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[google-font][Montserrat Heading down to the kitchen area Dante took a glass of iced tea from the dispenser to help calm himself. Moving over to the table where they had eaten not long ago he took his seat, looking across the empty plates and table to where she had sat opposite him. His foul mood would not dissipate and if he were more prone to anger he would be quite content to release his stress by breaking plates and generally going on a rampage. Thankfully he had the mental resolve not to resort to that.

He was left be to simmer for fifteen or so minutes, drinking and picking at the leftover food and in a generally bad mood. He simply sat alone. When Jax came stomping up he raised a hand though did not look to the giant.[b “Jax, slow down or-”]
[+gold [b “Cappy, girls fall down!”]] The lumbering creature moved from one large foot to the other, wringing his hands together as he stared down at the Tiefling in panic.
[b “Jax, I understand you like to play but I do not wish to join in your games.”] Dante clearly read the man wrong and kept his focus on the glass before him. Seeing as he did not garner the reaction he wanted, the larger individual grasped Dante around his wrist and near dislocated his shoulder in tugging him toward the building at the back.[b “Dammit Jax, I told you..”] He could struggle and fight but the pain would only increase, so instead he followed with a scowl.

Upon entering the room the bumbling Jax and pointed to the two girls, still and unmoving.[+gold [b “See! Not move!”]] Looking in, shielding his eyes from the glare on the screen to the side, Dante looked at the two girls for a few seconds as if he were being made a mockery of and they would spring up in a fit of laughter. However when nothing happened, not even their small chests rose and fell to give their game away, he moved forward and knelt between them.

[b “Ino… Oni...”] His voice crackled as he looked between them. He didn't know which to attend to first, his hands hovering over one before he turned to the other.[b “Jax what happened?”]
[+gold [b “I dunno Cappy... they was running around… then they fell down...”]] The large man's voice was child like and he remained by the doorway, knowing this was something far outside of his own mental capacity.
[b “They run around all the time Jax, what were you doing? Just tell me so I can help them!”] His eyes turned back on the other man but they were wide and filled of fear.
[+gold [b “I-I din' do nothin' Cappy… I swears, I-I-I cross my heart! See? See?”]] He imitated the words, drawing a stubby finger over his chest in two lines. Dante turned away, lost in his thoughts and disbelief as he returned to the two children.
[b “Come on girls, this is not the time to be playing...”] A trembling hand reached out to Ino first, pressing to her neck and then to her wrist and then quickly turning to Oni as his fingers sought out a pulse, weak would do, any life sign would do.[b “Jax go get Rhea.”] He said in a quiet voice as he leant down, brushing back each girls hair as desperate eyes sought out something to tell him this was some cruel joke. When he heard no movement he turned back on him with fury,[b “I said go get Rhea! Go to her room now!”] The barked order brought movement to the innocent giant who nodded and as quick as his cumbersome body could move he made for the house and the stairwell.

For a few minutes, perhaps less perhaps longer it was of little note to Dante, he sat looking from one calm and idyllic face to the other, his hands feeling the cold on them which sent shock through him. They were Pyrenian. They were warm and they were bubbly and inviting and yet here they lay, rapidly cooling and still. Unable to just sit in the silence doing nothing but look at them he eased each up to him, unwilling to wait for Rhea and Jax any longer, lifting each girl into his arms and carrying them as he would when they were younger. It was a touch more difficult now given how they had grown but weight and comfort meant nothing at that given time.

Getting them back to the house he saw Jax leaping down the stairwell, two or three steps at a time. For a moment Dante felt some hope that perhaps Rhea knew what to do, perhaps it was a Pyrenian illness and something easily cured. But when the man came back alone he felt a lead weight in his chest.
[+gold [b “Cappy she not there. Just this.”]] The locator was in his hand, fully intact and working still, judging by the dial around the perimeter. It had been removed, not snatched off or broken off. Standing stationary, a girl in each arm, he shook his head slowly. His face dropped visibly and he felt his body sink.
[b “Jax, just… under the stairs, there is a red box. Bring it with you up to their room. Please.”] He didn't shout at Jax this time, not did he speak with any malice. Instead he carefully carried the girls up the opposite stairs to the other wing, toward their room where he place both onto the one bed side by side.

Jax followed him in not far behind, placing the red box down before Dante who turned to him and nodded his thanks. Opening it and reaching inside he took out two cables and a small silver case. In a minute or so he had connected everything up and each cable was connected via a small clip onto the fingertips of each girl. With the machine turned on it registered as nil. Not just checking for a pulse it read for neural sparks and to sense whether the very cells of the body were still functioning. And it showed nil. It had been twenty minutes since Jax had fetched him at first and whilst perhaps it was just not compatible to Pyrenian physiology, Dante took it as read that there was nothing to be done.

Looking up from his position beside the bed to the larger man he shook his head lightly, the animated face of the part-cyborg man crumpled as he gazed down to the still girls.
[b “It will be okay Jax. I promise. How about you sit here with them for a little bit. Keep them company whilst I… I just need to step outside for a moment.”] He changed places with the other man and stepped away, looking back from the doorway to see him grasping each girls hand in his own much larger maw, always gentle though.

Dante could only imagine how the being was taking it mentally. How Tera would take it. She would blame Dante he believed. She would ask why he didn't seek help, why he hadn't sought out someone, why he hadn't ran through the streets begging for help. And the short answer would be; there was no point. They needed a doctor to be there at the precise moment it happened. Someone who understood such a complex physical system that Pyrenians had. Perhaps someone who knew the body like it was their own. Someone like Rhea. And she was gone.

He couldn't understand where she had gone or why. He had left her to her peace in her room and given her the space she had wanted when she had waved him out. Even if he found some understanding in her desire to be free of the house, why leave behind her tracker? When Jax had shown him the device the only hope to save the girls and discover what was wrong went with her. He couldn't blame her though. He had forced her into fleeing, so Tera would be right.

[+gold [b “C-Cappy! Cappy! Cappy!”]] The words were mumbled at first before shouted louder than he had heard the man shout before. Leaving the corridor and his thoughts behind he re-entered the room to see both girls moving, coughing, groaning with discomfort but that would go with time; they were alive! In several long strides he was down at the other side of the bed, repeating his actions from before, unsure of which one to inspect and moving between both as he brushed his fingers over their foreheads, grasped their arms to find strong pulses, looked on the screen to see the recordings had gone from nothing to fully living in a moment. It was too incredulous to try and comprehend and he didn't care to.
[b “It is okay, just lay down, just relax.”] He cooed to them, keeping them as relaxed as he could.
[+gold [b “I will get juice!”]] Though he had not received any request or order, no doubt Jax knew what their favourite would be and he left like a man on a mission, leaving Dante to take a hold of each of their hands. There was no sense in stopping him, he was as delighted as Dante and yet their nerves were as frayed as the girls no doubt.
[b “There we go, just relax, Jax will get you something to drink and everything is going to be fine.”] He could see the confusion and fear in their eyes and he thought quickly of a plausible excuse.[b “That is the last time you get so much sugar in your system. You ate so much so quickly the pair of you just had an energy overload and your bodies shut down. It will be okay though, I know it's scary but you'll both be okay.”]

He kept saying that but in truth, he didn't know whether they would be okay. He was trying to calm himself aswell as the girls.
  WI_ / 14h 37m 52s
Rhea was still as he exited her temporary room. She listened as his footsteps faded down the hall. No sooner than she couldn’t hear him anymore, she looked down at the tracker on her wrist. The pink hued woman ripped it from her person and threw it on her bed. She needed time to herself, completely and utterly, where no one knew where she was. It had been so long since she’d had that that it seemed like a luxury. Quickly, she left her room and made way to exit the house. There was no way to tell how long Dante would be in his room, and just because they were fighting didn’t mean he would be okay with her striking out on her own. She managed to slip out before the Captain returned.

The woman stuck to some of the less commonly traveled roads as she made her way down to the beach. Sure, it would take longer, but she had nothing but time at the moment. She would use this excursion to think over what she wanted to do and how she wanted to do it. There was a lot to mull over, and seeing as her brain was hazy, it would take longer than normal.

What couldn’t have been more than fifteen minutes passed, though it was hard to tell as she went, and Rhea began to feel odd. She felt sluggish and tired. Had their argument taken that much out of her? It wasn’t much longer than her extremities began to lose feeling. What had been a fairly brisk night felt like nothing at all. Slow to the uptake, it took much longer than it should have for her to realize what was happening. When she finally did, it was too late. All she could do was carefully sit on the brick laid street before losing consciousness.

Although the woman was not on the main roads, that didn’t mean where she was walking was deserted. In fact, a couple was passing by when she fell over completely. The woman called out to her.

“Miss? Are you okay?” An urgent concern stained her voice as she kneeled down to check on the other woman. Not seeing her chest moving, the human woman began to panic. “I don’t think she is breathing!”

The man standing at her side then took her place. Grabbing up Rhea’s wrist he searched for a pulse and found nothing. His face went ghostly white. “We need to get her to the clinic. There might still be time to do something… She was standing just a moment ago.” With some help from the woman, he was able to situate and pick up the limp Pyrenian. Then they were off.

Back up the hill, in the casita that housed Jax, something similar was happening. The trio finished the first movie they’d been watching and decided to take a break from him. The twins were running amuck, getting their energy out when they stopped. Their red eyes caught one another’s.

Ino was the first to speak “I don’t feel good…”

“Neither do I.” The sentiment reflected in her voice.

A little baffled by the sudden change, the cyborg cocked his head, but let the pair take a seat. He watched, a touch nervous that their sleepover might get canceled. But that thought did not last when they collapsed almost in sync. He was frantic. Rushing to their side, Jax shook at them, but nothing came of it. “Hey!” He spoke loudly as he tried to wake them. Keeping at it for a minute or so, he knew he needed to get help. Standing, he ran clumsily back to the main house in search of Dante.

When he found the thin blue man he shouted. “Cappy, girls fall down!” Unable to stand still, his worry seemed to overflow with every twitch and fidget. He didn’t even wait for Dante to take action, opting to grab ahold of him and drag him back to the other room. Oni and Ino were just where he left them, he pointed. “See! Not move.”

No matter what efforts were made, the pair remained lifeless for the better part of thirty minutes. At that mark, they miraculously came back to. Gasping for air, each of them was shaking. The two small girls were confused and scared witless. And while this was just the sort of thing that would normally drive Ino to tears, she couldn’t cry. They are completely drained.
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The flushed purple of Dante’s cheeks was darling on him, but she kept that fact to herself. She followed along after him back to the kitchen. The room was just about clean, which was a surprise to her. With all that cooking he’d done she was expecting at least a couple of pots and pans, but it looked as though he had washed up as he went. Perfectly efficient as always.

The Captain was quick to grab what he came for and skedaddle. His playful expression prompted her to want to hurry as well, but she stayed behind for the moment. Rhea decided to grab a bottle of liquor, a pair of glasses, and a carafe of water. It was a bit of juggling act. But once it was all comfortably in hand she hustled up the stairs, just not too fast as she didn’t want to trip and end the night with her being injured and bedridden.

After making it up to the second floor without incident, Rhea went to her room. Knocking into the door with her hip, she prompted it to slide open so that she could enter with full hands. There she saw Dante sitting on the edge of her bed surrounded by a room that remained nearly untouched since the day they first came to this place. The Pyrenian was pretty good about picking up after herself, the only time she wasn’t was when it came to her research, which she made a point of leaving behind on the ship. So, the only real change was the lights. They were dimmed, a dash of mood lighting that was also practical on his healing eyes. Excited, she looked him over, a promiscuous expression playing behind her eyes.

Shaking the bottle at him, she smiled sneakily. “Perhaps if we are not too tired, we might be able to stay up and chat as well.” The woman didn’t expect him to have forgotten that she was supposed to have one or the other, but it was worth a shot. “Or if things get too messy, it might be nice for a bath afterward.” She was fishing at this point, but it came from her wanting to spend as much time with him as possible. Their holiday was nearly over and she wasn’t sure how sneaky they could get away with being aboard the ship. Though, at the rate they were going there was a chance they’d toss the secrecy to the side.

“And this,” Rhea motioned to the glass water decanter. “Is so we don’t get too carried away.” There would be no excuse not to stay hydrated with it right there next to him. A love letter, of sorts, addressed to their future selves. Coming in closer, she set the two containers and pair of glasses on the empty nightstand. There was a moment of quiet, until she heard the sound of the door slide shut behind her again. It reminded her she should probably lock the entrance. Crystal forbid the girls need something and come up here looking for them.

Once the deed was done, she sauntered over to the bed. With him sitting, they were closer to the same height, so she took the place between his legs and remained on her feet. Leaning in, she left her arms fall over his shoulders, gently hooking around him as she whispered in his ear. “Are you ready?”
  Rhea Eldiran / Loxi / 20d 9h 57m 15s
[google-font][Montserrat [b “I am already regretting giving you the second option.”] He replied with a light grin as she seemed particularly keen on the latter option, the former not even mentioned.

It was quite easy to see that he was not an adept dancer as he heavily relied upon the smaller woman for guidance during the first minute or so. The music had a pleasing note to it, quick but not overly so. It was certainly different to what he would usually listen to and he watched her at first to see what she had in mind – just how could one dance to this? Taking her hands she was quick to show him, not leaving much time for him acclimate to the tempo before things began to get hectic.

Dante found it wild and strangely endearing, like she was introducing him to a whole new world and something personal to her. To her it would be a fun song and a lovely dance but he liked to see more of her past and understand more about someone he had not truly spoken with. And the dance showed a lot. She was an incredible teacher and despite his lack of knowledge on the particular moves needed for this genre he performed admirably. He turned, he spun, and he shimmied and shook and was a very obedient student, if a little clumsy at times.

After only a few minutes he felt his body begin to heat, moving to the music a little easier as stiff limbs loosen and the last minute or two flow much smoother. As the music came to an end he pulled her in close, a hand wrapped about her waist and the other in her hand, panting a little heavily as she slips away and smiles, kissing his hand sweetly.[b “You are quite the teacher,"] he had to pause to breathe,[b "and even if you are older I think I am too old for another dance.”] He squeezes her hand affectionately.

Turning back to the table he turns off the tablet before looking at her with darkened cheeks as his chest fluttered with quick breaths.[b “I think it best to make use of this heightened blood pressure to move on to dessert.”] He grins, free hand brushing back his white hair as he pulls her with him around the table, leading her to the kitchen that leads on to stairwell and the bedrooms of the left wing. Slowing down he turns to her quickly.

[b “Now, time for us to retire and enjoy our just desserts.”] His free hand moved across to the countertop, collecting a small bowl of a creamy sauce that had been prepared for their actual meal, but now it would be used for a much more playful activity. He released her hand, stepping backwards toward the stairwell.[b “Feel free to bring whatever you wish. But don’t take too long.”] He offers a final smile before leaving. A touch childish and immature, but then again, alcohol was not the Captains best friend.
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“I would still be smiling even if you said no, just getting to spend time alone with you is delightful.” The dance aspect was just a bonus. Not to mention getting to see a side of Dante she was so rarely allowed to. He often took care to avoid things that might make him look foolish, but she found it, for lack of a better word, humanizing.

The way he held her conveyed more of his emotion than his actual words, but Rhea was okay with that. Different people said things in different ways. You just had to figure out how so that you could understand. It was all a part of getting to intimately know someone. She returned his sentiment, wrapping one of her arms around him. But just as she looked up to try and compliment him back, his lips found her forehead. Smiling warmly, she let it stay at that. She did not feel the need to speak, but she did squeeze him a little tighter.

As wonderful as all of this was, it appeared this would not be the end of their evening. She was faced with a final choice. One that was much more difficult than the first. Both options were highly appealing, and once again she found herself wanting both. Perhaps if she didn’t say anything, she could finagle her way into having it both ways. But that all depended on how tired they were after the final course of their meal, so to speak.

“I don’t very well see how I could deny you dessert after you made such a perfect dinner.” If he was willing to let her do as she pleased with their dancing, she was sure that was what he wanted as well. Though, after spending a good chunk of her last few days pining after him, it wasn’t like she was in any position to make it sound like he was the only one with a lustful drive.

Letting go of him for a moment, she turned her focus to the screen on the table. Scrolling through her options, Rhea looked for something she recognized and knew would suit her needs. It took a few minutes, as there was a very long list to go through, but she found one. Lightly tapping the name of the song with the pad of her index finder, the music started up again. The instruments were similar to the last piece, but the styling was completely different. The violin took the lead playing an upbeat and quick-temped tune, while beneath it was a slightly slower, even beat. All in all there was a somewhat folksy sound to it.

Back to Dante, Rhea held out her hands and let him place his on top. From there she was swift to move. She brought them together and apart a couple of times to get him acquainted to the tempo. Then all stops were gone, the dance was a strange mix of swing and folk. There was a lot of movement involved, whether it was spins, steps, or what have you, the pair was near constantly in motion around one another. The Pyrenian laughed as they went, hand switching frequently from his side to his hand to guide the man along.

Having intentionally picked a shorter song, as to not torture her cerulean partner for too long, they wrapped up after only a couple of minutes. However, that short while was strenuous enough to get her blood pumping. The woman breathed harder than normal as she readjusted her glasses that were slipping from the activity.

“That… was more fun than I’ve had in a very long time. Thank you.” Keeping his hand in hers, she brought it up to place a smiling kiss on his cool skin. The grin didn’t leave her face as she glanced up at him. “Now I suppose I am all yours, as per our agreement. Unless you’d like to go for one more song?” Her final words were teasing; he had indulged her quite enough for one night.
  Rhea Eldiran / Loxi / 21d 16h 50m 6s
[google-font][Montserrat Dante could see the disappointment at the choices offered to her but this was already somewhat away from his comfort zone. If he had total control of this evening he would have much preferred a moonlit walk along the beaches. With the sun gone they would be quite cool and yet the residual heat would remain to keep her from feeling cold. But knowing Tera and Rhea herself would have only chastised him and thrown aside such a plan, basing their belief in him needing further rest from his injuries, he had settled on this close and slow dance. And after not too long it became rather pleasant.

The soft tones of the music were enough to give them something to move in tandem with, turning and pivoting in a tight circle. His hands rested on her hip and the other within her warm palm, squeezing her at times as he focused down on his feet a little longer than he would have liked, at least until he picked up the rhythm and it became quite second nature. By then she was talking and he looked up to meet her gaze with a wry smile.

[b “Your harmless barbs aside,”] he toyed with her,[b “there is no need to apologise. I am an awkward dancer but it if helps place a smile on your face I do not mind.”] He commented as no intelligent retort came to mind right now, still half distracted by not standing on her feet. Thankfully he kept his feet to himself.

The song ended and he brought her closer to himself, his hand at her hip slipping around her slim physique and resting at the small of her back as their chests met and his hand in hers squeezed affectionately.[b “Thank you for tonight.”] It was quiet and spoken with the utmost emotion he could put behind his words – which let’s face it, is not a lot for Dante. Still, it’s the effort that counts.[b “You have been a most interesting dining guest and beautiful dance partner.”] He smiled and pressed his lips to her forehead, avoiding her glasses as ever since their first kiss.

[b “Now,”] his hand in hers moves and runs up her bare arm, coming up to her neck which he strokes absently,[b “I put to you two final options.”] The cerulean male’s smile did not dissipate at the irony, but regardless he proceeded.[b “Your first; we take a bottle or two of your favourite alcoholic beverage and retreat to your room to while away the night in conversation and a little light petting, so to speak.”] It was a most sweet option. A means for them to relax in one another’s company, to have a peaceful end to their date-of-sorts.

[b “Your second option,”] the wicked nature and its accompanying look returns – perhaps alcohol was not his friend, even if small amounts,[b “you pick one more song to dance to. Anything you like, I cannot veto it. But, in return, we take a bottle of drink and a bowl of sweet sauce, head up to your room and have our just desserts.”] The heavy sexual implication of the second option was not exactly subtle, rather lewd. His hand had run to the back of her neck as he offered the latter choice, running up though her soft short hair. His golden gaze ran over her feminine looks, across her high cheekbones and pouty lips, wondering whether she would opt for a calm or wild end.
  WI_ / 22d 13h 47m 9s
She smiled excitedly even though he was teasing. “Unfortunately, I can be rather demanding.” Even with all his complaints, he seemed to give in. Her tail flicked happily. Rhea stayed pressed to him as he flipped through the musical options. She waited patiently, curious as to what he might pick. Although in the end, she was faced with the final decision.

Despite the song’s slow pace, the jazz had put her in the mood for some swing. So she was a tad disappointed when it didn’t come up. Though, the offered choices were not bad. She was sure they would have fun with either of them, but wasn’t a difficult choice between the two. Flamenco involved little to no touching. That would entirely defeat the purpose. At least what Dante had made out to be his plan a short while ago. “The first one, please.” Her words were spoken sweetly.

Fingers running back up the length of his side, her hand found its home on his shoulder once more. The other placed gently on top of his. She had offered to lead, but it looked as though Dante would take up the helm. She would let him keep his pride on that, though Rhea did wonder if that was why their choices were so limited. The thought brought a smile to her face. He was endearing.

It took but moments for the music to start again after he tapped the screen. The ebbing and flowing of string instruments picked up as some soprano melody played over the top. She didn’t know the piece, not by name nor sound, but it had an elegant tune and a beat that indicated a waltz.

Despite her mild drunkenness, Rhea was able to swiftly follow the Tiefling’s lead. She was generally somewhat clumsy, but that trait seemed to have all but disappeared here. They moved in unison to the pattern of down and up beats. Each step was sweeping, as they twirled about in a stationary spot. While there was room to dance, a traveling waltz might be a bit much. Plus she did not trust them to not run into and knock over the decorative pieces around the room. That was an expense they really did not need.

After getting the feel for his methodical style and step, the woman felt more comfortable chatting. “Sorry to force this on you. We do not have to go more than one song.” She was plenty content with what was likely to be a five or six minute affair. “After all, I wouldn’t want you to pull anything. Not with how inflexible you seem to be.” She jabbed back at him with a smirk, sure that the only part of him that wasn’t flexible was his personality.
  Rhea Eldiran / Loxi / 23d 12h 9m 29s
[google-font][Montserrat Such a way with words this woman. Always with a quick comeback or snappy retort and leaving him looking like a child ready to shout [i 'well so are you'] in response. Such a witty man in conversation he disliked how she put him on the back foot. However such complaints are easily forgotten, especially when a soft and warm head is pressed to his chest.

His hands slid slowly around her figure and drew her tight to him, a contented sigh leaving his lips as they seemed happy to just stand in that moment a little while. Times like these were as if everything in life had melted away and they lived for nothing but that moment. Feeling her sway he joined in with the gentle shifting of weight from foot to foot, the music far too slow and relaxing for anything more.

Dante's lips curled as she looked up at him, her warm hands grazing by his neck as she took his shoulders and his own grasped her hips.[b “Trust me when I say this is rather good for me.”] His shining gaze looked down on her as a devious smile popped up.[b “After all, I am not as supple and.. flexible, as you are.”] He winked down at her as her hand ran to his side, a little shiver running up his spine.

[b “I had hoped you would be happy with the gentle sway and the togetherness, but I guess that means you want to dance properly first?”] He asked though again it was quite rhetorical, releasing her hip for a moment to reach to the tablet. Running through a selection of music he was quick to discard several as either inappropriate or something he was quite certain would end with him on his backside and Rhea in hysterics at his failure. Whilst it would be wonderful to hear her laughter and to see her smile, pride was something he was not about to give up so easily.

[b “You have a choice of these two.”] His fingers tapped away and at first played some beautiful ballroom music. Sweeping violins and cello's with deep viola's and high flutes to accentuate parts. It was very grand. After a half minute or so, he tapped again and a more guitar focused music began playing. It was similar to flamenco and its beat was much faster and lively. He allowed to play out, looking at her to see what she would prefer.
  WI_ / 24d 22h 1m 45s
Along with the rest of her food, Rhea managed down another drink. She could feel the beginnings of a buzz after finishing the first. So now she was a little further a long, but nowhere near where she had been a few nights prior.

Dante apologized and she waved her hand dismissively. “You did nothing of the sort. I had a good time.” Even though some of the things she had touched on today could be seen in a negative light, they all had their positives as well. Nothing was completely black or white, and she had come to learn to focus more heavily on the good rather than the bad. Without that skill she probably wouldn’t be around any more. Not as she currently was.

Not long after that, the setting changed, a faint amethyst light staining the room. The color reacted differently with their skin tones, hers turning into a warmer shade, while Dante’s was cooler, but both were undeniably purple. She wondered what hue would come about if the two mixed, but that was an arbitrary curiosity.

Rhea did not hesitate to place her hand in his. His reasoning was a bit much. She could stand on her own; she wasn’t that intoxicated. But seeing as he was being so suave about it, the woman decided to humor him. Especially when he admitted his strategy outright.

“I can respect a man with a plan.” The red-eyed woman stood, the mood lighting reflecting in her glasses as she stared up at him through the lenses with all four of her eyes. Stepping in closer, there wasn’t really a reason to be so near. She just wanted to be. So she rested her head on his chest, allowing him to hold her like he mentioned. It was a nice comfortable moment, although she couldn’t help but sway lightly to the swing of the music.

Turning her head to look about the room, she thought there was enough space in here. Her hands snaked their way up to his shoulders and she smiled, “so… how well do you dance?” There must have been a reason he turned on the music. If not she would take the matter into her own hands. One of her hands trailed back down from his shoulder to his side. “Or should I take the lead?” Rhea didn’t mind either way, though it might look a tad comical with their height difference, but that would only make it more memorable.
  Rhea Eldiran / Loxi / 28d 11h 51m 40s
[google-font][Montserrat Dante nodded along with her words as he had no input on the conversation to give. He had expected such a response from her. He knew she valued her species and her history over her life and that to attempt to progress Pyrenian values and society was not something she would pass up. Perhaps a small part of him had expected her to regret not staying with Atlas, giving him a means of disrupting their plans for the future and in a sly, deceiving manner, simply drop her off there without her knowledge.

Deep down he knew to deny her the chance to help her people, to even just try, would not sit right with him. He wanted her safe but that did not mean he had the right to dictate her life and what she could or couldn't do. That would make her the Termani by another name. So he just nodded, plain and simple.

The comment about having a nuclear family again did peak his interest for but a moment. Did she mean that she once had her own family and wanted one again? Or, more likely, she liked when her parents were around and they had a family in that manner. She may be a century and a half old but she didn't come across as a woman who had once had children. Then again he was an awful judge of character.

The blue skinned man was silent for a time, staring down at his plate with it's remnants of food. They had ate as they talked and the meal had progressed at a steady pace to where they sat with mostly empty bowls about them. The rain outside had returned slowly at first though it left the room cooler given the sun had gone past the horizon now.[b “I am sorry if I brought up any unsavoury topics.”] He spoke quietly, embarrassed a touch by his words.

However it was decided to not wallow in misery and sadness and try to uplift the mood he had brought down. Standing up he walked around the table, offering a hand to her to take and stand up with him.[b “We can't simply end the meal on that note, and I thought given how things went a few nights before, after a little drink you may need a hand with standing.”] He teased her with a smile.[b “But if you would allow me the honour, perhaps we can help one another..”] A tablet left on the table from his work earlier was lightly tapped at, the lighting of the room turning a violet shade and music similar to a slow jazz – with piano, trumpet and bass – began to play around them.[b “Before you ask, yes, this is a very obvious ploy to hold you.”] He winked toyingly.
  WI_ / 28d 15h 58m 3s
Shaking her head at his somewhat dismal comment on his own mortality, “well, if nothing else, I am glad that you didn’t.” Even if they had not met under the best of circumstances, she was happy to have had the chance all the same. With the ever-expansive universe they live in, it was a miracle to meet anyone, let alone someone you could connect with in any meaningful way. Yet somehow, life found a way… probably had to do with the law of large numbers, but that didn’t sound nearly as fanciful.

When Dante did come up with a question, she was somewhat surprised. He had made no effort to disguise his hatred for her old friend, so the fact that he was coming up now was unusual. But she supposed it was an interesting thing to ask all the same.

Rhea started off a touch flippant. “Come now, I don’t think for a single second that you would have let me take the girls back then.” It was a thought that had never passed through her mind, but she still didn’t think there was a chance in hell that would have happened. “Not with how dangerous you seem to think Atlas is.” Her eyes flashed at him, her own curiosity still there, but she had to finish what she was doing. There was no time to ask.

From there, she took things a little more seriously. “There are a couple of reasons for that I suppose.” She vaguely remembered sharing part of it the day she refused his offer to leave her behind, but there was no harm in reiterating. “I guess my safety isn’t worth wasting a lifetime of research. I gave up a lot to focus my time on learning everything I could about our past. Now that I have what could essentially be the key to all the answers, stopping is not an option.” This was also the path that led to liberation from the Termani, something Pyreen desperately needed. “There’s probably a little guilt in there too, is my life really more important than what remains of my people?” She could not justify saying yes in any capacity.

Pausing to take a drink, Rhea forewent any reservation she previously had and finished the glass. This was getting heavier than she anticipated. It was probably time to pull back some. “I also don’t think I would have been happy. I really can’t stand to be cooped up…” Not that being stuck on a ship was much better, but at least she knew there would be a reprieve eventually. “I mean that I like to travel. Had I stayed on that planet there is a good chance that I might never leave it again, at least not for a very, very long time. For me, that would be an excruciating existence. I need to have a freedom of choice, I think.” When working on Pyreen, she seldom left, but at any given moment she could have dropped everything, quit, and took off. There was a sense of freedom to that.

“But I do suppose the dream of having a nuclear family again isn’t a bad one...” She laughed, smiling softly at the thought, but it took a playful turn quickly after. “...Also, I don’t think being trapped on a planet with my ex constitutes anything even remotely close to normalcy.” Nothing against the man, but she had no interest in rekindling that relationship, even if their were children involved.
  Rhea Eldiran / Loxi / 29d 14h 34m 36s
[google-font][Montserrat Compared to her yes he was relatively youthful and sprite. He had not imagined she was a day over thirty but like himself it seemed she hit an age where time forgot her. She had skin like porcelain and a complexion rivalled only by a smooth baby's bottom. He grinned at her pouting manners, nodding at her a touch as he drained the rest of his glass to put aside.

[b “In one way yes I have hit the genetic jackpot. In another – perhaps I should have died a long time ago.”] His laugh is hollow and he looks down to his plate to eat a little more. It wasn't as bad as he thought; a little hot but a pale blue milk drink soothed his hot tongue.

At her question he could fathom several novella's worth of nonsensical wonderings. Many of the things he wanted to know about her were more general to her race and her culture, wanting to learn her background so perhaps he may care for the twins in a better lifestyle that matched to their Pyrenian heritage.

But personal questions about her? Some were rather risqué or sexual in nature. Not appropriate for the time being though the alcohol was swimming through his system quicker now. Watching her silently again his shimmering golden eyes run down to her hands and the desire to reach across and clasp one is unfathomably appealing at that moment. Instead he clicks his tongue and nods.

[b “Yes, one or two questions, but do not feel the need to have an answer. Not every question has one.”] A touch ominous and he chuckled at how he could word things in such a negative manner.[b “My main question really is; why did you not stay with Atlas?”] It was a little disgruntling to bring up the mans name but he continued quickly.[b “I understand you want to see this to fruition, to try and say you tried than to hide. But you and the twins could have stayed there in peace, had some semblance of a happy life and normalcy. A makeshift family of Pyrenians.”] He smiled softly at the idea of a family like that, eyes looking down to his plate as he picked at his food a little more.
  WI_ / 29d 18h 2m 34s
She smiled at him. “You don’t have to worry about that. I got over my age complex years ago. I am as old as a Pyrenian can possibly be, one hundred fifty…” She looked to the side in thought for a moment. “One. I think I had a birthday recently.” She had been so focused on all the madness consuming her life that it had not crossed her mind until right that moment. “Either way, I definitely have more than a few years on you.” The woman sort of grimaced at that, but she was glad that it was not so many as she had original thought.

[b “How come I am old?”] Apparently it took more liquor to even think about it.

“Well, if course it sounds stupid when you put it that way.” Rhea crossed her arms, pouting. “And you are not [I that] old.” Crystal, if he thought he was old then she was ancient.

His real answer wasn’t all that satisfying. She knew that some species had monstrous lifespans; hell they weren’t even sure how long Pyrenians lived yet because none of them that died of natural causes. But she still had thought that Tiefling’s were not one of those races. The woman must have been looking too much into it.

“So basically you hit the genetic jackpot?” As far as taking care of himself was concerned, she saw a lot less of that. Rhea had only known him a few months and he had been banged up pretty bad on multiple occasions.

Shrugging, there wasn’t a whole lot more she could think to ask about that. Dante’s age would remain a conundrum, but it really didn’t bother her all that much.

Rhea followed the man’s lead, taking another large gulp off her drink. It was tempting to down it, but she decided to take it slow. At least, slower than last weekend with Tera. She paired the drink with another bite of food. “So, anything else you are dying to know… or you know, nonsensical wonderings?” That last bit was a jab at herself and her own odd question.
  Rhea Eldiran / Loxi / 30d 13h 17m 55s
[google-font][Montserrat It is certain she knows how to tease him as that delightful tongue pokes out at him in mocking manner. And yet with his answer she replied.. curiously. It wasn't exactly the reaction he had expected though truly what could he expect? She was a mystery in of herself. To expect her to reply in any other way would have been the strange part.

[b “You are lucky it is rude to ask a woman her age. Perhaps I am the one robbing the cradle as you say.”] He raised a brow to her as he saw her interest peak and she leaned toward him. Dante wanted to hear just what was taxing that brilliant mind but she seemed to ponder over a question for some time. It was like she was considering him and what he would be comfortable with revealing, yet there was little he would not divulge to her at a moments notice.

When she finally asked him, the question was oddly worded. How did he come to be so old? He chuckled and took a moment to take his shot of green liquid, closing his eyes over as it hit the back of throat and he swallowed quickly. So bitter and quite disgusting. But he washed it down with his larger glass.[b “How come I am old?”] He replied rhetorically, the glass to his lips still and voice echoing back on him, humour in his eyes as he finished the drink and nodded to himself.

[b “True, I am quite old, but you know as much as I that some species live for multiple centuries. Sure, I am an anomaly, but I try to take care of myself. Try to stay youthful as much as I can. Keep injuries to a minimum and the like. I mean, I am not entirely sure how to answer a question such as that.”] He brushed a hand up through his hair and sat back in his seat, looking at her to see if that answered her question, body language showing he was at ease having finished his alcoholic drink. It always helped to loosen the tongue and inhibitions.
  WI_ / 30d 15h 21m 26s
Rhea sort of chuckled at his favorite local, a place she’d never been. It was so specifically private she thought it kind of fit him. Though for a man who liked his peace and quiet he sure got mixed up in a lot of very chaotic problems. Not that that was entirely his fault. At the moment it was more hers than his. As to not depress herself too much with that thought, the red-eyed woman tried to picture Dante acclimating to becoming the father figure of two. There was no saying how much he’d known about child rearing before that point, especially when it came to Pyrenians, but it was humorous to imagine that he had a rough go of it, regardless of the accuracy behind it.

For a moment, she was worried that he wouldn’t tell her how old he was. Guessing would only end with her humiliating herself. She’d been and lived around too many people of varying lifespans. It was hard to keep them all straight in her head. His wink didn’t help the situation, and so she stuck her tongue out in retaliation. Luckily, he was only teasing her. Though the Pyrenian wasn’t sure why she expected anything different from him these days. She received her response.

The answer to her inquiry of age was not one she had expected. “That is… unusual.” Her comment wasn’t meant to be derogatory in any way, only a way to vocalize her curiosity. “I mean, it is not a bad thing. I do feel significantly better knowing I am not a complete cradle robber, but that is fascinating.” She leaned forward a hair, the scientist in her going half mad wanting answers, but she fought to contain herself. She did so by cutting all the questions running through her head down to one. This would help to keep this date from turning into a research session. Plus, it looked as though he was expecting some sort of inquiry. “How did that come to be?” Rhea felt is was open enough that he could tell what he wanted of the story without having to worry about giving details that she felt the need to ask about.
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