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Listening from a ways back, Rhea caught the refusal through thickly accented words. For what seemed to be the thousandth time that day, her metaphorical heart sank. She knew that this was the bottom of the barrel for them. There was no place left in Fensome for them to look. It was here or they leave the planet and hope they had better luck at the next place.

Tera must have known this as well, because she began to lose her patience. Going so far as to threaten the young woman, the fragile looking girl did not take well to it and bluntly told the taller woman so. Worried that it might come to blows and completely shattered what little chance they had here, Rhea interposed herself into the situation. Grabbing Tera’s arm, she pulled her back a touch. Looking up at her, she shook her head as if to say that it would not work even if she did scoop up the human girl and take her back with them.

Wearing an expression that somehow mixed defeat and anger, she did back down. But as she started on her way to return to Jax, Rhea stayed in place. Looking about the cluttered space, taking note off all the little pieces that did not quite fit in in a place like Fensome. And given all the robotics pieces lying around, someone here, if not this young lady, was to some degree a roboticist.

[+lightcoral “Um… I am sorry...”] It felt strange to speak with someone outside of the ship. Rhea had not done so since their vacation, and with everything that had happened, that felt so long ago now. [+lightcoral “My friend,”] Rhea used the expression despite not really thinking they were on such close terms anymore. [+lightcoral “She is just very upset… we all are. We’ve spend all day going shop to shop, this is basically the last one, and we have been turned down at each and every one… We are running out of options, and none of us know how long our friends has in his current condition.”] If he had any time left at all. There was still no way to be certain this would work. [+lightcoral “Like she said, we aren’t looking for a handout. We will pay you, whether that be with money, services, or something else,”] her eyes went back to the stack of wanted posters and Termani tech. [+lightcoral “Whatever you want… We are desperate and willing to take whatever help you, or anyone you know, might be able to give us... please.”] With that, Rhea bowed to the young woman. It was not to the point of groveling, but it did convey just how badly they needed someone, anyone, to help.
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[google-font][Montserrat With them all moving about together, the crowd never got too close to really look upon Rhea to see her face. Jax's size alone had people giving them a good wide berth and the look of annoyance on Tera's face put the cherry on the top of their little group of misfits. Moving through the station was quite easy and the wide avenues gave way to clean side roads and well lit back alleys. It was the mirror opposite of their usual haunts and yet that only made things that more dangerous. As Dante would put it, it was too artificial, to pardon the pun.

They visited three stores all down the main branch of the station and each time Tera would have Jax stay close to the door with Rhea. It would not help them at all if someone recognised her and in no uncertain terms was she warned to keep her head down and eyes on the floor. Speaking with each owner in turn, Tera would try to be rather subtle with her request. All she would say is that they had an augmented friend who was in need of someone to do a full systems check as he was recently injured. It was true. Though of course once they got someone to go see Dante there would be a whole lot of questions to answer.

Unfortunately, or perhaps not given that last point, no-one want willing to offer their services. It could be down to how shady and vague Tera was being. Without the specimen before them however it was nigh on impossible for them to make an estimate for repairs and they would kindly, if tersely, tell her they would not fix him and to try X or Y store. It was a frustrating experience and after nearly five hours of this constant run about – even checking in on the lesser known or reputable places – they had nothing to show for it.

Leading the group to one of only a handful remaining stores, mostly small and specialising in the repairs of smaller devices rather than full beings, Tera was showing her strain as she stopped at the street front shop. There was no store space, all of it taken up by stacks of parts and building areas, but it was a repair shop and they had to try.

Smacking her hand down hard on the buzzer, she kept it there waiting for someone to come out and answer them. In only a few seconds though a small beige hand reached up to the counter and slapped at the back of her hand. Drawing it back to her chest she frowned as a young, fresh and pale looking face popped up. With curly red hair down to her neck and large inquisitive green eyes – if not a little disgruntled by the excessive use of the buzzer – this little girl looked up at Tera rather miffed. Thankfully the anthro-woman did not make the mistake of asking where the girls owner or parent was. This was a human, a fully grown if youthful one, and they did not take kindly to being called small or a child. They were skittish and prone to anger when displeased though this was offset by their extreme delights and somewhat peculiar highs. Looking down on the smaller woman, Tera locked eyes with her.

[+darkgreen “Wha ye want..”] She asked with suspicion. How lovely. Did she react this way to all customers.
[+red “We need someone to help our friend. He has certain augments.. they aren't working right and so he's kind of shut down on us.”] It was as vague as she'd been all day and the human woman clearly disliked that.
[+darkgreen “I ain't nae robotics lass. If'n ye want tha, ye best oof talkin' tae the fancy places over there on the big street. I dinnae have time fer givin' yer friend a wee check up.”] Her accent was thick, fiery, quite electric to the ear if a touch light in tone – she was definitely young. But looking at her Tera narrowed her eyes. The parts littered around her were not just mechanical devices and components. She noted the multiple robotic limbs, a box to store cybernetic sensory devices and the like. This wasn't her first time in a place like this and so she placed her hands on the counter.
[+red “Listen, I know you deal in what we're looking for. I'm not here to ask for a favour or a check up. I am here to pay you to look at him and fix him.”] She stared down at her and both women narrowed their gazes on one another.[+red “We have checked with dozens of places today and they all told us where to go. So you are gonna help us even if I have to drag you back to our ship!”] The threat was not appreciated by the smaller woman who shifted to the side and rose up higher – she was standing on a box but to be on level with Tera was a needed thing.

[+darkgreen “I ain't nae robotics lass."] She said this quite slowly, very tersely.[+darkgreen "I told ye. And I swear, I dinnae take kindly tae threats, 'specially ones ye ain't willin' tae back up.”] She was not going to respond well to threats and the like, though Rhea – given she was not so close and involved with this – would see there was another way through this. There were a number of torn down wanted posters in a pile at the back of the store. A lot of the wares dotted about the place were also Termani robotics. This was not someone exactly in touch with society and it's laws. Perhaps she was like them, lawlessness surrounded by all this. If she were willing, perhaps this little 'lass' would listen to a more reasoned approach from someone with much more emotionally invested in Dante than Tera.
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Rhea was just as surprised as Tera to hear Jax come to her defense. It brought up the first positive emotions the woman had felt in days. Those feelings were short lived though, as the pilot came back at her with the string of misfortune’s that had followed Rhea onto the ship. The anthro woman knew exactly where to jab and Rhea found herself being cowed back into silence. There was no defense, as all of it was true. If she wasn’t there, if she had stayed and faced her fate on Pyreen, or even picked another ship to stow away on, none of this would have happened. They would all be going about their lives as normal, likely happy, as they did.

Once again, it was Jax who stepped in, but this time it was Tera who was left speechless. It seemed she had nothing to say to his optimistic out look. She just turned to continue on, seemingly without them, but the giant of a man, in all his innocence, took it as an invitation to follow. He beckoned for her to come as well. And even though all her emotions were twisted into knots that seemed as though they would never be untangled, Rhea fell into line after him. [+lightcoral “Thank you.”] Her voice was quiet, and she wasn’t sure if he heard her, but she was immensely grateful for what Jax had done just now. It was yet another kindness that she did not deserve… and likely would never be able to repay. Again, Rhea found herself crying. This time it was partially out of relief, but she was making effort to stop. The hood she was wearing would already draw enough attention; she did not need to be constantly wiping tears away as well.

This port town was definitely more structured than most they had stopped in. That allowed it to be bigger as well. This place probably had many amenities that they had not seen in a dog’s age. Linae was lovely, but being quaint was part of its charm. It was missing many things that larger cities had to offer. Things like dedicated engineers that might have inkling as to how to operate on androids… cyborgs… whatever Dante was. Though, to be truthful, there was no saying for sure that they would find that here either, but Rhea was practically praying at this point. They were going to need a miracle.
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[google-font][Montserrat Tera narrowed her eyes a touch at the woman, eyeing the box in her hand as she clutched it tightly to her chest.[+red "No you were leaving because you had no-one to leech off of anymore Rhea."] Tera bit back at her sharply. She was still very defensive on things presently and it would not help anything at all. But to irrational people, they were always right, so to argue she wasn't would not work here.

[+darkgoldenrod "Miss Rhea would not use us."] Jax spoke up, though he did not speak with the anger or spite like Tera did.[+darkgoldenrod "She our friend. She Cappy's friend too."] He had thought she was leaving of her own free will, that after losing the girls and Dante she wanted to be away from them for good. Hearing that she wanted to stay and help with the Captain however, now was as good a time as ever to speak his mind - even though he felt embarrassed for doing so.

Tera looked at him a little surprised to have him speak up like that.[+red "Jax, of course she used us."] His big head shook from side to side, lips turning down at the corners as he refused to believe.[+red "Before her we were fine. Then she comes on board and the Termani nearly kill us. Then Cap gets shot. Then he gets kidnapped and almost blinded. Then the twins both died temporarily for some reason."] She had heard that from Jax after the latest more permanent passing.[+red "You think she cares about any of us whatsoever? She even admitted she would abandon the girls to take Kashia with her, and you want to keep trusting her?"] She put up a strong, if one sided argument. Yet Jax stared at her with that same unbelieving look on his face.

Unfortunately for Tera, perhaps fortunate for Rhea, Jax was a stubborn fool. When he got a feeling about someone, it was quite difficult for him to shift his emotions. Much like how he still felt bad for hurting Rhea even though she forgave him.[+darkgoldenrod "Uh-huh."] He nodded his big head now.[+darkgoldenrod "Cappy would trust her no matter what. Jax trusts her too. You trust her too. You just sad, like Jax, like Miss Rhea. We all want to fix Cappy, make him better, make him whole."]

Despite her desire to just abandon them both there to go about their lives however they wanted and to continue this on by herself, Tera knew she couldn't leave Jax like that. And though she was loathe to admit it there and then, she did trust Rhea and wanted her to stay too. So rather than compromise she stared at Rhea for a lingering moment before huffing, turning and beginning to walk away.

[+darkgoldenrod "Come on Miss Rhea. We save Cappy now."] Jax said patting her shoulder, following on after Tera to catch up. To him having Rhea with them made things better and safer. Now they had a good shot of saving their friend.
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Why? She had just said she didn’t want to give up, was that not enough for her? [+lightcoral “I said I was leaving because that is what you wanted,”] after all, Tera was the one to suggest her departure. Then there was a lot of criticism regarding her motives and loyalties, though Rhea was doing her best not to dwell on those truths. [+lightcoral “But I have decided that I am not going to leave just because you want me to,”] not yet anyway. [+lightcoral “I am hurting too! I deserve to have my feelings considered just as much as you do, even if you think I am some selfish monster who doesn’t care about anything other than herself.”] She was barely managing to keep her voice at an acceptable level, though truthfully there wasn’t anyone currently nearby to hear her.

[+lightcoral “A-and Dante… he may have left me, but I still care about him… I want him to be alive and well and [I whole] in this world.”] She brought up the small box in her hand to her chest. Previously, she had thought it worse to be cut off from a lover who was still living, but she was wrong. This was worse by far.
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[google-font][Montserrat Tera looked at Jax as he came down the ramp and waved him to follow. Only once they were several feet away did she ask him what Rhea had wanted and the tall man relayed, in relative terms, just what was said. It seemed odd that the woman had come kind of chip with her or what it could mean. She had not been with Dante since he had passed so she couldn't have taken anything off his body, especially not in the time they had left him in his room and gotten to the ramp itself.

Putting it aside she began to lead them toward the trading hub of this station, though they barely got close to the dock exit when an exhausted figure in a cloak ran before them, bending over before them to regain their breath. Thankfully Tera recognised it as the same Pyrenian they had left behind. Her hand had been hovering on the pistol at her waist and she was most assuredly willing to use it.

Listening to her did not clear anything up. If anything things were just getting confusing once more having started to approach some semblance of a leveling off point.[+red "Why? You said it yourself you were leaving with Kashia. I gave you your credits, it's more than enough to get you both back to her world."] She wanted to know what had forced the woman to come running after them to demand they take her with them. As far as Tera was concerned she was no longer their crew mate.
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From what Rhea could understand of it, Dante had taken some facet of himself and offered it to her; though his reasoning for this remained a mystery. Not to mention it made no sense when compared to his actions just before all of this came to pass. The woman did not really feel like she should be the one to have this… but she also did not want to let it go. This might be the last piece of Dante she ever got to hold. The thought only coaxed more feelings she had been trying to suppress out of her.

A hand touched her shoulder. Shocked, Rhea jumped. When she looked it was only Kashia, though she was looking at her sympathetically… it did not feel good.

[+orange “You need to go with them.”] Nodding her head, she motioned toward the others who were making their way onto the docks. Rhea looked up at her, about to tell her they needed to stick to her initial plan, but Kashia beat her to the punch. [+orange “I don’t have a good feeling about whatever you’ve been, like, plotting all on your own… this feels right.”]

Furrowing her brow, the petite woman knew exactly why she felt off about the whole thing, but that still didn’t mean she wanted to do this instead. However, her resolve was weakening. What if they needed this piece? What if this kept Dante from being himself again if things did work out? She did not want it to be lost forever with her and for the others to suffer for it. After all, all this desperation Tera was putting out was in attempts to cling to how things used to be.

[+lightcoral “Fine… you stay right here… “] She had not given up on implementing her plan. There might still be a need.

Pulling up her hood so that it covered her face, Rhea ran off of the ship and in the direction that Tera and Jax had gone. When she caught up with them, she was breathing heavy. [+lightcoral “I-I-I-”] She stuttered over her words like she often did when she first came aboard the Enduring Odyssey. Taking in a deep breath she was able to stabilize herself to some extent. [+lightcoral “I am coming with you.”] Much like Tera had done earlier at the entrance of her room, the Pyrenian kept her eyes down. She did not want any looks of lingering hatred to ruin her resolve. [+lightcoral “I am sorry I don’t process things the same way that you do, Tera, but that does not mean I want to give up… I just… I just…”] All she could think of was how close to ruin she had come in the past, but Rhea couldn’t bring herself to say that. She left it to silence.
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[google-font][Montserrat Tera had returned and found Jax completed what she asked, a minor miracle considering how the last few days had gone with him stubbornly refusing to leave the bridge. Not wanting to take Dante out with them on this initial trek to find a mechanic come engineer to fix him, they had taken him to his room, laying him on his bed with the covers pulled over him. He looked quite peaceful in that way though Tera had had to leave quickly lest she break down once more.[+red “We'll be back soon Cap. We're gonna get you help.”] Jax understood the man couldn't hear what was said but nodded with the sentiment regardless.

With that completed they gathered up their collective funds along with whatever was left in the general pool – some fifty thousand overall. Tera had a feeling it would not be enough, but they would find a way to pay for the repairs. She would not even consider the possibility that they would come up empty handed, trusting that being in a more lawful area would mean a better range of traders and skilled craftsmen. Hopefully that bore fruit.

Taking Jax's arm she nodded for him to follow after her and paused at the exit ramp for a moment to set several security mechanisms. Rhea and Kashia would be able to traverse the ship, but the bridge and engine room was locked down just on the off chance they tried to do something with the ship once she and her large friend had left. Satisfied with that she was off down the ramp but had to stop at the end as she heard Jax's name called out, glancing back to find he had yet to leave the ship and was instead in conversation with Rhea. Whatever it was did not concern her so she stayed away from them, looking around the landing platform.

Jax looked at Rhea glumly, wishing she could keep the rose-skinned woman around forever, but quite subservient and unwilling to talk to Tera to talk her out of it. He did not like conflict of any kind, and still felt terrible for what he did to her after she had shot Dante's clone long ago. With that in mind, he looked at the box she lifted up toward him and offered his large hand for her to place it in. Opening it gently he looked down at it but it was far too small for him to make out any real detail on. Fishing into his pocket he withdrew a lens taken from a microscope, used to look at a lot of Dante's parts over the last few days.

Lifting it up he matched the box to the lens and inspected it like a jeweller would inspect a gemstone. He did not want to remove it from the box – knowing he would break it – so instead he turned the box this way and that for a minute or so. Nodding as he pulled back he looked to Rhea, able to really look on her despite the shimmering of tears in her eyes.[+darkgoldenrod “Jax seen this stuff before. More simple than this, but similar. It like.. person chip.”] If only vocabulary was part of his augments, he would be most dangerous then. Instead he frowned and tried to re-word it.[+darkgoldenrod “Like.. identity. Jax's people use them to make us happy, or sad, or smart. This look more and more important though. Perhaps it does all of that at once. Like.. like whole person on one chip. Some people call it soul-chip.”]

In essence he was trying to divulge that this was a much more complicated version of a chip his people used that conveyed emotions on them. Usually happiness and euphoria, but other people put them in basic robotics to give them emotions – primarily to make them more lifelike and therefore easier to interact with than a blank slate. In essence, Rhea had been given the personality chip, or as Jax said soul-chip, of Dante.

Handing the box back to her Jax heard Tera calling for him and he looked over, giving her a thumbs up before back to Rhea.[+darkgoldenrod “Jax hope's that help Miss Rhea.. Jax have to go now..”] He looked at her still a little sullen and offered a small wave of his big hand before turning and stomping slowly down the ramp to meet back with Tera and find their mechanic.
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Rhea couldn’t help but think that she wasn’t going to need any of this. Still, she kept that to herself and let Tera say all that she needed to. Which admittedly, was not a lot. She was just passing some things along, though there was a pang in Rhea’s chest when she heard the inhibitor shot had failed. In her mind that was their last chance at getting him back. After all, what were the chances that they would find someone here in this city that actually knew how to repair someone like him? Grim at best, she was sure.

The woman stayed stood at the door even after her visitor left and it closed in front of her. Looking down to the bag in her hands, she was not sure what to do. It was ever so tempting to just throw it to the side and continue on without, but her curiosity would not allow it. Even as she shakily opened up the cloth satchel, Rhea was cursing herself and her Pyrenian inquisitiveness. Most of the contents were exactly what she was told they were. Credit stick and mask. Neither she needed; though she would probably pass the money off to Kashia just in case things did not go as planned.

The last item though, that was an oddity. What could Dante have possibly left for her? And was it from before or after he decided to leave her? There was a good chance that she didn’t want to see whatever was in this little box, but still she opened it. Her eyes scanned over his textbook like handwriting, only to watch it start to bleed into the paper as her tears began to fall onto the lettering. The flow was slow, much more manageable than days before, but Rhea still could not stop it. Slipping the note into her pocket, she looked at the object still sitting in box. While obviously some piece of tech, she hadn’t a single clue what it was or what it was from. Again, she felt the need to have answers. She could give herself at least that much before she left, right?

Hurriedly, she stepped out of the room. She did not go so far as to run, but she certainly was not keeping a walking pace as she made her way to the exit of the ship. Just before he and Tera were about to make it off the ship, she caught Jax. [+lightcoral “Jax!”] The lumbering man stopped when he heard his name and turned toward the white haired woman.

[+lightcoral “Do you know what this is?”] Rhea was still crying, she used one hand to wipe away at her face as the other offered the open box to him in hopes that he might recognize the piece and be able to give her some answers to what in the world Dante meant by giving her this.
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[google-font][Montserrat Tera was waiting on the door and yet her mind was urging her to just leave. Let the woman go without another word and let what had happened over the last few days continue. That logic and reasoning was sounding better and better the longer she stood there but it was only seconds in reality and soon the door slid open, Rhea stood before her looking as lackadaisical as she or Jax. Her greeting was mute, Tera's non existent, just a nod.

For a short time they stood there opposite one another in silence, nothing being said and indeed there was not much to be said. But Tera had come for a purpose and she sighed lightly.[+red “We're here.. I'm sure you know that..”] It was a quiet start, as if she were ashamed to even speak, but it was a start nonetheless. In her hands she had a small satchel, hanging limply at her side as she thought of her next words.

[+red “Here,”] the satchel was offered to the pink woman and only once she took it, thrust into her chest as it were, did she continue,[+red “me and Jax managed to pry open Cap's door last night. We got the vials but they didn't do anything.”] Whilst that may have explained what the noise hours before had been, it did not explain the bag. This internal monologue telling her to finally get to the point finally bore fruit.[+red “When we.. or rather I.. was checking his desk drawer, looking for.. I dunno.. anything really.. I found stuff inside that he had labelled to go to you.”]

She had found nothing much there really. But the items she did find she didn't want on the ship any more – save one item that was indeed addressed to the woman. Not wanting to have to wait around for her, or come back to explain anything else, Tera gave a light sigh and folded her arms over her chest.[+red “There is a credit stick.. loaded it up with your money as per Cap's log stated. Along with the mask he gave you.”] It made little sense logically to give up so much money but she let out a light breath.[+red “He would never forgive me if I stole your credits.. I just don't want the mask around any more..”] She was at least honest, even if she couldn't bring herself to look up to meet her eye.[+red “You're free to go when you want..”] With that she left, heading back to the bridge to go to Jax. She would need to find the right person before they took Dante off the ship.

Whenever Rhea looked inside, whether she did that on the ship or off, she would find inside the aforementioned credit stick and mask. Though there was also a small box. Metallic with a flip top lip and turning latch. Size wise it would fit easily into her palm, similar in shape to a jewellery box. If her curiosity got the better of her and she opened it there was a small piece of folded paper covering the contents. The contents was really one thing; a small processing chip about the size and thickness of a nail, sat in a felt lining.

On the paper, a single sentence;

[+royalblue [i 'Rhea, this way it will always belong to you, Dante.']]
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Given the fact that Kashia was in possession of her sleep medication, and refusing to return it, Rhea spent most of the artificial night awake. This gave her time to write out everything she wanted. She also managed in a few restless hours of sleep. However, the rest of her time was rather firmly dedicated to one of two things. Either being swallowed up by the jumble of emotions in her, made worse by her lack of sleep, or plotting through exactly what the next couple of days would look like for her. Neither were particularly good investments of her mind, but that was all there was.

On occasion Kashia did come to visit her and try to figure out exactly what the plan for Fensome would be, but nothing came of it. Rhea’s lips were sealed. All she would say is that she would tell her more when it was time. Kashia found it nerve wracking; she almost hoped they wouldn’t make it to port at all, but it was a wish that could not come true.

Rhea did not bother packing anything. She could not think of a single thing in this place that would be helpful to her once she was off ship, save the oversized cloak that she used to conceal her identity the few times she did leave the safety of the ship. Wrapping that around herself, she kept the hood down for now. But it would not be long now; they had docked a few minutes prior. All that was left was to find Kashia and prepare her for the task to come. Hearing the calling tone, she thought that must have been her and came to answer the door. Much to her surprise it was not her niece, but Tera.

The furry woman’s brown gaze evaded her, whether that was a sign of shame or anger, Rhea did not know. [+lightcoral “Hello.”] Her greeting was somewhat inquisitive, as the tired eyed woman was not sure what the pilot had come for, other than to perhaps tell her to leave as soon as possible.
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[google-font][Montserrat The next day and a half to get to Fensome was a very divisive and quiet time on the ship. Kashia and Rhea were one side, Jax and Tera the other. Whilst one group cared for the girls crystals in a manner the others did not understand, the original members were often up on the bridge, sleeping on the floor or in their seats as they worked tirelessly to get Dante up and moving.

Tera often spent time in the pilots seat trying to get the most of their engines to get them to Fensome quicker, trying to plot a path with the least issues if possible. She must have poured over the star charts for hours on end to distract herself but she would also come back to Jax to make sure he ate and got some rest. The large man wanted to tinker, to disassemble and understand what was going on, but he was fearful that any broken part or removed piece would mean Dante was gone forever, so he resolved to make crude drawings on what he could see and hoping they might help whomever they found to fix him.

Coming into the station it was a much more orderly and lawful place than most of the docks they landed at. Closer to Termani control the pirates, delinquents and general lawless persons that needed somewhere to refuel, repair, relax, were all staying away. But for Tera this was the best place to fix Dante – hopefully.

Once they had landed safely, paying the small toll to do so with the landing control tower, the ship was switched to a standby mode and the hum that had accompanied all of them for three days finally drifted away.[+red “Collect everything of his you can Jax. I need to deal with Rhea and her niece.”] She patted the man's shoulder as he rubbed at his tired eyes and nodded his understanding.

Slipping off the bridge to head down towards Rhea's room she stopped off briefly in her own quarters to collect something before heading on. Pressing the calling button she waited outside, staring down at the ground.
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Not knowing where exactly she was to find her niece, Rhea decided to check the last place she saw her, that being the bridge. Unfortunately, upon arrival, it was clear she was not there. It was only a lifeless Dante and Jax who still seemed to be tinkering with him, though the woman could only vaguely remember him doing so before. The last bits of her rather stressful time in the command center were all very hazy. That was just as well though, there was nothing there she really cared to remember.

Standing at the entrance for a moment, the Pyrenian desperately wanted to ask how the engineer’s examination was progressing. However, she thought better of it. She had already basically forfeited her right to know any of what was going on. Not that she would have been any help anyway. Brow furrowing, she left as quietly as she came and continued on her search for Kashia. Her next selected destination would be the young woman’s room, and strangely enough, that was where she would find her.

Door sliding open, Rhea did not fully step in. Instead, she called to the girl, beckoning her to come along with her. She had a lot to talk to her about and it would be easier if she had all the right materials. Thankfully, it did not take much coaxing to get Kashia to follow her back to her room. There she had her sit down so she could tell her the full story of how she came to be a crewmember on this ship and the significance of the journal she had tucked away in her desk drawer.

Kashia knew there had to be a big reason for Rhea’s disappearance from her home world, the Termani were trying to pin her down for treason after all, but she hadn’t expected something quite so big as all this. The young woman could barely believe it all. This was a conspiracy kept hidden for over a century and a half now. But as fantastical and intriguing as this all was, there was a question that was clawing at her insides.

[+orange “Why are you telling me this now?”] She thought it a fair question; her Aunt had been very secretive up till this point. Most likely to keep her safe, but something seemed to have changed.

[+lightcoral “The situation is deteriorating here.”] Rhea used language that detached herself from the situation. It helped to solidify it in her mind and keep her from getting pulled back into all of those emotions she was running from. [+lightcoral “I don’t think I am going to be able to stay on this ship any longer… It is important that if something happens to me that this book still makes it to the anthropology committee on Malkior. You’re the only one I trust here to get that done.”] Everyone else had other things to worry about, Kashia though; she had been looking for an adventure since before she stepped on this ship. [+lightcoral “That is my first request, think you can do it for me?”]

Taking this as a purely what-if situation, she nodded her head. Kashia did not like the pessimism of all this, and would much rather have Rhea around to finish the task herself, but she figured if push came to shove, she could be the one to do it.

Rhea smiled. [+lightcoral “Thank you, Kashia. And now I need you to promise me one more thing… I cannot tell you what it is just yet, but it is very important to me. It will be dangerous, but can I trust you to help?”] Intentionally leaving out the details, the woman knew she had to get a promise out of her or it would never happen. It was terribly manipulative, but it was for the greater good.

For this, Kashia was more hesitant. She knew it was strange to be asked to commit in such a way without being told what she was to do. In fact, this was just the sort of thing her Aunt had always warned her about. Watching the woman across from her very carefully, she wondered if it was a trick. But nothing in her looks made it seem so, in fact she seemed rather desperate. So, despite ever fiber of her being telling her not to, she nodded again. [+orange “Yeah, I promise, Auntie.”]

Smiling, the older woman wore a look of relief. [+lightcoral “Thank you, you don’t know how much this means to me.”] She knew she couldn’t trust anyone else with this, and without that promise she wouldn’t have even trusted Kashia. [+lightcoral “I will tell you exactly what we need to do when we get to Fensome.”]

[+orange “Yeah, alright.”]

With that, Rhea dismissed the girl so that she could go get some sleep. Or at least try to relax. It had been a very stressful twenty-four hours and it seemed that the Pyrenian woman had been the only one to sleep. That being said she was still tired, but she had things to do. Just as soon as she was alone again, Rhea took out a couple of sheets of paper and a pen and began to write.
  Rhea Eldiran / Loxi / 1y 148d 11h 46m 30s
[google-font][Montserrat With Tera left to whine like a wounded pup, body wracked by her sobs and feeling more alone than ever before, the rest of the ship was quiet save for the bridge. Here sat Jax, on the floor, legs outstretched and a multitude of tools and different devices laid out before him. Dante was laying to his left, head resting on one of his thighs. His golden eyes had been closed. It was a demand of Tera's after she got back from Rheas room. She could not stand to see his lifeless glare any longer.

For the last twelve hours, save a short break to go to the bathroom - only due to a threat from Tera that she would eject him out the airlock if he went on the floor - he had sat himself there with Dante and tried all he knew about fixing things. He was an engineer by trade but the basics and whatnot of fixing things was quite uniform across the different specialties. It was very much a task of taking it apart to put back together. Except given the delicacy of the 'machine', he did not want to just break it apart indiscriminately.

Instead he was doing his best to work with what he could see on the surface, through his arm and the section where his horn had been. He was finding clues for what had gone wrong though of course it all just pointed to a system overload. It could be as simple as replacing one faulty part or as complicated as replacing the enter system - and to replace the entire system would be to get rid of the essence that was Dante, their Captain.

Jax had worked on robots in the past, before Dante, but this was far and above his most complicated case and something from a much greater mind than his. The fibre optic cabling alone was out of his knowledge and he found himself fretting, hands rubbing at his eyes as he fought his tiredness and the desire to break down whenever he looked at the peaceful looking teal man for too long. It was a difficult task to do alone.
  WI_ / 1y 148d 12h 42m 0s
Falling to pieces right before her eyes, Tera finished what she had to say. In watching the display, Rhea came to a conclusion of what she had to do. A new resolution set inside of her and it was enough to push away everything else she was feeling.

[+lightcoral “You don’t have to worry about that, Tera. I won’t be bothering anyone else… and I will pay my reparation.”] Her voice was soft, but unwavering. Giving an earnest nod, she made no attempt to console the weeping woman. Tera needed to get these feelings out, and after all this, Rhea would allow her to do it in solitude. Turning away, she left the room in search of Kashia. There was something she needed to talk to her about.
  Rhea Eldiran / Loxi / 1y 148d 14h 39m 51s

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