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When they docked the rest of Atlas' crew all went in different directions in search for things that they would need. Camilla needed more arrows and sheet music, Marina needed more bandages and herbs for medical remedies because you can never have too much medicine while traveling on the grand line, Tedy went looking for some more teddy bears for his collection, Hime went to go restock on food for their journey, Misha went to go find fishing poles, hooks and bait so they could catch fish if they were running low on food, Medley went in search of some more revealing clothes and heels, Soleil went to find some beautiful women to flirt with , Konan stayed on the ship and just practiced training like usual and she was also in charge of keeping the ship safe, and last but not least Soren went on the look for maps and blank map paper and pens for drawing sea charts.


Clover sighed softly as she walked around town keeping her eyes peeled for any suspicious activity. [i I'm not going to let any damn pirates terrorize my town.] She thought to herself. Little did she know that she passed four pirates while walking. One only had one eye, another had bear hat on, one had a striped bikini top, and the last had silver hair.

[i So far the town seems peaceful... I haven't spotted any suspicious activity...] She turned a corner on one of the streets which led to a majority of the stalls. She kept her eyes peeled and as she searched the crowd she took a double take upon noticing a familiar ponytail. She stopped in her tracks and waited for him to turn around. [i No... it can't be the guy from the bridge incident... can it?]
  Clover Akira / PotatoPirate / 3y 96d 11h 8m 43s
Atlas released a gentle sigh as he stared at the bridge in front of him. It was nearly built - just one more beam and it would be complete! The excitement he felt was enough to make his stomach growl. He watched the single beam and moved it toward the bridge.

[b "Man, I'd better be rewarded good for this." ] He stated simply, looking over at the men around him lazing about. Each one had their eyes set on him and his Devil Fruit powers. He [i had ] offered to help them with their bridge, but really it was only because he needed to use said bridge. He wasn't some saint or a kind young man that felt pleased as punch doing all the work. The men could have at least [i tried ] to help him out.

But perhaps things were simpler this way. This way, no one was in the way and therefore, making the process a bit faster. He released a gentle sigh, caught a quick glance of his one and only companion, Axl, and turned back to the bridge. Honestly, the bridge was gaudy and ugly, but if it could get him across he wasn't complaining.

A tickling suddenly took over his nose. He moved it gently, hoping to rid himself of the strange feeling. However, the tickling persisted and caused his face to wrinkle in a conscious predication of what was coming. In the next instant, he released a loud sneeze and the beam slipped free. There was a loud crashing sound and then an even louder moan from the bridge.
Atlas blinked away tears and rubbed at his nose. Looking at the bridge, he was rather relieved that no damage had been caused. However, his relief was quickly washed away as the bridge snapped in two; dropping debris into the water below. He stared at the rubble, turned to look at the men, and said lightly, [b "Oh man...sorry about that." ]

[b "What the hell is wrong with you?!" ] Axl snapped, moving away from the man he was talking to. He glared at his idiot of a captain and added, [b "How are we supposed to get across now?" ]

[b "Well, I dunno. There really isn't another way around?" ]

[b "No!" ] Axl sighed heavily and placed his hands on his hips. He glared at the freckled face in front of him, opened his mouth to speak, but stopped at the sound of another voice. Turning around sharply, he groaned loudly, [b "Marines..." ]

[b "Well, sorry about the mess, guys! Put on my tab, alright?" ] And with those final words, Atlas and Axl sprinted toward the docks; hoping to leave this island as quickly as possibly and escape into the sea.

[center ---- ]

Although that had been several years ago and the brunette completely forgot about it, Axl never let the story die. He would repeatedly share it with anyone that tried to join their crew, resulting in frequent and violent fights between himself and his captain. Although, along the way, they had managed to snag a young thief named Quinn Reed. She was supposedly the best of the best and the sneakiest of all thieves! Or so she claimed anyway. But in all honesty, Axl found her to be the average idiot and Atlas still hadn't separated her from a ninja.

Now, however, the three pirates found themselves in Logue Town. It was a nice town with even nicer shops, resulting in the crew splitting up almost immediately after docking; Axl hoping to find some sort of food and Quinn hoping to find some "treasure."

Atlas, on the other hand, took to window shopping. He really had nothing he was particularly looking for. Sure, food would be nice and yeah, a new set of clothes would be nice too, but it wasn't his top priority. And so, he casually strolled along the city and admired its many different vendors. With a gentle sigh and a small smile, he breathed, [b "Well, guess we can relax for a bit. This town looks nice." ]
  Atlas Grey {Freckles} / SparklingPotato / 3y 96d 17h 13m 15s
[i Two years ago...]


"Y-Yes Captain!" Clover had gotten tired of correcting her superior about her name. He never once called her by her actual name only 'Olive'. It was a nickname that most marines she worked directly with called her.

"Olive, I need you to come with me to the work site of the new bridge. I heard there was commotion of a new worker there. I want to see what the fuss is about. I heard someone mention with his help the bridge could be built in half the time."

"O-Of course sir. I'll gladly accompany you."

Upon reaching the work site of the bridge the brunette kept her eye out for anyone who seemed to stand out but every muscular guy there she had seen there before so she knew they weren't new.

"Sir, I don't see any new faces... They all look sim--" Then she caught a glimpse of a boy with a brown ponytail. Almost every worker that she had seen had short hair if they had any hair at all. And something else that made him a bit different from the rest of the workers was that he was extremely scrawny. [i There's no way that's the guy the Captain was describing... He wouldn't even make a dent in the work load.]

"Hey! You!" The captain called out to a nearby worker.

"Ah, Marines. Hello, what can I do for you, Captain, Lieutenant?"

"I heard from some of my men that you hired a new worker. One that will make the project move much faster and smoother."

"Ah yes. That'd be the new kid." He gestured over to the boy with the ponytail.

Clover's eyes widened. "With all do respect sir... He doesn't even look like he could help lift a beam..."

The worker laughed. "On the contrary Lieutenant. He has the power of the Po-Po fruit so he can control polarity anything metal he can move no problem."

"I've always hated devil fruit users... Even the ones in the marines..." Her captain scoffed.

As soon as he explained she saw the boy lift a large beam with only his hand. But then she heard a feint sneeze and the beam crashed down on the bridge at one of the seams causing the bridge to fold into two and collapse. Her eyes widened and she looked at her Captain who's eyes showed only anger. "Capture that boy! He's damn devil fruit user and is a danger to the life of everyone! Capture him and I'll kill him with my bare hands!"

Clover looked in the direction of the boy and saw as marine soldiers started chasing him she caught a look at his face. One blue eye, one red eye and freckles.

But before anyone could catch him he managed to escape. And that day a bounty was placed on that freckled man's head for 30,000,000 beli.


Clover sighed as she sat in her office in the base stationed at Logue town. It had been two years since the bridge incident and she had been promoted to Captain and stationed at Logue town once Captain Tashigi went to follow after Vice Admiral Smoker once again. "I knew she couldn't handle a base all by herself... She's Smoker's right hand woman... She can't get anything done without Smoker." She chuckled with a small smile.

Her old uniform was just a blue dress with lighter blue stockings and the same yellow heels she wore today and she wore her coat draped on her shoulders when she held the title of Lieutenant. Now she dawned a purple marine handkerchief tied around her neck a purple dress with peach stocking and yellow shoes along with a peach headband and her Captain Marine coat tied around her waist.

She heard a knock on her door and turned around in her chair. "Come in."

Two soldiers came in and saluted. "Captain Olive. We have a report."

"Well do tell."

"We heard the townsfolk talking about some pirates in town. They saw them dock at the south docks. We have a few men heading over there as we speak. We thought you may want to be the first to know Ma'am."
  Clover Akira / PotatoPirate / 3y 96d 17h 8m 14s

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