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Pouting when he moved her, she thought it absolutely no fair that he could do as he pleased, pulling her on top of him and teasing her, but she couldn’t do just the tiniest thing in retaliation. Though, that being said, she did little to stop him as he kissed at her face and held her tight to him. [+lightcoral “You really are not.”] In fact, he was making this harder on both of them. [+lightcoral “I am a fan of that second idea.”] He was right when he said it before, there was too much going on for them to throw caution to the wind, but she also did not want to be banished from his room. They needed to control themselves at least that much.

He laughed at the idea that they would never truly be safe, but Rhea did not find it funny. She had put so much focus on getting the task at hand done that she had not really stopped to consider what life afterword might be like. The Termani were not going to drop this. She, and likely anyone who helped her, were going to be targeted for the rest of their lives. Even if the race could not take formal action, they were not shy about being nearby when tragedy happened to strike their enemies. It was a scary thought, but the liberation of her people was more important. [+lightcoral “I think waiting might be wise… in the meantime we can try and figure out the best way to break it to them.”] Red eyes shining through her glasses, she took in the features of his near perfect face and wondered what it would be like to not have to sneak around like this. Even if it was not so extreme, being able to grab a quick kiss whenever they felt like it sounded heavenly.

Pulling away ever so slightly so that she was out of reach, Rhea placed her own kiss on Dante’s nose. An act that made her smile giddily, despite it being her own antics. After that, she decided to attempt to calm herself. Against his hold, she scooted back down just a touch so that she was able to comfortable lay atop of him and nuzzle into the crook of his neck and shoulder. His skin helped to cool her head and remind her what she actually came in here for. That being to check on the tiefling and see if he was okay. The quick answer seemed to be yes. At least well enough to fool around with her, but her eyes kept being drawn to the vial with only the remnants of a shining black fluid in it. Remembering back, she knew he told her that it was B.M.N.A. or some type of inhibitor or something like that. They were something she had hear of, but she did not know a whole lot about it. And at the time he brought it up, there were other things she was more worried about, so she did not ask. [+lightcoral “Hey Dante,”] she called for his attention, even though they were this close and alone. [+lightcoral “Can you tell me a little bit more about these.”] Reaching out, she made it clear what she was talking about by picking up the discarded container on the nightstand so that she could look at it a little closer.
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[google-font][Montserrat She brought up a good point now that he had let the fog of lust and happiness at having her with him lift and his mind was focused on the topic at hand. Where had it come from? In a way it had been a thought that had been spoken aloud. He should have said nothing and simply enjoyed their moment together. But he had inadvertently said it and thus now had to discuss it. And as stated; she brought up good points.

So Tera knew, that was for sure. She had never really made it a secret that she knew something was going on between them. How much she knew they were a couple, beyond a few looks and perhaps a kiss or two, Dante doubted she was aware of. Those two drunken moments of carnal pleasure were unknown to anyone but themselves and the everyone else on this ship would not think to look at the pairing as anything but Rhea and Dante, their friends and crew-mates.[+royalblue “You are right, I guess the others do not know..”] He conceded that before her wriggling brought back that carnal desire and he moved his hands down, grasping her thighs and lifting her up his figure a little so that she straddle his waist.

[+royalblue “I have no idea how we would go about telling them. I have no idea whether I want to take you here and now and throw caution out the window, hold you to me and enjoy your warmth, or send you away so that I do not have the urge to do the former.”] He grinned and kissed the curve of her jawline, a mischievous schoolboy who could not get enough of his girlfriend, laying beneath her on her bed as he caressed and teased her.[+royalblue “Sorry, I am not helping I know.. perhaps we should leave this talk until after Pyreen. Until there is not the impending threat of our demise.”] He paused on that for a moment and shook his head.[+royalblue “Actually, scrap that last part, just until after Pyreen. I have a feeling that we will always have the threat of our demise hanging over us.”] His chest fluctuated with his laughted.
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Satisfied with that answer, she gave no resistance to being pulled back into being kissed and eventually to him. Though, that wistful sound he made was maddeningly tempting. She bit her lip to stop herself from saying anything that might make the situation any harder to bear.

Just as she was getting used to the way his breathing brought her up and down like the waves of the tide, he said something unexpected. It should not have been; he had said something along these lines before. How the others would come to know and accept their relationship, but this was different. This was telling them outright. [+lightcoral "Well, clearly Tera is already on to us, but I had thought the others were still oblivious..."] Neither the girls nor Jax had acted any differently about them. Then again, maybe they just did not care. She was really expecting a response of some kind though. [+lightcoral "It would make things easier..."] Her eyes flashed up to him, denoting that that made it onto her list of priorities.

Even though this was somewhat serious, his playfullness persisted. It put the smile right back on her face. Wriggling on top of him, she teased him back just the tiniest bit. [+lightcoral "I am not against telling them. It is probably more respectful that we do and I think they would appreciate it... but how would we even go about it?"] Was that the sort of thing you sat them down for, or was it something that could be tagged along to the end of another conversation. An 'oh by the way' sort of thing. Honestly, Rhea had never been with anyone that had kids, or the basic equivalent. This was new territory for her.
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[google-font][Montserrat She could be so mesmerising with that fiery gaze. Her smile, even this gentle and unassuming one, was infectious and looking up at her he could not help but reflect the gesture.[+royalblue “I am also aware.”] He reached up and kissed along her jawline, hands grasping that little bit tighter on her as he let out a deep breath that ended in a quiet groan. It was a lustful sound and his hand slid up her curving figure to her face, cupping her cheek to bring her flush to him, chest to chest.

It felt better this way, to have her warmth be so complete in contrast to his cool skin. Though the thought crossed his mind to ignore the threat of being heard, to risk it, he understood it would not do anyone good to listen to that – especially given Rhea's propensity for being rather.. vocal, to put it delicately.[+royalblue “I am sure they suspect something between us. And I am growing quite tired at running around, stealing moments like these, moments to just hold you.”] His hand left her cheek, stroking down along her back as he lay his head flush to the bedding. It was a quite difficult matter to discuss.[+royalblue “What do you think? If they know, then we don't have to be quite so discreet.”] He grinned at her on that point and his left hand, left lower on her, squeezed in a manner most mischievous.
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His smile was absolutely infectious. She could not help but grin down at him, despite her attempt to be serious. And even when his hands came up to her backside, startling her the tiniest bit, the expression never left her face. Dante smiled so rarely these days that she could not, would not, pass up the chance to join in his happiness. Even if that enjoyment was coming from teasing her something fierce.

He admitted that even he would not be so bold as to take things too far with so many people aboard the ship. Rhea was not so sure how long that line of thinking would hold up, as there was always going to be seven of them from this point on. That would mean they would never be able to do anything beyond 'harmless,' which was bound to be a problem at some point. You know, if they didn't want to be reduced to a pair of sexually frustrated messes. However, for the time being it was fine.

[+lightcoral "Oh, I think I am aware."] She brought her hands to either side of his face, caressing his jaw in a most loving manner. [+lightcoral "Are you?"] The two words came out softly, as if she was afraid they might hurt him. And her eyes stayed soft, light red irises connecting with his shining gold. It was as though they were trying to convey the extent of which she cared for him, because her words simply could not.
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[google-font][Montserrat From his position, beneath her and grinning like a fool, Dante caressed her figure in his hands and was not ashamed of doing so. His fingers ran atop her clothing slowly, pausing at times to squeeze affectionately. Even when she pulled from the kiss to warn him about her waning resistance he did not heed her words and instead leaned up, straining some to kiss at her chin, biting softly as he took a hold of that curving backside in both hands now and grinned.

[+royalblue “Don't worry. Between all five members of the crew we have enough danger that I will keep this quite harmless.”] He pulled away to look up at her, the shining golden eyes looking up at her. The dream had done little to calm his nerves and fears for their trip to Pyreen. He needed moments like these to expel the tension and simply enjoy the little things in life.[+royalblue “But forgive a man his love for the woman he desires above all others. Or would you have me keep my hands to myself and let you leave without knowing?”] It was a trick question, especially given how she lay atop him and his hands were quite bold in having their way with her.
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This was most certainly not what she had come for, but Rhea found it to be a nice perk. That being said there was no resistance from her as he guided her along. Without her fighting it, she allowed herself to lie on him, back arched so that she could comfortably reach his lips with hers. Shortly after that there was a break so that he could toss his glasses. The protective eye wear was obstructing their fun and apparently that was unacceptable. If that thought was not funny enough, the childish expression he made as he did so had her smiling. However, her mouth did not remain free to do so for very long and she was back to enjoying the slow, sensual kiss. It played the perfect distraction right up until he had her pinned to him. Dante really was too much, but she allowed the tender moment to continue a little long before pulling back just enough to speak. [+lightcoral "I only have so much self-control, you know."] It seemed like she was always the one who had to play the bad guy, even if she really did not want to. And after all the teasing earlier on the bridge she was just about at her limit.
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[google-font][Montserrat [i Dante sat down at the metallic table that had been hastily and quickly wiped clean of crumbs and spilled liquids but it remained sticky to his touch and he kept his hands in his lap. The rooftop canteen was covered by the mountain above and to the back, sheet metal on the sides, whilst the front was open and overlooking the street below. From his seat, Dante could watch those who were coming and going from this particular establishment and feel a little secure in sitting and remaining static.

It was not long after before his friend arrived, a small but heavily robed figure wearing a helmet – just like the Tiefling – that covered the entire head. Indeed to look around would show most of the clientèle here had their faces covered and though there were none on display they all would be heavily armed. No-one looked at anyone else however. Each valued their privacy and it was like an unspoken rule that they kept to themselves. The business here thrived on such an agreement and all tables were spaced well enough apart to save on eavesdropping.

Making a quick order for some very alcoholic shots to be brought to them, Dante leaned back in his seat and stared across at his friend.[+royalblue “Thank you for meeting me Grün.”] He bowed his head very lightly in recognition of the small figure.

[+olive “Of course Azul,”] the voice was monotone and scrambled and from his angle Dante could see a voice modulated under the mask,[+olive “when I heard you, Livan and those two Pyrenian girls had disappeared I figured something extreme had happened. Why did you wish to meet me?”] Both individuals went quiet for a moment as their drinks were brought over and lifting a metallic stick Dante pressed it to the servers tablet, transferring a payment across in seconds before they left without a word.

With their privacy restored the Tiefling male nodded.[+royalblue “I need a Class 4 starship. The one I stole is okay but I have no doubt people are looking for it specifically.”]

The small robed figure nodded.[+olive “There is a high price out at the moment for such information, yes, and I can get you a Class 4 in return for that ship. I'll make a good few credits off its parts alone. But you.. you are very much sought after.”]

Dante sighed, hand raising up to brush over the metallic mask.[+royalblue “I know what they want but they won't get the girls back. No matter what they try they won't touch them again.”] He was very determined for that.

[+olive “Azul.. you misinterpret my words.”] Gloved hand reaching out the drink was taken up and used to point at the man across the table from them.[+olive “They don't want the girls, or the ship, or Livan. They want you. Specifically, they want you – alive.”] The mask opened a fraction to allow the drink to be taken and Dante only watched silently from behind his own.]


The gentle and warm hand brushing along his forehead drew him back, but by then soft lips were pressed to his skin and realised he must have fallen asleep, eyes flickering open and seeing a most wonderful sight leaning over him. Smile growing more and more he shook his head lightly as he replied softly,[+royalblue “No, don't apologise.. I would like more..”] His hand's had been outstretched either side of him but they slowly enveloped around her. One grasped her side as the other reached for her thigh, both pulling her closer and atop him before the former slid up to her face and pulled her down to meet him.

Kissing her for only a moment their glasses clinked together and he paused only to swiftly throw his to one side, leaning back up to continue the kiss a little longer as the hand at her thigh now moved up beyond her curving rear and to the small of her back hoping to ensnare her fully and keep her where he wanted her.
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Before making it to the room that would be designated to Kashi, they stopped by Rhea's quarters to drop off the case that contained all the recording equipment. She was going to need to go through all of it and make sure it was still functioning properly. Somehow the Pyrenian woman doubted her niece was exactly delicate with it and getting to Pyreen and then finding out that half their electronics did not work was not an option. Although, that was a task for later. For now she had the chore of herding Kashia out of her room.

The Young Shelvi woman was having a bit of a hay day looking at her aunt's living space. She made comment to how different it was from her house, and how despite that it still fit her. Rhea really had no idea what that was supposed to mean, but getting her to move along so they could drop off the rest of her bags was like wrangling cats. Eventually she put her foot down and told her plainly to get out, but it took much longer than it should have. From there they were able to move along at an acceptable pace.

It was a quick stop at the previously unoccupied room that would now house their newest crew member, then the actual tour began. Despite not traveling a great deal, Kashia new a lot of the rooms that Rhea pointed out and what they were used for. That made the Pyrenian's job a lot easier as they continued throughout the layout of the ship. Every once in a while she would have to go into further detail or warn the Shelvi girl that certain places were not for playing or messing around. And that causing or promoting mischief in these areas would result in her being promptly sent back home. There was no way to tell if these threats would have any lasting effect, but she really hoped so.

Part way though their walk around, the pattering of small feet mixed a sound that was more akin to stomping could be heard behind them. A quick peek back confirmed that it was Jax and the girls. They still kept their distance, but it was as Rhea predicted: they wanted to join. After a while of being tailed, she finally turned around to them. [+lightcoral "Would you like to help? You three have been on this ship longer than I have. I am sure you would make a much better guides than me."] That seemed to bolster their confidence some, as a compliment to a child was often enough to bring them out of their shell. This worked better on Oni than Ino, but they came as a pair so it was fine.

From there on out, things moved a little slower. Oni, Ino, and Jax all wanted their turn to say something about each placed they stopped. Whether it was a story, or to point out a detail about the room, they seemed to be having fun getting to be the teachers for once. It was very different from the concise way she was handling it before, but this was better as it allowed time for bonding with Kashia. It would not do if half the crew was scared of her because she had come on too strong in the beginning.

Eventually it all came to its close when they came back around to the hall that contained most of the bedrooms. And while she hated to do it, Rhea shooed the twins away to do some work while she stayed behind to help Kashia unpack her things. Given the plethora of bags she had grabbed, there would be plenty to do. It also would serve as a time to catch up. Their meeting might have been a little rough, but Rhea truly did miss her niece and the rest of her family. She wanted to know how they were all doing, and what all they had heard. In the end, they spent more time talking than actually putting things away, but it was well needed. Plus, the red eyed woman was sure Kashia would actually want to put her own belongings away so she knew where they were. Her aunt's help was more of an offer of politeness rather than necessity.

It was several hours later before they were done. Rhea said goodbye and they parted. While going back to her room to check in that recording equipment was ever so enticing, the woman found herself thinking back to Dante. He had not looked at all well earlier that day. She wanted to check on him. Walking through the vacant metal hall, she stopped at his door briefly before knocking lightly. There came no answer, but she opened it anyway. The Captain could be mad at her later if he wanted.

Scanning over the room just to be sure he was there and not wandering around the cabin someplace, Rhea spotted him on his bed. His eyes were shut, so she assumed he was asleep and went on in. The door shifted quietly behind her, closing with little more than a light clunk.

Just as quietly, she was across the room and at his side. Her four eyes examined his features; he looked comfortable. Honestly, this was the most peaceful she had seen him look in a long while. Not that she could blame him, things were stressful. Even the end of their vacation had been a little too exciting. And since then there had been little time for rest besides what she and Tera forced onto him. Aware that a great deal of this was her fault, a pang of guilt gripped at her stomach.

Knowing very well that it would be no use to sit and sulk, she pushed the feeling away. Its absence left her with a gap in her emotions, one she thought best to fill with something more pleasant. So with a gentle touch she pushed a few locks of his hair and leaned down to placed a light kiss on the spot her fingers had brushed over. Pulling back, she could see his golden eyes flutter open from behind his glasses.

[+lightcoral "Sorry..."] Rhea kept her voice as soft as her touch had been. [+lightcoral "I just came to make sure you were feeling alright, but you were a little too tempting."]
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[google-font][Montserrat With the ship up and underway, taking a wide berth of the moon before increasing speed and using the gravitational pull of the celestial body to slingshot them toward the wormhole. It was a well-rehearsed manoeuvre and Tera was perfectly capable of completing it with no issues. Once Dante had set their course to the wormhole entrance, and ensured there was no further hilarity at his expense, he left Tera to set it all in motion and for him to be informed when they got there. He needed some time out of the harsh light on the ships bridge.

Jax and the twins would have to find their own entertainment, his encouragement that they join in with the tour along with their new crewmate were met with scepticism. He could understand their dislike of a woman who had introduced herself by sweeping up the little ones and showing them off to Rhea like some new pet. But he reminded them that they were filled with trepidation when concerning Rhea’s arrival. Although she and they were Pyrenian and Kashia was not, he made them promise to afford her the same respect and open minded approach that they had with Rhea.

Fingers crossed that it worked though, because he did not place any further thought toward it and their ability to work together. Even if they did not become steadfast friends he trusted his crew to work together and to an exemplary level.

Retreating to his room he sat on his bed, sighing as he considered what he was doing. His thoughts had gone back to the larger task of getting Rhea into the depths of Pyreen and getting her the information she needed. It was disconcerting that it all hinged on him getting them a reliable hacker to start the ball rolling. His options were limited and far in between, but he had a good idea of whom he wanted and had directed the ship in that direction. For now, he needed to recover, and quickly. Though the week away from the stresses of the ship had been helpful, the dull pain in his head had continued. Based on a basic self-diagnosis, things were not good. But he hoped to find some relief to his constant discomfort and thus retrieved his box from beneath his bed.

Beside a vial of the shining black fluid, used when he had been shot by the Termani, he took out a small handheld device in the shape of primitive pistol, though the barrel was much shorter. Adjusting some setting on the device he placed it to his neck and on the push of a button it injected a needle into the skin, a light buzzing sound and the skin around the puncture illuminated a bright aqua for a few seconds. It was quite painful and he fell back on his bed once it beeped at him to signify it was done, taking several rasping breaths. Hopefully they dealt with Pyreen before this became worse.
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Rhea was mentally debating whether or not it would be worth her time to have yet another sit-down with Kashia to explain personal boundaries… probably not. It hadn’t stuck so far, so she very much doubted it would this time. She sighed, again, and Dante took helm of the situation. He moved passed her comment far more gracefully than she was expecting, opting to focus on the girls and their next destination for now. For this, the bespectacled woman was thankful. The longer they dwelled on it, the worse off things would be.

There were no qualms with where they would be traveling, as she didn’t know much about the place, but how they were planning to get there was a little bit more of a problem. Tera spoke up about that before she did though, which was probably for the better. Rhea was only liable to make herself look like an ass after she and Dante’s conversation about going back to Pyreen. That was guaranteed to be dangerous, whereas wormhole travel was [I only] theoretically dangerous. Either way, she was still nervous about it, even if their Captain brought up a decent argument for it.

The seriousness did not last long though, Tera was quick to call back to Kashia’s comment. It stirred up laughter between the both of them. It was nice that it looked as though they were going to get along, but unfortunate that that basically entailed them riling one another up. She could do without that and she was sure Dante could as well. But as bad as the idea of all that was to her, there was one extra facet of awful to this situation that she didn’t foresee. It came in the form of Oni slinking in closer to her and tugging at her arm. Rhea was quick to respond, crouching down so that she could hear the child more readily.

The girl brought her face in closer to her tutor’s ear and whispered. [+teal “What is a fetish?”]

Color draining from her face, this was not a question she wanted to answer, nor did she feel it was her place to do so. [+lightcoral "I think that is a question for the Captain."] It was a not so subtle attempt to push the problem off on someone else. He just happened to be the best fit for that being the child's guardian.

It was immediately clear that the girl was not satisfied with that, mainly because she wanted to know why Tera and this new woman were laughing. [+teal "I thought we were supposed to come to you for vocabulary?"]

[+lightcoral "...That is correct..."] The woman was wracking her brain for how to handle this. [+lightcoral "... It is not exactly an appropriate word, so I think it is best that your question be answered another time."] This, of course, was not an optimal answer for the child either. She was not satisfied, but luckily for Rhea she seemed to drop it for the time being. There was no telling how long that would last, but for now that was fine. She just hoped Oni didn't pick up a dictionary before she forgot about it.

Given a chance to move passed this awkwardness, the white haired woman seized it and found her seat to prepare to leave. It was bittersweet to be leaving so soon. She would have loved to visit the rest of her family, but this was likely the first place the Termani look for her, so it was not worth the risk.

Once everyone was situated, Tera got things underway. Given the moon's size, it didn't have the greatest gravitational pull. This allowed for a smoother take off, although only minimally so. Despite appearances the Anthro was good with her job. They were back in traverse-able space in no time flat.

Just as soon as they were given the okay, Rhea was up to her feet. A new crew member meant there were things to be done. She turned toward Dante and inquired where he wanted Kashia to settle in. There weren't exactly a whole lot of options in that department, but she wanted his input all the same. When she had her answer, it was time to get moving. The pair started off to the girl's quarters so that they could get her things squared away and begin the grand tour of the ship. Rhea invited the girls and Jax along for this, but while they were curious, it seemed they were still hesitant of the Shelvi woman. She thought there was a good chance that they might tail after them and join in later depending on how they read the situation.
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[google-font][Montserrat It took a being of only minimal intelligence to understand who Rhea was speaking of in a dismissive tone as she informed him to go with his options for their hacker. Whilst Dante could respect that Atlas was a very intelligent man, given their frosty relationship and the argument back at the holiday home, he was not particularly keen on breaching that subject again. Instead they would be forced to go with his choice and the person he had in mind was quite similar to Atlas; technically gifted, but insufferable to deal with, though for different reasons.

Such thoughts could wait however as Rhea approached and her warmth slipped across his figure and pressed close. It was nice to have her so near to him, his own hands coming to her slim waist, lewd and lustful thoughts crossing his mind fleetingly as her delicate fingers ran up his body. Their moments together were quite fleeting and since their rendezvous on that idyllic planet he had become keen to be closer to her. It was almost primitive in nature. He wanted to be around her to keep her safe. Since she had theoretically died, and done so on her own, keeping a close watch over her had been a prime task of his. Jax had been his counter measure, looking after the girls.

Speaking of which it was in no time that their momentary coupling ended, Tera had queried Rhea on her errand and the twins were brought in like pets in the arms of Kashia. Momentarily amazed at her ability to carry so many bags and two live children, he opened his mouth to instruct her they were not play toys when she pointed out the multitude of pink within the room. His words caught in his throat as the decision to chastise and explain himself tussled back and forth and only emerged in exasperated huffs and half-words.

Thankfully Rhea stepped in to say what he could not, settling the girls on the ground. A quick flick of his hand had them moving over and he knelt down between the duo, whispering queries as to whether they were okay to which they nodded silently and he informed them just who their guest – and part-time captor – was before standing, a hand to their shoulders to keep them close.[+royalblue “Please, try to refrain from picking up other members of this crew. At least without their consent.”] It was a minor warning but he hoped the young girl would see this as her only warning. If she was as wily as Rhea, it would not matter.

Turning on the same Pyrenian he looked into her eyes, a little amusement in his golden iris’ though it disappeared behind his darkened glasses.[+royalblue “If you have no qualms or other pressing matters, I would very much like to get us under way.”] She would let him know if she did, but for the moment he turned to Tera.[+royalblue “Plot in a course towards Deneris 5 via the Hallen Wormhole.”]

The bright haired anthro was still grinning widely from the mentioning of her Captains possible fetish for the colour pink but she nodded as she swivelled her chair around.[+red “Yes Cap, Deneris 5 via the Hallen Wormhole.”] She tapped in at her panel and with relative ease she used her station’s computer to navigate a path for them.[+red Cap? Isn’t wormhole travel quite.. dangerous?”]

[+royalblue “Yes, I was just about to make mention of that. I would like you all to know that this is not a particularly safe route to take. Wormhole travel is still very much a theory. But we cannot reach Deneris 5 undetected without going through this path. It has its dangers. But I hope you will all trust me on this decision.”] He tried to be as leader like as he could. Calm, relaxed, seemingly unfazed by his very own words. It was Tera turning around to look at him that drew his attention before the others and he nodded for her to speak again.

[+red “Considering this is going to be dangerous, shall I put the ship to pink alert?”] She held a serious look for a millisecond before her head fell back and roaring laughter began anew.
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If they wanted a look into what they were dealing with instead of going down blind, playing it by ear as Dante suggested was probably the best course of action. Sure, it was just difficult for the two of them to not have a more firmly concreted plan, but that was going to have to be how it was. However, it also meant calling for the aid of another individual. And with the luck they had had, that in and of itself was a gamble.

Rhea shook her head. [+lightcoral “I only have one person I trust enough with the skill set to pull something like this off... But unfortunately, he isn’t a viable option.”] There was more than one reason for that. The first and foremost being that she knew Dante about to have Atlas on his ship. But now was not the time to start on that again. [+lightcoral “Most if not all of my affiliates are going to be on a watchlist. Whomever you have will be our best bet.”] Not to mention most of her contacts were too closely linked with the Termani to be any sort of helpful. That was what she got for working with them for so many years.

Not entirely sure how much more productive this conversation was going to be, the small woman let it pass. They had a basic plan that they were at least moderately happy with. And admittedly, it was better than charging in with nothing more than context clues that the Mother Crystal was down there. That was enough for her, but for Dante it wouldn’t be. He was probably right to be skeptical, but after all her research, there were no other options in her mind.

Still very stressed about the entire thing, and knowing the Captain was in a similar state, Rhea approached him. She stopped just short of where he stood and leaned into him, her arms wrapped tight around his thin form. There wasn’t likely to be a whole lot of time before someone came bounding in, but moments with him were becoming fewer and farther between, so she would take what she could get. Nuzzling in a touch, Rhea brought her face up so that she was looking up at him. [+lightcoral “We still have time for now, so please try to relax just a little, love.”] He was in the midst of recovery, and as worried as she was about the looming mission, she was more worried about him. They could work it out a little more later. [+lightcoral “It can wait till you feel a little better.”] He really was not looking well.

One of her hands started its way up to his forehead to feel for temperature again, but the sound of the door sliding open behind her put an end to that. Immediately she took a step back and turned to see who was joining them. It was Tera. Walking in, she flashed the pair a look, but continued to her seat. The anthro had been informed that they would not be staying here for long, so she wasn’t about to unwind too much. Though, since they were here for something Rhea needed she had half expected their translator to leave the ship, but here she was. [+red “Were you able to run that errand?”] The pink haired woman asked more out of curiosity than to rush her crew mate.

[+lightcoral “It sort of came to me instead.”] Rhea sighed. [+lightcoral “But good news is that we should be able to leave soon.”]

With that being said, the door opened again. This time it revealed Kashia with a number of bags hanging off her shoulders, but she was not alone. She had ahold of Oni and Ino. [+orange “Auntie, look!”] The Shelvi girl held the children up a little higher, Ino seemed to have resigned to the fate, but Oni was still struggling. [+orange “There’s more of you guys!”] Clearly, she was excited about it. [+orange “And they’re-“] She cut off as she caught sight of the pilot. Tangerine eyes flittered between Rhea, the girls, and Tera’s hair before stopping on Dante. [+orange “So… is all the pink on the ladies their preference or some fetish of yours?”] She really wasn’t taking into consideration that the Pyrenians had little to no choice in the matter.

Tera whose immediate reaction to a stranger walking in with the girls was alarm, quickly noticed that no one else made a move to remove her and stayed put. But shortly after making that conscious decision she was reduced to hysteric. Practically cackling in her seat, she was kicking herself for having not noticed this detail sooner. Rhea on the other hand was practically mortified. She didn’t even know where to begin with such a comment, so she chose to ignore it for the time being, instead opting to shake her head. [+lightcoral “Kashia, just put the girls down…”] Her words came out more as a sigh than a demand. [+lightcoral “They are clearly uncomfortable.”]

[+orange “Oh.”] She looked down to the pair and set them back to their feet. [+orange “Sorry about that, I got excited. I’ve never seen little Pyrenians before.”] Kashia was smiling at them, but the two still seemed wary.
  Rhea Eldiran / Loxi / 54d 13h 22m 7s
[google-font][Montserrat As expected she came back with a concise and to the point response and he discarded the tablet in his hand onto one of the consoles. He had perhaps become lax in his time with the others and felt his intellect outmatched their's to a degree that he did not have to stretch himself to ideas and plans. He was not ever challenged or debated on issues. His word was like law and he had become accustomed to it. Now that Rhea was here he had an equal - though he would be loathe to admit she was of a higher intelligence. It left him frustrated to have his ideas picked apart and his face showed this sunken feeling.

[+royalblue "So we hack their systems. We find out if it is there, where it is located, try and find all the information we can about this thing. Maybe.. I don't know, maybe we can link into the security system and ride off the back of it."] His shoulders rose as if the thought was plucked out of no-where, which is was, his feet moving him slowly back toward his seat.[+royalblue "We don't shut it down though. Just look. Note the guards paths and movement as well as their numbers."] It was all rather standard things to propose though it was a means of diverting the conversation.

She had made it clear that if this was all going to happen then she would be there, front and center. But Dante wanted to avoid it in all possibility. He wanted her out of this as far as possible. If it went wrong at any of these multiple points where it could then the Termani had their woman and this all was pushed back into the shadows. If he was caught, she could escape, find a means of getting the information she needed another way. But explaining that to this stubborn woman would not be easy and his figure dropped down into his seat with a huff.

[+royalblue "How about we just think of this in stages. Before we can go in to get this information we need to know its there; and to do that we need to find ourselves a hacker capable."] Leaning back in his seat, careful to move his tail to his side where it flicked back and forth lazily, he looked across to her as his hands came up to his head and his fingers interlinked.[+royalblue "I have some in mind, but given how resourceful you are of late perhaps you have someone in mind?"] A slender brow rose in her direction.
  WI_ / 86d 17h 37m 6s
Initially, Rhea was worried to hear Dante in pain, but it turned out to be something as simple as he sat down wrong. However that one action led on to something much more complicated. A tangent that had her mildly confused at what he was getting at for a little while, but eventually the Tiefling got to his point. He wanted to glean as much information as they could before delving down into Pyreen. It made sense, even if they just got a location for what she was looking for that would save them a lot of time. And the less time spent there the better off they would be.

[+lightcoral "They are pretty tight with their pocketbook and setting up new security measures costs money. If they don't think anyone will be coming in from this angle, especially from within, they may not have updated it in decades. If it is outdated it would be easier for someone to get into..."] The more she thought about it, the better the outlook seemed to sit with her. [+lightcoral "And with raw data I can probably confirm whether or not the Crystal is even down there before starting an expedition."] It would be nice to have more than she was currently going off of, that being hearsay from old texts and a hunch. [+lightcoral "It will not help us with whatever physical security measures they having up, but it will expedite the process."] She still thought it would be pretty light as far as guards went, so maybe it would be okay.

Rhea thought on it a bit more before speaking. She was gathering all the problems she could think of so that they might be able to sort them out now. [+lightcoral "The main grievance I have is that we will have to find a console to get our imaginary tech person to... those are going to be in town. We either need someone we trust to do the task unsupervised, or we will have to split our forces."] The tiny woman was not entirely comfortable with that. Having either or them go into the city hub was unnecessarily dangerous. [+lightcoral "And..."] Her tone was more stern. [+lightcoral "You are not going in alone,"] his intentions had not made it passed her unnoticed. [+lightcoral "I need to be there for documentation purposes. This is my theory, I need to be a part of the expedition that stands as my supporting argument."] Dante was detailed oriented, but that did not mean he knew what to look out for. There was no telling what little things would be important when they actually got down. There was only going to be one chance at this and she did not want to miss a thing.
  Rhea Eldiran / Loxi / 111d 11h 23m 3s

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