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Austin and _____ were inseparable in high school, so in love, everyone always thought they would get married someday. Austin had dreams of becoming a rock star as most called it but he called it a musician and he took his music seriously. His senior year of high school his band got their big break and were signed to a label. It all spiraled from there, the money the fame, everything. At graduation Austin had planned to purpose to ____ but she never showed up. Never called, she up and left.

What happens when 3 years later ____ comes back to town with a 2 1/2 year old little girl that looks a lot like Austin? Austin is a musician and doesn't live there anymore but what happens when he comes back for a charity benefit concert in the park?

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"I'm not leaving you or Haley ever." He said plopping down on the couch and adjusting a pillow. He sighed and said,"I'm ordering another pizza want any?" He was hungry, he was always hungry.
  Ross Shor Lynch / polkadotrocker / 2y 153d 4h 15m 24s
Rebekah looked up at him, shaking her head again as he said that she didn't want to love him. That's exactly what she didn't want. Rebekah watched as he got more frustrated with her, knowing how he felt. She left him, and he was seeing that in her. It wasn't like she didn't want him to. Rebekah wanted him to know if he wanted a coward like her. She ran when it got hard, and she hadn't looked back.

Rebekah heard his stern voice, meaning that he wasn't kidding. He [i was] going to make her love him. There was no doubt in his voice, and Rebekah looked over at him as he talked. She was pitiful back then, but she was different now. Rebekah didn't want to be the girl that he thought in the back of his mind would leave him at the snap of her fingers.

[b "Haley is a lot easier to love than me Austin."] Looking at him a little longer before walking to the door, Rebekah looked back at him. [b "I need to go to bed for work tomorrow. Goodnight."] She said walking back to her room. [b "You can stay if you need to."]
  Rebekah Smith / bubbles12 / 2y 153d 4h 17m 57s
"I do hate shopping but I'd do anything for you, I'd swim to china for you." He said smiling at her, "But I do like the rock star thing, you used to call me that when we were dating, I missed it." He leaned over and kissed her and said,"I know Haley and your school is alot so you don't have to be my assistant but I will help you if you want to."
  Ross Shor Lynch / polkadotrocker / 2y 153d 23h 9m 17s
Austin shook his head and said,"I don't want to make you work, if you need something just tell me. I will take care of it." He leaned his head on her shoulder and said," Bec I don't want to make you work but my assistant just quit before I hopped on the plane here but its a big job and I don't want to put that on you, and I refuse to let you work for money, you can have anything you want, no strings attached, you need money for Haley take it, food take it, school, take it, shopping take it hell I'll take you."
  Ross Shor Lynch / polkadotrocker / 2y 154d 24m 59s
Austin sighed and leaned back on the couch and said,"Just give me a chance to show you that we haven't changed and we're still the same people we were three years ago just older and sexier." He sighed again and asked,"Christmas is coming up, I want to spoil you and Haley, has she ever been is Disney?"
  Ross Shor Lynch / polkadotrocker / 2y 154d 1h 32m 55s
"Your acting like we've changed but we haven't!" Austin said slightly frustrated, "I will MARRY you Bec, at any given moment, your the only girl I'll ever want, it only feels right with you!" He didn't want to raise his voice afraid he would wake Haley.

Sitting down he sighed, "I'm moving home for Haley and you, like it or not your stuck with me."
  Ross Shor Lynch / polkadotrocker / 2y 154d 4h 13m 57s
"I'm moving back home Bec, I can't leave you and Haley, I can't lose you two again." He said kissing her again, gently. Running a hand through his hair he sighed, "Mom and dad died in a car accident last year." He was an only child, he had no one else, no one left except her and Haley. "I came back last year for one day for the funeral and barely made it out of my hotel room. I still own their house but I can't bring myself to go there."
  Ross Shor Lynch / polkadotrocker / 2y 154d 5h 17m 1s
"My mom used to sing that to me." He said smiling at her when she left Haley's room. "Before she passed." He shook off the tears welling in his eyes and said,"I guess I'm going apartment hunting because I refuse to be without my favorite girls."
  Ross Shor Lynch / polkadotrocker / 2y 155d 1h 14m 46s
Rebekah nodded, looking at him as he talked. He was rambling just like she so often did. Laughing and hushing him as he kept going on, Rebekah nodded. She missed the little things he did. "You're rambling too. I want my life Austin, but we aren't just going to pack up and move. I got into college again, and I think we should just take things slow."]

Standing, Rebekah lifted Haley into her arms, calming her crying by kissing her head. [b "Haley's tired. I'm putting her to bed."] Taking the little girl, Rebekah leaned over, gently setting the most precious thing in the world to her in her bed. Sitting next to the beautiful girl, Rebekah softly began to sing her nursery rhyme that she did every night.

They never skipped singing it. Rebekah knew the lyrics by heart. They meant love and comfort. When she was having a bad day, Rebekah hummed the same tune. Haley was a blessing.
  Rebekah Smith / bubbles12 / 2y 155d 1h 18m 38s
Austin smiled and said,"Then its a date tomorrow and I want to get Haley a present so I know just what to get her, and does she like to dance, I mean I do teach a dance class at a studio in Los Angeles and they have a kids class I know they would love to have her there." He was rambling himself.

"You know your cute when you ramble and thank you for allowing me in your lives again Bec, I think that its a good start again for all of us."
  Ross Shor Lynch / polkadotrocker / 2y 155d 1h 57m 21s
Rebekah nodded at him, taking a deep breath. They needed to start over. Both of them had changed, and they both knew that. There was the possibility it wouldn't work... Rebekah didn't want to think about it. She smiled and laughed a little, nodding. [b "A date would be great with you rockstar. I mean... if you'll have me."] Rebekah teased, and then smiled at him. Their first official date again. That was so special to her.

She smiled, as he kissed her cheek, looking into his eyes. Haley. She knew he'd want to know all about her. He would've stayed, and she knew that. [b "Okay well Haley is really into stuffed animals. If you give her one, she'll love you forever! She's tough and she doesn't let other kids take her lunch or toys that are older. I guess she gets that from me. Haley is playful and goofy just like you when you smile... She likes to sing too, and we have dance competitions sometimes. She's getting off formula, but I've been teaching her how to read with flash cards. I think she'll be good at sports..."] Stopping her rambling, Rebekah blushed a little.

[b "Sorry I know I do that."] Rebekah said, laughing a little before looking back at him. [b "You're welcome to umm... stay here if you want for tonight."]
  Rebekah Smith / bubbles12 / 2y 155d 1h 31m 22s
Austin nodded and said,"Lets start over, so would you like to go out on a date with me? Haley too? Mini Golf and Pizza and being goofballs." He kissed her cheek gently and said,"Can I meet Haley? What does she like? Tell me more about her? Tell me all you can about her? I know you were scared but I would have stayed, I would have done everything I could to make sure my girls had everything they needed."
  Ross Shor Lynch / polkadotrocker / 2y 155d 2h 32m 57s
Rebekah heard the irritated tone in his usual calming voice, and she turned her eyes to his. She did have his baby, and she'd run off with her. Austin hadn't even known she was pregnant, and she had taken Haley off to start again. It wasn't even fair to Austin. Being out of your child's life for over two years was something you couldn't replace. Time is precious, and she took that from Austin and Haley... She took that from her daughter too just because she was scared, and she wanted Austin to be able to sing. Rebekah had really messed up this time.

She hadn't stopped loving him either, and she knew it. He made her so sure about herself after all these years without him. Austin made it seem like nothing had happened, and she felt so happy with him. He brought an unexplainable joy to her heart. She just felt so wrong coming back in when she messed it all up. Rebekah felt like a stranger, no, more like a thief. A thief of time.

Her brown eyes stared into his, and she sighed. [b "Austin you know I love you. I just... I don't want to ruin your life like I did again. I guess I'm scared."] She talked softly, putting her hand on his cheek. [b "Maybe we should start over?"]
  Rebekah Smith / bubbles12 / 2y 155d 2h 53m 38s
" Yeah you had a baby, my baby!" Austin said slightly irritated. "Haley is my daugher too Becca and I want to be in her life and I have never stopped loving you, I tried to date, I couldn't, the entire time I thought about you and how no one will ever compare or live up to you!"
  Ross Shor Lynch / polkadotrocker / 2y 155d 3h 11m 2s
Looking up he thought he saw Rebekah in the crowd but couldn't be sure, the band started to play and he stopped them and looked out into the sea of people and said,"Bec Babe are you out there?"

Everyone knew who Bec or Becca was as he called her in interviews, the girl who he loved and broke his heart. When no one came forward he sighed and said,"Well I guess I'm just going to have to sit down and wait on you to come up here arent I?"
  Ross Shor Lynch / polkadotrocker / 2y 156d 21h 9m 54s

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