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This is a spin off so the story will be different but most things are still the same. Please use your own characters rather then already existing ones.

Welcome to the Fiore, do enjoy your time here and with your guildmates. Choose what magic you want to use. Take on some jobs and have a blast. But be warned there is a darkness on the way and it will not be easily stopped. Will you stand up to it? Will you join it? or will you flee? The choice is yours to make.

Wait for two people to post before you post again.
Romance is allowed but time skip if it goes to the bedroom
Don't kill other people's characters without their permission.
If you are going to leave the rp please make one last post to explain why your character is gone.
Post once a week.

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User Name: IKage
Name: Ryuu
Age: 19
Magic: Dragon magic. Can use the full power of a dragon, but it is a big strain on his body and causes physical pain.
Personality: Kind, caring, Friendly, sometimes random.
Optional Bio:
Guild:Fairy Tail
Pic:[pic http://i1053.photobucket.com/albums/s477/GFXMegugu/Accelerator-1.jpg]

User Name: Palladium
Name: Tairin Sok al’Atan
Magic: Stealth Magic
Personality: Quiet, standoffish, awkward, snarky , aloof.
Optional Bio: Tairin is an information gatherer. She uses her abilities to collect coveter information and trade it to those willing to pay handsomely for it. She is unaffiliated with a particular guild, but many guilds bring her in to assess jobs and situations.
Guild: N/A
Pic: [pic http://i486.photobucket.com/albums/rr230/tillamilk/42413273-f0ec-4b2a-ab29-3aec1f331c5f_zpsxn9ndo2p.jpg]

User Name:KasaiShadowFox
Magic: Poison Magic
Personality:very kind and outgoing unless you hurt his brother caim and his other side comes out and becomes sadistic the only one that can calm him is his brother.
Optional Bio:revealed in the story
Guild:Fairy Tail
Pic: [pic http://i1074.photobucket.com/albums/w403/MaiFeiFei/c7a89501-e23c-463a-b22f-56d18eda2958_zpscegyjg4s.jpg]

User Name: KasaiShadowFox
Age: 18
Magic: Healer Magic
Personality: cold hearted towards anyone but his brother
Optional Bio:revealed in the story
Guild:Fairy Tail
Pic: [pic http://i1074.photobucket.com/albums/w403/MaiFeiFei/fc8341d1-d628-421b-a046-f02b29da21f6_zpsz5zqpsnn.jpg]

Username: TheGoodNamesAreTaken
Name: Hikaru Iceneige
Age: 20
Magic: Ice Dragon Slayer Magic
Guild: Fairy Tail
Pic: [pic http://i.imgur.com/aqcH5Dn.jpg]

User Name: blackwolfstorm
Name: Drake
Age: 20
Magic: Weapon Magic and Shadow magic.
Personality: quite,
Optional Bio:
Guild: N/A
Pic: [pic http://i977.photobucket.com/albums/ae253/james_throw/Lord%20and%20Warrior/3e749782-a2f1-4696-bc01-77d7011f77c2_zpsvnf1dj8u.jpg]

User Name:IKage
Magic: Darkness Magic, [spoiler Darkness God Slayer Magic, Darkness Demon Slayer, Darkness Dragon slayer]
Optional Bio:??
Pic: [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/17/25/06/17250612535e9d1e0e38d995dce2fc7c.jpg]

User Name: ripkay
Name: Gwyn
Magic: Absorption magic, Nullification magic.
Personality: Moody.
Optional Bio: A Machia prone to biting, that wields a particularly gluttonous sword, Gwyn has made a career out of hunting criminal mages, although she is merely tolerated for this and is generally shunned by the guilds.
Pic: [pic http://i.imgur.com/JJrezFZ.jpg?]


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Roleplay Responses

After a while RYuu made it to the guild hall. He walked inside and sat down at a lone table in a corner and let out a sigh of releif. "I made it" he said with a smile. AS he watched everyone in the guild having fun he reached over to his arm and rubbed it a bit. "Most of the pain is gone for now but it might come back. Darn my magic is very costly" he thought as he sat there silently observing the room and his guildmates. "Maybe I should head home in a bit" he mumured as he let out a yawn
  Ryuu / IKage / 1y 361d 13h 14m 30s
Drake did not know what was going on what so ever after so long not being in any town. He asked one of the towns folk as to what is going on and herd that it was some kind of party preparations were being made for a town party. He was a bit confused on that and it showed. The one towns folk laughed a bit and patted his shoulder "Come my friend let me take you to a guild that will take anybody in." Drake stopped the person there. "Thank you for the offer but it would be wiser for one like me not to return to any guilds. I am a hunter of sorts and I am about to go out to do another job."

The shadow under the person came up slightly and talked to Drake. He lessoned to what the shadow has to say and sighed a bit. He knew that the person would not give up and that both the shadow and the person that created the shadow think that it would be a good idea that he join a guild since he is guild less. The shadows know that he still bears the mark of a very old guild seal that has not bean seen since it has disappeared when he was 18 years old. He joined the guild itself at the age of 10 but did not care about the age requirements that guilds have to fallow. He sighed once more and nodded to the person that was still talking to him.

The person smiled and guided him to a large building. Drake looked at the building and noticed the crest. He really did not want to be there at that moment and started to turn around. Some of the other town's folk fallowed him and stopped him where he was. He was a bit surprised about this and lowered his head once more. He turned back around and started to head inside. He really needed to get away from everybody just so he could calm down enough to where he could control himself. He knew that he was close to one of his breaking points and needed to find a very isolated area and quickly.
  Drake / blackwolfstorm / 2y 25d 13h 31m 35s
Hikaru noticed the sudden increase of traffic in the guild hall and quickly retreated to a single table toward the back. Hikaru usually was social but too many people made her hesitant.

Before she joined this guild, she was a member of a dark guild. One with powers compared to the ten wizard saints. She killed so many people. She hurt so many. She hates herself so much. So, in order to keep her emotions and past a secret, she kept away from crowds.

She is a god slayer. Her power is out of this world, but she hides so much.
  / TheGoodNamesAreTaken / 2y 25d 19h 47m 25s
After cleaning up the bandit camp and turning any survivors in he headed back to the guild. As he walked he rubbed his left arm. "Looks like I went over time" he thought as he continued to walk, staggering a little bit. "not the worst I hav ever felt through. " he thought and smiled to himself as he continued. After a while he saw a city come into view. "Finally I'm home" he said as he let out a sigh. "Those two are probably already drinking in the guild hall." he murmured as he started towards the city.
  Ryuu / IKage / 2y 25d 19h 43m 16s
Drake continued to run at the pace that he is going till he was a mile out. He was then was ambushed by a group of mercenary. He did another silent sigh and did a simple snap. After he snapped his fingers a small group of shadow demons showed themselves. When that happened the mercenaries wanted to scream but where not given the chance. The demons have not seen his world in so long that they are hungry. They did not waist any time and consumed the mercenaries without mercy. One of them talked to him in the mind and he nodded. The shadows then left and he was alone once more. He then simply walked the rest of the way. When he got into the city and he herd the entire town cheering because the black guild is captured. He then walked to the mage jail and handed over the bounty paper that had each member's name on it. He waited for the money that was offered for each member and he got paid in full. He then handed the mages over then and went on his way with a great deal of gold in his bag.
  Drake / blackwolfstorm / 2y 41d 3h 3m 8s
Tairin's walk seemed to take longer than she anticipated. She had run off into the wrong direction after collecting the item she needed, but that had been the swiftest way out of the battle, and she was not built for a fight. She attributed the lengthy walk to that fact. She was also circumnavigating the forest a bit, putting space between her and where the bandits were. Whether they were still there, she didn't know. Best not to think about it. Those three were pretty... rough.

There it was. The guild hall was coming into view. With no more energy to put into magic, she simply walked up the steps and into the building with her head held high. Once inside, she inquired for the guild leader, intending to finish her request and be on her way to collect the next one. It was certainly rambunctious in the Fairy Tail guild hall, and Tairin made a point to keep near the walls away from the worst of it.
  Tairin Sok al'Atan / Palladium / 2y 41d 20h 45m 43s
Ryuu Glanced at the two why they talked and let out a sigh as they walked off. "They leave me to do the clean up work. I shouldn't help out the lower ranked Guild members so much" he thought as he started charged towards the one remaining bandit and slashed him across the chest. "So annoying" he said as he deactivated his magic and rubbed his arm. "Well I better clean up and head back to the guild."
  Ryuu / IKage / 2y 42d 20h 52m 27s
[center [h3 Hades and Caim] [pic http://i1074.photobucket.com/albums/w403/MaiFeiFei/df8cb19c-66dc-4217-a739-ca3e78d3325a_zpsi9laugvj.jpg]]

Hades rubbed the back of his head as Ryuu passed by him . [#FF7F50 “Sorry ryuu we were just having a little fun here guess we went a little overboard this time.”] he laughed and looked at his brother who wiped off his blades before sheathing them and walking behind the two males.

[#E9967A “ a few minutes left…?”] Caim said softly his arms now crossed as ryuu knocked out a few of the bandits. [#E9967A “To bad im not so nice.”] he said sticking all but one of the bandits. Hades chuckled watching his brother.

[#FF7F50 “Brother your going to make Ryuu not wanna take us anywhere any more if you keep killing all but one.”] hades purred and then looked up in the sky. [#FF7F50 “Brother we need to hurry its almost night i cant be out at Night. Sorry Ryuu but you can take it from here right me and Caim are heading back to the guild hall okay.]
  Fairy tail Caim/Hades / KasaiShadowFox / 2y 43d 17h 9m 4s
Unbeknownst to Drake, someone was watching him as he traveled back to their guild. "Hmm so he took out the dark guild... no matter they were just pawns and they have fulfilled their purpose, though I wish I could have delt with them myself. Tenebris said with a smile as he watch Drake leave. "Oh well I will get them later. After all darkness is everywhere, they cannot escape it." he said and suddenly vanished before anyone could take note of him.
  Tenebris / IKage / 2y 44d 12h 7m 34s
She was running through the trees, away from the clearing where the screams of dying men were coming. As they drifted off into the distance, Tairin slowed herself. She was already exhausted. It would do no good for her to collapse from over exertion. She looked at he left hand, where she still held the hilt of the knife she had stabbed the bandit leader with. Tairin stopped walking and gazed at the blood running down the blade. She made a harrumph sound, and wiped the dagger off on the grass before sheathing it again on her hip.

Tairin didn't hear anyone following her, just the last of the screams fading away. So she set off for the edge of the forest, headed back towards the guild who had requested that she recovered the document. There was no part of her contract that said she couldn't read it, but she preferred to ask the guild master what it was about instead. It preserved the reputation she had of leaving no loose ends. And that included herself. And so, Tairin was headed back towards the guild of Fairy Tail, to complete her task.
  Tairin Sok al'Atan / Palladium / 2y 46d 9h 48m 40s
Drake sighed a bit more finishing up the dark guild. He collected all the guild members and tossed them into a specific cage that could hold more then 1000 people in it and the guild itself is barely under 1000 members. He smirked and collected the cage soon after words and headed back to where he collected the job in the in first place. He put on what he normally wears once more. He then took a deep breath and moved at a pace that most people even those with magic to be magic itself but he trained himself to the limit with a creature that was thought of as legend. He could still summon but in ways that not many people consider.
  Drake / blackwolfstorm / 2y 46d 14h 27m 40s
Ryuu Watched as the Brothers got to work. "Why did I even come on this quest if you guys were gonna take all of them on yourselves." He mutter and walked towards the Bandits who were trying to get away. "Sorry guys, no one is getting away from this camp, but be happy your agaisnt someone who will try not to kill you." he said as he slashed at one of them with his left arm which sent him into the ground. "I better hurry I have a few minutes left." he thought as he knock another one to the ground
  Ryuu / IKage / 2y 46d 18h 33m 51s
[center [h3 Hades and Caim] [pic http://i1074.photobucket.com/albums/w403/MaiFeiFei/df8cb19c-66dc-4217-a739-ca3e78d3325a_zpsi9laugvj.jpg]]

Hades chuckled watching ryuu walk ahead of them and put his hands on top of his head following him as all the bandits stood and readied their weapons and magic. [#FF7F50 hey now, lower your weapons or your going to regret it. You see my brother can dismember you body faster then you can blink. Now be good boy and lower your weapons.”] Hades then dodged a blade that was thrown at him and huffed. [#FF7F50 “Sorry ryuu but they attacked first ill leave one or two alive for you.”] Hades sighed as Caim rushed passed him pulling out two of his six Katanas out.

[#E9967A “Wrong move! Once my sixth sword comes out you will all will no longer have a breath come from your lifeless body!”] Hades followed after his brother with a grin on his face looking back at Ryuu pulling out two of his swords out. Like his brother he had six swords and when they both had out all six twelve in total they were an unstoppable team. Hades jumped over his brother who had just slain two of the bandits not a single drop of blood was on the ground it was amazing and beautiful the way he had used his swords watching the two brothers was like a old Japanese dance between two gashia’s waving around their fans around.
  Fairy tail Caim/Hades / KasaiShadowFox / 2y 46d 18h 48m 42s
Tairin continued to follow the white haired boy, watching as two others crept out of the bushes and talked. It didn't seem like they were particularly taking any care to be quiet. Just as well. Better they pull the attention of the bandits than she. She moved ahead of the small group, skirting the bandit camp, looking for her target. There he was, in the back with a long sword and a smug grin. Tairin continued forward, straight through the bandits, her magic still activated, still hiding her from the view of everyone.

But she had spent the majority of two or three days following this group and looking for her prize. Her magic would not continue for very much longer. Best she get what she was going for and get out. Tairin unsheathed a small knife as she drew near to her target, slidding it quickly between his ribs. As he fell, she drew out the document she was there for. And then her magic flickered out and she took off into the forest, away from the fight that was about to happen.
  Tairin Sok al'Atan / Palladium / 2y 46d 19h 13m 34s
Hikaru sat in the guild hall, drinking. She had just returned from a triple S ranked mission, so she was a bit tired. Hikaru had magic strong enough to be considered triple S ranked, and she achieved that by just entering the guild.

Hikaru had quite the past on her. However, whenever anyone asked, they usually got blown off. She hated talking about it.

With a deep breath, the woman stood, and stretched. "How simple if a day it was. No noise in the hall, no annoying customers...good day."
  / TheGoodNamesAreTaken / 2y 46d 19h 25m 52s

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