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Cal looked at Noah unsure of what exactly to say about his plan. She really wasn't a fan of it and was certain that at some point it would backfire and she would be caught in the repercussions. After some time she stood up and released a deep breath, "So, how am I going to get there?"

"You'll fly," Noah said without skipping a beat.

"I'm sorry, what did you just say?"

"Just turn into a raven a fly there. Hopefully no one will shoot you down considering the mass of that thing."

"Did you just call me fat?"

Noah looked at Cal quickly then shifted his gaze to the side, "Noooo." He ducked the moment a book came flying at him. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! Your raven form is just so damn big!"

"Shut up!" Cal went over to the window and opened it before looking back at Noah, "You owe me for this." She took on her ink raven form and flew off, making her way towards Prith.

After a few days she finally made it and landed in a secluded area before turning into her normal form. Sinking down to the ground she groaned and fell over, sprawling out, "That stupid bastard. Trips like these are draining." Minutes later she got up and started walking into the town, instantly going into a cafe for some food.
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 212d 5h 23m 16s
Nena watched as the two left her room and she sighed. "I hope I didn't just mess up..."


Evin jumped up and down as he saw the island known as Prith coming closer and closer in his view. "Come on! I'm hungry! Let's go!"

Gwen sighed. "Hopefully, Nena made it here too..."

Pat chuckled. "I'm sure Nena's here. She always meets us on the next island in these situations."

Gwen nodded in response but just something in her gut was telling her differently.

Chamomile yawned as she stretched her arms over her head. "Soooo what's the plan Cappy?"

Evin looked at the Musician on the crew and grinned. "We're gonna get some food and find Nena and maybe a new crew member!"

Cham looked at her Captain and tilted her head. "A new crew member?"

Evin chuckled. "Just a feeling..."
  Nena Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 3y 212d 5h 43m 56s
Cal and Noah listened to what Nena said then Cal sighed, pretending she didn't hear the last part. "Well that is about as useless as a screen door on a submarine." She looked at Noah and headed for the door, "We need a new plan."

"We'll tell headquarters they headed Southeast," Noah said as he opened the cell door then looked at Nena. "Thank you." He left with Cal and the two headed back to his office.

"She mentioned that she didn't know if they got the food they needed."

"I didn't hear that part."

"You also weren't that close to her. Look," Cal took a seat, "If they didn't get what they needed here then they will be stopping at an island close by. The closest one is Prith. Its already been a few days so they may have already arrived there."

Noah sat in his chair and leaned back, trying to think of what to do. "Hopefully that stay there for a few more days to see if Nena joined them."

"Its worth a shot."
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 212d 7h 54m 12s
"Well any information I tell you will be a lie. Unless you want me to tell you where we were before we came here."

Nena folded her arms and sighed before leaning against the bars. "Before we stopped at this island we were on Almasteade. And island southeast of this one. It's known as a fisherman's island. They have almost every fish known to man at the markets there. Our cook wanted to see if the island was all that people praised it to be. Turned out it was pretty damn close. But they didn't have the rare fish our cook was looking for so we bought a few other fish then continued on our way. We were running low on supplies because that brother of yours," She pointed at the Deleon. "eats a ton. So we had to make another food stop. I don't know if we even were unnoticed long enough to even get food..." She mumbled the last part then realized something. If they didn't get food they'd have to stop at another island close to here. She just hoped that Calcium hadn't caught onto that.
  Nena Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 3y 212d 8h 3m 7s
Cal narrowed her eyes at Nena and removed the sunglasses once she started talking about her Devil Fruit. "How the hell did you find out about that? No one is suppose to know except him," she pointed at Noah. She removed the hate and dropped it on the floor, along with the sunglasses.

"Cal calm down."

"I am calm. And why do people keep calling me moody? I'm not moody."

"You kind of are Cal. Thats why the soldiers listen to you. That and you scare that."

"Shut up." Cal walked over to Nena and sighed, "Look, the Captain seems to not want you to die. I'm not really for executing a, mostly, innocent person either. Thing is, we need to get command some sort of information about that captain of yours so they back down."

Noah watched his lieutenant in awe at how quickly she went from being crass to showing some concern, especially for a prisoner. [i Maybe she is bipolar. Her mood swings are intense.]

"Just give us something. Even if its a lie. Just to get them off our backs for a while. Its that or I go hunting for him on my own and possibly bring back a body."
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 212d 8h 12m 52s
"Fine by me. I'm not telling you anything..." Nena refused to look in their direction now. She held her hands together on her lap trying to stop them from shaking.

When she heard the soldier with Deleon speak she turned to look just a bit and narrowed her eyes. She watched the other marine who had come in leave then the 'unknown soldier' spoke again.

Nena gasped then jumped off her bed and pointed at the unknown soldier. "YOU'RE THE MOODY WOMAN WHO CAUGHT ME!" She looked the woman up and down. "You didn't look like this though... You actually look less mean with brown hair. Not sure how that's possible... Looks have changed but your attitude hasn't." Nena folded her arms as she kept staring at the woman. "Wait... I've heard there's a woman who ate a devil fruit similar to the powers of Mr. 2's devil fruit. Except she can control... what was it... Ink or something? So that wall... It was an ink wall wasn't it? You ate a devil fruit."
  Nena Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 3y 212d 8h 26m 28s
Noah looked at Nena then at Cal and shook his head. "We thought you might object to it. Keep in mind that the more you refuse to help and the further away my brother gets, the closer command comes to setting your execution."

Cal leaned against the bars and crossed her arms, "We could just let them set the date and see if he comes running to save her. Even if it is a trap."

A marine came up and looked between Noah, Nena, and the 'unknown' soldier that was against the bars. "Sir, have you seeing Lieutenant Calcium?"

Noah glanced at Cal then looked at the marine, "Nope, can't say I have. She could be hiding from all of us as payback for ruining her day off." He watched the marine process it for a minute before nodding and running off.

"Moron," Cal muttered, "And what the hell is the deal with calling me Calcium?"

"It is your name."

"It was a mistake."
  Noah / Juleka / 3y 212d 8h 55m 20s
Nena had been held in that same cell for a few days. Given the same food for every meal. She sighed softly as she laid on her bed staring at the ceiling. "It's times like these when I miss Levy's cooking." She muttered to herself before hearing the door open. She sat up in her bed cross legged and saw Evin's twin standing with another marine wearing sunglasses and a marine cap.

She looked at the other marine curiously but then the Marine Captain had spoken. She turned her head and looked away from him for a moment. "Like I'd tell you."

She turned her attention back to the other Deleon and glared. "Do I want to be executed no. But Evin almost died getting me out of that damn jail! You think I'd repay his kindness to me by sending marines after his ass so he can die in my stead!? Hell no! You're not getting shit from me so you can stop trying."

She tried to keep a strong exterior but the execution had been crossing her mind constantly. Along with her past.

Nena was an orphan for as long as she could remember. And she was tossed from orphanage to orphanage due to bad behavior, no one was willing to try and discipline her. Once she turned fifteen she was kicked out of the orphanage and forced to live on the streets. And in doing so she learned the ways of manipulating people and the ways to steal and make distractions. But she had gotten cocky. She tried to rob a bank. Once she got that cash she'd be able to make a new life for herself. But she got caught by the marines and was jailed. She was in that jail for almost a year when Evin found out about her and decided he wanted her on his crew. So he single handedly broke into the marine base and snuck her out. It didn't take the marines long to find out that it was Evin who snuck her out considering he posed as his brother. And the next time they saw Nena she was second in command of his crew.

He saved her from living in another prison for all her life. He let her explore. And go on adventures. And see the bright blue sky every day. She'd be damned if she repaid him for her freedom by taking away his.
  Nena Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 3y 212d 9h 5m 3s
~Some Days Later~

For the last several days Cal and Noah had been trying to come up with a disguise for Cal's mission. He was beginning to get impatient because the more time they wasted the further away Evin got and the sooner Nena's execution was. "Cal I doubt this one is as bad as the others."

"Easy for you to say. I can't even tell if this is me anymore," Cal yelled from behind the closed bathroom door. After a few minutes she walked out and put a hand on her hip, "So what do you think?" Rather than her usual brown eyes and black hair she donned blue eyes and light brown hair.

Noah had to do a double take at his lieutenant because he couldn't tell that it was actually her. Standing up he walked over to her and did a closer inspection for anything that would give her away. "I actually like this look better on you."

Cal glared at him before pushing him away and crossing her arms. "If you want me to help you then don't dis on my appearance. I happen to like how I look thank you very much."

"Do you mean this way or the other way?"

"The other way. The original! Jeez, could you insult me any further?"

"Probably but I don't want you mad at me again." He gave Cal a look and the two started laughing. Their friendship was a strange one, and even though they fought a lot and Cal was crass and Noah was sometimes an idiot, there probably wasn't a better team in the marines.

"So, how do you plan on finding out where to find them? I can't exactly take a ship out alone with a one in a million chance of finding them."

"We'll have to ask Nena."

"Do you think she will cooperate?"

"She has to since we are doing this to save her life." Noah handed Cal a Marine cap and a pair of sunglasses. "You'll want to keep your appearance hidden from the others." He watched her stuff her hair into the cap and put the sunglasses on. "Perfect. Lets head to the holding cell."

The duo made their way to Nena's cell and stopped by the bars. "We need to know where you were planning on meeting up with your crew," Noah informed her.
  Noah / Juleka / 3y 212d 12h 30m 18s
Nena listened to the conversation between the Lieutenant and Evin's twin brother. When he said he would try to change their minds about an execution she sighed softly. But was soon taken away by another officer to a holding cell.

She looked around her cell and it was quite bare. But the difference between her old jail cell and this one was that this one was a bit more comfortable. The bed didn't feel like just a piece of wood. The officer put her in the cell and locked it behind her. "What?! I'm in a cell, why do I have to wear these hand cuffs?!"

The officer snorted. "You're a criminal, that's why."

Nena watched the officer leave and she sighed. "I hope Evin and the others are alright..."
  Nena Mocadri / PotatoPirate / 3y 212d 23h 47m 54s
Noah saw the look on the woman's face before looking at Cal, "I will try and change their minds. It doesn't seem right to execute someone over a trivial matter."

"You are welcome to try sir but," Cal crosses her amrs, "They seem pretty set on it. Plus with her record, I doubt they want to jail her again."

Noah tapped his chin before calling for an officer, "Place this woman in a holding cell for the time being." The officer salutes before taking Nena away. "Have they set a date yet?"

"No sir."

"Good. I need you to go undercover. Infiltrate my brother's crew, find out their weaknesses."


"If we can take him down without executing someone for something so trivial as a relation between marine and pirate, then we will."

Cal wanted to argue but there was no point when Noah became determined. He was just that, determined, to save the life of that pirate. "Do you think the higher ups will allow it?"

"Don't know, don't plan on telling them. They might try to utilize your abilities if they knew."
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 213d 29m 6s
When he said she was going to end up in prison she shrugged. "I've been there before. Not to bad a place." She retorted sarcastically. But when the mean black haired woman came back into the room and mentioned an execution her eyes widened just a bit and she gulped. "Execution..." She murmured.


Evin sat pretzel style on the deck and folded his arms across his chest. "Come onnnn. She probably got caught. I don't get why we can't just fight Noah. He's a wuss. And his girlfriend Lieutenant lady is mean anyways. Let's go beat them up!"

Pat sighed. "No Captain. Nena will come back just like she always does. Unfortunately her causing a diversion only made the Lieutenant chase her."

Gwen had finally came to and was smiling at the Captain. "You shouldn't always be so itching to fight, Cap'n. You're going to get yourself in a situation where you have to choose one life over another."
  Nena Mocadri / PotatoPirate / 3y 213d 43m 14s
"Nice try but my brother isn't that kind," Noah said and tried not to laugh at her sarcasm, obviously failing. "I want the truth. And why would you sacrifice yourself so he could get away? You are aware that you will end up in prison, correct?"

"Actually sir, they are calling for her execution." Cal walked back in and leaned against the wall. "Seems they want to send a message to that brother of yours."

Noah looked at his lieutenant and furrowed his brow, "Why? What message could they be trying to send?"

"A marine captain who's twin also happens to be a pirate, it causes trouble. People have mistaken you for him on countless occassions already when you aren't in uniform. They want him to turn himself in."
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 213d 59m 45s
Nena listened to the woman then shrugged. "Well, they got away regardless. So I'd say everything worked out in our favor." She saw the door open and marine peeked in asking for the woman. But when Nena thought she was catching a break the other half of the Deleon brothers came into the room.

She sighed softly when he sat across from her then started to ask her questions. "What has he been up to? Oh you know... Healing the sick, giving to charity, reading the paper and feeding bread crumbs to hungry animals." She spoke sarcastically while fluttering her eye lashes.
  Nena Mocadri / PotatoPirate / 3y 213d 1h 27m 44s
[b "That explains a lot,"] Cal huffed before leaning forward again, her hand clasped together and become a rest for her chin. [b "Well, I'm sure your plan would have worked had the squad gone after you. Which, clearly they didn't. However it seems your crew managed to get away regardless."]

[i Which saves the town from a brawl between those two.]

"Ma'am there is a call from the command center," a marine stated while barging in.

[b "So? Give it to Captain Noah, its his job."]

"They want to speak to the arresting officer."

Cal stood up and looked at the woman then to the marine, [b "Send the captain in here. Let him interrogate her. She might have some information that he might find useful."]

The marine saluted then ran off and several minutes later came back with Noah. "Lieutenant."

[b "Captain,"] Cal muttered before leaving the room and going to speak to command.

"So, you are part of my brother's crew? Tell me, what has Evin been up to other than wreaking havoc on the Grand Line?"
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 213d 1h 40m 49s

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