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Levy helped Gwen get on the ship and sighed. "Don't strain yourself. I swear... I feel like the devil fruit causes more pain for you than actually helping."

Gwen shook her head. "No, I'm fine. I just sense a lot of energy levels and they don't feel like allied energy levels they feel like feared energy levels and enemies. That's why I'm so worried about Nena... I don't sense her energy even close to this island..."

Levy sighed. "Just try to get some rest. We'll look for her in the morning."


Nena glared when she saw the familiar Captain. "Oh shut it! Can you at least make him let go of my hair. It's the one thing I'm really proud of about my body. And he's using it against me!" She pouted. "Does the offer still stand for a new room though?" She asked batting her eyelashes.
  Nena Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 3y 206d 18h 47m 12s
Cal followed the pirates a back to their ship, but perched herself on one of the buildings near the docks. She didn't want to make it obvious that she was there so it seemed better to keep a fair distance. After getting herself somewhat comfortable she watched them, nearly blending in with the shadows. [i At least its getting dark otherwise people might freak out seeing a giant raven on a building.]


Noah kept walking but came to a stop when he saw one of the burlier men dragging something, rather someone, behind him. "Not the best way to catch someone, but effective." He approached the soldier, stared him down for a moment, then walked around him to look at Nena. "Bet that hurts doesn't it?"
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 206d 19h 19m 29s
Nena ran as fast as her legs would take her. She turned down several different corridors only to get lost and more than likely get further from the exit. "Dammit... Where the hell is that damn exit..." She took the marine cap off and threw it to the side. "Dammit... how can marines wear this shit... It's so damn hot." She took off the marine uniform and smiled when she felt she could move freely again. "There we go now to completely escape."

She started running again in the opposite direction that she had came. But when she turned a corner she stumbled and fell onto her behind. "Oof.." She looked up and saw a large marine standing before her. "Uh oh." She tried to quickly stand up and run but as she turned the marine grabbed her hair. "Ack! H-Hey! That hurts!"

"Shudup..." The large marine retorted dragging her back to the Captain.


Levy sighed at Evin's response and glanced at Gwen. She didn't seem like his words were calming her nerves any. "Evin, maybe we should go and rest. If Nena sees the ship she might even already be back."

Evin looked at Levy and thought for a moment. When he saw Gwen's face he nodded. "Yeah, sure. Gwen looks tired anyways. She might be low on energy."

Levy nodded. "Alright, back to the ship it is."
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Noah stood in the closet still trying to compose himself after what just happened with Nena. He tilted his head down and chuckled as he ran his hand through his hair. "She got me," he muttered as he turned and started walking in the direction she ran, "She got me good." It wasn't often that Noah was embarrassed by a girl, mostly because no one ever flirts with him, at least to his knowledge.

A marine flinched and jumped into another marine's arms, "Something touched my leg!" One by one, a random few marines were touched but couldn't figure out what did it. After a while of looking around confused they spotted Noah. "Captain! Why is your face red?"

Noah just waved the question off and walked through them. "Shouldn't you be looking for the prisoner? Instead you are all just standing around like scared little girls."

"But sir, something touched us."

"It was probably her. You need to remain aware of your surroundings."

The marines all stood at attention and saluted, "Sir," they all shouted in unison before following Noah and keeping an eye out for Nena.


Cal walked through the town keeping an eye out until she heard someone yelling. [i Don't they know people are trying to sleep?] Taking on her raven form she flew to where she heard the voices. Then, upon finding them, she circled around them, like a vulture(wooow).
  Noah / Juleka / 3y 206d 20h 7m 56s
Nena took a few more steps forward with a flirtatious smile on her face. "Can't you at least think about it? I mean... I am getting executed... A warm room, with a warm bed, with a handsome guy sleeping beside me. It's every girls dream. And that's about as close as I'll ever get to getting that dream." She gently put her hand on his chest with a small smile. She leaned closer where her lips were right next to his ear. "Just give it some thought. For me?"

While distracting him by making him flustered she managed to get him away from blocking the door so as soon as her hand left his chest she ran. She didn't say another word to him. She just ran. Every corner was swarming with marines. She slid between their legs underneath them. She didn't dare try to take them on because she was severely outnumbered.


"Nena!" Evin called out as he Gwen and Levy walked down the streets.

Levy kept looking at Gwen as the worry stayed plastered on her face. He sighed and put a hand on her shoulder. "Just breathe."

Gwen was hesitant but she nodded.

Levy turned his attention back to the Evin then put his hands in his pockets. "So, Cap. What happens if Nena isn't on this island?"

Evin turned around and tilted his head. "But she is on this island. She has to be. She said she'd meet up with us."

Levy sighed. "I know but let's say hypothetically that she was captured by Marines. What then?"

Evin laughed. "Nena can't be captured by marines. She's too slippery."
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"I uh," Noah stared at Nena for a bit, feeling his face heat up and loosened his tie. [I What the,] he coughed a bit before turning his said to the side and rubbing the back of his neck. "N-n-no," he stuttered out.


~Hour Later~

Cal woke up sometime around night fall and sat up in bed. "I should probably go pay that bill." She fixed her hair but left it down, she liked it down but alway wore it up for work. Heading to the restaurant she walked in and went to the counter.

"Oh, you are back," the waiter said with a smile, "Here to pay that tab?"

"Yeah," she dug out her coin purse and looked at the bill. Her heart sunk a bit seeing how high it was but sighed and paid anyway. "They sure do eat a lot."

"Thank you!" The waiter waved to Cal as she left before going back to cleaning. "What a nice woman."

Cal stretched once outside and began looking around. "Now, if I were a group of pirates looling for someone, where would I be?"
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 207d 10h 50m 41s
Nena listened to his negotiations then took a few steps forward. "Oh, well... I was sort of hoping you'd say I could stay with you and share your bed." She batted her eyelashes and gently touched her finger to her lip hoping to throw him off so she could slip by him and make a mad dash for the exit.


Evin basically swallowed his meal whole before he kept pestering Gwen and Levy to hurry up.

Gwen ignored him and ate at her own pace while Levy also ignored him and tried to distinguish the flavors in the food.

Evin waited impatiently until the two were done eating and once they were done Gwen went to pay only to find out that someone else said they'd cover their bill.

Gwen and Levy exchanged looks but Evin was excited about it. "All right! Let's go find Nena now!"

Gwen and Levy sighed in unison before they both followed after Evin in hopes of finding Nena.

Levy noticed Gwen had a puzzling look on her face. "Gwen."

Gwen turned her head and gave Levy a questioning look. "Yes? Is something wrong?"

"I was just about to ask you the same thing. You look like you're conflicted."

Gwen shook her head. "No, not really conflicted. More like I just have a bad vibe... I feel like we aren't going to be meeting Nena here..."
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"It could be negotiated," Noah said while blocking the door. "I'm not as heartless as my brother may claim me to be. You could have asked to speak with me about better accomodations." He tilted his head back and watched some marines run by him. "I can see if we can outfit one of the unused offices to be a cell. It may throw everyone off but if it makes you feel more comfortable then so be it."


Cal got up and paid for her initial meal then left to find a place to sleep for a bit. She was tired from the flight and it was just a bit obvious. Walking into a small inn she requested their most basic room.

"Certainly, how long with you be staying with us," the woman behind the counter asked.

"Anywhere from a few hours to a few days. I'll pay for a few days regardless." The woman check her in and handed her a key to which Cal took and went towards the room. Once there she collapse on the bed and fell asleep. [I Mm bed.]
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 207d 13h 10m 29s
When Nena had heard the sirens she tried to get as much stuff as she could from the storage room but then she heard a small creek followed by a mans voice. She slowly turned around and saw her Captain's Marine half. "Uh oh. Busted..." She turned so she was facing him completely. "I told you all that I'm willing to tell you! I'm not going back to that damn cell! It just reminds me of my past! If I'm going to be executed why not let me have a nice last few memories in a warm room. Sure the bed is better than a slab of wood but it's still not great." She tried to stall waiting for maybe an opening to escape behind the man.


Evin and the others ordered their food then Evin tried to wait patiently while his food was being prepared. Gwen had taken a napkin and drawn tic tac toe on it to distract him from the hunger. While Levy looked around the restaurant.

Once their food arrived Gwen could barely usher out a thank you before Evin started devouring his food. She reached across the table and hit his wrist with a spoon. "Manners Captain!" She whispered harshly before returning to her own food.
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Noah didn't seem too worried that Nena had escaped, knowing that she probably wouldn't get far with everyone now on alert. "Post guards at every door. I doubt she has left the base yet."

"Should I call Lieutenant Lacroix?"

"No. She wont answer anyway." Noah simply shrugged as he stood up, "She is on vacation." No one on base knew about the plan to infiltrate his brother's crew and he planned to keep it that way. "Lets get to searching then."

"Sir!" The marine ran out of the office in a panic and all Noah did was shove his hands in his pockets and walk out. Casually looking about but not making it obvious that he was searching for Nena.

After some time Noah came across the storage closet containing all of the weapons from prisoners and noticed that it was cracked open. He kicked it open and saw Nena digging through the barrels. "I wondered how long it would take before you escaped."


The waiter brought Evin and his crew some menus, "I will return shortly to take your orders." He turned amd walke to Cal's table to see how her meal was. "How is your meal?"

Cal looked up at the waiter and smiled, "Delicious, thank you." She noticed he was still tense and cocked her head to the side. "Are you afraid of pirates?"

"Yes miss. Pirates pillaged my home when I was a boy. I have also come to learn that it takes four days before the marines respond to distress calls from this island. We are a small island and the locals try to be hospitable to anyone that docks here."

"But there is always that one crew that causes problems," Cal finished for him. She dug through her pockets and handed him a card. "If it happens against, call this transponder snail. Tell them you need to speak to the Lieutenant."

The waiter took the paper and bowed, "Thank you miss. Is there anything else?"

"Put their meal on my tab. I will come back later today to pay it." The waiter was shocked for a moment before nodding and walking off. Cal returned to her meal and ate silently while watching the pirates from time to time.
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Evin followed the waiter to the table and he sat down at the booth by himself while Levy and Gwen sat together.

Evin could barely sit still while he waited for the waiter to bring them their menus to order.


Nena made her way down the halls and found a soldier standing by himself. "Excuse me." She walked over to him and kept a stern face. "I was instructed to check on the pirate were holding currently. And she had some weapons still on her. I couldn't find the captain to ask where the rest of her stuff was being held. Do you know where the room is?"

The marine looked her up and down and smiled. "Yeah, it's the storage room right next to the dining hall. You can't miss it." He leaned a little closer and smirked. "Maybe we can grab dinner some time. Are you new? I've never seen you around here before."

Nena chuckled nervously. "Y-Yeah, I'm new... And sorry I'm far too busy with work to get involved with anyone. But thank you for the offer. That's very flattering." She gave a small wave before she dashed off running in the direction where she could smell food.

The marine she spoke too sighed then saw a few other marines heading his way. "Hey, guys. Have you met the new recruit. She's hot... The uniform really shows her figure..."

The marine that had just walked up looked at him confused. "What are you talking about. We haven't had a new recruit here in months."


Nena finally found the storage room the man was talking about and she looked in each bin. "Oooh, these are nice..." She took everything from other bins and then she eventually found the bin with her pistols. "Perfect."

Nena then heard sirens and she looked around. "Oh, no... That can't be good..."


A marine soldier ran to the Captain's office and knocked on the door before opening it. "C-Captain! The prisoner has escaped. We think she's wearing a marine's uniform... One of the soldier said he talked with a new marine recruit. But we haven't had a new recruit in months."
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The waiter looked at Evin, then at the table around, then at Evin again. "Of course sir, follow me to your table." He was tense, making note that they were pirates, but did his job. He noticed that the brunette from earlier hadn't moved and was still eating her food. [I How is she not fazed by these pirates?]
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 207d 21h 44m 44s
As Evin, Gwen and Levy looked around town for Nena, Evin caught a smell of some food and his stomach growled. "Levy... I want food..."

Levy sighed. "Fine we can go grab something already made quick but then we need to find Nena and get the supplies then get out of here."

Evin grinned then nodded. "Deal!" He dashed in the direction of where he smelt the food then peeked through the open window. "Aww man! It smells so good in here!" He walked through the entrance into the small cafe and grinned before walking up to a waiter. "Hey, I want some food!"

Gwen and Levy both grabbed Evin by the collar and pulled him back. "At least show some decency..." Levy remarked as Gwen chuckled.

"That's our Captain..." Gwen murmured.


Nena made it pretty far without being noticed but she figured it might be easier to sneak around if she had a disguise. She looked around for a group of two marines standing watch. But she came up with nothing. She saw a group heading in her direction and quickly scanned for a place to hide. She found what looked like a supply closet. She quickly opened the door and jumped inside. Only to find a clean marine uniform for a soldier. She grinned then quickly put it on over her clothes and tucked her hair up into the hat. She peeked out of the closet then when she saw no one coming she walked down the halls hoping to find where they had stashed her weapons. "Dammit... Where would they put them..."
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Cal sat down at one of the table and ordered some food. She leaned back in her chair and looked around at the people seated around her, then looked out the window. [i Maybe they bypassed this place entirely,] she thought as she continued to watch the window. Her attention was drawn back to her table when the waiter set her food down. "Thank you."

"Let me know if you need anything else ma'am," the waiter said before walking away.

[i Maybe some time away from base will help me relax. Could do with a vacation from those guys.] She silently began eating her food, not really paying attention to those around her anymore. [i Might do well to find a place to stay for the night until I can check around to see if they have already been here or not.]
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Evin waited until the ship was docked then he grinned widely before jumping overboard onto land. He looked around and laughed. "Man this place looks way better than that other island. I can't wait to see what we have here!"

Levy and Gwen hopped overboard as well and stood beside the Captain. "Pat, Cham. You guys handle the ship?" Levy looked back at the other two and received a nod.

"The others will catch up with you guys. They're checking to see what we need."

Levy nodded. "Got it. We'll take care of the Captain."

Evin grinned widely before he dashed towards the town. "Let's go find Nena!"


Nena sighed softly before she sat up in her bed then felt something fall out of her hair. "Hmm?" She looked to her side and found a bobby pin. She stared at it for a moment before a smirk crossed her lips. "Well hello there beautiful." She picked up the bobby pin then walked over to the door of the cell. She paused and listened to see if anyone was coming then she carefully used the bobby pin to unlock the door like she did when she was a teenager. Once she heard the click she grinned. "I still got it..."

She carefully opened the cell door before she walked out and headed towards the door to the room. She opened the door a crack and peeked out. When she saw no guards she took a step out then scanned the halls for any lingering Marines. She scaled the halls and tried to remember the way out of the large base.
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