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[h3 +]
Vash continued to hold off Ivan as best he could, watching as Roderich obeyed his orders and took off to find his sister. Good, it was just what he wanted. The brunette was now out of the way of danger and was one less thing for him to worry about at the current moment. The older country's safety was what mattered at that point in time and he was grateful he stepped in when he did. Sure, Austria took a bit of damage but it could have been much worse if he didn't appear when he did. Russia was large and ruthless, there was no telling what damage he could have done.

But Switzerland had a feeling he was going to find out.

The girl's large green eyes lifted from her book as she heard Austria enter the house, shouting for her assistance. Something was wrong, she could tell by the tone of his voice before all the words came out. But when they did, her eyes widened and she dropped her book while leaping up from her chair and darting down the hallway to a secure room. Her big brother going up against Russia frightened her, she also knew how rough the larger country could be and worried for her brother's safety. It was clear Austria did, too...

Grabbing the rifle that was requested, she quickly picked up a few bullets before moving out of the room and opening the chamber. The weapon was large compared to her small frame, it seemed to be a wonder that she could carry it so easily let alone fire it. This rifle was sure to have some kick to it. The small girl opened the chamber and placed two bullets in before a sound from outside caused her to pick her head up quickly:

A single gunshot.

Closing the chamber and darting out with Austria, she bit her lip faintly at the sight before her: Vash had fallen on one knee, keeping his eyes locked on Russia as he reached for the gun that now lay a small distance away from him. The pipe had returned to the Russian's hands, arms stretched above his head and ready to strike at any moment. This was her chance. Remaining at a far distance, she hefted the rifle up to her shoulder and aimed carefully with the sights, firing a single bullet. It hit its designated target, the pipe, and flew from his hands yards away while gaining the Russian's attention. This distraction gave Vash the opportunity he needed to gain the upper hand, quickly picking up the gun and shooting the larger man in the shoulder.

[+green "You have two guns against you, Ivan,"] Vash stated through clenched teeth, keeping his own gun aimed at the country. [+green "It's best you leave while you can still walk on your own. If you ever come near me or Austria again, I won't hesitate to put you out of your misery."]

The angry Russian glared at his defeat, silently picking up his pipe and leaving the property. Vash waited until the male was out of sight before letting his form slouch a bit, dropping to his knees once again while running a hand through his hair. Red streaks appeared in it once he did so, causing Liechtenstein to bite her lip and look at Roderich as she carefully laid the rifle on the ground.

[+purple "Big brother...."]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 2y 112d 4h 35m 13s
[center The sound of feet moving swiftly caught Roderich's attention. As his ears flooded with the sound of a pole hitting a body, he was able to look up just in time to see the two starting to fight. The pipe was dropped to the ground creating a metal clanging sound that echoed for a moment. Russia was quick, much quicker than Austria had remembered. Violet eyes widened as Ivan began to struggle with Vash, trying to get the gun out of his hand. Harsh orders sprung into the air, causing Roderich to unwillingly stand up straight. The brunette nodded his head and took off toward the closest door he could find. He stumbled into the house, immediately yelling out for Liechtenstein. She was going to be upstairs, but grabbing her attention quickly was the first thing that needed to be done.]

[center Roderich climbed the stairs, his abdomen tensed with pain. Despite this, his now pumping adrenaline numbed the pain and allowed him to move with greater ease. Roderich burst through the girl's door, his expression obviously distressed. [i "Liechtenstein! Get the Springfield! Russia is attacking and Switzerland is holding him off outside."] Roderich half yelled at the girl, though he didn't mean to. There was urgency in his tone and by the way he'd burst into the room.]

[center The tall brunette would follow the girl to grab the gun and then to go outside. Roderich knew he couldn't do much to help Vash. It was likely if he did try to assist, the gun would go off on accident. Austria was also too weak to even try to fight Ivan away and he'd most likely just get in Vash's way, making things that much worse. Roderich followed the girl, the two obviously rushing to grab the gun and then get outside to assist. Austria just hoped Vash would be okay..]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 2y 112d 4h 55m 30s
[h3 +]
This was a very familiar situation Vash had found himself in, coming to Roderich's rescue. Typically it was after the brunette had already lost and needed someone to pick up the pieces and to rearrange them together again. He hadn't stepped into the middle of a fight for quite some time but he wasn't regretting it. Most countries were scared of Russia, fearing what he would do to them. Vash wasn't, probably the only one besides Alfred, who didn't fear the large man and was willing to fight him to prove it. Switzerland didn't pack nearly as hard a punch as Russia did, but the blonde was faster and able to attack from afar. It wouldn't take long to settle this.

[+red "I thought you were neutral, Vash,"] Ivan murmured, keeping his gaze on Austria. The displeased glare remained, growing more intense at the fact that he would now have to fight for what he wanted instead of using his scare tactics. [+red "You're going to give that up for [i him?"]]

Russia was good at quick combat, probably the reason Vash didn't catch on to his movements while he was facing Russia's back. The large male turned, swinging the pole into Vash's side and causing a small yelp to escape his lips as he took a step back. Bastard! He'd have to think quicker than that; Ivan had gained speed since the last time Vash had seen him move. It complicated things, but not much. The real complication was the pain he felt in his side.

But he couldn't give up now. Austria needed him.

While Switzerland recomposed himself, Ivan dropped the pipe at his feet and grabbed Vash's wrist of the hand that held the live weapon, trying to wrestle it from him. A few curses fell from Vash's lips as he struggled to keep his power over Russia while keeping his grip on the gun and preventing it from firing. Damn vodka loving idiot!

[+green "Get Liechtenstein from upstairs and tell her to bring the Springfield!"] Vash ordered Roderich from clenched teeth. He was certain he could hold off a little longer and he could use the extra long range help. This was the moment he found himself wishing Roderich had learned a thing or two from his previous attempts at teaching him how to fight. [+green "She knows how to use it!"]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 2y 114d 5h 25m 3s
[center Roderich was well aware that his denial to Russia wouldn't have a very good end result. He wasn't sure how long he could hold up against Ivan, knowing the brute man would go to extreme lengths rather quickly to gain what he wanted. Austria was willing to go the length. Unfortunately, he was still so weak and fragile, that it wouldn't take much to fully break the man. The brunette's stiff body was held tightly by Russia, unable to break free or move much at all. The feeling of cold metal on the bottom of Austria's chin caused him to look up, Russia staring down at him with obviously displeased hues. Roderich felt his breathing become shaky and his expression soften as he was forced to stare into the intimating man's eyes. Austria didn't have time to brace himself for the attack as the only sign of said action was a glare unfolding on Ivan's face.]

[center Upon impact, the brunette nearly lost the contents of his stomach as he was hit directly in his abdomen. Immediately after, pain shot through his lower torso. Ivan slipped his hand away from Austria, though didn't step back for a moment or two. The brunette let his arms cross over his stomach, his body hunching ever so slightly. A pained expression covered his face as he stared at the ground, at Ivan's shoes. Russia spoke another threat, causing Roderich to look up. Despite the pain he felt, he grit his teeth through it and responded, [i "You're gonna have to beat me to a pulp before I give you anything."] Austria words came out much weaker and softer than he would have liked, but he couldn't help it.]

[center Roderich swallowed hard as he peered up at his attacker, only to hear a familiar voice hit his hears and the safety of a gun slipping off. Switzerland must have heard the brunette's shouting and eventually the scene that was unfolding. Austria let a small grin slip over his lips, though a wave of pain caused him to nearly crumble to the ground. Violet hues pulled the the ground before they closed tightly. He swallowed hard, half expecting another bash to his body.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 2y 114d 5h 44m 0s
[h3 +]
A dark smirk touched the cold nation's lips as Austria struggled and shouted, denying his request for his property. He knew the male was stubborn and wouldn't give up anything willingly, giving him an excuse to use his strength and bully the weaker nation as much as he wanted. Ivan imagined he'd get what he wanted in the end, he usually did. He could get anything when he became scary enough.

He raised his hand a little, pressing the flat end of the chilly pipe under Roderich's chin and forcing his head up, amethyst eyes meeting ones that matched his own. It seemed he wasn't intimidating enough...that could change. A glare fell across the pale features, his grip tightening on the Austrian in front of him, before his other hand formed itself into a fist and connected hard and fast with the brunette's stomach.

[+red "You don't listen to well,"] he hissed, taking a step back but refusing to allow his prisoner to escape. At least, not until he got what he wanted. [+red "The next thing I'll hit will be that pretty face of yours and it won't be with my fist."]

Vash continued to watch his pets, his weight resting heavily against the fence still, but straightened up as he heard a voice. It wasn't his sister, it was far too deep, leaving Austria the only other person it could be. He was most likely venting his rage onto something, he wasn't the violent type so he knew nothing he owned would be harmed. Still, it was probably best to make sure the weaker country didn't hurt himself in the process. Letting out a heavy sigh, he unbuttoned the top of his coat and moved towards the sound.

A few more indistinguishable sounds followed the closer he got to the area of the voice, narrowing his eyes as he turned the corner. Russia. He should've known the large brute would come sniffing around sooner or later. Vash imagined he would come after Austria, he just didn't think it would happen while said country was still at his house. Not only did it put the two males at risk, but his little sister as well. He'd die before he'd allow her to get hurt, especially at the hands of Ivan.

He began to move forward, out of Russia's line of sight until he was behind him directly. In one swift movement, Vash pulled out his revolver and rested the barrel against the back of Russia's head while pulling off the safety. His eyes remained narrowed, a dark look of irritation and hate falling on the porcelain face.

[+green "Move away from him and get the hell off of my land,"] Vash stated, dangerously soft. [+green "You have ten seconds before I put a bullet in you."]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 2y 114d 5h 59m 4s
[center The tall brunette kept his eyes steady on the mountains in the distance. It was mid afternoon by this point and the sun had started its descent toward the horizon. The sky was still bright and, despite the chilly air, it provided a bit of warmth when positioned in direct sunlight. Austria kept his arms tight around his body, his figure still tense and uneasy about so many things that had happened today. Violet hues briefly closed, a sigh slipping through partially parted lips. The colors came back into sight fairly quickly as he felt someone grab his arm. His crossed arms slipped away from one another, his hands hitting the cold air in an almost painful manor. [i "Hey!"] The man shouted, his eyebrows furrowing and a sneer easily settling on his face.]

[center Austria knew that hand couldn't have been Switzerland or his sister, as the palms were much too calloused and rough. He struggled with the figure as he was pulled along fairly easily, not taking the time to even figure out who held him. Austria just wanted to escape the tight grip. Upon being roughly pressed against the side of the house, his gaze finally hit his attacker. [i Russia.] Violet hues widened for a moment, before returning to their narrowed position.]

[center The tall brunette stood around the same size as Russia, able to meet his intimidating eyes if only for a second. The other country loomed over Austria, speaking hushed demands and threats. Austria tried to shove against the man, but to no avail. He was basically stuck. He was too weak to fight back. Austria grit his teeth with anger, [i "Like I'd give you anything Ivan!"] The man shouted, trying to make himself loud enough to hopefully hit someone's ears. In all honesty, all Roderich could do right now is struggle against the man's grip and hope he could get someone's attention. Austria wouldn't give anything up willingly, even if that meant he ended up even more broken and battered.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 2y 114d 6h 13m 22s
[h3 +]
The three creatures Eiger, Jungfrau, and Mönch, kept the male's attention for a while as they jumped and played with each other. Now and then they would wander over to the fence for loving pets and small smiles from their owner, causing Vash to love them even more. He loved their presence and the character that the goats gave to his home, always willing to have someone sit outside with them and keeping that person entertained and loved as they did so. He made it a point to see them at least twice a day and in the winter was known to give them small presents and special meals. He couldn't help but treasure the things he loved the most.

Vash lost track of time, unaware how long he remained out in the chilly weather with his pets. Was it hours or only mere minutes? Whatever the answer was, he was certain that his little sister was still rather busy with her studies and Roderich still wanted nothing to do with him. This growing tension was sure to make this process more difficult and nerve-racking than it already was; today's stipulations and work proved that point. He gave Roderich credit, though, as it wasn't easy to make the decisions he did while in such a dire situation. He knew that securing his borders was the most important thing to do at this time since, now that he was smaller and his resources nearly wiped out, larger countries would try to take advantage of him.

He didn't know the attempt would happen sooner than he thought and so close to his home.

That nation was, of course, Russia. He was large, ruthless, and certainly not a force to be reckoned with. Ivan took what he wanted when he wanted it, leaving destruction and many injured in his path. While most countries used swords, guns, or other weapons, Russia fought with his fists...and a pipe he carried around with him everywhere. He didn't need those other things and seemed to easily take a bullet. Those he hunted didn't stand a chance.

So he set his eyes on the weakest around him: Austria.

While Vash was distracted with his goats, Ivan easily maneuvered around the tall brunette and grabbed his arm with a firm hand. Pushing him back into the side of the house, he gave the Austrian a dark smirk while effectively blocking his escape. As usual, he had his preferred weapon in his hand and the violet hues declared that he wasn't afraid to use it.

[+red "I've been looking for you for a while now,"] he stated softly, keeping Austria in his position as best he could. He easily loomed over the other nation, most likely increasing his intimidation. [+red "Quite surprising you decided to hide out here. But for you, I guess it's a good spot. Now, you will sign over half of your land to me or I won't be so nice anymore. Things might become...broken...if you say no."]
  Ivan Braginski ~ Russia / SolemnYuki / 2y 114d 9h 35m 44s
[center A harsh silence filled the air around the two. Nothing broke the stiffness, nor the anger that was daring to boil over in the Austrian. His strong violet gaze held firm on the blonde for a while, before it slid toward the wall across from him. He couldn't bear to look at Switzerland any longer. Luckily, the blonde didn't remain in the room much longer. He stood up and gathered up the mess of papers, cleaning them from the table, before silently exiting the room. That was probably for the best, for both of them. Roderich was about ready to snap if he had to agree to one more thing. He huffed out a heavy breath of air through his nostrils, his tense body remaining stiff and uncomfortable in the wooden chair. Austria's mind was flooded with a mix of emotions. Anger and frustration took the top, but sadness hung below.]

[center The only reason he was in this situation was because of his actions. It was his fault and his fault alone. He couldn't blame anyone, not even those he paired with during the war. Austria had made the executive decision to go to war and had end up burnt and broken, literally. Violet hues softened some, before his lids closed. He sat in the dinning room for a while, trying to calm himself and utterly failing.]

[center Roderich finally moved to his feet, his body cracking some as it hadn't been moved in some time. He stretched slightly, letting his tense body relax if only a little. Austria ran a hand through his dark locks, shaking his head a bit as he sighed. He was still mad, but as of this moment he was more upset with himself. Roderich slowly moved out of the room, through the foyer, and outside. He was unexpectedly met with chilly air. His arms crossed over his chest, hands finding warmth under his armpits. Roderich hadn't put his coat back on after cooking, having taken it off to keep it clean. He sighed almost in a defeated manor, yet continued on. The brunette wasn't walking anywhere in particular, just trying to clear his thoughts.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 2y 115d 4h 58m 55s
[h3 +]
It was clear that this offer of help was difficult for the brunette to accept as he wasn't too fond of accepting anything from anyone. Roderich liked to be the one in control, to call the shots and offer what he could when it was needed. To have this reversed on him, especially coming from someone he so despised, was hard for him to handle. Switzerland could see that plain as day. He didn't expect anything less as the Austrian was rather set in his ways and the two hadn't gotten along for quite some time. To receive everything from the blonde male had to hurt in ways he couldn't even imagine.

Once the document had been signed and slid back over to him, Vash quietly picked up it and the pen before slowly standing to remove the other papers as well from the table. He wasn't sure what else he could say to his house guest as he didn't seem accepting of the words Vash had previously spoken, though admittedly he wasn't very good at this kind of thing. The Swiss kept his emotions bottled away and refused to allow anyone past those thick walls; Liechtenstein was the only one who had ever gotten this close to the seemingly icy heart. He decided to leave Roderich to his own thoughts for a while, leaving the room to secure the documents before heading outside.

Vash buttoned his coat as he continued outside, the air a bit chillier than it had previously been. It was mid September, a time the air constantly changed, especially in the Alps. This changing temperature reminded him of all the things he still had left to do before things began to freeze, a list that made him sigh quietly. So much to do, not enough time. Light footsteps carried him to a fenced in area, emerald eyes gazing over the top of the fence at three small goats that ran around the land, playing with each other and clearly enjoying the crisp fall air. Another well-kept secret in the blonde's life, it seemed; these three goats were his pets and, just like his sister, he was quite fond of them. Vash leaned heavily against the post as he continued to watch them, spending some time with his babies before heading back inside to the warmth.
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 2y 115d 7h 27m 1s
[center A displeased gaze stayed on the blonde man as he briefly pondered over the brunette. They stared at one another for what seemed like forever, before Switzerland shifted his gaze and found a blank piece of paper. Stipulations and no set date was written down addressing the military, monetary, and any other assistance Roderich would be receiving from Vash and Liechtenstein. The brunette did hope, for Liechtenstein's sake, that no one dared attack Austria in his weakened state. He wouldn't forgive himself for dwindling the already small country's army, possibly putting her at risk. It was true that Switzerland had a good sized military and would be able to step in if it became necessary. The thought still weighed on Austria like a ton of bricks.]

[center Roderich lifted his gaze from the paper after Switzerland signed it, pushing the page over and holding out a pen. The brunette took it, briefly reading over the words as he listened to Vash speak. Violet hues lifted, holding a skeptical emotion, upon hearing the blonde say it got easier. Nothing would be easy when Roderich was dealing with Switzerland. Nothing. Returning his attention to the paper, Austria paused. He sighed silently and signed his name in the appropriate area, dating it. He clicked the pen and set it on the page, before sliding it back over to Vash.]

[center The sneer remained plastered on Roderich's firm expression. He was obviously very displeased with a lot that was happening, but he was in too poor of a place to argue anything. His people and his country were suffering with each passing day. The threat of attack was at an all time high and, as other countries recovered from the war and grew strong again, Roderich became a serious target. He didn't like the situation he was put in, but he dug himself into a hole too big for him to handle. He did this to himself and now he had to suffer the consequences. Silence filled the air around the two, the air around Austria heavy and dense as it matched his emotions.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 2y 117d 5h 57m 37s
[h3 +]

[i "Everything else I am okay with."]

That statement was a lie, no doubt about that. While he made it vocally clear that he wasn't accepting a handout from Switzerland by means of military protection, it was easy to see that he wasn't fond of the location of some of his money. Enough of his things were already too close to the blonde for comfort and now he'd be handling some of his money, too? He was rather surprised Roderich's head didn't explode. Still, he agreed to it in a defeated manner, insisting he repay Switzerland and Liechtenstein for the use of their armies.

That was Austria's way; he took nothing for free.

Vash wasn't sure which one the brunette hated more: asking for help or receiving things for free. They seemed to weigh on him equally, irritation showing through the delicately framed hues as he was not only forced to take help but to take it from the person he despised the most. Sure, Switzerland wasn't too pleased about this situation either as it meant his house guest wouldn't be leaving as soon as he had hoped, but it would make his little sister happy. That was all that mattered to him and he would endure hell for it to happen.

That seemed to be her wish this time.

Taking another piece of paper, Vash wrote out the stipulations of their agreement in much better penmanship than he usually did, then signed it at the bottom. It was time to make their plan official and put it into action. Pushing the paper over to Roderich, emerald eyes studied the brunette as he held out the pen for him to take to sign the agreement as well.

[+green "We'll start distributing money this evening to their new accounts and send it out in the morning,"] he told Roderich quietly. It was best to simply get their plan started as he knew the more the Austrian focused on it the more irritated he would become, not to mention unwilling to participate. [+green "The first day is the hardest. It gets easier from here."]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 2y 119d 5h 38m 1s
[center The brunette's gaze stayed on the ceiling. Its clean paint shined with the afternoon sunlight, allowing warmth to flow into the room. He heard Switzerland briefly speak, before pulling out the chair and seating himself. More, complex conversation began, which pulled violet hues away from the blank ceiling to fall upon the blonde man. A focused emerald gaze followed the pen's movements upon the papers before Vash. He wrote while he spoke, explaining a few things to the Austrian. He absentmindedly nodded his head a few times, but stopped as he heard where a third of his money would be placed. Roderich's jaw clenched. He didn't want any of his money being anywhere near Switzerland, despite the fact his bank accounts were extremely safe and had a higher interest than most anywhere. For now, he held his tongue, but it was obvious he wasn't particularly fond of the idea.]

[center Vash lifted his gaze to meet irritated amethyst hues. Despite this, he continued to speak. He must have known Austria would be more than uncomfortable and pissed off at requiring help from someone he wasn't too fond of. Vash spoke softer, almost as if he knew Roderich was really not going to like what he had to say next. And that was absolutely true.]

[center Roderich grit his teeth some, his eyes narrowing and eyebrows furrowing in anger. God, he really didn't want to accept more help from Switzerland than he already had. Roderich pulled his gaze away from the blonde, his narrowed gaze relaxing some, but that was just about it. He sat silent for a few moments, obviously weighing the pros and cons of accepting and declining. Austria's arms crossed over his chest. Violet hues vanished behind his lids as he closed his eyes, a heavy sigh slipping through his now relaxed jaw. [i "I'll pay you and Liechtenstein back for your help when I receive the money. I need the assistance, but I refuse it as a gift."] The man stated with a hard tone. His eyes settled back on the other. Roderich's expression was stone like with his furrowed brows and faint sneer. [i "Everything else I am okay with."]]

[center Switzerland was more than aware of how prideful Roderich was. He must have known that, despite his weakened state, the Austrian wouldn't accept anything as a gift. Even in residing here with the kindness of Liechtenstein, Austria had already been planning to give the girl something in return. He was well aware she wouldn't accept something monetary, but maybe items for a museum or assistance with something would suffice. Either way, he wasn't a freeloader nor would he accept anything out of pity. Which is exactly why he believed Switzerland was helping him, on top of his sister's wishes.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 2y 120d 3h 1m 9s
[h3 +]
Emerald hues flickered over to the paper that Austria held in his hand, his own reaching out to take it and look it over. This was the plan that took the longest time but was most likely the safest for the brunette to work with. It was a very rough draft of a beginning plan but it gave the male enough detail to know what exactly he would be getting into. It was up to the Swiss now to finish the plan and put it into action. This would include giving each part of Austria's concerns a strict budget as well as building up his military to ensure more invasions didn't happen while he was still under the blonde's protection. This also meant he would be staying as a guest for quite some time as the brunette's own home was the last to be fixed to its prior, livable state.

This was going to be a long process.

[+green "Alright,"] he answered quietly, moving away from the chair to pull it out so he could sit in it. A pen was then pulled out of his jacket pocket, the male laying the papers down on the table to write on them once again. [+green "Then this is what we'll do. Given the details of your income, the most will be given back to your country in order to generate more income. Probably a little over a third. Another third will go into into savings, half in your country and the other half in a long term account in mine. I have higher security in mine and a higher interest rate. The rest will go to war debts, split equally between the countries you owe."]

He glanced over at Austria once he stopped writing his small chart, allowing the pen to rest lightly on the table. He knew he didn't like this one bit, having to depend on his enemy for help and having nothing else really in his life. The war wiped everything out and left him a mere shadow of the great country he used to be. Fortunately with Vash's help, he could be that great country again. It would just take time and cooperation.

[+green "Now since this is very long term, repairs to your own home won't begin for quite some time as the focus is on your people first,"] he continued quietly. [+green "This means you'll be here longer than you expected. If you're okay with that, then I can send some of mine and my sister's soldiers to your borders to prevent another invasion. It will be no cost to you...consider it a gift. Are you willing to accept this?"]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 2y 121d 7h 7m 34s
[center The soft sounds of water splashing around, the facet running, and dishes clinking together filled the air around the brunette. He sat leaned back against the chair, one arm crossed over his leg, hand limp toward the ground. The other forearm sat flush with the table as Roderich held the papers in his hands. His violet eyes scanned the pages before him. At first, he simply scanned over the possible plans. This allowed him to eliminate some and put the rest in order of preference. Once he did this, he began to fully read over the writing in detail, paying attention to the differences and comparing them to the others. He hadn't been sitting there for very long before the sound of running water silenced and no more dishes hitting one another could be heard. The two had finished quickly, as Austria had expected.]

[center He was particularly fond of one of the plans Switzerland had written. It was one of the more long term ones. It would allow Austria the ability to build back up his savings and his country, while also being able to slowly pay off his debts. This would make Roderich's country strong once more and do so quickly. He was a big fan of this as he had already lost some of his land in the treaties signed; he refused to lose any more due to an attack. Of course, the main downside to this was the lack of funding for the fine arts and the time frame it would take to pay off his debts. Really, none of Vash's plans gave way for any kind of art. It was likely because of Switzerland's harsh, set ways combined with Austria's severe state. He glanced toward the blonde as he stepped back into the dinning room, speaking softly as he rested against a chair.]

[center Roderich frowned briefly, his eyes pulling back and scanning the page he held. For him, he believed this would be the best course of action, despite the fact it would take the longest time of them all. He nodded his head some and held the paper out for Vash to take. [i "I think this one is the one I like the best. I know it takes a longer time, but.."] He shook his head some and sighed, letting his gaze settle toward the ceiling. [i "I have to rebuild my country and be strong again. I've lost too much land as it is."] He stated, violet hues pondering over the nothingness that was above him. Just the thought of more of his land being taken from him crushed his very being. He'd never be as strong or as large as he had been.. It was ensured through the postwar agreements.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 2y 122d 4h 3m 1s
[h3 +]
The two blondes did the dishes in silence, Vash washing them while Liechtenstein put them away. There wasn't much left to do as Roderich had started some of them in whatever moments he could while attending to their lunch. The pots, pans, and other implements that were left weren't too difficult to clean so those combined with their plates and serving bowls were washed and dried in very little time. The two countries worked well together, having fallen into a pattern long ago, and worked in near synchrony. Even though it was just a simple chore for Switzerland, Liechtenstein enjoyed the time she was able to spend with her big brother, even if it was simply drying dishes by his side. She was aware that a lot of his time would be taken up by Austria now, helping him recover whatever he could of his country, and she didn't mind that. At least the two of them seemed to be getting along today.

Once they finished and the last dish was put away, Vash dried his hands on a spare dishtowel before gently running his fingers through his sister's hair with a faint smile. This caused a happy giggle to erupt from her small frame, large eyes looking up into his own. [+purple "I'm so proud of you, big brother,"] she murmured softly before wrapping her arms around the male's thin waist and resting against his stomach. His smile grew more at this, an arm wrapping gently around her as he held her close, but he stayed quiet.

[+purple "Thank you for helping Mr. Austria. I know it's hard for you."] She was right, it was hard. Helping the man he used to be so close with in his youth was difficult as all of those memories seemed to be brought up constantly in his presence. They weren't all bad ones, the two of them did share some good times. It was their separation that hurt and being forced to relive it again and again was torture.

He kept his small smile, leaning down and placing a gentle kiss on her head before slowly letting her go. [+green "What a silly girl you are, worrying about your big brother. It's my job to worry about you,"] he answered softly. [+green "Go on ahead and attend to your studies. I'll be up in a bit to check on you."]

She nodded, giving him one more quick hug before skipping out of the room and up the stairs, Vash sighing heavily. What did he do to deserve such a sweet little sister? Quietly turning around, he made his way back to Roderich and watched him study the papers in front of him. He didn't seem too pleased with any of those options but, unfortunately, there was no easy way out of this. It would take more sacrifice than he already had done and keeping a careful eye on his spending and saving. Good thing Switzerland was a pro at this.

[+green "What do you think?"] he asked quietly, allowing his weight to rest against the back of an empty chair. [+green "Any of them you're willing to work with?"]
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