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A young Neko by the name of Nasha was taken from her home world. The world is know to many as a Nako world. Every day she deals with abuse and sex as no one cares for her not even for a bit. Her life just gets worse as her years growing up to the same master that taken her. Her schooling is worst she is bullied and picked on.Even bunch of males would rape her. The only escape she has is her drawings of another world that no one knows about except her kin and others who are from there.

______comes from the nako world to attend high school only to find Nasha to be abused and hurt. s/he noticed other things that no one else seems to know like the tail or the cat ears. Or even the physical problems like cutting or always alone unless someone wants something from her

Your character can be whoever you want dragon to a mouse also the purpose is up to you but the character must be look or be at high school level to attend

Es rules always

please post at less once or twice a week I understand RL as I have one too

If things get heated we can always go to Facebook if desire or we can TS

Don't care for spelling or grammar just no one liners I understand writers block too but still come on if you're having trouble just tell me

Mini of 500 is all I required to ensure no one liners

Yuri or straight I can handle I don't mine.

If you see this thread it took already and you want to try the plot leave a message regarding the threat

and my favorite rule always have fun.

TO join please PM me title Neko is saved so I know you read all rules


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[Kodchasan [center [pic ]

Jayfeather stepped forwards towards the window, gingerly stepping over the bars as he slowly put Nasha through the window. Vines grew up from the ground, slowly taking Nasha to the ground as blood dripped out of his nose once again. He messed up his black hair while jumping out, barely landing on his feet beside her.

He slowly stood back up and looked over, picking up Nasha carefully as he went over to the Camaro he had out front on the street. He opened the passenger side door and set her in it, buckling her up before rolling around to the driver side, shoving the key inside of the ignition.
  AngelStrike- / 1y 54d 18h 58m 46s
Her father didn't show up since his music was to loud for him to hear the crashing and breaking of the bars. He was also drinking getting ready to mess with Nasha after Jayfeather was done with her. What he didn't realize was that Jayfeather was there to take her away back to her home land.

Nasha still soundly asleep as she would still trying to fight the drug off her as she needed to see what was going on. She woke up every now and then to see and figure holding her. Was he stealing her away or was it her father picking her up to take to his room. She couldn't tell at all her mind was still being clouded
  Nasha / lunalight / 1y 110d 4h 59m 36s
[Kodchasan [Center [pic ]

Jayfeather growled and he closed his eyes for a moment, vines wrapping around the rusty bars out of nowhere. The bars broke with a loud snap and they fell to the floor with a crash. Obviously, Jayfeather wasn't that sneaky nor was he silent.

He stood there for a moment, just holding Nasha in fear as he wasn't sure if her father was gonna come up. Then, he'd have to resort to his magic and his gun that he was still figuring out.
  Gushers- / 1y 114d 11h 53m 43s
The windows that were available had rusty bars on them. He never kept them up as she grew older. Nasha would slightly wake up but fall back to sleep again. Something was different someone wasn't messing with her she had to wake up now to see what's going on but she couldn't the drug was still powerful in her body. Nasha felt scared for the frist time asleep. she was trapped till it wore off of her. On her desk was a drawing pad only people of her world would know of.

She had no clue what was really going on as she had always though she was a human.
  lunalight / 1y 114d 16h 52m 6s
[Kodchasan [Center [pic ]

Jayfeather sighed and looked around for her clothes, tugging them back onto her body. [#228B22 "This isn't what our kind wanted..." ] He mumbled sadly, unlocking the door and looking around the hallway before shutting it again and keeping it unlocked. He began to pick up Nasha, the floorboards creaking underneath his feet. He then looked around for a window to climb out of to get her out.
  Gushers- / 1y 114d 17h 32m 17s
Nasha felt warm but soon was disturber by the shaking of her being woken up. She open her eyes as they were foggy. [#FFC0CB "Mhmm?"] she asked as she was still drugged. [#FFC0CB "Just do what you want and leave me to sleep"] she said softly as she was still drugged. She didn't even open her eyes as she didn't want to feel anything or any pain that might come of it. Her body was warm and cozy this was her get away or her drawings. When ever she was drugged she was happy and felt safe.

She passed out again after her little speak. Nasha spoke in mumbles as she slept. She didn't know Jayfeather was there just some random dude.
  Nasha / lunalight / 1y 114d 17h 38m 32s
[Kodchasan [Center [pic ]

[#228B22 "Thank you, sir." ] Jayfeather said, quickly stepping in and making his way to the stairs. He sighed in relief as he reached Nasha's door, quietly turning the nob to see her unconscious on the bed. What didn't surprise him is how she wasn't dressed either from the other people and came and went.

He closed the door behind him and locked it, getting onto the bed with her before shaking her lightly. [#228B22 "Nasha." ] He whispered.
  Wings- / 1y 114d 17h 54m 43s
After the men left her father was in her room ready to do the deed himself. He heard the door. He sigh as he walked out with a robe on. [#ff0000 Yes?"] he asked looking at Jayfeather. Her father noticed a few bandages on him as he sigh [#ff0000 Oh! your the boy from the hospital. If you want to use her again you have to pay her at school. Or if you want here for a few hours now I can work up a deal] he added as he would open the door wider to let him in. [#ff0000 she's upstairs on the bed to the right. pay after your done] he said walking to the living room
  Nasha / lunalight / 1y 114d 18h 9m 48s
[Kodchasan [Center [pic ]

Jayfeather frowned as Nasha left, leaving him alone to get checked out by the doctors. He knew what he was going to do and as soon as he was let out, he would do it.


Jayfeather showed up to Nasha's house, a scarf wrapped around his neck as he went up the steps of the home. He knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer. He had heard that Nasha was being used and enough was enough, he was either going to kill her father or save her or even both.

He had money on him but he also had a gun on him as well.
  Wings- / 1y 116d 14h 24m 17s
Nasha looked at the boy laying in bed. She was unsure what to do as she would step closer. Going against the wishes of her father she stayed, This boy he was interesting for whatever reason. Nasha felt a shock in her neck to pull her out of the trance [#FFC0CB "I have to go sorry"] She said as she walked out of the room. Something about him was pulling at her mind. What was it?

Once she got home she gave her father the money that was given to her by the boys who fucked her at school and extra that was out of her school funs that kept her going. her father smiled as he handed her a glass of water and told her to drink it [#FFC0CB "Yes father"] She said softly knowing there was a drug in it. She was going to be an escort and they wanted to mess with a chick that was drugged and asleep.

30 mins passed and she was asleep. Her father turn off the tracker in her neck to prevent her from waking up during this ordeal. She would be asleep as the men came and did what they pleased to do.
  Nasha / lunalight / 1y 130d 23h 23m 56s
[Kodchasan [Center Jayfeather watched and listened to the girl frowning as she went over to the door and opened it. [#228B22 "Please stay, I..." ] Jayfeather trailed off, wanting to tell Nasha that he was from another world and that he was here to bring her back.

He slowly sat up in his bed, groaning as the needles did nothing but deepen into his skin. He was okay for now, bruises still all over his face currently. He had a pouting look on his face too.
  [ᴍᴀɴᴛʀᴀ] / Catharsis- / 1y 132d 18h 7m 54s
Nasha would be at the hospital as she was finally able to see him. She walked into the door and looked at him. [#FFC0CB "Don't move much you will just get yourself hurt more"] she said softly [#FFC0CB "And next time you try to be a hero or want to go against those guys think twice"] she said as she looked down and felt bad for the guy as he sat there. She looked u at Jayfeather and sigh. [#FFC0CB "I have to go now"] she added as she was ready to walk out of the room. [#FFC0CB "Just leave me be"] she added as her eyes showed concerned for his welfare. She didn't want to go home but she had to as she sigh and open the door
  Nasha / lunalight / 1y 141d 2h 26m 6s
[Kodchasan [Center Jayfeather's memory was blurry of what had happened after seeing the people over him but the next time he woke up, he was in a hospital room. He sat up really fast, gripping the sides of his bed as he did so. He had bandages wrapped around his head and an IV filter in his wrist. He didn't like the hospital, it made him feel trapped and hopeless and he tried to get up from his bed. He, however, failed with getting up and he just sat there on his bed, looking around.

[#228B22 "Where am I?" ] He asked out loud, rubbing his forehead with his free hand that wasn't attached to anything. He was wearing a gown over his boxers, kinda embarrassed that he had been undressed pretty much.
  [ᴍᴀɴᴛʀᴀ] / Catharsis- / 1y 144d 18h 1m 15s
Nasha would start to walk away as she looked down at him. "Just stay calm it's the medical team" she said as she walked away and felt a pin in her neck. She must of forgotten an appointment because it was all ready after school. Nasha would soon go to her knees as she called the house quickly with her cell phone. [#FF0000 YOU MISSED YOUR APPOINTMENTS YOU BETTER HAVE A GOOD REASON WHY OR YOU WILL PASS OUT AND
THEY WILL TAKE THEIR TURN'S ON YOU] She though quickly as she knew no matter what he was going to hurt her so she though of a softening a blow [#FFC0CB I don't have one. I was with a gentleman and he seem to be hurt. I went to the office and had them call for help. He did want me to go to the hospital after school and let him have his way with me] she said lying. [#FF0000 THAT BETTER TO BE THE TRUTH] he said as he hanged up and the pain in her neck stopped. She would go back to the spot. [#FFC0CB I would like to ride in the the ambulance if that's okay] she said softly to the paramedics. They nodded and let her go as well. She had her bag and began to draw as she sat outside the room and waited for her to allowed her to go in
  Nasha / lunalight / 1y 144d 21h 52m 3s
[Kodchasan [Center Jayfeather didn't really remember anything but the fuzzy sight of the girl running off past him. He laid there for several moments, actually going in and out of consciousness before he heard Nasha's footsteps nearby him. He heard her voice through his ringing ears and he just groaned in response, still laying on his side as his red blood began to pool underneath of him.

Eventually, he noticed that people were hovering over him and his blurry vision kinda blocked out a lot of the light. He rolled onto his back this time, his nose crooked along with blood leaking from his mouth and a small gash on his head. He seemed very bloody for someone who just fought a school gang. He didn't know what to do and was literally freaking out, his breathing quick and shallow. ]
  [ᴍᴀɴᴛʀᴀ] / Scorpius- / 1y 147d 9h 43m 11s

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