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[h3 +]
The blonde remained focused on his work, the folder laying open on his lap with a small stack of papers on top of it. So many forms had to be filled out and signed now that the Austrian had agreed to a plan that would begin to rebuild his country and help the people within it. Long term savings, short term savings, check transfers...these were just a few of the long list of forms that needed completed and sent in. Vash also wanted a copy of each form so he had a reference to look back on which meant double the work. Luckily he had nothing else to do today, due to his little sister, and had ample time to work on it.

The only sound for a while was the point of the pen scratching along paper, the silence making Vash wonder just exactly what his guest was up to. He didn't believe the Austrian had been playing that long, making him doubt he was finished with the piano . It wasn't long after that he heard the male's footsteps around the home, seeming to move around every room of the first floor. Blonde eyebrows knit together as he listened, his hand still moving expertly across the forms. What in the hell was he doing?

His answer came soon enough, the brunette moving into the doorway and asking for a pencil. Asking wasn't really the correct word, demanding was more like it. The harsh voice caused Vash's writing to stop momentarily, the statement catching him by surprise. A pencil? That was what he was searching the house for? The Swiss could understand why Roderich was having so much trouble finding one as he didn't use them that often. Vash preferred to work in pen, finding the dark permanent strokes more pleasing to the eye than light and grey ones. Besides, most of his writing involved forms of some kind and an erasable writing implement wasn't exactly useful.

There had to be one in the house somewhere, right?

[+green "Liechtenstein keeps one in her sewing basket,"] he stated, beginning his work again. Just as before, soft scratches of pen and paper began to fill the room again. [+green "Look under the table with the radio sitting on it."]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 1y 290d 22h 42m 10s
[center Roderich found himself out of luck in the first three rooms he briefly scoured. He found a few pens, but that was of no use to him. His music was constantly changing and needing to be fixed and adjusted. Roderich remembered the days where ink and a quill were used. He held much disdain for those days, having to waste paper and write nearly unintelligible marks over top of previously written items. Roderich shuttered at the thought. Now that he had the luxury of using a pencil, since times had changed and advancements had been made, he could never go back. He would likely rip his own hair out.]

[center A soft sigh fell through the man's lips, his shoulders slumping a bit. He could always ask Vash. The blonde was in the kitchen, or so it appeared by the sounds emanating from it. It was possible that it was Liechtenstein, but time hadn't passed enough for her to have logically returned. The brunette exited the room he was in, pausing in the doorway as he peered down the hall toward the kitchen. He briefly saw the flash of blonde hair disappear into what looked like the family room, noting that the man had moved. Roderich took the opportunity to search the kitchen, once again coming up empty handed.]

[center He was going to have to cave and ask where he could find one. From what Roderich had found, he almost doubted Switzerland even owned a pencil. The brunette slowly made his way to the family room, keeping himself out of sight as he internally battled with himself. He didn't want to ask, but his music demanded it. Roderich drew in a deep breath and straightened himself up, his defeated expression turning into a hard one as he entered the room. He only took a few steps in, violet hues glaring off and away from Vash. [i "I need a pencil."] The man's words came out rather dry and harsh. He didn't even ask, just simply stated a fact. Austria didn't even want to talk to the blonde, so he had compromised with himself by simply going to state this fat and hope that Vash helped. He doubted it.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 1y 291d 1h 41m 0s
[h3 +]
Vash's frame rested heavily against the counter nearest the stove while the kettle heated, his uninjured leg holding most of the man's weight. Strong arms were folded over the matching, broad chest while emerald eyes stared vacantly at the grain in the wooden cabinet across from him. The beautiful notes continued to float through the rooms of the house, indicating Roderich's position, until they came to a scripted stop. It remained this way for a few minutes until they started again, this time slower and more methodical. It would appear the Austrian was writing again. It was an art that was lost on the blonde, he never understood how one could write such pieces, let alone play them. It just seemed so overly complicated. The Swiss preferred things to be simple, perhaps that was why he loved his firearms so; it was easy. If you could figure out how to fire one, you could fire them all. Sure, aiming took a little bit of practice, but not near as much as one would have to put into an instrument.

The patience it took was another story.

Once the kettle began to steam and whistle, Vash pulled down a mug from a nearby cupboard and poured the boiling water inside before adding a tea bag. Proper tea would have to wait as it was sitting in their grocery order which Liechtenstein would return with soon . A quiet sigh filled the kitchen as he let the tea steep, picking up the mug and moving into the family room. Carefully he set the hot mug on the coffee table, biting his lip faintly and groaning as he allowed himself to sit on the couch, then propped his leg up on the rest of the long piece of furniture. It felt better not having all of the pressure on his thigh, the muscle aching for a rest as it recovered. Slowly he reached out, picking up the folder and a pen that lay next to the mug, and began work on Roderich's papers again.

He may still be pissed at the Austrian, but he did promise his sister he would help.
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 1y 291d 23h 12m 3s
[center It didn't take much time for the man to warm up his hands and fall into a comfortable, relaxed position. His fingers nimbly moved across the keys, sound filling the room with ease. It wasn't until he actually began playing, did the real music seep into the near-by walls and hallway. The door, while solid, could not hold back the loud sound Roderich created. This particular piece was emotional, yet calm. Someone would likely be able to fall asleep while listening to the sweet tunes wrap around their body. Austria almost wished someone would have been able to do that for him, but he also got such great enjoyment from playing, that he knew he couldn't sit by and listen for long. He needed to be able to feel the vibrations at his fingertips as the keys struck their proper strings.]

[center Roderich went through two rather extensive pieces, before pulling out some odd looking sheet music. The bars and lines appeared to be skillfully hand drawn, the notes and directives marked in pencil. Soft gray pencil stained the paper where an eraser couldn't get rid of the markings. It would be obvious that this unfinished piece was one of Roderich's own personal sheets. He slowly went through the notes, playing each one carefully as he listened. Austria judged himself, his own playing and the music he had written down. His soft expression flinched into displeasure. It didn't sound good there. A hand lifted, moving toward the man's ear where he expected a pencil to lie until he grabbed air.]

[center The brunette drew in a breath, silently cursing at himself. Of course he had forgotten his pencil. Or, had he even brought one with him. Roderich shrugged it off, knowing that somewhere in one of these rooms would be what he was looking for. He hadn't seen Vash in a while and figured the man was hiding somewhere far away from any room Roderich might be in. That was good for Austria. The man stood, leaving his music where it was, and left the room. He moved down the hallway, wondering which room held what he needed. Roderich entered the first open room, peeking in, before going to search for what he needed. He would continue to do this until he found a pencil.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 1y 292d 19h 4m 51s
[h3 +]
Once the blonde girl left and the door clicked shut, the house was quiet again. No noise seemed to be made until Roderich moved to begin his journey up the stairs to retrieve his music. Vash remained down below, silently assembling his firearm and making it action-ready once more. He wasn't even aware that his little sister had left as the basement was rather sound-proof, but would be grateful to know his sister had taken a weapon with her. He would prefer she not leave at all after the events of the day before as anything could happen to her. Still, she seemed to know exactly what her brother would say and took preventative measures.

Vash remained in the basement for some time, having disassembled three more guns and was working on his fifth. It was an older one, a revolver he had used many times in his youth, and his excellent care of it ensured it still worked. In the right market, it could sell for thousands of euros with the stunning shape it was in for its age. The blonde would never sell it, the weapon one of his old favorites as it had carried him through many tight situations before. In fact, it was the one he used when he needed to come to Austria's defense. A soft frown appeared on his face as nimble fingers expertly began to oil and assemble the various pieces, the thoughts of easier days beginning to weigh on him. He hated the rift he and Roderich had between them, the brunette once his best friend. Deep down he wanted to apologize, to explain everything that had happened, but Vash couldn't. He wasn't that big of a person.

Unfortunately, the way things were going, the two would probably die enemies. Roderich hated Vash for abandoning him, something the male understood completely, and wasn't about to apologize for something that wasn't his fault. Vash wasn't the kind of person to apologize at all, even when things were his fault. A quiet sigh fell from his chest once he snapped the last piece in place, setting it aside with the others and slowly rising form his seat. It appeared that things would never change.

The Swiss headed up the stairs to the first floor, pausing as he heard the piano. The playing was far too advanced to be his sister which left only one other person: Roderich. Deciding against an argument, the blonde veered into the kitchen and filled the kettle in order to make himself a cup of tea. Maybe that would help him feel a little better.
  SolemnYuki / 1y 292d 20h 32m 42s
[center The tall man silently watched the girl as she responded to his words. He was glad that she wasn't so weary that he couldn't be left alone or without some sort of supervision. Roderich nodded some as Liechtenstein spoke, expressing what she would be doing and where she would be going. Austria wouldn't have to walk on eggshells with her absent from the home, that would be nice. Unfortunately, that only left the other blonde in the house. He internally groaned at the thought. Roderich barely noticed the girl move to embrace the brunette, only to change her mind; she got on her tiptoes and planted a soft peck on a cool cheek. The man's thoughts immediately washed away with the smile that pulled across his features. She was so kind..]

[center Roderich bid the blonde a goodbye, before ensuring the door closed behind her. He breathed a sigh of relief, his tense body relaxing some. At least he didn't have to hide his pain from coming over his face. That was nice. He ran a hand through his hair and made his way slowly up the staircase. Roderich didn't take long retrieving the particular sheet music he wanted, choosing something calming instead of angry so as to sooth his soul. He moved down the stairs, careful not to tweak his body in the wrong way and cause pain. Who knew walking required so much of the body to move?]

[center The piano-study room was the location he headed to. Roderich entered, letting the door close fully. He didn't want to be disturbed. He moved across the floor, not bothering to look at the books that lined the walls, and sat on the bench. Austria settled himself, placing the papers across the built-in music stand. He started with a few warm-ups, just to get his fingers prepared. While it was true he had played at this home a couple of times already, he couldn't play at his own home. His piano had fallen into disrepair after the fall of the war. Austria almost felt as though himself and the instrument were connected in a way as they mirrored damages done to the other.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 1y 293d 17h 39m 0s
[h3 +]
Liechtenstein smiled up at Roderich once she was inside, bright eyes watching as he reached up to lock the door. It was best to be safe, especially under yesterday's circumstances, and was grateful he was thinking along the same lines. She knew many other countries weren't thrilled with the Austrian as he could be rather strict sometimes, but he was always so gentle and kind to her. Never once did he scold her or make her feel less than she was. He was a beautiful and gentle human being who loved music and art, and even making others happy.

She could never fully be upset at the Austrian.

The small country nodded, giving him a gentle smile [+purple "Enjoy your wonderful music,"] she told him softly, a light giggle escaping her throat. [+purple "I'm going to run into town quickly and pick up our grocery order. I won't be gone longer than half an hour."] She moved to hug him, but quickly thought better of this and leaned up to kiss his cheek instead. Afterwards, she moved away from him and to the rifle case, picking up one suitable to her size, loaded it with a single round, then headed off to the market.

Vash remained in the basement, the gun fully dismantled and laying in organized pieces on the table in front of him. He kept silent as he cleaned each piece, setting it back down it its place before continuing on to the next. Slowly he could feel his body begin to relax, de-stressing from the argument he had with the Austrian. Honestly, he was rather pissed he had the guts to try to chastise him with his sister nearby, spitting out his unwanted advice. He didn't need it nor want it and felt he was doing just fine on his own.

Vash sighed quietly as he began to put the firearm back together, oiling the necessary parts as he went along. He found himself procrastinating a bit, not wanting to go up there and face Roderich in case he was still in a lecturing mood. Maybe he could stay down here until the Austrian got his country back in order and moved out.

Or maybe Hell would freeze over.
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 1y 294d 20h 39m 14s
[center Soft words slipped into the cool air as Liechtenstein agreed to the brunette's words. Roderich felt her fingers lace in between his own, before the blonde began to walk. He held back a laugh. Austria felt like he was a child that had run away from home and was being convinced back inside; his hand being held would keep him from running off again, especially being laced the way they were now. The thought alone made the brunette internally laugh. Violet hues briefly gazed down at the girl, before returning to the home. His eyes fell upon what Roderich believed was Vash walking away from a window, though it could have been his mind playing tricks on him. Austria brushed it off.]

[center The two walked the short distance home, Austria letting the girl's hand go. He did this to ensure the girl had the door opened for her so she could enter first, as is proper. Upon closing the door, the brunette let the lock click. The three didn't need any unwelcome guests entering the home without their knowledge. Austria drew in a slow breath, running his hand through his hair. His eyes scanned his surroundings for a moment, listening for the sound of Switzerland. He couldn't have been close, or he was remained very still. With his injury, Roderich doubted that.]

[center He turned his attention to the girl, smiling softly. [i "I'm going to practice for a little bit. Don't let me distract you from your work today. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask."] Roderich's kind words fell into the air around the two. Once he got an okay from Liechtenstein, he would begin by heading up the stairs to his room. He needed to gather his sheet music first.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 1y 294d 21h 45m 35s
[h3 +]
Emerald eyes watched as Roderich moved to make himself closer to her level, his own eyes studying her from behind pristine lenses. She had always found him so elegant and sophisticated, no matter the circumstances, and this one was no different. Sure, he may not be wearing his usual garb with fancy embellishments, but he carried himself in such a way that he didn't need them. His posture and poise did all the work that his dress didn't.

He was the exact opposite of her brother.

A soft smile touched her lips as she continued to watch him, the male standing up straight again once his words were said, informing her that she needn't apologize for her brother's actions. She felt she did, though, seeing as the blonde male certainly wasn't going to bother with it and she didn't want her friend to remain upset. It was proper manners but, more importantly, it's what friends did. Liechtenstein would continue to apologize for her brother's words and actions as long as she needed to in order to keep temperaments down. Perhaps it was working, Roderich already seemed so much better. It also could have been the few minutes away from Vash; she as well knew how infuriating he could be.

[+purple "Alright, let's go home,"] she responded softly, carefully lacing their fingers together and beginning to walk slowly with him as not to agitate his already sore chest. She figured she'd give him a break until dinner, the last thing he needed were two blondes harping on him.

Vash slowly pushed himself up, groaning a bit at the action as he did so, and limped a bit to the window. It appeared the two weren't very far away, a good thing, and Liechtenstein seemed to be handling herself rather well. Good. He didn't want another psycho to appear through the bushes and threaten the peace. Once he saw them on their way back, the blonde silently and slowly moved through the room and down to the basement. It was a finished basement, unlike a lot of others in this time, and stored the majority of his weaponry. Pushing open the door, he slowly turned on the lights and limped over to one of his cabinets. The two of them would be re-entering soon and he didn't really want to talk to Roderich right now. The brunette was probably still rather angry with the blonde's harsh words and didn't exactly want to hash it out in front of his sister. After picking up a gun from a nearby cabinet, the blonde moved over to a table sitting against the wall and set the fire arm down before lowering himself into a chair. He reached over, pulling over an oil-stained cloth and a dark bottle closer to his person, then began to take apart the gun and clean it. This would occupy himself for a while as well as let the other's temper cool. It was best this way.
[center Naturally, the woman's reply came with great ease. She worried about the countries that were friendly to her, such as himself. Liechtenstein was extremely kindhearted and thoughtful, though she could be very assertive if she needed to be. She was like a young Switzerland. Roderich internally groaned at the thought, cursing how the man tainted his memories. He gave a small nod or two of his head, acknowledging the fact that she worried for him, his safety, and the well-being of his country. She was so sweet, too sweet even. Austria would fear her kindness would be taken advantage of, but he knew Switzerland was watching over her and he had nothing to worry about.]

[center A violet gaze returned to the girl as she gave his hand a gentle squeeze. He silently listened as she apologized for her brother's actions, something she didn't need to do. While it was true how unlikely it would be to receive an apology from Vash, it wasn't Liechtenstein's job to do it for him. And yet, she took it upon herself to do just that. Roderich slowly let his free hand fall away from his chest as he pondered over the woman.]

[center Austria slowly moved so he was in front of her. He bent down some, so he could be eye level with her. [i "You don't need to apologize for him, but I appreciate it."] The man stated softly, a smile once again gracing his features. He lifted his free hand and gently ruffled the girl's blonde locks. Roderich slowly stood up straight, [i "Come on. Let's go back inside, hm? I don't need you worrying more."] The man continued speaking, letting his soft voice hit the cool air. He stared down at the girl with a calm expression. While he wasn't less upset at Vash, Austria was able to control his emotions better now that he was trying to sooth the girl.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 1y 295d 17m 31s
[h3 +]
Liechtenstein continued to keep her gaze on the male as well as a light grip on his hand, not wanting him to try to run off in his current state. They both knew he wouldn't get very far so it wasn't too big of a worry, really she just feared he may hurt himself...or someone else would try. After the experience with Russia she was afraid for his safety, especially if he left the house unsupervised. Not many would try to invade their borders, but some less than intelligent countries may try...and those were the ones who were the most dangerous. The last thing she wanted was to see her friend hurt again.

[+purple "Of course I'm going to worry,"] she answered softly, giving him a small smile. It was a line he had told her many times and from her brother as well. But her friend had become upset enough to leave the house by something her brother had caused, worry was just natural in that case. [+purple "I care about you very much and I don't want anything bad to happen to you."]

She squeezed his hand gently in reassurance before she continued. [+purple "I'm sorry for whatever my brother said to make you leave so suddenly and to make you so upset,"] she apologized gently. Vash probably wouldn't do it, not even after the their tempers had calmed, so she may as well try. [+purple "He doesn't think before he talks sometimes and can say some rather harsh things. But I'm sure you know that already. Still, I'm very sorry."]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 1y 295d 34m 55s
[center The brunette felt anger pulse through him along side the aching in his chest. His heart pounded and rang in his ears, echoing in his head. His breath remained slightly elevated, yet became ragged as it pained him to extend his chest so much. Roderich didn't make it too far away from the house, not expecting himself to get far. Not in his current state, anyway. His body stood ridged, his body aching with each breath. Austria's mind raced, emotions swirled in confusion and hate. He hated how easily Vash was able to get under his skin, yet the man was also able to comfort the brunette. Switzerland could read Roderich in a second, using that to his advantage or to assist the other. Austria just wished Vash would choose whether he was going to hate the brunette or be by his side. He can't have both!]

[center His thoughts were torn away, fizzling into nothing as he felt a warm hand slide into his own. Violet hues slowly turned downward to meet the blonde girl by his side, their eyes clashing. He hadn't even heard her approach. Roderich silently cursed at himself, knowing all too well the consequences of being distracted outside. He had felt the impact yesterday with that damn Russia. [i "I'm fine. You don't need to worry."] The man stated, his voice soft as if he was trying to comfort the girl's unease. He even went as far as to offer the girl a small smile.]

[center Roderich was well aware that his words would do nothing, especially since she had seen him so weak earlier in the morning. Amethyst baubles slowly retracted, his gaze lifting to meet the scenery before them. The sun was warm, a light breeze cooling the air to a comfortable temperature. Austria drew in a slow breath, allowing his eyes to briefly close. He would have to return to the home, but he didn't want to be under the same roof as Switzerland. Roderich's need to calm the girl overpowered that, though. [i "I'm sorry."] The man breathed out. [i "I know it's dangerous for me to be out here.. It's just easier to breathe."] He lied, rather skillfully for his current condition.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 1y 295d 50m 24s
[h3 +]
Vash kept his angry gaze down as Austria growled at him, standing and leaving moments later. The male's words hurt and angered him, revenge the only reason the blonde stated what he did. He knew it would get under Roderich's skin and piss him off, the latter being the ultimate goal. He also figured his once friend would storm out of the room, needing time to collect himself again, though he didn't expect him to leave the house.

Whatever. If he wanted to go, let him. The two needed some time away from each other anyway.

It was at this time that Liechtenstein returned, the bottle in her hand, and bit her lip faintly as she moved back in front of her brother. She was worried, it was obvious from her face, and didn't like the fact that Austria had exited the house on his own. [+purple 'What happened?"] she asked quietly as she set the promised bottle down on table by the Swiss and glanced over at Austria's empty spot. [+purple "Where did he go?"]

Vash shrugged, avoiding looking at her as he reached over and picked up the bottle. He couldn't look at her, knowing his short temper and harsh words were what sent her guest on his way. All she wanted to do was help him and Vash was doing the exact opposite. He couldn't help it, Roderich got under his skin so easily. [+green "I don't know, Liechtenstein. He just walked out."]

Her gaze shifted back towards her brother, the girl toying with the sleeve of her green jacket. It was rather dangerous for him to be out on his own, with his body and his country the way it was. Something could happen to him. [+purple "It's not safe for him to be on his own!"] she exclaimed, a bit on the loud side. If one couldn't tell her worry from her face, they could by her voice. [+purple "What if Russia or someone else comes looking for him?!"]

She didn't wait for Vash's answer, the blonde girl darting away from her brother and out of the house, catching up with Roderich easily. He wouldn't be able to run from her, at least very far, in the condition he was in. Liechtenstein carefully reached out, taking his hand, and stopping at his side.

[+purple "Are you okay?"] she asked quietly, large eyes looking up to his face. [+purple "You shouldn't be up like this yet."]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 1y 295d 1h 22m 30s
[center Roderich was more than well aware his words were going to cut deep. He was used to the backlash he got, especially when he directed his statements to Switzerland. A quiet hiss slipped into the air, the blonde cracking open one eyes to glare at the other country. Roderich stared at the other through his own narrowed eyes, a sneer cut like stone across his lips. Vash doing something as stupid as applying too much pressure on his fresh wound was surprising, to say the least. Austria knew how he could get under the blonde's skin, but enough to injure himself was odd. He would have felt proud of himself, had it not been for the worry that Liechtenstein felt. Vash's reaction pissed him off, which is the main reason he lashed out so harshly.]

[center Finally, both eyes opened as they cracked through the pain. Vash glared wholeheartedly at the brunette, his words slicing through the thick air. Roderich rolled his eyes at the man's next comment. Like hell his emotions didn't have something to do with this accident. It would appear that Austria's final comment struck the final chord with the blonde. He lashed out without holding back, his words stinging the fresh wounds that Austria protected.]

[center Roderich felt his jaw tense, his teeth nearly grinding into one another. Frustration changed to anger, the emotion sprawling across the man's face. Roderich, while usually calm and collected in these situations, was unable to keep his cool. His hands slammed on the table as he stood to his feet, the cups clattering at the action. [i "Shut your mouth."] Austria hissed out, his hard gaze settled upon the blonde. The brunette huffed a breath of air through his nostrils, before slipping away from the table and exiting the room.]

[center The tall figure pulsated with anger, a tight frown hitting his lips. His narrowed eyes remained as such as he navigated the few hallways to reach the front door. Roderich left the house, unknowingly slamming the front door in the process. He walked a little ways away from the front of the home, until the pain in his torso flared up so much he had to stop. His elevated breathing caused his chest to ache. Austria wanted to sink into the ground, but remained upright with a hand on his chest. He should have never come here.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 1y 295d 1h 2m 36s
[h3 +]
A lecture was the last thing Vash wanted to hear at that moment, cracking an eye open to glare at him as best he could. It was a trait of the Austrian's that was known all over the world, the male never hesitating to scold and chastise anyone and everyone whenever the moment appeared. Normally it was something the blonde could block out, finding something else to preoccupy his ears with. He would simply walk away or ignore him, something that would in turn annoy the brunette. The option wasn't possible today as he was certain he'd be shoved back into that chair the moment he stood, so walking away wasn't an option. Being in a pained and irritated state made it near impossible to ignore him so Vash did the only other thing he could do: lash out.

[+green "Don't you think I realize that already?!"] He hissed as quietly as he could, allowing the other eye to finally open and glare at the other fully. His hand remained cupped tightly over the wound, still wishing the pain would subside some. It was a stupid act and he was already cussing himself out mentally, he didn't need the Austrian to help any. The scornful look he held on his face was only aiding in upsetting the Swiss even more.

Vash would move heaven and earth for his little sister and didn't appreciate parenting advice from someone who despised him. Even though Roderich had looked over and housed many countries of his own, he took the brunette's advice with a grain of salt. After all, he took care of Italy and look how that crack pot turned out. [+green "My emotions have nothing to do with this..."]

The Austrian's next comment, however, caused Vash's eyes to narrow a bit more and threatened to burn a hole in the male's head. Get [i his] shit together? Really? Did Roderich really want to go down that road? [+green "What an idea, coming from you,"] he huffed quietly, letting his eyes drop to look down at his leg. [+green "I'm not the one who ran blindly into a war with those phychos. I'd say I have my shit together at this point, thank you very much."]
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 1y 295d 1h 59m 58s

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