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[font "bookman old style" [size15 Daniel chuckled. [b [#125156 “I might love her just a tad bit more,”]] he teased, patting the dash of the car gently. It was a complete lie. He just didn’t like anybody else driving his truck. They did have some fond memories with his truck, which made it a little bitter sweet that this adventure would be the last one for quite some time. He could see his friend relaxing in the seat next to him, watching as he lit up with excitement and joy. He had never seen his friend so relaxed and content beside him before. It was as if an edge of tension had been removed at the prospect of finally leaving, and although it should probably hurt a little more, all he could think of was how relieved he himself felt that his friend was beginning a new phase in his life.]]

[font "bookman old style" [size15 He pulled to a stop and watched his friend excitedly hurry into the shop. Daniel was following him, an easy smile on his face. He watched him order before ordering his own chocolate malted crunch with a caramel drizzle. This was usually the standard order for him and he figured he could have a cheat day after having such a long day working outside. [b [#125156 “Add some walnuts please,”]] he asked. He thanked the employee behind the counter. [b “That’ll be seven dollars and sixty-five cents,”] the employee said, ringing up the frozen treats. Daniel smiled and handed him a ten. He took the change and dropped it in the tip jar, [b [#125156 “Have a good one.”]] The employee smiled and thanked him.]]

[font "bookman old style" [size15 He turned to Finn and smiled, [b [#125156 “Course we are, let’s get in the truck. Got the blankets and everything. Don’t want those bruises to come back,”]] he winked. He knew the bed of his truck wasn’t the most comfortable, and Finn often complained about it. He had tossed a few old afghans in the back of the truck as an afterthought and kept them in the back in case Finn and he had some spur of the moment drives. It tended to happen when Finn’s parents were not the nicest to him. Sometimes they’d sit in silence, other times they’d talk in wistful, whispered tones of what they would end up being when they could start their own lives.]]

[font "bookman old style" [size15 Once they were in the car and Daniel handed Finn his ice cream to hold so he could drive, he started up the truck and headed to their spot. He enjoyed the comfortable silence that fell over the cab of the truck as he pulled into their spot and stopped the car. [b [#125156 “Mind holding that for a bit longer? I’ll spread the blankets out real quick,”[b [#125156 he said, getting out of the truck and opening up the bed. He hopped onto the bed and pulled the strapped down blankets in the corner and began spreading them out and laying them down. [b [#125156 “Alright, hand me the ice creams and get up here,”]] Daniel said, reaching for the ice cream.]]
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[size11 There was nothing in the world that Finn held in higher regard than his best friend. They had spent their lives together. Maybe they had just become friends in the beginning because they were the same age, but from then on out it had been the perfect friendship. They went to school every day together, had all the same classes as one another, built forts together, played games together, learned to ride horses together, went to church together, grew together, graduated together. Daniel had been his rock through almost everything because he was just as caring as Finn, because they were practically the same person. It was a wonder they didn't look the same. Daniel had talked his parents into giving Finn one of their dog's puppies after his own dog was killed in an accident. Daniel had sat with him in silence as he cried after taking a lashing from his daddy. Daniel had taught him how to properly line dance so he wouldn't look ridiculous in front of girls at school functions. Daniel was everything to him, and now they weren't going to be together anymore. For the first time in his life, he was doing something alone.]

[size11 [#cb84e3 "Ah, I'm gonna miss her too. I'll make sure to come by and see your folks before I leave, make sure they can't guilt trip me for not saying goodbye."] He smiled softly, remembering fondly all of the things Daniel's parents had done for him. In a way, they were more like his parents than his own had ever been. He knew it wasn't that his parents didn't love him, only that he had disappointed them so much in the way that he was. Maybe if he had come out more like Daniel they would be proud of him. Maybe he didn't want them to be conditionally proud of him. He could settle with being a disappointment if he could be happy. [#cb84e3 "You know you'll be welcome there whenever you want. I'd be happy to show you around. I'll introduce you to all of my classmates and they will ooh and ahh at my cowboy friend."] Even though he was smiling, he still felt very sad. He didn't want to leave Daniel behind, but it was a necessity if he was ever going to get to leave, because he knew Daniel wasn't going to. Finn sighed, but answered truthfully. [#cb84e3 "Alright, I promise."]]

[size11 There was absolutely no surprise when Daniel refused to allow him to drive, pushing him away from the door to prevent him coming up with any crazy ideas. Finn laughed, brushing untamed curls away from his eyes. [#cb84e3 "I swear you love this old girl more than me."] He gave a show of a pout, sticking his bottom lip out at his old friend before walking around to the passenger side and pulling himself into the seat. It was so familiar beneath him, settling his entire being. He didn't want to think about how he might go a year without riding in that truck, or even more than that. He watched Daniel as he drove, taking in the nuances he had come to recognize as being purely Daniel. He kept his eyes on him when he knew his friend couldn't see, carrying on the conversation without effort. Talking to Daniel was like talking to himself. The two of them could go on about just about anything and it would never become stale. Finn loved that about him.]

[size11 Once they pulled to a stop, Finn sat up, having slid down into the seat and put his shins against the dash to get more comfortable. A smile broke across his features, lighting up his blue eyes. [#cb84e3 "Really? I can have whatever I want?"] He said in a voice of childlike wonder. Slipping out of the car, he ran inside before Daniel and jogged up to the counter, leaning against it as he looked up at the menu. It was all for show. Finn always got the same thing when they came here, and he would always get the same thing, because it was his favorite. [#cb84e3 "I'd like two scoops of mint chocolate chip in a bowl, lots of whipped cream, extra chocolate chips on top."] He turned toward Daniel and waited while he ordered whatever he wanted, tapping his fingers on the counter.]

[size11 As he waited, his eyes drifted out a window where he could see the sun touching the horizon, set to go down at any minute and bring on the night. One day closer to leaving. One less day with Daniel. He tried not to think about it, returning his attention to the counter as his ice cream was put in front of him, a less bright smile on his lips. [#cb84e3 "Thanks."] Finn took the bowl of ice cream and wandered back toward the door slowly, expecting Daniel to follow. [#cb84e3 "Are we going to the normal spot?"] He asked, turning to face him but continuing to slowly walk backwards toward the door. Most times they would take baby out to the clearing off an old trail about five minutes drive and sit in the bed with their treats while the stars came out. He couldn't help but wonder if he would ever get the chance to do that ever again. He didn't want to waste the opportunity.]
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[font "bookman old style" [size15 Daniel always had a feeling that Finn fell out of place. Whereas he loved being out in the sun working away, but his friend didn’t enjoy the same hard work that made Daniel feel like he had a productive day. Most times Finn was over, Daniel would be out grooming the horses and Finn would be underneath the shade as they shared easy conversation. Daniel enjoyed those easy afternoons where conversation flowed easy and the laughter was genuine and natural. He remembered days of bailing Finn out from procrastinating on his chores so he wouldn’t get in trouble. Daniel always did it with a smile and effortlessly worked to complete the mundane work. Out of Finn’s siblings, Finn was definitely the black sheep. Daniel admired just how different his best friend was, and the only thing that probably kept them together as friends were their similar temperaments and knowing each other since they were practically in diapers.]]

[font "bookman old style" [size15 He watched his friend slump from releasing the tension he had over sharing the big news. [#125156 [b “Now come on, did you expect a different reaction?”]] He laughed good naturedly, [#125156 [b “You big ol’ dork.”]] He said fondly. Finn might not have received the care and support from his family, but he sure got an abundance of it from Daniel and his parents. His mama took Finn under her wing and babied him like he was her own son. Daniel would argue that he practically was. His father never judged Finn, only encouraged his talents, while still teaching him the value of being disciplined. Daniel’s family were a bet more progressive than the rest of the conservative families, but Daniel just liked to think it was because his folks had a whole lot of love to give and Finn just happened to be in the crossfire of that.]]

[font "bookman old style" [size15 [#125156 [b “I’m going to miss you too. My mama is going to throw a fit you know. She’ll probably be sending your care packages weekly,”]] Daniel teased. [#125156 [b “I may not like the city all that much, but if you like it than there must be something decent about it. I could maybe visit for a weekend, and you can show this out of place country boy around.”]] Daniel listened to his best friend promising to come back and visit. His smile softened, turning from one of teasing to understanding. [#125156 [b “Finn, you come back when you’re ready. Believe me you’re going to leave this town and feel so much independence and freedom, you might not want to come back and that’s alright. This is your path of discovery, figuring out where you belong. I’ll always be your best friend, even if it takes you another decade to come home. Don’t you worry about that, you just worry about yourself, alright? Promise me that?”]] Daniel asked, his voice softer than before.]]

[font "bookman old style" [size15 He watched as his best friend hurried to his struck and that mischievous glint in his eyes and smile spoke volumes. Daniel’s eyes widened when Finn asked to drive his truck. [#125156 [b “You know the rules! Nobody drives baby but me, you crazy animal.”]] He pushed Finn inside, [#125156 [b “We’re going to get ice cream now. I’m driving. You sit there and behave.”]] Daniel swore his best friend was actually a four year old.]]

[font "bookman old style" [size15 The drive was quick, filled with easy conversation and lots of laughter. Daniel wasn’t one to dwell. Finn was leaving and he wasn’t going to guilt trip his friend into staying. Finn needed this, so he would support him and send him off with a smile. Finn deserved that. He certainly wouldn’t get the same reaction from his own family.]]

[font "bookman old style" [size15 He parked the truck and climbed out, [#125156 [b “My treat, so go crazy,”]] he said as they entered the mostly empty ice cream parlour.]]
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[size11 The sense of relief that washed over Finn when Daniel smiled at him was all encompassing. Just knowing that the most important person in the world to him was this supportive of his choice made him feel so much lighter. Of course his parents were happy to see him go. They would have much preferred a son like Daniel. The two boys might have been best friends, but they couldn't have been more different. Where Daniel was strong and good with hard labor, Finn was slender and preferred putting his work ethic into his creativity. Daniel was built for farm work, and it was always clear that he loved it. Finn was never good at it. He spent more time talking to the animals than tending to them. If it hadn't been for his two brothers picking up his slack, he probably would have gotten in a lot more trouble over the years. His father knew he was a good for nothing boy, and his mama was more interested in his single sister than any of the boys. Finn was free to leave, and they were all happy for it to finally happen.]

[size11 [#cb84e3 "You don't know how happy I am to hear you say that."] The tension in his shoulders released and he slumped a bit, feeling all at once foolish for thinking that Daniel could have been anything but proud of him. Out of everyone in town, the other boy believed in him more than anyone else. He'd been the only one to always encourage him to follow his dreams, and in some ironic twist of fate, he was probably the only reason Finn had even applied to the prestigious art school. If he hadn't been encouraged all those years, he never would have had the confidence to go for something so big. [#cb84e3 "I sure am gonna miss you."] He said softly, an admission that didn't even need to be said. They both knew that this would be their first time being so far apart in their whole lives, and not seeing each other for more than a week all at once. Daniel was practically a brother to him, and yet so much more.]

[size11 A gentle laugh parted Finn's lips and he shook his head. The idea of his big, cowboy of a best friend walking through Times Square was a pretty funny one. [#cb84e3 "You're right. You'd probably hate it there. They don't even have sweet tea up in the north you know. How would you ever survive?"] There was a mix of teasing and sadness to his words. He didn't want to leave Daniel behind, but he had to get out of this town. He had to have a break from his parents. If only he'd been more like his brothers, more like Daniel, then he would be more than content to be a farmer for the rest of his life. That's just not how it turned out. [#cb84e3 "I'll come back, you know. Mama would kill me if I didn't come back for Christmas at least. And I'll probably be back for the summer next year. Staying up there outside of school would be too expensive. So it's not like we're saying goodbye or anything. As if I would ever be able to bear your big dumb face when you're sad."] Reaching up, he tapped his hand against Daniel's cheek just before he was pulled in by an arm around his neck, the familiar action drawing a bright, genuine laugh from him.]

[size11 [#cb84e3 "Oh yeah?"] He fixed his black tank top, because he liked to wear black but it was a million degrees out, and leaned into Daniel's side as they walked. [#cb84e3 "And whose fault is that, Mr. Work All The Live Long Day?"] His eyebrows lifted a bit as he looked up at him, his smile still firmly in place. When they got close, Finn broke away and jogged up to the truck, pulling the door open. [#cb84e3 "Can I drive?"] He turned, leaning his back against the vehicle and biting his bottom lip. He already knew the answer.] [i [size11 'Hell no.']] [size11 That was always the answer. He knew how protective Daniel was of his truck. But it never hurt to ask.]
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[font "bookman old style" [size15 It had been a hot, drenched-in-sweat kind of a day. He was out working on his parent’s farm, helping with the fresh fruits that were finally losing their flowers and growing into the actual fruit. He weeded and watered the gardens his mother tended to so joyfully. Once he had finished with that he went into the barn to tend to the animals. He let the pigs out to enjoy some mud baths and cool off in the hot sun by caking their skin in the sticky, yet refreshing mud. He cleaned their pens, as best as he could in the swampy mess. He moved onto the horse, taking extra time on their pens, petting them and sneaking them sugar cubes for being good and letting him work around them. It was much too hot to let them out, so he made sure their fans were one, the trough filled with cool water, and giving them a few apple slices and a carrot each.]]

[font "bookman old style" [size15 He moved onto their little family of goats, a new addition to the barn. The mama goat was still unsure about them, but nonetheless tolerated him when Daniel brought her treats. The two baby goats always nudged his legs with their little foreheads, and he’d scratch behind their ears to settle them down. After cleaning their pen and playing with them for a bit, he moved onto mowing the front lawn. His dad didn’t ask him to do that chore, but he knew it was looking a bit overgrown, and he might as well even out the farmer’s tan he more than likely got that day during his last hour of being in the sun. He chucked off his shirt, hanging up on the wooden fence and took a swig from his water bottle. He went into the shed and got the lawn mower, and walked it up to the front yard of the house and began to mow the lawn, feeling the overly hot beams of the sun darken his skin and overdose him on Vitamin D.]]

[font "bookman old style" [size15 Once his chores were done, after taking the majority of the day, he headed inside. He kissed his mom on the cheek when she handed some sweet tea. [b “You did good today, baby. Thank you. Have fun tonight with Finn,”] she said. He smiled, [b [#125156 “Thanks for the tea, mama,”]] he called out as he leaped up the stairs to go into the bathroom to shower and freshen up. He took a quick cold shower to help cool his skin down. Once he got out, he applied some aloe vera to hopefully prevent a sunburn, although it was practically inevitable at this point. As he was doing so, he wondered what his best friend and himself would get up to that night. They hadn’t seen each other as much as Daniel would have liked, and he couldn’t help but put part of the blame on himself. His dad was thinking of making him a partner for the farm after the summer, and he needed to make sure he could show his parents he had the discipline needed to run the farm and ease their tasks now that they were getting up there in age.]]

[font "bookman old style" [size15 Finn was nothing but understanding, so when his friend asked to hang out that night, Daniel couldn’t possible say no. Once he was changed in a white tee-shirt, a plaid flannel, and his jeans and boots, he grabbed the keys to his truck and headed out for the night with a quick good-bye to his folks. They shouted back at him to drive safe and to have fun. He checked his phone, before sliding it in his pocket and getting into the truck. Their drive took less than five minutes. He could see Finn’s frame and smiled. He hopped out of the truck and walked over to him.]]

[font "bookman old style" [size15 Before he could say a greeting, Finn spluttered out that he was leaving. Daniel watched, confusion clear in his face. He watched his friend blush, and all he could feel was a fondness for his childhood friend. He listened to him explain why he was leaving and where he was going. He was spouting out apologies, explaining why he had to leave, with a wish that he could take Daniel with him. He smiled at his friend. He knew that his friend wasn’t content in their backwoods town where everybody knew everybody. [b [#125156 “Buddy, you’ve been restless in this town for a while. I’m surprised we haven’t had this conversation yet. Of course you should pursue your art, you’re great at it. Go learn your craft, become a crazy successful artist. You know you can tell me anything. I’m not about to throw a fit that my best friend is finally doing something to make him happy.”]]]]

[font "bookman old style" [size15 He couldn’t help but smile. This was going to be great for Finn. He was going to hone his craft and get out of his parents clutches. He was going to do something for himself and Daniel couldn’t be more proud. He was sure he’d miss his best friend, but with technology innovations, he knew they’d still say hi to each other. Plus, he’d be busy, too. They’d both be doing something they loved, and it made Daniel feel more relieved than anything. He smiled when Finn wished he could come with him, [b [#125156 “Now what would I do in a city? You know I love it here, especially now that my daddy’s letting me buy into the farm. Maybe I’ll visit, but you need to go and be your own person for a while. Spread those restless wings you got, you know? My mama always called you a flight risk for a reason. You don’t belong here, never have. Sure, you’re welcome here, but I’ve always know you would go and do amazing things. It just took you a while to figure out what that was.”]]]]

[font "bookman old style" [size15 [b [#125156 “Now come on, let’s get some ice cream. It’s wicked hot, and we could both do some catching up. Feels like I haven’t seen you all summer,”]] Daniel said, throwing his arm around Finn’s neck. He led his friend to his truck.]]
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[size11 Finn was nervous about one thing and one thing alone. Going to college didn't scare him. In fact, it excited him. He wasn't afraid of leaving home. Getting out of this small town in the middle of hillbilly nowhere was all he'd dreamed about for the past few years. He was excited to get into an actual city where he didn't risk stepping in cow patties whenever he went out for a walk. He was looking forward to meeting new people and learning new things. But he was nervous because he hadn't told the one person that mattered most to him. He was nervous to be leaving his best friend behind for the first time in his life. He was afraid of losing him because of this decision.]

[size11 Brushing his curls away from his eyes, Finn watched the sun hang lazily in the sky, slowly crawling toward the horizon. The summer was nearing its end and soon he would be on a plane heading to college. These plans had come together so perfectly and he was so ready to get out, but he still had to tell him. He needed to man up and face his fears and tell his best friend that he was leaving. He could only hope that it wouldn't come between them. That he wouldn't be angry at him for running away. They may have both been raised as home grown country boys, but Finn didn't want to be that forever. He wanted something more. He] [i [size11 needed]] [size11 something more.]

[size11 A smile broke over his features at the sight of the other boy silhouetted against the sky with the sun behind him. Finn took the last few moments as he closed the gap between them to get everything straight in his head. It was now or never. If he allowed himself to go off on another topic, he knew he'd never come back to it. There was only one way to go about this, and it wasn't delicate, it was clumsy and terrifying. He took a deep breath and swallowed it, cracking a few of his knuckles as he set himself up to go.]

[size11 [#cb84e3 "I'm leaving."] Definitely not the best way to begin. Finn's cheeks flushed a bright red to match the blazing beginnings of the sunset and he dropped his eyes to the ground between them, suffering in the silence that ensued. [#cb84e3 "I was accepted to a university in New York for art."] He tried to ease into more of an explanation. [#cb84e3 "The semester starts in two and a half weeks, I'll be leaving in two to fly up there."] It didn't feel any easier after explaining himself, but he managed to drag his eyes back up to look into the face of his best friend, expecting to find betrayal written across it.]

[size11 [#cb84e3 "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner."] His southern accent was clear in his voice, impossible not to have when you lived in the boonies your whole life. [#cb84e3 "I can't spend my whole life in this town. It'll drive me out of my mind. I can't be under]] [i [size11 [#cb84e3 their]]] [size11 [#cb84e3 roof anymore."]] [size11 All of him wanted to be understood. [#cb84e3 "I wish you would come with me."] That's all he could think to stay as he waited for the backlash, having spilled his guts all over the place without giving the other time to reply. Now he stood in silence, trying to keep his eyes up despite how afraid he felt of being pushed away. He didn't want to lose him over this. He never wanted to lose him.]
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