spawn in more numbers. Voltan slowly stood up. He used the blade to get to his feet. He shut his eyes for a moment as he focused and prepared for battle. As soon as he opened his eyes he rushed in and swift as a bolt of lightning he closed the distance and Slammed his blade into the monster with a hit so hard it sent the monster to it's knees. He jabbed the blade through the skull of the monster. His eyes were devoid of emotion as he fought. He turned around with a wide arc and cleaved the next monster. This level posed no true threat unless there was a secret he hadn't encountered yet. The level was now stripped of meaning while Voltan reached out with his hand which glowed like an attack now. He grappled the monster his strength and speed skills were his greatest skills and anyone who saw this would immediately know what type of fighter he was.

Voltan was absolutely ruthless. When the monster hit the ground Voltans foot glowed the monster tried to block but Voltan stomped it's head into the ground with the flat of it's own blade and the monster shattered. Pure force. He flourished his blade and dodged a stab he twisted and stabbed back piercing the gut of the monster. He pinned it to the ground with a violent trip. He planted the sword into the ground which brought him to a knee. The monster shrieked and shattered as well. He wasn't a glory hog though. There was much more to encounter. He saw the player with a scythe and the player riding a magnificent dragon. His eyes glinted with interest. A small smile appeared and he finally spoke. [+blue Well I don't want to kill all of them.] He said. His voice was deep but gentle and even soft. Even with that it was also very authoritative and dignified.This wasn't something you would expect of someone who just eviscerated a small horde of foes. He stood proud and strong though.

Voltan jumped out of the enemies detection zone so that they wouldn't attack him. If it required he would jump back in but he felt there was truly no need. He smiled and adrenaline started to pump through his body as he watched them fight. This was what he wanted to see. Brave heroes who like him looked ready to challenge the boss of floor one. There were two in front of him and a part of him wondered if any more would make their way to this location to challenge the boss. He held his blade at the ready in case he needed to jump in. He was going to let this ride out for the time being though.
  Voltan Erest / Voltan / 2y 278d 9h 6m 39s
Maybe, maybe that wasn't exactly the best thing to say to a stranger, but clearly Zana wasn't thinking. The rest of the conversation, she stayed muted. It was ridiculously easy.

What she wasn't expecting, was Kraze to go krazy. You know, sudden acceleration from zero to I don't know, somewhere around fifty miles per hour. Also, the G-forces in that short time. [i This guy was crazy.] From crazy, we down to krazily stupid. Who the hell just charges into a random cave, without talking tactics? Apparently this guy, but it is dumb. It's like taking a cavalry brigade, and have them giddy up and charge into the grey unknown. Are they charging infantry, other cavalry, machine gun nests, or even tanks? Who knows, no one.

At least here you don't need tactics when you got a military grade acrobatic dragon fucking around with all the monsters. Well, time to go get all that experience. Zana jumped off the dragon's back, and equipped get weapon. Upon landing, there was a monster. Poor thing, it never even got a chance to roar before they were several swishes through the air made by the disappearing scythe out in the open. [i Level 7? Now no one can stop me]
  Zana / Arya / 2y 279d 10h 29m 4s
He sighed and facepalmed to Zana's comment. Groaning further to the new guy's retaliation.
"Look grumpy. We are just going to the boss to kill it. You can tag along If you want. But you will have to catch up." He groaned, he just wanted to hurry up and kill the boss for the raiding parties got there. And he didn't want these two to continue bickering. He smirked and looked at Voranéz. The dragon nodded then roared, he beat his huge wings and took to the skies with blazing speed. Then is course quickly changed and he darted for the tower. His movement and speed was like lightning piercing through the sky. Within seconds they landed with a large shockwave at the tower. Voranéz roared again and lightning built up in his maw.
"Thunder Roar!!!" Yelled Kraze with a grin. Voranéz then roared with immense power and volume, the built up thunder and lightning bursting through the cave, somehow targeting all creatures, it was actually a combination of the Beast Master skill and Voranéz's concentration.
  Kraze and Voranéz / DarkVulpis / 2y 280d 7h 5m 6s
Before he knew it Koda stopped in his tracks and leaped backwards and took a defensive stance, Arc glanced down at himself, he had reached down involuntarily and had a finger on the trigger sheath of the second Arcane Ash Katana that was attached to the side of the saddle, if he where to pull that trigger the sword would launch a short distance out of the sheath, far enough for Koda to grab it with his muzzle, which in turn the sword would enlarge and it's stats increase.

But he would not pull the trigger and instead sit back up and watch the riders, hearing the male speak he listened before replying "Thank you, I can say the same for your's, but I had no plans on attacking you I was just passing by. Mine is more of a Partner as well." Upon hearing the female speak his eyes narrowed and a smirk formed across his face "Cute, that's a nice joke, you might have put up a small fight but I'd come out on top I promise you, an idle threat then a peaceful introduction I don't think it works that way. Plus I don't feel the need of giving my name to a pair of individuals I may never see again." he said as he began to relax slightly.
  Arc (H) / Arcarius / 2y 280d 7h 11m 5s
Voltan sat there for what seemed like forever but it truly wasn't as long as he thought it was. He sighed and turned towards the door and decided to look into it. The warrior stepped forward and pushed the door open. He peered into the room but did not enter. He looked at what waited for them. It was a seriously savage looking monster and one that was definitely worthy of being a boss on this floor. He sighed and decided there was no way he could just do this on his own. He let the doors close shut while he stood there with a calm expression.

The raiding party should be coming soon. He sat down with his back to the door. He wanted to be here to meet whoever was coming to destroy this boss. There was no way he was going to miss this. Voltan sat there and thought about his life before SAO it wasn't the most prestigious of lives but it was one that he wanted to get back to as soon as he could. He wasn't particularly excited to be trapped here for what could be a very long time. They were going to need to start seriously working through this game. It felt like they were here too long already.

Voltan remembered that message they had retrieved from day one. It was a nightmare that was embedded in the minds of everyone here. He sighed and closed his eyes. He would train his listening while he was just sitting here. He knew the skill could come in handy later. This was a good opportunity so he took advantage of it. Voltan heard much of the life forms that lived in this area. He knew though it was all fabricated creatures meant for visuals and food. He listened until he heard footsteps approaching and that is when his eyes opened up.
  Voltan Erest / Voltan / 2y 280d 11h 21m 24s
Ah the feeling of flight, quite an extraordinary feeling, right? Well yes, assuming that one is of course flying. The dragon was about to take off, when it didn't. It just turned its head around, followed by its body.

Apparently, something had got its attention. That it, being a guy on a wolf. She was wondering if she was the only one without a pet of some sort. Hopefully not, because she felt left out then.

And of course after an awkward meeting time, one person will try to disperse suspicion by saying they were harmless. In this case, Kraze said it, although the question was, would the new guy with a direwolf believe him. [+purple "Don't worry, if we had wanted to have killed you, you would have been dead already. My name is Zana, what's yours?"]
  Zana / Arya / 2y 281d 10h 21m 55s
He smirked at Zana's timid reaction. Most people responded that way to seeing the mighty event boss. It was an incredibly rare event, especially to appear on the first floor. He was however quite surpirsed at how quickly she became calm. HE grinned and jumped onto the dragon's back, behind his head. He grabbed the reins and smirked back at her.
"Well hold on to somet-" He started then his dragon froze in place and it's head darted to look straight at an odd large wolf nearby, it seemed that there was a figure riding it. Voranéz roared and stomped towards the wolf. Kraze sighed and scratched the dragon's ears.
"Calm down buddy." He said soothingly then looked at the wolf and the figure riding it.
"That's a nice mount you got there. Don't attack, it's my beast. Well more accurately my partner." He stated and the dragon roared slightly in agreement, beating it's large wings and standing in a defensive position. It was very protective of Kraze most of the time, oddly.
  Kraze and Voranéz / DarkVulpis / 2y 281d 12h 7m 2s
After some time of just relaxing Arc stood and stretched, as he did Koda did the same before walking a circle around him before Arc climbed onto the saddle.

"OK Koda let's go home, I don't think it wise for us to go and find the boss room all alone" he said as the wold began to walk down the street and away from the tower.

As he was riding a beep sounded from HUD, it was a PM, opening it he read it, it was information on a friend of his who had gone missing two months ago, the PM was sent by a member of a guild he worked with form time to time.

With a sigh he closed the PM, it wasn't long before the two reached the edge of town, "Let's get home" he said then the wolf nodded and dashed forwards running log the long dirt road the would eventually split into two, one led to his house, the other to the misty forest. Spotting something out of the corner of his eye he turned and looked, I was a dragon, a red one at that most wouldn't hesitate to try and attack it but seeing two individuals by it made him think it was not a normal monster, a mount maybe or even a Tamers pet but that would be highly unlikely since he had never seen a pet that big before.
  Arc (H) / Arcarius / 2y 281d 12h 15m 18s
Voltan walked through the plains grinding his levels. He had been doing this day in and day out. He wanted to be as strong as he could be. The man wore all white ornate clothing and it was relatively lightweight. They could be improved of course as the materials on this floor were not good enough to make them as good as they could be. He mostly spend time hunting down the players who have been PKers. He had no tolerance for them especially since they were all in this until the end. What was the point of playing if you had to watch your back from other players trying to slip a knife in it. He unsheathed his blade and it started to glow white as he activated his combat ability. He destroyed a monster as it lunged at him. a screen popped up in front of him. [b Level 11 Achieved.] It was not much but he was working on it. No one here was really that strong yet so it was understandable that his level not be too high right yet especially since the norm level on this stage was 6-7. Those who ground well found themselves in the 10-15 stages and even some above that.

The warrior looked into the distance where there were people going into a town. It was okay as they were close to entrance of the dungeon. He was confident that the first floor was almost ready to be cleared. Voltan had been working on his Speed and attack skills trying to pull them up a lot. He sighed and started to make his way to the town. His white hair blew in the wind even though it was such a gentle breeze...the ominous tide that it rose was enough to overwhelm some. He knew this was a true game to the finish and he had every intention of getting to the end. Even if he had to fight for years on end. He would make it.

Voltan stepped into the town and heard some people talking about the boss room. It had been found. After long last they could start the advance. He ate a roll and recovered some health it was enough to top him off. Voltan silently walked through the town and headed for the entrance to the dungeon. He would be going there to give it his best shot at slaying the monster. There were rumors of what kind of monster it was as the people were pretty generous with the sharing of information. He had no time to waste but at the same time he didn't rush. Voltan debated on what kind of strategy he was going to use. He didn't know how many people were going to try and take on the boss if any were planning to at all even. They could just live out their lives on this floor. Regardless of the situation Voltan was not going to sit here to die.

He walked through the woods for what seemed like an hour before he came to the entrance of the dungeon. It was a large cave like opening. The maps showed it was quite vast and complex. He used his map to navigate through the maze. When he arrived he didn't see anyone there yet. He thought about the boss and whether or not he should wait so it was decided by him to wait an hour to see if anyone else would show up knowing what they know. He was a solo player so it wasn't like anyone would truly care if he got himself killed. But if by chance anyone intended on fighting the monster he wanted to be there to make sure as many lives as possible were spared. He knew it wasn't likely that everyone would survive but he did think it was worth a shot. So he stood with his blade ready. He looked somewhat regal with the way he carried himself.
  Voltan Erest / Voltan / 2y 281d 12h 46m 24s
It was a pain in the ass getting this high in terms of levels. She wasn't the best player, so she couldn't kill tough first floor monsters by herself, that meant she had to join raids. The problem with player cooperation raids, is that the experience was distributed mostly evenly, so to level up, one had to kill many monsters. And the weaker monsters, they just didn't give that much experience. [+purple "It took a lot of grinding for me to get to this level. Pain in the ass, but it is the only way to have a chance of surviving.]

Krause had perked up. Nope wrong word, he was really ecstatic. Even went on about, fear of heights. [i What did fear of heights had to do with this?] And then weird shit happened.

A storm started brewing. Zana didn't know what to make of this, but to Kraze it seemed perfectly normal. Lighting started striking, with some thunder mixed in. Once the noise and light cleared, there was a red dragon. Zana was hesitant. Even though it was theoretically tamed, it was still a beasty. She looked at Kraze, didn't seem to bother him, he was also encouraging to go up to the dragon.

Zana slowly walked up to it, while keeping eye contact with it. Just to be safe, she unequipped her weapon. No need to scare the poor beasty. Walking close, she extended her hand gingerly, the dragon sniffed it, and didn't really seem to care. She carefully petted him, tureen back to Kraze, [+purple "What in the hell we waiting for? The sky is before us."] After that, she jumped onto the back of the dragon, and waited for Kraze to do the same.
  Zana / Arya / 2y 281d 23h 11m 52s
He shook his head smiling.
"Hey you are only barely under me. And six is quite high seeing as we only have access to low level monsters." He pointed out then smirked proudly and stood up.
"Alright!! That is two in total then. And maybe three if Rena would answer my messages." He said irritably and shook his head.
"Alright then. We will leave immediately." He said as he opened his menu and sent her a party request.
"I'll meet you at the town outskirts, oh and hope you aren't scared of heights. BEcause we won't be walking there." HE said with a cheeky grin and dashed to the outskirts of town. Once he arrived in a grasy field just outside of town, he opened his menu and went to the PEts tab. Pressing 'Summon'. Stormclouds gathered in the sky, thunder and lightning erupting from the clouds and striking the ground, a large shape appearing in the flashes. When the clouds and lightning settled, a large red dragon with a white scaly underbelly appeared, its blue eyes flashed and it roared loudly. It had five HP bars like most high level bosses. But they were rather short compared to most. A name appeared above the health bars. Voranéz, the Lightning Demise. It roared again, its level appearing under it's name. 36. Kraze grinned and jumped onto the dragon's back, reins appearing over its snout and in it's mouth. He grabbed the reins and waited for Zana to jump on while grinning.
"So what do you think of my big red friend?" He asked devilishly, the dragon in question roaring again and beating its large wings.
  Kraze and Voranéz / DarkVulpis / 2y 282d 3h 16m 50s

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