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Nasha would come out of the bathroom as she saw Jayfeather on the ground. She walked over and saw he was just beaten up. She went to the office and told them what happen. [#000080 Thank you Nasha] the police officer said as he called it in. Nasha walked back as she stay next to him [#FFC0CB Don't worry help on the way] she said softly as she would back up when the medical officers were there.

She would told them what which wasn't much that she came out of the bathroom and found him like that. The medical examiner saw her bruised face. [#800000 Let me check you out] one said touching her cheek [#FFC0CB I am fine Ma'am I just slipped and fell in the shower when I was getting out this morning] she said lying and pulled away before they could tell it was a hand print. [#800000 Ok] they went back to JayFeather.
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[Kodchasan [Center Jayfeather frowned when he heard her talk to him about needing something. He watched her pull away from the conversation, just leaning there against the locker and deep in thought. He was worried for this girl because he only suspected that she was a slave of some sort. He didn't know why he thought of her as a slave but he really didn't like it.

He was walking through the hallways, it had been his lunchtime as he turned the corner to see... the scene. He growled and instantly stepped back, waiting until the group came around the corner. He was sure he was going to fight for that girl, what had happened to her wasn't right. He was going to deliver justice.

As soon as the leader of the gang turned the corner, Jayfeather slammed his fist into his head. The leader went down and then Jayfeather felt the others kick out his legs. He fell to the ground and was dragged back into the hallway, being stomped on and punched. At one point, Jayfeather's vision blurred as the gang stepped off of him.

He was all bloody and bruised, his nose broken as red blood poured from it. Blood also came out of the corner of his mouth, he felt too exhausted to get up at all. He knew he was probably gonna be there until someone found him, he at least tried to get back at them from what they did to the girl. ]
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Nasha would see that the boy next to her was from the gates. She looked down and away [#FFC0CB I am fine] she said as she closed her locker. [#FFC0CB please if you want something from me just send me a note] she added as most of the notes went into her bag. She would have to sort them out later not while the boy was standing there.

Nasha sigh gently as she walked to her class. She pulled out her books and started on her homework. She was on top of her classes even though she wasn't really in them. The teachers knew that she was a slut to them as well so that why her scores are so wonderful. Nasha would listen but still did her home work. Then the teacher called on her she would stand up and introduce herself [#FFC0CB My name is Nasha please to meet you all] She said as she sat back down and started to work on her stuff till it was time for one of her "Appointments"

She gotten up and grab the hall pass as she walked to the site [#000080 See I told you this was the slut] a male said as he pin her and started to kiss her. She didn't resized. Things was hitting home run as they finished up. [#000080 Told you she was a slut now let's get back to class] the leader of the gang said and leaving Nasha there. Her clothing messed up. She gotten up and went to the bathroom as she clean herself up and washed her hands and face.
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[Kodchasan [Center Jayfeather was a human with celestial roots. He was 17 and it really brought him no joy, it felt like another year of life to him. He himself looked a bit weird, only because he seemed to be more darker than most people at the school. His celestial parents had him growing up in a different world, the nako world and then one year ago, he landed up here.

He stood about 6'3, making him slightly taller than most people in school too and he had pale white skin. His face was very clear and clean, his eyes and forest green and his hair black and slightly slicked to the side. He wore black tight pants and a forest green sweater along with it. He had a satchel hanging from his side, filled with unknown materials, he never ever let anyone look inside of it before at all.

He felt someone bump into him and he just smiled as he turned to see the girl. He had heard about the new girl and he wasn't ever nice to anyone unless they were new and in need of help. [#228B22 "It's okay, you're fine." ] He said as he caught a sight of the neko's bruised face. He growled and followed behind her, wanting to know what had happened to her.

Eventually, he stopped behind her at her lock and looked at the notes, getting upset. [#228B22 "Are you okay? What's up with the notes?" ] He asked, leaning into the locker besides her and staring into her face with his forest green eyes. ]
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Nasha a young neko. She is about age 16 for her human. Unknowing she is part of a whole different world. She been told that she don't have ears or a tail. So Nasha began to see things as "Humans" do. No magic and No one to save her from miserable life.

She looked up at her "Father" as he was scolding her on how she made his breakfast wrong today. [#FFC0CB I made it as you always said it Father"] she said as he looked up at her and slapped her across her face [#FF0000 WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT TALKING BACK TO ME] he yelled as he hit her face harder only to leave bruises nothing more. [#FFC0CB I'm sorry] she said in a whisper as she gather her stuff up and started to head out.

[#FF0000 Don't forget you know what happens if your bad. DON'T MESS IT UP THIS TIME] he said as she cowardly nodded as she felt the tracker in her neck. Not only was it tracking her it was a shocker that makes her pass out if it was activated for to long.

Once she got to the new school a lot of people were staring at her as she was the one they talked about. She didn't know what to come to think of it. She bumped into someone all ready and didn't see them standing there. Nasha backed up and bowed [#FFC0CB I am so sorry please forgive me] she said as she went around them and headed off to locker only to find notes on what time and where to be.
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