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[google-font][Montserrat The kind voice, the soft smile, the return of pressure on his hand, were all gratefully received by the cerulean man. He had lost his train of thought and the despair and negativity of the current predicament had made him forgetful of their greater goal and why this was all so important. It was like she could tell how he felt without truly saying it and he had to look away for a moment as he felt part of his persona chip go into overdrive from looking into those big red eyes.

Letting out a half laugh he shook his head, smiling lightly as he looked back to her with a gentle shimmer to his golden eyes.[+royalblue “That is what makes living beings so beautiful and wondrous, they never know when to give in. You magnificent creatures would take a near statistical impossibility and run with it. You always find that light at the end of the tunnel.”] His free hand lifted off the table and cupped her warm cheek lightly, smiling down at her before pulling her closer and kissing her forehead. Hands leaving her for a moment he pulled her tightly in against his chest.

[+royalblue “I may be four centuries old but I doubt I’ll ever come to understand that wild carefree nature.”] He brushed his hand down along her back, wanting her that little bit closer though it never truly felt enough.[+royalblue “So you need to stay near to me, and by my probability breaker, my statistical denier, my..”] His chest fluctuated with a short sharp laugh, cut off abruptly.[+royalblue “Be my Rhea.”]
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His fingers curled all the tighter around hers as she took in the uncertainty in his voice. There was a lot to be hesitant about with how clouded with doubt the future was for them. Rhea was not usually particularly optimistic about this sort of thing, but she also knew that a downpour of pessimism was not going to help them in the least. Especially with Dante in the unstable state he was. So instead of letting the shroud of mystery win, she took a moment to think about it. It was not long, but enough to remember the course ahead. [+lightcoral “Then…”] She returned his tightened hold but looked up at him with a gentle smile. [+lightcoral “We take whatever evidence we find, and we present it to the standing board on Albenstine. Once they look over it and hopefully come to the same conclusion I have, then we will have the backing to move this to federal court and law enforcement.”] Everyone knew that the Termani ran a shady ship, they just happened to be outstanding at covering their tracks and finding loopholes. This mess on Pyreen might have been their first undeniable slip up. Who would have been able to predict that a random race of crystal studded beings would have the ability to regenerate? And that threw a wrench in their initial genocide plan. [+lightcoral “The Termani will lose sovereignty over Pyreen and when that happens their claims of my treason will mean nothing.”] Her bounty would be gone with that, a foreign body could not commit treason to a government it did not belong to, especially when the claim was bullshit to begin with. [+lightcoral “Then we as a people can start on our track to recovery…”] A novel idea, since most Pyrenians had given up on the idea of reclaiming their planet, many opting to leave entirely. [+lightcoral “And I can finally move on.”]
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[google-font][Montserrat Whilst Dante did not feel anywhere near as optimistic as Rhea, he did not want to say as much out loud. Tera would not forgive him, and likely Jax would begin to slowly turn away from him as the anthro woman remained cold to him. The best he could really hope for was for the duo to remain with them for the duration of this journey and to see through Rhea's quest as far as they could. But after that, he held no real hope they would stay. Much like he expected with Kashia they would take their payments and leave.

There lay another issue. The Pyrenian's niece would warn her against becoming close to him again. He had caused so much havoc in such a short space of time, and if his own crew could not trust him, how could she? This spiral of negative emotion was kept in however and he nodded with Rheas words even if he disagreed wholeheartedly. Nothing was looking up.

[+royalblue “I should probably go and prepare the ship. No matter what she decides, we need to go to Pyreen, get this done with and then..”] His voice trailed off as he honestly had no answer for it. What did come next? Would they all be here to dictate what happened? It was not a task that would be completed as easily as they thought and he sat for a moment to consider the more negative, more extreme outcomes. His hand subconsciously tightened on Rhea's and he looked down to their coupled hands in silence.
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[+lightcoral “I know, but if we can just get her to the point where she will come back, time should help with the rest.”] Rhea knew she couldn’t fix this. She didn’t even think Dante could fix this, not right now anyway, but she did not want it to get out so far out of hand that they lost Tera and Jax along with her. This was their home and it would not feel right without everyone there if they could help it.

As to whether she wanted to divert Tera’s anger onto herself, Rhea shrugged. [+lightcoral “I mean, I’ve already been yelled at by everyone, blamed for what’s happening, and taken in just about more bad news than I know what to do with. So, I don’t think her shouting at me one more time is going to make much of a difference.”] Honestly, she passed her saturation point a while ago. Yet another reason she probably wasn’t processing things properly at the moment. [+lightcoral “I’ll be fine. Besides, things are on the up and up.”] Looking at everything, many of the negatives were turning around. Dante was back and they had been able to talk. The girls didn’t need to be sent off like she was previously thinking. And Rhea also wasn’t planning to turn herself over to the Termani anymore, so there wasn’t that impending sense of doom hanging over her. Overall life was getting better and they were making their way back to normalcy, even if normal still meant dealing with some rather big obstacles in the near future.
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[google-font][Montserrat In all honesty he had expected somewhat of a more troubled reaction from Rhea. Although she had a deep animosity for the Termani, given she was only on this ship because of her belief they were using her people and her planet, he had thought killing over thirty million people and committing a genocide would rank as something quite awful in her mind. Yet she approached him and seemingly showed some unity with him, her warm hand enveloping his and he turned it over to take a hold of her more.

Perhaps she was more aggrieved with the Termani than he had originally thought. Whatever hate she had for them was deep and it worried him a little if exposing to this fighting and constant struggle was beginning to affect her. She never came across as a particularly aggressive woman but her reaction here was most interesting.

Putting his own fascination aside he took her hand and nodded.[+royalblue “She may calm down but I doubt she will be as accepting of me as you are. If she knew about what the Gen Three's did, then she knows a great deal more than most and will not forgive easily.”] If the woman returned and they did talk this through then it would be a very tricky first few days before they found some workable level of interaction that suited her. He had hid it so long, that trust would not be easily repaired, if at all.

[+royalblue “Are you sure you want to talk to her? Her anger at you will now come upon me, I would not want it to return back at you.”] His free hand came to rest on the curving Pyrenian woman's hip and he looked at her with concern. She had been sleeping with medication so therefore he could reasonably asume she was not in a great condition to begin with. Arguing with Tera would not help that.
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For someone who often saw only the black and whites of the world, Dante seemed to have a very gray opinion on what she was asking. She nodded, letting him decide and listened when he chose to tell her what she suggested. There was a good deal of information to be had. And while Rhea wasn’t sure it was all super relevant, aside from to the current situation with Tera, she was still glad to know more about him. Even if that new information was terribly grim. But like she said before, the woman was fairly well practiced at doing this sort of segmenting in her mind. She had decades of practice with her father and everything he had done. So given this was just one thing, albeit a huge one, Rhea found it easy enough to separate it from the Dante she knew. It was also helpful that this could to some degree be viewed as an act of self-defense. That did not necessarily make it right, especially since innocent people were undoubtedly caught in the crossfire; she was not trying to excuse that. But in many ways this stemmed from the Termani’s oppressive actions. What Dante was describing may have been one of the few comeuppances they had received in their long reign of terrorism.

Giving a curt nod, the bespectacled woman looked up at the man. [+lightcoral “Alright…”] She did not have a lot more than that to say on the topic. It looked as though he had come to terms with his actions long ago. He was not looking for someone to comfort him and Rhea wasn't going to force this into such a moment for her own peace of mind. She didn't need to.

Taking a step to follow him over to the makeshift seat on the table’s edge, she placed her hand over his, a sign that this changed nothing between them. [+lightcoral “I think I understand a little but better now.”] At least with what Tera was thinking in all this, it was good to know that her reaction was not entirely unfounded. This was a lot, and she probably didn’t even know he was the one who led the assault on those colonies. No doubt they should probably keep that under wraps. It wasn’t that Rhea wanted to continue to hide things, but they could not afford to make the current situation any worse. [+lightcoral “We should probably let Tera take some time to calm down a bit.”] With any luck, Jax would help on that front while they were together. Maybe it wouldn’t be with words, but she doubted he was going to be uncomfortable with the idea of permanently leaving the crew, and it would show in some way or another. [+lightcoral “After that I can try and talk to her… no guarantee how that will go, as she was not exceedingly happy with me the last time we talked, but we will see.”] Rhea just hoped she came back to the ship; otherwise she was going to have to track her down. The fugitive woman had already spent enough time running this town. She was a little afraid to push her luck any further.
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[google-font][Montserrat Her explanation was much more satisfactory, and with the additional information he was better able to answer her query, though not by much.[+royalblue “I believe it is as important as your past with your father or the girls past as slaves. It is the past but.. the past tends to be rather relevant on the present. It is as pertinent as you believe it to be.”] It was truthful that the information on what model he was and his past was only given weight if she allowed it. He hid it as much as he hid he was a Synth, but that did not mean he put much concern behind it.

As she had asked, he would oblige her the necessary information for her to make her decision.[+royalblue “There are three generations. Gen one’s were basic automatons given lifelike appearance to carry out basic tasks of servitude, often in menial and manual roles.”] They were the working class level of synth and created en masse to serve all the duties deemed beneath the Termani.[+royalblue “Gen two’s were improved by being instilled with pre-set personalities, capable of holding topical conversations and a greatest scope of tasks both professional and pleasurable.”] Here they were held up as front end staff. These would work in bars, restaurants, shopping facilities and in basic office roles like reception staff or personal assistants. Although it was not explicitly said, he did hint that many used these models for ‘personal consumption’, so to speak.

[+royalblue “I am a Generation Three model. Created by the Termani when they became bored of the gen two’s and required a more sophisticated and complex form of servant. They were able to adapt to situations and augment their personalities to best suit their owners, though they were kept within very stringent parameters.”] It was clear that now the complexity had reached its end, and it was not exactly a fascinating thing to discuss, all very much as she would expect.[+royalblue “But they were all Alpha models. I am a Beta model. My creators were the Alpha series, when a group of them at a University were able to download most of the database. They created me and several others in the belief they were doing what was required of them; to experiment and find solutions. But I doubt this is the information you want..”] He had found he was going far too detailed on the background and let out a sigh as he moved over to the table and sat down on the edge.

[+royalblue “That is the reason Generation Threes, specifically Beta’s, were so vilified as we were instilled with the persona chips. We had free thought and it didn’t take us too long to see that the Termani were abusing our siblings. You see we aren’t fitted with inhibitors like all the other models, as they were deemed to stunt our ability to learn, so we had nothing stopping us from causing harm.”] He knew what he was about to say was not to be celebrated, and yet he still felt no guilt in the actions he had taken.[+royalblue “I led the other Beta’s in an attack against a science vessel. From the parts aboard we constructed a pathogen that would digest organic matter and proceeded to release it on all fourteen colonies where there Termani were using Synths.”] Looking up at her now he seemed nonplussed by it all, though inside he was apprehensive to give her the final detail.[+royalblue “The final total stood at over thirty four million.”]
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Sighing, she knew he was right, but it was rather convoluted to start with so Rhea wasn’t eager to have to nitpick details herself. [+lightcoral “This stuff about you being gen three. Is it important, or relevant, to who you are now? I know you talked about your past being rather dark…”] As far as she could tell he had done some pretty terrible things, but that was in the past… well, for the most part. The red-eyed woman had been present for some of the later unsavory things. However, she did not think that is what they were talking about here. [+lightcoral “And at the time I made the decision to judge you based on the person I know you as and not who you were then... So what I want to know is whether this is something that fits into that category, or is more like the fact that you are a Synth where it remains pertinent?”] All in all it was a fairly strange question, but she was trying to figure out what she should focus on here and now. It didn’t necessarily mean she would never ask about it ever. In fact she knew what she wanted to know, if he did deem it needed discussion. [+lightcoral “If you do believe so, I suppose I just want to know the basics of what Tera was talking about. What are the difference between Synth generations, how many are there, why is the third iteration so notorious? If not, then it can be saved for another time.”] That was just about it, save one thing. [+lightcoral “I feel like I should also say that I don’t think you should let what I think worry you too much… because I am sure I have overlooked much worse.”] Taken at face value those words may have seemed somewhat cosmetic, but everything else about Rhea in that moment was quite serious.
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[google-font][Montserrat Hands running down from the top of his head, they brushed over smooth cheeks and along his jawline. Had he grown a beard, this is where he would be stroking it in deep thought. Instead his fingers slipped off and his hands hung limp by his side as he heard Kashia and Rhea exchange a few hushed words and the bright skinned woman left with the crystals. It left just the duo to discuss more unsavoury topics. He waited for her to demand an answer, but her question was not as he expected.

[+royalblue “What do you mean by relevance? You need to be more specific.”] He didn’t want to list off his entire life story, preferring instead for her to enquire and he answer where needed. Rather than blanket her with useless information or stories she did not care about, he would rather she state more clearly to him just what she wanted from him, and to that extent he turned to face her. He did not look pleased that this had come out but he did not look angry or sad to be speaking of it with her. It would have come out eventually when she asked him, much as he had given her the truth when she asked about the vials. He would hide it only until she asked for it.
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Without word, Rhea took the girls in her arms. It was warmer there and it would be easier for her to hold them seeing as she was taking the role of backup here. When this was all through she would get them back under that lamp, even though it wouldn’t have too much of an effect.

Strangely enough, Tera and Jax were right where she left them. Kashia shuffled in shortly after she and Dante. The girl crowded her Aunt, paying little attention to the others in the room. The shorter woman assured her that she was fine, but sharply added that they would be having a talk later. Kashia’s expression told Rhea that it was likely she would try and avoid any serious conversation, so she made not that she was going to need to track her down when the time came.

Just as she had that settled, there was a flash of brown across the room as their pilot came to slap Dante across the face. Ah, it seemed they would be going that route… but there was no way for Rhea to predict just how far that rabbit hole went. Tera ripped into the tall gentleman, revealing that there was even more to the story than they had learned from the little flame haired woman. Rhea didn’t know anything about all this tech ‘generation’ business. However, to Tera, it was a big deal. Just based off the little the white haired woman was able to infer, it might have been. Though, Dante had already told her he did things, terrible things, in his past. For the time being, she chalked this up to that as well.

In much the same manner that she had taken control of the entire conversation, Tera directed all that energy into leaving and taking Jax with her. While the big man seemed hesitant, he did not say anything in contention. This was not a matter like when she and Rhea were fighting and he thought they needed to stop; for better or worse he found this to be a more necessary dialog. The two left swiftly and all eyes watched them as they did. Then there was silence.

That definitely could have gone better, but after being so productive, Rhea did not want to stagnate. She called for her niece’s attention and passed the girls’ cores off to her with instruction to set them back in her room with the desk lamp. Once the young woman was gone, she turned to face Dante.

[+lightcoral “Dante…”] She sighed, not really wanting to dampen his spirit any more than it probably already was. [+lightcoral “Does any of this third gen stuff have any relevance to who you are now?”] Sure, Rhea wanted to know just about everything about the man standing before her, but she also understood that was unreasonable. For things like him being a Synth, it was different. That pertained to the here and now. They had almost lost him because they did not know how to treat him medically without that knowledge. She wanted to know if this was something like that.
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[google-font][Montserrat [+royalblue “I just wish this all could happened outside of the prevailing circumstances.”] It was said more to himself than to Rhea, wishful thinking as some would label it. But regardless of what he wished for he took a hold of her hand securely and began to lead her back to the ship with crystals tucked toward his chest and keeping her very close. The heavy crowds made things a little slower but he would angle her to walk before him as they moved. The last thing he would allow is her to lose him and visa versa.

Thankfully none of the vendors or passing patrons paid them much attention. They looked upon Rhea often but on seeing Dante looming behind her there was no further interest. A blue man over six foot with electrical scaring around his eyes and a grafted horn did not make for a particularly pleasant looking conversationalist. They made it back and yet the worst of it was far from over. With the ship door closing over behind them the silence was drowning and he did not feel any better than back in the tavern.

It was comforting to have Rhea with him then but he turned to her and gently lifted the crystals from his chest, offering them over to her to take. Out of the sun they would be best next to her warm figure and he would feel better with them in safer hands than his own. Nodding his silent thanks to her for helping him he made a slow walk to the canteen area where the others would still be sat in their daze. On hearing their footsteps however the pair would turn quickly and stare at him. Brilliant golden eyes could not bring themselves to look back, and instead stared down at the grating at his feet. There was a shuffling as Kashia came in, drawn by the sounds of movement and quickly moving to Rhea's side to ensure her Aunt was okay as ever. None of the other three moved for a time that was seemingly never ending but in time something had to give way, and it was Tera's patience.

Bursting forth from her seat she rounded the table and approached Dante, hand brought up and cutting across his cheek hard. His head moved only a fraction though the soft padding of his cool skin would save her from injury. Although she breathed heavily, she did not say anything, bringing her hand back and striking him several more times, the clap of her hand striking reverberating around them. In an attempt to stop her he raised his hands slowly and spoke,[+royalblue “Tera.. I'm sorry-”] She put her hands into his chest in an attempt to push him away. Of course he did not move as she was not nearly strong enough to do so.

[+red “Shove your apologies Dante.”] It had been quite some time since she had used his name. It was often reserved for when she was at her lowest – like this. Her voice trembled but she swallowed back on her fear and steadied herself.[+red “Why didn't you ever tell us you were a Synth? We knew you were different. We knew you weren't just.. just you! But you didn't tell us? Why? C-could you just not trust us?”] Her hands clenched tightly at her sides as she spoke. It took Dante a time to recollect his thoughts, but she pounced back on him quicker.[+red “Stop trying to compute a damn response! Stop trying to find the right scenario or program or bullshit to get out of this and tell us the truth! We deserved that much!”]

Looking up from the floor he matched her gaze immediately.[+royalblue “I did it to protect you all. If anyone found out what I was.. if anyone found out I was.. they would have come for me and-”] Again she interrupted him, hand striking again though this time his head turned a fraction more.

[+red “Bullshit! You did it to hide. You did it to use me and Jax as cover. To keep yourself safe by risking all of our lives!”]

[+royalblue “I did it to protect you, I swear. I needed to remain unknown, but I needed a means of income to support the girls. They needed food, clothing, somewhere to live. I needed you both and the easiest way was to not tell you. If you didn't know, then you were safe.”] His logic had prevailed on that one point for all these years but right now it seemed so flimsy.

[+red “Stop lying to us Dante. Me and Jax deserve better than that.”] She stepped back a little, but swayed forward onto her lead foot.[+red “What even are you? Gen one? Gen two?”] The silence grew as Dante stared across at her with an apologetic expression that even carried to his eyes as they focused on her.[+red “Tell me..”]

[+royalblue “I am a gen three model.”] His head dropped a little and the look of surprise showed on Tera's face and she took several more steps back, closer to Jax as if fearful.

[+red “You're a fucking gen three? You're the-”] Now it was time for Dante to cut her off.

[+royalblue “I know what I am.. I know what I did.. there is no need to recall those events.”] His voice had become a little more stern but Tera shook her head at him. She saw right through what he was trying to do and looked past him to Rhea.

[+red “She doesn't know about what you are does she? She knows you're a synth.. but she doesn't know what your kind did, what you are capable of.. that's why you don't want me to bring it up..”] Incredulous that this man would still try to hide himself from those around him she turned around to Jax.[+red “Come on, we're going out.”] She took the large man's hand, trying to pull him to his feet. Jax had been a silent bystander, not liking arguing but understanding they would have to do so if this was to get any better. When she had began to pull on his arm he obliged and did as told though Dante stepped forward and placed a delicate hand to her shoulder which was quickly slapped away and he was pushed back, this time several steps.[+red “Get off me! Leave us alone!”]

She turned back to Jax, getting him up and pushing him away from the others.[+red “You're going to stay here. We need to get off the ship for a while and think over what we're doing on a ship with your kind.”] She was lumping in Jax and herself but she was only really speaking for herself.[+red “We need to think about our next moves and what is best for us. Maybe whilst we're gone you can explain to Rhea what you are – you trust her after all.”] It was said with great spite and venom, though she was no longer angered by the pink-skinned woman, all her fury having congregated on the golden eyed, white haired man before her. Taking Jax's arm she dragged him after her, to circumvent the others and leave the ship.

It left Dante stood there for a time just lost for what to say or do and in his usual manner, trying to place percentages to a number of plans and courses of action. In the end his hands rose up, running through his hair and linking atop his head as he took a deep breath.
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Rhea believed he would have an easier time in his talks with Tera and Jax than he had with her, so she did not think it would be as bad as he thought. Though, she did not say this aloud. Both because she did not want to jinx it and because regardless of how ‘simple' it would be, it was always difficult to admit one’s wrong doings. So she took a different route to encourage him. [+lightcoral “You will probably feel better once things are back in order.”] She played off his propensity to keep things in tidy little boxes and her knowledge that often times the longer something was put off the more stressful it became. So even if he did hide out longer, she doubted it would actually do him any good.

[+lightcoral “Oh,”] the petite woman let out a sound of surprise as she was lifted up. Blinking, she was bewildered at how he so effortlessly held her in such a childlike manner. In this state he was able to swiftly get a kiss in without her pulling him into more. Very clever, though she doubted that was his intention with all this.

Rhea found herself back on her feet before she truly registered what all had happened. [+lightcoral “Well, that was… interesting.”] She looked up to him coming out of her daze and smiling; she was clearly amused by it more than anything else. It seemed he did not plan on keeping so strict to his guise as an organic being now that his secret was out.

Seeing his hand outstretched to her, Rhea took a moment to pull her hood back up before placing her hand in his. [+lightcoral “Oh hush…”] She shushed him with mild reprimand. [+lightcoral “I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am without you. This is just a small bump in the road.”] It was true. The snowy haired woman doubted she would have gotten anywhere but sent straight back to the Termani if she ended up on any other ship. [+lightcoral “Besides, none of this would have happened if we weren’t in such a hurry because of my time constraints…”] There would have been no need for the wormhole and half of all their problems would not have transpired. [+lightcoral “Besides, I don’t mind a little distraction.”] Rhea squeezed lightly at his hand as they started off toward the stairs.

Finishing up the business at the tavern, they were able to traverse their way back through town. Now that she was not on her own, Rhea felt miles more confident in using the major streets that she had previously avoided. There was still the occasional wandering gaze her way, but for the most part all was well. Which was good, considering this seemed to be a pivotal time for the port city. It must have been moving from one popular time cycle to the next because the streets were bustling as though it was morning. Some of the shops that lined the roadside were opening up and it caused for quite a stir. Once again, she was glad, as all this commotion was rather distracting to the average traveler.

Before she knew it, the two of them made it back to the ship. All seemed to be as she left it not so long ago. It was still eerily quiet without the engines running and with the inhabitants moping about. A problem she prayed would be soon remedied. Rhea still did not foresee him coming against any opposition, but Tera had been full of surprises these last few days. Maybe there was one more in her, though the red-eyed woman hoped not. She stuck with Dante just in case. It was for little more than emotional support, but she was not ready to leave him just yet.
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[google-font][Montserrat Dante had been about to pull away before her warm hand settled to his jawline and he was encouraged to keep the kiss going. It was something that brought up other feelings, more primal ones that unlocked certain setting and circumstances within his memory core. To speak of it in such a computational manner was rather silly, so he simply allowed it to continue on more and his hand left her face to move back to her side.

Thankfully one of them had self-control and as she pulled away he mirrored her lustful gaze for a few seconds before he could control himself. Flashes of their time at the villa returned in sparks of memory and seeing her look him over he doubted there would be much resistance if he insisted on more. Given a little time to breathe and to listen to her words, he nodded lightly.[+royalblue “I know I must speak to them.. I just wish to procrastinate and feign that things are okay..”] It would be a difficult time returning to the ship even if he would do so with regret and apologies at the ready. Things had changed in all his relationships now.

[+royalblue “I suppose I cannot hide from my mistakes forever.”] His hand at her side grasped her tightly one more time, though it was to lift her up with him as he stood up with ease. Lifted off the ground a moment, resting on his hip given her small stature, he looked at her quietly before leaning down a final time, kissing her cheek at the corner of her lips in an almost teasing fashion before she was allowed to slip free and her feet placed back to the ground. The crystals in his other arm had nary moved nor clinked together through the entirety of their moment together and he pulled the cloth cover back over them for taking them back to the ship.

[+royalblue “I’ll get you back to the ship and then everyone can rest before we leave. I think I’m becoming more of a nuisance and distraction to your mission than I am helping.”] Hopefully from here he would be able to become a positive distraction than this injured, unstable mess of a being he was now. Extending a cool blue hand out to her he nodded for her to come with him.
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[+lightcoral “We will see about that.”] Rhea was not ready to let go of her skepticism just yet, but there was one thing she was glad for: that Pyrenians did not have a true infancy stage. She could not imagine going through life trying to care for a being that could do little more than scream to alert you that it needed something. The idea was terrifying to her. And so she was thankful that her race started more along the lines of toddlers, still small and needing to be taught speech, but they were capable of leaning it, at least to some extent, from the get go.

Still, there would be a lot to do, baby-proofing the ship was not going to be a fun time, but there was little time to voice that concern before Dante was urging her to move back. Thinking that perhaps something was wrong she looked up at him only to see his gazing right back at her. It absolutely melted her and she practically forgot any concern she had about making a scene. His lips came to hers and she could think of nothing else.

Slow and drawn out, the kiss held Rhea’s attention with an iron grip. She was using all her focus to keep pace with Dante, who showed little sign of slowing. As her mouth danced with his, her hand that was not wrapped around him made its way up to settled on his jawline, mirroring his own posture to an extent. Her touch was light though, as she worried about the scarred lines that were still healing on his face. However, that gentleness only made the gesture more compassionate.

As determined as the petite woman was to keep up with him, there did have to be a few brief moments for her to come up for air, but she returned to him every time. It was a long and wholly pleasant moment between them. And in it, the nature of the kiss never became overly heated. Even if Dante was not worried about the spattering of others in this area, there was a certain level of public decency that they [I should] uphold.

Eventually, she did force herself apart from him, though she felt it less than satisfactory to do so. Pulled back, she had a better view of him. As always, he was a little too appealing for his own good. Rhea bit at her lip as she gave him the once over. It probably wasn’t difficult to see what struggle was going through her mind. But eventually she sighed. [+lightcoral “As much as I want to keep you to myself, we should probably get you back to the ship… the others are waiting in low spirits…”] She sighed again, selfish thoughts continued to play at her mind, but she batted them off. [+lightcoral “We don’t have to leave immediately, if you need more time, but it is something to keep in mind.”]
  Rhea Eldiran / Loxi / 1y 106d 2h 33m 23s
[google-font][Montserrat Relief came to Dante when she told him she would help and he found it odd at first why he felt that way. He hadn't been particular begging her, or reliant on her saying she would agree. If she had said no then he would go on without another thought. Yet perhaps it was that this meant he had another connection to her. It was no longer just them as a couple and the girls and him in a pseudo-parental relationship. In a way they were like a little family and that thought alone made him feel much better. Glad to have her wrapping more about him, his skin would feel remarkably cool and he only embraced her more as she laughed lightly. It was refreshing to hear something aside from his own voice, arguments or tear filled confessions. It was a sense of normality.

[+royalblue “I trust you will prove more than useful.”] He had a very small smile pull at his lips but he was not quite ready to laugh and be too jovial. Things had gone quite haywire of late and he did not feel it would appropriate, given his actions and words, to brush over them. Primarily because he did not wish to upset Rhea should she feel the same way. Regardless he was happy with her there at his side yet felt it was missing that one something to make it a little more right. His hand on her arm ran up along her neck and his cooling blue hand nestled beneath her chin, thumb and forefinger running along her jawline in opposite directions and he lifted her head up lightly. As she eased back, understanding he wanted her to look up, he again met her gaze and leaned down to press his lips to her own and held the embrace. She may not have wanted to draw attention but he seemed more at ease, knowing the kinds of things that could go on up here out of the sight of the general populace. With that knowledge he continued their kiss with few pauses to reconnect.
  WI_ / 1y 106d 5h 24m 24s

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