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[B Vergil] : [i to say he turns bright, bright red is a bit of an understatement] I umm...guess this is the twins handywork... [i he forces himself to look away and hides his face, pinching his nose a bit to try and hide the impending nosebleed] Umm...well, at least they did this now, when it’s just us...

[B Zaerina]: Twins...they have twins... [i holds Dante up a bit before taking a deep breath and looking at her future nieces] I umm, think you two are in the wrong time and umm... it miiight endanger your existance if you meet your parents before you’re born. I don’t exactly know how this time-space thing works...

[B Squalo]: [i he thinks a few moments, relaxing a bit once they’re inside] Thats...pretty much what they are. As old as they are, in a sense they’re really young too.

[B Lexy’s Vergil]: Heheh, I suppose I can be at times...

Hehehe.~ [i cuddles into him a bit, then goes partially wolf and twitches my ears] ...Now why do I have the feeling we’re going to be dealing with a turtlezilla soon...

Ariana: [i she watches him for a moment then glances back at the house a moment again thinking before looking back at him] Hmm, impressive... [size10 I almost don’t wanna know what else you’d use those illusions for...]

Dino: [i he smiles and nods] Actually yes. I have a very...unique pet turtle. Enzo absorbs water to grow massive...though the more he absorbs the more aggresive he...becomes... [i searches his pockets and sweatdrops] Oh no....
  Rebel/Yang / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 82d 22h 25s
[b Zarin]: [i She nods a little, deciding he was right about taking things as they came. Suddenly, she shuddered, very cold.] Did it... get colder in here? [i Zarin then looked down, and realized the room wasn't colder... she was just wearing a lot less.] [size10 What- how- I-] [i Blushes brightly as she finds herself at a complete loss of words. Peeking over Vergil, she realized all the closets and wardrobes from the room had disappeared as well.]

[b Yvette]: [i Visibly becomes very embarrassed and shuffles her feet, holding her hands together behind her back.]

[b Evaline]: [i Runs from around the corner, seeing Yvette and sighing heavily in relief.] There you are!- [i She hugs Yvette close and then looks at her aunt and uncle curiously.] Huh... you guys look... younger... wait... [i Seems to catch on something isn't right almost immediately.]

[b Dante]: [i Nearly falls over when Evaline comes into view, leaning on Zaerina.] [size10 We can't let Zarin and Vergil see these two!]

[b Miyako]: They remind me of children with a lot of power and they don't often know what they're doing... [i Once they got back inside she sighed in relief.]

[b She blushes brightly at his words, but has a small smirk on her face thinking about her little handiwork with Zarin.] You're so embarrassing...

[b (Rebels)Raiden]: [i Imagines Snake geeking out and just snorts when he tries not to laugh.] Yeah, if that ever happens- which I doubt it will- I will try warning.

[b Mukuro]: Hmmmm yes... [i He imagines lotus vines growing all along the tree he was hiding under, and then picks one of the lotus flowers, twirling it in his fingers.]

[b Demi]: [i She stops walking and scratches the back of her head, sighing loudly. She felt bad she was so poor at conversation.] Do uhm... do you have a pet?
  {Zarin} / LittleKitten / 3y 82d 22h 39m 1s
[B Vergil:] [i he smiles a bit and hugs her, just relaxing and thinking a bit] Prooobably not, though I don’t think they’d do anything TOO drastic. Maybe something to do with our future but...I think right now it’s best to take things as they come. [i he sighs slightly and tries not to think about it]

[B Zaerina] : [i she gives a small chuckle] It’s one of the things you love about me and you know it~ [i contrary to this, her mind completely blanked when she saw her niece] [size10 Can’t be, they never...how, it’s not...] [i she keeps mumbling to herself for a bit, pretty much in shock] I think...we should talk to the twins for answers.... [i she had a slight twitch as she tries to process all this]

[B Squalo] [i he takes a glance up and nods] Yeeeah. I swear, those two need a sanity check though. [i he gives her hand a soft squeeze and gently begins guiding her back to the house. Not really guiding since she could find her way but...

[B Lexy’s Vergil] [i he happily cuddles into her] Well then, I’m going to make this the best lifetime you’ve ever had ~

Eh, I like you just the way you are anyways.~ [i grins a tiny bit] I was so hilarious, seeing Snake geeking out like that. [i sighs and shakes my head a bit, just slightly amused] I swear, if you ever have a moment like that...warn me first...

[B Ariana]: [i she sighs a little bit, walking over to another large tree and positioning herself just right so that the potatoes would bounce off the branch above and away from her as a light downpour of potatoes began] Could be worse. They could be coconuts... [i that would hurt like heck]

[B Dino] [i he gives a soft chuckle as he watched the excited pup for a moment as they walk] It’s fine. Kind of adorable actually... [i he thinks a bit again, his mind once more failing in what to say]
  Rebel/Yang / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 105d 4h 57m 48s
[b Zarin]: C-Cuddling sounds like a good start. [i Nuzzles into him, closing her eyes and smiling a little.] This probably isn't the... "end" of everything, huh? [i In reference to their bit of torture from earlier. Sadly she had no idea what exactly the twins had planned...]

[b Dante]: Oh. My. Gosh. You are so bad. [i He starts laughing a bit before noticing someone peaking around the corner with familiar hair and eyes, but was oddly short.] [size10 ohgoddidtheyshrinkzarin?]

[b Yvette]: [i The little girl blushes when she's seen, and she tentatively stepped out, obviously a tad frightened of the new environment.] Hi Uncle Dante and Auntie Zaerina. Do you... know where mommy and daddy is?

Dante: [i He just stares at the girl with a blank expression, then runs a hand over his face.] [size10 You have a niece... your brother had a kid... [b he] had a kid... of all the people I never thought...]

[b Miyako]: Well... I guess you are right. [i Rubs at her head a bit and stops walking, looking up at the potato filled sky.] I... think we should really get inside.

[b Grins a little as she holds him, pulling him into the bed with her. She made a content purr like sound as she kissed him and then cuddled into his chest.] I'd be eternally happy to just spend one life time with you...

[b (Rebels)Raiden]: [i He thinks for a moment and then shrugs.] Maybe the right pair would look nice, but... I don't think I'll ever get around to wearing them since I don't need them. [i He absent-mindedly plays with her hair and then snorts, bursting into laughter.] Oh goodness...

[b Mukuro]: [i He glanced up, not looking much surprised by it besides raising a brow.] Kufufu... you should really get under something before those start falling. [i He leans against the large tree and smirks a bit.]

[b Demi]: [i She walked through the halls curiously with Moji running ahead, and then dancing between Demi and Dino's legs.] H-He's awfully excited to be somewhere new. Don't mind him~ [i She let a small, cute giggle escape as she spoke about Moji, obviously adoring the little pup.]
  .Yvette. / Arcane / 3y 105d 6h 5m 29s
[B Vergil]: [i he nods slightly and thinks for just a moment] Yeah. First step, wait for your arm to heal...and maybe get used to just cuddling if you want. [i he’s not going to rush things nor does he want her to feel like it’s rushed.]

[B Zarina]: [i she focuses on making the pizza for a moment] Don’t tempt me... [i she then gives him a playful smirk] Not until tonight anyways~

[B Squalo]: Hmm... [i he thinks a moment, smiling a tiny bit as he thought] True, but they didn’t have that much work in that case. [i which is pretty much true, as he fell for her preeeetty darn quick]

[B Lexy’s Vergil]: I feel the same. [i after the screw-ups he’s made in his life, he really didn’t know how he was so blessed right now] Hmm... [i he hums a bit and hugs her more, cuddling close]

[i imagines it a moment and chuckles slightly, imagining it too then tilting my head as I think a moment] Well, I dunno. I think you could pull of the look if you really tried...and with the right pair. [i him in a thick pair of reading glasses would be a bit of a funny sight, though a thinner pair would actually look kinda good. I like him just as he is though...] Least you’re not a Captain Falcon fanboy like Otacon and Snake....Ummm, you didn’t hear that from me though... [i Otacon wasn’t so much the one I wanted not to know as much as Solid Snake himself...and thinks a moment about making it rain potatoes outside]

[B Ariana]: Okay... [i it did make her curious but she wasn’t going to push for answers, all things in time after all. She stretched a bit and glanced up at the sky, raising an eyebrow slightly at the sight of orange potatoes floating in the sky] Is it weird that I’m not even going to question that ? [i she’s referring to the potatoe filled sky, unknown to them created by a certain darker twin]

[B Dino]: I think I will, thanks. [i he smiles, happy to join her in looking around while giving a tiny bit of space so she won’t feel too uncomfortable]
  Fenris*late-teen years* / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 109d 22h 27m 28s
[b Zarin]: Mhm... guess we'll just have to take everything one step at a time... [i First step being probably letting her arm heal, considering that would complicate an already awkward situation.]

[b Dante]: Mm... long as you nap next to me. Though we might not end up napping... [i He grins and winks at her before sitting up on the counter, stretching his arms over his head.]

[b Miyako]: Well they did essentially get us together... [i She hugged his arm to her and bit at her lip a bit.]

[b She rolls onto her back, kicking off the flats lazily and taking in a deep breath. She then rolled onto her side and wrapped her arms around his waist.] I don't know what I ever did to deserve you, but I'm so glad I have you... [b Yawns a bit.]

[b (Rebels)Raiden]: Hmmm... [i He suddenly bursts out laughing.] I'm imagining me in reading glasses... it's not a good picture at all.

[b Mukuro]: I have... an idea who brought us here. However, I'd prefer to confirm that idea before sharing it. [i He moved his head a little to get some of his bangs out of his hair.]

[b Demi]: Um... well... [i She set Moji down and scratched her head a bit.] I'm gonna go explore this place. You're free to er... join if you'd like.
  .Demi. / Arcane / 3y 109d 23h 7m 15s
[B Vergil] : [i he smiles a bit and cuddles her a little more, happily kissing her back then nuzzling into her hair a moment] No need to thank me, it's only natural I'm here for you. [i he knows this is still a lot for her, it's a lot for him to handle too but...ah well]

[B Zaerina]: Oh right, I forgot for a few seconds there... [i she walks with him to the kitchen, giving a small smirk] Jeeze, keep yawning like that and I'll have to make you take a nap soon.~

[B Squalo]: That's true. Heh, who knows how many lifetimes of matchmaking they've done in the past, so I suppose it's only natural...[i he stretches a tiny bit]

[B Lexy's Vergil]: [i he internally chuckles and then goes to the bed, sitting down and taking off his boots...]

[i grins a bit as I cuddle into him more, then giving a small giggle] Yeeah. And even if you WERE a huge nerd, you'd be the best looking nerd out there... [i he would too if he was, buuut he's definitly better looking as he is]

[B Ariana]: Likewise. [i she thinks a moment, glancing about one more time] Soooo Mukuro, do you have any idea where we are or why we're here, undoubtedly in a dimension all its' own ?

[B Dino]: [i he smiles a little bit] He's cute... [i doesn't add that she is too, not at the moment anyways. His brain was stumbling a bit over what to say]
  Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 115d 8h 11m 14s
[b Zarin]: [i She closes her eyes, letting more of her body lean into him, cuddling against him. This is was all new, all overwhelming, but she tried taking comfort in the fact that she had her sister and Vergil to help.] Thank you... for everything. [i She leaned up and gently kissed him.]

[b Dante] Hey... weren't we making pizza before? I'm fuckin' starving... [i He starts walking towards the kitchen, letting out a big yawn.]

[b Miyako]: Considering how we and a few others have turned out... I have faith in the twins matchmaking skills.

[b Holding tightly onto Vergil, she made her way to one of the larger bedrooms. When they both made it in she lazily threw the door shut, plopping onto the bed on her belly with a little flail.]

[b (Rebels)Raiden]: Hmmm, well, you aren't wrong there... [i He grins a bit and pats her head, nuzzling into her a tad.]

[b Mukuro]: Ah, yes, common manners... [i He muttered a little to himself with a chuckle.] My name is Mukuro. Pleasure to make your... acquaintance, Ariana.

[b Demi]: [i The faintest of smiles tugged at her lips, but she did her best to not let it show too much.] Pleasure to meet you, Dino... my name is Demi. [i She leaned down to pick up the excitable pup.] This is Moji...
  .Demi. / Arcane / 3y 115d 9h 25m 6s
[B Vergil] [i he scratches the back of his head and mentally sighs, though still blushing a bit crazy though cuddling into her a tiny bit] Yeah, I mean...all this is bound to happen eventually so... [i sure it’s sooner than he ever really expected and the conditions aren’t exactly ideal but....still it’d happen eventually]

[B Zaerina]: I guess... [i she sighs a little and scratches her head with a sigh, thinking a moment or so and very subtly biting the inside of her lip. She really didn’t have much to worry about right now, as far as her own safety but...]

[B Squalo]: [i he chuckles a tiny bit and nods] True. Hopefully he hasn’t given whoever they’re pairing him with a massive headache or pulled them down the stairs or....the list goes on really, but you know what I mean...

[B Lexy’s Vergil] [i he nods, giving a bit of a grin as he nuzzles into her a bit] Deal. [i he was planning on staying and cuddling anyways so....]

Okay. [i decides to stop teasing him, at least about that, and nuzzles into him a bit more again] Least you’re not a huge nerd like some people... [i referring to Otacon, whom even Raiden said was a huge nerd once] Quiiiiite the opposite really...

[B Ariana]: [i she finally looks over at Mukuro and gives a small smirk] Don’t you know it’s common manners to introduce yourself first ? [i she thinks for a second and stretches slightly] But anyways, name’s Ariana.

[B Dino] Oh... [i he glances about, thinking a moment or so then mentally facepalming] I haven’t even introduced myself, have I ? My name’s Dino, and you aaaare ? [i he swore, his famiglia would give him such a hard time if they were here]
  Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 115d 10h 8m 1s
[b Zarin]: Are you sure you're okay with that...? I mean... sharing a bed... [i They'd be doing a lot more than just sharing the bed soon. With an exasperated sigh and her face bright red she nuzzles into his neck.] I guess... it won't be the worst... because it'll be with you... [i She's talking more to herself than him, but aware he could hear.]

[b Dante]: I'm sure things will turn out fine, sweetheart. Don't worry too much. You've got yourself to be concerned of as well.]

[b Miyako]: Probably a lot of different things... sometimes funny, sometimes cheesy... that's how it goes.

[b She stops and thinks for a moment, and then nods.] Only if you promise to cuddle me and not leave for the night~ deal?

[b (Rebels)Raiden]: [b He groans loudly and rubs his face with a hand.] Don't remind meeee...

[b Mukuro]: [i He knew this place. He'd heard plenty about it. Still, it was quite curious. Seeing Ariana was still there, he internally sighed a bit.] And who might you be?

[b Demi]: [i When he got to his feet she quickly took her hand back. They idled behind her back, her eyes sometimes looking down at Moji, who seemed to take a particular liking to Dino.] Er... no... you're the first person I've met here.
  .Demi. / Arcane / 3y 115d 19h 42m 48s
[B Vergil] [i he blushes a little bit as well, though overall managing to keep it in check] Y-yeah. [i he thinks a bit, stumbling over his thoughts a bit]

[B Zaerina]: [i she raises an eyebrow slightly but gives a small nod] Yeah. I mean, it’s going to be awkward for them anyways but hopefully not TOO awkward... [i she sighs a little and gives her head the smallest shake, still not too happy about this whole mess]

[B Squalo]: Hmm, true... I wonder how this is aaaaall going to turn out. [i he smirks to himself, thinking it over a moment or so]

B Lexy’s Vergil] I guess so... [i he thinks a moment, hugging her a little closer to him] We should go somewhere you can rest... [i he can tell she’s exhausted, who wouldn’t be after all that...]

[i nuzzles into him a bit more, able to tell he doesn’t completely believe me but letting that slide...at least a little.] Ya got that right “Mr. Lightning Bolt”. [i couldn’t help but tease him just a tiny bit with the nickname]

[B Ariana]: [i she glances around another moment or so before giving a frustrated sigh, kicking a random stone for it to only harmlessly bounce off the glass of a window.] Rubber glass... [i she took another subtle glance at Mukuro while he wasn’t looking before turning her attention back to the house. If there’s one thing she’s learned well, it’s that things are never as they seem...]

[B Dino]: Ehehe, thanks... [i he lets her help him to his feet and actually manages NOT to drag them both down..this time, before glancing around at their surroundings] Hmm....Sooo, have you seen the people who created this place ? [i sure it’s his first time here, that he can remember, but he’s definitely heard enough from Squalo to know what’s up]
  Ariana / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 115d 20h 39m 0s
[b Zarin]: [i She scratches at her head with her good hand. When she remembered they'd be sharing this bed, her face turned bright red.] Um... we'll... be sleeping in this bed together... right?

[b Dante]: [i He nodded a bit, sighing sadly.] Yeah... hopefully it won't be, you know, too awkward of an experience... [i He mentally smacks himself in the head. Of course their first time would be awkward.]
[b Miyako]: Well, yes, all that, but also that it probably means they've found him a match. [i She leans into him with a wide goofy grin.]

Ah, the new... roommates seem to be adjusting well. [b She giggles tiredly, beginning to lean more into him. The exhaustion was starting to really weigh down on her.]

[b (Rebels)Raiden]: [i He chuckles and pats her head.] Whatever you say hun.

[b Mukuro]: [i He sighed loudly, leaning back against a tree, closing his eyes and crossing his arms across his chest. Although he seemed relaxed, truth be told Mukuro was never really relaxed.]

[b Demi]: [i She looked away, rubbing at her arm a bit.] I-I see. [i Watching him continue to struggle, she stepped forward and held a hand out for him to take, her eyes always trying to avoid looking at him and her face a little pink, cutely accenting her purple eyes and hair.] H-Here, it looks like you need some help...
  .Demi. / Arcane / 3y 115d 21h 24m 48s
[B Vergil]: [i he nods a little, bringing her to a room] You don’t have to hide it, I know you’re hurting. Anyone would be after all that... [i he sighs quietly to himself, heading over to the bed and easing her onto it in a sitting position to let her rest]

[B Zaerina] [i she gives a slight nod] Yeah...I feel so bad for her, having to...be forced into that instead of just letting it happen naturally... [i she gives her head the slightest shake]

[B Squalo]: You mean beside the fact that I’m undoubtedly going to wind up damaged by his clumsiness ? Probably that the twins are up to something again... [i he can’t help but grin at the thought of how amusing this would be]

[B Lexy’s Vergil]: Me too. [i he hugs her a bit more again, smiling a moment then hearing the crash from the living room, deciding to disregard it though]

[i tilts my head slightly ] What’chu talkin’ about ? [i seriously, does he really not see how amazing he is ?] I think my standards and tastes are perfectly normal...

[B Ariana]: [i she glances about a bit more, noticing Mukuro but instead opting to look about a bit more. This place was strange, she could tell that much. Even the weight of the air felt...off. Not nessicarily in a bad way but...this definitely wasn’t the same world as before] [size10 Hmm, definitely not the same. Parallel dimension....maybe a different one completely...] [i she mumbles a bit to herself as she works it out, glancing about to see for any sign of who brought her here]

[B Dino]: [i he stays down for a moment or so, blushing for a split second when he sees Demi, before trying to get back to his feet. Trying being the key word there as he winds up tripping over the hem fo his pant legs] Ehehe, I’m okay. Wet spot on the floor or something.... [i typical Dino, using an excuse to deny his clumsiness]
  Ariana / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 115d 21h 59m 48s
[b Zarin]: [i She giggles a little bit at the worry on his face.] I'm... okay I guess... [i Truth be told she was in a lot of pain, but she didn't want him seeing that.] Are we close to room? I'm just having... a bit of a hard time right now.

[b Dante]: You still thinking about your sister? [i He debated sitting with his brother and giving advice, but... he didn't think it would help at all.]

[b Miyako]: [i What started as stifled giggling became full blown laughter] B-Babe do you know what this means? [i She holds her stomach, doubled over with a hand on Squalo's shoulder.]

[b She grins wide, in a sense feeling reinvigorated by those words from him.] I... I'm so glad I have you... [b Cuddles him a bit.]

[b (Rebels)Raiden]: [i He bursts out into laughter] You've got some really weird tastes and some preeeetty low standards.

[b Mukuro]: [i He notices Ariana out of the corner of his eye, but considering she looked just as confused as he, he didn't go out of his way to say anything, but he wouldn't be surprised if she approached him.] Kufufu~ interesting looking one...

[b Demi]: [i She yelps out of surprise when she hears the crash. Moji, however, was only excited by the sound. He runs out to Dino, barking and crying and jumping all over him. Demi peeked around the corner, spotting Dino, her face brightening up. With a deep breath, she recollected herself and stepped out.] Um... are you okay? [i Moji comes back to her, running around her legs.]
  .Demi. / Arcane / 3y 115d 22h 40m 1s
[B Vergil]: [i he gives the smallest nod] I should be asking you that... [i he sighs a little, taking a moment to think] Anyways, I was just thinking that’s all. [i he gives a small shake of his head, though giving her a worried look]

[B Zaerina] [i she sighs a little and thinks a second, cuddling into him a little bit] I don’t think anything could ease my mind right now... [i well maybe something but she couldn’t really think about that right now, part of her mind was still completely frazzled by all this. Her poor innocent sister, having to have to do THAT just to keep a certain vampire away. She couldn’t help but let out a slightly frustrated sigh]

[B Squalo]: Me too... [i notices a giant ball of dust and dirt roll past them] ....Was that...Dino ? [i he was being ridiculous, who else could wind up a giant dirt snowball but his childhood friend] Well...this is going to be interesting.

[B Lexy’s Vergil]: [i he hugs her a bit more, blushing just a teeny tiny bit] I love you too. [i honestly this was the first time in his life he could say that, excluding to his mom when he was younger but that was a different type of love]

[i grins a little as I cuddle into him more, really happy again] Jeeeze, even your laugh is attractive~ Could you be anymore perfect ?~ [i means it as a slightly rhetorical question, as he’s absolute perfection as is.]

[B Ariana]: [i she blinks and looks around, nibbling slightly on the piece of pocky in her mouth as she thinks a moment] Where the heck am I now...? [i she sighs a little and starts looking around more, looking around the backyard]

[B Dino]: [i he winds up in a dirt snowball, rolling past Squalo and Miyako and right through an open window to one of the living areas, face-planting on tile ] Ow ow ow ow ! [i he stays down a moment or so, gathering his thoughts as he finally lifted his head and looked around]
  Ariana / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 115d 23h 15m 46s

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