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[center [size15 [Quattrocento [b "People like to say that the conflict is between good and evil.
The real conflict is between truth and lies."]
[right [b - [#006699 Don Miguel Ruiz]]]

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Welcome to Osha. On the outset, one of the largest and most successful cities located in Japan. It has everything, exotic trades, live theater performances, the most lucrative of businesses and etc. But whereas it is filled with amazing opportunities, in secret it is also holds a domineering rule of power and intimidation over it's citizens. For the Yakuza are the true owners of this city.
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Major business owners, politicians, lawyers, even most of the police are aware of their place. They belong either in the pockets of these ruthless men, or simply out of their way. Anyone who makes a stand against them tend to disappear. Despite this, there are still some who want to believe in a better city. Which brings us to Jiro Kaikuro, a gumshoe detective who continually tip-toes the line and tries the mob's patience. Unfortunately, that patience is also wearing thin.
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Hard to believe it was only a few months prier that this detective was just an every day police officer. But when you single handedly take down the head of the Yakuza and shut down a whole drug ring, well, a promotion does seem in order doesn't it? In truth however the news of his success brings little comfort to the man in question. If he had achieved his new credentials through an elaborate arrest, that would be one thing. Sadly this case just wasn't so open and closed.
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No one could ever guess that the man they all came to know as the leader for the most deadly crime family in the country, Jiro had first come to know as the man he loved. It started with a simple approach, a single peach and then nearly a year of a steadily growing passion. During this time, the officer began to realize the truth behind the identity of his lover. Even so, he hesitated from ever confronting him over it. Perhaps it was out of a desperate wish to trust him, or maybe out of some misguided attempt to save him somehow. Which ever the reason, it was his hesitation that lead to what happened next.

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The man he thought he knew confronted him one morning on the beach, having apparently realized that this officer knew too much. Jiro only had a few seconds to process what was happening, as his lover drew out a gun. His own instincts took over as he pulled his own sidearm and fired a shot, and was hit in the chest with a bullet in return. Both men were down, but only one would ever get back up. The bullet had missed Jiro's heart and either by miraculous luck, or incredible will, he survived. It was revealed that the other man on the beach was the leader of the Yakuza. And for his information concerning him and one of their drug rings, it seemed appropriate officer Jiro was promoted to Detective.
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But after a few month have passed, the Yakuza now have a new leader. The police are concerned only with covering their own asses from their inevitable wrath. Even willing to go so far as to chuck one of their own into the lions den just to protect themselves. It isn't long before Jiro's own partner attempts to kill him. Now on the run from the entire police precinct, Jiro's only chance to prevent an all out war in Osha is to somehow stop or reason with the Yakuza.

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And as it turns out, he's not alone. An elite member of the Yakuza ______, is also on the run from their supposed friends. _______ was betrayed by one of the other members of the mob. And from where they're standing, the new leader is insane. Calling open war not just on the police, but also the other resident criminal families they had been in alliance with. Thus _____ also wants to prevent an all out war on Osha but can't trust anyone within their ranks. Both on the run, these two fugitives run into each other while turning a corner in an alley. Guns drawn and assumptions made, are these two truly enemies or unlikely allies? Can they set aside their prejudices and differences long enough to stop this catastrophe? Or will the balance of power in Osha remain at a Standoff?
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Kazuki stared at the blonde man, who gave his side of things and brought up a good point. The man with pink hair didn't really think things through and just did things without thinking. Jiro was making him actually stop and think for a moment. However, his assumptions were already made that cops were good people with pretty lives and criminals like him were bad people with shit shows for lives instead. "[b [+ff29b4 Yeah, well, I'm not done with my shit show yet. This is only the second act.]]" He muttered, walking over and picking up the gun he dropped, both weapons stained and dirty from Kazuki's hands.

Zuki sniffed himself for a moment and coughed, wanting to take a shower, but he clearly didn't trust Jiro yet. It was going to take a long time. The rusty wheels in his head started turning again as he leaned against the counter, both guns in his grasp as he stared forward. He looked over at Jiro, "[b [+ff29b4 Then why did you try to stop me? I mean, I wasn't actually going to do it, but you thought I was. Then, you question me calling you a good person? If you weren't trying to save me because you're a good person, why'd you try to save me?]]"

"[b [+ff29b4 Ugh, whatever. I don't care.]]" Kazuki continued after a brief pause, anxiously staring up at the ceiling, "[b [+ff29b4 I can't just hide in here. They're going to find me. Fuck, they're going to fucking kill me when they see what I did.]]" He looked back down at the floor, missing his old mentor. Kazuki used to ask him about a lot, being a lost little boy who was accepted into the Yakuza and grew from his old boss. Who was now replaced by a monster.

The man sighed, narrowing his eyes at the floor, "[b [+ff29b4 This whole situation is fucked up. I just want to leave the country again, that's how to really get rid of all your problems.]]" He finally sat down, his paranoia going down a little bit, until his glance snapped back up at Jiro. "[b [+ff29b4 And you're going to help me, because you said you would. Now... First things first, what's a good American name? I've never been to America, but you get away with a lot in that country.]]" His true nature coming out a bit more as he tried not to think about what happened. However, the blood on his arms and pain in his neck and sides were a constant reminder. Plus, the smell. His small smile faded and he reached up, touching the bite marks on his neck before trying to think of American names again, "[b [+ff29b4 I think I'll stick with Bob. Bob Americo. That'll fly down there, right?]]"

He slouched over in his chair, rubbing his side in pain before thinking again, "[b [+ff29b4 Shit... What if they know? What if they wait for me at the airport? Roy's going to want my head on a silver platter and he's going to have all his little puppets running around to look for me.]]" Zuki growled, "[b [+ff29b4 Fuck, I had one guy to trust in the entire world and he has to go off and die and leave me with all this shit.]]" He looked up at Jiro, realizing the man was still there. Kazuki talked to himself. A lot. It was a bad habit.

"[b [+ff29b4 It's hard keeping thoughts inside my head. There's too much stupid shit happening up there.]]" He tapped the side of his head with his finger. He tried to change the subject, not wanting to talk about the Yakuza or death, or his old friend dying. "[b [+ff29b4 Anyway. Bob. Bob Americo. What should his job be? Maybe I'll go back to the drug market. Americans love drugs, right?]]"
  - Kazuki Zukeyama - / Hiidan / 3y 19d 2h 34m 11s
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[size15 [Quattrocento Jiro made no attempt to keep the gun when it was yanked away. And in fact only held up his hands in calm surrender when the second gun was drawn, he really should have expected this. He mentally agreed with the other's first outburst, insane? stupid? Yes, he was likely both. It would serve him right if he was shot down by this man at this moment. All he could do was give every sign he could that he meant no real harm and hope against hope that he might be believed. Though it seemed doubtful.

He hadn't really thought it through. His own trauma and past experiences simply wouldn't allow him to watch this person kill himself. But in truth the man was incorrect in assuming that the ex-detective didn't understand where someone would be to consider it an option. It was one of the reasons he couldn't just sit by and watch it happen. Even though if this guy killed himself then Jiro would no longer have him as an immediate threat to deal with. He couldn't bring himself to think that way, to view someone's life as an obstacle in his way. And there was a time, when he was tempted to take his own life as well. He understood that feeling, when it seemed that you and the world couldn't possibly sink any lower. That there was no other escape from the pain and fear.

He finally spoke once he watched and listened to the other during his anger and panic. [#005580 "You're right."] He started quietly, [#005580 "You have no real reason to trust that I'm telling the truth. But if I don't really intend to help you, then why would I try to stop you from shooting yourself? Right now, you're the one with the gun and the ability to make choices I can't. Wouldn't it be more convenient for me if you shot yourself and thus you would no longer be a threat to me?"] he added calmly before he sighed and glanced downwards. He made a weak smile and nearly laughed at himself. [#005580 "A good person?"] He considered doubtfully.

[#005580 "Don't get me wrong... you could be right in assuming I don't really want to help you. In fact, I could be doing this for an entirely selfish reason. Maybe I just don't want to watch someone else die. Perhaps I just don't want your death on my conscience, I could just be trying to save myself from further guilt. I don't expect you to simply believe what I tell you, but in truth... all I know is I don't want to watch you die and I want to give you another option. I don't know if it's because I care or because I feel responsible. Like I said, you're the one with the ability to make the ultimate choice..."] He took a shaky breath, in attempt to hide his own horror and despair over the idea of this man killing himself and failed to do so. He added quietly and reluctantly; [#005580 "I can't really stop you..."]
  Jiro Kaikuro / MaskOfInnocence / 3y 19d 3h 23m 13s
"[b [+ff69b4 Unforgivable?]]" He asked softly, listening to Jiro's vague explanation and thinking about it. He didn't have a lot of time to think about it, though, since Zuki put the cold metal to his head and started thinking about how much easier it would be to just pull the trigger. Kazuki had been running from shit his whole life, and the Yakuza had been a part of his life for so long. He ended his Yakuza career so quickly, just like that. Could he really run again? Become another part of a country again? Could he really endure another name and identity change?

Zuki flinched when the blonde man lunged towards him. The pinkette barely had time to react, stumbling back and entering panic mode again when Jiro grabbed at the gun. "[b [+ff69b4 I told you not to give me a reason to kill you! Fucker!]]" He yelled as he yanked the gun away, the weapon flying out of his grip and ending up on the floor.

Zuki didn't go for the weapon, pulling out the gun he had hidden in the back of his pants and pointing it at Jiro quickly, ready to shoot. He was panting quickly, his pink eyes wide and terrified, until Jiro tried to explain he wanted to help. "[b [+ff69b4 Why the FUCK would you grab the gun from me?! Are you insane?! Are you stupid?!]]" He screamed, aiming at Jiro, but not pulling the trigger. The man didn't seem to want to shoot Zuki, but instead help him out.

Kazuki narrowed his eyes suspiciously, not used to people wanting to help him. "[b [+ff69b4 You're really good at lying, but fuck you. You won't actually help me. You'll betray me and try to kill me yourself. You don't care about me or where I end up. I'll shoot myself if I fucking want to. You have no idea what a shit show my life is, and you have no idea what I'm going through right now, so don't try to talk me out of shit!]]" He yelled at the man, his heart still racing.

Kazuki took a few moments to calm down, slowly lowering the gun so it wasn't aimed at Jiro's head anymore. "[b [+ff69b4 Why would you want to help me anyway? I Work for bad people. In fact, I am a bad person. You're a good person. A fucking cop. All my life, you guys have been trying to put me away. Why the hell would I trust someone like you?]]"
  - Kazuki Zukeyama - / Hiidan / 3y 19d 7h 24m 52s
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[size15 [Quattrocento Despite being watched closely by a man wielding a gun, Jiro still allowed himself to relax back into his seat once he finished caring for his wound. He might as well take this time to breathe and rest his body while he had the chance. He turned his head towards the other man without straightening up, hesitant to answer his question. Still, he was the one with the disadvantage right now. Perhaps he could present a vague explanation. [#005580 "I did something.... unforgivable."] He began slowly, he glanced away from the individual. He wasn't sure he could look him in the face while he talked about this.

He could already feel the crippling guilt over his past action grip his stomach and chest. It was true that he acted in self defense. By all basic rights, both of legality and survival.. he didn't do anything wrong. But he just couldn't make himself believe that. Not only had he killed the only person he loved, but in doing so he unknowingly allowed a lunatic to take charge of the Yakuza and endanger the whole city. He continued; [#005580 "What I did, brought consequences down not just on myself.. but my fellow officers as well. My partner shot me because he was fearing for his life."] He turned back to the pink haired male once he finished. Now spotting the light blonde roots underneath. Was he part American himself? Or perhaps he just bleached his hair so that it would be easier to dye.

His eyebrows furrowed only in concern when the other first snapped at him. He should probably practice more trepidation over angering this guy, but it was difficult seeing as he was obviously in pain and some form of trauma. So he initially worked for some dangerous people and something happened. Whatever it was, it must have put a target on him. Likely causing the people he had worked for to be looking for him. And now he was talking about fleeing the country? Then the people he worked for were [i that] dangerous?? To the point that he would never be safe unless he left the country entirely? There was really only a few organizations the young detective could think of with that kind of power. One of which, was the entire reason for him being on the run and attempting to fix what he broke.

If this guy was Yakuza, then Jiro was in hotter waters than he first perceived. Then again, he was now on the run from his own companions. Maybe if he just helped this person leave the country, there would be no need for them to be enemies. Even though this man was likely a criminal, he still couldn't help but feel sorry for him and his current condition. He seemed so shaken, so vulnerable. However the mood very suddenly shifted when the other stared into his own gun, his voice turned desperate, his words implicating death as his best option for escape. The blonde's blue eyes widened in horror, his own heart jumped to his throat.


Without thinking, Jiro suddenly lunged forward with more speed than he even thought himself capable of with his injury. He caught the younger man's had holding the gun with both of his own, in an effort to prevent him from pulling the trigger on himself. [#005580 "DON'T!"] He yelled shortly in panic as he yelled. In the back of his mind he realized he probably just sealed his own fate. But it couldn't be helped. He couldn't watch someone die, not again... not while he might be able to save them. [#005580 "Please! Don't resort to that! There are other options, if you want out of the country I can help you. Just don't... Just let me help.. Please..."] He panted frantically. If Jiro was a different kind of person, he would have taken this man's distraction as an opportunity to take the gun and give himself an advantage. But Jiro wasn't that person. The idea hadn't even occurred to him, he didn't even try to forcefully take the gun. He only tried to prevent it's holder from using it on himself.
  Jiro Kaikuro / MaskOfInnocence / 3y 26d 6h 52m 13s
Zuki flinched and looked away when the man began pulling at the bullet in his leg. That was gross and he did not want to watch it happen. He ignored Jiro's pain, focusing on the ground. Every so often, he'd glance up just a little bit to make sure Jiro didn't jump on him. The paranoia of working in a mafia affected your perspective a lot, especially after being betrayed by a member.

"[b [+ff69b4 Why did you partner shoot you...?]]" That was a big question roaming around in his head that Kazuki decided to say out loud. He never really imagined police officers fighting and shooting at each other. What had the partner done? Kazuki paused, staring at the wound that Jiro was wrapping up. What had Jiro done? Did the blonde officer do something bad, and that's why he's running and didn't want to go back to his police station? The criminal and former drug addict ran a hand through his hair, a couple of his blonde roots showing, but everything was mostly pink.

He began watching Jiro again when his wound was wrapped up, Zuki not wanting to let this man out of his sight. He didn't trust him, or anyone at this point. He used to trust people, and then his mentor and best friend died. Now, he felt alone and scared. What the hell was he going to do? He couldn't look to anyone for advice because the one person he looked up to got shot by some police officer. Little did he know, that specific police officer was sitting in front of him right now.

The man with pink eyes sighed, holding the gun in one hand and using his other bloody hand to cover up the aggressive-looking bite mark on his neck. "[b [+ff69b4 That's none of your business. Why do you care anyway?]]" He narrowed his eyes at Jiro and kept his real feelings inside. He had some bruises on his torso and sides from being gripped and shoved against a wall, but those were just starting to form and hidden under his bloody shirt. "[b [+ff69b4 I work for some people, and some bad stuff went down, and now I need a fake passport and to just leave the country. Maybe I'll change my name to Bob. Go to America and do some shit-paying job that will keep me out of trouble.]]" Kazuki sighed, lowering his head and putting the cold metal of the side of his gun to his forehead. The coolness helped his headache, but didn't get rid of it. "[b [+ff69b4 Or I could just end everything right now. That'd be much better than getting caught.]]" Kazuki contemplated, since his head was too chaotic to handle organized thinking, he had to think out loud a lot. He stared at the gun, considering suicide as just another escape plan.
  - Kazuki Zukeyama - / Hiidan / 3y 19d 7h 24m 6s
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[size15 [Quattrocento The injured detective's mouth nearly twitched into an amused smile over the other male's sarcastic response. He tried to hold it back, considering the situation it seemed unlikely this was the appropriate time to show amusement. It looked to him as if the younger man was confused over this house and it's setup, which was why he had explained it. But according to the other guy he didn't want an explanation and found receiving one to be annoying.

He let out a nearly silent grunt over having the first aid kit unceremoniously shoved into him, he caught it in a tight grasp. He then sat down on a chair nearby and began tending to his wound. He used a pair of scissors in the kit and made a cut his pants right over his wound, making a bigger opening to work with. He picked up a bottle of wound cleansing solution and began washing out the bullet wound. He shuddered involuntarily, the pain was really getting to him. He had been ignoring it for too long. He fished out some tweezers, lightly grasped the bullet with them and breathed out slowly, preparing himself for the worst part. It was then he overheard his 'guest's' inquiry concerning the origins of his injury. He allowed a small scoff, bracing himself for both the pain and the answer he had to give.

[#005580 “My partner.”] He breathed out bluntly, then in a single motion, abruptly yanked the piece of iron from his leg. He gritted his teeth to muffle a yell of pain into more of a growl. He panted for a moment then half chuckled. He realized how funny that might sound to someone else, his own partner did this to him. If Jiro hadn’t acted quickly, it wouldn’t have been his leg that was shot.. But his head. Even despite that, he still didn’t kill his partner. He couldn’t. He didn’t want to kill anyone else. On the outset it would seem stupid of him to spare the life of his attempted murderer. Maybe it was. Regardless, what was done was done. He cleaned out the wound again. He had a fair deal of luck today, it seemed the wound wasn’t infected. The bullet even managed to miss hitting a major artery.

[#005580 “It doesn’t seem infected, should be fine.”] He added to the pink haired man, in response to his second concern. Well, not [i concern] according to him. But Jiro answered him all the same. He removed some cloth bandages from the kit and tightly wrapped his thigh and the injury up, to protect it from infection and prevent anymore bleeding. He glanced at the carpet at the other guy’s mention of it. No shit there was blood on it. He let out a deep sigh. For a moment he shared the unspoken concern his unlikely comrade had. Would they have left a trail to follow? After a moment's thought however, he realized it wasn’t likely. Not impossible. But not likely. He wasn’t sure who the other was running from, but as for himself, the man who shot him was unconscious when Jiro left. He had taken cab some of the way there. And if the other guy’s pursuer didn’t know exactly where the two of them met, then neither party would have the beginning of a trail to follow.

Jiro peered up from his leg back at the other man. He was still shaking. But he wasn’t badly injured, it was clear most of the blood on him wasn’t his. The blonde couldn’t help but observe the bite mark the other had on his neck. …. That sign already pointed to another explanation. But Jiro wasn’t sure calling him out on it when he was [i this] shaken, and [i this] aggravated was a good idea. At least not while he held a gun trained on him. Instead he asked about it casually, as if making conversation and evening out answering the other’s questions. It seemed only fair right? [#005580 “So what about you? Someone attack you?”] He asked calmly, he was unable to keep a certain softness from his tone. To be honest. Despite the current predicament he was actually concerned over the other male. He thought about letting him know that there was a shower in this place, and likely even several changes of clothes that would fit. But he doubted that the other would trust Jiro enough to turn his back.
  Jiro Kaikuro / MaskOfInnocence / 3y 52d 10h 17m 14s
Kazuki steadied his hand slowly, but it wouldn't stop shaking. He glanced around both ways before beginning to follow Jiro. He had no idea if anyone had even found the body yet. A lot of people had already gone home, so maybe it wouldn't be discovered until tomorrow morning. He kept thinking about it while they walked, also thinking about Jiro's little moment of thinking aloud. Why didn't he want to go to the police station? Whatever. He was still a police officer and Zuki didn't trust police officers.

Zuki walked into the house after a small code was entered, which he had looked at, but would forget in a few minutes. He wasn't very sharp. Well, he was intelligent, but he made very reckless and impulsive decisions. He went with his gut and rarely used his head, especially in fight-or-flight type situations.

He was curious about the place and why Jiro had a safe house until Jiro explained it himself. Kazuki stared at the man, listening, but acted like he didn't care. "[b [+ff00ff Okay? I didn't ask for a fucking history lesson.]]" He frowned.

When Jiro asked about the first aid kit, Kazuki cautiously approached the cabinet and opened it. He grabbed the first aid kit and shoved it into Jiro's hands, then went to sit close by so Jiro couldn't leave his sight. He set the bloody gun down and looked down at his ruined clothes. He tried not to touch anything and get more blood on it, even if he had stained the cabinet and first aid kid. The red liquid was starting to get dry, making Jiro frown and want to wash it off, but he didn't want to turn his back to this guy.

Zuki reached up after a few moments and felt his neck again, picking at some of the dried blood there. The bite marks were still there and would probably start to bruise soon. He sighed, feeling the bitten skin before lowering his arm and glaring at the ground. The Yakuza was spiraling out of control. He really missed the old leader. He missed having a mentor and a friend. This new leader felt like a dictator and someone who fancied being feared.

Kazuki looked up at Jiro, who was healing his own wound. Even if he hated police officers, Jiro didn't kill unless he felt there was a reason to. If someone hurt him, he'd kill them. So far, Jiro hasn't. So far, Zuki hasn't thought of a reason to just kill him and take this safe house to himself.

A lot of silent time passed before Zuki began tapping his foot impatiently. He couldn't stand being still or having silence for too long. He eventually let his curiosity speak for him, "[b [+ff00ff So... who shot you?]]" He asked, "[b [+ff00ff Is it going to get infected or some shit?]]" He paused, "[b [+ff00ff Not like I care, or anything. Just so you know, I don't know anything about first aid or taking care of wounds, so if it gets infected, I can't help you.]]" He said. No one had taught him how to fix wounds and Kazuki hadn't had any major wounds yet. He never looked into it and kind of didn't want to. The reckless man felt invincible when fighting, like nothing could kill him.

He looked down to see that Jiro had been leaking blood and really hoped no one would notice that and trace it back to here. Zuki pointed, "[b [+ff00ff You got blood on your carpet.]]" He pointed out. He reached back up again and looked away to feeling the bites on his neck. He took a shaky breath, "[b [+ff00ff So what exactly do you plan to do here? Are you staying here?]]" Kazuki didn't exactly have a plan, but he knew he had do get a fake passport and book it to wherever had the cheapest flight.
  - Kazuki Zukeyama - / Hiidan / 3y 133d 7h 49m 53s
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[size15 [Quattrocento Jiro breathed out slowly, keeping his gaze steadily on the younger male's eyes. He didn't respond or flinch to having the gun pushed more firmly against his skull, he merely remained as calm as possible and awaited the other's decision. He hoped he wouldn't end up dying today. He had faced death before, but that didn't mean he was unafraid of it's embrace. His heart raced within his chest in reminder of this fact, while he watched the pink haired male contemplate his options.

What felt like ages but in reality was only a few seconds passed, before he was abruptly being searched by the other man. Once again, he didn't move. The last thing he would want would be to provoke his aggressor anymore than he already had. Even still he held his breath, he knew what the other was about to find. This guy was toting around a gun as well, and he certainly didn't appear to be another officer. This likely meant he carried that weapon for other purposes. It was possible that he owned it just for self defense. But he was covered in blood and had clearly just gone through something violent and traumatic. Whichever the other guy's situation, it was high doubtful that he would trust a police officer very openly. Particularly one from this city.

Sure enough the second male's reaction to discovering Jiro's occupation was anything but relaxed. Jiro's lips tightened in anxiety, as for a moment it looked as though the other might shoot. After a moment's pause, the gun was removed from his head and stashed away under the waist line of the other man's pants. He couldn't help but feel thankful for the lack of cold steel against his skin, as he watched the other retrieve his original firearm. He then held still and cooperated as he was patted down. He had no other weapons aside from his sidearm. He winced some when he was first pulled to his feet, the wound in his leg complained over the sudden movement with another shot of sharp pain. He ignored the ache for the time being and steadied himself. He nodded to the other's clear illustrated threat and held his hands up some in surrender and understanding, [#005580 "Fair enough."] he uttered calmly.

He moved to retrieve his glasses once he was directed to them. By some small miracle they appeared undamaged from the struggle. He let out a soft breath that could have been relief as he slid them back onto his face. He glanced back at the second male hearing his demand to be taken to the before mentioned safe house, he nodded once more and began to lead the way at a decent pace. Making sure not to move too slowly but also not to put too much distance between him and the armed man. He wouldn't want to give the guy anymore reason to distrust him. Over the mention of a violent threat should he lead his attacker to the police station, he did his best to withhold a scoff as he replied; [#005580 "Believe me, the police department is the last place I'd want to be..."]

It only took them a few minutes to arrive at an old looking house located near the edge of town. He walked to a small rectangular panel with numbered buttons beside the door. He entered a code, without making any attempt to hide it from him. There was a small beep. He then opened the door and walked in ahead of him, still being sure not to leave him far behind.

The inside of the house was simple and not overly fancy, but quaint in it's own way. Once the door was closed Jiro turned and explained, [#005580 "My father never trusted the police, he was paranoid and had a lot of money. Ironic I know. But this house isn't even on any record of affiliation with me or my family in the police precinct or the government. Hell, it's not on file anywhere in any accessible data banks. It was maintained by some freelancers who worked for my father in secret, just in case he needed a place to hide from his enemies."] when he finished he turned to a cabinet in the room and gestured towards it. [#005580 "There's a first aid in there, alright if I get it? Or would you prefer to?"] He asked carefully, feeling it best not to opened a confined space obscured from his view and reach into it unceremoniously. He wasn't even sure this person would really even keep him alive at this point, seeing as they were now at the safe house. He just hoped that he had meant it when he said that he didn't shoot people without good reason.
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Kazuki stared down at the man below him and thought about things carefully. Pressing the gun harder into Jiro's forehead while he contemplated his options. He looked over at the glasses on the ground that surprisingly weren't broken and then glanced down at Jiro's face, which looked honest. But why did Jiro have a gun? Was he another gang member?

Kazuki pressed the gun in again as he searched Jiro's pockets, pulling out a wallet to see a badge. "[b [+ff00ff Holy fuck, you're a cop.]]" He narrowed his eyes, "[b [+ff00ff How the fuck am I supposed to trust a cop?]]" He muttered, pressing a little harder on the trigger before deciding not to shoot. He put the gun in the back of his pants and covered it with his shirt.

He got up to his feet and grabbed hi own gun from the ground, then patted Jiro down again to take away any other weapons. He grabbed Jiro's collar and didn't have a problem yanking the taller man to his feet and shoving him forward, "[b [+ff00ff I don't kill people without a reason.]]" He said, point his gun at Jiro's head, "[b [+ff00ff So don't give me a fucking reason.]]"

Zuki gestured at the glasses, knowing Jiro should probably grab those before saying, "[b [+ff00ff Take me to this place. I don't have a lot of time. People will be looking for me.]]" He sighed, knowing he didn't have an option of where to go. He didn't know anybody outside the Yakuza, nor did he have anything planned for if he ran away from them one day. This was all happening too quickly and the thought of some safe house sounded great, even if it was a cop leading him.

"[b [+ff00ff If you lead me to a police station or any shit like that, I swear, I will kill you.]]" He made that very clear. He was betrayed once again by the one clan he called a family. He didn't need any more betrayal shit.
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[size15 [Quattrocento Tensions were high and Jiro's mind was racing. It didn't take long for him to take in the state the other male before him appeared to be in. He was covered in blood. Not only that, but his form was trembling. Tears were streaming from his eyes and down his face. The younger looking male sounded defensive when he first spoke. He sounded firm, but he looked scared. All signs were beginning to point to the other man having undergone some kind of severe trauma. His behavior was reminiscent of a wounded animal, cornered and fighting for survival.

Then the second male spoke again. This time in a resigned softer tone with an added plea for help. He had lowered his gun. Jiro felt himself lower his guard before he even thought about it. His overpowering instinct to help others in need taking charge, as he lowered his own sidearm. Without realizing it he had taken the other man's bait, hook line and sinker. He didn't even have time to recover from his mistake before he was being tackled to the ground. It wasn't as if he couldn't fight in close quarters, but his assailant clearly had the upper hand. He was taken off guard and this guy was far stronger than he looked. He struggled against being pinned only to be elbowed hard in the face, he grunted in pain as his glasses went flying from his face.

Luckily, his glasses were only cosmetic. They weren't prescription and the lenses were made of perfectly ordinary glass. He wore them for sentimental purposes. Still the blow to his face was enough to disorientate him. And those seconds of time was more than enough for his attacker to get a firm hold of the situation. He gritted his teeth in order to muffle a yell of pain when he felt the wound on his leg stomped on. [#005580 “Nrrghh!! Dammit!”] He shouted in frustration after his restrained cry. A sharp jolt of pain had shot through the nervous system of his whole leg. Instinctively he stopped thrashing, in the hopes his wound wouldn't be punished further. He heard the other man speak up in a mocked version of his own earlier command. Shit. It happened again, he let his own good intentions and his sheer naivety get the best of him. Wasn't that what started this mess? The very reason why he was now fleeing from his former friends and comrades?

He let out a slow shuddered breath in a forced attempt at calm, as he felt the touch of cold iron on his forehead. He opened his blue eyes and peered up at the gun's new wielder. Despite the other's ownership of the playing field however, he still looked shaken and defensive. His following words only confirmed this fact, as Jiro was accused of waving firearms at people like a psycho. Once again, his voice was firm and powerful. As if he was used to situations like these. But his trembling hands and tear stricken face portrayed something else entirely. It was confusing to say the least. He felt the impression of the other male's foot leave his injury only to be replaced after a cursory examination. He tried not to respond in pained and frustrated sarcasm when the other asked about him being shot.

He wasn't sure how much hope he had of surviving this encounter, but he felt certain they would be slim if he pissed off the man holding a gun to his head. He panted softly as he found his voice again and spoke; [#005580 “Yes.. I was shot. That's why I had my sidearm drawn, it's for self defense... I wasn't looking for a fight.”] He started as sincerely as he could manage, his breath was slightly labored from his agony and exhaustion. He thought for a moment before he began again, [#005580 “Look. I don't have much time and I can't stay here.. I don't know what happened to you, or who you are. But from the looks of things, I would guess you can't stay here and chat for very long yourself. So... if you're going to kill me, I suggest you get that over with.”] he looked at the other's eyes steadily with his own steely blue ones as he spoke. This wasn't the first time he stared death in the face. He then added softly, [#005580 “That is assuming you have a plan or a place to go after you're done shooting me. As it happens I do. I don't want to hurt you, and I'm not eager to die either. I'm not expecting you to believe I have good intentions, but believe I had somewhere I was running to and it was somewhere I felt sure is safe. You can kill me, or I can take you there and then you can decide what to do from there.”] his eyes held a strong gaze as he spoke, but also a certain softness to reflect his words. He still couldn't help but feel sorry for this person, it was clear he had been through a lot. But he couldn't die here, not yet. Not until he fixed what he had broken. [#005580 “You're the one with the cards, it's your play.”] He finished calmly and gently, he then awaited the other man's reply. Hoping against hope that he could somehow reason with him.
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This new leader sucked.

This new leader really, really sucked.

Kazuki Zukeyama missed the old Leader. He did things with reason and led the Yakuza with pride, but this new leader? He was just fucking everything up. He called himself Roy and acted like a god ever since he moved up to the leader position. Just Roy. It wasn't his first name, nor did he ever mention a middle name or last name. He just called himself Roy. He was also clinically insane, but that wasn't a fair argument because almost every member of the Yakuza was clinically insane.

Kazuki couldn't leave, though, no matter how much he wanted to. He didn't have a home. He didn't have a family who wanted him. All he knew was how to kill and be loyal to this bullshit clan who never did anything for him.

The man with pink hair was the shortest one there, but just because he was short, didn't mean he was the weakest one there. The old members who were there already knew Zuki and what he was capable of. Kazuki was in charge of the weapons, making sure they were in good shape and giving them out to people after giving his recommendations. Zuki liked to call himself a weapons expert, always carrying a bunch of stuff with him, guns and knives hidden in multiple places on his body. Kazuki also didn't go down easy. He went down screaming and fighting and sometimes biting.

He was getting done with everything, putting all the weapons away carefully and smiling at the precious items before leaving the room. The old members knew what he was capable of, but Roy had been hiring a lot of new members for his stupid plan of destroying the police force. Everyone was all for the destruction and mayhem, except for Kazuki and a few other members who didn't think it was the best idea. One of the new members looked over Kazuki for a few moments, "[b [+blue Are you a member here?]]"

Zuki sighed. He had been asked that question too many times in the past few months, "[b [+ff00ff Yes.]]" He kept walking, but the man behind him kept following.

"[b [+blue No way. You don't look strong.]]" He argued.

Zuki sighed, "[b [+ff00ff Fuck off.]]"

"[b [+blue Your hair is pink…]]" He pointed out.

Kazuki sighed for a third time and turned around, narrowing his eyes at the taller man. His hair was dyed pink because his eyes were naturally pink. People made fun of it for him, but after years of ridicule, he didn't care anymore. "[b [+ff00ff Yeah. My hair is pink. No shit, ass wipe. Now fuck off.]]" He said again.

"[b [+blue Are you some kind of faggot? Faggots have pink hair.]]" The man crossed his arms.

Kazuki's eye twitched, "[b [+ff00ff What?]]"

"[b [+blue You know, I happen to like faggots.]]" He muttered.

Kazuki frowned and turned away, "[b [+ff00ff Yeah, well, your face is ugly, so good luck with that.]]" He tried to walk away, but his arm was grabbed and he was yanked back. Kazuki was motionless for a moment, his heart rate picking up when he felt the man's mouth on his neck and his stronger arms wrap around his waist.

"[b [+blue Not like you could do anything about it.]]" The man said as he held on tightly to the smaller man, not letting him escape.

Kazuki struggled slightly, grabbing his gun, but it was slapped away and Kazuki was slammed against a wall as the man attacked his neck. Kazuki made a sound of discomfort before stopping his struggling and grabbing the man's shirt, "[b [+ff00ff You'd like to fuck this, wouldn't you?]]" He whispered.

"[b [+blue Yeah, I would. Too bad you're too small to do shit about this, so I'm going to do what I want to do.]]" The Yakuza member said before attacking the neck again.

Kazuki let it happen for a few moments, feeling the man in front of him let his guard down and in that second, he kneed the man in the stomach. He took that chance to pull out a knife from nowhere and stab the man in the stomach. Zuki kicked the larger being to the ground and proceeded to stab him over and over and over again. "[b [+ff00ff FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!]]" He screamed, stabbing and stabbing even after the man stopped moving. Kazuki spit on the man's body and pulled out a gun, shooting him in the face. After a few moments, he slowly realized what shit he had done.

"[b [+ff00ff Fuck.]]" He whispered, staring at the body and the blood all over his arms and hands. He reached up to rub the bite marks littered across his neck, getting blood on his neck now.

He had just killed a Yakuza member.

Kazuki started walking away, then he started running. He just killed another Yakuza member. The old leader would've understood that it was self-defense and that Kazuki didn't mean it, but this new leader. This Roy. Roy jumped on any opportunity to punish someone. The sadistic and violent man usually chose torture which led to a very painful death. Kazuki couldn't go back. Nor did he want to. Were those the kind of men Roy was hiring? Rapists? Sure, the Yakuza were criminals, but organized, professional criminals. They didn't perform like that. They didn't try to rape or take advantages of others.

What was the Yakuza becoming?

Kazuki wiped away some tears, holding onto his gun before seeing people and quickly running into an ally to avoid being spotted with blood all over him. He looked behind him before looking back to see a man pointing a gun to his chest. Kazuki aimed his gun too, but he aimed for the head. He panted, standing still and feeling tears still going down his red face. "[b [+ff00ff You don't wanna fuck with me.]]" He said firmly, but the man didn't seem to be putting his gun down any time soon.

Kazuki lowered the gun, then dropped it and raised up his hands as he panted, "[b [+ff00ff Sorry, look. I need help. I really, really need help.]]" He said as innocently as he could, before he watched Jiro let his guard down. And as soon as that happened, Kazuki tackled Jiro to the ground. He had more strength than he looked like he had, tackling the man and attempting to pin him. He elbowed Jiro in the face as hard as he could and knocked off his glasses, hoping this man was blind as shit. He grabbed the gun away and stopped trying to pin Jiro down, putting his foot on the bullet wound and pushing down hard.

"[b [+ff00ff Don't move.]]" He mimicked Jiro with a high-pitched voice, lessening the pressure on the wound but threatening to hurt him more if he tried anything. Kazuki held the stolen gun to the man's forehead and frowned, "[b [+ff00ff Who the fuck are you? Why are you running around pointing guns at people, you fucking psycho?]] His voice was strong, but there were still tears in his eyes as his hands trembled. He glanced down at the wound on the man's thigh, but then put his boot back over it, "[b [+ff00ff … Did you get shot?]]"
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[size15 [Quattrocento The sky was set ablaze in reds, pinks and blues as an amber sun was beginning to set overhead. The sight was beautiful, but currently of little comfort to one man, who was half running and half limping away from home. His movements were hampered but determined through every pained stride he took. Forcing himself to run as fast as his one good leg and his other injured one could carry him, blood soaked through the bullet hole in his pants over his left thigh. His breath visible in the crisp autumn air while he panted.

This past year and a half could only be described as a nightmare. He falls in love with a man. Then discovers that man to be the leader of the Yakuza. He foolishly doesn't confront him on it in the hopes that he could trust him, maybe even find a way to save him. Then the man confronts him on a vacant beach and draws a gun in a blatant intention to kill. With only seconds to react, he shoots the man he loves dead and barely survives being shot himself. A typical crime of passion right? And as if he wasn't in knee deep already, everything went all the way to hell after that.

He was promoted to detective for his 'fine work', in stopping one of the most dangerous criminals in the country and shutting down a major drug ring. At the time he could feel nothing but a cold pit in his stomach. He had killed the only one he had ever loved, and he was promoted for it. Congratulated by every other man that saw him in the department. Yet he only felt sick. He wasn't a hero, he was just a stupid boy who curled up with snake. He was just a lucky survivor of his own foolishness. And of course, everyone actually seemed to believe it was over. They thought that with the head of the monster cut off, it would bow out and crawl back into whatever dark pit it came from. Idiots.

He was was no fool, he knew better. The Yakuza wouldn't simply shut down without their leader. Of [i course] they would come back. They would just put another man in charge and carry on. They had owned this city for years, they'd be damned if they would cow away just because one of their own was shot down by some beat cop! Whatever it was Jiro had expected however, he couldn't have predicted this. He was a detective for a mere couple of months, before everyone turned on him. He might have expected a hit to be put on him after what he did. But the new leader of the Yakuza was not only declaring war on him, but also the entire police precinct unless they took care of their new recent detective. And even then, they could rage war on them regardless.

Where had he gotten this information? His own partner rambled it off to him just before trying to kill him in his own home. He had struggled with his partner over his gun and got shot in the leg, after which he had gotten the gun away from him and knocked him out cold. Perhaps he should have killed him, but he didn't want to take the life of another again if he could help it. Now he was on the run, heading for the only safe house he knew of. The only place he was sure the precinct didn't know about. He was suddenly grateful for the sheer vastness of this city. He wouldn't have gotten far himself without that ride on a Taxi he had hitched before. And cab drivers didn't really make a habit of asking questions about their passengers or their destinations.

He ducked into an alley, in order to cut across to his location without being seen. He had to pull himself together, he had to find a way of stopping this madness. He had heard things about the new leader of the Yakuza before he had taken that title. He was a madman. Bloodthirsty with eyes only for power. With him in charge of the Yakuza, this city could go up in flames. He stopped after making it halfway through the alley, there was someone else coming. He responded on instinct by pulling his sidearm and cocking it, he pointed it towards the figure that stepped out ahead of him. It was a man. And from the look of things he had the same idea Jiro did, for in his hands was another gun, this one trained on him. The young detective was at a bit of a disadvantage, he was already injured. Yet despite his potential enemy's upper hand, he still held his ground. His own gun aimed for the other man's chest, as he spoke an order in the steadiest and most intimidating tone he could manage; [#005580 "Don't move."]
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[center [size14 [Quattrocento [i {I know there is a lot written there, but please read everything and send me a pm if interested.}]]]
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