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Cianalach- Old Gaelic for "Homesick"


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Kier was pleased to see a traditional form of dance on the stage. It truly set the atmosphere and the flutist/dancer was truly talented. Truth be told, river dancing was something he had never had the inclination to practice. As a human, he had been nomadic, and the notion of dancing, or at least, anything more than the simple steps made as he circled the fire and his father and the other nomads sang a tune, had not been at the forefront of his mind. Throughout the years, he had been interested in learning the theoreticals, and did occasionally dance with others, he would always prefer a slower dance.

It was quite a surprise when the dancer hopped off the stage and searched the crowd, even more so when his new friend was approached. He curiously watched the events unfold, and flashed a quick smile at Nadia as she looked his way. But the dancer had drawn her back to the stage so quickly that she hadn't had time to see his reassurance, so he kept his eyes trained on her as she danced. How interesting that she was able to dance to the music so well!

Kier had learned quite quickly that the older something became, the more it was forgotten about. Specialized dances or traditions eventually became something talked about, but not practiced. It was a specialized skill to remember and perform the old traditions.
This would have saddened him, were he not used to the changes. He couldn't say he was truly a modern man, as he clung to old knowledge and memory so tightly, but he was progressive enough to stay with the times, and with his never-ending thirst for information, any new thing simply meant a new thing to learn.

"That's quite all right, dear. You looked like you were having fun! And you danced so well. I think a drink would be a suitable reward" He teased as Nadia approached. "Shall we find a vendor?"

It didn't matter where she wanted to go to get a drink, seeing as his would just be wasted anyways...
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[center Nadia’s expressive emerald eyes sparkled ever so slightly when Kier complimented her attire. For Nadia, it was always nice when someone liked how she presented herself. It was gratifying in a way because that meant the time and energy invested in pulling herself together did not go to waste. [#d10091 “Thank you very much. I honestly wasn’t sure about what to wear, so I just decided to go with a style I’d normally choose when I go out at night with a friend.”] the woman admitted. [#d10091 “It’s one of my simpler looks, to be honest with you. I didn’t want to go all over dramatic for at least one night.”]]

[center When they actually arrived at the pleasant Celtic Nadia’s attention was pulled in several different directions. There was so much going on; children were running around in their cloaks, musicians showcasing their work, and people energetically river dancing. Watching people river dance made amused her to no end because she knew exactly what such an activity entailed; lots of energy and stamina. And you had to be super coordinated in order to do anything for river dancing.]

[center [#d10091 “ “Some music would be marvelous.”] Nadia grinned as she followed her nighttime adventuring companion. The flutist that was currently occupying a stage not only played his silver, gleaming instrument, but also danced as well. This definitely entertained the petite redhead because the quality of the music never faltered as the flutist went about his routine. Nadia occasionally glanced up to check Kier’s facial expression, to possibly see what he thought about what was going on.]

[center Not much time had passed until a few river dancers joined the flutist, adding their own special flair to the performance. Nadia was thoroughly entertained until the male lead decided to hop off of the stage in a search for ‘partner’. When the man stopped in front of her he asked if she could dance and if she’d like to dance with him. The Irishwoman swiftly nodded her head, not expecting to be chosen. The male introduced himself as Alexei before politely taking her hand and helping her onto the stage. Nadia looked back at Kier, feeling bad about leaving him there. However, she had zero time to contemplate Alexei’s offer.]

[center The last thing the woman thought she’d be doing that evening was river dancing, Nadia noting that her shoes were the just about the worst for this kind of activity. But, not being one to disappoint, the redhead played along and gave the dance her all. It was definitely high energy, so by the time the dance was done Nadia was slightly out of breath. But, she graciously took her bows before moving to reunite with Kier.]

[center [#d10091 “I’m so sorry about that, Kier. I didn’t mean to just ditch you like that.”] Nadia apologized, hoping her new friend wouldn’t take it badly. [#d10091 “The guy didn’t really…”] the female tried to continue before stopping to catch her breath. [#d10091 “Holy shit, I’m terribly out of shape.”] Nadia huffed. She knew she wasn’t fat, not in the slightest. But, the woman definitely wasn’t accustomed to vigorous cardio. [#d10091 “Want to go grab a drink, Kier? I could totally go for one right now…”]]
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Kier offered a smile and stepped aside as Nadia stepped out of her flat to lock the door. She did look nice, although with a dress, he hoped it wouldn't be too chilly for her at night. Although he could easily survive below freezing weather or the like, he could still register the cold, and was aware of it. Another reason why he had grabbed a scarf, just in case. If it got chilly, he'd wear it. If it got very cold, he would offer it to his friend.

"You look nice." He complimented as she paused in her explanations. The dress did look good on her, and while he wasn't really one to base his opinions on people's physical attractiveness, he had developed a bit of an eye for fashion, and could appreciate a good style choice when he saw one. Even if his own fashion could often be described as drab or even out of style at times. A lot of his clothing was from the 60's and 70's, mostly American, as that was a time when both turtlenecks and lose flowing garments were in style. Especially in the muted and earthy tones he so loved.

"As for where we go, whatever you prefer, I'm sure I'll love" He admitted, following along wherever Nadia took him. Soon enough they were at a festival, and all the many things around him made him smile. While it might not showcase parts of his old life, it did bring him some mirth to see traditions and history played out before him in such a way.

Kier glanced past a genealogy booth, and although he was tempted to find if there were records of anyone dating back to his family, he knew it was highly unlikely, as he was the only son of a nomad, having not known his mother or any relatives. As far as he knew, he had no familial ties, and had been the last of his father's line. In fact, his own surname had been invented later on in life, after his "death" so to speak, and held no true meaning.

"Perhaps we shall start with some music?" He asked, finding himself wandering towards a flutist who had just started playing at a nearby stage...
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[center Nadia was in the middle of reading a recipe for a special chicken pot pie when she heard a gentle knocking at her flat’s door. She dog-eared the corner of the page before closing the book since there was no proper bookmark around. [#d10091 “Just a second, please!”] the redhead called out whilst standing and setting the cookbook on the coffee table. Nadia then quickly fixed the skirt of her dress since it liked to ride up her thighs when sitting down. She then grabbed her purse before making way to the door, opening it to see her new neighbor.]

[center The woman hadn’t really noticed it before, but now she noticed that Kier was certainly taller than her. [#d10091 [i ‘Then again, most people are. I’m short as hell.’]] Nadia thought before smiling at the male. [#d10091 “So, I’ve been thinking about where we could go while I was getting ready. And, honestly, I was stuck between wanting to look classy and wanting to be a cute forest sprite…”] she rambled for a moment while she stepped out of her flat to close and lock the door. [#d10091 “I may be small, but not [i that] small. Though, it’d be totally awesome to be an itty bitty faerie. One could fly around and prank people endlessly.”] she was hopelessly amused by the idea, but knew it would never happen, as faeries were simply mythological creatures.]

[center [#d10091 “Anywho, before I get sidetracked again,”] Nadia began, trying to rope herself back onto a relevant train of thought, [#d10091 “Earlier I was thinking of different places to show you. Obviously we can’t go see [i everything] in one evening, but there are parks that are fabulous to stroll around in the evening. Some of them even hold nighttime Celtic-based festivals because a lot of people nowadays are extremely interested in that culture. They take a lot of pride in their family roots. And a bunch of people know they’re descendants from the old druids that used to have a stronghold on the island. It’s a lot of fun when you have the time to attend.”] Nadia said, giving a possible suggestion as to what they could do.]

[center [#d10091 “Everything I have in mind is within walking distance, so we don’t need to use my car. But, if you need to catch a ride anywhere we can hail a taxi.”] the female said before leading the way outside. The sun had sunk beneath the skyline, leaving a wispy mix of purples, reds, and yellows behind. Nadia always loved watching sunsets, but disliked the fact that they did not last very long. The array of colors eventually faded into darkness. The sky turned into a dark velvety background with a dash of twinkling stars and dabs of translucent clouds illuminated by the light of the crescent moon that crawled up into focus.]

[center The redhead was usually energetic about things she did, and giving a tour was no exception. She pointed out things, both big and small, and told Kier everything she knew about them. Along the way Nadia spotted familiar faces and briefly greeted them before moving on, seemingly having a particular destination in mind as she went along.]

[center Eventually the sounds of eclectic music could be heard. Drums, fiddles, flutes, and even bagpipes sounded off at various intervals. Their songs came and went fluidly as warm lights from torches showed a quaint old-time festival going on in an otherwise dark park. [#d10091 “I figured something like this would be really cool to go around. They always have crazy things like step dancers and sword swallowers. Though, I must admit, the swordsmen make me cringe because I’m terrified they’ll get hurt.”] Nadia spoke, looking up at Kier with eager emerald eyes.]

[center [#d10091 “So what do you want to do first?”] the female asked, curious as to what would catch Kier’s attention…]
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Thinking back on his trip to Italy, Kier felt his mood drop slightly. Usually he really enjoyed going to all sorts of places and experiencing different cultures. In fact, usually he enjoyed going to Italy! But this time, it had been different. He hadn't met anyone, so he had been very lonely, which usually isn't a problem, but most of the places he could have gone to were usually better with people. And not only that, but he had found himself with a great deal of unforseen paperwork and planning. His longevity did have drawbacks, and that included managing documents and finances to make it appear that he was a human with an average human lifespan. What he hadn't forseen was the Italian bank he held some of his money in to suddenly proclaim him deceased. It would have been much too risky to fight the decision, and instead he had ended up spending a great deal of his time forging a will, as well as creating a new identity, complete with a different persona when he tried to claim "his father's" assets as part of a supposed inheritance. It was tiring and left him longing for home.
That's how he had ended up in Belfast, Ireland.

"It could have been better... I had planned for an enlightening trip, an experiencing of a new part of Italy I had yet to see, and I ended with one problem after another. They're all resolved now, though! and your Angelina does sound like quite the person! I think I understand her, though. I'm similar to her in that I'm always doing something. I love learning, and I love applying the knowledge I've obtained. I'm not naturally artistic myself, but the act of creating, or even applying some skill is an amazing feeling!"

Unfortunately, the flirt flew over Kier's head, and he was just confused as to why he would be classified as a nerd. After all, wasn't a "nerd" a stereotype in movies?

After they had parted ways, Kier had tested his flat key, and found it working. He unpacked his few belongings, which really only consisted of a pile of books, some clothes, his important documents, and some small trinkets here and there from different places he'd been to.

He decided that his clothes were fine, as it was only two friends touring the town, and after a quick check in the mirror, he was ready to go.
Kier waited a bit, though, in case Nadia had decided to get ready herself. He knew other people tended to take more time with that, and he respected that.

He knocked on Nadia's front door, three light knocks, and stood patiently, waiting for her to come to the door.
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[center [#d10091 “[i Wholeheartedly pleasant…]”] Nadia giggled, more so to herself. The woman couldn’t remember if anyone had ever used those words to describe her in her lifetime so far. But, she was more than happy to take them for what they were. It was nice to be flattered every once in a while. Her cheeks had slowly turned more red as time went on while thinking about what Kier had said. [#d10091 “You’re too sweet, Kier.”] Nadia finally responded on her own accord.]

[center Despite the fuzzy feeling she had inside from Kier’s heartfelt compliments her face became occupied by a rather confused expression. [#d10091 “What is an autista designato?”] the woman asked, her personal accent muddling the true pronunciation of the Italian phrase. But it didn’t take very long until she received and explanation for what he had meant because Nadia was absolutely clueless about Italian except for two or three adjectives.]

[center [#d10091 “Ah! That makes sense.”] the Irishwoman acknowledged Kier’s response. [#d10091 “Italy is absolutely stunning! How was your stay there?”] Nadia asked, genuinely wondering about what Kier’s take on Italy had been. Personally, she enjoyed the European country, its people, and the food. A lot of the citizens she had met, especially in the countryside, were amazingly kind and exceptionally generous. She could remember during her travels an elderly woman and her husband shared what little they had with her when they saw her lost in their neighborhood. Being lost in a foreign country and not understanding the language had been terrifying, but the people who helped her made Nadia feel welcomed despite her circumstances.]

[center An elbow then rested on the arm of the chair, Nadia’s chin being propped up by her hand. [#d10091 “Yeah, Angelina is a multi-faceted individual, I believe. She’s a very artistic person all around, which is interesting to witness when she works.”] the redhead couldn’t help but snicker. Angie was probably her best friend. Though Nadia was always intrigued by the woman who spoke languages with ease, made music for fun, and stripped in French cabarets to kill time. [#d10091 “She does quite a bit, which amazes me. I always wonder how she can keep up with all of her activities.”]]

[center Then a particularly impish smile danced upon her paled face. [#d10091 “Oh? So you’re one of those nerdy people? Nerdy people are cute.”] Nadia said simply because her method of flattery typically consisted of not-so-subtle flirting. And this was especially the case if the woman desired to be a bit snarky.]

[center Nadia’s jaw then dropped. [#d10091 “Really? You’re not kidding?”] she inquired, in slight disbelief that Kier did nothing special to his hair to get to be the way it was. [#d10091 “You must have a really good diet then. Because over time little things like the health of your hair and whatnot are affected by what one eats.”] the woman had been intrigued by science and its various disciplines. For instance, anatomy and chemistry was a very big thing when doing hair. And makeup also required knowledge of these if one were to create special products on the fly for customers. It was pertinent especially when Nadia’s clients had allergies or specific requirements in regards to product usage.]

[center [#d10091 “That sounds good. While you take care of your priorities I’ll be finishing up a few things before we head out. I’ll leave my door unlocked for you later so feel free to come in and let me know you’re ready to go.”] Nadia was stoked about her upcoming adventures with her new neighbor. Kier came across as an interesting individual and Nadia had always been an inquisitive being. With this in mind Nadia believed it was a perfect arrangement.]

[center [b ~~~]]

[center As the afternoon transitioned into the evening Nadia found herself preparing for the ‘tour’ she was supposed to give to Kier. She was quite excited because she took great pride in her country despite its long history of turmoil. To her, and a lot of other people, being Irish wasn’t as simple as just being from Ireland. She believed that being Irish meant so much more. From experience, it felt like there was an often unspoken comradery shared between those born in the Emerald Isles. It even went as far as recognizing their Celtic roots and sharing it with other people who may not have been familiar with their traditions.]

[center Whilst getting dressed Nadia decided that she was going to wear a cream colored lace dress that had sleeves that went down to her wrists and a v-shaped neckline. It wasn’t [i too] revealing, nor was it extraordinarily prudish. The light, flowy skirt hung at the middle of her thighs. If she had been taller it would have been shorter, but Nadia’s short stature made the dress a perfect fit all around. While she enjoyed the delicate lace texture the dress presented the black satin-like band that wrapped around the waist was perfect for bring the ensemble together when coupled with matching black ballet flats. The Irishwoman had debated on whether or not to wear high heels, but opted for flats because of the comfortability.]

[center Once dressed Nadia then put her wild ginger hair into a side braid that twisted up into a swirly little bun on the back of her head. But something felt amiss in her opinion. So she added rose hair pins that were a carnation pink hue. The woman was rather finicky and usually refused to stop whatever she had been doing until it satisfied her self-set standards. People always said Nadia was vain as could be, but she didn’t care about such comments. She liked looking her best when it suited her.]

[center With the idea of spiting those who disliked her being, Nadia finished her process with simple pearl earrings and minimal make-up. [#d10091 “I would not be caught dead in public without it.”] the female groaned to herself. She honestly thought she looked like crap without at least foundation and concealer. The woman’s crazy sleeping schedule made her feel and look tired. [#d10091 “But there’s a reason we have color correction and highlighters.”]]

[center On her way back to her flat’s living room Nadia grabbed a clutch purse that held just the necessities; money, I.D.’s, her cellphone, and lipstick. As she waited for Kier to show up Nadia decided to pass the time by reading the cookbook Mally had returned to her. It would help her choose what she wanted to make for dinner if she had the energy for it later…]
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Kier gave a gleeful smile to know that he would have a friend to hang out with at night. Sometimes it was hard at first, to find someone who shared a schedule with him. Even better, she seemed to be the type to avoid days that were exceptionally sunny! If he was a younger vampire, he might have mistaken her for one, possibly, but he had been able to tell right away she was human. There was a distinct scent that humans had. Or, more specifically... Vampires didn't really have a scent, outside of any perfume or cologne they might apply. After they fed, there might be a slight scent, but it was virtually indistinguishable to a human. Kier personally preferred to try new scents, and he had picked up a lavender scent in Provence, France that he had applied in the airport restroom.

"I have to agree with you there. You are wholeheartedly pleasant. And even if I don't drink, we can still pub hop. I will be your autista designato..." Kier paused for a second, realizing he had slipped into italian for a second. "Designated driver. Sorry. I traveled here from Italy, and I guess the language is still stuck on my mind. I don't slip up often, but it happens sometimes... Especially when I can't express myself properly in the language I'm currently speaking. Some languages have words for things that others don't"

He looked sheepish for a moment, before continuing.
"I am the same when it comes to sunlight. I burn easily, and the brightness hurts my eyes. Usually when I travel closer to the equator, I tend to do most of my exploring at night or early morning. And your friend Angelina sounds talented, by the way! I've always had a knack for linguistics myself, but it's always been a passion of mine, learning..."

Truly, it was always the best part of his immortality, the gift of time. Time to learn all manner of things. How he retained all the information surprised even him, though. Perhaps Vampires had advanced brains that could hold and process more information? Obviously, there was very little research about his kind, so psychology and physiology typically remained largely a mystery, or guesswork or the few vampires who had studied in those fields.
Kier himself had dabbled in both, and found them vastly interesting. He even had a doctorates in psychology, but it wasn't something he shared with people, nor did he share his various other degrees. It simply wasn't a logical amount of time for a supposed human to have spent in various colleges.

"I fear I must be frank with you... I honestly do nothing special to my hair... I rarely pay it any mind. Usually I just pull it back and out of my way" He admitted, offering an apologetic smile. It was true, though. The most he did with his hair was wash it, and since is body didn't really produce natural oils, he only did so to keep it from drying out, and he enjoyed the scents of the shampoos. Plus, as a vampire, he couldn't really dye it or anything. He had no idea what would happen if he were to cut it, though... But in all his years, his hair had not grown past its current length, and he was loathe to think of cutting it, for fear it would not grow back, and he would forever hate his hairstyle. Long hair was him, and it suited him. He wouldn't change it for the world.

"Ah.... Yes, the tour! Perhaps once it gets darker? I do need to put away my belongings, and of course to make sure my flat key works, but otherwise, I am eager to learn of my new home!" He was definitely excited about going out, especially with a friend.
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[center Nadia’s green eyes lit up ever so slightly when Kier fessed up to being a night owl himself. [#d10091 “I think we’ll be great friends then. Despite the fact I work during the day, and sometimes during the night, I tend to lean towards being nocturnal more than anything.”] Nadia chuckled, knowing that her highly erratic sleeping schedule was probably extremely unhealthy. The woman then faked a pout after hearing Kier wasn’t much of a drinker or one for dancing. [#d10091 “Man! I was hoping to have a new pub-hopping companion!”] Nadia joked before a thoughtful look took over her face. [#d10091 “There’s a castle or two around Belfast that are absolutely gorgeous at night. Perhaps we could go to one of those? And check out other little places along the way? I would suggest going now, but it’s unusually sunny today. And I burn far too easily from being so fair-skinned.”] the female wasn’t too thrilled about it feeling like summer outside.]

[center [#d10091 “One time I was just strolling about; it being pleasantly warm out. Within twenty minutes my shoulders and cheeks were red as cherries! It really sucks when I travel to sunny places like Spain, or a South American country. I might as well bathe in sunblock twice a day if I don’t want to turn into a lobster!”] the Irishwoman was definitely of the talkative variety. She was an excitable woman most of the time and loved sharing stories and experiences she had.]

[center Once she had had the conversation with the more than rushed Mally, Nadia’s attention focused back in on Kier as he spoke about his lingual skills. She was quite intrigued because it reminded her of another friend, a Frenchwoman that was just as sassy as herself. [#d10091 “I have a friend in France, Angelina, who speaks a crazy amount of languages ranging from her native French to Italian to Russian. It blows my mind every time I hear her talk because she speaks at least six or seven lanaguages!”] While the redhead was deeply impressed by her friend, the one thing she was blissfully unaware of was that Angie had centuries to attain the lingual skills she had. Angelina was one of the numerous immortal vampires living within France’s borders. [#d10091 “I’m always envious of those who could speak multiple languages, honestly. I’ve tried to learn some, but those studies never truly came to fruition.”] Nadia felt kind of stupid when it came to foreign languages. She hated struggling to understand things, but despised a slow learning process even more.]

[center [#d10091 “If you’re ever interested I could help you with the ‘modern’ dialect. I’d be more than happy to answer questions about it.”] the lady smiled warmly, knowing that Irish Gaelic could be a pain in the ass because of all the dialects it was comprised of. After Kier had accepted her tour guide proposal Nadia’s cheeks were overtaken by a subtle, but noticeable pink blush. [#d10091 “Unique and kind? You flatter me, Kier!”] The woman was also amused, because the last time someone said to her they were trying to get in her pants. But, she decided to not mention it.]

[center Her pleased demeanor only lasted through one or two sips of her tea, though. As soon as Kier started coughing like he did Nadia panicked, thinking he was choking. Her hands’ grip on her tea cup and saucer tightened from the sudden shock. However, when Kier’s coughs turned to laughs the redhead’s posture relaxed. [#d10091 “[i Jesus Christ!]”] the woman exclaimed before taking a deep breath. It felt like her heart had skipped a few beats, Nadia’s wits quickly recovering from being frazzled. [#d10091 “[i Oh.],”] the female began, not having expected him to react the way he had to her comment about his hair, [#d10091 “You scared me for a moment there! Fabulous, notable, exquisite, whatever you would accept. But, I had noticed it outside. In natural light you can see it’s very healthy, which is always great to a person who does hair professionally. A trained eye can see things like that a mile away!”]]

[center Nadia soon finished her tea, setting the saucer and cup upon the coffee table. [#d10091 “I’m a natural redhead, but I put a dye that’s a few shades deeper to really exaggerate the color, but I really need to trim the ends of my hair. Dead ends are no fun to have or deal with.”] she mentioned, taking a moment to look at the tips of a lock of her hair. [#d10091 “Yup! Still very ginger!”] Nadia snickered before letting her own hair go.]

[center [#d10091 “Is there any particular time you wished to leave for the exploration of Belfast, new neighbor of mine?...”]]
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Kier's smile never wavered as he continued the conversation, genuinely interested in what the redhead had to say. Lock-picking was not a skill he had learned yet, and so he was interested to know about this skill of hers. It sounded quite interesting! And it was comforting to know that the landlady most likely wouldn't be missing her key all that badly. At some point he would return it, but it was nice to know that it wasn't a pressing issue.

He thought for a second about what it would be like to just travel with no luggage. It was similar in concept to how he traveled now, but he had a tendency to pick up trinkets, books, and other little things. Books were the most important thing to him. He tried to keep up to date with modern books, and it was a fun challenge to find new ones, plus there were always the tried and true classics that he truly enjoyed. Most of his carry-on had been books. He wasn't sure he could just not bring books or little souvenirs of his travels. He always ended up finding something interesting and unique that he simply had to have! Sometimes if it was larger, he would have it sent to one of his homes, and have someone he trusted to come and pick it up. Every home he lived in always ended up full of items from around the world, and it was truly ironic that he did that, because time and time again, in his travels, he had lived with only the bare minimum, a true minimalist lifestyle, and yet his home was filled with things...

"Oh! a thriving nightlife! Wonderful! I am in fact a night owl, and I tend to sleep through most of the day, so it's always lovely to know there are those who stay awake late into the night as well! And while I'm not much for drinking or dancing, I enjoy populated areas just as much as those without!" He said, quite excited to once again be in a place where he could find company during his natural hours. It could be lonely when everyone was asleep when you were awake, and you couldn't fully enjoy daylight with others.

Kier meant to respond, but there was a knock on the door, and he passively listened to the conversation. He understood the Gaelic perfectly, but speaking it was another thing entirely. Technically, it was his mother language, but it had changed so much over the years, and he found himself slipping back into the old tongue when he got too into it. He had yet to find someone who fully understood such an ancient tongue...

When Nadia returned, he offered a smile. "Over the years of traveling, my accent has gotten softer. When I switch so often from language to language, It makes it harder to speak thickly. And I agree, it is hard to find anyone who speaks the old language." Kier paused, wondering if he should lie or go with a partial truth. "I unfortunately learned a very old and remotely reigonal form of the language, and have trouble communicating with it. The words have changed too much, but it was a language I grew up with, so it's hard to switch to a more modern dialect" He admitted, before finally deciding now would be a time to "drink" his tea. Centuries of practice had resulted in a perfect "poker face" so to speak, while pretending to eat or drink, even though it physically revolted him.

"I would love to be shown around town by such a unique and kind woman such as yourself" He said pleasantly, before lifting to cup to his mouth. He had taken a small amount of the liquid into his mouth before Nadia spoke again. Startled, having never heard such a thing about his hair, he started coughing. He had to put his cup down, or fear dropping it,as the coughs turned to laughter. "I have never been told I have 'fabulous hair' before!" He admitted as his laughter died down.
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[center With a nod of her head Nadia understood. [#d10091 “I see! Well, if you do encounter any problems with that key when you do test it let me know. I’ll help you open it.”] the female offered in case Kier found himself in a difficult position. [#d10091 “Sometimes I forget my keys and end up locking myself out. I’ve had to figure out how to pick locks because of my tendency to misplace common household objects.”] the female admitted, being a bit sheepish while doing so. But, it was with great pride Nadia could say she did [b not] use such a skill for illegal activities. The Irishwoman only picked locks when she locked herself out of her own flat, or for a friend so was having trouble with their door.]

[center Nadia then only waved a hand to assure Kier it was probably no big deal. [#d10091 “The land lady may not be the brightest, but she’s not [i that] dead from the neck up.”] The woman then chuckled along with the male. [#d10091 “Don’t worry about it. I’ve seen people come here with literally nothing but the shirt on their back. You travel however makes you the most comfortable.”] She then thought about when she visited other countries for leisure and work. Nadia always traveled over prepared; she made sure to pack several outfits, shoes, accessories, makeup equipment, and hair supplies. Packing a lot definitely applied to when she had to travel for her job. [#d10091 [i ‘It never hurts to put your best foot forward’]] Nadia thought.]

[center [#d10091 “There’s plenty of cool things around here to go to! Pub culture is definitely a thing here, if you’re into that. You seem like more of a studious individual, though…”] Nadia contemplated what there would be to do for a person who preferred a more intellectual setting. [#d10091 “There’s a few historic castles from way back when. We have quite a few of those up here in the North, but they’re all over the island. We also have absolutely phenomenal art museums and other landmarks. And if you’re more of a night owl the nightlife here is, uh, very alive.”] she had not been too sure how to explain the last part about Belfast’s nighttime activities. She indulged in the parties held at various clubs on a regular basis, so if anyone knew about the nightlife it’d be Nadia.]

[center When the two were just sitting in Nadia’s living room, having a nice chat over tea the woman found herself pleasantly surprised. [#d10091 “I must be going tone deaf or something! I don’t hear an accent from you.”] the redhead poked fun at herself, which was perfectly normal. It was all a part of her off-brand type of humor. [#d10091 “In all seriousness, though, being homesick is terrible, Kier. From one Irish person to another, welcome home! I’m sure the Emerald Isles are glad you’re back.”] Nadia offered a kind smile before hearing a knock at her flat’s door. Her attention was torn from the male as she set her tea cup’s saucer down onto the coffee table before she got up to answer the door.]

[center When Nadia answered it she was greeted by a friend of hers, a guy she called Mally. But, what she didn’t expect was to be suddenly bombarded by him speaking rapid fire Irish Gaelic. Nadia had always known Mally to be an energetic guy, but it took her a few moments to get herself up to speed. It turned out he was super late to work and had meant to give her something before popping out of the building. Mally was returning a cookbook he had borrowed from her for a special pie recipe he wanted to try.]

[center [b “The pie thing didn’t really work out in the end, but I think that’s because I misread the measurement for the sugar.”] Mally shrugged, having written down the recipe for future reference. [b “I’ll just have to try it again some other time and actually pay attention to what I’m doing.”] he added before hurrying out of the building. [#d10091 “Go raibh maith agat, Mally!”] Nadia called after him just before Mally disappeared.]

[center [#d10091 “People are weird sometimes, I swear.”] she sighed, setting the cook book on the coffee table before grabbing her tea and sitting down again. [#d10091 “But, when it’s hard to find people who speak proper Irish Gaelic you take what you can get.”] Nadia snickered. She and Mally had been friends for years. It was second nature to give each other crap, even if the other wasn’t present. [#d10091 “Mally is a really cool guy, though. He’s the type of person that would give you the last couple of pounds left in his wallet if you needed it.”]]

[center Nadia then sipped at her tea, which was the perfect temperature; pleasantly warm. It didn’t scorch her taste buds, but wasn’t cold so the flavor wasn’t ruined. [#d10091 “If you’re up to it later, since I’m not working today, I could show you around our little slice of Belfast if you’d like?"] the woman offered, honestly excited by having a new neighbor. But then she tilted her head slightly, her gaze focused on Kier. [#d10091 "I know this may sound really weird, but as a person that does hair and makeup for a living, I must say you have absolutely fabulous hair!"] the redhead was a bit worried that she'd sound odd saying that, but Nadia felt compelled to give compliments when they were due...]
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Kier offered a pleasant laugh at her words, his voice light and friendly as he responded to her pondering.
"Oh, I've got the key to the flat as well, not yet tested, though..." He paused for a second, realizing a particularly unpleasant thought. "I do hope the key I was given wasn't to anything important..." His face turned into a slight wince at the thought of the landlady giving him a key to her own house, or mailbox, or any number of things that might be important to access at any time. Or if it was, he hoped there was a spare to be utilized....

But his wince was replaced almost as quickly as it had formed on his face, with his smile back in place. He glanced to his meager belongings and offered another small laugh.
"I suppose I did pack light, didn't I?" He paused for a second to consider what he would say next. "To tell the truth, I'm not sure how long I'll be here. I love to travel, but I tend to stay in the same place for a few years before I move on. It's easier just to uproot myself and buy new furniture in a new home, than to have anything brought over. The same goes for clothes and the like."

Kier really didn't have a problem with sharing information. If someone wanted to know about him, he was an open book, aside from his species, of course, and his dietary needs. People didn't seem to take well to having a "member of the undead", so to speak, living amongst them. Not only was it the fear of something different, but the media portrayal of his kind had not been great over the years. Sure the more modern movies included handsome vampires that the youth could fawn over, with deep angst and a gorgeous face, and all they needed was someone to love them... But that didn't mean an entire species should come out of hiding because of a few hollywood characters.

Kier made a mental note that his own flat seemed to be just two doors down from his new acquaintance's flat. That would be nice, having a friend close by!
"I've never been, of course I have been to many other places, Belfast just... Is one place I had not explored yet. I've been to Dublin, and plenty of other towns... I've been to Canada too. It's lovely, especially in the north. And the people are great too" He explained, happy to talk of his travels. The world truly was a beautiful place, and he felt truly honored to have visited so many places, throughout history.

As they entered, he gently shut the door behind him and followed after Nadia until she said to make herself at home, after which he found a comfortable spot to sit and wait for his hostess to return. He glanced around at the decor for a bit, before turning towards the kitchen, after realizing that she had offered her name, and he had yet to give his in return.

"My name is Kier, by the way, and honestly, the reason I'm here is because I found myself quite homesick in my travels..." He glanced down at his hands in his lap for a moment and thought back to his human past. Even though so long had passed, he remembered being human clearly. He had been a nomad, living with his father. The whole island was his home, and yet he had no roots to one particular area. Every so often, he would get homesick, and be delighted with how his fellow celts had grown and prospered. And although he bore little resemblance to most fiery-haired, forest-eyed children of the isle, and his accent had long since faded into something almost unrecognizable, he thought of the inhabitants as kin.

When Nadia brought a cup of tea, he smiled graciously and accepted the tea, inhaling the aformentioned scents.
"It smells lovely!" He remarked politely, before returning his hands to his lap, holding the cup and saucer steady. "Perhaps I'll wait for it to cool first. It might take me a while to re-acclimate to hot tea" he joked.
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[center Amused eyebrows gently raised themselves, carefully framing Nadia’s green eyes that were filled with curiosity. She hadn’t seen the male before her around before. [#d10091 “I can imagine! I’ve been in similar situations before. It sucks being stranded outside with no way to get in.”] the female replied, remembering the times she had forgotten her own keys and had to have neighbors inside help her to get into her flat. It was a fairly stressful time, but Nadia was thankful people had been there to make things a bit easier.]

[center [#d10091 “Perhaps that key is for your actual flat? Usually, when a new person comes in the land lady has the flat already unlocked so you can go in and get settled right away.”] Nadia noted, her head tilting slightly off to the left. The short woman than noticed how ‘lightly’ the man was traveling. [#d10091 “Are you just visiting? Or are you actually moving in?”] she inquired before shrugging, figuring that it was none of her business to know. Quite a few people considered Nadia to be on the nosy side of the spectrum, but the woman was just inquisitive as could be. Ninety-five percent of the time Nadia truly had good intentions. The other five were her purposely being annoying to piss someone off.]

[center A wide smile then came over the Irishwoman’s face when her new neighbor agreed to accompany her for tea. [#d10091 “Splendid! You look like you could use a little pick-me-up. Maybe a good old fashioned green tea would be good for you?”] Nadia exclaimed, though the last bit was mainly her contemplating out loud. In her head she was going over the inventory of tea she had in her flat’s kitchen, trying to figure out what would be best for welcoming a new neighbor to the building.]

[center However, one little tidbit of information caught Nadia’s attention. [#d10091 “You’ve never been to Belfast before?”] slight disbelief lacing her spoken words. But, then she chuckled and shook her head. [#d10091 “I don’t really blame you. I’ve only been living here for about three years. I’m still learning things about it as time goes by, to be honest!”] the female admitted. [#d10091 “One time we had a person living here that was from Canada! He had never been out of North America in his life and he was here in Belfast for some study abroad program he was doing. Very interesting lad he was. I always called him Maple leaf moose, though.”]]

[center Nadia had been good friends with Serge, a.k.a Maple leaf moose. It had been sad to see him go back to Canada, but it was a friendship she’d fondly remember. [#d10091 “Let’s get you inside! I’m sure you’d like to properly rest.”] Nadia broke herself from her reveries by leading the male into the building, to her flat. [#d10091 “I’m Nadia, by the way. A lot of the tenants here like to call me Lady Leprechaun, for obvious reasons, but I do prefer Nadia.”]]

[center Nadia had left her flat’s door open for Kier, trusting that he’d close it since she made a bee-line for the kitchen to brew some fresh tea. [#d10091 “Make yourself at home!”] Nadia smiled before disappearing into her kitchen. [#d10091 “What brings an individual, such as yourself, to Belfast?”] Nadia called out from where she was. One could then hear the signature sound of when someone was rummaging through a pantry. It was exactly what Nadia was doing. She had to pull up a chair to reach a particular shelf since she was so short. It was extra effort, but the woman was stubborn and wouldn’t stop till she found the specific tea she had in mind.]

[center After a few minutes Nadia [i finally] found what she was looking for; a sealed jar of loose tea leaves. The woman then went about properly steeping the leaves before gingerly pouring it into a cup on a saucer. Nadia then grabbed a special honey-milk stirring spoon to place on the saucer. She repeated the presentation process for herself and carried out both cups of tea to the living room.]

[center Nadia’s flat was very cozy, decorated with all sorts of pictures and items from her travels. It really was her own little nook within the world. [#d10091 “Okay. I made you a special green tea blend. It has a wee bit of mint and lemongrass in it so it’s aromatic and uplifting! And there’s that little stirring spoon to help sweeten it if you’d like.”] the woman handed off a saucer and its tea cup to Kier before carefully seating herself in the plush chair from earlier, crossing her legs on the seat.]

[center [#d10091 “I do hope it’s to your liking.”] the woman added before she stirred her own tea, taking the occasional sip to test the temperature and flavor…]
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Kier had found himself a small shaded part to sit in that provided just enough cover from the harsh rays of the sun to last him a while, but with the way his luck was going, the sun would shift in the sky, and his small amount of cover would be gone.

It was just about the time that he was starting to formulate a plan in the event he couldn't take the rays of the sun any longer that he heard a distinct sound of footsteps approaching, and suddenly, a female voice rang out, sparing him from the choice of what to do in case of sunburn.

Relief filled him as he was let into the building, and he offered his rescuer a kind smile as he removed his sunglasses and gloves.

"I really appreciate you coming to let me in. It seems exactly as you say. I'm not entirely sure where this key leads, but it certainly does not lead to this building!" He explained, gathering his admittedly small amount of luggage. All he had was one suitcase and a carry-on bag that was slung over his shoulder. Everything he would need in his new home, he would go out and buy. He had brought a few essentials, and some favorite items he couldn't bear to leave behind. That was all he needed.
This woman seemed nice, and he would like to get to know his neighbors, but he knew he couldn't drink any tea she offered. Did he have the energy to pretend? Usually pretending ended up with an ingestion of a small amount of food or drink at some point, which wasn't exactly harmful, but as his body couldn't handle the food or drink, he'd have to throw up later...
He quickly weighed his options, and decided that although it was a bit more work, he would rather gather his bearings in a furnished house before he got to work on furnishing his own house. Plus it would be rude to turn down an offer for tea from such a nice person...
"And that's very kind of you to offer! I would love to join you for tea! I must admit, I've never been to this town, so it will be good to get to know someone who knows their way around."

While it was untrue that he'd never been to Belfast, Ireland, it was easier to say he'd never been than to admit he had been there a few hundred years ago. A lot had changed, and everything was new to him in this regard. Besides that, he hadn't come home only to shut himself away and read books! He wanted to meet the locals and befriend them! He had dearly missed the culture. It was nothing like the culture he remembered those many years ago, but then again, when more than thousand years go by, nothing is the same. It wasn't even the same as it was a few hundred years ago!

But it was the advancements and changes that kept him going. He loved to watch the world progress and advance. He loved the technological , biological, and pharmaceutical advances humans made. He loved that no matter what, humans still survived, retaining the traits that made them human...
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[center Life hadn’t always been the smoothest ride on the planet for Nadia. The woman was born and raised in a rural part of Northern Ireland, a relatively small town that nobody has ever heard about. Her parents were devout Catholic folk and raised their children; Nadia, her younger sister Siobhan, and even younger brother Brian, to be religious as well. Having lived in a strict Catholic potato farming family left Nadia sheltered. On the inside she absolutely [i hated] feeling like there was something more to life than growing vegetables, milking cows, and praying to God and Jesus. It was a never ending cycle that drove Nadia and Siobhan mad, whereas Brian didn’t mind it so much.]

[center Her resentment towards her parents and the Catholic church only grew until Nadia had enough and left her family and their farm behind at eighteen. Siobhan had done the same when she was of age. Brian, however, was the only of the three siblings to stick by his parents’ side. In fact, to appease his parents, he joined a nearby seminary to join the priesthood. This choice had left Nadia’s parents with some relief, though they still worried about her and Siobhan’s ‘eligibility to be accepted into heaven’.]

[center Nadia had a bit of a hard time trying to figure out where to settle after leaving her tiny home town. But, eventually, she chose to move to Belfast. The change in scenery and modernity came as quite a shock to Nadia at first. But, she quickly adapted to her new surroundings and made friends in record time.]

[center With the passage of time Nadia had been opened up to all sorts of possibilities for career choices. The Irishwoman was a bit overwhelmed at first, but Nadia ended up going to school to be a cosmetologist. Her move to Belfast had exposed her to magic and whimsy of the world of beauty. The awe it instilled within the redhead made her want to play with hair and makeup for a living! And that was exactly what she decided to do with herself. Makeup had given Nadia a confidence boost for her own being. Her reasoning was that if she could help others that doing such good would make her happy.]

[center [b ~~~]]

[center Today was like any other day. It wasn’t very eventful in Nadia’s honest opinion. The woman had a day off and she really had no idea what to do with such a large amount of free time. The trait Nadia always held onto from her days of living on a farm was to stay busy. So when the female actually had time to rest she was a bit lost.]

[center Relaxing in her flat, she tried to wake up her hazy mind by brewing a cup of black tea to drink while reading the daily newspaper. Nadia was hoping that the caffeine from the tea would help energize her at least a bit. The lack of sleep from the night before irked her considerably. But, the lady took a seat in a large, plush, recliner with her mug of piping hot tea as she flipped through the paper. Nothing really grabbed her attention as she moved from story to story. Even the comics left a lot to be desired!]

[center However, the woman’s green eyes directed themselves to the door of her flat when she heard a noise coming from the entryway that lead to the hall, stairs, and a second floor that had flats with different tenants. It sounded like someone was having trouble unlocking the door to get into the building. The front door always locked so the flats inside had a bit of security. Whether or not the tenants decided to lock the door of their flat was a personal choice. Nadia usually did simply because she felt very uncomfortable leaving her things unsecured.]

[center Nadia was hoping that someone else would go see what the noise was about, or that the problem would resolve itself. She didn’t hear any footsteps going towards the front, though. When the noise stopped Nadia’s curiosity had gotten the best of her. She set her things down and slipped on a pair of flip flops. The woman was lazily dressed in yoga pants and a sweatshirt for a band she listened to. Her wild fiery hair was down, resting wherever it pleased. She then grabbed her own keys before heading outside to see who was having issues.]

[center The sunlight viciously assaulted her eyes, blinding her momentarily before they adjusted to the brightness of the outdoors. After rubbing her eyes for a moment she looked around and spotted an individual with what appeared to be luggage.]

[center [#d10091 “Oi! Were you the one making that noise at the door? Are you having trouble with your keys or something?”] Nadia called out before approaching the stranger. He was taller than her, then again almost everybody was. Being only 5’ 5” made her a target to too many leprechaun jokes. [#d10091 “I have an extra key for the front door if you need it. The land lady and her family aren’t exactly the sharpest tools in the shed. It wouldn’t be the first time a wrong key was given to a person.”] she shrugged, offering some assistance to the male in front of her.]

[center [#d10091 “If you like you could come over to my flat for some welcome-to-the-building tea?”] the Irishwoman proposed, figuring a welcoming gesture was good, though some did find it odd…]
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"Thank you for choosing Air Virgin, our flight from London, Heathrow, is now descending. If you could please stow your trays and adjust your chairs to the upright position before buckling your seatbelts, we will arrive at our destination shortly. Welcome to Ireland!"

Kier tried to stifle an oncoming yawn, blearily hoping he could find his new home soon. His journey had included an incredibly long car ride out of Italy, through Switzerland for a day-long rest stop, then to Provence, France, where he took a night train to the capital, and from there, he took the undersea rail to London, and the next red-eye flight from Heahtrow to Belfast. He had enjoyed his travel, but it was quickly planned and executed, and he hadn't accounted for the tiredness he would feel. When he had the opportunity to read a book during his travels, he had been able to ignore it, but now that he was landing, he was starting to feel a little weary.

After the plane landed and he got his luggage, he took was able to arrange for a taxi to his new place of living. It had been so long since he had been to his home country, and he was excited to live here again.
As he arrived at his new home town, he had the driver drop him off at the nearest Tesco. Obviously he had no need for food, but he felt some fresh air would do him good, and he walked the rest of the way, large sunglasses covering his face, glasses snugly tucked into his luggage. He wore a turtleneck and long pants, as well as a pair of grey leather gloves to hide his hands. He hadn't thought to bring a hat, though, and it was already midday, so he stuck mostly to the shadows, trying to remember where exactly his new home was.

Upon arrival, a big grin spread across his face. So this was to be his new home! It filled him with a sense of joy as he approached the front door, eager to unlock it and enter his new abode!

But that grin fell when, upon trying the key he had been given, the door remained locked. Thinking perhaps that he had grabbed the wrong key in his tiredness, he tried a few other keys on his keychain, but there were only two others that were unlabeled. The rest were clearly marked with the location the keys went to, such as "Mil" for Milan, "LA" for Los Angeles, and so on. Having lived as long as he had, he had accumulated several homes, and he worked hard on keeping track of them.

Kier let out an exasperated sigh and dug around for his phone, only to find that the seller of the property's phone was dead. He left a message, and hoped that he could get in contact soon. The seller's parents lived in town, but he had no way of contacting them, so he'd have to wait for him to return the call.

He gave another sigh and went about looking for a shady area to wait in.
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