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[center [font "batang che" [size9 Also is it just me or is the realtime replies dead??? ]]]
  Reiji / 224d 6h 3m 19s
[center [font "batang che" [size9 Ola I hope you had a good Christmas <333 YAY! I wish I still had a creative brain, mine took a stroll and never come back ;; ]]]
  Reiji / 224d 6h 9m 16s
Merry Christmas!!! <333
I'm glad to be back! I'm finally ready to use my creative brain again!!
  kal / Kallum / 229d 4h 49m 37s

I'm glad you're doing okay! I'm glad you're back around too!! D:
  Reiji / 233d 13h 7m 15s
This one is fine. Coloahugs HIIII I missed you also. I'm doing pretty okay. I hope you are doing well too. °u° 1
  kal / Kallum / 241d 3h 10m 22s
aaaa ok i dont know which account to message you on then so i will just message here D: I miss you and I hope you're doimg okay uwu
  Reiji / 241d 12h 6m 9s
Ohhhh okay. I remembered my old profile ^^’ Thank goodness.
  Cola-ola / Kallum / 256d 9h 39m 0s
[center [font "batang che" Uneven breath fell in several unrefind counts, against the constrictions of her dress. In the moment, the strain on her chest had been enough to make her feel just slightly woozy, but she ignored the mild light-headed feeling. Instead, Cordelia attempted to gain at least [i some] semblance of rational thought - but a piece of her wished for the boy to rise up to her tantrum and push her over the edge. If he had risen to the challenge, it would give her reason to continue to spew venemous words at him and truly bring him down a couple of notches. She prepared herself for his own abusive retorts, expecting for him to come at her. A piece of her even [i looked forward to it.] She wished he would, so that she could show him just how deep her own, abusive words could cut. When his response never came, a little part of her was disappointed. For what seemed like an hour, she'd clung onto the tight feeling in her chest and to the tense atmosphere. Preparing for what was to come, yet she was left to hang in silence. The silence had been enough to fuel her anger, even further.]]
[center [font "batang che" In fact, Cordelia had been wound so tightly on the tension, she had failed to realize her surroundings. From the placement of her hand upon his ear, to the presence upon the staircase that distracted the roach. Cordelia hadn't paused to think of anyone but herself and the anger that overwhelmed her. His lack of acknowledgement continued to wind her. The tension she felt within burned inside, the silence fanning the flames of her anger. It encouraged her to make a further fool out of the both of them - though of course, of this [i boy,] more than she. Until, these malicious feelings fated into shock.]]
[center [font "batang che" Kallum Heru was none other than the roach in front of her.]]
[center [font "batang che" Cordelia was stuck with a [i roach] and she was powerless to do anything about it.]]
[center [font "batang che" It wasn't as if he would be able to request for another partner, either. Essentially, no matter how the cookie would be cut- .. Cordelia was practically chained to him. It stirred uncertainty within her, as she hadn't even taken a moment to consider who the boy may be. She supposed that she originally thought he might be a bratty royal, or a servant who needed a heel driven into his throat.]]
[center [font "batang che" Suddenly, the entire situation had changed for her. Their little tirade would not be something easily glossed over with a single night and it wasn't as if she would rarely see him. The two would be stuck together at the hip - regardless if they wanted it, or not. In that moment, she considered that perhaps there had been a mutual understanding. Knowing that neither of them would be able to escape their situations. As if they both knew the days ahead would be nothing but dreadful, if something didn't change. It was then, she properly glanced into his eyes. Studying him carefuly, taking notice of something upon his cheek. "O- .. Oh ..----" she managed to squeak out, an unexpected gasp as Kallum jerked his head from her grasp, as well as pulled her from her thoughts. Only then, did she realize she had still been latched onto him. Now, she simply stood and stared - this time, Cordelia was without a response, as he busied himself with gathering her items. Like a scolded child waiting for further instruction from her parent, she stayed put, for fear of a spanking once they got home. Her eyes were cast downward, until Kallum had placed his kerchief into her hand - which, she had failed to pull back to her side. Shocked by the act of kindness, she clutched onto it. Staring at the fabric in confusion, for she hadn't expected him to be generous to her. After all, in fairytales, usually a handkerchief was some form of special item, wasn't it? Certainly, she couldn't take something like that from someone she tossed her shoes at. Which, had now been placed just in front of her. Prompting Cordelia to forget the kerchief, instead lifting her skirts and wobbling into each of the damned heels. Eventually managing to toe her way into each one, she hurried after him and awkwardly manuevered the stairs, with the assistance of the walls.]]
[center [font "batang che" Managing to toe her way into each one, after far too long a time, she hurried after Kallum. Awkwardly positioning herself to be poised against the walls, assisting her in climbing each step. She followed, in silence, until the top. At which point, her dainty hand reached out to latch to his sleeve, just at the elbow. Her touch was gentle, to barely alert him of her presence. The stability helped her with her to time her footing, finding a comfortable pace to keep up with him. When satisfied, she released his clothing and continued along, at his side. The kerchief clutched tightly in her hand, she glanced the other way. " ... your eyes are smudged, but it looks like a butterfly. even if it's a little mangled. maybe, that suits you more than a roach." She babbled on, nodding a little to herself. "Mm. Butterfly." ]]
  Pʀɪᴍ / Mikaze / 3y 93d 9h 59m 25s
[center [size12 He couldn't speak.

Kallum definitely had more to say, but he could not let the words out. Even though the words the girl spoke were quite venomous in nature, it was a poison that he could no longer say that was new to him. Even though the were hurling insults in tandem, her words cling to him in a way that was upright repulsive in his mind. Being scolded in public by a puppy was upsetting, however making a girl cry would be more unsettling to him than his pride getting crumbled into nonexistent specks of dust. Though that did not stop the scowl on his face from showing, and it only deepened as his name came from her mouth.

He couldn't say that he was surprised that he was paired with her as he already knew from the lack of taste in her luggage that was brought earlier would cause them to butt heads on multiple occasions. He opened his mouth to speak, or more like to protest, about her grabbing his ear, but he closed it as a figure at the end of the stairwell caught his eye before leaving. His lips formed a thin line as he moved his gaze back to the girl in front of him and looking at her eyes, glassy with unshed tears, he realized she was mostly like going to kill him, in one way or the other.

"Kallum Heru, at your service," he said with distaste as he jerked his head to remove her hand from his ear, which would probably do him more harm than good from the multiple piercings placed upon them. With a deep breath, he struggled to stand to the best of his abilities, paying little mind that his outward appearance reflecting his internal resignation. His hair was no longer stylized in the way he had it before, but it full toward to frame his face haphazardly. The makeup that was meticulous placed on the corners of his eyes were smudged in the corners from his unshed tears. When he stood, his body was still slightly bent toward as the shape pain turned into a dull ache at this point. He looked around the room, paying no mind to the others as he found the source of his possibly demise, that laced- trimmed... [i item]. He snatched it up of the ground without a word, and shoved it back in the luggage with excessive force and did the same with the rest of the items that were spilled onto the floor.

He looked around again, and luckily one heeled shoe was close to him and he picked it up, but he couldn't say the same for the one that he threw quite a ways away. He went up to the girl and placed the shoe in front it's assigned foot.

He then reached into his breast pocket to pull out a handkerchief that he luckily didn't put away earlier and put it in her hand with surprising gentleness. He didn't look at her face as he did it but he saw that there were tears in her eyes earlier. He was tempted to take it back and use it for his eyes instead as he was the one in pain, but then he just walked to collected the other heel and brought it back to her. There was a slight limp in his step, but of course that wouldn't deter him. With a deep sigh to composed himself one finally time, he picked up the luggage and begin to make his way up the staircase.

"I'll show you to your room," he stated without looking back.
  {♤} / -Cola / 3y 98d 21h 20m 37s
[center [font "batang che" Now brustled up in quite the huff, she was rather pleased that he had, quite literally, been knocked down a notch or so. With a motion of her wrist, she had closed her delicate fan and crossed her arms in front of her torso. Delicately holding that fan within her hand, as though posed like a porcelain doll. She turned away from the kneeling scoundrel, leaving him in his thoughts and pain - the price to pay, for crossing Cordelia. In her opinion, he had ought to have known better. Her nose high within the air, Cordelia only turned, upon hearing his further taunts.]]
[center [font "batang che" "How ridiculous," she would mock him as she swiftly closed the distance between the pathetic boy and herself. "You are hardly able to speak and your eyes match that unsightly colour hair. [i How] were you accepted into this Academy? Certainly, you are the laughingstock of your own home and were sent here as nothing more than a petty joke." Her words were out of time with his, for she spoke over him - uncaring of what it was that he would spew. However, she was shocked into silence as her footwear had been sent across the room. ]]
[center [font "batang che" Her brows would furrow as he had failed to choose his words carefully, prompting Cordelia to reach out to perhaps take the shell of his ear in between her gloved fingers. She would yank him close to her, though finding herself humiliated by her own actions - for him upon the floor, he was [i still] taller than she, without her heels. As the personal insult settled within her heart, tears brimmed in the corners of her own eyes, yet she spoke through them. "Listen here, you pathetic roach. You speak to someone who will not tolerate your misbehaviours. I will smack them out of you, I will. For you so [i obviously] do not belong here, I have no interest in masquerading about with the likes of you, any longer. Make yourself useful before I render the rest of your body [i useless] and tell me where I might find Kallum Heru. I would hope the one tasked to be in my service would be twice the gentleman you have shown yourself to be. [i That] is your price for- .. sniffing my undergarments and harassing myself and lifting my dress higher than you ought to!"]]
  Pʀɪᴍ / Mikaze / 3y 99d 16h 45m 8s
[size12 Kallum quickly came to realize the extent of how wrong he was in his charming advances toward the girl. Instead of making light of the situation, it had took a turn for the worst as he struggled to keep the failing girl from falling to the ground. Not that it helped that he felt as if he was being attacked from every angle, but now the thought that the girl was actually a Chihuahua could not leave his mind. He had only tried to hold one once in his life, and he would have to say that the girl had gave him the same feeling as the Chihuahua that was struggling out of his arms. Except that when the girl fell, she didn’t automatically run away from him.

However, that feeling of agitation when handling the Chihuahua was the same as agitation he was feeling now. He watched as the girl fell from his arms, but that quickly changed when she had grabbed onto his arm for support. It had taken everything within him not to snatch his arm away in disgust, but then again he wondered how that would look to the others. Instead, he held a strained smile on his face that tried to use to betray his feelings of agitation and embarrassment of this situation as he watched the girl wobbled away from him, but he decided that the best way to do that was with arrogance.

“If you wanted to hold on to me, al—” His words were interrupted by an object that came flying at his face which he was lucky enough to dodge, however, when he turned his head to try to see what it was, he did not see the second one come flying in his direction. His mind didn’t have the time to process what had happened to him as Kal fell onto his knees in pain. His body seemed as if he was trying to curl into himself as the pain grew with each passing second. In that moment, it didn’t matter that his head was touching the floor, but that he was trying to not scream.

Kal stayed in that position for a long time, trying to composure himself as he only took in what the girl was saying. He then took a very deep breath as if he trying to breathe back in the words that were about to escape his mouth, and he opened his eyes to see a high heeled shoe under him. He then realized that he couldn’t control himself.

He looked up at the girl in front of him with the expression of pain mixed with unbridled anger. The whites of his eyes turned a light pink from the unshed tears that threatened to leave them.

“I was sure that I was already in the deepest depths of hell looking at that [i beast]” — Kallum took the offending heel and threw it the best that he could across the room— “of a [b mug] that you call a face.”

He had no control over the words that was escaping his lips, only that he should stop them before he got himself into more trouble than he was already in. However, in the moment, he could only think about the radiating pain that resonated from between his legs that was leaving him almost paralyzed.

“Hopefully, my inwards would splash on your dreadful attire as it would make them like a thousand times better than the dreadful state that they are in now. I would be doing you a favor,” he spat, but towards the end the words came out in more of a groan then he intended to. He lowered his head back towards the ground, trying to wait till the pain had dissipated before he spoke again.
  {♤} / -Cola / 3y 99d 17h 48m 57s
[center [font "batang che" "You -- !!" Unbecoming of herself, or so she would have liked to have thought, the soft squeak that escaped her was quite the embarrassment to the young lady. In the moment that her heeled feet had left the ground, every ounce of rage upon her face softened for just a moment. As realization dawned upon her that the man who sniffed her panties had now lifted her in an attempt to cop a feel, disbelief washed over her that someone so [i lowly] had thought to lay his hands upon her. With more than a little kick of her feet, she would make it apparent that her place of belonging was [i not in mid-air] with a boy she had just met and caught perusing her personal items.]]
[center [font "batang che""You have not [i seen] the extent of my anger," in quite the huff she would smack against his chest with both hands, demanding to be placed back upon the floor. "Though I would advise you return me to the ground at once, before this 'pretty little' face will show you the depths of [i hell.]" Her nose would wrinkle as she mentally chided herself for not having anything better to say, leaving her feeling slightly awkward and embarrassed. Certainly, the situation had escalated far beyond what she intended- .. but now this [i boy] was intentionally insulting her and harassing her. It wasn't something she could stand for. Her tirade would continue until he apologized appropriately, for he had most obviously been in the wrong. Everyone within the room, had been within the wrong. ]]
[center [font "batang che" Throwing herself about within his arms much like a boat rocking at sea, Cordelia would use the weight of her dress to assist her maneuvers, for her constricting garments prevented anything more than a rocking motion. With kicks of her feet, she all but fell in an ungraceful manner out of his arms. With the unexpected height of her heels, she quickly became unbalanced and in danger of collapsing to the floor. Quickly, she reached to steady herself on whatever was within her reach - which happened to be nothing other than that boy's arm. The arm of the haughty, red-headed [i pervert] who she was now [i relying] on within ten minutes of meeting him. Outwardly but without words, her disgust was apparent as she wobbled backward a step or two from him. Escalated from a fit to a tantrum, she kicked off a single of those blasted heels in the direction of his face. In the next moment, the other was removed and chucked toward his 'lower half' - aiming 'below the belt', so to say.]]
[center [font "batang che" "You despise small rodents?" She scoffed in disbelief, opening her fan with a flick of her wrist, as it was brought to just below her face. "How amusing. I cannot [i imagine] the insult that creature must feel, being looked down upon by a [i cockroach!] [b [i Sir.]]" She quipped in return, having lost her temper mid-sentence, causing her to raise her voice. "Perhaps it is [i your] innards that shall be cleaned from the floor, once I am through with the likes of [i you.]"]]
  Pʀɪᴍ / Mikaze / 3y 99d 19h 29m 4s
[size12 [i What could be more fun?]

What could be more fun than being on his hands and knees on the floor? Kallum couldn't think of anything that could be more entertaining than being patronized in a vulnerable position and about a woman's undergarments any less. However, he saw that his new idea of entertainment came from a small creature.

He automatically stood up with a grimace on his face as the thought of his hands being on the same ground as a rodent's feet repulsed him to now end, but his features changed as the source of his entertainment ran right under someone's dress. Only his eyes could convey the emotion of shock while his expression stayed neutral as he finally noticed who he was kneeling before when he was on the ground.

[i A child. ]

Or at least what he believed to be one from her actions. A foot-stomping, fan waving child throwing a temper tantrum. A child who didn't know that a rodent ran under her dress. For Kal, her words fell on deaf ears, but he was sure that they weren't dead to his ears only. He absentmindedly brushed away at the invisible specks of dirt that were on the knees of his pants. He sighed internally at the crowd that had gathered to witness his embarrassment, but he ignored them nevertheless.

Usually, he would have got up and rained down hell upon anyone who would've dared to raise their voice at him, but he couldn't. Not with his current situation of being on his implied last strike, and definitely not on a child. She decided that there was only one way that he could solve the situation.

"Miss," he started. He took a few steps to walk up behind the girl, who he thought resembled a barking chihuahua and he gently placed his hand on her arm, bending his knees slightly to make his head level with hers.

"Anger is unbecoming trait, especially in pretty little girls as such as yourself," he said as he brought his other gloved hand just under her chin as to turn her face in his direction. Charm is usually the remedy for these type of situations and luckily for Kal, it was something that he knew he had without trying.

Without another word, as he needed to work as swiftly as possible, he quickly took the child into his arms, maneuvering her into the bridal style hold as best as he could as he also took into an account that she was wearing a dress. He quickly took a step or two back, only to verify that the potential problem was indeed under her dress. Kal sighed as he looked at the small rodent.

"As much as I despise small rodents, I believe that I would hate it even more if I had to clean up its guts of the marbles floors when it is stepped on," he stated in a polite tone, but the grimace on his face conveyed his true disgust at the thought of cleaning again.
  {♤} / -Cola / 3y 99d 20h 38m 8s

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