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Rhea smiled back at the placating man and nodded. Sleep sounded nice, but even if she hadn’t been set in charge of waiting for the girl from the shop, she didn’t think she would have been able to rest. She was too anxious for what the verdict on Dante would be. So she watched as Jax practically herded Tera out of the room, sad to see them go. Not because she wanted to talk anything else out, but because she could practically feel the murderous intent coming off of Kashia behind her. Just as soon as they were out of sight she was getting an earful from her as well for making her promise to something as gruesome as turning in her to the Termani, or other relevant authorities for money. So needless to say, this was a really weird day for Rhea, getting lectures from the two people on this ship she least expected them from. But eventually Kashia calmed back down and her aunt was able to give her a run down of what happened while they were away.

At the sound of the bell, Rhea hopped up from the place on the floor she had taken residence. She very much hoped that this visitor was whom she was expecting and not a line of local law enforcement here to deal with the multiple wanted members of this crew. But by some strange miracle, the woman from the shop and a robot were the only one's Rhea saw threw the display. The Pyrenian woman welcomed the girl and her companion aboard, greeting them politely and lowering her hood once the door was shut once more.

She wasted no time getting to the point, but that was preferred in this case. [+lightcoral “Right this way.”] Perhaps she was being a little too accommodating, but considering the little human had been about three seconds from refusing them before, Rhea was not looking to step on any toes. She took the pair straight to Dante's room, but sent Kashia off to fetch Jax who sounded like he wanted to be here. Honestly, it was a good idea. Even if he wasn’t as well versed in this type of machinery, he would still know enough to make sure these people weren’t doing anything completely shady.

In his room, Dante was laid out on his bed looking infinitely more comfortable than he had been on the bridge. Rhea knew it probably did not matter, but it was a nice sentiment all the same. [+lightcoral “There he is…”] Having to see him again was difficult for the Pyrenian. She tried to keep her attention on the freckled human instead, leading her to the side. She steered them to a couple of chairs, knowing that would be more comfortable than standing, but let the visitor having the final say whether they actually sat down or not.

It was time to talk about compensation and the Pyrenian was worried. Quite frankly, Rhea had no idea how much money they actually had, but she doubted it would be enough to satisfy. [+lightcoral “I should preface talks of payment by saying that we do not have a lot in the way of funds at the moment…”] She would have thought it went without saying, given her presence here. It was not as though they could act as a regular cargo ship. It was too dangerous. But Rhea mentioned it anyway, wanting to be completely transparent with this conversation.
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[google-font][Montserrat Tera nodded a little, knowing that the woman was not at fault for anything but grateful for any concession so that she did not feel wholly to blame for what had happened. Things had been stressful for them all and she had snapped at the only person she could, given Jax was too innocent to understand and Kashia too new to understand their complexities as a group.

Still, she shuffled across to Jax, burying her head in his chest as he wrapped his arms around her and held her tight.[+darkgoldenrod “Tera need to sleep. Not sleep much over the last few days.”] It wasn't a suggestion however as he kept her close, looking across to Rhea.[+darkgoldenrod “Miss Rhea wait for fixing lady to come. Get Jax when here.”] He nodded to her with one of his patented dumb smiles before taking Tera and walking with her towards her room. She would want to be there for Dante, but at this moment in time it was perhaps best to let Rhea interact with the engineer woman. To upset and antagonise her would mean their last hope of helping Dante was gone.

With Jax leading Tera to her room, the other two women were left to their own means for the next hour or so. It would not be a good time to just sit and wait, contemplating over what was to come and trying to temper hopes on the chance that it didn't work. To think and believe in this woman was dangerous and yet the only thing any of them could do now.

When the time had come for the woman to arrive there was a prompt ring in the canteen area. It was odd that a ship like this would have what equated to a doorbell. But otherwise how would they ever know someone was there? Would they knock on the outer hull and hope the sound carried? Regardless, her presence was made known and to whomever answered it they would find the same small red headed woman, bright green eyes peering up unimpressed from her look at the ship before her. Seeing her in her entirety, she was not as small as the twins, but perhaps closer to Rhea – if a little slimmer and wiry. Humans were oddly shaped.

Stood behind her, holding two duffel bags, was not the boy from the shop but a robot. It was your typical, run of the mill humanoid-shaped robot of spindly metallic frame and LED eyes. Standing tall, about Dante's height, it looked forward impassively as the woman nodded to her greeter.[+darkgreen “Come on, show me tae the murderous bastard. I can 'ave me 'bot 'ere start workin' whilst we sort of the payment.”] Ever the delightful woman she waved her hand to be shown to Dante.
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It was a strange thing, being scolded by Jax. Though she did kind of want to argue with him and his criticism of her. Rhea did remember that a lot of bad things happened. In fact she was painfully aware of that. So much so that she had been in a haze these last few days. And it was still there, looming over her and threatening to overtake her again if she was not careful. She had to distract herself with something or else she would just wind up crying to herself again. And she would do just that for months on end. There would be no end in sight unless someone forced her to deal with reality, and unfortunately no one aboard this ship at this time seemed in a state of mind to do so.

Unexpectedly, she did receive an apology. It seemed sincere, which put Rhea less on the defensive, which was good. [+lightcoral "I know it is hard; I do not know what to do either…"]

It was a good start, but the only thing was that she was having a hard time finding something in her to genuinely apologize back for. She knew she needed to be just as forthcoming with her own words now that the other woman was finally opening up. It took a moment of silent reflection, but at length she found what she needed to say. [+lightcoral “I am sorry. I am sorry that I shut down on you when I should have been focused on getting through this together.”] This was not Rhea’s first time experiencing loss. In fact she had suffered through varying degrees of it through her long life. But every time before now, she had always had someone there to lean against, someone outside of the situation who did not need that support in return. This, with the other’s filled with the same turmoil as her, was new territory for the woman. And she truly was sorry for how poorly she had handled it, whether it was warranted or not. [+lightcoral "I think we can all agree that these last few days have been a lot, and none of us have handled it very gracefully."]
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[google-font][Montserrat Tera disliked being argued with. It was ironic given she was the one starting all the arguments of late. Perhaps this is why Dante had often told her to simply shut up or been so authoritative that she had stopped arguing against him a long time ago. With her back to the light skinned woman it was easier for her to try and not focus on what was being said, yet like Rhea it was hard not to accept the truth of things. To accept Dante had passed, that things were so bleak, that it was not the womans fault whatsoever and this would or could have happened at any time.

Her head dropped a little as she became overwhelmed by it all and Jax stepped forward, standing between the two women though he didn't expect their shouting to escalate to blows.[+darkgoldenrod "Tera need to stop blaming Miss Rhea. Miss Rhea need to remember lots of bad things happening. We all feeling bad. We all lost girls and Cappy."] He looked from Tera to Rhea, clearly not happy with all that this situation had brought, but he held himself together.[+darkgoldenrod "We are friends. Friends stick together. Friends always help each other. Both say sorry to each other."] The moral lessons instilled in him by Dante clearly had stuck.

In a way everyone of them was showing parts of Dante's personality, from Tera being stubborn and angry, to Rhea being clinical and factual, and Jax being caring and wanting them to remain together. He was the emotional one really of them all. He felt the two women were trying to be emotionless and approach this from smart and logical points of view, or perhaps being so emotional that they were losing themselves to the point of all this; Dante.

Tera turned around slowly, her head still dipped low, though when she lifted it up she had sparkling tracks down her cheeks where tears had fallen.[+red "I.. I'm sorry.. I just.. I never lost so many people like this.. I don't know what to do.."] She couldn't look at Rhea for too long before her head dropped back down, folding one arm over her chest, the other hand coming up to cover her eyes.
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Rhea was getting to be pretty fed up with this same angry song and dance that Tera to just not be able to let go of. [+Lightcoral “No, Tera, I have not forgotten that. What exactly do you think my plan was when I left here? A few days ago you made it clear that I owed something to you all, and I can think of nothing better than five million credits handed over to you by Kashia.”] The woman kept her voice in check, not wanting this to turn into a shouting match. [+lightcoral “It matters very little to me if she turns me in. At this point I have nothing to lose.”] She’d already given instructions for what should happen with the journal to Kashia in the form of a letter. Everyone got one, all with varying messages and thanks. Rhea was no the type of leave lose ends if she could help it.

[+lightcoral “As opposed to?”] The petite woman waved her hand out before her. [+lightcoral “Were you planning on trekking Dante through town once you a shop that would take the commission? Of course we had to tell them where we are! That is how this works. If you are so worried about it, we can leave before they arrive and try to find someplace else to go, after all, that was just about the last option here in Fensome.”] Maybe Rhea hadn’t thought everything through one hundred percent, and relied a little too much on emotion, but Tera was doing exactly the same thing. And looking back, the red-eyed woman did not think she made the wrong choice. [+lightcoral "Even if I hadn't said his name, and she did not recognize me, if by some some miracle she still agreed to help, that girl would have recognized Dante as soon as she saw him. We would be in exactly the same position we are in now."] It was not the most solid logic, but it was sure as hell a lot better than Tera's. [+lightcoral "How 'fucked' we may or may not be is not my fault, but a byproduct of the situation itself. Stop blaming everything on me! "]
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[google-font][Montserrat Getting them all back to the ship was quite simple, yet Tera was silent throughout. Jax seemed quite chipper and up beat, smiling at Rhea as he believed they were closer than ever to getting Dante back. He did not share the sentiments of his colleagues who only thought it a slim hope. They knew not to get too caught up in the positives lest they fall back down if it failed.

Reaching the ship and getting inside, the moved into the canteen area without a word said to Kashia. Jax did not want to take the lead in speaking, given his ineptitude at doing so, and Tera had been silent up until that moment. When she reached the table she rounded on Rhea.[+red "What are you doing telling that stranger who Cap is? And atop that you tell her who you are. You don't seem to realise that you have a five million credit bounty on your head and he is not exactly running around free - let alone running around at all right now."] Stressed and fatigued, she was shouting and angry once more.

Moving around the table, not wishing to be close to Rhea at that time, she collected a small drink from the dispensary and took a very long gulp of the frothy beverage - it definitely wasn't an energy drink. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand she looked back over.[+red "You just told some stranger where to find us all, who we were, why we are here! Do you even think about things before you do them? Don't you see how [i fucked] we could be?"] She threw the empty cup down into the nearby sink where it pinged off the metal, leaning against the counter and closing her eyes as her head began to throb.
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Seeing the look on the girl’s face change as she mentioned Dante’s name, Rhea thought she might have made a mistake. While she did not know much of the man’s past, she did know he was rather infamous. In a straight-laced place like Fensome, she thought she wouldn’t need to worry about that, so she forgot that they were dealing with someone who was more prone to skulking about the underbelly of this town. Thankfully, that did not seem to be a problem, as the human girl eventually agreed that she would send someone out. Bowing again, Rhea thanked her. She asked for a dock number, but honestly, the Pyrenian had been too distracted coming out to even look at that. She turned to Tera for the information and passed it along. Then they were off.

That particular shop was a ways out from the main dock, and so it took a while to get back, but at least all of their hopes were riding just a little bit higher than when they left the ship earlier that day. There was the issue of payment, as the shopkeeper had not given them an amount, but hopefully that would not be too big of a problem. Even if they could not cover the full amount now, it would be given up eventually. No one on this ship, Dante included, was in the habit of shirking debt.

Making it back to the ship, Kashia was approximately where her aunt left her. Sure, in the hours they had been gone, she wandered around a bit, but she had spent a majority of her time waiting by the exit. She was pretty confident good news was on the way, but there was still the suspense of having to wait for it, and the off chance that she might be wrong. The girl just hoped that Rhea would not come back ready to enact her previous plot. Kashia still didn’t know what it was, but she knew she didn’t like it. And that was enough for her to be weary of it.

[+orange “How did it go?”] It was an open question, put out to whichever of the three boarding crew members felt like answering.
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[google-font][Montserrat Listening very carefully, the woman watched Rhea for any signs of deviousness or clever word play that would put her story into doubt. To trust this woman's word weighed heavily on her as the price of her head was quite bountiful. The thought of handing her over never crossed her mind, but it could be a test of her by the Termani. Perhaps throw a big bounty at her, see what she does, use it against her in some way.

From how she spoke, held herself, looked on the human woman with such an unwavering amount of belief in her words there was little to no doubt she was telling the truth. Or at least what she believed to be the truth. Some folks could believe a lie so much that it became a truth to them. And that was what she tried to discern from the pink skinned woman.

That was, until she mentioned the name of this friend they wanted her to help with. Then she perked up visibly. Looking at her closely now she watched to see if there was any further reaction but she said nothing more and so it was time for her to speak up.[+darkgreen “Dante, eh?”] Just from that there was an air of understanding.[+darkgreen “Blue feller? Horns?”] Though she did not expect much reaction from the women, Jax was nodding his head vigorously.

[+darkgoldenrod “Yes! Thats Cappy! Thats him!”] Tera quickly grabbed his arm, drawing his attention and shaking her head sternly at him.

Nodding in understanding the woman pulled back from Rhea.[+darkgreen “Aye, I know 'im. Know of 'im. Bit of a heartless killer as I 'eard. Dinnae think 'e were an augment.”] She was mulling over her words, speaking slowly and carefully. Thinks were formulating in her mind and she had to come to a decision quickly. If she sat on this information then she knew she would think of it for years to come. Instead she slapped a hand onto the poster and pulled it back onto the pile of other papers.

[+darkgreen “I'll 'elp ye, or rather, I'll 'ave someone 'elp ye.”] From under the counter she kicked at the metal three times. Cans and metallic items spilled out behind her from the small room in the back littered with junk and a similarly fire haired, green eyed figure poked its head out. This one a boy, but it looked her near identical match.[+darkgreen “Danny, get the tools packed.”] An eyebrow rose in curiosity, looking at those outside, before he shrugged and pulled back inside, more metal kicking about and crashing across the floor. The woman or girl, age was still unknown, looked at Rhea and her group though her bright eyes came back to the wanted one before her.[+darkgreen “Leave tha dock number o' were yer are, be wit' ye in an hour.”] She turned away then without another word and walked into the back room but paused.[+darkgreen "An' make sure ye 'ave ye payment ready."] She continued on back, where the crashing only became louder, intermingled with shouts in the same accent though it was entirely illegible.
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Rhea watched as the woman went to grab the pile of papers, nerves scrambled inside of her. She had no way of telling if those wanted posters were here as a form of rebellion, or if she had a knack for bounty hunting, but either way it was something Rhea could use to advantage. After all, she had been moments away from having Kashia turn her in for the money just a few hours ago. What difference did it make if this green gazed woman did it instead? So long as Dante got to live out of it, she didn’t mind. That was what she hoped the money would have gone to anyway.

Watching her carefully sift through the bounties, it was difficult not to look back at Jax. He, like the girls, had been left unaware of the warrant out for her. Hopefully this did not have him changing his tune about her. He was basically the only one on her side right now. But as it was, this girl was not after the ridiculous sum promised to anyone who turned her in. She wanted to know the story behind it. After all, the Termani were not generally so frivolous with their fortune.

This seemed an easy trade, so she nodded in agreement, though it would only be fruitful if she actually believed her. The story, in Rhea’s mind, was a little farfetched. So, who knew if this would work? But she was determined to tell the truth all the same; she just needed to find the right words.

[+lightcoral “As you undoubtedly know, Pyreen is one of the largest Termani colonies to date and acts as one of their main cultural hubs.”] After their own planet, Pyreen had the largest population of Termani in the universe. Her planet was being used as one of their central commands and had been a vital communication center for them for nearly a century. This was all common knowledge. [+lightcoral “I was on staff under their administration as the head of the department of discovery and conservation of Old Pyreen. Some months ago, I stumbled onto a piece of history they would really rather keep hidden...”] It was strange to just blurt all this out. At first she had kept secret because she wanted to be sure, but now she was so certain that it was odd to be hiding it. Really, the only reason she did was because she wanted to present it to the authorities, both scientific and of law, in a way that gave her more credibility than the common rumor mill. That was easier if her theory was not already flying around as whispers through the galaxy. [+lightcoral “I found documented proof that the Termani touched down on our planet before my people were eradicated. What’s more, I have reason to believe that it was no plague that ended us, but the Termani themselves. They committed genocide and they know I know.”] Not to mention the countless other laws broken in just visiting Pyreen before its people developed interstellar travel. [+lightcoral “If this information makes it to the mainstream, they will loose everything… I just need a little more evidence before I come forward and I cannot get that without Dante, our friend.”] With all that, she managed to bring it back to the point at hand. She just hoped it was enough.
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[google-font][Montserrat Having taken an early disliking of Tera from her aggressive and forward nature, the red haired girl stared at her with annoyance burning in her grassy eyes. For a time it looked like she would just about reach across and strike the other woman but thankfully for them all Rhea stepped in and the situation calmed immeasurably.

With Tera pulled back and next to Jax to keep things more civil, the woman looked on Rhea with some hostility at first, but it wasn't something that would last long as she looked on the Pyrenian woman with interest. Something had sparked her interest as she listened to her desperate pleas for help and by the end she was leaning on her counter looking at the white haired woman quite intently. Stepping back after a pause she hopping down and moved away, seemingly done with the conversation and not wanting to help.

Moving to the back however she grabbed at her pile of removed posters and brought them back with her. Flitting through the many bounties and rewards on offer she eventually picked out; of course the Rhea poster. Looking at it with great intrigue she studied all the issues it said the woman had caused to justify her ludicrous bounty. Even for the Termani it was large.

Looking across at the woman with her bowed head, the cloak covering her face, the two figures behind who seemed anxiety-ridden that she was talking with anyone. She knew she had the right girl.[+darkgreen “Termani killed me mammy and pappy when I were but a wee lass.”] She commented quietly as she looked on the roughly torn paper, lifting it up to place before her on the counter and leaning across to be that little bit closer as she spoke.[+darkgreen “Ye tell me wha' they really want ye for, an' maybe I help ye little 'un. I ain't a fan o' the work they peddle, but ye best make it convincin', 'cause if I dinnae believe ye I will nae help ye.”]
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Listening from a ways back, Rhea caught the refusal through thickly accented words. For what seemed to be the thousandth time that day, her metaphorical heart sank. She knew that this was the bottom of the barrel for them. There was no place left in Fensome for them to look. It was here or they leave the planet and hope they had better luck at the next place.

Tera must have known this as well, because she began to lose her patience. Going so far as to threaten the young woman, the fragile looking girl did not take well to it and bluntly told the taller woman so. Worried that it might come to blows and completely shattered what little chance they had here, Rhea interposed herself into the situation. Grabbing Tera’s arm, she pulled her back a touch. Looking up at her, she shook her head as if to say that it would not work even if she did scoop up the human girl and take her back with them.

Wearing an expression that somehow mixed defeat and anger, she did back down. But as she started on her way to return to Jax, Rhea stayed in place. Looking about the cluttered space, taking note off all the little pieces that did not quite fit in in a place like Fensome. And given all the robotics pieces lying around, someone here, if not this young lady, was to some degree a roboticist.

[+lightcoral “Um… I am sorry...”] It felt strange to speak with someone outside of the ship. Rhea had not done so since their vacation, and with everything that had happened, that felt so long ago now. [+lightcoral “My friend,”] Rhea used the expression despite not really thinking they were on such close terms anymore. [+lightcoral “She is just very upset… we all are. We’ve spend all day going shop to shop, this is basically the last one, and we have been turned down at each and every one… We are running out of options, and none of us know how long our friends has in his current condition.”] If he had any time left at all. There was still no way to be certain this would work. [+lightcoral “Like she said, we aren’t looking for a handout. We will pay you, whether that be with money, services, or something else,”] her eyes went back to the stack of wanted posters and Termani tech. [+lightcoral “Whatever you want… We are desperate and willing to take whatever help you, or anyone you know, might be able to give us... please.”] With that, Rhea bowed to the young woman. It was not to the point of groveling, but it did convey just how badly they needed someone, anyone, to help.
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[google-font][Montserrat With them all moving about together, the crowd never got too close to really look upon Rhea to see her face. Jax's size alone had people giving them a good wide berth and the look of annoyance on Tera's face put the cherry on the top of their little group of misfits. Moving through the station was quite easy and the wide avenues gave way to clean side roads and well lit back alleys. It was the mirror opposite of their usual haunts and yet that only made things that more dangerous. As Dante would put it, it was too artificial, to pardon the pun.

They visited three stores all down the main branch of the station and each time Tera would have Jax stay close to the door with Rhea. It would not help them at all if someone recognised her and in no uncertain terms was she warned to keep her head down and eyes on the floor. Speaking with each owner in turn, Tera would try to be rather subtle with her request. All she would say is that they had an augmented friend who was in need of someone to do a full systems check as he was recently injured. It was true. Though of course once they got someone to go see Dante there would be a whole lot of questions to answer.

Unfortunately, or perhaps not given that last point, no-one want willing to offer their services. It could be down to how shady and vague Tera was being. Without the specimen before them however it was nigh on impossible for them to make an estimate for repairs and they would kindly, if tersely, tell her they would not fix him and to try X or Y store. It was a frustrating experience and after nearly five hours of this constant run about – even checking in on the lesser known or reputable places – they had nothing to show for it.

Leading the group to one of only a handful remaining stores, mostly small and specialising in the repairs of smaller devices rather than full beings, Tera was showing her strain as she stopped at the street front shop. There was no store space, all of it taken up by stacks of parts and building areas, but it was a repair shop and they had to try.

Smacking her hand down hard on the buzzer, she kept it there waiting for someone to come out and answer them. In only a few seconds though a small beige hand reached up to the counter and slapped at the back of her hand. Drawing it back to her chest she frowned as a young, fresh and pale looking face popped up. With curly red hair down to her neck and large inquisitive green eyes – if not a little disgruntled by the excessive use of the buzzer – this little girl looked up at Tera rather miffed. Thankfully the anthro-woman did not make the mistake of asking where the girls owner or parent was. This was a human, a fully grown if youthful one, and they did not take kindly to being called small or a child. They were skittish and prone to anger when displeased though this was offset by their extreme delights and somewhat peculiar highs. Looking down on the smaller woman, Tera locked eyes with her.

[+darkgreen “Wha ye want..”] She asked with suspicion. How lovely. Did she react this way to all customers.
[+red “We need someone to help our friend. He has certain augments.. they aren't working right and so he's kind of shut down on us.”] It was as vague as she'd been all day and the human woman clearly disliked that.
[+darkgreen “I ain't nae robotics lass. If'n ye want tha, ye best oof talkin' tae the fancy places over there on the big street. I dinnae have time fer givin' yer friend a wee check up.”] Her accent was thick, fiery, quite electric to the ear if a touch light in tone – she was definitely young. But looking at her Tera narrowed her eyes. The parts littered around her were not just mechanical devices and components. She noted the multiple robotic limbs, a box to store cybernetic sensory devices and the like. This wasn't her first time in a place like this and so she placed her hands on the counter.
[+red “Listen, I know you deal in what we're looking for. I'm not here to ask for a favour or a check up. I am here to pay you to look at him and fix him.”] She stared down at her and both women narrowed their gazes on one another.[+red “We have checked with dozens of places today and they all told us where to go. So you are gonna help us even if I have to drag you back to our ship!”] The threat was not appreciated by the smaller woman who shifted to the side and rose up higher – she was standing on a box but to be on level with Tera was a needed thing.

[+darkgreen “I ain't nae robotics lass."] She said this quite slowly, very tersely.[+darkgreen "I told ye. And I swear, I dinnae take kindly tae threats, 'specially ones ye ain't willin' tae back up.”] She was not going to respond well to threats and the like, though Rhea – given she was not so close and involved with this – would see there was another way through this. There were a number of torn down wanted posters in a pile at the back of the store. A lot of the wares dotted about the place were also Termani robotics. This was not someone exactly in touch with society and it's laws. Perhaps she was like them, lawlessness surrounded by all this. If she were willing, perhaps this little 'lass' would listen to a more reasoned approach from someone with much more emotionally invested in Dante than Tera.
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Rhea was just as surprised as Tera to hear Jax come to her defense. It brought up the first positive emotions the woman had felt in days. Those feelings were short lived though, as the pilot came back at her with the string of misfortune’s that had followed Rhea onto the ship. The anthro woman knew exactly where to jab and Rhea found herself being cowed back into silence. There was no defense, as all of it was true. If she wasn’t there, if she had stayed and faced her fate on Pyreen, or even picked another ship to stow away on, none of this would have happened. They would all be going about their lives as normal, likely happy, as they did.

Once again, it was Jax who stepped in, but this time it was Tera who was left speechless. It seemed she had nothing to say to his optimistic out look. She just turned to continue on, seemingly without them, but the giant of a man, in all his innocence, took it as an invitation to follow. He beckoned for her to come as well. And even though all her emotions were twisted into knots that seemed as though they would never be untangled, Rhea fell into line after him. [+lightcoral “Thank you.”] Her voice was quiet, and she wasn’t sure if he heard her, but she was immensely grateful for what Jax had done just now. It was yet another kindness that she did not deserve… and likely would never be able to repay. Again, Rhea found herself crying. This time it was partially out of relief, but she was making effort to stop. The hood she was wearing would already draw enough attention; she did not need to be constantly wiping tears away as well.

This port town was definitely more structured than most they had stopped in. That allowed it to be bigger as well. This place probably had many amenities that they had not seen in a dog’s age. Linae was lovely, but being quaint was part of its charm. It was missing many things that larger cities had to offer. Things like dedicated engineers that might have inkling as to how to operate on androids… cyborgs… whatever Dante was. Though, to be truthful, there was no saying for sure that they would find that here either, but Rhea was practically praying at this point. They were going to need a miracle.
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[google-font][Montserrat Tera narrowed her eyes a touch at the woman, eyeing the box in her hand as she clutched it tightly to her chest.[+red "No you were leaving because you had no-one to leech off of anymore Rhea."] Tera bit back at her sharply. She was still very defensive on things presently and it would not help anything at all. But to irrational people, they were always right, so to argue she wasn't would not work here.

[+darkgoldenrod "Miss Rhea would not use us."] Jax spoke up, though he did not speak with the anger or spite like Tera did.[+darkgoldenrod "She our friend. She Cappy's friend too."] He had thought she was leaving of her own free will, that after losing the girls and Dante she wanted to be away from them for good. Hearing that she wanted to stay and help with the Captain however, now was as good a time as ever to speak his mind - even though he felt embarrassed for doing so.

Tera looked at him a little surprised to have him speak up like that.[+red "Jax, of course she used us."] His big head shook from side to side, lips turning down at the corners as he refused to believe.[+red "Before her we were fine. Then she comes on board and the Termani nearly kill us. Then Cap gets shot. Then he gets kidnapped and almost blinded. Then the twins both died temporarily for some reason."] She had heard that from Jax after the latest more permanent passing.[+red "You think she cares about any of us whatsoever? She even admitted she would abandon the girls to take Kashia with her, and you want to keep trusting her?"] She put up a strong, if one sided argument. Yet Jax stared at her with that same unbelieving look on his face.

Unfortunately for Tera, perhaps fortunate for Rhea, Jax was a stubborn fool. When he got a feeling about someone, it was quite difficult for him to shift his emotions. Much like how he still felt bad for hurting Rhea even though she forgave him.[+darkgoldenrod "Uh-huh."] He nodded his big head now.[+darkgoldenrod "Cappy would trust her no matter what. Jax trusts her too. You trust her too. You just sad, like Jax, like Miss Rhea. We all want to fix Cappy, make him better, make him whole."]

Despite her desire to just abandon them both there to go about their lives however they wanted and to continue this on by herself, Tera knew she couldn't leave Jax like that. And though she was loathe to admit it there and then, she did trust Rhea and wanted her to stay too. So rather than compromise she stared at Rhea for a lingering moment before huffing, turning and beginning to walk away.

[+darkgoldenrod "Come on Miss Rhea. We save Cappy now."] Jax said patting her shoulder, following on after Tera to catch up. To him having Rhea with them made things better and safer. Now they had a good shot of saving their friend.
  WI_ / 155d 13h 42m 31s
Why? She had just said she didn’t want to give up, was that not enough for her? [+lightcoral “I said I was leaving because that is what you wanted,”] after all, Tera was the one to suggest her departure. Then there was a lot of criticism regarding her motives and loyalties, though Rhea was doing her best not to dwell on those truths. [+lightcoral “But I have decided that I am not going to leave just because you want me to,”] not yet anyway. [+lightcoral “I am hurting too! I deserve to have my feelings considered just as much as you do, even if you think I am some selfish monster who doesn’t care about anything other than herself.”] She was barely managing to keep her voice at an acceptable level, though truthfully there wasn’t anyone currently nearby to hear her.

[+lightcoral “A-and Dante… he may have left me, but I still care about him… I want him to be alive and well and [I whole] in this world.”] She brought up the small box in her hand to her chest. Previously, she had thought it worse to be cut off from a lover who was still living, but she was wrong. This was worse by far.
  Rhea Eldiran / Loxi / 155d 14h 24m 15s

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