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[center A stiff silence slowly filled the room, the sounds of metal hitting ceramic were the only things daring to break it. Roderich wasn't upset by this at all. Actually, he preferred it. The two had spoken enough today for his liking and he was too tired not to put up a fight against his acidic tongue. It was best for them to remain silent. As the brunette ate, he shifted slightly in his seated position. One of his legs were brought up and set on the chair. The bottom of his foot rested against the inside of his thigh, the tray settling better in this position; it didn't dare to fall, now. The happenings of the day slowly began to fill the Austrian's mind. The two hadn't fought much, which was an extremely rare occurrence especially because they were now residing beneath the same roof. Let alone the fact that they were so willing to help each other after getting injured. It would appear that tragedies brought people together, even these old friends. Roderich felt his eyes slide closed, exhaustion coming in waves as the warmth of the soup comforted him. It helped that he wasn't moving much, too.]

[center The brunette was brought back into reality as he heard Vash speak, disrupting the long silence that had formed. Partially lidded eyes lazily focused on the half eaten soup, the spoon held loosely in his hand. [i "Mm. Yea. It helped for a while, but.. I had to put more on.."] He admitted, [i "It got hard to breathe."] Hushed words slipped out from emotionless lips. The bruised ribs ached with each breathe Roderich took. It was part of the reason he had woken up. Austria drew in a slow, deep breath, the aching having subsided enough for him to do this. The ointment definitely helped him. He raised his free hand, letting it rest over the injury on top of his shirt. The pressure hurt and also caused the shirt to stick to him more. So annoying.]

[center Austria let his hand slide away from his body. [i "How're you holding up?"] He asked, changing the subject so as to not worry Vash. The brunette would be fine, he would just be uncomfortable for the time being. Switzerland was the one who really got hurt, having gotten shot. While everything got cleaned up and taken care of, the bullet had done some damage. Austria was just happy it only grazed him, or things could have been much worse. The two kept their eyes averted from one another, only seeing the other country from the corner of their eyes. They had such a strange dynamic and it was obviously uncomfortable for both parties to be in this situation. Dealing with today's occurrences didn't help, either.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 11h 34m 39s
[h3 +]
Emerald eyes observed silently as Roderich seemed to think the blonde's words over. Part of him figured his guest would turn around and leave, ignoring his offer, though the other seemed to want him to stay. Normally Vash did everything possible in solitude and enjoyed it that way. Despite this, a small part of him still wanted the brunette to join him in dinner. Perhaps it was his brotherly instinct kicking in as it did with Liechtenstein, wanting to make sure he ate decently...or perhaps it was the old part of himself that he buried a long time ago wanting to fix their friendship.

Whatever it was, it was weird to him.

He watched the Austrian perform his work in silence, retrieving the chair and setting it up somewhat close to the Swiss before sitting down. His discomfort appeared on his face, Roderich not seeming to bother hiding it this time, and quietly grabbed the meal he had heated up so generously. The hard part had already been done by the blonde the day before, but it was the act and the thought that counted. Vash was grateful for it as he didn't have to trek down those stairs again. Honestly, if it had come to that, he probably would have let himself go hungry until the morning. It was easier and less painful that way.

As he quietly ate his dinner, he allowed himself to take in the male's less-than-pristine state. His clothes, although clean, were rather simple, his hair was still a bit bed-worn, and his glasses were....missing. He couldn't remember the last time he had seen his once friend without those thin frames over his eyes, giving him a more authoritative look than he usually had. Seeing him in this light just made him....a person. It was strange and uncomfortable, but eye-opening and a bit humbling at the same time.

[+green "How's your chest?"] he asked quietly after a long while, both men almost finished with their dinners. Vash kept his eyes on his bowl, not wishing to make it more uncomfortable for either of them. This was already pretty unsettling. [+green "Is the ointment helping?"]
[center A focused Swiss became slightly startled upon Roderich's entry, seeming to have lost track of time and become enamored with his work. The brunette simply gave a small shake of his head an approached the desk. Papers were lifted from the desk's face and slid into a single folder. Obviously, they would be removed and refiled at a later time. Austria waited for the other to take a bowl and glass, seeming to become slightly impatient by the look crossing his features; amethyst hues bore down toward the blonde. The items were settled upon the desk and Roderich took a step back, originally moving to go to his room. Switzerland's voice caused the man to stop and listen. Austria paused for a moment, before deciding he would keep the other company for a little bit, at least to make sure he wasn't going to reopen the injury by rubbing it. Or, so he told himself. Honestly, he was a bit surprised Switzerland didn't want to be left alone so he could work and eat.]

[center Roderich gently settled the tray on the closest and a mostly cleared flat surface. He spun on heel and wandered into the darker area of the room, his eyes adjusting poorly to the dimly lit area. It took a few moments, but he was finally able to find the chair Vash had mentioned. Once the coat was removed, and set in a new area , he lifted the chair and moved it back toward the blonde. The back of the chair was set against the filing cabinet at Switzerland's side. Roderich moved to grab the tray from its resting place and slowly sat down. He visibly winced, his body protesting to his movement.]

[center The brunette let the tray sit on his thighs, his hands resting gently on the sides. His eyes briefly closed, his head tilting back a bit. Roderich drew in a slow, silent breath, before lifting his head. He released his grip from the tray. A hand lifted, gently rubbing the bridge of his nose. Normally, his glasses would have gotten in his way, but he hadn't put them back on after his over-extended nap. He wasn't blind and wearing them all day was simply uncomfortable, so he had opted to go without them. Austria allowed silence to build in the room as he began to slowly eat his soup. The flavors danced across his tongue, a warmth boiling from inside of his body as he gave it the nutrition it needed. Despite this slight distraction, his body ached dearly and his shirt clung uncomfortably to the ointment beneath it. Such an odd feeling..]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 3d 11h 11m 5s
[h3 +]
[+green "You're not my mother,"] Vash grumbled quietly after the uptight Austrian, but resisted the urge to rub the wound again. This small warning was nothing, the Swiss was certain that if the wound opened yet again, Roderich wouldn't be so gentle about re-bandaging it this time. He knew his once friend rather well and also knew how much he liked his lessons to stick. A rough first aid job would certainly do that.

Best not bring that on himself.

Vash sighed quietly as he went back to work, blonde eyebrows knitting together again in concentration. He wanted to get a little bit more finished while he waited for the brunette to return, there wasn't much of a point sitting there and staring at the wall. So he continued, the sound of pen scribbling on paper the only sound heard in the room for some time. He became so lost in it that, upon the male's return, he jumped a bit at the movement from the corner of his eye. His form relaxed once he set full sights on him, sighing quietly afterwards.

He nodded in simple response, placing the papers in a single folder for the time being to get them out of the way and carefully set that to the side. Once enough room was made, Vash carefully lifted one of the bowls and set it on the desk along with a glass of water, then looked up at his guest.

[+green "On the table underneath my coat is a folding chair,"] he informed him quietly. [+green "It's a bit hard to see from here in this light, but it's back against the wall. You can use it if you like."]

  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 3d 15h 10m 15s
[center Upon opening the door its full length, violet hues noticed the blonde briefly rubbing his thigh before lifting his hand and resting it on the desk. Folders and papers sat neatly on the wooden item, the desk lamp casting light toward the desk's surface. Vash was in no condition to be working. He needed to rest. The blonde had gotten much too injured to be worry about whatever he was doing. Roderich figured he was sorting out their agreement and preparing other documents that would need to be gone over. His question rang into the air with an uncomfortable twang to it as Vash turned some to look back. Emeralds clashed with amethyst hues, slight confusion sliding through those green irises. Austria didn't even bother trying to wrack his brain to figure out why the emotion crossed the other's features; it could have been multiple things.]

[center The soft silence that had formed was broken by the blonde as he spoke. Austria gave a small nod of his head and turned to leave, pausing before he took a step. [i "Stop rubbing your leg. You'll rip the scab off again."] He stated, shooting a quick warning glance toward Switzerland. Roderich obviously didn't want to have to deal with wrapping the injury for a third time in one day, let alone the fact that it would prolong the healing process. After his warning, he continued on his way.]

[center Austria made quick work of getting downstairs and into the kitchen. He pulled out a pot and filled it enough with the leftover soup to fill two decent sized bowls. Eating too much this late at night could cause weight gain, but then again the two hadn't eaten much today. That's why he decided on medium sized bowls. He turned on the stove and gave the soup a quick stir, before letting the spoon rest against the side of the pot. His eyes closed as he leaned against the counter, exhaustion coming in waves at this point. His rest hadn't been too restful.]

[center The soup didn't take long to heat up and was easily transferred into the bowls. Austria rummaged around a few of the cabinets, looking for a tray to carry the items on. He found one used for breakfast in bed, after some digging, and set the bowls on it. Austria grabbed two glasses and filled them with water. He gathered two spoons and headed back up the stairs with the tray. The added weight caused Roderich to wince, his breathing shifting to be slightly more ragged. He pushed through it, finding his way back to the little office. Roderich made his way into the room and walked up to the desk. [i "Best if you move some papers out of the way."] He stated, pondering over the blonde.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 3d 12h 40m 11s
[h3 +]
After labeling the folder in better calligraphy, Vash began some of the paperwork that would make its home inside. The Austrian would be staying with him for quite some time, it was best to have his current and future paperwork in one space so it was easier to find. Switzerland placed everything the two of them had completed that day into it, starting a few other papers that would need to be finished later in the month before placing them in as well. Once he was satisfied with that, he leaned over to the filing cabinet nearby, opened a drawer, and looked over the contents inside. Vash was rather organized as anyone who stayed with him longer than ten minutes could attest to, and his files were no exception. This made it easy to find the file's new home, though, and he slid it in the drawer with ease.

Quietly he pulled out a different folder from the same drawer, closed it, and pulled out a similar one from the matching cabinet beside it. Vash was still feeling rather awake, a little bit of his and his sister's work wouldn't hurt. A soft groan sounded in the quiet room as he sat up straight again, letting the files drop on the desk and his frame to lean back into the chair. He couldn't wait until this was over and, when it was, Russia was sure going to hear about it. Did that crazy bastard really think he'd get away with the stunt he tried to pull today? Even though Austria and Switzerland weren't on the best of terms, he still couldn't live with himself if that vodka-loving jerk hurt his once friend anymore than he already had.

Vash was still kicking himself for that.

One hand dropped to his thigh and slowly began to rub the injury again, the blonde sighing quietly. Roderich would have a meltdown if he saw this as this was what opened it up the first time. A lecture would be coming his way, that was for sure. As if the Austrian could sense it happening, the door swung open and gently hit the wall, the brunette standing in the doorway. Immediately Vash lifted his hand to rest it on the desk, looking back at the tired man as he spoke. He was surprised to see him in such clothing, it barely left his closet. Roderich was so focused on being presentable at all times so he wore nothing but his best. The brunette must really be sore to be wearing such simple clothes. Vash didn't mind and he certainly couldn't say anything as he sat in his office in pajama pants and a tshirt.

[+green "That's a good idea, I should probably eat today,"] Vash answered quietly. He hadn't realized it until Austria spoke up, but he was rather hungry. It was a good thing his once friend had asked as there was no way the Swiss was going to try to fight the staircase again so soon. The first time was a nightmare. [+green "Thank you."]
[center As the ointment was rubbed in, his skin became cold in that area. His body ached with every little touch of his fingertips across his sore skin. Roderich simply pushed through it, knowing that the medicine would take effect shortly and numb at least some of his pain. After he applied what he needed to, he twisted the lid back on and slowly stood to his feet. Using his free hand, he grabbed his shirt and let it drape around his neck. The shirt, while long, just barely stayed away from contacting the gel. Roderich drew in a deep breath, his eyes briefly closing as he let the air escape his lungs. It was then he felt his stomach rumble, the aching in his abdomen having masked his painful hunger. He needed to get something to eat. First, he couldn't continue walking about shirtless. He didn't want to be indecent should he encounter Liechtenstein.]

[center Roderich slowly made his way out of the room and ascended the stairs. As he reached the top, he heard soft foot steps shuffling down the hallway. He turned his attention toward the sound, able to just barely catch sight of Switzerland as he entered the room beside his guest's. The brunette paused for a moment, before continuing toward his room. Roderich quietly slid into the room, shutting the door behind him. He made quick work of taking off his pants, tossing them to the corner for now. His shirt had the same fate. The ointment was settled onto his nightstand. Roderich rummaged through some of his drawers, before he produced a pair of black sweatpants and a gray v-neck shirt. While this type of clothing was rarely found in the man's wardrobe, he did have them for moments such as these. His shirt clung to the ointment, causing an uncomfortable sensation.]

[center The brunette pulled a hand through his hair, catching a few knots and untangling them with his fingers. Once his hair was partially fixed, he left his room and began toward the stairs once more. Austria stopped shortly after exiting. He pondered over his thoughts, internally battling with himself, before he turned on heel. The brunette moved to where he saw Vash enter, pushing the already opened door so it gently collided with the wall. He figured this would grab the blonde's attention enough so he didn't startle the focused Swiss. [i "Oi. I'm going to heat up some of the soup from earlier, would you like me to bring you up a bowl?"] Soft words fell rather awkwardly from the Austrian's lips. His olive skin was tainted with a gentle pink color. Violet hues appeared frustrated, which could have been due to him acting out of character or because he simply felt uncomfortable and he was pissed about it. Whatever the case was, Roderich's hard gaze didn't last long on the blonde. It slid, hitting the ground by Vash's feet while he awaited an answer.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 5d 10h 57m 53s
[h3 +]
How long had it been? Vash groaned as he slowly woke up, looking over at the small alarm clock he had sitting on the small table nearby. He wasn't sure why he even tried, the face unable to be read in the darkness around him. Whatever time it was, he was sure it was late. The blonde groaned heavily as he slowly pushed himself to sit up, one arm immediately wrapping around his ribs while the other rubbed at his eyes for a moment or two. He still hurt rather terribly but felt a little better.

He allowed his body to rest for a few minutes and adjust to the work it had just undergone before he slowly moved his legs and sat on the edge of the bed. His injured thigh throbbed in protest, causing a soft wince to fall on the peach face, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it was when Roderich was performing first aid on it.

Roderich....was he asleep by now?

The Swiss man slowly stood, another groan leaving his chest, before he forced his leg to move and carry him to the dresser. His limp was heavy as he adjusted to the pain, eventually getting lighter as his steps went on. As quietly as he could, he moved over to the large piece of furniture and removed his pajama pants. Allowing his frame to rest against the drawers, he carefully and slowly began to pull them on. It was harder than he thought and would have been easier if he sat on the bed to do it, but he had already started now. His torso ached with the pulling and bending it was forced to do, Vash forcing himself to breathe through it as he stepped into the soft green cotton pants and pulled them up.

At least the hard part was over.

His limp continued as he exited the room and moved down the hall, peeking into the door that Roderich had left open. The room was empty, the Austrian located somewhere else in the house. The building was rather quiet, Roderich's location unable to be determined, which caused Vash to sigh quietly. Wherever he was, he hoped he was alright.

Continuing, he moved to the next room and turned the small desk lamp on, blinking a bit at the soft light until his eyes adjusted. The room he inhabited was rather basic, containing a desk with a lamp, two filing cabinets, a bookcase filled with books and binders, and a small table on the other end of the room. Vash used this as his office, taking care of his and his sister's affairs here and would do the same for Roderich. He sat down heavily in the chair at the desk, groaning quietly again as he rubbed his aching leg, before using his free hand to pull a new folder from a drawer in the desk. He may as well get some work done as he didn't see himself sleeping for a while yet.
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 5d 14h 34m 45s
[center The brunette lay still on his bed, his body surrounded by soft blankets. He was exhausted, mentally and physically. Amethyst eyes hid behind softly closed lids. Roderich felt himself drifting in and out of sleep, but could never quite get himself deep enough into relaxation to actually slumber. It was likely due to his location on the bed and the soft ache in his torso. He stayed still, too stubborn and tired to move, for close to twenty minutes. Realizing he wasn't going to win this battle, he slowly, and carefully, sat himself up. His body hurt. Roderich let his hand slide away from his injury and fall onto his lap. He was slightly hunched over, half-closed eyes pondering over the floor.]

[center Austria carefully moved from his position to somewhat normal; he flopped back diagonally and drug his legs over the edge so they were up on the bed. Here, he found it easier to relax.]


[center Soft hues slowly slipped open. His vision was met with pitch black darkness. Confusion overtook the man. How long had he been asleep for? Roderich sat himself up, pausing midway as his injury protested. [i "Schei├če.."] He cursed in Austrian out of habit. A scowl fell across the man's lips as he gingerly sat up and slipped off of the bed. He walked to the door and flipped on the light switch, now able to see the time it was on the clock. 21:33. It was late. He wondered if Switzerland had gotten up or if he was still sleeping away his pain.]

[center Shrugging off the thought, the Austrian exited his room allowing the door to close with a soft click. He was heading downstairs to grab his shirt and the ointment he had forgotten. The cream must of have some numbing properties in it which had now worn off. He carefully walked down the stairs, careful to be quiet in case both parties were sleeping, and went into the living room. Roderich found his things undisturbed and sat down beside them. He was unfocused and tired, his eyes showing just that and his messy hair showed he had just woken up. With ease, the man opened the jar and began to apply the ointment to the worsened bruise.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 5d 14h 55m 26s
[h3 +]
Heavy footsteps carried the blonde towards his bed, Vash fighting the urge to simply drop on its flat surface. The only thing stopping him from such an activity was the pain in his chest, he didn't want to make it any worse. He had to heal as quickly as possible, he had two other countries under his roof to take care of. One of them was pretty self-sufficient, being older than the blonde, and only needed him to help get himself back on his feet. He worried about Liechtenstein, however, and couldn't let himself stay down long for her sake. She depended on him for so much, he couldn't let her down.

Switzerland stopped at the edge of the bed, leaning against the closest bedpost with his uninjured leg to give himself more balance as he slowly began to work the damaged pants open. Once he did, he simply let them fall and gripped the post beside him for balance and stability as he carefully stepped out of them. They would have to be pitched, but it could be done later. There was no way he was bending over pick them up in this state. He'd be luck if he could get down that far, let alone back up.

Maybe he'd try tomorrow.

The blonde didn't bother with his pajama pants, the ones he had been using folded neatly and put away in his dresser on the other side of the room. The risk of someone stepping in and seeing him in such a state was low, Roderich would probably be resting for the duration of the day as he could only imagine the level of pain the brunette was in, and his sister wouldn't dare intrude unless it was something urgent. Slowly he eased himself to sit on the bed, groaning quietly after he did so, and carefully lay down on top of the blankets. It was too much effort to crawl under them. The moment he was down and alone, he could feel exhaustion from the morning beginning to sneak in through the discomfort. His emerald eyes closed, Vash falling asleep rather easily and remaining that way for a few hours.
[center Focused eyes held forward after shooting a warning glance at the other. Naturally, it was ignored. Switzerland spoke up, causing Roderich's amethyst eyes to do a drawn out roll. He was one to talk, trying to walk on a freshly injured leg. Let alone the fact that ascending stairs nearly required only thigh muscles. [i "You really aren't in the position to talk."] He stated, his tone was low and quiet. A faint sneer had found its way across pale lips, pulling down in pain. He was definitely over working himself after getting hit so hard and it was finally biting him in the ass. Austria tried his best to keep his composure, just like the other country beside him. They were similar in that way.]

[center Walking up the stairs took some time and while the sluggish pace irritated Roderich to no end, he was also somewhat grateful. His torso ached with each step as Switzerland leaned his body weight onto the brunette. His elevated breathing stretched his rib cage further out, shooting pain through his body from bruised ribs. By the time they had reached the top, a few beads of sweat found their way across the brunette's forehead. Other than that and a slightly clenched jaw, Roderich did a good job hiding his piercing pain.]

[center The blonde slid his arm away from the other's shoulders, creating space between the two. Roderich turned his head, letting his body relax for a moment, as he heard Switzerland speak. [i "Mm. Go get some rest."] The brunette responded, motioning down the hallway with a sharp upward nod of his head. Soft, tired eyes followed Vash down the hall, ensuring he wouldn't fall before making it into his room. Once the blonde vanished from sight, Austria headed toward his new residence. It took his some time as he felt complete exhaustion and pulsating pain, but he finally made it inside.]

[center The door shut with a soft click, the brunette resting his back against the door. A relieved sigh slipped through parted lips. He raised a hand to lift the glasses from his face and rub his eyes with the back of his hand. With effort, the man pushed himself off of the door and walked to the bed. He set his glasses down on the nightstand and gingerly sat down on the side of the bed. His body protested. Roderich's hand gently slid across the injury, fingertips brushing against soft, slightly oily skin. His eyes lit up, lifting toward the door. He had left his shirt and the ointment downstairs, let alone the fact he was literally shirtless and had forgotten due to Vash's stubborn self. There was no way he was making that trek again. He sighed in frustration, hot air blowing through his nose like a bull. Roderich shook his head and simply let his body fall back. His legs hung from the edge of the bed, his torso being overtaken by the comforter. God, he was so tired and in so much pain.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 6d 11h 1m 37s
[h3 +]
Between the two injuries, it was nothing short of a miracle that he had gotten as far as he did. The more stress he put on the fresh wound in his leg, the more it shook and threatened to give out while his ribcage ached rather fiercely and limited his upper body movement. Honestly, he should have collapsed long ago and almost any other person would have. Vash's stubbornness combined with his strength gave him a little extra stamina to play around with. After the first few stairs, however, it was clear it wasn't going to last much longer.

He could feel the muscles in his leg giving out.

Just before his leg had a chance to do so, an arm wrapped itself around his waist to help hold him up while his arm fit perfectly over a set of slender shoulders. The eyebrows knitted in concentration relaxed as he looked over and saw Roderich once again, the brunette partaking in activities he shouldn't be. He had done more than enough today and Vash feared his once friend's torso would let him know about it soon enough.

[+green "You shouldn't be doing this, not in your state,"] he huffed quietly, letting his gaze fall to the staircase below him and seeming to ignore the request to remain silent. He accepted the help, though, allowing the Austrian to slowly help him up to his bedroom. Switzerland imagined he was growing irritated, most likely with how long it was taking the blonde to ascent the stairs, and wanted to get him up as fast as possible so he could lie down himself.

Once the two finally reached the top, he allowed his arm to fall from the slender shoulders and looked back at Roderich again. [+green "Thank you,"] he murmured quietly, the blonde beginning to move down the hallway after. Luckily his room wasn't too far away, only a couple of doors away.
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 6d 14h 13m 28s
[center Austria walked behind the other country, allowing soft, tired eyes hold steadily on the blonde. He wanted to make sure the Swiss wouldn't injure himself more as he ascended the staircase; he could push himself too much which would cause his leg to give out. Roderich assumed this was definitely going to happen. He wasn't so much worried about that as he was how Vash was going to fall. If he fell straight downward or forward, he wouldn't cause too much extra damage to himself, but if he lost his balance and slipped backward.. That could be a problem. For safety sake, Austria kept himself a couple of feet back and prepared to catch the other if necessary.]

[center The blonde paused, causing Roderich to halt his feet. It would appear that the other country was scaling his feat and preparing himself for it. It was obvious Austria was going to stay by Vash until he was able to get up the stairs or give up. Naturally, if the other failed multiple times, the brunette would come and assist without asking. Vash would end up hurting himself in the long run if his body couldn't hold his weight. Violet hues watched the sad scene as it began to unfold, his hand unconsciously rubbing his own injury.]

[center A heavy breath of air fell through impatient lips. Roderich closed the distance between the two, having seen enough. He slid himself under Vash's extended arm, the one used for extra balance, and wrapped his own arm around the blonde's waist. His free hand lifted to gently grip the Swiss' wrist that hung close to the brunette's face. [i "Don't say anything."] Roderich warned, shooting a quick look toward the other country. Vash wasn't going to say he needed help and was sure to decline any such offer, as he had done not minutes ago. Switzerland simply wasn't going to be able to make it up this obstacle by himself. If this continued for much longer, the blonde would definitely have to wrap his injury again, having undone all of Roderich's hard work. He would not have that.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 7d 10h 43m 49s
[h3 +]
Vash was glad to hear the other country planned to rest for a while as he sorely needed it. He could imagine just how much pain the brunette was in as his own ribcage ached something fierce, and he had been using his upper body far more than the Swiss had. It was time to rest for both of them and slowly begin their road to recovery.

Emerald eyes turned to the brunette after the doors were opened, the male holding out the rest of the gauze to his patient. The roll had depleted greatly from the day, needing to be replaced in the kit, but that was something Switzerland could tend to later. He reached out, taking the soft material, and nodded faintly at the Austrian's words. He hoped it wouldn't have to use it again, his wound still throbbing in protest from the treatment it had received, but he shoved it into his pocket nonetheless. At least Roderich seemed to be thinking ahead.

[+green "Just as long as you're taking it easy,"] Vash stated, slowly pausing at the bottom of the staircase. The injured appendage had begun to tremble again, causing a faint frown to appear on the peach features. Damn thing. The Swiss couldn't ask his once friend for help anymore, the male had already done more than he should have patching the blonde up and he was determined to get up those stairs no matter what. If he couldn't manage to do it now, how was he supposed to do it this evening?

Blonde eyebrows knitted together as he slowly began his ascent, one hand gripping the banister rather tightly in order to keep himself upright while the other remained at his side in case he needed it to stabilize himself. The injured leg rose, that foot planting itself on the stair before he quickly brought the other one up to match it before it caved underneath him. The frown remained as he continued this process for a few more stairs, concentrating on the task at hand.

He hoped Austria wasn't in a hurry.
  Vash Zwingli ~ Switzerland / SolemnYuki / 7d 19h 47m 45s
[center An amethyst gaze followed the blonde as he began to walk. Well, more like tried to walk. He was obviously injured, which caused him to limp. It was likely painful, especially because the wound had recently been agitated. Roderich heard the others retort, which caused a faint, yet sly smile to slip across his features. He shrugged his shoulders a little, his head cocking a bit to the side as he did this. The brunette was agreeing in a rather nonchalant manor. Roderich would definitely fight off the other and kick him off of the bed if that particular situation were to arise. He couldn't say he wouldn't enjoy it, though, as he very rarely physically touched Vash, let alone harm him. Maybe it would make Austria feel better.]

[center The sound of the lock clicking and the doors opening caused Roderich to begin to move forward, following after the blonde. [i "I'll be fine. I'll probably just lay down for a minute."] His words seemed airy and unfocused as he pondered over Vash. The brunette really wondered if his once friend would actually be able to maneuver his way up the stairs. The Austrian paused in his stride and briefly returned to the room. When he came back, he was holding what was left of the gauze. It wasn't enough to fully wrap a leg, but it would go around a few more times. [i "Here. If it starts to bleed again."] The brunette spoke lightly, offering the item toward Vash.]

[center Roderich drew in a deep breath and settled his gaze forward. He figured he would go upstairs to his room and work on some of his music. That was his way of relaxing. While he did feel exhausted, he felt a pang of worry for Switzerland. Vash would never show or tell anyone how much pain he was suffering through. Then again, he was also very skilled in first aid and would be able to help himself if he needed anything. Roderich shook away the thoughts as he lifted a hand to push his slipping glasses back into place. Man. He was more tired than he thought. Just walking was tiresome.]
  Roderich Edelstein / AmberCough / 8d 21h 18m 37s

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