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When Noah pulled Nena into a hug it only made her cry more. But when he said they could sneak her out she pushed out a bit from him. "Noah! They'd just execute you for helping a criminal! I don't want anyone to die!"


Evin looked at the notes she was taking and punched a nearby wall. "You've been taking notes on all of us..."

Cham had heard yelling and knew it was Evin. "No, he can't go into rampage mode... Not here." She ran up the streets until she saw the familiar Captain and took out a dart gun. She blew into it and Evin instantly was knocked out. She walked over and looked at the Black haired woman. "You can tell us what you know back on the ship. Don't worry. He's just asleep. He'll wake up in about an hour or two."

"I knew you were taking notes on us. I watched you write in that book right after watching one of the crew. You can explain yourself once we're back on the ship. But we want the truth now. No more hiding shit. Understood?"
  Evin Deleon / PotatoPirate / 3y 205d 9h 39m 53s
Cal flinched with each word, but she stood her ground, "That isn't it at all! Yes, I knew where she was the whole time. But I didn't stop you from looking for her. I was just told to get information and that is what I did!" She pulled out her notebook, "This stupid book has record of the last week. Every stupid thing!" She was shaking now, either from rage at how Evin was talking to her or upset because of how he was talking to her.

"She is back on the island. The one your brother is captain of. They have been holding her there since she was captured."


Noah saw the tears and instantly pulled Nena into a hug. "We'll find a way to get you out." He wasn't sure why he said what he did but he didn't want to see her beheaded. Holding her to him he placed a hand on her head and stroked it gently. "We can sneak you out."
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 205d 9h 48m 6s
Nena read the article and chuckled softly. "Welp they made me younger than I am. I've been an escapee for eight years now." When he mentioned that Evin might have already seen it she sighed. "Well it's not like it matters. Who knows how far away he is from this island. Even if he knew what island I was being executed at I doubt he'd make it in time... Although he is hard headed..." She tried to hold herself together seeing the article but the fact that they were broadcasting her execution like it was a concert or a great show to see. It definitely made it hard to keep her composure. And she felt her tears begin to fall down her cheeks. "Noah..." She whispered through trembling lips before she started crying. "I'm scared..."


Evin watched as her brown hair reverted to black and her blue eyes turned brown. "You... no... you're the Lieutenant under my brother... So was thing the plan all along... You distract us so we don't find out about Nena?! Where is she?! Don't tell me you don't know! You've been leading us in circles haven't you!"

Evin's mind was turning red. He couldn't think clearly. He was ready to run head first into a marine base to save her again.
  Evin Deleon / PotatoPirate / 3y 205d 9h 55m 57s
Noah pulled the article from his pocket, "Your execution. They published it in the paper." He was angry, and when Nena touched his arm he began to calm down. "The said they wouldn't. Now that they have, Evin has probably seen it."


Cal looked at Evin then looked away, "Yes, I knew. I didn't know when it was going to be set, it wasn't," she looked at him again, "We were trying to stop it. Noah wanted information on you because he didn't want to execute her." She wasn't sure if she should be angry with the paper or upset because it was apparent that Evin was pissed. She let the color of her hair and eyes fade away so that she appeared as her true self. "I was following orders."
  Noah / Juleka / 3y 205d 10h 6m 19s
Evin's gaze turned to Cal when he heard what she said. "What did you just say..." He completely faced her and his veins were starting to pop. "What do you know... did you know about this?!"


Nena was still standing by the door when it suddenly opened and she stumbled back a bit. Noah had practically slammed the door behind him but then he started talking fast and Nena could barely even make sense of it. "Noah, breathe. What's going on? Published what? What are you talking about?" She took a step closer to him and gently put her hand on his arm. "Noah, what's going on?"
  Evin Deleon / PotatoPirate / 3y 205d 10h 14m 31s
Cal took the paper from Evin and read it, "This can't be right. He said he was going to fight it." After she said that out loud she covered her mouth, holding the paper tightly with the other. [i What am I going to do?! He was suppose to be fighting the execution.] She looked at Evin and felt her eyes begin to water, [i But I can't hand over the information I have.]


Noah left his office, irritated from the paper that they had published. Going to Nena's cell he knocked on the door then opened it. When a soldier looked at him confused he nearly slammed it shut, but managed to do it carefully. "I couldn't stop them from publishing it. By now Evin has seen it."
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 205d 10h 20m 28s
Evin began growing attached to Cal and constantly made jokes about Milk to her and she didn't seem to get too irritated like Cham did. She was trying her best to help them find Nena but even after a week nothing came up. Until today.

Evin and Cal were walking down the streets of Prith when Evin caught the headline of a newspaper. All because he saw a familiar picture. "Escaped Criminal from Deleon breakout, Nena Mocardi. Sentenced to Execution." His eyes widened as his pupils got smaller. He punched the glass case open which held the paper as he read over the headline article.

"Escapee, Nena Mocardi, who had been on the run for almost six years finally captured. Captain Noah Deleon secured her capture and her execution has been set to be on xx/xx/xxxx. We no longer have to worry about her terrorizing the sea." He couldn't even read the rest because his hands were shaking. "Noah... That son of a bitch... I'll kill him... I'll kill him if he even thinks about touching her!"


Nena sighed softly after she wiped her tears. She walked over to her door and went to knock on it but decided against it. "Maybe it's better if I don't see their faces... I need to accept my fate..."
  Evin Deleon / PotatoPirate / 3y 205d 10h 30m 43s
Cal had started growing attached to the crew, though only having been with them for a week. It was nice being around someone so carefree without having to worry about barking orders or making sure to keep her superior out of trouble. In truth, she had begun to relax, perhaps a bit too much. She kept a journal on her person, documenting everything that happened, any little secrets she picked up.


Noah had only had time to visit Nena a few times within the last week due to orders and setting up her execution. Some nights when he went to check on her he found her asleep and looked through the notebooks that had been left in her room. He began to worry about where he would stand when it came time to escort her to the execution platform. If he was being honest with himself, everything that he read, made him start to love her.
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 205d 10h 45m 51s
Evin watched as the woman stood up and tilted his head. "Are you sure you're even okay to stand up?" He noticed her wince when she was getting up. "Well if you want to help us I can't stop you. And I'd thank you. Because yes. She was my first crew member. And she's a very important part of this crew."


About a week had passed since Evin and his crew landed on the island of Prith. And a week had passed where there was still no sign of Nena. And Gwen became more and more nervous with every passing day. All the negative energy that was building up inside of her scared the crap out of her. And most days she could barely make herself get out of bed without Levy's help.


About a week had passed since Cal had left for Prith and Nena had been in her new room. She hadn't heard anything from the marines about the whereabouts of her crewmates. She was finally starting to accept that she was going to be executed. Everyday she wrote in the notebooks that were left in her room. About her past. About her dreams. And her hopes for the future. But in a way she felt like a Princess being locked away in a tower. Except Princesses normally don't get executed.

She sighed as she crossed off one more day on her calendar and closed her notebook. "Roughly five days left..." She looked around her room and sighed once more before walking over to her bed and laying down.

She thought about all her crewmates. And how everytime they got separated they'd always greet her with smiling faces. She felt something wet on her cheek and she quickly wiped it realizing that it was a tear. She covered her face as more tears began to fall. "I-I want to see you guys... Just one more time... Even if it's only a picture... I just want to see you..."
  Evin Deleon / PotatoPirate / 3y 205d 11h 17m 44s
"She must be a confident woman to be able to do that," Cal said as she looked up at Evin. To her he didn't seem all that concerned that Nena wasn't with them but she couldn't help but feel bad. "She really does mean a lot." Forcing herself up into a standing position, she cringed, "If you wouldn't mind, perhaps I can help you find her?"
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 205d 11h 32m 53s
"Hmm?" Evin looked down at the woman when she asked who Nena was and he smiled. "Only the best first mate ever! You don't need to worry though... Gwen always gets a upset when Nena gets separated from us. But she'll come back soon. She always does. I've just never seen Gwen so upset that she even shuts Levy out." He ruffled his hair before sighing. "I guess in a way her presence holds the crew together. Without her everyone is struck with worry even though she always comes back to us."
  Nena Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 3y 205d 11h 40m 39s
Cal heard mention of Nena and looked down, "No, I can't. Just a raven. I was exploring and being in that form is exhausting so I decided to rest for a bit. Then someone mentioned eating me and I panicked." She kept her eyes on her legs as she thought about her orders. [i This isn't going to work.] Deciding to change th subject the looked at Evin, "Who is Nena?"
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 205d 11h 46m 47s
Evin's eyes lit up. "Awesome! So can you turn into any ink animals?!"

Gwen walked over this time and stared at the woman. "So, why exactly were you an ink raven perched over our ship." She narrowed her eyes. The energy coming off this woman just didn't seem right. And it only made her worries about Nena worse.

Levy put his hand on Gwen's shoulder. "Gwen, breathe... I know you're nervous but this woman did just get shot..."

Gwen looked at Levy and sighed before shrugging his hand off her shoulder. "Fine. I guess I'll be the only one to worry about Nena."

Evin and Levy watched as Gwen walked back below deck. Levy debated on going down after her and Evin just sighed with a sad smile. "Nena... You sure have her worried... Where the hell are you..."
  Nena Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 3y 205d 11h 56m 18s
Cal ran her fingers through her hair and thought about her answer for a moment. "I ate the Ink Ink Fruit, it was a long time ago and I don't really remember when it was. Probably an accident. Anyway, I can turn my body into ink, produce an unlimited supply of ink, create ink wings, and of course, turn into a giant ink raven." She looked at Evin and Levy before shaking her head, "I don't like using them though. Being shot is a bit of a downside."
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 205d 12h 3m 17s
"So, you keep mentioning Ink. What do you mean?" Evin asked curiously.

Levy folded his arms across his chest and eyed the woman. "I'm assuming you ate a devil fruit. I mean that's pretty much obvious. What fruit did you eat?"
  Nena Mocardi / PotatoPirate / 3y 205d 12h 45m 5s

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