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Cal continued holding her side and looked at Evin, then just kind of stared at him. [i He seems a bit more carefree than Noah.] She smiled, "Thank you for the offer. Though I don't want to impose." It was strange, letting the nicer side of her personality show since she normally had to be mean to get the marines to do their job. Leaning back she looked up at the sky, "And thanks for not trying to eat me. Ink really doesn't taste good."
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 209d 4h 40m 51s
When Nena walked into her new room she couldn't help but gasp. "Wow, you boys outdid yourselves." She saw some chairs and a nice bed and a couch with a coffee table in front of it. A small desk in the corner which had some notebooks on it. "Hmm, cool." She walked in then heard the familiar sound of a locked door close behind her.

"I don't know why the Captain even had us do this for a filthy criminal like yourself. I can't wait until this execution happens and that pretty little pirate head comes clean off." Without another word the marine walked away and back to his other duties.

Nena sighed and muttered. "Well gee... he was friendly."


Evin smiled. "Cham can be mean during the morning but she's pretty cool when she wakes up on her own! Not to mention she's a great doctor!" He chuckled. "It doesn't feel right sending you back into town when that crazy villager just shot you. So how about you stay here for a while? Just until the bullet wound heals." He grinned.
  Nena Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 3y 209d 4h 46m 8s
Noah watched Nena get escorted to her new cell and thought about what she said. [i Do you have any regrets Nena?] He needed to contact Cal but he had no idea how to or where she was even located. Of course he could try her portable transponder snail but figured that might blow her cover. [i Maybe she will back out of it on her own.]


"Haha very funny," Cal muttered as she pulled her shirt back down and pulled herself into a standing position. After crawling out of her impact hole she sat down and held her side. "Thank you for patching me up. Though, not turning into a bird is really no issue at all. I try to avoid it since it can be draining.'
  Noah / Juleka / 3y 209d 6h 13m 24s
Nena stood up and stared at the man before her. "So if I'm the problem then why even get him involved! I was the issue. Now I'm here..." She noticed the placard on his desk and walked over and put her hands down on the desk and leaned forward. "I sure as hell don't want to get executed but I'll be damned if anything happens to that crew!"

At that moment another marine soldier walked into the office and saw Nena standing over by the Captain's desk. "Ah! Captain!" The marine lifted his gun and pointed it at Nena. "Don't even think about it pirate."

Nena turned around and looked at him questioningly. "Look we were just having a friendly chat. That's all."

The marine ignored Nena then looked at his Captain. "Captain, her new cell is ready."

Nena looked back to Noah and smiled. "If I do get executed... just don't let my die with any regrets, alright Noah?" She spoke softly before being escorted back to her new holding cell.


Evin blinked then started laughing. "Man, we have tea and we have milk! That's awesome!"

To this Chamomile shoved Evin again. "Shut the hell up!" She finished bandaging up Cal and stared at her. "Don't do any heavy lifting... or flying since you're part bird or whatever right? Let that wound heal. Or it will reopen. I'm going back to bed now." She grabbed her medical supplies then headed back down to the lower deck so she could sleep once again.
  Nena Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 3y 209d 8h 58m 59s
Noah choked on his food when Nena said that he and Cal were together. He hit is chest a few times before fumbling for water and chugging it down. "No, that isn't true at all. We may be close but she is more like a little sister," he defended, "That just happens to scare the crap out of me." This was the first time he admitted verbally that Cal scared him, it was usually only when she was mad.

The joking ceased when Nena asked about the execution date and he couldn't bring himself to look at her. With his attention solely on his food he sighed, "Two weeks. They are debating putting it in the paper considering your status." He poked at his food before slumping back in his seat and finally looking at her again. "Our plan really isn't even to capture him or anything. Just need something, anything really, to use against him. Breaking you out of jail is what got him in trouble to begin with."


Cal did as she was told and lifted her shirt so that the would was uncovered, and winced while doing it. [i I hadn't even thought about what name to give. I suppose mine will have to do, and hopefully they don't figure out who I am.] She tilted her head to look at Evin then slowly turned it to the side and blinked, [i Almost thought he was Noah for a moment.]

"My name is Calcium, most people just call me Cal though."
  Noah / Juleka / 3y 209d 13h 12m 53s
Nena nodded. "Well yeah... I guess I can see why... I mean... she is moody. Plus if they wanted to ask you on a date or something you two are kinda a combo deal right? Since you're partners and all... Wait! Are you two together! Ooo that thought never crossed my mind. Look at you. All straight laced can't even accepts flirts from anyone other than your girlfriend." She winked then continued eating her food.

After she finished she set the plate down. "In actuality though... I need to ask you something. Have they set a date for the execution. I'd much rather be executed than your brother. All he's doing is sailing the seas living life full of adventure and freedom. I don't really get what's wrong with that. He's a nice guy. Won't lie... I kinda fell for him. I'm sure any girl would fall for a guy willing to risk his freedom to break her out of prison... But after I realized I wasn't even close to being as important as his dreams I gave up and got over it and worked on being the best first mate a true criminal could be. Basically what I'm saying is... whatever you and your lieutenant talked about to get me out of this and him in my stead... Get that plan out of your head... He doesn't deserve to get executed."


Evin blinked a couple times then his eyes sparkled again. "You're a bird lady!? That's so awesome!"

"I can't believe you blokes woke me up this damn early. I'll wring all your god damn necks... Where is she?"

Evin pointed at the woman beside him. "Fix her. She's a bird lady."

Chamomile shoved Evin aside not wanting to deal with his personality this early in the morning. She looked at the woman's wound then looked at her through tired eyes. "Lift the shirt." She dug into her medical bag and grabbed out the tools she'd need to extract the bullet and then clean the wound before bandaging it. "Luckily this guy sucked at shooting and it was only one shot."

Evin crawled back over to the woman slowly and then sat beside her. "So, what's your name?"
  Nena Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 3y 210d 42m 59s
Cal patted herself down, assuming she was pkay but double checking, only to wince in pain. Lifting her head she noticed blood on her abdomen and dropped her head back. "Well, assuming I am just dreaming," she groaned and then it processed, "That bastard shot me!" She would have gone after him but the impact from her fall really hurt so she stayed put. "Also, that bird you wanted to eat, it was me. I can assure you that, unless you like the taste of ink, I wouldn't have been appetizing."


"That may be but a lot of women actually have an issue with Cal. That is why she is the only fenale marine in my command. She doesn't take crap from anyone." Noah chuckled at Nena's reaction to the food as they ate and nodded. "Noted."
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 210d 58m 56s
Nena pouted. "That's more of a reason to keep the walls down so that you know when you're being flirted with... Jeez you're worse than your brother... One of the girls on the crew is constantly flirting with him but he doesn't get a single hint but at least he says thank you..." When the marine gave her some food she looked at it questioningly before shrugging. "Ah well.. I'm gonna die anyways. So if you marines do poison me just means I go quicker." She took a bite of the food and her eyes widened. "Holy wow... This... this is actually really good... Better than Levy's food!" She gasped then pointed at the marine Captain. "If you ever come across Levy don't tell him I said that!"


While the three were arguing whether the large bird was a pet or just yummy food they heard a gunshot not that far off followed by a squawk. The three turned their heads in the direction of the squawk and noticed a woman falling from the sky.

Gwen screamed and Levy tried to calm her down.

Evin tried to catch her but failed as her body hit the ship. "Hey, lady are you okay?" Evin asked as he looked over at the person with the gun. "HEY! YOU! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU! YOU SHOULDN'T BE SHOOTING A LADY! YOU EVEN SCARED OFF THE BIRD!"

The man ran and made a mad scramble away in fear that the pirate was going to come after him.

Evin looked at the woman's shot wound then looked to Levy and Gwen. "Go get Chamomile."

The two nodded before running down below deck to wake the ships Doctor.
  Nena Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 3y 210d 1h 5m 38s
Cal's eyes went large at the request of eating her and she let out a squak. [I If that brat tries eating me I am forfeiting this mission and she can just die.] She flapped her wings and started to fly off, only for something, to knock her out of the sky. Looking around she saw a villager with a gun. By the time she realized the full situation sje had reverted back and came crashing into the ship. "Oh, damn people," she groaned from her impact spot, "That really hurt."


"You haven't given me a reason to get flustered." Noah was surprised because that meant she was actually still flirting with him. "Can you blame me for the walls? My partner is a hard ass." He continued watching her, even after a marine delivered their food and left. "Eat up."
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 210d 1h 43m 51s
Nena pouted when again she got no response from the Captain. After he uncuffed her she sighed and rested her elbows on her knees and her head in her hands. "Damn... you put up some walls... I can't even get you flustered today..." She sighed then laid back down on the couch. "I won't run... there's not really a point. It's either me or Evin that gets executed right? I'd rather it be me. He's does far less crime in his life than I have..." She mumbled the last part.


Evin pouted then looked up at the sky only to notice a large black bird sitting on the mast. His eyes glowed with sparkles. "LEVY CAN WE EAT IT?!"

Levy ran out before Evin could yell again. "Eat what?"

Evin pointed up at the large bird.

"Wow... that thing is huge... Yeah I'm sure I could find something to cook it with."

Evin grinned before looking at Gwen. "Awesome! Let's catch it!"

Gwen sighed. "You guys are so cruel to animals! Not all animals are just food you know! What if that's someones pet!?"

Levy and Evin looked at each other and spoke at the same time. "That thing... a pet?"
  Nena Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 3y 210d 1h 57m 58s
Noah rested his head on his hand and continued looking at Nena. "I figured you may be hungry so some soldiers are bringing food up for you. It'll be different from what you have been fed the last few days. Shouldn't be bland." He stood up and walked over to Nena, uncuffing her, then went back to his seat. "It wont do to run at this point. Your new cell should be done this afternoon. There are also guards posted at all exit points." He wondered if she was still flirting with him, he wasn't as flustered as yesterday, so he wasn't sure.


Cal woke up and looked around, realizing the sun was up. [i Should probably move.] Stretching out her wings she soon took flight and flew over to Evin's ship, circled it for a bit until she heard yelling. She landed on the mast and listened for a bit. [i He is louder than Noah. Its almost hard to believe those two are brothers, let alone twins.]
  Noah / Juleka / 3y 210d 4h 56m 44s
Upon being brought back to the Marine Captain's office Nena was shackled to a couch. "Is this really necessary. I mean jeez. This is some kinky shit." She tried to get a reaction out of the Marine Captain but unfortunately he was giving orders to the other marines to get her new cell prepared. She didn't realize how tired she was until she sat down on that nice couch. "Wow... this is way comfier than my bed..." Within seconds of laying down she passed out and was fast asleep.

The following morning her eyes fluttered open and she sat up and went to stretch only to have her arm be halted due to the hand cuffs. She sighed before running her fingers through her hair. "Damn... I was hoping it was a dream..." She looked up and saw the Marine Captain but then smiled. "Well, I'm glad you weren't a dream though. Good morning Handsome."


Evin woke up that morning and walked onto the deck of the ship and stretched. "NENA! WE'RE GONNA FIND WHERE YOU'RE HIDING!" He yelled.

Gwen came to the top deck and punched him in the back of the head. "Stop screaming this early... You're gonna wake up Cham..."
  Nena Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 3y 210d 5h 56m 46s
~Next Morning~

Noah had stayed in his office that night to keep an eye on Nena until her cell was finished. He had people working on it through the night, the ones that liked being up at night anyway. He had cuffed her to the couch so that she would be at least a little bit comfortable, while he slept at his desk. Upon waking he looked over at her and noticed she was still sleeping causing him to chuckle a little.
  Noah / Juleka / 3y 210d 8h 11m 43s
Nena smiled. "Ooo, so I do get to stay with you." When he put the handcuffs on her she smirked. "Oh, Captain Deleon, you can be rough." She winked then flipped her hair so it was out of her face.


Gwen had nightmares when she rested and Levy had went to go check on her. Levy and Gwen grew up together so he always looked after her ever since she was forced to eat a devil fruit. When he saw her sweating and moving around in her sleep he sighed and woke her up. "Gwen wake up."

Gwen shot up in her bed then breathed heavily. "L-Levy?"

"Yeah its me. Are you alright?"

"I think Nena got captured."
  Nena Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 3y 210d 8h 44m 16s
"Let her go," Noah ordered and the soldier released Nena. "Yes the offer still stands but for the time being you will need to either sit in that cell or be stuck in my office until it is complete." He took the handcuffs from the larger soldier and cuffed Nena before pulling her with him. "Lets go."

  Noah / Juleka / 3y 210d 9h 18m 27s

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