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[center [size15 [Quattrocento [b "People like to say that the conflict is between good and evil.
The real conflict is between truth and lies."]
[right [b - [#006699 Don Miguel Ruiz]]]

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Welcome to Osha. On the outset, one of the largest and most successful cities located in Japan. It has everything, exotic trades, live theater performances, the most lucrative of businesses and etc. But whereas it is filled with amazing opportunities, in secret it is also holds a domineering rule of power and intimidation over it's citizens. For the Yakuza are the true owners of this city.
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Major business owners, politicians, lawyers, even most of the police are aware of their place. They belong either in the pockets of these ruthless men, or simply out of their way. Anyone who makes a stand against them tend to disappear. Despite this, there are still some who want to believe in a better city. Which brings us to Jiro Kaikuro, a gumshoe detective who continually tip-toes the line and tries the mob's patience. Unfortunately, that patience is also wearing thin.
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Hard to believe it was only a few months prier that this detective was just an every day police officer. But when you single handedly take down the head of the Yakuza and shut down a whole drug ring, well, a promotion does seem in order doesn't it? In truth however the news of his success brings little comfort to the man in question. If he had achieved his new credentials through an elaborate arrest, that would be one thing. Sadly this case just wasn't so open and closed.
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No one could ever guess that the man they all came to know as the leader for the most deadly crime family in the country, Jiro had first come to know as the man he loved. It started with a simple approach, a single peach and then nearly a year of a steadily growing passion. During this time, the officer began to realize the truth behind the identity of his lover. Even so, he hesitated from ever confronting him over it. Perhaps it was out of a desperate wish to trust him, or maybe out of some misguided attempt to save him somehow. Which ever the reason, it was his hesitation that lead to what happened next.

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The man he thought he knew confronted him one morning on the beach, having apparently realized that this officer knew too much. Jiro only had a few seconds to process what was happening, as his lover drew out a gun. His own instincts took over as he pulled his own sidearm and fired a shot, and was hit in the chest with a bullet in return. Both men were down, but only one would ever get back up. The bullet had missed Jiro's heart and either by miraculous luck, or incredible will, he survived. It was revealed that the other man on the beach was the leader of the Yakuza. And for his information concerning him and one of their drug rings, it seemed appropriate officer Jiro was promoted to Detective.
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But after a few month have passed, the Yakuza now have a new leader. The police are concerned only with covering their own asses from their inevitable wrath. Even willing to go so far as to chuck one of their own into the lions den just to protect themselves. It isn't long before Jiro's own partner attempts to kill him. Now on the run from the entire police precinct, Jiro's only chance to prevent an all out war in Osha is to somehow stop or reason with the Yakuza.

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And as it turns out, he's not alone. An elite member of the Yakuza ______, is also on the run from their supposed friends. _______ was betrayed by one of the other members of the mob. And from where they're standing, the new leader is insane. Calling open war not just on the police, but also the other resident criminal families they had been in alliance with. Thus _____ also wants to prevent an all out war on Osha but can't trust anyone within their ranks. Both on the run, these two fugitives run into each other while turning a corner in an alley. Guns drawn and assumptions made, are these two truly enemies or unlikely allies? Can they set aside their prejudices and differences long enough to stop this catastrophe? Or will the balance of power in Osha remain at a Standoff?


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[left [size18 [Covered+By+Your+Grace Mayu half skipped, half walked after the glasses guy as he led the way to the aforementioned safe house. She spent the short time they walked trying to think of a conversation topic, but with the short nature of the trip she hadn't thought of anything by the time they stood in front of their destination. Mayu tilted her head momentarily at the door, expecting the glasses guy to pull out a key or something, before the man walked past the door over to a small keypad built into the wall by the door. [#FF1493 "Hm, not bad security, eh Gumi?"] She whispered quietly to her doll while the young detective punched in the keypad, making no attempt to hide what he entered. Mayu watched closely as she committed the code to memory. No sooner had the code been entered then the door emitted a small beep and the man stepped in, Mayu and Gumi following closely behind.

As soon as the three of them were inside, Mayu closed the door behind them and abruptly breathed in sharply through her nose. Good, no foul smell! Suddenly she realized the glasses guy was talking. She listened as the man explained that his dad was basically Bill Gates if he was a paranoid weirdo. Some people in this world, she supposed, were just crazy. Nothing else for it. Mayu then took note of another plus to this apartment over that good-for-nothing-waste-of-life Kenjou's place: the lack of a particularly ugly corpse with a yet-uglier pinstriped suit. Also, the furniture here was nicer. Upon the glasses guy announcing the first aid kit and asking for permission to retrieve it, Mayu responded; [#FF1493 "Oh well sure, we're both bleed- Hm? What, speak up, Gumi."] She had stopped mid-sentence and once again raised the doll in her hand up to chest level, wrapping her arm around it. [#FF1493 "Really? That's your first question? Wouldn't you rather at least know his name before you ask him something like [i that?"]]

Mayu's face scrunched up with confusion as she spoke to the doll. She then groaned loudly, letting her arms fall to her sides. [#FF1493 "Fine, I'll ask him. But then I should really get patched up, wouldn't ya say?"] Mayu let out a small sigh of irritation at Gumi's untimely interruption. Then, just as quickly as her look of annoyance appeared, it vanished and was replaced with a shy smile. Mayu fidgeted where she stood as she turned to address the glasses guy; [#FF1493 "Okay, Gumi was just wondering if your hair is naturally blonde, or if you dye it that way? Sorry, she just insisted I ask for her 'cuz she's kinda shy. You understand..."] Mayu smiled apologetically, as she reached her free hand over to Gumi and patted her head. She then spoke very quickly, her sentence coming out as one nearly unintelligible word; [#FF1493 "Youcananswerwhileyougetthatfirstaidkitthoughcuzmyarmis[i REALLY]startingtosmart!"] Her whole body tensed as she finised. She gritted her teeth rather suddenly as her hand moved up from Gumi's head to clutch at her wound in pain.
  Mayu / Darkjak / 4y 16d 1h 45m 32s
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[size15 [Quattrocento There were some days in which the young detective felt he was the only sane man on earth. Thus far, this was looking to be one of those days. It took some time for the woman before him to process his suggestion let alone present an answer. She seemed somewhat distracted, either with disputing Jiro's intentions , or with seeking council with the doll she carried. A sense of dubious worry crept into his consciousness, now feeling even more anxious about this situation than he had previously.

Jiro's eyebrows creased together for a moment, as he was unable to keep all of his confusion completely unexpressed. He could think of nothing to say during the young woman's... [i debate], so he remained quiet. Doing his best to wait patiently for a response while silently praying it would be one of reason. He tensed when she first moved her gun from it's original position, only to freeze in shock and disbelief over it's new placement. He could only stare, as the woman rubbed the barrel of her pistol against her temple in contemplation. Apparently having reached a conclusion, she aimed her gun back at Jiro. A motion which proved mute, for after a brief and barely discernible shout she lowered her weapon. Well, less [i lowered] and more threw her arm down to her side. Regardless, the speed of her countdown and her movement was something impossible for Jiro to keep track off. He hastened to catch up with her gesture of trust, lowering his arm to his side in the same unneeded swing downwards which she had demonstrated.

He uncocked his sidearm and stowed it away in it's holster. He looked at her as she explained her decision in a level tone. But her explanation did nothing to quell his dizzying confusion, if anything it only sent his sense of logic reeling further backwards. Even still, he felt it best not to point our the sheer lunacy of her reasoning. For one, verbally questioning another person's sanity was impolite at best. Besides, this answer was better than either one of them shooting the other. Though he still couldn't help but wonder if he was about to share shelter with an escaped mental patient. For the moment however, he merely nodded in thanks and acknowledgment over her choice. He raised an eyebrow over her change in tone, which had switched from level to childish and perky. His eyes followed her in bewilderment for a second or two as he observed her lightly bouncing up and down.

He automatically glanced down at his wound over her mention of it, before sighing and nodding. Of course he knew he was shot! It wasn't exactly an easy detail to miss! He was screaming in frustration inwardly, but wore nothing but collective calm on the outside. [#005580 "Uh... Right. It's this way."] He responded after processing her words, he adjusted his glasses then turned and began leading the way to the safe house through the alley way. It only took them a few minutes to arrive at an old looking house located near the edge of town. Jiro walked ahead of her, but made sure not to put too much a distance between them. He wouldn't want her to think he was pulling a fast one. He walked to a small rectangular panel with numbered buttons beside the door. He entered a code, without making any attempt to hide it from her. There was a small beep. He then opened the door and walked in ahead of her, still being sure not to leave her far behind.

The inside of the house was simple and not overly fancy, but quaint in it's own way. Once the door was closed Jiro turned and explained, [#005580 "My father never trusted the police, he was paranoid and had a lot of money. This house isn't even on any record of affiliation with me or my family in the police precinct or the government. It's maintained by some freelancers who worked for my father in secret, just in case he needed a place to hide from his enemies."] when he finished he turned to a cabinet in the room and gestured towards it. [#005580 "There's a first aid in there, alright if I retrieve it?"] He asked carefully, feeling it best not to opened a confined space obscured from her view and reach into it unceremoniously.
  Jiro Kaikuro / MaskOfInnocence / 4y 16d 2h 46m 22s
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[left [size17 [Covered+By+Your+Grace Mayu kept a tight grip on her gun as she waited for the [b stranger] to respond. At first he looked very puzzled for some reason. Was he not used to people pointing guns at him or something? Then he spoke. He started by rudely accusing her of having less-than-pure intentions should he lower his gun, to which she puffed her lower lip into an even more pronounced pout. What was his problem? She probably wouldn't shoot him if he dropped the gun. Probably. Maybe. She noticed him grimace, but was unsure if this was more of this guy's grumpy attitude, or if that gross bullet wound was responsible for his gritted teeth. She turned to look at the doll in her hand before she whispered quietly; [#FF1493 "Wait, what about him? Speak up."] Having apparently moved past whatever led the man to gnarl his teeth, he then proposed a mutual lowering of their weapons, and in exchange offered to take her to a safe house. [#FF1493 "Wellll... It's true that I don't really have many places to go since my old boys would have swarmed my place by now..."] She cocked her head and lifted Gumi up to her chest as though hugging it lightly as she pondered. [#FF1493 "I dunno though... Why should I trust you not to shoot me after we've both lowered our guard? I mean, sure you'd wait for now but when I least expec-"]

She stopped talking suddenly and at the same time turned to look to her doll again. She arched her eyebrows in mild surprise, her mouth narrowing to match as she blinked. [#FF1493 "Wait, seriously? Well... I mean you do have a point, Gumi. This nasty cut is starting to smart, and my old crew are probably hot on my trail by now."] She moved her gun away from the man for a moment, despite not having announced her intentions. She didn't lower it, however. Instead she placed the barrel against her head while her face scrunched into one of straining to think. She rubbed the barrel of her small revolver against her temple, as though scratching an itch before she casually moved it back to aim at the man.

Moving the gun back to it's original position was quickly rendered pointless, however... [#FF1493 "Onetwothreedrop!!"] She shouted, all as one word. As she finished, she lowered her weapon with a mighty swing downward. She sighed and crossed her arms, lowering her head as if admitting defeat. Despite her raised voice a moment ago, her tone was now calm and level; [#FF1493 "Okay. Fine... I'll go along with you. But only because Gumi swayed me. I hope you know how lucky you are right now."] To further illustrate her intentions, she pointedly clicked the hammer of the revolver back up and stowed her gun in the inner pocket of her jacket. Her eyes then squinted shut as she smiled cheerfully. Her speech now bubbly and upbeat; [#FF1493 "Now where's this safe house you mentioned? This cut is reaalllly starting to hurt. Oh, and you're bleeding too in case you didn't notice. I understand how easy it is to miss small details when you're in a firefight."] Her eyes opened and she smiled patiently to the man, bouncing up and down and waiting for his reply.
  Mayu / Darkjak / 4y 25d 1h 41m 55s
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[size15 [Quattrocento One thing by this point was quite certain, this gumshoe detective was at a loss for words. His eyes, his ears, even his mental capacity couldn't make heads or tails of this woman. When he first saw her, the only thing he had payed attention to was her general posture and the firearm she held at the ready. But after hearing her speak, he was attempting to process a double take. The key words being, 'attempting to'. She appeared fairly young, likely not much older than himself. Her hair and eye color were unusual enough, but they hardly held a candle to her choice of wardrobe.

She wore an array of white, black and electric pink along with assorted splashes of every color in the rainbow in her coat and long skirt. It was hard to get a good look at her eyes through the heavily yellow tinted and near comical sized shades she was wearing. Overall if he were to sum up her ensemble in one word, it would be [i psychedelic.] To top everything off, she carried a small doll of a girl who seemed to share her bizarre fashion sense. And even with the clear death threat, her words were phrased much in the way a child might speak. Her expression was also that of a little girl trying to look mean. All told it was increasingly difficult even for Jiro's adept brain to grasp. Still, whether she intended it or not, she brought up a good point. Time wasn't on his side either, his former friends could be closing in on him as they spoke.

Bearing that in mind, he couldn't simply give her the playing field by lowering his weapon. In fact he couldn't help but grit his teeth in annoyance over the mere suggestion of it. He stared at her partly shielded eyes with his own steely blue ones, while he tried not let his frustration overrule his judgement. [#005580 "Naturally. And I suppose I'm expected to just take it in good faith that you will [i not] gun me down the second I put down my sidearm?"] He inquired pointedly, before changing his expression to that of slight self disappointment. That already sounded far more frustrated and sarcastic than he first anticipated, he needed to control his anger. He sighed quietly in contemplation. He really didn't have much time to talk about this. As if in reminder of his predicament, his thigh complained over his recent injury by sending a sharp jolt of pain up his leg. To which he grimaced and gritted his teeth once more, his eyes flicked with acknowledgement of the pain he was experiencing before he refocused them. Playing off his reaction as being nothing more than irritation. Exposing any weakness in a situation like this was dangerous.

After another moment's observation, he realized he was not the only of the two that suffered injury. There was a surmountable amount of blood coming from a covered wound on the woman's shoulder. There was a tie wrapped around it in some sorry attempt to stop the bleeding. A shoddy work of first aid at best. He let out a slow breath as his shoulders relaxed some, as if he had just reached a mental conclusion. [#005580 "Alright. It's clear to me that we are both without much time to truly consider our options. Not to mention we both appear to be gravely injured. I don't want to be shot at and I also don't want to shoot you. So... on the count of three, why don't we both lower our weapons, call a temporary truce and go someplace where we can patch up our wounds and discuss this? As it happens, there's a safe house nearby that I was heading towards. I can take us both there, what do you say?"] He suggested softly, with a raised eyebrow and a light hint of hope to his words. Usually, he wouldn't much like the idea of taking this person to his only safe house. But the reality was, there just weren't many options. Besides, not only did he not want to chance death again... but he in turn didn't want to take another life.
  Jiro Kaikuro / MaskOfInnocence / 4y 25d 2h 1m 0s
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[left [size17 [Covered+By+Your+Grace The apartment smelled [i foul]. That, of all things, drifted into the mind of an outlandishly dressed young lady as she stood in the sparsely furnished living space. The dead body of a middle-aged man was her only company in the room, and although it would eventually begin to smell, it wasn't the source of the stench that offended the lady's nostrils at the time. [#FF1493 "Yeesh, how much bourbon did that cockroach dirnk?!"] The young woman questioned loudly with a bemused smile. [#FF1493 "OUCH!"] The woman abruptly cried out as she gripped her left arm, or more accurately, the large knife wound that was sliced into it. [#FF1493 "Dangit, I guess you actually got me, huh Kenjou?"] After letting out a light chuckle the lady ignored the corpse in the room, and turned to observe the low-rent apartment she stood in. Smoke still poured out from the barrel of the petite pistol she gripped in her right hand from the killing shot that fired not five minutes ago. There was a small hole in the window of the apartment the bullet must have made after ripping through the dead man's chest. [#FF1493 "Crud, this hurts. But after what that worthless maggot did I'd say it was well worth it. Wouldn't you agree, Gumi?"] She smiled encouragingly as she turned to face the doll of a girl clutched in her left hand that she had addressed. [#FF1493 "Oh no! My icky blood's gonna run down into your hair at this rate! Hmm..."] She crossed her arms and pondered for a moment as the blood running down her left arm begin to drip down to the floor from it's new horizontal angle. She then turned to her doll suddenly, giving it her full attention. [#FF1493 "Hey, good idea, Gumi! We'll just borrow Kenjou's tie!"] Having reached a solution, the lady beamed as she skipped over to the corpse of Kenjou to "borrow" his tie for her bleeding gash.

The sun was setting by the time the young lady had finished wrapping the cotton tie from Kenjou's dead body around her wound, and climbing down the fire escape into the streets. Her deed done, thoughts of what would happen next only now dawned on the multicolored lady. [#FF1493 "Oh, shucks... You don't think our buddies back at the Yakuza might understand why Kenjou had to die... do you, Gumi?"] She turned to face the doll and looked at it silently for a moment. [#FF1493 "Ugh, you're right. I'm just a lieutenant and I just plugged a general! They're gonna try to kill me for this, aren't they? Man, it's not [i fair!] After what he did to me... to you... I could [i never] forgive him. He had to die. He had to. Plain and simple. Maybe a few of the boys might vouch for us if we explained the whole story?"] She turned to Gumi as her face lit up with hope. For several moments she just continued walking down the alley until again she spoke. [#FF1493 "Hm... I guess you're right... But I thought Kia at least seemed to like me, right? Nah, not enough to put his neck on the line, I getcha."] It was then that the young lady heard the squeals of tires as a vehicle came to an abrupt halt just down the alley, and several yelling voices rang out. "Where the [i fuck] did Mayu go!?" One loud and angry voice cried out from the vehicle down in the street. "Dunno, but according to our guy she's [i definitely] the one who just put a cap in Kenjou-sama. That crazy bitch stands out a fucking mile." Mayu took in a sharp breath. [#FF1493 "Oh man, that was fast! It's been what, just around 45 minutes since Kenjou fell down?!"] She whispered hoarsely to Gumi standing just out of sight in the alleyway. Mayu turned to make a run for it when a bright flashlight passed over the alley and then swung back to aim at her. "Hey! That's her! Shoot her, you idiots!" The same angry voice as before rang out just before it was followed by a loud chorus of gunshots. [#FF1493 "[i Aiiiiiiieeeeee!!!]] Mayu screamed as she put her arms over her head and pelted down the way she came swerving and leaping to avoid the gunfire. "She's getting away, you morons!!" The furious voice bellowed once again followed by the sound of loud car doors opening and slamming shut.

Mayu wasn't sure how long she'd been running but she was starting to get tired. [#FF1493 "Well, at least we couldn't have picked a better time to retire, eh Gumi? I mean, the old boss man was kind of a creepo, but at least he's not nuts like the new boss guy. Threatening war with the cops over [i one] stupid beat-cop-turned-detective? I mean granted he did supposedly kill the old boss man, but still...] She leaned on a wall and panted for a time as a lightheaded feeling crept over her. [#FF1493 "Whoa... I think Kenjou's tie wasn't enough first-aid for a cut this ugly..."] Mayu swayed lightly before she pushed herself off of the wall, took a deep breath and then broke into a run again down a neighboring alley. She only ran a few steps before she suddenly saw another figure in the alley. As she drew closer she could tell it was a man. One she didn't know. The last thing Mayu needed now was an encounter with a [b stranger]. She stopped running abruptly and in the same motion raised her pistol she still gripped tightly in her right arm and aimed at the figure. To make her point, she loudly cocked the revolver and put on the meanest face she could, which incidentally greatly resembled that of a spoiled child. No sooner had she raised her firearm, however, than she saw his pistol aimed for her, as well. He fiercely told her not to move; his eyes intense. [#FF1493 "Look, I don't have time for this, Mr. Stranger. I need to get out of here before they find me. So, either drop the gun or I'm just gonna have to kill ya quickly so I can go past. Okay?"]
  Mayu / Darkjak / 4y 25d 4h 4m 5s
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[size15 [Quattrocento The sky was set ablaze in reds, pinks and blues as an amber sun was beginning to set overhead. The sight was beautiful, but currently of little comfort to one man, who was half running and half limping away from home. His movements were hampered but determined through every pained stride he took. Forcing himself to run as fast as his one good leg and his other injured one could carry him, blood soaked through the bullet hole in his pants over his left thigh. His breath visible in the crisp autumn air while he panted.

This past year and a half could only be described as a nightmare. He falls in love with a man. Then discovers that man to be the leader of the Yakuza. He foolishly doesn't confront him on it in the hopes that he could trust him, maybe even find a way to save him. Then the man confronts him on a vacant beach and draws a gun in a blatant intention to kill. With only seconds to react, he shoots the man he loves dead and barely survives being shot himself. A typical crime of passion right? And as if he wasn't in knee deep already, everything went all the way to hell after that.

He was promoted to detective for his 'fine work', in stopping one of the most dangerous criminals in the country and shutting down a major drug ring. At the time he could feel nothing but a cold pit in his stomach. He had killed the only one he had ever loved, and he was promoted for it. Congratulated by every other man that saw him in the department. Yet he only felt sick. He wasn't a hero, he was just a stupid boy who curled up with snake. He was just a lucky survivor of his own foolishness. And of course, everyone actually seemed to believe it was over. They thought that with the head of the monster cut off, it would bow out and crawl back into whatever dark pit it had crawled out of. Idiots.

Even he knew it wasn't over, the Yakuza wouldn't simply shut down without their leader. Of course they would come back! They would just put another man in charge and carry on. They had owned this city for years, they'd be damned if they would cow away just because one of their own was shot down by some beat cop! Whatever it was Jiro had expected however, he couldn't have predicted this. He was a detective for a mere couple of months, before everyone turned on him. He might have expected a hit to be put on him after what he did. But the new leader of the Yakuza was not only declaring war on him, but also the entire police precinct unless they took care of their new recent detective. And even then, they could rage war on them regardless.

How did he know all of this? Because his partner rambled it off to him just before trying to kill him in his own home. He had struggled with his partner over his gun and got shot in the leg, after which he had gotten the gun away from him and knocked him out cold. Perhaps he should have killed him, but he didn't want to take the life of another again if he could help it. Now he was on the run, heading for the only safe house he knew of. The only place he was sure the precinct didn't know about. Thank god for this enormous city. He wouldn't have gotten far himself without that ride on a Taxi he had hitched before. He ducked into an alley, in order to cut across to his location without being seen.

He had to pull himself together, he had to find a way of stopping this madness. He had heard things about the new leader of the Yakuza before he had taken that title. He was a madman. Bloodthirsty with eyes only for power. With him in charge of the Yakuza, this city could go up in flames. He stopped after making it halfway through the alley, there was someone else coming. He responded on instinct by pulling his sidearm and cocking it, he pointed it towards the figure that stepped out ahead of him. It was a woman. And from the look of things she had the same idea Jiro did, for in her hands was another gun, this one trained on him. The young detective was at a bit of a disadvantage, he was already injured. Yet despite his potential enemy's upper hand, he still held his ground. His own gun aimed for the woman's chest, as he spoke an order in the steadiest and most intimidating tone he could manage; [#005580 "Don't move."]
  Jiro Kaikuro / MaskOfInnocence / 4y 25d 6h 1s

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