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Plot that we came up with :D

Freckles is captain.

Marine lady sees freckles in Logue town which she is stationed at. She captures him and kidnaps him to bring him to a marine prison on the grand line. When dis happens upon their trip to the grand line there is a storm. Storm makes a hole in the ship causing sea water to flow in where they are holding freckles. Freckles is a devil fruit user so he can't swim and his body becomes immobile in water. She rushes to save freckles because even he doesn't deserve to die by drowning in the sea. After she gets to him the ship capsizes.

The two drift at sea but then land on a deserted island. They have to work together to survive. Eventually his crew finds them on the island. And he orders his crew to take marine lady with them since she did save his life. And they made a truce until they reached the next island with a military base but once they get there she starts having second thoughts about being a marine.



-Atlas Grey (Freckles)/Captain/
---Got his bounty when he tried to help a town build a bridge but accidentally folded the bridge with his devil fruit powers. Has the powers from the Po-Po fruit which lets him control polarity (magnets)

-Axl Orion/First mate & Sniper/

-Quinn Redd/Swordswoman & Thief/

-Kaia Forrest/Budgeter & Tailor/

-Himawari Tolerone (Hime)/Cook/
--Weapon of choice: Dual Daggers
---Hates when people waste food.

-Soren Nanashi/Navigator/
--Weapon of choice: Pistol and hidden blade
---Despite only having one working eye he is almost as good a navigator as Nami from the Straw Hat Pirates.

-Soleil Red/Shipwright/
--Weapon of choice: Battle Axe
---Tend to flirt with every woman that she sees but gets brushed off thinking that there's no homo intention behind her words... But its full homo intention.

--Weapon of choice: Pistol and Rifle
---Extremely skilled Doctor and when it comes to patients she always takes good care of them and most of the time her patients wounds don't leave scars but she is clumsy when not in doctor mode and causes herself to get cuts and bruises a lot due to that.

--Weapon of choice: Trusted Katana
---Has a huge obsession with teddy bears. If you look in his room you'd think it belonged to a ten year old girl.

--Weapon of choice: Collapsible Scythe
---Being a Fawness Misha has exceptionally good hearing and night vision

--Weapon of choice: Thorned whips
---Medley has the power of the daze-daze fruit. Whenever she summons her power and anyone looks at her they get stuck in a trance for a short moment allowing her an opening to hit them or to escape.

--Weapon of choice:Bow and arrows
---She can play any almost any instrument under the sun. Her room on the ship is filled with a wide variety of instruments for her to play for her crew mates

--Weapon of choice: Her fists
---On her arms and legs she has a contraption that has impact dials within it. So when a strong attack comes she blocks with one of the four braces then delivers an attack of higher force with the help of the same brace used.

-Clover Akira/Marine
--Weapon of choice: Rifle and throwing knives
---Trained hard to be a marine since she was six years old after the marines took her in after her hometown was destroyed by pirates leaving her an orphan. Newly promoted captain of Logue town

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When she noticed Atlas' stretched out hand she took it and helped herself out of the small boat but when he spoke she sighed. "I'm not sure if that's supposed to be a compliment, an insult, or both." She gasped softly before rummaging in the backpack to find the change of clothes for herself. Most marine uniforms were made to handle things like this. But her uniform was not really suited for being stranded. So every life raft had a plain button up white shirt and a pair of shorts and flip flops.

She turned to the man and pointed in the opposite direction. "Look that way." She pulled the shorts up over her tights and under her dress then she changed the dress and put on the white shirt. She looked around as she buttoned up the shirt and sighed softly. [i Good my body doesn't feel so confined...] She didn't bother doing anything with her hair before putting the backpack back over her shoulder. "Alright, We should go find some water."
  Clover Akira / PotatoPirate / 2y 94d 17h 49m 55s
[b "Stretch?" ] He sighed at her sincerely honest answer and her rustic attitude towards this entire event. He stretched while listening to her and examined the island for the first time that morning. It looked to be incredibly massive and if that monkey was any sign of its inhabitants, he'd like to believe that they had nothing to worry about. However, he'd been on many, [i many ] islands before and he knew better than to trust the first inhabitants he saw.

For example...he could remember a certain town that seemed to carry such kind, caring, and hospitable people that oh-so-sweetly asked for his help in fixing a bridge.
Well. That was the last time he ever helped anyone, that was for sure.

Sighing loudly, the young man stepped closer over to her and extended a simple hand; offering his help in her efforts out of the boat.
[b "Y'know, you don't look quite like a captain bitch with your hair down. I guess I'm just not into girls with tight, stressed out buns." ] Atlas delivered the comment smoothly and rather than add on something just a tad sweeter, he stood and accepted his fate; waiting for his judgement.
  Atlas Grey {Freckles} / SparklingPotato / 2y 95d 8h 51m 11s
"Stretch. We were at sea for a few days at least." When she felt well stretched Clover looked at their surroundings and sighed softly. "I have no idea where we are. But right now what we need to worry about is food, water and shelter. After that we find a way off the island."

She pulled the small backpack of what supplies they had left out of the small boat and onto her back. "Come on. If you want to survive here our best bet is to stick together since we're all we got." Her hair had fallen out of its regular bun and she ran her fingers through it. "We'll find food and water first. Water should take priority though."
  Clover Akira / PotatoPirate / 2y 102d 6m 19s
He turned to the young woman in the boat and grimaced. Crossing his arms, he grumbled, [b "Yeah, well, don't expect any more shows." ] He sighed heavily and bent forward, his arms dangling toward the sand. [b "Oh man...I'm so sore. And now I'm soaked to the bone." ]

Twitching, the young man looked up at the trees swaying in the gentle breeze; a far cry from the raging, angry storm they experienced only days ago. Sighing gently, he stood and rubbed the back of his head.

[b "Any ideas where we are?" ] He looked back at the sea before adding, [b "We could be anywhere at this point. Hell, I don't even know what direction we went in..." ]
  Atlas Grey {Freckles} / SparklingPotato / 2y 102d 1h 9m 51s
The two had been drifting for a few days, but even a few days felt like months when the only person you were with was terrified of water.

Without realizing it Clover had fallen asleep in the small boat while rowing and while she and the pirate were asleep they had hit dry land.

When the boat stopped suddenly on shore she didn't stir much. What woke her were the screams from the man she had taken prisoner.

She couldn't help but laugh when she watched him leap frantically out of the water that was only a few inches deep. She watched him punch the animal beside their small boat and chuckle. "Well that's one hell of a morning show."

She stood up and looked around while she stretched to loosen herself up again. Being confined to a small boat for several days wasn't the best predicament that she could be in.
  Clover Akira / PotatoPirate / 2y 102d 1h 38m 55s
Atlas' grip on the boat tightened as he hissed, [b "Don't you dare..." ] His eyes wavered over to the roaring waves as an instant vision of sinking to the bottom washed over him. He sighed heavily and grumbled, [b "When I find my crew...they're all dead. Every last one." ]

The young pirate felt like he was floating for days, maybe even months. But at some point, he had managed to fall asleep and without realizing it, the boat "crashed", as slowly as possible, into the side of a beach. It was a gentle and slow stop, but it was enough to wake the sleeping pirate. Groaning loudly, Atlas lifted his head from his hand and looked toward the young woman across from him. Apparently, she had fallen asleep at some point too.

Rubbing his eyes slowly, the young man turned to his side and was confronted by a pair of big, two, yellow eyes. Screaming loudly, he flailed backwards and into the water. He screamed again and leaped out of the water; hoping to avoid drowning. To his dismay, the water was only a few inches deep. His fear twisted instantly into anger as he turned his attention on the strange, large "monkey" directly beside their small boat.

[b "Okay. I have had enough for one day, pal!" ] Reeling his fist back, Atlas slammed the monkey in the face with enough force to send it flying. Sighing heavily, he set his hands on his hips and grumbled, [b "There." ]
  Atlas Grey {Freckles} / SparklingPotato / 2y 102d 1h 59m 39s
Clover was pretty much ignoring Atlas at this point since he was just rambling but then when he called her Captain Bitch her eye twitched. "You do realize I know how to swim right. I could easily flip this boat and have you sink to the bottom of the ocean. Don't test me." She growled before he started rambling again about a wife and kids.

When he mentioned hurling she sighed. "It wouldn't be my first rodeo. And no I have no idea where were heading that's why I need you to look for an island. The sooner we hit dry land the better."
  Clover Akira / PotatoPirate / 2y 111d 17h 9m 16s
Atlas sat quietly in the ship, observing the waves that rolled across the roaring, black sea. Every once in a while, lightning lit up through the darkness and thunder absorbed the sounds of the waves. It was simply terrifying. Nevertheless, he did his best to remain calm and find some sort of assurance in the fact that he was alive. Not at the bottom of the sea.


[b "Ugh!" ] He groaned loudly; his attention suddenly set on the woman in front of him. [b [i "Worse ] than this? Geez. Back at home, we rarely ever saw storms this bad. Although, I guess that's mostly because we were more inland, but whatever. You know...?" ] He was rambling and distracting himself; poorly.

Sighing loudly, the young man gripped the sides of the small row boat. Every new wave nearly tipped the entire thing over. The water splashed him in the face several times and the torrential downpour was no help either.
The sea was a terrifying mistress. One that Atlas truly wished he never had to deal with.

Grimacing at the sharp order from the woman, he grumbled, [b "Can do, Captain Bitch." ] His eyes moved to the water, but it was obvious that the only way they'd find land is if they crashed right into it. He could barely even see two inches in front of his face.

[b "Oh man...if I die, tell my wife and kids I love them." ] He paused then continued. [b "Just kidding. I don't have a family. But seriously, if I hurl, don't blame me for ruining your pretty little outfit." ] He glared up at the marine, suddenly remembering that he was two feet away from just that; a marine. It was enough to take his entire mind off the storm.

Atlas looked out at the sea once more and hissed, [b "These waves are pretty malicious. You happen to know what direction we're headed in?" ]
  Atlas Grey {Freckles} / SparklingPotato / 2y 113d 4h 42m 6s
Once Atlas made it into the life boat Clover instantly dropped it to the water when she heard the cracking. [i Dammit... he looks terrified... he's not afraid of marines hes afraid of water... some pirate.]

She grabbed the oars and started rowing them away from the ship. Since the skies were so dark from the storm it was hard for her to see where exactly she was going. She didn't really have time to look at a map at the moment because they weren't in the clear yet for being safely out of the storm.

She heard him ask about the storm and she nodded. "Yeah, when I was a kid I saw one worse than this... A lot of lives were lost." She left it at that and kept rowing as quick as she could to get them out of there.

When he asked to help she shook her head. "Just sit there and tell me if you spot an island." She could tell his legs were shaking so him rowing wouldn't help in the least.
  Clover Akira / PotatoPirate / 2y 113d 5h 21m 24s
[b "Uh, I'm a pirate." ] The brunette responded, flippantly waving a hand with a single raised brow. [b "It's kind of my thing to escape and cause trouble, y'know?" ] Climbing completely out from below deck, the young man looked out at the raging storm. He felt the slow, menacing clutches of fear crawl up his body, but turned back to the speaking woman regardless.
It was an honorable action, no doubt, but honor was a rare quality in marines these days. At least, from his standpoint. Maybe the Captain of their military-like ships really did give a damn.

Atlas pursed his lips. He opened his mouth to respond, but was thrown off his feet by an incredibly powerful wave. It knocked him back into the railing of the ship. He managed to grab hold; saving himself from falling into the roaring sea. Furrowing his brow, the man was suddenly starting to wish he had escaped sooner and scurried away. Regardless of whether or not he had the Po-Po Fruit and the handicap that came along with it, the young brunette had never been a fan of water. Especially swimming in it.

[b "A-Answers?!" ] The word struggled to escape, but it managed. His attention turned to her and he quickly re-assessed his surroundings; finding the irritation from earlier. [b "What freaking answers? That I sneezed and accidentally broke some stupid bridge? That I broke my back trying to [i build it ] for those lazy assholes while you and your stupid marine posse watched from afar?!" ]

He rolled his eyes in obvious annoyance and moved along the railing, slowly and steadily, his eyes set on wherever she was running to. This was the first time in a very, very long time that he could feel his legs shaking. Not much scared him, but knowing that this ship was the only thing keeping him from the bottom of the ocean was mighty terrifying. Glaring at the shouting woman, he replied sharply, [b "Chill out!" ] Her remarks of the ship capsizing were more than a little unpleasant. It sent a chill racing down his spine.

Sighing heavily, he grumbled, [b "I'm going to kill every last member of my crew when I find them." ] Sprinting across the boat, he was amazed to find such difficulty in simply running straight. The boat swayed, the wind blew, and the water made the deck more than a little slippery. When he finally arrived, he heard a loud groan from behind him; a snap following shortly after. The snapping heightened in sound and continued relentlessly. Sighing heavily, he climbed into the boat.

[b "The mast?" ] He phrased it as a question, but meant it as a statement. The ship was falling apart and as soon as that mast snapped, the ship would, surely, follow after. It was only a matter of time.

[b "You ever see a storm this bad?" ] Atlas looked to the woman; slightly seeking some sort of reassurance, but also seeking an answer. He had been on many, many travels, but had yet to see a storm strong enough to tear apart a ship. He shook his head and added, [b "Nevermind. Whattya want me to do? What can I help with" ]
  Atlas Grey {Freckles} / SparklingPotato / 2y 113d 8h 9m 26s
Clover had seen all of her men abandon ship and be led away but when she heard someone yelling she turned around only to see the brunette pirate out of his cell. "What the-- HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET OUT?!" She pressed her fingers to her temples and sighed. "I ordered my crew to abandon ship. I wasn't going to have anyone die on my watch."

Another huge wave rocked the ship throwing her away from the railing. She managed to catch the mast and looked over at the man. "I have every mind to let you sink here. Save us the trip. But I want answers. So if you don't want to die here you best follow me!" She yelled to the man before running across deck to the last life boat. Her crew had already put some supplies in it like food and water and a small chest that had a blanket and some tools to survive. She smiled softly and shook her head. "Those idiots... If this would have made them lose their lives..." She murmured before looking back at Atlas. "Atlas! COME ON!" She used his name hoping it would gather his attention more than the storm.

She prepared the lifeboat to be ready to be dropped as soon as he jumped in. "We need to go now! This ship will capsize any minute!"
  Clover Akira / PotatoPirate / 2y 115d 17h 32m 47s
Atlas took the food willingly, smiling at the young woman. [b "Hey thanks, um, Olive, was it?" ] He sat down at the back of his cell and groaned. He lifted a single bite to his lips before snapping, [b "Don't be too bummed when the answer is STILL the same." ] Rolling his eyes, he grumbled, [b "Marines. Always PMSing, right?" ] If he wanted to, [i really wanted to, ] he could easily escape this cell. But then where would he go? The bottom of the ocean?
Being on a ship was always a lot of trouble.

It wasn't until a little while later that he realized he was in some [i real ] trouble.

The rocking of the ship? Meh. He'd been through rougher waves.
The screaming of the Marines? ...Weren't they always screaming about something?
But the water tickling at his feet? That was a total no-no in Atlas' Great Big Book of No's.

[b "Hey!" ] He shouted, his attention set on the stairs leading to the upper deck. He frowned, looking back down at the rushing water. Groaning miserably, he muttered, [b "I am not dying on some stupid Marine ship." ] He used the powers of the Po-Po Fruit to bend some of the poles in half, stepped out of the cell, and bent them back in to place.

[b "Just in the rare event that nothing [i is ] wrong, I'd better not make Captain Bitch any more angry with me." ] Atlas set his hands on his hips and turned to face the wooden stairs. He could hear the water splashing over onto the ship; the roaring waves, the howling wind - [b "Hoo boy." ] Cracking his neck, the brunette grunted, [b "This is gonna be rough." ]

Climbing to the top of the stairs, he poked his head out slowly and was amazed to find a nearly deserted ship.
[i Nearly. ]

[b "HEY!" ] He was practically screaming over the waves, but the sight before him was enough to also lace a heavy amount of annoyance into his scream. He stormed up the rest of the stairs and continued, [b "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU STILL DOING ON THE SHIP?! WHERE'S YOUR CREW?" ] His attention was aimed at the exact woman responsible for his being here; Captain Bi--er, Captain Olive.
  Atlas Grey {Freckles} / SparklingPotato / 2y 116d 1h 58m 21s
Clover sighed upon hearing the pirate's excuses and then hearing him call her Olive. She was about to speak when she heard the door at the top of the stairs open then heard someone coming down.

She looked out of the corner of her eye then saw one of her men bringing the food.

"Here's the food Captain."

"Thank you. You may return to your other duties."

"Yes ma'am." The marine saluted then headed back to the top deck after handing Clover the plate of food and the drink.

Clover looked at the pirate then lowered the food and slid it under the opening in the cell. "Here's your food." She slid the drink under as well. "You did cooperate today. But I'm hoping you'll give a real answer to the bridge incident next time." She stood up and moved the chair back to the wall then headed back to the top deck.

She saw everyone scrambling and looked around concerned. "Nav, what's going on!?"

Her navigator looked over at her. "Well captain, we're getting close to reverse mountain. We have to have our ship just right or we won't make it and the ship will Capsize."

Clover nodded. "Get us where we need to be."


Hours had passed and after some struggles they made it past reverse mountain and were finally on the grand line. Clover had let out a breath she didn't realize she was holding.

"We made it Captain."

Clover nodded. "Alright, to Enies Lobby."

"Turn the ship! Turn the ship!"

Clover looked over at some of her panicking marines then saw a storm in the distance and this one looked much worse than any storm she had ever seen.

"Nav, can you guide us through?!"

"I can do my best Olive. But this one is approaching too fast."

Waves started crashing into the ship and made the ship teeter from side to side. She grabbed onto the ships railing as she heard a large cracking noise. "The hell was that?!"

Another Soldier saluted. "Ma'am the ship is breaking! The waves are tearing it apart!"

Clover gritted her teeth before barking orders. "Everyone! Get to the Life boats we need to get off this ship! That's an order! Get onto the life boats! Ten to a boat! And once those boats are full leave! I will not have any of you die here!"

Her men were about to protest before she yelled. "NOW!"

The marines scrambled about the ship and she helped get every one of them into the boats. "Quicker! Go!" She watched as they left then there was one more life boat left.

"Ma'am you need to get off the ship!" She heard her navigator yell.

"I will! Just go! I'll be fine!"

Her men were hesitant but they all paddled away to get out of the storm following the navigator's lead.
  Clover Akira / PotatoPirate / 3y 10d 4h 53m 9s
Cooperate. Atlas did not like the sound of that. He released another sigh and stared at the woman in front of him. Really, this was growing incredibly tiresome.

As soon as he heard acknowledgement of food, however, his entire face lit up. The brunette was almost drooling as he thought about the delicious taste of food within his mouth once more. He laughed and opened his mouth to speak, but flinched at her sudden barrage of questions.

"Woah, woah, lady!" He snapped, glaring at her with pursed lips. "I haven't really been doing much since then, aside from picking up more crew members and visiting other islands." He rolled his eyes and added, "Ugh, come on. I didn't choose a life of crime. That bridge was an accident. Get it? A-C-C-I-D-E-N-T. I didn't hurt anyone when it broke and it's not like I purposely broke it anyway. I sneezed." He nodded, almost as though that answer itself was a good enough answer to be swallowed and accepted.

The young pirate grinned and added, "I hate to break it to you, Olive, but I'm not a criminal. Just a clumsy little captain." He chuckled lightheartedly.
  Atlas Grey {Freckles} / SparklingPotato / 3y 11d 4h 58m 10s
Clover watched as the wanted man came closer to the bars of the cell. She knew he couldn't get out due to them being made of sea prism stone. She looked the man over hearing him whine about being hungry.

"If you cooperate, yes, you will be fed."

After a bit the man gave his name and asked for her name in response. She sighed then narrowed her eyes at the man. "I'm not obligated to tell you my name. But you are being quite cooperative so I'll oblige. My name is Clover. Clover Akira. But every marine calls me Captain Olive. Don't ask why. Because I don't even know myself."

Clover reached into her breasts and pulled out the mini transponder snail. "This is Captain Olive. The pirate is cooperating. Bring the food."

Clover put the transponder snail back between her breasts thenfolded her arms over her chest. "What have you been doing up to this point Mr. Grey. Why did you choose the life of crime? Why did you sabotage that bridge?"
  Clover Akira / PotatoPirate / 3y 13d 4h 55m 48s

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