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Dragons and man had lived in peace long ago. The dragons had been created by the gods and goddesses in hopes of keeping the humans on the right path.
The dragons even aided the humans in construction of buildings, and offered their magic/powers to certain individuals.

However, like all worlds, the peace was not to last.
Man has his own ways, and dragons were soon seen as a threat to the superiority of man. So, the humans used the trust they gained with the betray the very beasts that had helped them from the beginning.
The humans had entered Mount Draconis itself, the home of the Dragons. They infiltrated the caves, killing every dragon in sight; be it an elder, to even a helpless chick, they left none alive.
During this, the Dragon King had left for a border patrol. He and his group had heard the uproar in the mountains, instantly heading back. When the King and the followers with him returned, they were met with a gruesome sight.
Blood splattered the walls, bodies of dragons and humans were sprawled across the cave floors. Out of all the caves, the Brood caves were the worst...Defenseless chicks, smashed eggs, and dragonelles had been murdered in cold-blood.
The Dragon King hurried to his cave where his mate waited...but he was too late...
In the nest, laid the golden form of his mate, the Dragon Queen...she was dead, having been killed protecting his only 2 heirs; the Dragon Prince and Dragon Princess...
From that day to now, the Dragon King vowed vengeance upon all of mankind.

Even now, years since that incident, war is still going on between dragon and man. The dragons' hatred for man continued to grow as more of their kin were killed, as the same could be said for the humans...

Yet, hope remained. There was a certain dragonelle who wished for peace...the Dragon Princess herself. Though, she probably would've felt the same like many of the other dragons...however, her mother's dying wish she kept close to her heart: [i "P-p-please...don't blame...the is only...only t-their f-f-fear us...don't let in v-v-vain...j-just promise me...p-p-promise me make peace...p-peace with the...humans...']

[hr ]

The Dragon Princess had left the mountains, heading to the usual small lake in the middle of the forest. It was near human territory, but still on the dragon's side. The golden dragonelle remembered coming here often with her mother when she was but a chick.
She always came here to think, remember happier times. However, today was different. The young dragonelle wasn't expecting a visitor...

The Human Prince had been sent to scout out this area. He had no idea he'd run into a dragon, and the Dragon Princess at that.

What happens when the 2 confront one another? Will peace ever come between the dragons and humans, or will the war continue?


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[center [h3 Princess Farah & Prince Fuego Dahaka]]
Farah disappeared into the foliage, the faint hint of a glimmer of gold the only thing shown. Yet, she'd glance back now and then, making sure the human was following. The Princess felt the ground shake slightly as something heavy landed.
As she glanced back again, she saw a brilliant red dragon with some gold soon standing near the edge of the lake. Those red and faint hint of gold scales did not give her any doubt, her brother the Prince had arrived. She may be the only fully golden dragon, but her brother had received some of his mother's golden scales when he hatched.
Either way, Farah heard him call out, [#ff0000 "Farah! Farah where are you?"]
However, the Dragon Princess didn't answer. She knew her brother would grow suspicious if she replied from within the trees. Instead, she focused on getting the Human Prince to safety...without really realizing she was leading him closer to the other humans he had recently left.
  Princess Farah Dahaka / Dragoncita / 2y 350d 7h 45m 27s
[h3 ]

He had been nodding at her words, genuinely interested in learning about the dragon's home when the screech overhead brought him to tense, gaze snapping skyward.

But that was just for a moment - the princess' form shimmering in the corner of his eye drew his attention and he stared in awe until she her form had fully shifted to a more human one. The prince was a little awestruck, having been unaware that dragons could do such a thing, but shook it off easy.

Following her, Simon only paused a moment just under the forest line to ponder if the small scouting group he had been with would be alright if they were spotted by Farah's brother. They had all be trained well, but he had his doubts and all he could do was hope that the dragon would not find the camp that had been set up.

For the time being he needed to focus on ensuring his own survival, continuing to follow Farah.
  Simon Maxwell / AnotherZer0 / 2y 351d 7h 40m 6s
[center [h3 Princess Farah Dahaka]]
The dragonelle remained silent, then simply shook her head. She sighed softly, tendrils of smoke rising from her nostrils. Farah turned her dim gaze back to the human.
[#daa520 "It is the past, and nothing can be done about it. All one can do is carry on, and carry the promise given to them."]
The promise, it was the main reason the Dragon Princess showed no aggression towards humans. There were only 3 who knew of that promise, the King, Prince, and herself. Yet, unlike her father or brother, Farah wished to fulfill that promise.
[#daa520 "It depends on your definition of 'beauty'. This place is one of few areas. Much is dense forest with occasional clearings. Yet, the mountains is where many of us live, Mount Draconis being our main home, and the mountain where my Father resides seeing as it is the only mountain large enough for him to fit in comfortably."]
A sudden screech sounded over head, followed by a flap of wings. Farah cursed under her breath. Before the human had time to react, her form shimmered, shrinking. It wasn't long before a human now stood in the place of the Princess. However, the human had a pair of golden wings on her shoulders, a spiked tail, and horns atop her head.
Her voice was a hiss as she dodged for the cover of the forest, [#daa520 "Quickly! If you know what's good for you, you'll follow me. My brother isn't as kind to humans as I am. He'll rip you apart as soon as he sees you with me."]
  Princess Farah Dahaka / Dragoncita / 2y 351d 8h 43m 50s
[h3 ]

Simon was good at reading people; he had to be living in his father's court, thus it was easy for him to see the dragon's discomfort, even if she wasn't human. This brought his brow to crease and his eyes to soften a little. [#cc0000 I apologize, I didn't mean to bring up anything unbearable."] He was sincere in his words, and although he wished to comfort her in some way he had no idea how.

Glancing out over the lake, he hoped that perhaps a change of topic would ease her. [#cc0000 "It really is a beautiful place - is most of the land under your family's reign as nice as this?"] What the prince failed to mention was how disappointed he was that his father's plans would lead them to attempting to conquer the area next, which would mean that this beautiful lake would likely end up being destroyed by battle.
  Simon Maxwell / AnotherZer0 / 2y 351d 19h 42m 54s
[center [h3 Princess Farah Dahaka]]
At his bow, the golden dragonelle bowed her head slightly in return before raising it again. She herself cocked her head in curiosity. The tip of her tail twitched now and then.
[#daa520 "Pleasure Prince Simon."]
She rustled her wings, causing them to rattle lightly as they bumped against each other. The beast yawned, showing sharp fangs. Yet, her form seemed completely relaxed now compared to earlier.
As the human asked her to why she was here, her eyes suddenly seemed to dim. Farah moved her head, gazing the other way. She gave a low rumble, clearly upset about the mention of this place. The golden dragonelle grew deadly quiet other than the barely audible rumble of unhappiness she made.
[#daa520 [i "Memories bring me here..."]] she finally managed to utter.
  Princess Farah Dahaka / Dragoncita / 2y 352d 5h 6m 48s
[h3 ]

[#cc0000 "Hm, Princess?"] Simon tilted his head a little, a hand raising to his chin to ponder a moment before the slightest of smiles cross his face. [#cc0000 "It seems fate is a very strange mistress indeed. Princess Farah, I am Crown Prince Simon Maxwell, son of King Edward Maxwell."] He graced the dragon with a slight bow, showing respect that he knew many other humans would not show their enemies, let along a princess of their enemies.

But he didn't dragons as his enemy per say; he was simply following orders, and he had no orders for the moment so there was no reason to be hostile. That and dragons fascinated him a bit, but that was something he tended to keep to himself.

Now that they were both introduced and there was no hostilities aimed at another, the prince let himself relax fully, curiosity piquing in his teal eyes. [#cc0000 "It's rare to see dragons so close to the border - did you get get off from a bigger group?"]
  Simon Maxwell / AnotherZer0 / 2y 353d 1h 23m 20s
[center [h3 Princess Farah Dahaka]]
[#daa520 "Fair enough I suppose,"] the dragonelle replied.
Her griff rattled as it unfolded, covering her sensitive earholes. She hadn't really been this close to a human, without said human trying to kill her, or running away. She had heard stories of the past between humans and dragons.
The golden creature seemingly shrugged, [#daa520 "Us dragons have our reasons to why we have a strong dislike towards you humans...however, there are a very rare few of us who still bear no ill will towards humans. You leave us alone, we'll leave you alone...most of the time."]
The dragonelle's eyes seemingly pierced through him as he asked her name. She was quiet for several moments, then finally answered, [#daa520 "As for who I am; Princess Farah Dahaka, sister to Prince Fuego Dahaka, daughter of the Dragon King, King Rigeulus Dahaka."]
  Princess Farah Dahaka / Dragoncita / 2y 353d 5h 13m 40s
[h3 ]

Simon could feel the dragon's gaze on him and while it was a little unsettling to be watched so innately he also found himself peeking over to the golden beast with a bit of curiosity.

[#cc0000 "Isn't it only natural to be weary of what you've been at war with for such a long time?"] He spoke dryly, recalling the many encounters he had had with similar beasts, and how much different they had gone then this one.

The prince relaxed a little at the knowledge that this one wasn't as hostile as the others he had the misfortune of bumping into and actually moved away from the tree a little more so he could see the dragon better. [#cc0000 "I will admit that I'm a little surprised however. This is the first time I've met a dragon who bore no ill will towards humans, let alone humans who were actively invading their territory."]

This dragon was interesting and from what Simon could tell had a different way of thinking then the rest. It drew the prince's curiosity and he found himself prodding a little more. [#cc0000 "Tell me, do you have a name?"]
  AnotherZer0 / 2y 353d 19h 57m 35s
[center [h3 Princess Farah Dahaka]]
She listened to his words. The dragonelle sensed his agitation, which she didn't really know why. Then again, her senses were sharper than any humans'. Either way, it did not matter.
The golden beast watched as a human showed himself, partially, from behind a tree. At the sight, the spine along her back relaxed, only slightly. She felt more comfortable with him in her sight than hidden. The creature slowly sat down on her haunches, much like a dog. She curled her tail around her front paws.
She then lowered her head to his level, making no action to approach, but to simply sit in place where she was. The dragonelle gazed at him intently with her green eyes, the pupils thin slits. A forked tongue flicked from her muzzle, testing the air.
[#daa520 "Do all humans think like this? They see something that doesn't look or act like them, and instantly think it as a threat. Yet, I have no quarrel with any human...unless they threaten me, giving me a reason to defend myself. Be glad it is me, and not one of my other kin who discovered your trespassing."]
  Princess Farah Dahaka / Dragoncita / 2y 354d 4h 58m 3s
[h3 ]

Immediately Simon realized his error, a hiss of a curse on the edge of his tongue but was easily bitten back. His initial thought was to duck over to a tree and hide, the bark hard against his back and shoulders as he kept his breath even.

There was no reason to panic.

Or so the crown prince told himself as his hand rested on the sword at his side. Simon had been trying to decide it he should make a break for the camp and alert the others or to simply try to take the dragon with as much surprise as he could at this point. But then the beast's words rang through the silence and he his breath caught in his throat.

A bitter grimace cross his lips and his hand fell to rest again the trunk of the tree. [#cc0000 "Oh, show myself so you may kill me easier?"] He didn't sound at all frightened - if anything his tone was that of agitation, mostly at his own carelessness.

[#cc0000 "If that's the case I'd preferably take my chances."] He moved around the tree a little, letting her see him but also giving himself enough cover in case she moved to charge at him.

Personally he had no quarrels with dragons; he was simply following his father's orders, even being completely unaware of the war's pretext or of what atrocities his father had committed. But even with that being the case he was fulling willing to fight this dragon if it made a hostile move.

Even if it costed him his life.
  Simon Maxwell / AnotherZer0 / 2y 354d 19h 10m 56s
[center [h3 Princess Farah Dahaka]]
The dragonelle's head instantly shot up, hearing a sudden sound. A forked tongue flicked out of her muzzle, testing the air. There was someone out there, in the nearby forest.
Instinctively, the spine along her back rose up to its fullest. That scent, she knew it all too well: Humans. Yet, it seemed there was only one nearby, nevertheless, one was still just as dangerous as more. For where there was one human, there was usually more.
She released a warning growl. The dragonelle's lips curled back, showing sharp fangs. Her tail slowly lashed from side to side. Her eyes glared into the forest where the scent came from.
The Dragonelle suddenly opened her muzzle, but instead of a roar, words came forth, [#daa520 "Show yourself human. You can hide your form, but you will never be able to mask your scent from me."]
  Dragoncita / 2y 355d 4h 21m 14s
[h3 ]

The only thing Simon knew was war.

As the crown prince it was his duty to follow in his father's footsteps and rule the country, but until then he had to serve it faithfully no matter the order. Which was why Simon was no stranger to the blade and had seen far too many battles then he would have liked too.

But it was his price to bare, and he bore it like any other heavy burden his father placed on him; with a grim expression and empty eyes. Not even the fiercest of dragons in battle could seem to draw an expression from the prince, for he had seen many fierce and many more dead.

This day was different however.

Simon had been scouting the area by himself, leaving the rest of his squad to set up camp while he ensured the perimeter when he found the sight before him.

Never before had he really gotten a chance to watch a dragon, let alone one so calm. Simply the sight of the beast's golden scales glittering in the sun was enough to make his jaw slacken and his expression to fill with an admiration.

He had always known dragons were strong, but this one was serene while withholding that aura of power and from where how close he stood in the bushes he could practically count each individual scale on her flank.

For a few minutes longer he remained staring before snapping himself out of it. He had a job to do after all, and this dragon might be a danger to the camp. The minute he thought that he shook his head. It was strange to think this creature could be destructive, and he had half a mind to just leave it be.

So undecided in what to do he didn't even notice his foot stepping down on a fallen branch as he went to back off and reassess the situation, the branch made a loud snap under his weight.

[size10 ]
  Simon Maxwell / AnotherZer0 / 2y 355d 7h 18m 43s
[center [h3 Princess Farah Dahaka]]
There was a flash of gold as something sped through the sky. The thing was easily speeding forward, seemingly having a purpose on where it was headed. Only the sharpest of eyes would've been able to see the blurred form moving.
After some time, the shape slowed down, circling downwards towards a crystal, clear lake. Soon, it landed, revealing a golden dragonelle. The large beast looked around, her eyes glowing neon green, pupils thin slits. A forked tongue flicked from her mouth, testing the air.
So far, the dragonelle sensed no sudden danger. She turned slowly, walking towards the lake's edge. Soon, she sat down, leaning over and lapping up the cool water. When she had her fill, the dragonelle stopped, looking at her reflection. She glanced back, slowly unfolding her wings. The sunlight shined through the thin membranes, revealing the veins within.
She checked over each wing. The dragonelle prrumed softly to herself. After a bit, she looked back into the water, as if admiring her own reflection.
  Princess Farah Dahaka / Dragoncita / 2y 355d 17h 52m 43s

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