My Baka Onee-san

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This is for me and my sister. No other idiots allowed.


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  Mercy_ / 324d 6h 40m 40s
My Stupid Sister.
That's the title of this write?

Well, I was cleaning my laptop because I've a new room at the college and I found this. I wanted to put it here, I don't care who sees it. You changed everything for me. You still do.

I wrote this...

So, I had some time to think about what you meant to me, what was it that made me try and try. Well, continue to do so. What was it I saw in you that made you attractive but at the same time inspirational. Amazing to witness, a terror to face against. Like a perfect storm, beautiful to observe but to be within was asking for the worst. Was that what I was asking for? For weeks, months I’ve tried to get close to you and it’s been what I can only describe as a trial. You know what I’ve dealt with, these months leading up to the Naval examinations and preparation for the Officer’s Academy. I can honestly say it was worth it. To be in your presence in your brightest moments and darkest. To be held close in your lap and have my back tickled , have my hair played with. Even lately we’ve spoken of dates. Dates. You.

You have come so far, you gave me the courage to speak, even if it was just a little, I intend to speak much more. We’ve shared quite deeply about our pasts and despite your distaste for physical contact you’ve never shied away from holding me close, even when it’s hard for both of us. You would shush me if I cried and you sit with me. You care. A great deal. The fractures others, including myself can’t be repaired like a quick fix, I’ve never been one to think I could do it, nor had I said I would. I’m too broken a person, but you would always refer to me as yours. Your Princess. Your Kitten. Your girl. Yours. I know you didn’t mean in objectively but to be…yours…to be wanted by you. It makes me shiver. It made me shiver to say your name weeks ago.

You’ve asked about my life, because had genuine interest in me. Me. You asked about my likes, dislikes, my Job, my dreams, my choice in the Navy. I feel, wholesome when I am with you, when I am without you I feel decrepit. Alone.

You are my world.
My breath.
The reason I wake up and you’re the first thought in my mind.
I love you.
I am your princess as you are my prince.
  Mercy_ / 325d 7h 26m 3s

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