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The cool air slipping into the room was something all to familiar to the platinum blonde haired male as his grey-blue eyes darted about the room. He had been waiting for the lousy house elf to come up to his room and finish packing his trunk for him as he would be heading on the ever dreadful Hogwarts Express back to the wretched school that neither he nor his family could stand. The only reason he went there instead the one that his father had inisisted upon was because his mother hated the idea of her baby boy going so far away for school and because all in bother his mother's and father's family had been in the school.

All those thoughts were bouncing round in his head as the doors to his room creaked oprn and the new elf of the last three years poked their head in. [b "Trixie you're late and you know how I feel about tardiness."] The young Malfoy sneered, smirking as the little creature all but winced back, whimpering. He then went on with his words. [b "But I am feeling kind today and so will not be punishing you. Better get packing."] He hissed as he turned on his heel, going to the restroom to get a shower while the little elf went about her duties.

When he was done with his shower, Draco decided to get into a simple white button up and his slacks for school. He figured it would make changing into his robes all the easier as he always detested doing that as it were. With being dressed, the boy went to his bed where his trunk lay and opened it, checking all that had been packed, making sure that nothing had been forgotten. As he searched through his trunk and found all he would be needing for the year within it, Draco closed and locked the thing and left his room, dragging it down the stairs and to the kitchen where both his parents happened to be at the dining room table.

"You took your time, Draco. You've nearly no time to eat your breakfast." Said his mother. Before the boy could even get his words out, the woman held up a hand and merely motioned he take his seat with no more wasting of time. Since he actually respected the woman and knew his father would give him a hard time if he gave her any cheek he went to his seat and silently began to eat, no conversation or anything being passed among the family.

Almost was he grateful when he father stood and motioned that it was time to be going. It wasn't that he didn't love his parents, but they always struck him as harsh and he wished they seemed a better family. Without voicing his thoughts he hugged his mother and took his father's hand while holding his trunk and before he knew it they were on the platform. "Now remember Draco, be good." Those were the only words his father spoke to him before he left the man to get on the train to be taken into Hogsmeade where the carriages would take the students the rest of the way to the school.


The train ride wasn't any longer, but seemed twice as dull. His father had told him that there were to be changes in the school that year, but he would not tell Draco what. Along with his thoughts of what the new year could possibly hold there were Crabb and Goyle who went on and on about all the food they decided they wanted to try and Pansy talking all about her summer that he didn't even care to hear about. So needless to say when the train finally reached the platform his was one of the first to get off and find a carriage.

When he found the carriage, Draco cursed under his breath as it seemed Potter and his friends were in it. [b "This doesn't make us friends. I just want to get away from the others."] He hissed as the door closed and the ride up to the castle began.

Compared to the train it was mercifully fast and he was able to get out of the carriage and rush up the steps and into the Great Hall. Everyone seemed to be filing in and it didn't take long for the older years to be at their tables. It was the sorting that took what seemed like forever.

[#f1be0e "Now that we have our sorting done, I would like to welcome our first years to the school and welcome back our older students. I do hope the summer holiday treated you all well. With that being said, there will be changes this year. Everyone is to be paired off and houses will be mixed. If anyone pair fails to be getting on, the both of you will not pass the year. Our first pair is Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy!"]

At first the old man's words didn't catch his attention. But when he heard who he was paired with, Draco's eyes went straight to the Gryffindor who he had been paired with. There was no way this could be happening.
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