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Slowly, it was like things started to fall into place within Dante and Rhea felt another wave of relief come over her. It was just taking a while; he was going to be okay. Well... there were some things she was not looking forward to telling him about, but he would live. She felt like she was going to start crying harder, but she tried to hold it in a while longer.

She nodded as he mentioned what felt off. Nothing out of place as to what he should be feeling. His arm was practically ripped open and if she knew anything about coming back from the dead, and she did, it was tiring. [+lightcoral “We are in Fensome, we stopped to get you some assistance. None of us knew how to fix you. Jax did some digging, but it was beyond him.”] There was no attempt to hide what had been discovered. She very much doubted Jax would get very far with it if she did, so it was best to just be upfront.

[+lightcoral “It makes sense that you don’t remember. You have been out since the wormhole… Jax told us what happened with the power cell.”] She sighed, wanting to reprimand him, but knew she couldn’t since it saved them all. [+lightcoral “I… I am just glad you survived.”]
  Rhea Eldiran / Loxi / 1y 142d 18h 23m 11s
[google-font][Montserrat Observing Rhea as she mentioned she was sad, there was a moment that Dante was close to asking why. If he had been only asleep for a few days then it was not him who had caused her grief and yet she was quick to move on from it. He did not want to press the point further as she looked at him with shimmering eyes, managing to hold herself together.

[+royalblue “I.. feel tired. And my arm.. hurts..”] The pauses were different this time, more intentional than a symptom of him starting up once more. It was like he were trying to play into the role of a living being. To state he was working to sub-standard parameters or that there was damage to his right extremity would not exactly do well for him playing the role of biological being. Thankfully his voice was sounding more normal this time as his voice-box began to recall its earlier settings.

[+royalblue “Miss Rhea, where have we landed? I cannot.. remember.”] Again, a slight change of wording and he was slipping back into his role of living being, unaware that Rhea knew exactly what he was now.
  WI_ / 1y 142d 19h 28m 59s
[+lightcoral “No, no, I am not hurt… just… relieved and a little sad.”] In a way, that was its own type of hurt, but she was sure saying that would only give him the wrong idea while he was like this. Rhea wondered if he was going to have to completely start from scratch. It looked that way, so she tried to liken it to what was happening with the girls. The woman found it more bearable than the alternative, but it was still not an easy pill to swallow. What was worse would be having to tell the others that Dante was somehow fine, but he wasn’t who they’d known him to be. Surely, they would get used to it, but it would be a difficult transition for those who had lived under his guidance for so long. But for now, she was unsure if that would be necessary at all, so she tried not to think about it.

[+lightcoral “How about you? Does everything feel like it is in place and working properly?”] No one would know better than him, at least she thought so. It would make sense for something as complicated as a Synth to have its own built in diagnostic systems.
  Rhea Eldiran / Loxi / 1y 142d 20h 24m 29s
[google-font][Montserrat Looking up at her and seeing her eyes fill with water was a disconcerting one for the freshly awoken Dante. He could not comprehend why she was crying nor what could bring her to such an emotional state.[+royalblue “Why.. are you crying.. are you.. injured?”] Such a blanket statement came with no care or concern behind it. Rather it was like a medical assistance device, trying to scan her outer appearance and find reason behind her emotion. Again it was robotic in nature, though there were little inflections in pitch and tone that showed slight improvement.

Some sub-system must have kicked in then as his eyes blinked once, taking a long time to blink again though it soon began to happen at a regular interval. His chest too began to rise and fall, mimicking breathing as he began to look more and more real, less artificial in his movements and how he looked up at her. His body remained stationary however, watching her quizzically as things began to slowly run within him.
  WI_ / 1y 142d 20h 46m 55s
Grip tightening on his shoulder when nothing came, Rhea’s brow knit into a sad expression. It felt so close, but still nothing was coming… until it did: Dante spoke. The disconnect between the voice that came from the man before her and what she was used to, was disconcerting, but the red-eyed woman pressed passed it. She answered the question in hopes that it might spark something within him.

[+lightcoral “Y-you are in your bed… on your ship, the Enduring Odyssey.”] Despite there still being so many things that could be wrong, her four eyes began to well with water once again. Apparently her tears of sadness were all dried up, but throw a little relief her way and she was at it again. [+lightcoral “You absorbed the energy from a power surge and it…”] Previously she would have said it killed him, but given he was awake that was not the case. She didn’t really know how else to say it, but she tried. [+lightcoral “…it put you out of commission for a few days.”] Rhea desperately wanted to ask him how he felt and if he needed anything, but she did not think it wise to throw too many questions at him, especially before she knew how disoriented he really was. Hopefully he would continue to ask questions that would give her inkling to that without her overwhelming him.
  Rhea Eldiran / Loxi / 1y 142d 21h 28m 10s
[google-font][Montserrat The minute movement continued for a few minutes, nothing much else coming from the man and it did seem like this was merely a reflexive or error within him. As she watched over him there was no movement from his body, nor did he look fully responsive. But, again with time, his eyes did move. Those bright shining golden iris' moved across to look directly at Rhea hovering over him. The lens tightened and expended like that of a camera as the focus tried to return.

With no need to breathe, no need to move his chest or do any of the small background functions of a living creature, his chest did not flex as he stared up at her and at last his lips moved and he spoke,[+royalblue “Where.. am.. I..”] It was not his voice. It was not that cold and terrifying tone he used to demean or aggressively approach someone. Nor was it his softer and more caring voice that Rhea seemed the sole recipient of. This was very much similar to D12 in that it was static and monotone. It was quiet and level and as he focused his vision upon her he stared blankly without blinking in an eerie manner.
  WI_ / 1y 142d 21h 54m 23s
Once the second vial seemed to have no effect, that ‘nothing matters’ mentality took hold of Rhea even stronger. She ripped through the room to track down each and every vial of the galaxy like fluid as she could. Once the entire stock seemed to be in her hands, she lined them up next to his bedside and began. As time went on, she became more and more confident in the act. Not that she expected any vial to work better than the last, but her hands stopped shaking as she went to shoot the it into his system. She repeated until all the bottles were depleted.

The stillness remained. She hadn’t expected anything different, but she had hoped for some sense of peace in knowing that he probably better off than he was before. However, that feeling never came. Instead there was the same solemnness that she had been experiencing. It would have been best to leave and not wallow in it, but unfortunately Rhea wasn’t ready to do that just yet. She pulled her chair a little closer cried her little eyes out again. That went on until it felt like she was empty and exhausted. Kashia showed up a few times but didn’t say much of anything. The mourning woman knew what she wanted to say and was glad it never came. She just wanted to sit here for a little while longer, then she would try and move on and worry about the millions of other pending problems they had on their plate. And so, she allowed herself some time to just be present.

When it began to turn into hours, Rhea debated whether or not she should go out to find Kashia and try and get her medicine from her. Exhausted as she was, the woman knew she would not be able to sleep without it. But in her procrastination, something happened. There was movement. It was slight, but Dante’s eyes were open. His bright golden irises were no longer dim as they had been the last time she saw them. It was a single sign of hope in what seemed to be an endlessly dismal situation.

Quickly, the woman stood and came to his bedside. Leaning over him, she tried to get a better look. His eyes were moving, almost as if he was focusing on something. She had no idea what that mean, but Rhea brought a shaking hand to his shoulder. [+lightcoral “Dante?”] She called to him, voice breaking ever so slightly as she attempted to see if he was responsive. The woman looked out for anything, whether it be movement in his body, eyes, or actual speech, that would tell her that he was actually there or if this was a glitch of some kind.
  Rhea Eldiran / Loxi / 1y 142d 23h 41m 56s
[google-font][Montserrat Left to her own devices it seemed the one non-mechanic being on this vessel had the only bright idea of them all. What was a living being without their blood? If Dante was made to mimic living beings, then it was only logical that he needed that black liquid to function.

Perhaps it was just her natural desire and stubbornness to not give up, to fight until the end and try outlandish theories that simply would not come to mind of the others. Rather like finding the simple solution to a complicated problem, no-one ever thought it was that simple. Perhaps she was simply clutching at straws and panicking and anything sounded reasonable to a frantic mind. For someone also grieving the end of a relationship it was likely to be worse and under other circumstances maybe she would have been more susceptible to giving in.

The first vial was injected with ease and there was no reaction. The vials were the size of her palm and therefore the liquid within was minimal. Time and time again she would insert a fresh vial and return to the same puncture spot, a very minute trickle from the hole itself as she injected one after another. By the fifth vial, injected over some thirty minutes as time was given to check for a reaction, it looked like it was having very little effect yet with four more vials remaining she would continue until they were exhausted.

Jax had not returned, preferring instead to remain in the canteen area. He understood Miss Rhea would want time to herself having been barred from seeing Dante over the last few days by his tinkering with Tera. That and he was not exactly in the most happy of moods with the woman being quite possibly their last hope.

Unaware if one vial was enough, or if she was doing more harm to Dante's body by flushing his system with the sparkling liquid, there really was only time that was a factor. Ignorance could be forgiven and as she injected the final vial there would be no reaction at all from the body. Her hand would reach into the box for more and find only clinking empty vessels within no matter how much she looked. All of them had been used up and there was no more for her to do.

Over an hour she would monitor his situation, looking for any fluctuation in the chest or twitching of the fingers to show any sign that she was right with her assumption. There was none. Fingers running through his hair in her calming and soothing manner this is how things would remain for two hours, Kashia looking in on her a few times but saying nothing and just moving along. She knew her Aunt would be done in her own time. There would be no rushing her. And that would prove to be best, as her constant vigil at the man's side would be be given reward.

After three hours, Dante's eyes opened immediately, staring up at the ceiling blankly though perhaps with closer inspection she would see a slight movement to them as if he were reading something very quickly. It was only minimal, but movement was movement.
  WI_ / 1y 143d 1h 59m 50s
Without the others company to fill the space it grew quiet, much too quiet for Rhea’s liking. It reminded her of how bleak and dimming this situation was. Although, in that quiet there was one sound, the constant dripping of the shimmering black liquid falling into a pool of itself on the floor. Like the ticking of a clock it was perfectly rhythmic, a reminder of how time was running out. It irked her. The fastest way to remedy the problem would have been to leave, but the snowy haired woman was not ready to do that just yet. She moved; it just wasn’t toward the door. Instead she found the discarded bag of first aid items that Tera had seemingly exhausted. Carrying it back over to the bedside, she opened it up to see what she could find.

There was an assortment of different items in the bag and the whole thing was horrendously organized, or more accurately, it wasn’t. Everything was tossed in haphazardly, however it would fit. Rhea decided to give Tera the benefit of the doubt and believe that it was like because she had been in such a tizzy trying to help Dante, but in the back of her mind she knew this was probably how it always looked.

It took some digging, but the petite woman found a couple of things she thought she could use. The first of which was a disinfectant wipe to try and lean up some of the blood stand-in so that she could try to do something with the cut itself. From there she basically butterfly stitched the gash closed with some adhesive strips she found. They were silicone and looked as though they were meant to stay in place for a while, but she really didn’t know for sure. All she knew for certain was that they worked to stop the flow. She finished up by laying down some gauze and wrapping his arm up in a bandage. It wasn’t exactly the prettiest thing in the world, but it was done. As for the other gaping hole in him, the one where his horn used to be, it looked as though the thicker blood had stopped running from it some time ago. Finished, there was silence. The trickling was gone, but she did not feel much better as she stood quietly next to the bed.

Sighing, Rhea knew this was all for her own satisfaction at this point. There was nothing she could try that hadn’t already been done, but regardless her eyes kept finding the empty vials beside his bed. Those were disorderly as well; probably Tera’s doing again. However, that was not where Rhea’s mind was. She couldn’t help but think how he had lost so much of that stuff. The woman didn’t think it would fix him to inject more, but what harm could it do at this point? With that nihilistic view, she located the injector and lined up a couple of the remaining bottles of the glittering substance. Fitting the first into the device, she lined it up on his neck with the easiest to find vein. Hands shaking, she took a deep breath in attempt to steady herself. When it worked enough to calm the tremors, Rhea hit the button. The liquid drained from the vial and shortly after it was empty there was a clicking sound to indicate that it was finished. Without much pause, the woman went to load up the next vial. There was a lot of this stuff on the floor, so she might as well do it twice to try and compensate for that.
  Rhea Eldiran / Loxi / 1y 143d 17h 9m 1s
[google-font][Montserrat Allowing for the woman to vent her frustrations, much as its mistress did so pacing about, D12 began to pack away the implements that had been used to try and fix Dante. With no emotional input there was no need to give its opinion or to try and console either woman. It simply went about packing up, carefully putting each item in its place and rolling the tools up into neat bundle that it then picked up and carried across to the doorway.

Stopping beside the entrance to the bedroom, it looked across to the red-haired woman, arms folded now as she stared at the still figure of Dante on the bed. For a time there was nothing but the rhythmic drip of black liquid off his finger tip to the pool beneath. Then D12 spoke up,[+4286f4 “Ma'am, do you wish to procure payment now?”] The silence had gone on long enough but the woman shook her head.

[+darkgreen “Tha payment was savin' tha bastards life. 'e saved me brother, ah was meant tae save 'im.”] There was never any thought in her mind of taking their money. When they had first approached she had wanted to take everything of theirs in return for helping them. After all she had a life to live, bills to pay and a brother to keep alive. Yet upon hearing it was Dante she had forgone all of that. She owed the man for returning her brother to her after losing her parents and that was why she was ultimately frustrated with herself. If it was any other client, she would demand to be paid, even though she had failed.[+darkgreen “Le's go Dee Twelve..”] She mumbled, not bothering with any goodbyes to people she did not know or the body laying in the bed.

With the footsteps of D12 drifting into the distance, the duo guided to the exit by Jax who had been outside for the entirety of their stay, Rhea was left alone in the room with Dante. Save her own breathing there was no gentle hum of the ship or the usual sounds of groaning metals and clanging pipes. Just the steady pit-pat dripping of the remainder of the black liquid in Dante's body falling onto the floor.
  WI_ / 1y 143d 19h 40m 26s
They were right, she did not understand. And even after being told what was going on, Rhea still did not understand. If everything was in place and functioning in him, then why in the hell was Dante still unconscious? It did not make any sense to her, and looking from one face to the other, it didn’t seem like they got it either. Leave it to Dante to be a conundrum in both life and death. It was frustrating, and unfortunately that was only one more emotion to throw on top of the pile she was already experiencing. How was she going to explain this to Tera, or Jax for that matter? [+lightcoral “You stupid son of a bitch…”] Her words were very clearly pointed at the Synthetic man before her. Rhea shook her head, knowing there was no use in going on to berate him for being so reckless and… well, just stupid. She could understand why he did what he did. But at the same time, there had to be another way, something other than sacrificing himself and leaving them all directionless. Their lives meant very little if they were all just going to stagnate and fall apart… a cynical thought stemming from her torrent of negative emotions.

[+lightcoral “Well... thank you for trying.”] Her thanks was sincere. The information about Synthetics they shared was invaluable on its own, but they also confirmed that as far as they knew everything was as it should be within him. It was more than she had thought they would get out of this, but unfortunately it was not enough.
  Rhea Eldiran / Loxi / 1y 143d 20h 4m 6s
[google-font][Montserrat Immeasurably frustrated and wanting nothing more to do with the body, the woman was eager to leave. Payment or not, she wanted to smash and hit and destroy something. Perhaps that would explain the mess that was the backroom at her shop. Yet Rhea stepping forward put her off a little bit, her gentle stroking of the man's hair both confusing and soothing her – perhaps replacing her anger with them both.

Her soft question barely registered, so quiet was she. But the woman shook her head quickly.[+darkgreen “Nae lass, ye not understandin' me.”] The words were not coming to her right now. At least anything that wasn't a curse or filled with anger. Instead she waved a darkened hand at her robot and moved away, deftly avoiding the pooling black liquid. It annoyed her more than interested her to see it still running freely, draining from the body.

[+4286f4 “What ma'am means to say is that we have done all that is required.”] Stepping up the bed to indicate to the work completed through the man's horn, the metallic hand returned to its side.[+4286f4 “We have searched through the Synth's circuitry and found no damage at all. Nor did we find any issue with the fibre optics that run throughout. Of course we do not know everything about how these beings function. However on the information we currently have – it should be working.”] D12, if it had any emotions, would seem quite perplexed at why this was not working.

With its mistress pacing about near the foot of the bed, Rhea's hand stroking through the man's soft hair and speaking in a tentative voice, the basic model bot could understand that although this was not an organic life form there was a great deal of emotion placed in its functioning.[+4286f4 "It is quite the conundrum of why such a being would not work when all the systems seem to be in optimal condition."]
  WI_ / 1y 143d 20h 37m 48s
The bustle going on sounded promising, but every once in a while there would be a shadow of doubt as the woman asked questions that conveyed she truly was dealing with something foreign to her. It was not ideal, and filled Rhea with a sense of hopelessness. Not to mention uselessness, as she sat doing nothing whatsoever to help, aside from stay out of the way.

At length, there came something more than expressions of perplexity, but not in a positive way. The girl seemed to come to a wall. Frustrated by this, she lashed out. It brought Rhea’s eyes back over to the small grouping. Dante was still laid out, much as he had been for days, though now he was bleeding on the floor again. Strange, as one would thought there be some coagulative properties in that stuff.

[+lightcoral “God damn it…”] Her voice came out tired, and to some extent exasperated. She stood. There wasn’t much of a reason to join the others, but Rhea still made her way over toward the bed. The whole time, her eyes stayed glued to Dante. Once again, she found herself wondering if this was the end of it. Was it time to give up? No doubt Tera would yell her at again if she asked, so in a way, that was her answer.

She stopped when she came alongside the bed, bringing her hand up to run it through the still man's hair like she so often saw him do. He seemed colder than usual under her touch, though Rhea was fairly sure that wasn’t actually the case, just her perception of the situation as he laid there lifeless. [+lightcoral “Do you know anyone else we can go to?”] Her quiet question was barely above a murmur and not directed at any one particular person.
  Rhea Eldiran / Loxi / 1y 143d 21h 23m 30s
[google-font][Montserrat Looking at the chip in the small box, D12 was careful to pluck the item with great precision and inspect it more thoroughly, leaving her the small box to keep. Although this made very little sense towards getting the Synth figure back it was accepted with a short nod before being placed very delicately down on the side table. Whether they got Dante back or not would not be affected by the chip itself, whatever it was. Like Jax, given the complexity of everything to do with Dante, it was unknown to D12 just how this chip would affect things. Best to leave it out until needed.

The duo worked away at Dante in small and accurate stages. They worked primarily at the head, not wanting to open up further cuts in the torso if not needed. There was a brief pause when Jax arrived in a hurry, his large ambling steps making things jostle about and as he stuck his head in there was a very strong response from the woman for him to stop his stomping about.

Not able to secrete himself into a corner like Rhea he was left out on a limb with little to do. Offering his help, D12 was sent across to gather as much information about what happened prior to the Captain collapsing, hearing from Jax directly about the power surge and how they had traversed the Wormhole with Dante drawing all excess power into his systems. At least now they knew to look for any over loaded parts or fried wiring in his system. Then again, using fibre optic like wires was not something many were adept at mending.

For a few hours the duo, that being D12 and his mistress, would work on Dante and often dissolve into hushed conversations about just what they were working with. A lot of [i [+darkgreen 'what is this']] and [i [+darkgreen 'is that meant to be like that']] were met with blank stares from the robot who could only respond in the unknowing. It was trial and error and at times the woman would move back to lean on the wall, hands coated in the black goop that was a substitute for Dante's blood.

[+darkgreen “I dinnae know if'n theres else we can do..”] She said as she leaned back, groaning as it was frustrating to feel so close and yet have no clue where to go from there. She hated feeling defeat. She was not used to being beaten in any engineering task.[+darkgreen “Argh! Bloody blue bastard! Ah knew ye were gonna be a pain in mah arse.”] She kicked at the bed, his arm falling off, a small trickle of his 'blood' running down to the floor to pool.
  WI_ / 1y 143d 22h 41m 16s
Brow furrowing, Rhea did not like those odds. But regardless of her feelings on the matter she was going to have to deal with it. The probability was what it was.

With little more to say, she stayed silent, eyes falling over to Dante. She wanted so badly for this to work, and for him to be as it once was. It was a lonely longing in her chest that just would not budge and it was taking everything she had not to start crying again. Something she knew would only irritate the green-eyed woman before her. Even as she managed to hold it together, she was urged to leave. Rhea caught the hint just fine, but she was not comfortable with that. Instead she planned to make herself a place back in one of the chairs. That way she would be out of the way, but still present.

Right before she turned to take her seat, she remembered something else that might be pertinent. [+lightcoral “Um… I am sorry to bother you, but I have one last thing…”] Hand reaching down to her pocket, Rhea retrieved the small box he’d left her. She held it tightly, as if it might cure her of these worries. [+lightcoral “I think this,”] opening up the container she displayed the chip. [+lightcoral “might be a part of him. I am not entirely sure, but I think it is best that you have all the possible pieces.”] She offered it up to D12, as his master’s hands were busy. It was difficult to let go of the tiny little thing, but Rhea meant what she had said earlier. She wanted Dante to be whole, and she had a feeling that meant he would need this.

Having passed the chip along, she went straight to the chair. The red gazed woman made it a point not to stare, though she listened as the small girl got the ball rolling. With any luck, this would be out of the way enough for her not to fully kick her out.
  Rhea Eldiran / Loxi / 1y 144d 20h 1m 52s

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