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OC is running from the marines on Axebryde island and Straw hats happened to be on that island. Luffy hears marines talking about the rogue marine and her powers and decides he wants her on the crew. Zoro is skeptical due to her history in the marines but goes along with it anyway because he follows Luffy's orders. Sanji springs to action because there is a woman who needs saving. Zoro goes after him because Sanji never thinks straight when women are involved.

After they save her she eventually joins the crew and Zoro grows fond of her and gets pissed whenever Sanji interacts with her even more so then when he interacts with Robin or Nami. Yada yada we can figure out more plot later :p

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"You wont. But, on the off chance that does happen," Lily smiled, "We'll bring you back, promise." Even though she said that, she couldn't help but feel like what happened to him was her fault. From what she knew, he wasn't like this until they got together. She felt responsible. She pulled him into a hug and held him, not saying a word because there was nothing left to say. [I In not going anywhere.]
  Lily / Juleka / 1y 336d 18h 56m 42s
Zoro sat in silence with Lily. It calmed him a bit to have her arms around him again.

But when she mentioned that in years later what happens now won't matter he sighed softly. "Lily, that's not it..." He pulled away and looked at her face. "I'm worried that what if one day someone tries to take you again. But they almost succeed and that demon comes back and completely consumes me. What if I can't go back from my bloodthirsty self. What if I really become a monster and the demon swordsman people see me as."
"No. No you aren't. You are someone who lost the person they loved who you knew on the most intimate level. You knew I wasn't how the world saw me because of what I had done." Lily pulled Zoro into another hug and placed her hand on the back of his head. She didn't know what to do now. It was like she had forced opened a wound. "If you are a monster then so am I because I have killed without mercy and for revenge."

It had been several hours since Zoro had told Lily thay he was a monster. She didn't care because she felt that way about herself for everything she had done. They had been in the same position on the floor, in a hug, for some time now. Every once and a while someone would knock and she would send them away. She would stroke the back of his head from time to time, not saying a word.

Finally she broke the silence. "We both see ourselves as monsters. But that isn't how I see you or you see me. Our friends don't see us that way either. Who cares what the world thinks. Five, ten, fifty years from now, it will be nothing more than a memory."
  Lily / Juleka / 2y 282d 9h 5m 4s
Zoro felt his heart sink when she said it was as if he was representing the devil himself and he sighed only to feel her pull away and look into his eyes. He listened to her speak and he nodded.

He hugged her tight with a slight sigh. "After you were executed, the execution was the talk of almost every island that we went to for the next several months. There were islands that we'd stop at where we'd hear people say good riddance that you were dead. That would also cause me to snap and I went into bloodlust mode. I can't count how many time Eyebrows and Luffy had to drag me back to the ship after Chopper sedated me..." He looked down.

"I'm a monster, Lily."
Lily felt them sink to the floor after Zoro's explenation and held him tighter. "It was so dark, like you were representing the devil himself." She wasn't going to tell him that it scared her because she could tell that he was already worried. "Listen to me," she pulled away and looked at him, "No matter what, you are still [i my] Zoro and I love you."

There was a knock on the door and Lily looked shifted. "Please go away." She turned her attention back to Zoro and cupper her hands around his face. "Zoro, if that part of you begins to bother you, let me know. We can figure out how to control it, I promise."
  Lily / Juleka / 2y 283d 11h 56m 4s
Zoro was scared that this would be her reaction if she ever found out. It was completely silent. He felt her remove her hand from his and it pulled at his heart a bit. [i She thinks I'm a monster now...]

But to his surprise he felt her small arms make their way around his neck. His eyes widened before he wrapped his arms around her small body. "Now that I have you back... If I think your in danger I snap... It's as if that demon has become a part of me. It used to be if anyone on the crew was in danger after you died that it would trigger. But now that your back it seems like it's gotten worse. You mentioned an aura. But I've never had an aura before. Just bloodlust."
Lily tensed a bit after hearing Zoro's excuse and her hand moved from his. She was trying to process what he had told her. When she looked up she saw him avoiding her gaze and felt like someone was squeezing her heart. He had never intended to tell her what happened, and that is what upset her. After a few minutes she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him to her but said nothing. From what she could tell, he was consumed with what he had done and was unable to let it go.
  Lily / Juleka / 2y 283d 23h 26m 8s
Zoro listened as she spoke and sighed softly. He placed his hand over hers. "Lily. Marines executed you right in front of me. I wasn't quick enough to save you. I mourned for months but about a month after you died we ran into marines again. And something inside me snapped. They were chasing Robin and Chopper. They has both been shot in the shoulder with sea prism bullets." He sighed as he held her hand. "That day I took over 200 marine soldiers lives..." He had hoped that he wouldn't have to ever tell Lily this story. He couldn't even bring himself to look at Lily.
"What the hell is wrong with you," Lily asked bitterly as she used her vines to block the door. "I felt the darkness radiating off of you. Then Robin, Nami and Chopper tell me what you were like after I [i died]." She reached up and placed a hand on his face, "You are some blood thirsty monster but, they said you got that way whenever saw marines." She wanted to hit him but couldn't bring herself to do it, "Why?"


"She looked," Franky stated, "not super."

"Think they told her," Usopp asked, "She looked ready to toss him over too."

The three that had gone into the kitchen with Lily returned talking among themselves about Lily's reaction. "They told her," Sanji sighed out, "I'll gey started on lunch."

"Doesn't matter," Luffy said, "those men want Lily on their crew." He tilted his hat and looked up at the sky, "We wont let them get close enough to try." His ears perked when he heard Sanji mention lunch, "I want meat!"

"We know," the crew said in unison.
  Lily / Juleka / 2y 284d 2h 19m 34s
Zoro glared over the edge at the men debating on of Lily would get mad if he killed then now.

But then she spoke again. "Bedroom. I have a feeling this talk is going to take awhile." He grabbed her hand and led her down to the bedroom. Once they were there he shut the door. "So what's up?"
Lily was about to start talking when she heard something hit the Sunny and she turned. Looking over the side she saw the men she just threw over, hitting the ship as if it would do anything. "I will kill you or better yet, I will let then kill you. Go away." Rolling her eyes she looked back at Zoro, "Crowsnest or bedroom, your choice." She wanted to know exactly what he had been through after her [death] and she felt she had a right to know since she told him everything that happened to her.
  Lily / Juleka / 2y 284d 3h 44m 34s
Zoro glared as they left but then saw vines shoot to them and throw them into the ocean. Zoro heard her tone and his expression went back to normal. "Okay?" He walked over to her curious to her tone. But he kept up his guard just in case the other pirates we're going to try a sneak attack.
"Why she would waste her love on a blood thirsty demon like you is beyond me." He glared at Zoro then looked at Luffy, "She will be mine. One way or another she will become part of my crew and she will be mine. Her talents are wasted here."

Sanji clicked his tongue before glancing at Luffy, "Captain?"

"Last chance," Luffy looked up, "Get off our ship or die."

"I'm going," the man hissed as he turned and began leaving the ship only to have something pick him and his men up and throw them into the ocean. As her surfaced he looked around to see a vine be drawn back. "Poison Lily."

"Leave," she snapped before looking at Zoro, "We need to talk."
  Lily / Juleka / 2y 284d 3h 59m 20s
Zoro waited until he heard the kitchen door shut then he tied his bandana around his head. His eyes almost were glowing red as he lifted his swords. "I'll assume you were aiming to kill Robin and I because you're after Poison Lily."

Zoro knew he hit the mark when the captain's eyes widened.

He chuckled softly. "It's obvious by the way you were looking at her." He took a few steps forward but then Luffy put out his hand and his hat was covering his eyes.

"Wait Zoro." Luffy looked up at the men in front of him with a cold dead stare. "Get off our ship. Or you will lose your life here."
[i Thats strange,] Lily looked at Zoro and was able to feel his aura, but it was dark. She had felt something like this before and it made her blood run cold. "Zoro don't." She hated this feeling because it reminded her of the night she killed Roald, and some of her run-ins with people over the last year.

"Lily," Nami walked over to the other red haired woman and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Come on, lets go into the kitchen and let them handle it." She had noticed the concern growing as Lily watched Zoro and wanted to distract her. "Robin, will you join us?"

"Of course," Robin nodded as she looked at Chopper, "How about you doctor?"

"Okay!" The four of them walked towards the kitchen then disappeared behind the door.

"Right then," Luffy said with a glare, "Get off our ship."


Lily sat down at the table and looked at the trio, "Someone want to tell my what the hell is going on? I have never seen him like that."

"Well," Nami began before Choopper put a hoof up, "What?"

"Lily, let me check your bandages. Zoro said you took a bath last night to calm down." The doctor watched as Lily sighed and stripped so he could access her bandages, "No one tell Sanji this is happening in the kitchen," he muttered to which everyone agreed. While he checked Lily Nami continued.

"After you [i died], there was a change in Zoro. On top of being," she paused, "mopey, whenever he saw a marine he got this type of blood lust look in his eye. He wanted to kill every single one of them and we did our best to stop him."

"When it comes to you," Robin sat down, "he wont see reason if you are in danger."

Chopper finished changing the bandages and let Lily get dressed again. "Luffy and Sanji had to restrain him sometimes when people said it was good you were [i dead]. Each time he was brought back to the ship he would go to your room and lock the door."

"What happened took a toll on him. It took a toll on all of us but he had it worse."
  Lily / Juleka / 2y 284d 4h 38m 50s

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