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Reaper growled lowly and leapt out of the ground, becoming a rather large soul, he then began combating the two souls, making small shock waves around them and erupt to the group.

Jason noticed the sudden surge and made his arms a scythe and a spear head.
"Scarlett. Something else appeared with them. I think it's Reaper." He said quietly and dashed to the souls. Jumpin ino the air and flipping.
"Scarlett!!!" He yelled and became his weapon form, oddly the small black soul quickly darted towards him and melded with him as he transformed with the white light. Tar bursting from the light now, making the light turn black.
  Jason Cain / DarkVulpis / 2y 283d 4h 58m 11s
Scarlet watched Jason for a bit then blinked when he said he was confused about one thing. "They're missing??" she'd seen them disappear but she assumed they'd just come back, she hadn't thought to worry about them since they weren't supposed to be inside Jason anyway. She glanced around searching for the souls with her soul sensing then she felt them nearby and turned around, "Over there." she said and pointed in the direction she felt. She could tell the Kishin from Jaden but that was about it, she didn't know what to do, "What now though??" she asked and looked at Jason hoping he would know.
  Scarlet Death / CrazyCasey / 2y 283d 8h 58m 28s
Jason smirked at them and rubbed the back of his head as he wriggled out of Soul's grasp and stood up.
"Yeah yeah I'm ok I'm ok." He said looking at Maka as he pat his head.
"Woof." He barked mockingly like a dog then glanced at Liz.
"It was a close call though. But I am confused about something." He said thinking and looking serious.
"If I'm alive. Then what happened to Jaden and the Kishin." He said looking at Scarlett, wondering if she knew. He remembered that the Kishin was smiling weirdly as him and Jaden disappeared. He then realised.
"Everyone. Look around for a pure black soul, it would only be faint." He said as he looked around where they were hastily. If they were dead, Jason would be dead too.

Reaper was nearby, a shadow moving along the ground. With his Kishin eyes, he noticed a small black soul hurtling through the air, it seemed to be fighting with a small red soul as they hurtled around the group of kids.
  Jason Cain / DarkVulpis / 2y 284d 9h 2m 17s
Scarlet looked at his wound then glanced around at the darkness around them before smiling brightly and tearfully at Jason and nodded, "Yes, I'm very stubborn." she admitted then hugged him back when he hugged her, "No, it's alright. I understand." she said and smiled, knowing she'd been right.

Scarlet opened her eyes and sat up, glancing around at everyone and watching Soul hug Jason. She smiled then looked up at her brother and then back at Jason. She was relieved that he was okay and had calmed down.
Maka and Liz smiled happily, "He's okay!" Maka said happily then ran over toward the others. "You had us worried, Jason." Maka chastised and patted his head slightly.
Liz smiled and walked up beside Kid with her hands on her hips, "Glad to see he's not dead or some crazy bastard." she teased.
  Scarlet Death / CrazyCasey / 2y 284d 9h 45m 12s
He just sighed. The darkness seemed to freeze in place and his wounds began slowly healing. He chuckled with tears.
"God. You're so stubborn aren't you." He said with tear filled chuckles. He smiled weakly and hugged her.
"Thank you Scarlett. I'm sorry for how I've acted, you're right by the way. I would have done the same." He added and a black and red flash filled the room. The darkness disappearing and the room crumpling.

Jason coughed up black blood and grunted in pain. His wounds healing and color returning to his skin. Hair and eyes becoming normal.
"H-Hey guys." He said weakly, Soul just smiled wildly and hugged him.
"Jason! What the hell happened!?" He said with small tears. Kidd growing a small smirk.

Spirit and Stein arrived, staying a bit away from the group. Spirit did not want Jason to see him. Or else he might remember him and his parents.
  Jason Cain / DarkVulpis / 2y 286d 1h 58m 57s
Scarlet looked at him and shook her head, "I lied to you and kept something from you but it was to protect you! How was I supposed to just come out and say that your sister, the girl who was supposed to be dead and who you were still missing and morning over? You wouldn't have believed me and just finding out that I knew who did it caused you to try to kill me!! How was I supposed to tell you that I fought your sister and that she is my enemy?? No, chose not to tell you until things had gotten easier with all this for you... I was wrong but if our roles were switched, you would have done the same thing." she said looking at him.
She watched him stand and step toward her, ignoring the darkness around them. "You shouldn't do this because people still care about you. I care about you, Soul cares about you, my father cares about you and everyone else. Soul is out there now trying to save you! Hate me for lying to you if you want but you'll be taking me down with you. I'm not leaving. Everyone else will just have to handle a crazed reaper and a powerful Kishin." she said starting at him and crossing her arms. She had tears in her eyes again but she was serious. She wasn't going to leave until he was alright, "I'm not going to just let you die..."
  Scarlet Death / CrazyCasey / 2y 286d 11h 16m 36s
He just glared at her and grunted as she removed his blade arm from his chest.
"But doing this will kill me, it lets the madness consume me. Virtually killing me, and making me a kishin." He said grimly. Darkness enveloping the room and creeping towards them.
"I don't care. I don't want to do this anymore, everyone just lies to me, keeping secrets. I'm done. The one person that I ever felt close too, turned me into this. She was the one person who was ever close to me." He growled, his voice getting darker and huskier. HE stood up slowly and the darkness crept closer. His arm becoming normal.
"Give me one reason why I shouldn't." He growled, his body not healing or letting the injury grow. As if keeping it frozen, waiting for a choice by JAson.
  Jason Cain / DarkVulpis / 2y 286d 12h 36m 37s
Scarlet glanced around the room until she spotted the three of them on the floor. She listened as they spoke for a moment, her face paling at hearing Jason mention dying. She scowled and walked over to him, "You really are an idiot aren't you! What did you do, Jason?" She asked as she knelt down beside him. She looked at the scythe I'm his chest and winced, chewing her lips in thought. "This is your soul, not your physical body so..." she pressed her hand to the blade in his chest and started to pull, "I'm sorry, Jason.." she said quietly, knowing it would hurt. She looked at him when the blade was out and then suddenly hugged him, buying her face in his shoulder. "I'm sorry I couldn't tell you who did this... I'm sorry I'm not much help... But you can't do this..." she said then looked up at him. Scarlet wasn't sure but she that that he'd heal if he wanted to and if not he wouldnt.
  Scarlet Death / CrazyCasey / 2y 287d 1h 47m 17s
Soul nodded and just knelt next to Scarlett and Jason. While Kidd just grit his teeth and sighed.
"Be careful." He stated grimly as he watched her sister seem to pass out.

JAson crumpled the floor on his knees. He looked like he had seen a ghost. The Kishin as cackling while coughing and spurting blood.
"At least now *large cough* we die together, with your heart demolished, and you giving into the madness." HE growled while spurting b;ack blood from his mouth. Him and Jaden continuing to slwoly fade and flicker. Jaden just growled and struggled to his feet. Kicking the Kishin's head with immense force.
"Jason..... I know we should have told you, but it would have killed you." He apologised also spurting black blood, and then he finally passed out along with the Kishin, on the verge of disappearing. It was almost too late for all three of them. JAson just sat there on his knees, one scythe arm through his heart. Still oblivious to Scarlett being there. Hee just saw flashes of his sister, and her new witch from. The images filled the walls of the now crumbling room.
  Jason Cain / DarkVulpis / 2y 287d 3h 8m 37s
Scarlet looked up at her brother, "That might be so but I don't..." she trailed off and looked down at her feet in thought while Kid and Soul dealt with Jason. Suddenly she looked up at Jason and walked over to him. She sat on her knees beside him and gently moved so his head was resting in her lap. She had an idea for what was going on with him and thought maybe she could go into the room in his soul again if she tried to sync her soul to the drum beats. "Keep trying to help him," she told Soul and Kid.
She pressed her forehead to his gently and closed her eyes, focusing on resonating her soul with his. It worked before while he was in weapon form but she couldn't tell if it would work this time also. With so much black blood around Jason right now, Scarlet was risking her own sanity but he was her friend and she wasn't just going to let him lose it so she forced her way into the room inside his soul.
  Scarlet Death / CrazyCasey / 2y 287d 5h 13m 58s
Spirit and Stein had seen what was happening through the mirror an began rushing to the kids. Death just sighed and continue to watch through the mirror.
"They need to calm him down quickly. Or else we are going to have a very powerful Kishin on our hands." He muttered and continued watching.

Kidd just grit his teeth and looke at his sister.
"This. Didn't just happen for no reason." He said gesturing to Jason.
"It couldn't have been just what you said. Did anything else happen. Because something must have stirred in that psycho mind of his." He said crouching next to Jason and Soul. Soul continued to do compressions and breath into his mouth. Constantly checking for air.
"This is weird, there is no heartbeat or breath coming from him. But I can still feel a wavelength coming from him." He said and froze.
"The hell's that!?" He exclaimed and stood up in shock. Kidd looked at him confused and leant toward Jason, he also froze and jumped back.
"There's a sound coming from him. His wavelength I think. It sounds like, drums?" He said confused and shocked.
  Jason Cain / DarkVulpis / 2y 288d 51m 58s
Maka, Liz and Patti ran toward Scarlet with Soul and Kid, the three girls looked between Jason and Scarlet worriedly. Liz and Patti let Kid handle Scarlet while Maka called for Stein and her papa to come help them with Jason.

Scarlet tried to go help Jason when he suddenly fell over but Soul was there helping him before she could. She looked up at her brother, still fighting back tears. "I told him what happened before. I told him someone made him this way and he started demanding to know who and attacked me... I tried to knock him out but all this started happening..." she said and looked back over at Jason. She still had a bruise around her throat where crazed Jason had grabbed her. She explained everything to Kid the best she could but she was worried about Jason and still shaken up about his attacking her and how he looked right now.
  Scarlet Death / CrazyCasey / 2y 288d 3h 16m 31s
HE groaned in pain then his body suddenly went limp and his eyes became blank. His boy seemed to be lifeless and his arms became normal. Oddly black blood came from his chest and was on his right hand.

Soul, Maka, Kidd, Liz and Patty were in the city and suddenly heard what sounded like Scarlett. They quickly ran to the sound and Soul and Kidd quickly ran to the two. Soul went to his best friend and shook his body.
"Oh no you don't Jason. You are not dying on me." He said as he rolled him onto his back and began checking for air then breathed into hismouth and strted giving him compressions. Kidd just looked at Scarlett sternly.
"What the hell happened?!" He asked in a yell.

The Kishin began flickering as if it was a projection with a bad connection. So did Jaden. The Kishin and Jason fell to their knees, while Jaden groggily stood up and lsowly stumbled to Jason.
"W-Why?" HE asked in a groan. JAson just coughed black blood and looked at him.
"I know who did this to us." He answered angrily.
  Jason Cain / DarkVulpis / 2y 288d 3h 27m 28s
Scarlet looked at him in surprise before quickly rushing over to him. "Jason!" she called out to him. He was out of it, "Snap out of it!" she said looking at him worriedly before she glanced around. Without knowing what else to do, she called out for help. If anyone from the academy was nearby she needed their help for Jason but she couldn't leave him there. She didn't even realize that she had tears welling up in her eyes.
  Scarlet Death / CrazyCasey / 2y 288d 3h 36m 38s
He shook his head, as if trying to shake something out.
"Get. Out. Of. Me?!?!?!" HE growled and fell to his knees in pain again. Black blood ng from his mouth and where he severed his arm.

JAden grinned at what he saw. He saw JAson stabbing the Kishin in the back with a scythe arm. The Kishin looked back at Jason dumbfounded.
"But I am you. I can't get out of you." HE cackled and JAson just looked at him deadpanned.
"Then die with me." HE stated and stabbed himself with the other arm. Both JAden and the Kishin looking at him with shock and fear.
  Jason Cain / DarkVulpis / 2y 288d 3h 42m 56s

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