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[raleway The young lady stopped half way from her boyfriend as he attempted to explain why he wanted to break up [b "I'm not even sad more so annoyed.. This relationship was a waste of both our time."] Letting out a sigh
[b "I skipped practices for this? You do understand the school I go to, right?"] The male looked dumbfounded he was trying to let this go easy for her but she had an annoyed expression.

[b "God look at you. Thinking I had no idea you were cheating on me with some girl at your coed school. I'm done with the conversation and don't worry about me I'll be fine; let's just end it here. I have no hard feelings and we never really did much."]
Turning back around and shaking the confused young man's hand, afterwards she turned and walked back through the front gates in a rather calm state.

The girl waited behind the gates until she heard the footsteps of the boy leave giving him 5 minutes the once posed girl eyes began to swell up and she let out a wail with that the water works began. Fifthteen minutes passed as she let her eyes swell from the tears [b " I can't go to practice like this... I guess I'll just go home after I grab my backpack from the classroom."]
As she returns to class she spots a girl that she caught her attention from the opening ceremony [b "Hello... Aren't you suppose to be in your club activities?"] she said with a low hoarse voice keeping her eyes to the ground.]

[Center [b [+blue Setting]]]

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[raleway [B Seien Girls' Senior High School] where only the best of the best are invited to. Most students come for a specific club/talent such as sports or music. The school is known for producing many of Japan's elites and many wish to attend the school but the school scouts people and has a elementary that the young scouted personnel can attend instead of going out of the system.
The school has an abundance of wealth and ranks in the top 5 of schools in the world but the catch is that it's a school solely for girls no males at all not at any position. The school was founded on the idea an environment where females can focus on bettering themselves and overcome the male dominated society. There are a mix of student population since anyone is scouted not just the elites of the world the school gets its income mainly from alumni and the elites who wish for their child to attend the school.]

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[raleway The girl (you) actually saw and heard everything that happened outside while heading to your club . Deciding to set up a bump in with the broken girl since all people are nosy and girl (you) may have met broken girl in the past though the broken girl (me) doesn't remember since she had an accident though she does have memory lapses of the past. Taking this chance girl (you) would like to talk more with her since after getting into the school girl (you) found out they went to the same school, but just never found the courage to talk to broken girl (me).]

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[List Username: Kaaiyuki
Character Name: Yorimasa,Kikiru
Age: 16
Year: 1
Gender: Female
Club: Soccer
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 105lbs
Personality: Brave/happy front, Cry baby, friendly, social, caring, clumsy

Likes: Japanese National team, Tea, food, sleeping, dogs, and beach.

Dislikes: Snails, rain, coffee, cats, peanuts, and thunder.

Extra: Light-hearted and cares for everyone so people enjoy to be around her. She can actually sing, draw, and play the violin and piano streams on nico-nico. Does a few covers and what not on YouTube as well.

Short bio: Kikiru's father is a CEO of a sporting goods company so she usually gets custom designs and equipment from him. Having an older brother who plans on inheriting the business so her job is to help advertise the equipment by becoming a sport star. Her family is quite caring but forceful with her choice of hobbies such as making her do sports over music. As long as Kikiru follows through with her promise to focus on sports. She is quite lonely though since many of her friends don't follow her interests of music; having never really getting along with boys Kikiru attempted a relationship with her childhood friend. Though by childhood friend she means at 8 since she doesn't remember too much due to an accident.
Appearance:] [pic http://data.whicdn.com/images/53807413/large.jpg]


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[center [+blue "I believe we can make it work, but until we figure how to make it work just having you here as long as possible is enough for now."]

Sai could only gave a simple smile even though she felt she could smile like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland, she supposed if she did that, that Kikiru would find her strange. So she kept her simple smile on her face as the white haired girl started to understand slowly that she couldn't be in Kikiru's more than a couple of days because the purple haired woman actually had accommodation at the school until she graduated. Although; That didn't bother Sai right now she was observing the surroundings of Kikiru's home.

It was big and homely but, she supposed that the place being so big and only one person living in it, it would be quiet lonely because even in the school, she was given a large room with luxurious in them that would make other students across the country to be jealous off but Sai didn't care about material things-

They had their uses of course but they were just things and Sai needed more than just heartless objects to keep her company and she would never guessed to see Kikiru again let alone be in her company right this moment to the point Sai mentally wished to pinch herself to see if it wasn't a cruel dream based on her desire- no need to see Kikiru again. As she was about to actually pinch herself discreetly she was stopped by arms being wrapped around the middle of her back. Pulling her into them and out of her day dream, causing her to look lightly down at Kikiru who had begun to embrace her..

For a moment Sai didn't know what to do but soon, she only smiled a little more as she brought an arm around Kikru's back and held the smaller woman into her, while she leant down and but her forehead on top of Kikiru's head. The scent of mature, yet similar Kikiru waft in her nose... It was comforting to the point that she didn't wish to let go of the white haired woman, yet soon Kikiru moved back and apologised for her actions.

[+blue "Sorry about that. Hope you like green tea and I also have some cakes."]

[+blue "There's chocolate, strawberry shortcake, and green tea cake, also that would awesome. Fireworks and everything, I haven't gone to anytype of festival in a while since I've been so focused on soccer. Since my club isn't doing anything I'll just latch onto you. I'll let you choose your slice first."]

Sai shuck her head at Kikiru and smiled [+purple "It's alright Kikiru, thank you."] She stated as she felt an urge to hold Kikiru again yet she was afraid she wouldn't let go next time.. so she decided against it and followed Kikiru into the living room where treats and green tea awaited them, soon they both gazed at the cake- Well Sai saw Kikiru gazing at the green tea cake, which she assumed that one was the one that the white haired girl wanted, causing her to smile fondly before looking at the chocolate cake besides it. The purple haired girl did like chocolate so she opened her mouth and spoke up as she sat down on the couch to relax with Kikiru for a bit until they had to go.

[+purple "I will have the chocolate one, thank you Kikiru." She stated before reaching out for the chocolate one and picked up the knife that she would use and place on the small plates on the table. Once done she picked up a fork and the plate before leaning back on the soft furniture and begun eating contently.
  SakuHinaLover / 1y 29d 5h 8m 33s
Sai was pretty good at hiding how she felt unlike Kikiru who was basically an open book. Kikiru knew she was an awful liar so it would be a lot better for the two were to be acquaintances rather than friends in public. Kikiru just couldn't careless of what others think which made Sai's hesitation difficult for her to understand; joy and happiness were emotions Kikiru cherished whenever she could. Raised by a family that put their business as apart of their lives Kikiru was stubborn.

[+blue "I believe we can make it work, but until we figure how to make it work just having you here as long as possible is enough for now."]

Hop and cheer followed suit after the gleeful girl's soft voice. Again Kikiru hugged Sai who had slightly larger frame and silk smooth hair. Closing her eyes to embed the moment Kikiru remembered she was a host; quickly letting go of Sai she left for the tea.

[+blue "Sorry about that. Hope you like green tea and I also have some cakes."]

Basically sprinting out the kitchen and into the living room she placed the stainless steel pan with two petite white porcelain cups, silver tea pot, and a plate holding 3 slices of cake onto the glass coffee table. Taking a seat on the couch Kikiru waved over for Sai to sit next to her on the white leather that was uncracked. Not having many visitors meant that everything was basically spotless as the maid came everyday. The couch was a two person love seat, but with kikiru it was more like a 3 person seat.

[+blue "There's chocolate, strawberry shortcake, and green tea cake, also that would awesome. Fireworks and everything, I haven't gone to anytype of festival in a while since I've been so focused on soccer. Since my club isn't doing anything I'll just latch onto you. I'll let you choose your slice first."]

The shine of the blue eyes was blinding as Kikiru was exploding with excitement. The her eyes beemed onto the tea cake clearly Kikiru hoped Sai chose the other two.
  Kikiru Yorimasa / Aoki-chan / 1y 149d 16h 41m 29s
[center [+blue "Come on in. The gates unlocked."]

When Sai heard the sweet voice once again that belonged to Kikiru; it caused the dark skinned female to jump lightly and her heart skipped a beat lightly, still not used to hearing the white haired female's voice again, it was scary how long she hadn't heard It and how has a worse effect on her than when they were children. The young and innocent little girl she once knew had turned into a still innocent girl, but her thin body had grown into a curvious body of a woman, also her voice had grown lightly mature as well. Which caused the biggest shiver down her spin and all over her body... She had these shivers when they were small, so she knew that the shivers were pleasant. But having these feelings now...

After what her parents had done to her; To her and Kikru's relationship, denying her to see Kikiru again... if they knew that she was here or even talking to Kikiru she would be sent back into that 'clensing stage' again... and what would become of Kikiru.. Sai's blood froze; Would they send the sweetest girl she knew to that place to?.. The older girl stepped back holding her hands to her chest as it started to hurt her with her anxiety of the danger she could bring upon Kikiru..

Her Ru-Chan.. Sai gazed over towards where she just came from, thinking to herself maybe she should just go back?... Though then her friends would wonder why would she back so soon.. Also now Kikiru has her number; There was no way out of this.. if her plan ran smoothly she could pull this off without the school ever knowing where she had really been.. Even though the thought of endangering Kikiru was scourging through her mind.. She couldn't just walk away from Kikiru right now.., so she walked forward hesitantly as the buzzer came on, allowing her entrance through the gate. Then she walked slowly to the door the only door between Kikiru and herself..

Soon the door swung open after Sai could hear running foot steps rushing towards it to open it quickly to see her.. Sai bit her lip.. knowing the situation of making Kikiru happy would be worse for her if her parents find out.. it would crush Kikiru and herself... and the ending result would be most likely the two of them would be sent to the 'soul cleansing place' where Sai had been since she young until she was released when they thought she was cured, or rather she was half dead and that's when they couldn't go any further, because it would've been a murder situation, Everyone was quiet about the child abuse in that building but they would not be quiet about murder, so they let her go, leaving the school to keep an eye on her...

Warning her.. if she was to have those feelings again she would be sent back.. but that voice that came next made everything go to the back of her mind.

[+blue "Welcome to my house! My home is also your home."]

Those words made Sai's dark lips curve into a light smile.. A home.. that sounded nice.. she never had a place that felt like home, but when she was with Kikiru she always felt she was home.. she thought wherever they would go together she felt at ease and safe even though she was the one that was older and the stronger one. Then before she knew it and realised it; Kikiru had lead her inside by her hand into the home itself. It smelt like Kikiru.. of course it would it was Kikiru's home..

The smell just made it all wonderful without even looking into the home, because Sai could live by the scent of Kikiru and never get board of it, she even literally pinched herself discreetly, making sure none of it was a cruel dream. It.. wasn't.. Sai's smile shuck as her body started to shake too lightly it was too much happiness all at once. But she couldn't allow herself to show Kikiru how her life had effected her without Kikiru in it because then she would have to tell her what happened, and that was something she would be willing to do.

So; as they entered the home; Sai looked around briefly opened her mouth lightly to speak.

[+purple "It's a wonderful home Kikiru.. But you know I can't fully live here because the school might become suspicious of my whereabouts since I originally live at the school.. But I will be allowed to stay for a couple of days a week... Also I wish to know if you would like to come with me to see the fireworks and join the festivities tonight at the school, the other girls will be coming with us. "]

Sai said softly at first genuinely thinking that the home is wonderful, but soon her voice came regretful and sorrowful that she couldn't fully live with Kikiru even though she deeply and tremendously wanted to, but the school would become suspicious of her whereabouts since she was originally living at the school until she graduated they said, but she would be allowed to stay a couple days a week if Kikiru would have her of course. Also before the mood could be tarnished; Sai asked nervously if Kikiru would like to join her to the fireworks and the festivities at the school that night. Then all Sai could do was wait for Kikiru's answer.
  SakuHinaLover / 1y 245d 14h 43m 53s
Kikiru finished up her current song. Today was a kpop day so she did covers of popular kpop songs requested by the viewers [+blue "I'll catch you guys later. I'm sorry I didn't play every song, if I missed a request put it on the list for next time. Hope you all enjoyes the stream because I enjoyed playing for you all."]

The viewer count slowly dwindle down and then she heard the doorbell [+blue "She's here!"] jumping out of her computer chair she rain out the room, down the stairs, and quickly pressed the button to unlock the gate then she spoke through the intercom [+blue "Come on in. The gates unlocked."]

The excitement was building up so she openes the door as well [+blue "Welcome to my house! My home is also your home."] Kikiru had a wide smile on her face as she waited for the Sai to open the gates to Kikiru's fortress of solitude [i "I hope one day this home will once again be filled with joy and warmth as every home should be."]
  Kikiru Yorimasa / Aoki-chan / 2y 78d 19h 22m 27s
[center[I [+blue "With those words you have given me energy! Let's get the heck out of here and go do what we plan on doing... ah wait a moment I gotta get home actually."]
[+blue "Tell all the other girls of our plan if you want and here's my cellphone number and everything."]
[+blue "I'll leave first... feel free to text me when you're ready."]]

What Kikiru had said to her echoed in her mind as the white haired girl went on her way home. Soon the echoing stopped as Sai gazed down towards the piece of paper that Kikiru had given her. It had everything Sai had wanted since the day she left the hospital, left Kikiru in her moment- No years of need.

The piece of paper gave her the contact number and email of Kikiru, giving her hope and a chance to be in the white haired girls life again. The realisation caused Sai to smile gently yet half-brokenly and caused her to bring the paper to her chest to were her rapidly beating heart was. Sai couldn't remember the last time she was this excited before, so once she got hold of herself and was able to move her body.

After getting over the emotional situation; Sai got up with a smile that was ear to ear as she walked quickly down the stairs of the tower, then her walking pace became an run and that run became a sprint all the way to the outside of the forest. To were she knew she would have to compose herself despite her joyful moment.

She had to calm herself because the school had camera's, so she composed herself and appeared as the unpredictable and unreadable young woman she always appeared to be ever since she started the school. Once she was her regal self she walked towards the school with a unreadable expression on her face and continued to have that expression even when she entered the classroom again.

Once she was at the classroom again; The other girls turned their heads towards her as she entered in, all the girls accept Meila gave Sai an concerned look yet they didn't go near her because they didn't know how to confront her about what happened. Though Meila on the other hand simply walked over to her and stood in front of Sai ,with her hands on her hips and a tight frown on her lips before opening her mouth to speak.

[+Brown "And what was that about?"]

Sai was startled by the questioning voice of Meila at first but knowing the girl for so long; Sai didn't expect anything else from the other dark skinned woman, so she got over her little start quickly. Before she too opened her mouth to speak.

[+Purple "Hm? What was what about?"]

Sai started to enter Kikiru's email and phone number in her phone while she gazed at it like she had been hit by cupid's arrow, in fact she had always been under the influence of the love sickness ever since she and Kikiru were small. She didn't realise it was love until she got a little older and questioned herself if she indeed love Kikiru and when she did her already grown feelings grew stronger...

But now after seeing Kikiru again for such a log time.. Sai had come to realise just how grown up Kikiru had become even though she seemed like she would still have a few child moments and most of all Sai noticed how more beautiful Kikiru had become if that was possible because of course Kikiru had always been beautiful..

Though seeing the white haired girl now. Sai noticed how almost all of the baby/child feature's had gone and were replaced by more mature features. If Sai was animated there would be most likely hearts in her eyes as she logged and saved Kikiru's number in her phone. Unaware that the other brown skinned girl would disturb her until now.

[+brown "....We'll talk about it later after another rehearsal, since it will be us on stage first tonight. "]

Meila commented eyeing Sai's phone, wondering why she changed from upset before to the most happy she had never seen Sai be it was good.. but very unusual but she decided to press into it after the show that evening, the comment of the girl caused Sai to nod slightly as she kept looking at her phone with a smile on her face, before she put it away in her pocket before joining the girls in another rehearsal with a bit of a bounce in her step, causing all the girls to look at her confusedly yet never questioned Sai's odd behaviour, went along with the rehearsal.

Once the reshearsal was done and the night was coming along to the point it was time for the big show, While the other girls were getting ready Sai and Meila had their conversation about Kikiru, of course Sai didn't tell Meila all of it especially the part that she felt feelings towards the white haired girl, she mostly mentioned that their parents banned her from seeing Kikiru and now seeing her again and the fact that Kikiru asked her to move in with her, she was overjoyed.

But the school would have to know where she goes at night, so she requested Meila if they all pretend to be having a sleepover like they usually do, so she can see Kikiru and stay with her for a couple nights a week, of course she would encourage Kikiru to come along to a real sleepover with all the girls, but seeing Kikiru for the first time in such a long time she wanted to catch up on lost time with her, just the two of them. Meila looked at her unreadably as Sai explained herself to her... But in the end the brown haired girl sighed agreed to Sai's idea, causing the mostly composed teenager to give Meila a hug as she thanked the other dark skinned girl, before letting her go once it was time to get on stage.

After they did their songs on stage; Sai and the girls left early to get their kimono's for the big firework display, food and game stalls. Meila had told the others about Sai's idea and they all agreed to help the older woman; Sai followed the directions of Kikiru's flat on her phone, until she realised that the white haired girl actually lived across the road from Meila's. All the girls were amazed how close it was but they left Sai to with their goodbyes and hugs, before Meila suggested for Sai to bring Kikiru along to the firework dislay. Sai nodded at this with a smile and walked towards the flat... Once she was there she lost her smile, her expression was full of nerves, causing her arm to shake as she pressed the busser with her fourth finger. Before waiting for Kikiru to answer her..
  SakuHinaLover / 2y 165d 5h 38m 46s
After hearing Sai's words of making Kikiru's plan work she jumped with joy [+blue "With those words you have given me energy! Let's get the heck out of here and go do what we plan on doing... ah wait a moment I gotta get home actually."] Her excitement turned into a bit of disappointment

[+blue "Tell all the other girls of our plan if you want and here's my cellphone number and everything."] Kikiru quickly took out a piece of scrap paper in her pocket and wrote down her cellphone number and email [+blue "Yeah we kinda need to register emails for cellphones... and I'm pretty sure you know that since you've lived in Japan so long."] Putting it into Sai's hands then smiling and walked away while waving her hand [+blue "I'll leave first... feel free to text me when you're ready."]

Kikiru had promised her fans online a live stream and she didn't want to break her promise so she had to prep up for that. She quickly escaped the clock tower and the forest, Kikiru had a smile on like everything bad that happened today was in the past. She was worried of the other girls but she had to go; sprinting through past the front gate and on the side walks yelling at the top of lungs [+blue "I remember!"] her hair fluttered illuminated by the sunset orange. Kikiru got home in a flash since it was a mad dash she paid no attention of those around her.

Quickly punching the gate's passcode in; she used her keys to unlock the front door[+blue "I'm home!"] yelling out as entered the empty home. The house gave her an echo as response [+blue "Soon it won't be just me"].

The house was more so a mansion with 2 floors, the master bedroom with it's own bathroom and office room is upstairs; 3 bedrooms on the main floor each with their own bathrooms, 2 bathrooms for guests, and large living room with a fire place and sliding doors for the back yard which was just a space of well trimmed grass. The front door connected to a shoe room where a rack sat on the right side and coat closet on the right, this was pretty empty other than Kikiru's shoes and coats. Leaving the shoe room the dinning room and kitchen are to the right and the living room, with spiral stairs to the master bedroom, are on the left. The house was a modern design so it was boxy with a navy blue exterior and on the inside was white marble tiles; the house was designed by a designated architect.

Kikiru ran upstairs to her office room and turned on her computer. She had a complete setup ready; since she was popular online she bought and learned the trade of a streamer/youtuber Kikiru had multiple setups around her office with a piano/violin and multiple editing tools and computer screens.

[+blue "I hope everything goes well..."] she started the stream with the usual [+blue "I hope I didn't keep you all waiting."] she didn't show her face instead she had an avatar she chose to use on the screen.
  Kikiru Yorimasa / ClearBell / 2y 233d 14h 31m 48s
[center [+blue "Thanks a lot. You went through that because of me so I can only say thank you. Thank you for still standing before me as the same person. Thank you for still caring for me. Thank you for sharing your struggles. Thank you."]

Sai's eyes widened at the unnecessary gratitude that came from Kikiru's mouth.. Tears still came out of her eyes slowly this time because of the shock that had suddenly went through her body before she wondered how.... How... How could Kikiru thank her...

How could the white haired girl thank her. Sai had done nothing but keep everything from Kikiru. Even now she still kept most if not all of their past to herself even though she had told Kikiru why she couldn't tell her. Even with that; Sai expected that the information on why she couldn't wasn't enough and had expected even though Kikiru was the kindest and the most sweetest girl she had ever meet.

Sai had thought that Kikiru would be at least angry if not furious about the purple haired woman not telling her about her past. Her years from eight downwards to the moment they met. Her life that she completely forgotten.. Even Kikiru was the kindest girl that anyone could ever meet.. Sai had expected her to be furious.. Yet.. She wasn't..

Kikiru was thanking her; Thanking her for the information she bring herself to give.. If only Kikiru knew how self Sai was being on why her parents forbid her from helping the white haired girl from remembering her past. Why her parents told to her ignore Kikiru's presence like the white haired woman didn't exist...

Sai had broken her parents rules; because there was no way she could ignore Kikiru even if she wanted to, because the girl meant too much to her and of course she couldn't bare the thought of a unhappy expression on Kikiru's face let alone cause a tear to come out the tremendously beautiful crystal blue eyes. She just couldn't do it.. Though she also couldn't bring herself to tell Kikiru everything.. because telling her everything would mean that she would have to tell Kikiru about her feelings towards her and being the coward that she secretly and really was she feared Kikiru's reaction towards her feelings...

Sai had everything to lose...espically Kikiru's friendship and that was something she couldn't bring herself to tarnish, so she kept her feelings for Kikiru deep inside her, expecting them to be forever buried and locked away.. Unaware they were acting like a ferocious beast struggling at their restrains..

Sai didn't say anything towards Kikiru's gratitude. She simply tightened their embrace only slightly to show Kikiru that she acknowledged her gratitude but Sai also showed the white haired girl that she couldn't bring herself to speak at this moment.

Instead of speaking she nuzzled into the right side of Kikiru's neck, causing her purple hair to tickle the pale skin slightly before it stopped and the hair stayed were it was, if not only a few strands of purple ghosted cross pale skin that went with the purple colour of the hair..Not that Sai noticed because of her mixed and raw emotions and the fact she wanted- no needed to hold Kikiru in her arms...

Though when the time would come to the fact she would have to let go of Kikiru.. she knew in the deep of her mind that she would be hesitant to let go of the white haired girl.

[+blue "but I want you to lean on me and for me to lean on you. We will be together again for now on, this relationship will build off on our past and when we are ready we will face our future together hand and hand. Let's pave this for the two of us and work hard like we know we can. Let's get along."]

Lean on Kikiru... They will be together again for now on... It sounded so nice and yet Sai hadn't leant on anybody, even when the two of them were together as children. When Sai got hurt she never cried in front of Kikiru, because of the white haired girl's worried expression caused the little Sai to suck her injury up and smile through her pain at the little Kikiru and laugh, commenting that she only tripped and the injury was only a scratch.

Even when Sai broke her leg from falling out a tree she was climbing, it was her own fault because she was showing of to Kikiru about she could climb the tallest tree in the garden and she did it thought on the way down she stood on a old branch and it snapped, causing the little Sai to fall and with a mighty crack as she reached the ground.. Her leg was broken.

She screamed but she didn't cry. She held her tears in even though she wished to shed them, but she wouldn't allow herself cry in front of Kikiru. Yet as she screamed it had frightened the poor white haired girl and caused her to run and shout for her mother and father to come and help them. In that moment of being alone.. Sai cried. she let out her tears. even though it didn't hurt anymore because she was still..

The tears that were threatening out were stinging her eyes and she had to let them out.. Though soon the first day she ever cried in front of Kikiru was when Kikiru was in the hospital. attached up to wires and a tube down her throat... That was the first time she had ever cried... felt how much pain even though it was emotional it felt worse when breaking her leg.. because the pain in a broken leg would go away..

But that moment in the hospital Sai knew from that moment her pain would not go away...

Though in this moment now; what Sai was feeling was painful and joyful at the same time. Seeing, hearing and feeling Kikiru again brought happiness to Sai, yet knowing what her mother and father would do if they found out she was in contact with Kikiru again.. It brought her pain.. Knowing she couldn't truly be with Kikiru like she wished..

Never to be close as that boy that broke Kikiru's heart was.. That boy had everything that Sai wished for, wished to hold and love, even though he had everything, he was foolish not to realise what he had with Kikiru was the best privilege he would ever have gotten. Jealousy, Envy, Anger towards the boy and regret of doing nothing to comfort Kikiru in her moment of need...

The feelings caused Sai to clutch at back of Kikiru's uniform and dig her nails in slightly but not too hard to harm Kikiru but to show her how she felt.. how emotionally worn and tired she was before trying to opening her mouth. Before she could even utter a word Kikiru had moved back slightly.. Sai had let her move or rather her embrace was comforting and gentle yet if Kikiru moved like she did she could slip out with ease...

Though Kikiru didn't move fully away from Sai. In fact the white haired girl gently put her hands on Sai's cheeks and cupped it gently as she continued speaking while looking into Sai's golden yet distraught eyes.

The action caused Sai to widen her eyes once more and caused her cheeks to go slightly pink and warmer but as Kikiru spoke to her. Sai's surprised expression turned into a warm one with a gentle yet still distraught smile as she leant into Kikiru's hands and nuzzled into them while she closed her eyes to savour the feeling of the white haired girls touch. A moment had past before Sai opened her mouth speak.

[+Purple " I may not be good at leaning on people but. We have always got along Kikiru, despite my parents rules. I have never forgotten you.. even if..- Even if past events have tried to make me forget... I would have forget how to breath before I forgot about you.."]

Sai spoke truthfully about her not being good at or having experience of leaning on someone. Though she and Kikiru had always got along, despite her parents rules. She had never forgotten Kikiru. Even though the purple haired girl's parents had sent her to a place where they tried to force her not to remember anything about Kikiru. Though the people who have her the 'treatment' couldn't make her forget Kikiru.

They had almost made her forget how to breath to the point they had to shock her back to life at that moment when she came back.. They had thought they had succeed. But as Sai passed out from her 'treatment' she spoke Kikiru's name. They knew they couldn't do anything else to Sai without destroying her completely. So they kept her in the primary school to watch over her and hoped that the mentally trauma and the psychical 'treatment' would eventually kick in, Just in case they informed her parents and when she arrived at the high school.

The high school was also informed, so there was no way for Sai to escape, even though she was the vice president of the student council she was a prisoner in the school. She was figurely chained to the school... Though what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them correct?.. This tower was the only place that school didn't have camera's in.

It was her safe heaven and having Kikiru in the tower with her in her arms was more than she could wish for, the fact caused her to smile gently as Sai said that she would have forgotten to breath before she forgot Kikiru, even though she had almost did forget to breath... She kept her smile on her face because she couldn't help but feel beyond happy that her face was in the hands of Kikiru..

After she finished speaking there was a moment of silence until Kikiru decided to speak.

[+blue "With that... it means you're going to move in with me instead of being where you are at! I have an empty house to myself so you will be my roommate."]
[+blue "I can have an entire set up planned and I actually have one in mind."]

Sai's eyes widened once more but more redness went on her olive skin and the fact that Kikiru had her face in her hands would mean that she could feel and see it clearly, causing the redness to grow brighter and more vibrant. Kikiru..... Kikiru had just suggested- no stated that Sai was going to live with her in her house. All of this was just too much for Sai's heart to comprehend, to the point she was frozen with embarrassment, shock and even excitement?. It took her more than a moment to calm down her heart to the point she think.

How could she move in with Kikiru while the school had surveillance on her. They would know something is up if they didn't see her at school first before anyone else. Of course being the Vice president had it perks, so she could go out and get things for herself or get a drink from a pub and even stay out until the morning. Though she hadn't done that since her birthday with the other girls in their little group... The girls... The girls...

Of course! They've had many sleepovers throughout the years they knew each other and they had them on the weekdays as well. The school allowed it because they figured that Sai was no longer attracted to girls.. She wasn't attracted to girls.. She was just attracted to one.. and that was Kikiru.. So if Sai could ask the girls if she could sleep over at their place along with Kikiru of course once they were out of the ear dropping school, she could sneak in with Kikiru in the white haired girls house whenever though she would have to stay at the school as well for at least for two of three days a week.

so the school wouldn't come suspicious of her.. It could work.. It could work! Sai's heart was getting giddy at the idea and the fact she had the chance to live with Kikiru and so she soon opened her mouth to speak.

[+Purple "W-W-Well this is a little too much to sink in all at once Kikiru. But I'd loved to. To move in with you that is... But there is a small problem. The school would have to be informed of my new living space and they would inform my parents.. Of course they wouldn't allow it.

Though I have had sleepovers with the other girls with the schools approval even on school days, so I thought of an idea. I could ask the girls if we could have a sleepover, of course when we have one you're invited Kikiru but we can't mention your involvement in the school building because they have camera's....

We could use this sleepover idea to cover the fact that I would staying with you, but of course I would have to come back and stay here for at least two or three days week, so the school doesn't get suspicious.. With that I think I could move in with you without the school knowing."]

Well that was a first Sai was stuttering; Not that Sai was surprised because it was Kikiru whom was making her like this after all, though she managed to speak and tell Kikiru that she would loved to move in with the white haired girl. But Sai also explained to Kikiru that there was a small problem, but as quickly as she explained there was a problem. Sai had a solution to solve the problem.

After Sai told Kikiru the idea and she finished talking. Sai couldn't help but smile fondly yet coyly and turn her eyes to the side, so she wouldn't drown in those crystal blue eyes, she could spend forever just looking at them though if she did that.. Nothing would get done and be most likely be awfully awkward for Kikiru, so Sai turned her eyes as she waited for Kikiru's reaction. ]
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[i Could a kiss really cause so much pain?]

Sai stood quietly then suddenly the formalities were dropped

[+purple "Kikiru.."]

at that point she knew Sai had understood everything and taken in all Kikiru had said. Sai picked up the short white haired girl from her current slumped position on the ground the two met halfway. A soft moist peck on the forehead sent pain through Kikiru's body [i "I have to stay awake..."] she saw a glimpse of the past, but was fighting to stay conscious so Kikiru couldn't fully understand the flashback. Sai's emotions were also messaged through the kiss it was as though this was the shot, Sai's kiss, heard around the world, Kikiru's body, she felt the anguish, fear, and sadness but behind the hurt feelings there was happiness and compassion.

Then the hold became an embrace and since Kikiru's legs had given out on her as she could really do was lean into it with a warm smile on her face. She was now listening to Sai's heart like a stereo playing even more of Sai's emotions.

Holding Kikiru for a moment then she spoke [+purple " Kikiru..you should know it's not that I don't wish to tell you about the past or keep your memories from you... It's just that... I am forbidden to speak of any of it."]

The once poised and professional girl was now in a state of completely and utter discord, Sai's voice was no longer strong; she had returned to being human. She paused for a moment, Kikiru could feel all of the tall olive skinned girl movement from the girl licking her lips to the heavy breaths; this was a tough thing for Sai.

[+purple "...When I was twelve I was sent here.. but the moment before I even left my house.. My parents told me.. it was a highly and unlikely term of events that I would see you again. Though if I did.. I was to.. ignore your presence, I was not to talk to you or say your name.

I was to treat you like you didn't exist and I was especially forbidden to help you remember the past...That is why I asked if your parents had told you anything about me, so I wouldn't defy my parents rules...

But It seems I have already defied them already, so it won't make any difference If I at least told you at least a little bit...

That song we played together in the music room?. I know it because we made it up together as children. Also I was the one who taught you how to play the piano... That's all I can say.. right now.. Kikiru....

Right now.. I just want to.. be like this just for a little while.."]

After the finals words escaped Sai's lips and she melted from her emotions; Kikiru grinned and spoke softly [+blue "Thanks a lot. You went through that because of me so I can only say thank you. Thank you for still standing before me as the same person. Thank you for still caring for me. Thank you for sharing your struggles. Thank you."]
pausing to make sure her breathing was steady.

Then her tone changed with confidence and cheer ringing [+blue "but I want you to lean on me and for me to lean on you. We will be together again for now on, this relationship will build off on our past and when we are ready we will face our future together hand and hand. Let's pave this for the two of us and work hard like we know we can. Let's get along."] Kikiru moved slightly away and held Sai's head up with her hands; looking into Sai's eyes with hope gleaming in her own eyes.

[+blue "With that... it means you're going to move in with me instead of being where you are at! I have an empty house to myself so you will be my roommate."] This fact was true and Kikiru was a bold child so she was pretty good at shocking people with her ideas [+blue "I can have an entire set up planned and I actually have one in mind."]
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[center [+blue "So I guess we can't get along then..."]

Sai gritted her teeth at the statement that they can't get along, it meant they could no longer become friends again, Sai continued to remain quiet because she thought it was for the best if they didn't become friends again, because her feelings for Kikiru would only grow stronger if she got to know the white haired girl all over again.

If that happens the school would... punish her again, Kikiru would hate her and not want anything to do with her. The purple haired girl could endure and handle the pain that school would give her but she wouldn't be able to bare the thought and the emotional pain if Kikiru become to hate her because of her sinful feelings towards the white haired girl.

So she kept quiet even though her mind muttered 'that it seemed so' that they won't be able to get along..Sai didn't speak because she knew that if she did Kikiru would notice more of the emotional trauma that she was actually willing to show. She couldn't speak because of the emotional lump in her throat that was there as she kept herself from making a sound as she cried and also as she kept herself from turning around and hugging Kikiru.

She wanted to tell Kikiru everything, yet she couldn't because she was forbidden to by her parents, so she kept quiet as she listened to Kikiru basically pour her heart out to her, as if she was trying to persuade Sai to tell her at least something about their past.. It broke Sai's heart but she continued to listen..

[+blue "I'm sure my parents had their reasons of why not to talk of my past... my parents aren't ones to look at the past and reminisce since they are business owners in an extremely competitive area if they did I don't think they would have the guts to face the future."]

Of course Sai knew that Kikiru's parents were business folks because she never really seen Kikiru's parents home when she and Kikiru were having sleepovers at the white haired girl's house. At one point Kikiru's parents couldn't make it to her birthday part, in fact they missed out on quiet a few of them. Kikiru was lonely even though she had the live in house staff with her she was still lonely without her parents around.

To the point she cried in Sai's presence instead of blowing the candles, the white haired girl cried and Sai arms were around her in a flash as her voice requested what was wrong with the white haired girl. Kikiru explained that she always wished for her parents to be home for her birthday the next year, but they never came... She was always alone...

Sai hugged Kikiru tighter and put her one of her hands in the white locks and stroked Kikiru's head as she declared that she would always be there for Kikiru on her birthday, Halloween, Christmas.. Everyday from that moment forward so Kikiru wouldn't be alone, of course the tough purple haired girl stated she would talk to Kikiru's parents about it and make sure they keep their promise to Kikiru...

And they did the next year because of the demanding and deeply expressed conversation that little Sai had with the 'grown up's' in the conversation they said they would try but Sai had stopped them there and stated no they wouldn't just try they [b will] arrive at Kikiru's birthday the next year because that was all she ever wished for and she was going to make it come true.

When they arrived at Kikiru's party. Sai was happy to see Kikiru rush to her parents and hug them, in a way she was so happy to finally have her wish. They spent the whole day with Kikiru but because of that they become to know when they had gone back to work they had missed out on a massive deal with another business. Since that day Kikiru's parents never came to another birthday of Kikiru's again.

Kikiru was heartbroken- no there was no words to express how much sorrow, disappointment that Kikiru felt, but as promised Sai kept by her through every holiday and every birthday. To the point that Kikiru seemed to become happier and less lonely even forget about the wish of having her parents there.

Kikiru's parents one day came back early on the day after Kikiru's birthday, expecting their daughter to rushing to their arms when they called her and stated they were home, as they approached the back garden where they assumed Sai and Kikiru were playing since their laughter was coming from there.

As they stepped out side they called for their daughter once more, causing a rather muddy clothed girl to stop running and look at her parents for a moment, causing little Sai to rush over and take Kikiru's hand as she looked at her in a confused and questioning manner before looking over to Kikiru's parents. She looked at them blankly like if she was looking right through them, as if they weren't there. Before pulling Kikiru's arm gently and asked to continue playing their game with mud snowballs with a gentle yet cheesy smile on her muddy face.

Kikiru had hesitated at that one moment, but chose to go with Sai and continue with their game and ignored her parents presence to the point she didn't see the expression on their faces as she ran off to continue on playing with Sai and happily throw mud at the dark skinned child's back.

Though those sounds of laughter faintly echoed through Sai's memory like a whisper in the wind that soon disappeared once Kikiru spoke once more, causing Sai to blink slightly and remove her very faint smile that was grateful for the memory yet her smile as sorrowful because. An memory it would ever be now, so she continued to listen to Kikiru in silence, because she didn't know what to say in this matter or everything that she wanted to say to Kikiru was forbidden by her parents..., so all she could so was listen..

[+blue "Actually I'm not going to talk on my parents behalf or anything like that since it just sounds like I'm making up excuses for them instead I'll just say what I care about. I don't care about the reason they didn't tell me about my past nor did they talk about our relationship; I only care about right now since it seems I'm hurting some one I was close with."]

Ah.. So they didn't even show Kikiru picture's of the two of them together, playing in the garden, celebrating her every birthday since they met until Kikiru was eight. They were inseparable, always together so someone had bound to take picture's of the two girls together if not Kikiru's parents and yet it sounded like there wasn't a single picture on the walls or fire place with Sai in it.

To give Kikiru some idea who she was to her, either Sai's parents had spoken to them about her unholy attraction to Kikiru, or they secretly didn't like her to the point they wanted Kikiru to no longer know her after the accident.

Or thought it was best to move on with their lives without Sai in the picture because the purple haired girl was fa away in a boarding school for girls. Either way Sai something fishy was going on if there wasn't at least one picture of her and Kikiru together in the house. Though as Kikiru got to the last sentence, it hit Sai right in the heart...

Sai wanted to tell Kikiru that nothing that happened was the white haired girl's fault. it was all hers and also her parents for forbidding her from ever seeing Kikiru again, if they ever saw each other again. Her parents forbid her from talking, or even looking in the direction of Kikiru and they told her if she never saw Kikiru.. She should just ignore the white haired girl, for Kikiru's sake and her own.

Though as Kikru kept talking... Sai felt her remaining resolve was fading, causing her to dig her finger nails deeper into her outfit to the point she felt her nails dig into her skin and almost break the skin underneath, or break her nail because of the amount of force she was putting into it.

[+blue "At this moment of my life I want to know and I'm asking for you to help me, not my parents, not my brother, and not my relatives. I'm being completely selfish with this request and you may not gain anything from this.... but answer me will you help me remember."]

Sai opened her mouth in hopes to say that Kikiru was anything but selfish she was the most unselfish person she knew.. In fact if anyone was selfish in the room. It would be Sai because she was hurting Kikiru by denying her memories, their relationship that they had..

Their friendship brought a smile to Kikiru's face everyday and it brought a smile to Sai's face to whenever she saw the white haired girl smile.. She was hiding Kikiru's memories of her because she was selfishly frightened of Kikiru coming to know why she was sent away by her parents and hadn't stayed by Kikiru's side in the hospital like she wanted...

She was frightened if both sets of parents knew she was friends with Kikiru again, or worse she became as affectionate like when she was child.. she would be punished and removed from Kikiru again.. and this time her parents would home school her so she wouldn't be able to feel anything towards anyone again, not until she moved out and got her own place that is..

At this moment she didn't have a job to afford to get her own place and be free from the emotional shackles that her parents put on her.. Even in the school. The emotional shackles kept her connected to the school, kept her trapped like a chained animal or a bird in a cage.

Though what Sai had hopped to say to Kikiru didn't come out of her mouth, strangled air was the only thing that came out because of the emotional lump in her throat, causing Sai to gulp slightly and lick her dry lips before trying again.. and words came out even though they were faint and very few they had come out.

[+purple "Ms Yorimasa I..."]

Sai's voice as weak and dry as if she had been in a desert without water and made her voice dry to the point she couldn't say much.. her emotions were her desert.. they had sucked out everything that Sai wanted to say to Kikiru and when she tried to speak.. it seemed to have been too light for Kikiru to even hear because soon as Sai tried to speak.

Kikiru let go of Sai and released them both from the embrace before she let the rest of her drop the floor. The release and the removal of Kikiru's arms and the sound of the rest of Kikiru's body dropping to the floor caused Sai to turned her head towards Kikiru and what she saw broke her heart even more so than ever before, and what Kikiru said next broke Sai's resolve to pieces.

[+blue "I just want to know you better... like you know me."]

Sai was hesitant at first but after realising that she had broken her parents rules already by looking at Kikiru and talking to her again, she decided she would see if Kikiru a little something about what she was going to give the white haired girl and at least explain why she couldn't tell Kikiru everything and why she suggested for Kikiru to ask her parents about her, rather getting the information of her.

With that.. Sai turned around to face Kikiru and opened her mouth slightly to at least say Kikiru's name instead of her surname.

[+Purple "Kikiru.." ]

As Sai spoke the white haired girls first name for the first time in eight years even though it was faint it held a tremendous amount of meaning and emotion as she reached out for one Kikiru's hands, grabbed it in a gentle and yet firm hold. Before Kikiru could even look at her or speak. Sai immediately pulled the girl towards her but met her half away and soon, her lips touched Kikiru's pale forehead.

It was the first time in eight years that Sai even got to hold Kikiru's hand let alone kiss her forehead, the kiss even though it was just on the forehead.. it sent emotional electricity from Kikiru's forehead and into Sai lips before it sent it all around the purple haired girls body.

Though even though Sai wanted to just be in that moment forever she knew she had to pull back at some point and she did before opening her mouth with a faint hopeful smile as her golden eyes shown the same hopeful expression before she decided to speak.

[+Purple "Do you remember that Kikiru?"]

Sai asked faintly as she held Kikiru's arm in a now gentle and lose hold to the point if Kikiru pulled her arm away from Sai it would easily slip out of her hand. Though Sai soon swapped her hold on Kikiru's arm to holding the white haired girl's hand and she used her free hand to brush some hair out of Kikiru's face and used her long fingers to stuck the hair behind a pale ear.

Either if Kikiru responded or not; Sai pulled Kikiru yet again towards her but to her chest this time, so a pale ear was against it and was hearing Sai's heartbeat through her dancing outfit. Even though it brought a blush to Sai's cheeks to be this close to Kikiru again. She was happy, tremendously so, so she sucked her embarrassment up and wrapped her arms around Kikiru's frame and held her in a embrace before opening her mouth yet again to speak.

[+Purple " Kikiru..you should know it's not that I don't wish to tell you about the past or keep your memories from you... It's just that... I am forbidden to speak of any of it.]

Sai spoke faintly and dryly because her crying and her emotions had took most if not all her energy, but she tried her best to explain way she was forbidden to speak out her past...

Sai flinched slightly as she thought about the the place she went to at eight years old, she didn't wish to talk about it because she didn't wish to remember nor put images in Kikiru's mind of such horror, so she licked her dry lips again slightly before carrying on.

[+purple "...When I was twelve I was sent here.. but the moment before I even left my house.. My parents told me.. it was a highly and unlikely term of events that I would see you again. Though if I did.. I was to.. ignore your presence, I was not to talk to you or say your name.

I was to treat you like you didn't exist and I was especially forbidden to help you remember the past...That is why I asked if your parents had told you anything about me, so I wouldn't defy my parents rules...

But It seems I have already defied them already, so it won't make any difference If I at least told you at least a little bit...

That song we played together in the music room?. I know it because we made it up together as children. Also I was the one who taught you how to play the piano... That's all I can say.. right now.. Kikiru....

Right now.. I just want to.. be like this just for a little while.."]

Tears; Ran down Sai's eyes and they wouldn't stop.. but she held Kikiru tightly yet comfortably to her like as if she was afraid to let go and feared if she did Kikiru would disappear and she would feel lost all over again. Once she was done explaining herself she put her own forehead down to Kikiru's shoulder and snuzzled herself into it because her emotions were controlling her she had no control over her emotions at this rate...

But once she would get hold of herself. She would be the tough, mostly expressionless, feared and respected woman on the campus, though for now she was emotional mess, this was a part of her that only Kikiru had ever seen and was able to bring out even as a child.. Sai was only a bubbling teary or blushing mess around Kikiru and no one else... So it wasn't a surprise to Sai that it could still happen as teenagers.. She didn't care about anything else at this moment. She kept quiet and held Kikiru close to her as tears rolled down her cheeks. Until Kikiru decided to respond..
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Kikiru understood where the girl was coming from seeming that the two were really close in the past. It must have hurt a lot when Kikiru didn't remember her [+blue "So I guess we can't get along then..."] Kikiru sighed then continued talking [+blue "I'm sure my parents had their reasons of why not to talk of my past... my parents aren't ones to look at the past and reminisce since they are business owners in an extremely competitive area if they did I don't think they would have the guts to face the future."] Kikiru paused for a second to recollect her thoughts.

Then let out a breath [+blue "Actually I'm not going to talk on my parents behalf or anything like that since it just sounds like I'm making up excuses for them instead I'll just say what I care about. I don't care about the reason they didn't tell me about my past nor did they talk about our relationship; I only care about right now since it seems I'm hurting some one I was close with."] her tone was a sincere and light as she wanted to tell her these were her true feelings at the moment.

[i "I want to get my point across and connect my feelings."]

Kikiru wasn't very sure of the reasons as well but she was sure to ask about it next time she saw her parents which is probably a holiday of some sort [+blue "At this moment of my life I want to know and I'm asking for you to help me, not my parents, not my brother, and not my relatives. I'm being completely selfish with this request and you may not gain anything from this.... but answer me will you help me remember."] Kikiru's voice was breaking she really did want to know about everything, but Kikiru didn't know where to look or what to do to remember, Sai was the only one she could really turn to seeing that her parents were stubborn about this topic.

Kikiru slowly let go of the taller woman and fell to the ground with a weak and weary voice she let out [+blue "I just want to know you better... like you know me."] clutching her head with her hands; Kikiru's was swirling in all of today's drama.
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[center Sai sobbed as she embraced herself by wrapping her own arms around her waist and leant into the embrace that she desperately needed by someone else. But she couldn't bring herself to ask anyone to embrace her, not even her friends she had come to appreciate and love dearly. She couldn't bring herself to ask them when she was like this because they would want to know why she was like this and Sai wasn't ready to tell anyone..

About Kikiru.. Kikiru.. Sai especially couldn't ask the white haired girl to embrace her even though Kikiru was the one that Sai desperately wanted to embrace.. She wished to hug Kikiru and never let her go again, she wished that she could've stayed with Kikiru when she was in the hospital at least until the white haired girl opened her eyes and saw her..

Sai wished that the fact that if her parents knew about Kikiru being here at this school and getting involved with Sai again..Sai's parents would move her again, or give her strict warning or remembrance of what the consequences where of being attracted to the same gender. Her parents would tell her to push Kikiru away for her own sake and Kikiru's.. She wished it wouldn't be true..

Though Sai knew she couldn't go back in time to stay by Kikiru's side in the hospital.. She couldn't embrace the white haired girl and never let her go because Kikiru didn't remember her, of course Sai was certain that she wouldn't let go of Kikiru again.. to the point her parents and the school would have to force them apart, Sai would go through all that pain again.. She could still remember the impacts on her back.

The remembrance caused Sai to flinch at the memory and nuzzle into herself even more for more comfort, though the comfort wasn't enough for her now.. Now she knew Kikiru was at the school.. Her want- No need for Kikiru's arms to be around her or simple her voice... Sai was simply not satisfied with her own comfort anymore, in fact she was never satisfied or truly happy without Kikiru..

But since she thought that she would never see Kikiru again.. she made do with what she had and with that she made friends with the little group she was with before. She let them comfort her in certain things but she never let them know or see her scarred body or know why she seemed so empty, depressed and lost..

The reason was she thought she wouldn't see Kikiru again, now she had though with her parents voices in her head and the scars on her body.. reminded her that her feelings for Kikiru were sin and she would be punished by the school she ever showed sign of unhealthy attraction towards a girl and she hadn't because Kikiru was the only girl she had eyes for. But now Kikiru was at the school...

Sai knew she would have to have a decent distance or formality with Kikiru in school, so that the teachers wouldn't find any sign of unhealthy attraction.. With that thought in Sai's head.. Sai's heart sank but she knew it would have to be done.. so she whipped some of her tears out of her eyes... Though as she did she froze up as she felt arms wrapping themselves around her from behind.. Sai didn't dare to turn her head and see who it was because she knew the other girls didn't dare follow her, other students left her to her own devises out of respect or out of how intimidating Sai seemed.. Of course new students left her to the same reason...

So there was only one person that would dare follow her to the tower... and the thought of that one person caused Sai to freeze up out of nerves, shock and embarrassment. Soon she would come to know who she thought was behind her was indeed behind her and embracing her from behind.

[+lightblue "Don't run away from me...."]

That voice; That sweet yet torturous to Sai's heart voice. It made Sai shiver but she didn't know if it was pleasant or unpleasant. It was pleasant because It was Kikiru embracing her it was Kikiru's voice tickling her ear. Though it was unpleasant because everything that Kikiru was doing was pulling at Sai's heart strings. It was making her lose what was left of her resolve and of course now Sai seemed to notice that her own ears were quiet sensitive.

Even though Kikiru seemed like the innocent, the sweet and sensitive emotional one and Sai seemed to be the tough, over protective and intimidating one.. Kikiru could change all that by just speaking to or holding Sai. Sai had to help herself sane just enough that she wouldn't lean it and melt in Kikiru's embrace and do what she was told or apologise for disobeying the white haired girl because she had run away from her. Twice now..

Sai opened her mouth but not surprisingly. The normally formal, composed and regal woman had turned into a speechless, shy and very timid little girl, or so she felt like one. Though she kept herself up straight, kept herself from leaning into the embrace as such as she could at least if she couldn't speak and she simply listened to what Kikiru had to say, if of course that Sai's brain hadn't already melted in her determination of composing herself as much as she could.

[+lightblue "Summers-senpai... No. Sai I think I can remember things... but I'll need help. I can't do it alone so I hope we can get along."]

Another shiver went down Sai's spine but it was bigger than the last one, Sai didn't know if it was pleasant or not but the feelings she still has for Kikiru was mixing in, making it pleasant when she shouldn't feel but awkwardness.. It was the first time in a long time that Kikiru had spoken her first name.

It was torturing and pleasant at the same time to listen to but as Kikiru went on. It made Sai mentally beg Kikiru not to do this to her, don't give someone emotionally broken like her false hope or any hope at all of the white haired girl remembering her because it would hurt Sai tremendously if it turn out. Though know that.. Sai couldn't help but feel like she wanted to do whatever Kikiru asked of her at this moment but there was a little resolve left that kept her mind in reason mode and not completely mush.

Though Sai decided to keep quiet until Kikiru had finished of speaking, so she could somehow regrain some of her composure within time, though with the situation they were in and the feelings she still has towards Kikiru and both of their emotional states.. Sai figured she won't get much back unless she locked herself in the council room and did her work until the festival that evening. Though she supposed she might as well leave the festival this yea like very year. Of course she stayed to do join her little group preforming..

Though afterwards she went to the council room to do her work or simply go to her dorm room and read for the week that the festival was on.. She did this because she never really had any fun because of her past. Most would say she was obsessed with Kikiru if they knew her feelings for her. But in fact their relationship were that close that Sai couldn't get rid of the pain inside her heart no matter how much she composed herself or seemed to be fine.

Of course Kikiru was her first friend, her meaning to play music the way she did, Also she never felt so much feeling towards anyone before as such as she felt towards Kikiru.. It was as if Kikiru made Sai to feel feelings. Because before Sai met Kikiru. Sai felt nothing except complete loneliness to the point she embraced her loneliness to the point she felt nothing until the white haired girl came into her life and knocked all her walls down to the ground..

Even now. Sai had managed to rebuild her emotional walls, but the wall always had a crack in it.. it was the feelings for Kikiru that made it crack. Now with Kikiru in the school, speaking to her, holding her now. It was as if Kikiru was using her arms to gently yet very effectively pull out every emotional brick in a slow pace and eventually only pale white arms remained emotionally and psychically around her, replacing the emotional walls that Sai had managed to put up..

Unaware that it would eventually come down because of Kikiru's eternal influence on her emotional wall or rather entire being and that was something Sai couldn't allow even if she wanted to because if they get too close to each other they would both get punished or rather Sai would if she couldn't control herself because Kikiru might not or most likely not feel the same way Sai did about her, so Sai was determined to keep herself under control even though Kikiru was making tremendously hard for her even when she spoke further it was getting harder and harder for Sai to maintain her resolve.

[+lightblue "By the way I don't think I can stand at the moment.... that's why this hug is so long..." ]

Sai smiled faintly and even made a small sound of amusement, though she made no sign of that she would turn around and face Kikiru until a moment after. After all Sai did feel Kikiru shaking and the white haired girl was still shaking as she held onto Sai. Sai eventually turned her head slightly so she could see Kikiru from the corner of her golden eyes..

The sight of her there right there caused Sai's heart to flutter and want to embrace Kikiru back, but even though she desperately wanted to she just couldn't, so she opened her mouth to tell Kikiru something that Sai knew would break the white haired girl's heart but also wonder about to the point Kikiru might ask her own parents about their relationship..

[+purple "...Ms Yorimasa. There some things that are better not remembered. If your memories did involve me.. Don't you suppose your parents would have told you about me?. Try to help you remember me?. If they had made no such effort of such notion. I assume that they thought that those memories that may or may not involve me, but a person with the same name as me or maybe not. Would be better forgotten...

Though if they had told you something about me. I would be willing to answer the question that might involve that song we were playing together earlier."]

Sai began to speak in low tone it seemed almost empty unfeeling like she was forcing her feelings inside herself, what made it noticeable was the shaking, she was shaking a little more than Kikiru because she was trying to hold in her tears also, because Sai felt like she was lying to Kikiru even though she actually wasn't... Sai was holding her arms still so she wouldn't turn around and embrace Kikiru back. She must remain in control of herself, or her feelings.... She must conceal not feel...
  SakuHinaLover / 2y 263d 8h 43m 58s
The company of the flute was amazing the emotions were stronger than when Kikiru played alone [i "I was right my pieces are missing a partner."] All her locked away emotions were explained to the girls without having to say a single word; this song made her feel so naked.

The two played together as though their souls were connected each note was perfect without even knowing it Kikiru played a song that connected with Sai. Everything was perfectly memorized, the rhythm was the snow dancing with the wind, the two were in sync, but suddenly as Kikiru played she felt the strain in the flute [i "Something is wrong... How does she know this song and why did I choose this song?"] maybe in reality she never truly forgot Sai instead her memories were floating somewhere in the massive ocean of mermories separated from one another and if Kikiru could put it together she could remember it all.

Once Kikiru finished the piece the two were at a pause neither of them knew how to react; the same was with the audience of girls. That was the most depressing piece Kikiru had played in a long time so she didn't have the current thought of what to do now. Every one around her began tearing up [+blue "How.... was it?"] so much was rushing through Kikiru's head; so many emotions not just her own, but Sai's as well. Kikiru felt the love and the passion of yearning for Kikiru with that was a sadness that no person could conquer on their own.

Before Kikiru could say anything else Sai ran out of the class room [i "I have to talk to her!"] she wouldn't let their second meeting end like this she wanted it to build on this. Kikiru ran out to give chase after the girl and being that Kikiru was very athletic she caught up to Sai quickly. Kikiru saw the girl run to the clock tower and sneak in through the brush and towards the tower [+blue "I'm not that slow. You won't get away from me. We need to talk."] Kikiru accelerated and reached max speed; a few marks and scratches were visible on Kikiru's pale skin when she finally reached the tower.

Kikiru looked around as to find a viable entrance and she spotted the entrance Sai visibly entered through [+blue "Aha."] this was exciting this could be the start of a new relationship with a person who cared for her, that got Kikiru's heart pumping. Making her way up the stairs until finally reaching Sai; she didn't say anything nor did she observe the scene instead she walked over and embraced Sai [+blue "Don't run away from me...."] Kikiru closed her eyes with a stupid grin on her face she stayed like that. [+blue "Summers-senpai... No. Sai I think I can remember things... but I'll need help. I can't do it alone so I hope we can get along."] Kikiru was shaking from all the events that transpired today she reached high and lows consecutively making her mentally and emotionally exhausted [+blue "By the way I don't think I can stand at the moment.... that's why this hug is so long..."] Kikiru giggled.
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[center [+lightblue [I " That was really fun to watch and you have an interesting singing voice with good English. "]]

[I As Kikiru clapped for the girls. They all bowed towards her in appreciation like any other performers would do to their audience. After it was over and the white haired girl had commented on their performance. Meila said thank you towards Kikiru. Whom now she had a habit calling Snowflake instead of the girl's actual name since it suited the white haired girl quiet well because of how white her skin and hair was and her crystal blue eyes.

Soon Meila explained how she was so good at English, it was because her parents knew English quiet well to and had taught her English and her primary taught her how to speak Japanese, but also Sai taught them a few words of English to since her parents were half English and half Japanese.

In that the other girls mainly the younger one whom was Mei gave Sai affectionate hugs of appreciation, causing the tall purple haired girl to faintly blush at the large amount of attention and affection but she smiled faintly still as she leant her head sideward to the nearest girl whom hugged her and leant her head slightly against theirs as made a faint sound a amusement.]

Though that was before Meila's suggestion that Kikiru maybe could show them what she was made of, so now the girls whom were hugging Sai let go of her and Kimi and Mei went into the middle gazing at Kikiru with curious puppy dog eyes as if they hopped the white haired girl would say yes and soon they would have their answer as Kikiru opened her mouth to answer Meila.

[+lightblue " Sure."]

The answer was surprisingly quick. Meila expected Kikiru to at least think about it for a moment or hesitate a little before giving her an answer, but either way the dark skinned older girl was happy... well happy until Kikiru went towards the grand piano in an manner her expression was the expressive state of the Antarctic... the mood was cold, freezing even. There was a dead silence in the air as if Kikiru had froze it to it's silence.. Ruka, Mei and Kimi expressed some sort of shiver before Mei muttered if it was cold in the room or was just her...

Noone answered her they all just watched Kikiru move towards the grand piano was if she was in a trance, her face might have been unexpressional but Meila knew for a act that, if being around and understanding how Sai reacted to some things.. Meila was certain it wasn't just Mei that felt the tension in the room coming from Kikiru.

It was the same tension that Sai sometimes gave of, though the way she expressed her sadness... No sadness wasn't enough to describe it but it was the best that Meila had at the moment. Though either way...even though Sai seemed like she would bite a persons head off if approached in her little moments..

Sai and Kikiru were alike. In a way they both hid their feelings behind a mask of an smile or composure they forced themselves have.. it was like they were one with each other.. as if they both were the other half of something so deep it caused the room to silence it'sself until Kikiru spoke again, but this time towards Sai.

[+lightblue "Summers-senpai would you mind playing a piece with me?"]

Sai was actually looking at the piano in a daze as Kikiru walked towards it, she was actually remembering how in her house.. the two of them.. four little hands.. two white as snow and another two golden orange, brown played in slow motion and giggling echoed through her memories. Her once shiny golden eyes darkened with sorrow and yet no tears appeared in her eyes... It was as if she wasn't responsive until Kikiru spoke to her causing her to blink and shake her head slightly before looking towards Kikiru and opened her mouth to answer the white haired girl.

[+Purple " Of course not. Ms Yorimasa. I'd be happy to."]

Sai stated with a faint that she didn't mind at all and that she would be happy to play a piece with Kikiru, though inside she was nervous, she felt she was teasing herself, poking her already wrecked heart with a stick to see it flinch in pain as she approached Kikiru's right side and took out her flute that was in her blazer pocket near her heart as it always been since they first played together.

Sai didn't bother to ask what song Kikiru had in mind because she was very confident she was able to do any song with her precious flute, so she got ready to play... Unaware Kikiru was going to play the first song they wrote together and played together just by freestyling. It was just fun and games, maybe even a bit more than that back then, but now to Sai it meant a lot more to her than anything else in the world... So she was unaware that Kikiru still remembered it and was going to play it soon...

[youtube https://youtu.be/-5qhNRmMilI]

[I It was a moment of mental and psychical breath between them.

Their fingers ready to play notes.

Another faint breath in to suck in their emotional and deep connection to the instrument they were going to play that were connected to one another in their past...

A person.. might forget.. but Music that people share and play together would never be truly forgotten. It echo's in the faintest of memories until it's re-found and played again.

And then the Piano started the starting tune...]

At first Sai's heart skipped a few beats before it beated rapidly.. that Piano verse... it's.. It is their first song they made together as children. Sai's heart was overwhelmed with emotion as it dared think and hope that Kikiru remembered something about their time together. At first Sai was discreetly hesitant to play her verse, which was coming soon. But hearing Kikiru play, To Hear the piano play that verse without the purple haired girl having to imagine it.

Caused Sai to put her flute shakily to her lips and blew the flute's first verse as she closed her eyes to remember that tender yet beautiful moment they had on that grand piano in her families living room, which was probably covered in dust by now.. Because Sai had never been home since the moment they had sent her away...

As they played the other girls were silent and watched in awe and amazement, unware of the true depth of emotions the two girls had with the instruments and the song. except from Meila. The darker skinned woman watched with the others but she watched with an unreadable lips but her eyes shinned with amazement and also wonder why would Sai... Play that song again.. what amazed Meila the most was how it became clear the piano was indeed Sai's flute other half in this song.

Though that left one question.. How did Kikiru know the Piano verse, when Sai told that someone that she care about that the only one who knew the other half verse, and the purple would never teach anyone the Piano verse because the song was special to her and only that person and Sai would be the only ones who knew the two verses of the song, Meila had a very good idea of the answer but as the person that she was she decided she would not pry in their business.... So Meila just sat, snuggled with the other girls as they listened to the two girls.

Though as song went on even the feelings went up, especially when the flute went higher and higher and when the Piano had it's sole. It was as if Sai was playing and blowing her heart out into the flute even though her eyes were closed, they could see emotion pouring out of their bodies and the music. Unaware that it was a fraction of how the two really felt as they played.

At the piano sole. Sai couldn't help but softly press her fingers against her flute as she remembered her own little hands playing the sole with Kikiru's little pale ones. Her memories caused her to press against the holes of her flute as if she was playing with Kikiru on the piano, without actually blowing into her flute. Soon when it was the flute's and the piano's verse together again.

Sai blew into her flute with all her heart.. as she remembered making a funny tone with her flute to make Kikiru laugh when she tripped over, memories flowed in her head and then finally in the end the finally happy memory was them asleep next to each other with Sai's arms protectively around Kikiru frame and at the very end it was the Piano closed over and the flute on top as it faded into black.. when the music stopped..

Sai had been in her own little world to the point that she hadn't realised that the other girls were crying, of course Meila would claim she only had something in her eye. though in the moment Sai didn't notice.. Until she opened her own eyes and two. four. six... they kept coming.. tears.. kept coming but her hair was in the way so nobody would see and of course she had learned to cry discreetly, quietly even in the presence of other people if she couldn't help it.

This moment was one of those times she couldn't help it.. as she brought her flute to her chest area to her heart.. before placing it back into her pocket. She tried to blink her tears out of her eyes. like every time.. but it didn't work this time. Tears kept coming, causing Sai to realise she had to get out quickly, so she started walking towards the door. With her purple hair in her face.. Then she walked in a quick yet controlled pace as she opened her mouth to speak.

[+Purple "Please excuse me everyone but I have still some council work to do."]

Sai stated in a calm manner before gritting her teeth to keep in the sounds of distress and she mentally apologised to Kikiru over and over. The other girls blinked at turned their attention to Sai and looked at her in a concerned way even Meila got up and tried to tell Sai to wait a moment, but it was too late.. The door opened and closed. Sai was on the other side of the door.

[+Purple "I'm so.. sorry.. Ru."]

Sai muttered under her breath before she quickly walked towards the direction of the clock tower rather than the council room. Soon she changed into a sprint once she was outside. She didn't care if she was noticed by other girls. She just wanted to get the voices out of her head. That were saying.

She was a sinful girl.
The father might forgive her but Kikiru wouldn't if she knew Sai's feelings...

Sai's parents voices echoed through her mind as she kept running and running, not caring that her legs, arms and hands got scratched by branches and nettles as she ran through the woodlands. The tower was her sanctuary the clock's ticking calmed her or rather filled her head with ticking instead of her parents voices.

Once she got there, she moved the piece of rock that let one person her size be able to crawl in, since the clock tower was automatic body needed go in, so the tower was locked.. Sai was the only one who knew the entrance in the tower.. and when she crawled in she covered the gab as always but she didn't double check it was fully closed as she normally would because she was so distressed...

So it was noticeable for another person to find if they had followed her.

Sai went up the stairs but as she reached the top.. her legs gave way under her causing her to fall on her knees and her knees hit the wooden floor.. The only light in the room was from a window and the little lightbulb that Sai had turned on on the ceiling. Sai was in a shaded corner as she held herself and tell her tears fall out and she let her cries out or rather screams, whails but no one would hear because of the loud chiming of the tower clock..

This was the only place she would allow herself to cry, to feel... only the walls of the tower would now her pain.. her grief and the horrible of betrayal she had felt..even though she was punished harshly for it..

She had felt she had betrayed Kikiru's friendship by feeling more than she should towards Kikiru.
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The dark skinned girl was friendly and offered up a perspective of the girl known as Sai talking of her somber emotions when she played the music. Kikiru nodded her head when the girl talked of Sai's music [i "Her play style really is similar to mine..."]

The question Kikiru asked Sai earlier had her full attention she would make sure to get answers. The dark skinned girl commented on her looks [+blue " Ah I wouldn't know about that..."] waving her hands with a slight blush over getting teased.

Once they reached the room the girl burst through the door with a bit of vigor announcing her arrival [+blue "Osu."] Waving her hand as they entered the room. The dark skinned girl gave a small little pep up about Kikiru's current situation and state of being.
[+blue " I'll be in your care."] head nodding with a delighted look.

The girls went to the back room to change. Kikiru sat down on a near by chair and waited [i "I wonder what they'll dance to."] She was a bit listless but as quick as they left they returned; the 2 lagging behind were Sai and Melia. Now changed in comfortable dancing clothes and out of uniforms, the dark skinned girl introduced themselves as the " Muse girls" and began to sing. The girls moved quite well with a lot of spirit and emotion Kikiru thought to herself [i "One of the reasons Korean popstars have become popular they dance while singing... Though this is English. This girl is really good at English."] By the end of the song Kikiru's mood improved by bounds.

Clapping her hands at the end of the song [+blue " That was really fun to watch and you have an interesting singing voice with good English. "] Kikiru was a fluent English speaker so she had no problem listening to this and was pretty sure most Japanese students would understand the basics of the song.

The girls came over and Meila encouraged Kikiru to play something [+blue " Sure."] Kikiru agreed surprisingly quick, but this was no big deal she was going to go home and mess around on her piano anyways. Taking a deep breath as to accept her emotions she stood up from the chair and walked over to the music rooms grand piano; the look Kikiru had now completely changed as long as the air around her when she passed the other girls. The emotions flowed around her and the air around her became the Arctic freezing the girls once intense and joyous emotions. Instead replaced with the feeling of loneliness and regret; no one has every seen Kikiru play live in concert so they were only able to feel particle of her emotions most wouldn't be able to handle a full course of this saddness.

Reaching the piano bench she looked at the girls with a smile that had acted as steel mask holding all the emotions behind it [+blue "Summers-senpai would you mind playing a piece with me?"] Kikiru was sure of it this piece could not be forgotten and like many of Kikiru's old composed pieces it was missing something.
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[center [+lightblue "I'm okay. No need to worry about me."]

Meila lips frowned at Kikiru's statement that she didn't need to worry about her, but also she had an concern expression also to go along with her frown. This new girl is so much like Sai it was un real. Sai had kept saying the same line over and over when the African woman asked her if she was alright whenever she seemed to drift of into space and have an expression that was so depressing that Meila was sure she saw Sai cry at least once or twice for no reason at all.

Though even with that knowledge. Meila knew it was best not to pry in her friends business because it would just cause Sai to get angry and so she left her to her own little world, or rather brought her into a brighter one. One filled with all types of music and dances. She was sure that she and the other girls could do the same thing for Kikiru..

Give her a family of friends that made her happy and away from her depressing thoughts and world or try to at least, with that thought Meila smiled faintly and mentally complemented herself as an genius before Kikiru got her attention again as the white haired girl spoke again.

[+lightblue "Ah sure I'm open to come watch... I only dance classical though, but I'll come watch."]

Meila nearly choked on her own salvia as she heard the same sort of thing that came from Sai's mouth come from Kikiru's. Sai liked other music as well as classical though above all her interests.. Classical music was her favourite. Now Meila really needed to comment on what the white haired girl had just said to her.

[+Brown " Honestly? You know. You sound so much like Sai when I first met her about the classical music I mean. She may like other types of music but when she joined our group she told me. Classical would always be her favourite because it caused her to feel emotion through all her music...Don't tell anyone but Sai is a secret romantic type of person, so keep it hush-Hush okay?"]

Meila laughed slightly at first because smiling fondly behind her glasses as she remembered when she first met Sai. She seemed out of it like she had lost her entire world and only the flute in her hand was the only thing that remained, she was playing it alone in the music room. When Meila and the other girls saw her. The way she played was so filled with raw emotion and it was beautiful yet...

Sad at the same time because the way she played.. it was like music of a place, or a person or something that she could no longer reach, the song that she played was missing it's partner, she felt like another Instrument should've been there playing with Sai's flute.. The flute was playing as it was echoing it's cries, it's music into that place to that something Sai couldn't reach and it called for it's partner in the song.. Maybe a Piano or something like that....

Nobody knew this song, of course they didn't because it was made up by Sai, which they soon got the knowledge of as Meila pushed open the door once Sai had done and told her how amazing that was. Sai was a little wary of her and the other girls at first but eventually warmed up to them and told them she made up the song with a childhood friend whom was the only one who knew the piano verse of the song and she missed her childhood friend tremendously but she was no longer able to find her...

At this all the girl's hugged Sai and even cried at her little romantic yet sad explanation of the song the purple haired girl played, though after that Sai never played it again in the music room. Instead she had disappeared every now and then to where. Meila didn't know but she figured out why and that was to be alone with her memories of her friend.

The thought of the past caused Meila to tightly frown as she wondered many times what happened to make Sai so depressed and stiff and what was the reason that Sai couldn't see her friend anymore.... There were many questions unanswered about Sai and Sai only had the answers, Meila doubted she would ever get those answers from Sai anyway, So she left Sai be in those times, of course she never knew where the purple haired girl went even if she wanted answers from her.

Though Meila wasn't the kind of person to pry on other's lives, so being the person she was she left Sai be with her past and memories even if they seemed to have made her sad that moment in time.

[+brown " Yet she looks so sad when she plays...."]

Meila muttered at the same time that Kikiru muttered her own words about having nothing to hold her back anyway from coming to the music club, so Meila didn't hear what the young white haired girl had said but soon Meila noticed she herself was in an daze and mentally shuck the thought out of her head before blinking slightly behind her shades and giving Kikiru her full attention, noticing the girl was bowing towards her. Which Meila was costumed to after many years living in Japan after she moved from Africa.

[+lightblue "Thank you... Now lead the way"]

Meila put one of her hands on where her heart was at Kikiru's adorable smile as the white haired girl thank her, Meila wanted to squeal but she held it in just in case she scared Kikiru and so she just smiled a small cheesy grin.

[+Brown "Girl. With a cute face like that you'll have many guys swooning for you.. In fact I think you can melt a iceburg with that smile, of course your welcome love."]

Meila laughed fully heartedly and lastly she winked at Kikiru as she brought her shades down a little before walking towards the school building with the white haired girl, on the way Meila mentioned the festivities that they were going to have in the evening.

There was going to be music, food, drink and even game stands and last but most least there was going to be fireworks and the best spot to watch them was on the school roof, or the clock tower that was in the middle of the little patch of woodland of the school.

So she stated if Kikiru liked that sort of thing she should hang out with with her and the other girls in their little group, with that they kept walking to the point a teacher stated that Meila should take off her sunglasses because it wasn't school uniform. Meila sighed slightly and took them off but as the teacher walked away she turned to the older woman figure and pulled her eye down and pulled out her tongue in not a such lady like manner before she started walking again with Kikiru towards the clubroom as she did she put her sunglasses back on despite the teacher.

Once at the clubroom Meila pushed room door and announced herself.

[+Brown " And the party has arrived ladies!~"]
[+Red "Party?. What party?. Is there snacks?"]
[+Green "No Mei she meant it has a figure of speech Duh."]
[+Blue " But there is the festivities tonight and there will be snacks."]
[+Red "...Oh... But now talking about snacks is making me hungry...."]
[+Purple " There's some chocolate in my bag. You can have that if you wish Mei."]
[+Red " Yay Thank you Onee-Sama!."]

As Meila announced that there was a funny little conversation from the other girls and it ended up making Mei whom was the redhead in their little group hungry and Sai kindly stated that the redhead girl could have the chocolate in her bag if Mei wanted it. Causing the redhead to thank the tall purple haired woman and even kissed gave her a kiss on the cheek and ran off towards where Sai's bag was to find her treat.

Sai only reacted with a faint smile, not at all giddy like she used to when she kissed Kikiru on the cheek when they were little, it was almost like Sai never felt it on her face and turned her body towards the door to find Meila.. With Kikiru?.

Again. If Sai was animated she was sure she was blushing slightly from nervousness and embarrassment because she didn't expect to be dancing in front of Kikiru, In fact she didn't expect to see Kikiru again even though she longed to see her again and even wished it every year on her birthday and Christmas holiday. Now she understood the meaning. 'careful what you wish for because it might come true.' Of course Sai was very pleased to see the white haired girl...

Though she felt she would feel little self-conscious in the presence of Kikiru, they were waiting for Meila so they could all vote on what they were going to dance to or sing and dance to, or play. With the thought of the song they had been practicing for the festivities being the one they might do in front of Kikiru...

It made the normally composed purple haired girl to dig her fingers into her sides and bit her inside her lip discreetly, hoping it wasn't that song, soon Meila walked over to them and begun whispering to them all about, that Kikiru might have been dumped by a guy, so they had to cheer her up with maybe the song they where practicing for the festivities.

[+Green "Sweet. This would be the first audience we will have until later."]
[+Red "I'll get the DJ stuff ready!~"]
[+Blue " This is going to be so much fun isn't Sai-Chan?!"]

All the girls were happy about Meila's idea of showing their skills to Kikiru to make her feel better from her breakup of course.. except one person. Whom was Sai herself, she knew for sure now her face was getting hot of the idea of that song, but if it was to make Kikiru feel better maybe she could do it, so she just nodded at the short black haired girl. Whom was called Kimi. After the vote was made Meila opened her mouth to speak once more.

[+Brown " All right then since all votes say yes. It's time to get changed into our clothes for this dance, on the double girls."]

Once Meila said that all the girls went into the door the where it said changing rooms, of course all of them pulled Sai once again into the room, while Meila took off her sunglasses and winked at Kikiru once more before following the other girls into the changing rooms with a dancing sway with her hips as she hmed some musical notes as she moved her hips to the beat before closing the door.

All of the girls got changed together because there was nothing to hide, all except Sai of course, she always decided to change separately from the others because even though she didn't express it often she was self-conscious of her body, because after all her birth parents didn't want her... Her adopted parents only wanted her for the colour of her skin or in her head they did.

So she thought she'd rather not show her body, when other's would just stare as if she was alien and only want her because of her skin and not for her, of course.... she didn't wish to show any of the girls... The special treatment she got during primary because of her sinful attraction...

As Sai undressed herself with the mirror towards her back, she didn't have to look to know what reflected in the mirror.. was scars, from canes and other equipment. In some countries being attracted to the same gender was punished harshly and Sai's parents scent her to such a country to force her to know what her sins could and had brought onto her.....It was like experiencing the Victorian therapy for such acts.

In fact she had noticed that her parents believed in the old Victorian ways to the point they had relics of the such era all around the house but she didn't expect her family to believe so into the old Victorian ways to the point they would actually sent her to get hurt..

That is why she never went back to her family... they had purposely sent her to a place that had bodily harmed her only because what she felt they deemed wrong so wrong.. that it had to be beaten out of her system. Though after theses years Sai just managed to blank herself from it because she never forgot and certainly never forgiven but she moved on from those who should have loved her..

She got changed into her gear, which was a long selve black top that stopped near her bellybutton, pants that stopped near the end of her leg muscle and black pumps that fitted her feet comfortly yet firmly so they wouldn't come off while she was dancing, so once she was satisfied how her clothes hide all the parts of her body that was 'marked' she went out her changing room and noticed all the girls had gone out into position to dance except for Meila because she had always waited for the fellow dark skinned girl.

Sai walked towards the door, stopped and sighed as a blush came to her face as she thought of dancing in front of Kikiru, causing Meila to come over and open her mouth.

[+brown " What's the matter Sai? Don't get shy on me now."]
[+Purple "I'm not shy.. It's just..]
[+Brown "It's just what?"]
[+Purple "It's just.. I don't have to explain myself."]
[+Brown "Yes you do. Come Sai don't be a stiff, we're going to be going this in front of the whole school and you didn't seem this shy.]
[+Purple " I told you I'm not shy.."]
[+Brown " Okay then there's nothing wrong is there?, Now come on Ms Stiff and lets get our booty shaking. Of course this is for that Kikiru girl to remember?, so suck up those nerves and shake them out by shaking ya booty girl!]

There was a conversation in the girl's changing room and it was coming out towards the clubroom, causing the other girls to get curious and listen against the door. Once they all looked at each other wondering the same thing. 'Did Sai just really have a pouty tone in there?' but before they decide on the answer the door handle moved, causing them all to move away and get into position.

Once the other two girls came out Meila pat Sai on the back before the purple haired girl got into position. Meanwhile Meila went to the middle and opened her mouth to say what their little dance was for. for that moment.

[+Brown "Alright ladies~ recently I came to assume someone had been broken hearted today, lets give them a little cheer up. Lets give them a little song how we 'the muse women" handle boys~"]

Meila started talking in a music kind of tone as if she was introducing the song first before getting to it. as she finished talking the sound of the other girls walking towards Meila as the music starts by Mei with the DJ equipment, while Meila started singing.

[b Song is 'No' by Meghan Trainor, I'll send you the link with the sort of dancing they do, also Meghan's singing voice is Meila's in this RP but a little deeper and obviously with an African accent.]

As the girl's danced and sang their little pieces of the song, Sai started get into it unlike the other girl's Sai actually felt shy she belly danced to the 'sway your hips' part because they had to appear sexy and surprisingly Sai didn't feel very sexy in herself even though she taught the girls how to belly dancing and got so many complements of them... Though somehow in front of Kikiru she felt bashful every time she did it but she did her best in the dancing. At the end they all got in posses at the end, either if Kikiru clapped or not. Meila soon went over to her and smiled.

[+Brown "We hope you liked it and feel a little better love. But now I want to know what you can do, we don't mind if it's classical music. If it's music and or dance we gotta show and tell it~. So how about it snowflake do you have moves or a tune to show? Of course at the end of practice Sai always play her flute, so you wont be the only one doing classical if you decide to show us."]

Meila smiled softly as she sat next to Kikiru while she spoke in a way to encourage the white haired girl to show them what she was made of, but also made it clear in her tone that if Kikiru didn't wish to show them they. She didn't have to. After Meila spoke. The other girls were curious of Kikiru's decision. While Kimi and Mei the child like of the group were in front and gazed at Kikiru wish child like curiosity and puppy dog eyes.

While Sai was deciding what song she would play... Then immediately thought of one even though Kikiru might not remember. Sai would play their song they made together, but without the piano verse because that was Kikiru's verse.. She decided on that song.. because she wanted to at least let Kikiru hear it once more and to at least show Kikiru that she would never forget the time they had together and hopped even for a little piece of Kikiru's memory remembered even if it wasn't her.. Sai hopped the white haired girl had some memory about their song.

So with that decided a elegant a little bashful smile curved on Sai's lips as she to turned to Kikiru as they all waited for her response.]
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