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[center I'm Red, and I'm searching for some RPs!

I've got some characters I'd like to play , as well as some random ideas I came up with. I'm also willing to work with or on any other ideas you might have, if you're interested in Rping with me, but not so much any of my ideas.

NOTE: Please don't post in the realtime chat. Please PM me. :)


1. Please don't just PM me with "hi" and nothing else. it's awkward and it'd be easier if you started the conversation with any ideas you had or anything you were interested in.


2. 500-700 Characters minimum please.


3. Don't fall to one-liners or anything that forces me to carry the brunt of the RP as far as setting, plot, etc. It's the quickest way for me to lose interest.


4. I will not change my OCs personality, sexuality, looks, etc for a RP. I do have some "characters" that are more 2D specifically for changing around. If they have more than just a picture, chances are they're an OC.

5. I try to go online every day to reply, but there will be times that my life gets busy or my mental health isn't that great. During those times, I try to let you know if it happens/beforehand, and I ask you to do the same if possible.

6. If we come up with an idea in PMs, don't just disappear. It makes me sad :(

7. If you aren't interested in the RP anymore, don't just disappear. I won't bite if you PM me to let me know, I promise.

8. I will not do Incest, Sexualization of disney characters, high schools, underage romance, pregnancy, the RP of real life people , or crack/highly out of character RPs.

Fandoms I will RP:
[s MLP:FIM (OCs), Sherlock, Marvel , OUAT (RumBelle), Hannibal, Black Butler, Borderlands, Pokemon (OCs), Tron world... will add more as I remember them.]
[i Not really interested in fandom RPs at the moment]

Characters I'd like to play:

[ Annika]
[ Florian]
[ Cyril]
[ Kier]
[ Agni]
[ Damian] and [ Lucien]


Plot ideas:

[b Borderlands]- Alternate ending for Tales from the Borderlands. What it Handsome Jack didn't want to stuff Rhys into an endoskeleton, and actually wanted to rule Hyperion together?

[b Undertale]- The barrier is broken, and monsters now coexist with humans. Frisk lives with Toriel, Sans and Papyrus are just a few blocks away, and so are Undyne and Alphys. Mettaton is a minor celebrity, but visits often. Life seems great, but there's always a roadblock, like getting the monsters used to life in the human world, San's depression, and Frisk's nightmares. It's a bunch of monsters and one human with problems of their own, and they all try to help each other out.

[b Marvel]- Loki has his lips sewn shut and is forced to live in Midgard until he can learn to respect the Midgardians. He ends up under the care of The Avengers. More specifically, Tony Stark.

[b Black Butler]- William and Grell are assigned field work when a string of souls go missing in Central London, and they must pose as humans to figure out the connection, but thanks to a miscommunication of epic proportions, the two now have to pretend to be a recently married couple, starting a new life together. It's harder than it looks when you've got plenty of humans, demons, and shinigami alike all living in the same city, who know the truth.

[b OUAT]- What if Belle hadn't left when Rumpelstiltskin banished her? What if instead they worked together to find a way to a world without magic?

[b Sherlock]- Soulmate AU . In this AU, soulmates have the other person's signature somewhere on their body, and it only fades after the two share their first kiss. London's newest crime is a gang of serial... Kissers? This gang dislikes the ideas of soulmates, and their solution is to recruit as many people as possible, and start kissing as many people as possible as well, all the while covering up or ignoring their soulmate marks. Their hopes is to make love an even playing field, but it's become a cult, and some people have been taking things too far, cutting off soulmate marks, throwing chemicals on or burning them, anything to get rid of other people's marks. Meanwhile, John's soulmate mark is little more than a jumbled scribble, and Sherlock's is on his lower back, and he's never bothered to check.

[b Pokemon]- Due to the rising number of pokemon trainers, shiny hunters, and pokedex completionists, the ecosystems are starting to fall apart in some areas. In areas with rare pokemon, those pokemon are becoming unavailable due to over-catching. In areas with highly sought after pokemon, the numbers are dwindling due to pokemon trainers catching multiple of the same species to attempt to breed better pokemon. And on the opposite side, some areas are getting overrun with what has become known as "Shiny rejects". It is up to Pokemon Breeder Rose and , as one of the handful of pairs chosen, to help relocate pokemon and re-introduce ones with dwindling numbers back into the wild.

[b Pokemon]- After all is said and done, Archie and Maxie are two would-be eco terrorists with plans that have gone horribly wrong. Not only have they realized what they did was wrong, but they understand that they must do something to fix their mistakes and pay for what they have done. But how? With the help of the very trainer who foiled their plans and a certain rock-loving champion, they've been given several tasks in the new "Team Eco", a team made of ex aqua and magma grunts and several other volunteers, dedicated to making the world a better place.

[B Pokemon]- A pair/group of trainers from various regions have all won an all-expenses paid trip to Alola, where they will be given the opportunity to fight as guest rivals in the battle tree. As the day draws closer to the grand unveiling, will nerves get the better of them? How about when they realize their battles will be televised worldwide!

[B any genre] there once was a man who lived in the underworld, a place where all souls across all realms went after they paased, to be judged and possibly given a second chance. This man was born and raised in the underworld, a realm in its own right, and throughout his lifetime, he committed violent and unspeakable acts against all who stood in his path to vengeance. Only when he realized his quest was all for naught, did he allow himself to get caught, to embrace death with open arms...But death had other plans. This man was sentenced to live a hundred lives, all a punishment in their own right. Each life brings a new set of trials, but at the end of his hundredth lifetime, will he have learned his lesson and repented?

[B Any genre/horror potential] Not really a plot, but an idea... What if one of your characters had their alignment switched? What if a good character was suddenly bad? Or a bad character suddenly good? What circumstances would that character have to go through in order to suddenly change sides, or go against their moral code? This will be an AU RP, in which, for whatever reason a character or both characters have a change in heart. This RP will be them interacting with each other in whatever way they must with their new alignments.

[b Fantasy]- "Please take me on as your apprentice!" Your character has somehow discovered a magical loan business, run by a person who only goes by "Mr. Klingspol". You really want to learn magic, and so you beg and plead for this mysterious person to teach you and take you under their wing. They relent, and you begin your new life as the Loaner's Apprentice.

[b Fantasy/Anthro]- In a world where anthromorphic beings resembling animals are the norm, Humans are a minority group, and can face discrimination because of it. What's a human to do when they move to a new city, and they can't find work due to their species? A quaint and curious tailor/costume shop seems almost out of place in the city, but perhaps they have work there...

[b Supernatural]- A newly transformed werewolf is without anyone to teach them anything, and so they search to find more of their kind to help them understand. Eventually they come across one such individual willing to help (Can go one of two ways, for two different characters of mine.


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