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"I'm going to go shower,"

No I'm going to go look after my friend who's stress-sobbing from life just being an absolute piece of shit to her. But I like being in a position to help. <3
  | Aɪ-Aɪ's Dᴀᴛᴀʙᴀsᴇs | / Mikaze / 2y 352d 23h 12m 49s

But I'll submit it another time because I need to read over it and make sure it actually is done badt a time wn I'm not passing out ;;
  | Aɪ-Aɪ's Dᴀᴛᴀʙᴀsᴇs | / Mikaze / 2y 353d 21h 24m 27s
A wildfire has started about 10 minutes from my house.
& sidenote Amber is 100% the best option for Semyon, but I don't want it for him because it's also too simple for him and it's my cousin's name and I know what gets pressed [i into] Amber all the tim- ..

. Hey is the thing with the necklace in highschool when all of this shit star- .. No it was after. ;;
  | Aɪ-Aɪ's Dᴀᴛᴀʙᴀsᴇs | / Mikaze / 2y 354d 8h 22m 2s
Ok, ok. ;; Stressed out. Someone "kindly" reminded me there's 2 weeks to the convention which means I have 1 week. Lol.

All roleplay on the backburner now.

Sorry everyone, I'm spotty as hell for a while. Please just sit tight and be patient I will respond to everyone and move accounts as fast as humanly possible because a lot of the reason I'm [i not] responding to anything is because I'm confused with which account to respond on. I just want to move everything over asap ;;
  | Aɪ-Aɪ's Dᴀᴛᴀʙᴀsᴇs | / Mikaze / 2y 354d 8h 23m 43s
Romi's colours; Teal, Maroon, Silver

Semyon; Peridot, [b Malachite], [b Tanzanite], [b Rhodonite], Alexandrite, Spodumene. Tanzanite was the first to come into mind for Semyon but Malachite is preffered, but I want to cross-reference his colours and decide and make sure it matches Romi.

Zircon and Rhodolite Garnet are gorgeous. Pyrope Garnet is too and might be fitting for Romi.
  | Aɪ-Aɪ's Dᴀᴛᴀʙᴀsᴇs | / Mikaze / 2y 354d 8h 31m 16s
I keep getting so confused why my body feels so heavy and why I'm so exhausted

Then I remembered I had to take a bunch of benadryl because my arms are twice they size they should be and rashes all over my arms because of an allergic reaction to bites ;;

& that i'm technically fighting the benadryl to stay awake.

I fell asleep mid-pinning a sleeve for Caramia on the couch for a good while, too;;

I might just throw on an episode of Stargate and watch it in bed until I sleep even though it's not even 11pm
  | Aɪ-Aɪ's Dᴀᴛᴀʙᴀsᴇs | / Mikaze / 2y 354d 22h 50m 10s
[center [font "batang che" You sealed your fate the moment you uttered those two words. ]] [center [font "batang che" That was all you. ]] [center [font "batang che" [b Congratulations, you've created a damage you can never undo.]]]
  | Aɪ-Aɪ's Dᴀᴛᴀʙᴀsᴇs | / Mikaze / 2y 356d 6h 47m 51s
"i'll play his route"

no i'm gonna farm for his 4th cg and fail to get it idk how many times in a row and now i just give up because i've [i used a walktrhough at this point] and [b still] failed to get it so obviously he don' wanna marry me

& now i'm just angry and anxious

i'm going to sleep ;;
  | Aɪ-Aɪ's Dᴀᴛᴀʙᴀsᴇs | / Mikaze / 2y 356d 20h 4m 54s
[center [font "batang che" I'm really struggling with anxiety and I half want to talk to somebody about it, but I know I should sleep it off - but I'm going to play Caramia until I don't feel so horrid. ]]
  | Aɪ-Aɪ's Dᴀᴛᴀʙᴀsᴇs | / Mikaze / 2y 356d 20h 40m 1s
[center [pic https://image.prntscr.com/image/onaaQsQGSx2lGrZl6UH0cg.png]]



i kinda low-key wonder if he's 'marking his territory' in his own way because he [i was] originally a lion..

But still- .. it's [i kinda] cute here? but it's also kinda like "no this is the start of the hyper-envious hyper-controlling romantically involved leo & i'mma peace out bye /)"

leos are like my faves ; ^ ; <3 .. but romantically.. oh god pl e a s e n o

... but ofc caramia has to go make himself an exception [i and then do this] & i'm like "husbandu pls ;;"
  | Aɪ-Aɪ's Dᴀᴛᴀʙᴀsᴇs | / Mikaze / 2y 357d 9h 59m 7s
[center [font "batang che" my friends are blessings i love you all<3]]
  | Aɪ-Aɪ's Dᴀᴛᴀʙᴀsᴇs | / Mikaze / 2y 358d 9h 44m 52s
i am smol

i have not slept enough

i am cranky

i'm gonna nap ;;
  | Aɪ-Aɪ's Dᴀᴛᴀʙᴀsᴇs | / Mikaze / 2y 359d 7h 30m 20s
[size7 finally ready to talk and I don't think anyone's gonna listen.]
  | Aɪ-Aɪ's Dᴀᴛᴀʙᴀsᴇs | / Mikaze / 2y 360d 1h 59m 49s
i'm sorry friends i'm really busy at the moment and responses requiring thought/lots of paragraphs to respond to are gonna take me a while ;;;
  | Aɪ-Aɪ's Dᴀᴛᴀʙᴀsᴇs | / Mikaze / 2y 360d 6h 40m 44s

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