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So marinexpirate x2

Marine male sends his partner marine female to do an undercover mission to join his brother's crew to find their weaknesses and help capture his crew.

Pirate female gets caught trying to help her captain escape with the rest of the crew. She is now prisoner of marine male :D


I can't find a picture for Pat but basically he has a body like Blueno and whatever face you wanna give him. XD

This is Gwen. Her devil fruit is the Ener-Ener no Mi. Basically the Energy Energy fruit. If she concentrates she can send out shockwaves of her energy to blast people and objects away from her. If she focuses harder she can make her shockwave miss in certain directions. Such as if one of her crewmates was standing beside her.

This is Levy

This is Chamomile

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"Unless you are a marine, which you aren't, then you can't go the quickest route by ship. I can take two people by flight." Cal lifted her shirt a bit to look at her bandaged abdomen and removed it then put her shirt back down. "We have to leave soon." If she was being honest with herself, Cal wasn't really looking forward to another long flight, though, at least this time she would have company.

Taking a deep breath she began to stretch a bit then walked over to the window. "Like I said though, once we get there I will be almost completely useless. The most I would be able to do is get you into the base, probably. If I don't pass out first." That last bit was a whisper and was intended to stay in her head so when she said it covered her mouth. "Figure out who is going. The others will have to meet us there."


Noah heard the door to the cell being opened and quickly pulled away from Nena before anyone walked in. He put on his serious face and looked at who entered. "You better have a good reason for walking in here."

The soldier looked between Noah and Nena, gave a suspicious look, then shrugged. "We thought you mentioned something about Lieutenant Lacroix. Will she be returning soon?"

"Probably." Noah just shrugged, not sure if Cal would come back or not. He thought back to their conversation and how she sounded upset. The harshest woman he knows, had been crying. He wondered if during the last week if Cal had grown attached to his brother and the thought of Evin hurting her pissed him off. He knew she could handle herself but he also knew that she doesn't grow attached to protect herself, that is part of why she is so harsh.

"Sir," the marine asked as he looked at Noah again. He instantly shut up and started backing out of the room when Noah glared at him.

Once the door was shut Noah looked at Nena, "I should probably get back to work."
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 277d 11h 28m 24s
At the mention of his father Evin flinched. "So you met my old man..." He sighed softly before he nodded. "Just flying is fine or even just giving us the quickest route back too would be okay. We just need to get there before her execution. No ifs, ands, or buts."


Nena felt like she was melting. Her heart was racing. She may have tried to flirt her way out of a ton of situations but this was her first kiss. She heard something feint but ignored it only to hear the door of her 'cell' open.
  Evin Deleon / PotatoPirate / 3y 284d 9h 7m 49s
Cal chuckled at the statement and nodded, "You are right. I had the unfortunate chance to meet their father once." She looked at Evin, "It will take too long by ship to get back in time. I can fly there but," she sighed, "After that I may not be of much help."


Noah was shocked at first when Nena kissed back and couldn't help but internally cheer. He wrapped his arms around her back and held her closer. [I Lets hope no one walks in.]
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 284d 14h 8m 45s
Evin smirked. "Yeah, sounds like him."

Chamomile slapped the back of Evin's head. "Don't act like you're not a moron. I bet it runs in your family."


Nena chuckled when he said that he could live with her haunting him but then she felt something warm against her lips. Her face turned an ever brighter shade of red as she realized that Noah's lips were on hers. She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. [i If Evin saw this he'd somehow think Noah was trying to kill me...]
  Evin Deleon / PotatoPirate / 3y 284d 16h 46m 13s
"If thats what you want." Cal drew the ink from her notebook while standing up, the ink joining with her body. "You moron brother wouldn't listen when I said it was a bad idea. But does he listen to me, no."


Noah raised an eyebrow, "I can live with that." He tilted his head just a bit and without warning, kissed Nena. [I Cal would probably call me an idiot for this.]
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 285d 4h 51m 46s
Nena chuckled then wrapped her arms around his neck and lifted her feet off the ground forcing him to hold her in the air. "Hmm, If I do get executed I'll haunt you forever so you'll never have to feel lonely without me."


Evin stopped leaning on the wall then took one step forward. "So, I guess one question remains. If you were against this whole thing to begin with. Are you willing to help us then? You kinda did play me so you owe me anyways."
  Evin Deleon / PotatoPirate / 3y 285d 5h 39s
"Yes. That is where it is going to happen." Cal puffed out her cheeks and looked away when Cham asked her questions. "Shit happens when you are in close contact with someone a lot in a short amount of time. I was against the whole thing to begin with."


Noah's face began to go red as Nena mentioned their first day. He remembered it fondly and chuckled. Then he saw Nena getting closer to his face, "I guess you did."
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 285d 5h 4m 49s
Nena's face stayed red as Noah admitted to reading all of them while Nena slept. She slapped his chest and grinned before sticking her tongue out. "So you watched me sleep. I must have left a lasting impression on my first attempt at escaping. You couldn't stay away." She got on her tip toes and got closer to his face.


Evin walked in and leaned against the wall. "We just want to know. You said she's to be executed on the island that my brother's base is right? That was the last island we were at?"

Chamomile sat down on the vanity seat before looking at Cal. "Why are you so torn? You were sent to spy on us correct? But you look like you regret it. Why?"
  Evin Deleon / PotatoPirate / 3y 285d 5h 20m 27s
"Every single one," Noah emphasized(sp?) each word and smiled when he saw her red face. "The first night you wete in this room, I came to check to see how things were. You were asleep so I stayed up and read them."


Cal stood up and walked to the door. After opening it she returned to the bed and sat there. "What do you want to know," she asked, avoiding eye contact, "I'll do the best I can."
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 285d 5h 24m 49s
When Noah admitted to reading her notebooks her face turned bright red before she looked up at him. "E-E-Every notebook?!"


Chamomile left with Evin to head to the Inn that Cal was staying at. When they got to the Inn they headed inside and asked for her room number. The manager obliged not wanting any trouble and the two headed upstairs.

Evin was the one to knock. "Calcium. We need to talk."
  Evin Deleon / PotatoPirate / 3y 285d 5h 32m 8s
"You are not going to die. Do you understand me? I wont let you." Noah looked at Nena's notebooks, and once against rested his hand on her head. "I read all your notebooks," he admitted with a small chuckle, "So I know everything."


Cal continued to pace about her room flipping through her notebook. "What the hell am I going to do. The only person who knows where I am is Noah." She sat down on the bed and stared at the wall. [I This is a grade a shitty situation you are in Cal.]
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 285d 5h 38m 40s
Nena heard the familiar ringing then felt Noah pull away from her. She frowned a bit.

When a heated conversation started with Noah and Cal on the other end of the phone she tried to listen but only heard Noah's half. After he hung up she was about to question him when he finally spoke.

"Oh no... if Evin comes here and sees you before me he'll think that you're the one setting the execution... Noah, if he starts seeing red he'll try to kill you without hesitation..." She wrapped her arms around him and rested her forehead on his chest. "Maybe I should just get executed... It'd save a lot of people trouble..."


Evin finally woke up from the dart. He sat up quick only to see Chamomile.

"Are you normal again?"

Evin scratched his head. "Where is she?"

"Answer me."

Evin sighed. "Well, I'm not happy that's for sure... But I'm seeing colors again."

Chamomile turned in her chair and nodded. "Good. I don't particularly trust her either but most marines don't cry when a pirate confronts them. So something must have happened to change her feelings while she spent time with us."

Evin turned his head to the side. "She's a marine. Like Noah. Once we get the information about Nena I'm done with the lot of them."

Chamomile grabbed her dart gun again and Evin flinched.

"What are you doing?"

"Making you see clear."

Evin sighed. "Why do you trust her?"

"Never said I did. I just think her feelings towards you have changed. Just my professional opinion."
  Evin Deleon / PotatoPirate / 3y 285d 5h 49m 21s
"I don't see why not," Noah chuckled, though he really wasn't sure how living the life of a criminal would work out for him. He wanted to continue holding Nena longer but his portable transponder snail started going off. Releasing Nena only a bit he dug through his coat until he found the snail. "Hello?"


"Cal? Whats going on?"

"I thought you said you were going to try and postpone her execution. What the hell?!"

"I did try!" He furrowed his brow when it sounded like she had been crying, "Cal, whats wrong?"


"Don't lie to me!"

"Evin knows. He knows and he is pissed and," Cal sighed, "They want information on where she is."

"Did they attack you at all?"

"No? Look, I have to go. Try and see if you can push back the execution. We may be coming back."

"We? Cal? What the hell do you mean we?!" Noah glared at the snail as the line went dead. He then looked at Nena and sighed, "Looks like Cal can't keep Evin away."


Cal sat in her room at the inn staring at the transponder snail then at her notebook with all the notes on Evin's crew. Getting up she paced around trying to think of what to say to Evin if he did come talk to her again. She ran a hand through her hair and looked at the notebook again, [i You sure are a pain in the ass.] Part of her wanted to suck the ink right off of its pages. Another part wanted to throw it in the ocean and let the water wash it away. Then there was the part of her that wanted to hold onto it because she was ordered to take notes.
  Noah / Juleka / 3y 285d 12h 27m 24s
Chamomile sighed softly before nodding. "Then once he wakes up we'll meet you at the end. When he starts seeing red he doesn't think clearly. So if you explain yourself when he's normal it's better than trying to defend yourself when he only sees red." After that she gave a small wave while carrying Evin's body back to the ship.


Nena loved that Noah was holding her. In a way it was comforting but when he spoke about not being executed if they can't find him, she chuckled. "So you're going to go from being a well known Marine Captain to living the life I've had to live for eight years?" She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tight. "I don't want you to die either Noah..."
  Evin Deleon / PotatoPirate / 3y 285d 20h 30m 2s
"The only think I lied about was my appearance!" Cal took her notebook back and shook her head, "I'm not going back on that ship." She hid the notebook away once more and sighed, "I can take him to where she is if that is what he wants when he wakes up." She didn't like the situation she was in, and she hated that Evin was mad, at what was going on, at her.

"Look, I was ordered to get information on Evin so that Nena would go free. They were talking about executing her but they hadn't decided on when. Noah tried his best to postpone it, but he is only a Captain, there isn't much he could do."

Her eyes dropped to Evin's unconscious form and she sighed, then began walking away. "I was only following orders. I'll be at the inn if he decides he wants to yell at me some more when he wakes up. Until then, I am going to try and contact Noah and find out more information."


Noah just held Nena, "They can't execute me if they can't find me." He wasn't sure how he was going to do it but he knew he needed to get Nena out of there. He wasn't going to watch her die. Seeing her scared, all it did was piss him off, a lot. "If we don't get you out of here, then you will die and I can't accept that."
  Cal / Juleka / 3y 286d 4h 30m 17s

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