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[center The tension between the two countries was almost palpable with static. It was obvious by the blonde's intensifying glare that Austria's words had bothered him to no end. Naturally, that was Roderich's goal. He was also well aware the other wouldn't say or do anything with Liechtenstein still in the room, which only assisted in bothering Vash. Even when she left, Roderich knew he could take whatever berating Switzerland would dish out. Hell, he could escape if he wanted to by simply walking. This thought caused Austria to internally laugh. He could see how angry Vash would get if Austria just up and left while he was in the middle of shouting. The scene would be highly amusing to the brunette.]

[center Somewhere in the mix of anger and irritation, Vash pressed too hard on his injury. A gasp escaped the man's lips, emeralds vanishing behind tightly closed lids. Roderich felt his expression soften a bit, before he huffed out. What an idiot. Liechtenstein immediately headed over after hearing the sound of pain escape her brother's lips. She scanned him for a moment, assessing the situation, before leaving the room in search of medicine. [i "You idiot. Don't let your emotions get the best of you."] Roderich quietly lashed out, not wanting Liechtenstein to hear the harsh words, [i "You're just worrying her more."]]

[center It was very obvious that Austria was now pissed because of Vash doing something this idiotic and not simply because of who Switzerland was as a person. Roderich didn't want the young girl to be forced into worrying about the men more so than she already was. [i "Get your shit together."] Austria huffed out, his arms slipping to cross tightly over his chest. Dark purple hues glowered toward the blonde, his sneer making its presence known through heavy words.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 1y 267d 8h 18m 19s
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Vash's glare intensified at both the Austrian's words and his actions. He wanted desperately to chuck his coffee cup at the male's head and enjoy the satisfaction of inflicting some kind of minor damage, but two things stopped him: he wasn't willing to waste a good brew on the likes of him nor did he want to clean it up afterwards. The lack of throwable objects in the blonde's immediate vicinity saved him from such an assault, at least for the moment.

Once Liechtenstein left, however, he fully planned to lay into the other. He didn't want to hurt his sister's feelings.

How dare he find any kind of amusement in this situation? Vash was supposed to be the man of the house, taking care of them and keeping things under control. Now his sister was forced to do it all, including protecting them and the property if something were to happen. That was simply too much for her to handle, especially in her small stature. This thought and the irritation he was feeling towards his once friend caused him to apply too much pressure accidentally to the wound, a soft gasp and wince making their appearances moments after. He then groaned, keeping his hand still over it as if it would pull out the pain, his eyes closing tightly as he tried to block it out.

Damn Russian bastard.

Liechtenstein heard the gasp, looking over her shoulder at her brother to see what had happened before grabbing a towel to dry her hands as she quickly headed over. She didn't see any blood on his pants, a good sign, and bit her lip faintly. [+purple "I'll get you some pain medication, big brother,"] she told him quietly, looking up at him for another moment before darting out of the room. Vash's other hand lifted to slowly run through his hair while his eyes remained closed, desperately trying to block out the pain.
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 1y 267d 21h 38m 8s
[center Of course his grinning would eventually be noticed, even if he wasn't snickering like he could have been. Vash's irritation turned toward the brunette, calling him out without hesitation. [i "Oi. Don't get mad at me. I didn't say anything."] Roderich stated, his eyes narrowing as his grin slid away from his features and turned into a faint sneer. The brunette settled his glasses back on the bridge of his nose, pushing them up with his middle finger as a not-so-subtle [i f you] toward Switzerland. And here Roderich was, being kind and keeping his mouth shut during the blondes' conversation. Next time, he will only assist at pissing off Vash.]

[center The blonde continued on, noting the the woman would eventually turn her worries more directly on Austria. He was well aware of this, considering the girl had already had her turn with the brunette. She basically forced her assistance on Roderich early in the morning, which is likely why she didn't say anything at this moment.]

[center Roderich picked up his cup again, finally sitting back in his chair. His free hand rested above his stomach, right on top of his bruise. Silence filled the room for a few long moments, both men silently handling their injuries. Liechtenstein's voice echoed into the air, causing violet hues to turn in her direction. Austria's hard expression softened, a blush painting his cheeks for a moment while a hand lifted to pull through his hair, [i "U-Uh, yea. Of course."] He stated rather sheepishly. Austria would eventually get hungry, right? He let both of his hands wrap around the warm cup, pondering over the table top. Roderich hoped his hunger wouldn't be curbed by his lack of proper rest and the injury that dared to flare up at any given moment. He didn't want to endure the stubborn wrath of Liechtenstein again.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 1y 267d 22h 12m 29s
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Liechtenstein was fully aware of how lucky she was as she conversed with her brother, noting his light state of irritation. He hated being down too long, the girl knowing she wouldn't be able to keep him seated all day but hoped she could most of it. Anyone else who would have said such words to him would have gotten their head bitten off, at the very least, and the verbal thrashing certainly wouldn't be suitable for a woman or child's ears. She knew full well how nasty her brother could get if provoked as she had seen it many times, though it was never turned on her. Honestly, the two never really fought. A light bickering perhaps, like what had just occurred, but never fighting. They didn't have much to fight about, really, as Liechtenstein accepted her brother's authority and usually did as he asked, as he was just trying to protect her.

Sometimes, though, it was Vash who needed protecting.

Another sigh fell from his chest, the emerald eyes glancing over to Roderich and noticing the small grin on his features. His eyes narrowed a bit as he set the coffee cup on the table beside him before his arms folded lightly over his chest.

[+green "And what do you think is so funny over there?"] he huffed at the Austrian. Clearly he was amused by the conversation the two just had, Liechtenstein showing some authority over her older brother as well as outplaying him at his own game. [+green "You wait until she gets started on you; I guarantee it'll happen around lunch or dinner."]

After a few minutes, his hand dropped to rest over the injury as it began to ache again. Slender fingers began to rub at it, Liechtenstein not noticing as her back was still to the males while she continued to clean up.

[+purple "I don't think that will happen, because he'll be eating a meal today,"] she chimed in softly, a soft giggle escaping afterwards. [+purple "Isn't that right, Mr. Austria?"]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 1y 267d 22h 23m 54s
[center To say Roderich was relieved would be an understatement. He wholeheartedly believed Liechtenstein was going to get into a huff and basically demand the brunette eat something. She knew how much the country had been struggling after the war and subsequently the weight he must have dropped from eating as little as possible. When she replied with a simple smile and short sentence, the shock briefly crossed through his violet eyes. Austria gave the female a small nod or two of his head; it was then he realized his body had been tense, to which he quickly relaxed into the chair. The brunette watched the two blondes interact, his cup of tea held in both hands with his elbows resting on the table. While leaning forward in the manor he did caused his chest to ache, it was only a dull pain. Nothing he couldn't handle.]

[center Austria had been wondering why the girl was up so early in the morning, the reason coming to light as the two conversed. Well, more like lightly argued. Liechtenstein had been tending to all of the household chores and other such tasks early so that Vash didn't have anything to do. This meant he would be forced to sit at his desk all day, or relax in a chair. Either way, he wasn't going to be doing much physical work today. Liechtenstein must have been proud of herself. Switzerland was displeased, told by his sigh and the irritated words that fell through his lips. While the irritation wasn't one of anger, it was definitely present.]

[center The brunette silently watched the blonde woman return the pot to its rightful place. His eyes studied the young girl, before his attention slid back to Switzerland. For once, the man was defeated in his own home. His tasks had been situated and his thoughts of moving about freely were thwarted. Roderich couldn't help but feel a small grin plaster across his lips once more. Their dynamic was an interesting one, to say the least. The brunette pulled the drink to his lips, taking a sip of the hot beverage and sighing into it. The steam fogged up his glasses with ease, causing Austria to roll his eyes. He settled the cup down and pulled off his glasses, gently wiping them with his shirt. Austria wondered what Vash had planned for the brunette to accomplish today. Honestly, he hoped nothing. Relaxing and maybe getting some more piano playing in would be fine with Roderich. He doubted it, though.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 1y 267d 22h 41m 36s
[h3 +]
Liechtenstein gave the brunette a soft smile at his answer, nodding slightly. Even though she wasn't pleased with it, she could understand it. The male had gone through a lot these past couple of days, especially with the injury he had received from the brute of a country, and food wasn't the first thing on his mind at the moment. She would allow it for a little while longer but was determined to have him eat something by dinner at the very least. He was already so thin due to his circumstances that more weight needed to be added to him. She feared greatly for his health if he didn't.

[+purple "Please, don't hesitate to ask for anything at all,"] she told him softly, keeping her gentle smile as she stood between the two males though she was facing more towards Roderich. [+purple "You really need to rest today, it's the only way you're going to get better."]

Vash sighed heavily at her response to him, shifting a bit again to stretch his leg out once again. It was clear she wasn't going to allow him to do very much today, not wanting the blonde to disrupt his healing process. It was something that would probably happen if left to his own devices, not wanting to bother anyone else with menial tasks and simply wanting to get his work finished. Vash hated being down too long and knew how problematic this was going to be for him.

It appeared Liechtenstein knew it, too.

[+green "I can't stay in this chair all day,"] he protested after taking a long drink of coffee, keeping the warm mug in his hands. [+green "There's work to be done and I refuse to allow you to do everything on your own."]

Liechtenstein smiled softly, bringing over the pot of coffee to refill his mug for him, returning it to its rightful place afterwards. [+purple "There isn't much left to be done now,"] she responded softly. [+purple "The house is clean, the laundry is just about finished, and the goats fed. After I go into town to pick up a few supplies for dinner, there won't be anything left to do but paperwork."]

Vash sighed quietly at this, running a hand through his hair. He should have known she would have started early simply to prevent her brother from trying to work. [+green "Alright, I'll allow you to get away with that for a little while,"] he told her softly. [+green "But don't think this will happen again tomorrow."]

Liechtenstein smiled a bit before turning her back to them in order to clean up the now empty coffee pot. [+green "Yes, big brother. I hear you."]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 1y 267d 23h 59m 46s
[center Austria could feel the other man's gazing boring through him. It was likely due to the expression that covered Roderich's face, one that he didn't bother to hide from the blonde man. Naturally any and all interactions with Liechtenstein relaxed his features and kindness shone through, only to have his hard expression return moments later. It was easy to relax his features and thoughts when it came to the girl; she was always so kind to the Austrian and did her best to assist when she could, like now. Liechtenstein made no mention of earlier in the morning when she had found the exhausted, pained man struggling to get up the stairs. He was definitely grateful for that, knowing that Vash would be extremely displeased to have that knowledge.]

[center Violet hues pulled back up toward the ceiling, though not for very long. The girl moved in a frustrated manor as Switzerland shifted in his seat, readying himself to stand. Roderich watched the girl, an eyebrow raised in curiosity. It would appear that Vash was also startled by the woman's sudden movements. As she approached the table with Roderich's freshly poured cup of tea, she spoke. The cup was placed gently on the table, before she fully turned to his brother. Austria couldn't hold back the slight grin that graced his features. It was amusing to him to see the young girl scolding her brother.]

[center She was so much like Vash, it kind of scared Roderich. His amused expression softened into a sweet smile as the girl returned to addressing the brunette. [i "Ah, no. I think this will be alright."] He stated softly. While he probably needed to eat something this morning, his stomach was in knots and hunger didn't come. He figured it was because of the pain he had been in recently and the lack of sleep he had gotten. Roderich shifted in his seat, moving to have better access to the sugar and cream. A little of both was added to his tea, given a small stir, before being lifted to the Austrian's lips. It was nice to have back some of the luxuries he had lost: nice food, sweets, and quality tea. It was the little things in life.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 1y 268d 46m 28s
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Liechtenstein smiled happily up at the Austrian, nodding faintly in reply, before retrieving the cream and sugar for his tea. Everyone in the world had their secrets, the small country herself was no exception, and this secret was harmless enough that Vash didn't need to know about it. All it would do was cause more disturbances between the two and the air between them was already tense enough. Sure, it had receded some after yesterday's affairs, but it seemed to be back in full swing today. She set the items on the table within Austria's reach, giving him another smile before going to check on the tea.

Switzerland leaned back in his chair a little more, his injured leg stretched out in front of him, and took another drink of his coffee before setting it down beside him. He gave the other male a glance before turning his attention towards the window, emerald eyes watching the leaves on the trees dance in the light wind outside. He wasn't sure how to act around Roderich anymore, the male's mood swings worse than a menstruating woman. Anything and everything seemed to affect him, Vash knowing nothing about the miniature war he was waging inside his own head, and came to the simple conclusion that something in the brunette's head had finally snapped due to his unfortunate circumstance and he was possibly going crazy.

Just like Roderich, Vash too had been in frequent thought about their old friendship and how it had crumbled so easily, he was just better at keeping it from his face. It was honestly hard not to, since he had to lay eyes on his once friend every day now. He wondered how they would have turned out if the Swiss hadn't folded so easily to the stern orders to separate, would they still be friends today or would something else have driven them apart? It was impossible to answer, it seemed.

Slowly the male shifted his leg closer to his body, preparing himself to stand. This action caught his little sister's attention immediately, the young girl whipping around after pouring the Austrian's cup of tea. It startled him a little, his body stiffening and his movement stopping as he looked at the young country. Damn, she was perceptive.

[+purple "You shouldn't be up unnecessarily, big brother,"] she stated, carrying the cup over to the table and setting it down next to the cream and sugar. [+purple "Whatever you need, I can get it for you."]

[+green "I was going out to see if the goats needed fed,"] he answered, a blonde eyebrow raising. The smaller country wasn't having any of it, it seemed, and gave him a knowing smile.

[+purple "Eiger, Jungfrau, and Mönch have already been taken care of today and are happily playing in their pen. You have nothing to worry about."] She then turned to Austria, her happy smile remaining. [+purple "Can I get you anything else? Something to eat, maybe? It's important to keep your energy up."]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 1y 269d 21h 40m 39s
[center Roderich was well aware that the blonde male would be curious as to the other's actions, but he would hopefully remain lost in his own thoughts. Violet hues flashed away from Vash and briefly settled on the girl, wondering if she would fill in the Swiss' thoughts. The brunette entered the kitchen and slowly began opening a drawer or two in search of the necessary items to make tea. Liechtenstein spoke, her words soft and pleasant to the ear. So far, Austria was in the clear. His rummaging around must have been overly noticed by the young girl. She came to aid the brunette with a few simple actions and words. Roderich paused as he heard the kettle settle upon the stove, the item clicking as it lit beneath it. The man smiled sweetly toward the girl. [i "Thank you."] He stated, his words obviously hinting at more than one thing to be grateful for.]

[center With a slow breath in, the man turned and moved to the table. He sat himself down slowly, his body twitching at the action. Roderich was glad the ointment was beginning to aid him. It was more than annoying having the large bruise and injured ribs. Honestly, the whole thing was a massive inconvenience. Austria leaned back in his chair, his eyes pondering over the white ceiling as he became lost in his own thoughts. He let his arms gently fold over his crest. He was brought back to his most recent dream. Switzerland was the only focus of it; his soft, peach skin had brought the brunette out of his nightmares.]

[center Austria felt his expression sour once more, his eyes narrowing upward as a sneer graced his lips. He couldn't understand how the Swiss was the one thing that had pulled his out of his torment. Roderich had never once thought of the man during such troubling times, so why was it now that the blonde was the grace to his horrors. The whole thing pissed Austria off to no end. Violet hues glanced toward Vash, looking over the man through the corner of his eyes. Roderich was more than pissed off, actually. Vash was the one who had hurt Austria. Why was the blonde his saving grace when he had literally been his living hell not too long ago? Roderich figured his mind was confused due to the blonde man's kind actions, which were only done because of Liechtenstein. It wasn't really Vash; it definitely wasn't his personal wishes.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 1y 269d 22h 4m 14s
[h3 +]
The small country smiled happily up at her brother before turning and heading towards the coffee pot. She imagined he would say something like that, fearing she had done far too much already and would work herself into the ground. That was one difference between the two blondes: she knew when rest was needed and took it while Vash simply worked into exhaustion. [+purple "It's alright, big brother,"] she answered softly, preparing his coffee for him and bringing it back. Her smile continued as his large hands wrapped around the warm mug and he carefully took a drink. [+purple "I plan on taking a break later this morning after I've finished a few things."]

It was obvious the injured male wasn't going to get far on this subject, a sigh leaving his chest as he took another drink of coffee. If she picked up anything from him, it was his persistence. The fact that he was down for a while didn't help him any, either, as now she wanted to do the work he no longer could.

Emerald eyes lifted as he heard a familiar voice, its owner entering the room shortly after, his expression turning a bit sour before he quieted and continued through the kitchen. What in the hell was that about? A blonde eyebrow raised as he silently studied the other, trying to answer his own question as and figure out what he had just missed. He didn't remember saying anything that would have upset him so quickly, hell most of the time he tried not to say anything in order to prevent a fight and his sister getting upset. What was going on?

[+purple "I'm so glad to see you're awake, Mr. Austria,"] Liechtenstein greeted him cheerfully, moving to the stove and starting the kettle for him, and retrieved a mug as well. It was obvious by his actions and his cut-off sentence that he didn't wish for Switzerland to know about his episode downstairs and she didn't want to upset either one of them. It was best to keep this their little secret. [+purple "It appears you slept well last night, you look very refreshed. Have a seat and I'll prepare your tea for you."]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 1y 270d 2h 44m 8s
[center The brunette lay stiffly on top of the plush surface. He was exhausted, yet he couldn't pass out as he thought he was going to. Was it over exhaustion? Probably. Or, it could have been the thoughts that were racing through his mind. If Liechtenstein told Vash about Roderich sleeping downstairs and subsequently needing assistance getting back to his room, it wouldn't end well for Austria. It didn't help that the ointment had worn off through the night, causing his breathing to be a painful nuisance. Eventually, the man was able to get to sleep, but it definitely took some time. The beginning of his slumber was wracked with nightmares, causing him to toss and turn. It wasn't until old memories began pouring in, did the man sleep well. Of course, they were memories of Vash and himself as children.. How annoying.]


[center Soft hues cracked open, light seeping through the curtains of his windows. He stared upward, a blank expression covering his face. A soft heat had found its way across olive skin, tinting it a gentle pink. He couldn't remember what dreams had soothed him into a deep sleep, but he was grateful. Austria slowly rolled onto his side, a hand sliding beneath his pillow. His legs pulled up toward his stomach, one off-set from the other. He didn't want to get up. He could always just lay here for the rest of the day, letting himself drift in and out of sleep. Roderich let his eyes close, wondering if he could remember the sweet dreams he had been torn from.]

[center Switzerland.]

[center Roderich felt his expression turn sour, his eyes opening into a glare. It would appear he remembered what the subject was of his dreams. He huffed out a frustrated breath of air and sat up much too quickly. Roderich's anger shifted to a pained expression, before finally softening. He shook his head a bit and slowly stood to his feet. The brunette reapplied the ointment, hoping and praying that the effects would happen quickly. He pondered over his clothes, rolling his eyes and shaking his head. Austria couldn't wear anything nice on his upper half as he risked staining it. Damn that Russian bastard. Deciding on a pair of snug-fitting khakis and a simple black button down shirt, he exited his room and headed for the kitchen. Some hot tea sounded nice right about now.]

[center Upon entering the kitchen, he was greeted by the face of Liechtenstein. Roderich smiled sheepishly, [i "Good morning."] The man started, [i "I'm sorry if..-"] His words cut short as he finally noticed Vash in the corner of his eyes. He slowly turned his head, eyes narrowing for a moment, before he continued on further in the kitchen. It was obvious his previous statement wasn't going to be finished and he was simply going to go about the task of making himself some tea.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 1y 270d 23h 12m 10s
[h3 +]
[+purple "Alright,"] she called out softly, still smiling some at the closed door. He could be so stubborn at times, just like her brother. Maybe that was why she liked him so much. [+purple "Please let me know if you need anything at all. I'll be more than happy to get it for you!"] With that, the young country headed back down the stairs and down to her waiting breakfast.


The sun was shining brightly in through his window, telling Vash that he had slept in rather late. How late had yet to be determined, but it was still later than usual. Slowly he pushed himself to sit up, one hand planted firmly on the mattress under him to keep him in an upright position while the other scrubbed over his eyes. He had needed the extra sleep, that was for sure, as he already felt better. Though he imagined anything would feel better than last night. After he and the Austrian had parted ways, he lay in bed tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. That memory caused a blonde eyebrow to raise, the green eyes just now catching the neat and orderly state of his bed. It certainly wasn't like this the last time he saw it, the neutral nation having thrown a miniature temper tantrum and tossed a blanket or two on the floor. Now they were all on his bed, rather neatly as well, and the pillow he usually had in the empty side of his bed was now where his head had previously been.

A faint smile touched his lips as he thought of the only person it could have been: Liechtenstein.

She really was a sweet girl, doing whatever she could to help around the house to make life easier for her big brother. She also wasn't afraid to do what was necessary for either of their well-being , and wasn't afraid to state such things to Switzerland and stand up to him. Many countries underestimated her, but not the blonde. He knew what she was capable of.

A few groans of pain filled the room as he slowly moved from the bed and to his feet, standing still for a moment to allow his leg to become adjusted to the weight it was holding before grabbing a zip up sweatshirt from his dresser and slipping it on over his white shirt and slowly heading downstairs. First glances told him Liechtenstein had been busy that morning, having cleaned the downstairs and started laundry from what he could tell already. He carried himself into the kitchen where his eyes finally fell on the small country, watching her instantly lock eyes on him and give him a soft smile.

[+purple "Morning, Switzy,"] she told him softly, going over and helping him sit down in the nearest chair. [+purple "I heard you get up, the coffee should be finished soon."]

He smiled faintly at this, leaning over and placing a gentle and loving kiss on her temple. [+green "You're an angel,"] he answered quietly. [+green "Afterwards, I want you to take a little break. It seems you've been busy this morning."]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 1y 270d 23h 36m 54s
[center It was very obvious that the girl was over joyed to see Roderich finally accept her assistance and stop fighting with her. He simply was too tired and too weak, let alone the fact that she made a few good points. If his exhausted body did end up slipping or giving out, Austria would end up falling down the stairs. It would be likely in that situation that he would get injured more. Getting up wouldn't even be a possibility, meaning he'd probably just pass out where his body lay. Roderich took in a deep breath before he began up the stairs. Liechtenstein kept her pace the same as the brunette, making sure he wouldn't fall and watching his every step carefully. He was sure she'd be able to at least stop him from tumbling down the steps if he slipped. That reassurance was nice.]

[center It didn't take too long for the two to make it in front of Roderich's door, where he thanked the girl, apologized, and refused extra assistance. She had done plenty for him already. The brunette slowly slipped into his room, the door closing softly. The click of the door felt harsh in the silent, dark room. Roderich stood for a few long moments. He could just pass out on the floor again, but then this whole trip would have been for nothing and he would have just wasted Liechtenstein's time. Finally, the man moved to his bed.]

[center His body slumped on top of the plush comforter, pain shocking his body at the quick movement. He silently cursed at himself. Austria's face was buried in the pillow making it difficult to breath. He gave a soft grunt as he forced himself to flip onto his back. A deep breath was drawn in, which was stopped short by his bruise. [i "Blödarsch"] The man muttered, once again cursing at himself. He felt so stupid. Shortly after he spoke, he heard Liechtenstein's voice. She was too kind. [i "No, but thank you. Please, don't worry about me. You have done plenty already.."] He called out, hoping his voice made it through the thick door. In this position, it wouldn't take long for him to pass out..]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 1y 270d 23h 59m 24s
[h3 +]
A faint sigh of relief fell from her chest and her smile grew a little more as the stubborn man finally gave in. He finally accepted defeat, Austria's hand moving into her own and she held onto it firmly but gently. He was a bit cold, something that worried her a bit, but she told herself it was from him being without a shirt and not much more. Liechtenstein matched the male's pace, keeping a careful eye on him in case he were to trip or collapse, and bit her lip in concentration as she did so. Once they were at the top of the stairs, she gave her guest another smile. There, just a little more to go.

Roderich denied any extra help once they reached to the door, the girl obliging and giving him a happy smile this time. She had done something to help someone in need, an act that made her feel good. If anyone would ask, she had done more than enough for those people in her life, but to her it was quite the opposite. The small country would never be done helping those who needed it.

Once he he had stepped through the doorway, Liechtenstein walked a few doors down the hallway and to her brother's room, peeking in quietly. Another smile touched her lips, a soft giggle sounded as well, before she tiptoed in further. The neutral nation was still sound asleep on the bed, the blankets seeming to have gone through some kind of twister. They lay this way and that, some on the bed and some off, and his injured leg lay on top of the pillow that should have been resting under his head. She smiled a bit, grabbing the pillow from the empty side of the bed, lifting his head carefully to place it underneath, then began to quietly fix the blankets over his sleeping form. He remained still through this process other than the steady movement of his chest, indicating his exhaustion. Once she was finished, she moved out of the room and shut the door before heading back to the Austrian's door.

[+purple "Can I get you some tea and toast?"] she offered softly, speaking through the door in case he had been changing. He was a guest and deserved his privacy, after all. [+purple "I also have some fruit if you'd like. It's no trouble at all."]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 1y 271d 20m 8s
[center The girl gave a soft smile toward the brunette, who hoped it was because she was relieving some of his stresses. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Roderich wasn't so lucky. Liechtenstein slowly moved her way up the few stairs the man had been able to conquer, stopping a step or two ahead of him as she began speaking. Violet hues watched the girl as she walked. She paused in front of Austria, turning to face the man. The hand that was resting oh-so carefully above the dark bruise shifted some as he tried to cover more of his injury. Of course, the bruise had spread out over the course of the night and was barely covered by the man's forearm and hand. Liechtenstein continued to talk, almost scolding the brunette for even trying to climb the stairs by himself.]

[center She reminded him so much of Switzerland. Roderich wondered what the other man would have done in this situation. When they were little, Vash would have done just was Liechtenstein was doing. But now, Roderich wasn't so sure of that. For some reason, that realization caused sadness to pulse through the man's body for a brief moment, before being washed over by pain. Roderich let his eyes slip away from the girl, his gaze averted to the ground. [i "No.. I don't."] He answered in a meager tone.]

[center Reluctantly, Austria lifted his hand and let it rest in Liechtenstein's extended hand. Again, her warmth shrouded his cool, clammy skin. Roderich couldn't fight her any longer, knowing he wasn't going to win in the slightest. He hated how his childish actions were now effecting the worried girl. The brunette would allow assistance from Liechtenstein, but of course not as much as he needed. He refused to lean on the girl more than what was absolutely necessary. While she was trying her best to help the stubborn man, he was just that. Stubborn.]

[center It wouldn't take long to get up the stairs and move down the hall toward Roderich's room. The assistance would only be accepted until he reached his door, naturally thanking the girl profusely and apologizing for the inconveniences he was causing her. She was a busy, growing country that had plenty of things she could be doing besides helping Austria.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 1y 271d 48m 8s

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