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Nena was led away towards the large Marine Base. The woman who was bringing her was the moodiest woman she'd ever met. Worse than Chamomile whenever she was woken up earlier than she wanted.

She was brought through the base which she looked around for escape routes but also admired the decor. It had been awhile since she had been in a marine base and she sure didn't remember it looking anything like this. She was brought to a small room and was sat down across from a table and still had her hand cuffs on.

When the woman who brought her started to speak about her crew she heard her mention her Captain's last name. And in response Nena clicked her tongue with a wink. "You got it. By the way. You can have the beli back. I don't want it. Just had to get the attention of the marines. And what better way than robbing a store."
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Cal gave Noah a look that made the man take a step back before standing his ground.

"Don't argue. I'll give you tomorrow off."

[b "You better,"] she muttered as she led the woman away as the marine group returned. She stopped for a moment and looked at them, all empty handed. Then she looked at Noah, [b "Don't even think about lecturing me."] She continued to lead the woman away ignoring the questions about if she was really allowed to talk to her superior like that.

After some time they made it back onto the base and into a room for questioning. This was the part of her job that Cal hated but someone had to do it. An officer brought in some papers and she looked them over briefly before shooing him out.

[b "It says here that you are part of Evin Deleon's crew,"] she looked at the paper then back at the woman. [b "Deleon? Hold on a second."] She groaned then leaned back in her chair, [b "So thats why you stole the money?"]
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Nena ran and she saw a crow overhead. She shook the thought from her mind but then heard the familiar voice that had called after her behind her. [i Dammit! I thought I got away... Oh well. I'm fast she won't catch me.]

But she soon came to a stop when there was a wall in front of her. "What the--?! Is this... Ink?" She touched the wall and sure enough it was Ink from a sign that had been in front of her but was now completely blank.

She looked behind her and noticed the woman getting closer. She glanced off in the distance and saw the ship sailing. She let out a small sigh of relief. [i He made it away safely...] She felt herself getting cuffed by what felt like a thick liquid. She tried to see what it was but the woman wouldn't let her.

She was led off the roof of the building by the black haired woman only to be greeted by a more proper looking version of her captain. [i God the resemblance is uncanny...] She thought to herself before her bizarre handcuffs turned into real ones.

When the man mentioned bringing her in for questioning she felt her heart skip a beat. The last time she had ever been caught was before she joined Evin's crew which was four years before.
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[i Those idiots better have caught them.] Cal was not looking forward to a possible lecture if the others failed. It always pissed her off and left her and Noah on bad terms for several days making work unbearable. The idiot was one of her best friends, a brother of sorts, so she respected him and they argued often.

She was caught off guard by the boxes and groaned, [b "This is going to ruin my day."] She looked around briefly as she jumped onto the boxes to make sure no one was watching before turning into an ink crow. If anyone but her captain knew about her abilities then she was sure the higher ups would find out.

Flying up she searched around for the girl she had been chasing and spotted her running on rooftops. [i The hell is it with pirates and running on buildings? Thats just rude.] To be honest, Cal really couldn't complain since she did it a lot growing up, a quite a bit during training. Flapping her ink wings harder she caught up to the girl then transformed back into herself.

[b "Seriously, just give yourself up. Its my day off and I have better things to do than chase around a pirate thief."] She heard her portable transponder snail going off and took it out while still chasing the girl. [b "I'm a bit busy."]

"Oh Cal, did you get any of them?"]

[b "Unless your stupid ass is untied, don't talk to me."] She hung up then heard it go off again, [b "What?!"]

"Calm down. I am untied. Where are you now?"

[b "Rooftops. Kinda hard to miss. Now stop distracting me."] She hung up again and noticed a giant sign not too far off. [i Perfect!] She stopped running and threw her hands out, palms towards the ink. She kept an eye on the girl but drew her hands closer and the ink from the sign began to come to life. Moving her fingers she drew the ink towards her then sent it towards the girl, soon blocking her path. [b "Give it up."]

She approached the woman and used the ink to cuff her, [b "I assume your plan wasn't to get caught, just distract."] She jumped off the building bring the blonde with her and noticed Noah was there. [b "Jackass."]

"Hey now, thats no way to talk to your commanding officer."]

[b "Well if you weren't such a moron then maybe I wouldn't have to!"] She took the cuffs from him and put them on the captive while withdrawing the ink before anyone showed up. [b "How do you even get yourself tied up?"]

"Don't worry about it. Take her in for questioning."]

[tis lame]
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Evin had been thrown over the shoulder of one of the members of his crew. He sighed as he knew he wouldn't be able to get down that easy. The crew member that was holding him was the tallest and most muscular in the crew. "Come on, Pat... Let me use my own legs to run."

"Sorry, Cap'n. But I can't do that. I respect Lady Nena. And I know you'll just charge towards the marines so that you can eventually fight your brother. This is what happened the last time your brother's name was mentioned two years ago."

Evin pouted before just giving up and letting his crew carry him. But in the distance he saw Nena running out of a store and an older woman yelling and pointing after her. "Wow... Nena actually robbed a store to get the marines after her." He heard his crewmates gasp softly before chuckling. "I know right?"

He saw the marines starting to chase after them and laughed. "Come onnnn just one fight? Please?!"

Pat shook his head. "No can do sir. Gwen. You know what to do."

Gwen who was running beside Pat nodded. She stopped and turned around and focused her mind on the items around her. She crossed her arms over her chest in a form sort of like Nico Robin. But instead of her palms facing her they were facing towards the marines. She closed her eyes for a moment then took a deep breath when she pictured a droplet hitting water and causing ripples. Then her eyes shot open and she moved her hands from horizontal to vertical. "Blast!" A wave of energy shot from her body and it sent every object in range flying towards the marines and the marines who were hit by the energy blast went flying backwards as well. Doing the energy blast used a lot of her energy so she fell to her knees.

Levy had also stopped with Gwen and when she fell he picked her up and ran to catch up with the rest of the crew. He was the fastest runner on the crew so he made it his duty to watch over Gwen when she had to get them out of tough situations.

Evin watched as the marines flew and he pouted. "Man... Gwen got to fight them... why can't I?"

When they reached the ship they all climbed aboard and the crew that had remained on the ship looked around confused. "Where's Nena?"

"She's the distraction. She said she'll catch up later. We need to go, this base is run by Noah Deleon." Levy spoke while he set Gwen down.

Everyone knew Noah's name quite well. So in response they all nodded and everyone started to move the ship.


Nena heard a voice behind her and flinched. "Dammit... I only have one chasing me..." As she ran she tied the bag to her belt then ran towards some stacked boxes. She jumped up each one then grabbed onto a sign holder and swung herself up to the roof. "Try and catch me now, marine." She stuck her tongue out then grinned before running from roof to roof. She could see the ship starting to leave and she smiled. "Good. They know I'll find them again. I always do."
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Cal had been sitting at home enjoying her day off and ignoring the yelling from down the street. Today it was non of her business and she just didn't care to deal with it. Then her transponder snail went off and she groaned, [i Just one day off, that is all I ask.]

Picking it up she answer, "This is Lieutenant Calcium, what do you want?"

"Sorry to bother you ma'am but there are pirates on the island."

"So deal with it. What did Captain Deleon say?"

"About that, we can't seem to reach him."

[i That moron,] she though, "Well try him again. Unless I have orders, I'm not dealing with it today." With that she hung up and went back to relaxing in her chair. Then the snail went off again, [i Bastards,] picking it up again she snapped, "What?!"

"Oh Cal, good, you're home. Look I need you to come in today."

"But sir its my day off," she whined.

"Yes, and I'm sorry but we need you. I am in a a bit tied up at the moment, literally."

"You stupid bastard," she muttered, "Fine, but you owe me." Hanging up again she pulled on her boots and threw her hair up. "They better be tearing the town apart." Grabbing her gloves she headed out and noticed a group running in one direction, then someone yelling about being robbed.

"Lieutenant, you're finally here," a man yelled.

"Yea yea. You men go after that group there. Do NOT let them escape. I'll go after the thief." She watched them with a look of confusion before snapping, "Get a move on! The Captain is busy and left me in charge."

"Yes ma'am, right away!" The group of marines ran off after the pirates and Cal ran after the blonde woman from the shop. She wasn't sure if she would be able to catch up to her but somehow she managed.

"You there, stop!"

  Cal / Juleka / 3y 210d 8h 53m 28s
Nena sighed softly. "Captain, are you sure this is a good idea? There is a Marine base on this island..."

Evin smiled. "When have I ever had a bad idea?"

Nena opened her mouth to answer but was cut off quickly by her captain.

"...This week." Evin added with a grin.

Nena could only reply with hanging her head and sighing. "I just have a feeling this isn't going to end well."

"Bah, don't worry about it! You worry too much! Live in the moment!" Evin slapped her on the back and Nena sighed in response.

"Well, I know I'm not going to get out of this." She turned her attention to the rest of the crew. "The Captain wants us to dock here. We followed him blindly into worse... probably. Anyways. You all know what to do."

The rest of the crew nodded then headed to their posts to get the ship docked.

Evin was brimming with excitement. "It's been awhile since we've had an all out brawl with marines."

Nena hung her head. "Please... no brawls. We just need supplies. In and out. We don't need to get involved with a damn marine base."


Once the ship docked the crew split into two groups. One group stayed on the ship and the other went into town to get supplies. Nena and Evin were in the supplies group. But as they entered the town for supplies they heard villagers make remarks about how Evin looked a lot like the Marine Captain in charge of the base.

While Evin was looking at food Nena decided to ask one of the villagers about the Marine Captain. "Excuse me? What's the name of the Marine Captain on this island?"

"Oh, you must be travelers. That would be Marine Captain Noah Deleon."

Nena froze. "I knew this island didn't feel right." She turned to Evin and kept pulling on his shirt.

Evin turned around looking slightly irritated. "Nena, what? Can't it wait. I don't know what I want to buy yet."

Nena bent over and lowered her lips to his ear. "The Captain of the Marines on this island... is Noah Deleon."

Evin stood up then laughed. "You think I care? He's been trying to catch me for years now. Like he'd catch me now."

Nena heard a ruckus outside from the crew members that came with them.

"Nena, we got trouble." One of the members called in.

Nena walked out to look and saw a group of marines heading towards the shop. "Dammit..." She bit her lip and had to think quick. She grabbed Evin by the collar then threw him to the other crew members. "Take him and get back to the ship! I'll find my way back! You guys need to go and get him out of here now. Please. Obey my orders over his for now. His brother runs this base. Go now!" The crew was hesitant but eventually they nodded and grabbed their captain before rushing off back towards the ship.

"Alright... distraction distraction..." She pulled out her pistol and aimed it at the shopkeeper. "All your beli now!"

The woman put her hands up and frantically started putting her beli into a shopping bag before giving it to Nena.

Nena rushed out of the store and ran in the opposite direction of her crew.

"Thief! That woman just held me at gunpoint and stole all my beli!"

Nena smiled. [i Yes! Divert them to me...]
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