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[center [font "Courier New" It was that time again.]]
[center [font "Courier New" The time where a sacrifice must be made.]]
[center [font "Courier New" Only those that are of true purity and beauty are worthy.]]
[center [font "Courier New" And the lamb will grant the grace of the Gods to the village upon its death.]]

This is a story about a young man named Kazuki. He is the sacrifice that will be offered to the god that resides in the shrine that rests on the mountain that overlooks the village. However, things do not go as planned.

[b What I'm Looking For]
I'm looking for a deity, demon or beast of some sort. The only preference I have is that the character have some sort of issue with humans however this does not have to be.

[b Requirements]
* All ES rules must be followed. Any sexual content can be taken off site to another place or time-skipped.

* Remember this is a yaoi(MxM) story. No exceptions.

* Mature scenes may appear. Death, drugs, alcohol, and other scenes may not be for some readers. You have been warned.

* Cursing is fine as long as it is used sparingly.

* I'd like this to move at a decent clip. Preferably a post a week.

* I want to discuss things with you. I want to keep in contact so we can help each other out when we get stuck or to plan for a possible idea for a future scene. Lets work together.

* If you can't post for whatever reason, please tell me.

* Don't pester me to post. I won't do it to you so please don't do it to me.

* No post limit. However, I want something to work with. I'm aiming for this to be a lighter story in terms of posts. Long posts are fine but I want to try and keep it where a post can be made with ease without compromising quality. I want this to be as stress free as possible.

If you are still here after all of that, PM me with 'Lamb of Sacrifice' as your title.

Thanks for looking!


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[font gentium [center Takeshi began to regather himself and knelt beside his lamb, ears perked forward in contentment. As the reply came from Kazuki, Takeshi could feel the corners of his lips coiling up in to a snake-like grin. It was so strange and unfounded, that the boy not show fear for his situation. Takeshi had made it extremely clear that Kazuki was to die, and yet he held an almost perfectly calm composure, going so far as to even not wanting to be [i a hindrance].

Takeshi was surprised, to say the least. But it was refreshing; normally his offered lambs were frightened; and fear made for impurity. But this, this boy, he was truly [i pure].
Saliva began to fill his mouth at the thought of devouring such divine flesh, so calm and quiet. Another thought hit him though; did he really have it in him to destroy such purity? It was a thought that had been niggling at him for some time, but he knew that it mattered not. He had a deal with the humans, and he was a deity of his word.

Still... Was it worth it?

Eradicating the train of thought on its metaphorical rails, Takeshi let out of a huff of exasperation and reached a slender-fingered hand out for Kazuki to grab. Remembering his blindness, he gently tapped his fingers on the boy's arm to alert him of the offer. '[b [#ED7B7B We should head on now, my lamb.]]'
His voice was soft, but slick with the oil of uncertainty. He hoped that Kazuki had not heard the slight cracking in his voice; but even then, he doubted that the boy would be able to deduce what it was that hindered his thoughts.

Smiling meekly, he used his other hand to run back through his thick mane of white, freeing his face from the strands. He held his gaze low, not making eye contact with Kazuki, despite knowing that it would have made no difference, for the boy would not have been able to see.

This feeling that overwhelmed him was so new--[i guilt]. Even the word itself tasted sour and unfamiliar in his mind. He wondered briefly if it were the same feeling that the humans felt, giving up one of their own. Unlikely, he told himself, for if they felt this way, why would they keep doing it?

Again, he sighed, before swallowing down his feelings and putting on a blank face. '[b [#ED7B7B Quickly, dear.]]'
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[size12 Kazuki felt the other man move in a seemingly slow fashion. Perhaps caution was the reason but it didn't matter. Kazuki was almost thankful the other moved. He was starting to get a tad bit too warm. However, he didn't make it known.]

[size12 The young man moved to sit up. He went to stretch a bit, making a face of discomfort as his overused muscles pulled and complained. He nodded his head to Takeshi's question of being awake. A yawn had taken over so a nod was all he could muster.] [b "I'm not in as much pain a I thought I was going to be. Maybe a dull ache but it's tolerable. At least for now."] [size12 Although he seemed calm, there was a small inkling of fear in the back of the boy's mind. It wasn't enough to make him become noticeable scared but it was there, letting him know that scarier things were to come. Kazuki pushed the thoughts aside and tried to stay positive.]

[size12 As the warmth from the sun filled the cave, there was no doubt it would be a bright and clear day. Oh, if only he could see! The sounds of the birds and warmth of the sun helped chase problems away, even if it was for just a single moment. The sun and it's warmth was always a blessing as it rises each day. Seeing it and feeling it meant another night survived. Even a blind man like Kazuki knew that. But this was all just a way to help him keep positive thoughts in his mind.]

[size12 Kazuki heaved a sigh, his hands clasped loosely in his lap.] [b "Whenever you wish me to move, I shall do so. I wish not to be a hindrance so I will walk unaided for as far as these wounded feet will carry me."] [size12 Kazuki opened his sightless eyes and turned to where he thought Takeshi was. Although he knew death was his fate and the thought dulled his eyes, there was a small shimmer of hope still there in the vast darkness. But that hope would be easy to put out. Like smothering an ember before it could become a flame.]
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[font gentium [center As the sun rose and birds' chirps began to fill the air, Takeshi was in a state of both sleep and waking, mildly aware of what was going on around him but still lost in a dream world of his own. He had been in this state for some time, not wanting to wake Kazuki by moving too hastily. The heat from the morning sun was lingering in the cave's opening, heating the stones up just enough to travel through the floor and reach the two men. Joyous at his now slightly warm--though still dreadfully uncomfortable--bedding, Takeshi curled up in to a tighter ball against his lamb's body. He was mostly unaware that he was doing this, almost having forgotten that he was not alone. It was a strange realization to him, that he was huddled against somebody else, and his ears twitched in surprise. He kept his eyes shut though, and made no further attempt to move.

It wasn't until a gentle touch flitted with his thick hair that he remembered the details of the situation, of how he was resting beside what should soon become his feast. If it had been anybody else spoiling his deity body with their filthy human touch, the wolf hybrid would have just as soon drawn away and been done with their lives, but he felt no particular need to at that moment, feeling almost [i secure] under the boy's peculiar touch. The boy was blind after all, he reassured himself, he was just feeling his surroundings to reorient himself.
In an animalistic way, he quite enjoyed the caressing of his fur-like hair, just as any household pet might have. But he was no household pet, and it made him feel dirty just comparing himself to lesser animals--he was a god, and they were thoughtless beasts. He should not be enjoying the petting from a human. This thought made him frown, and his tail made a single wag against Kazuki's leg before he realized this might frighten the boy, and he stopped.

Now quite distraught at his own lapse of control, Takeshi slowly began to sit up. Opening his eyes now, he found himself momentarily blinded by the harsh light from outside; morning had most definitely come, and was quickly growing more intense.
'[b [#ED7B7B You are awake, my lamb?]]' Takeshi was trying to hide the distaste from in his voice, not wanting to frighten the blind boy any more than he most certainly was, with the knowledge of his impending death. Startled meat always tasted the most bitter, he thought to himself as he rolled on to his knees to kneel beside the boy. '[b [#ED7B7B Has the pain eased?]]' he queried, in reference to Kazuki's feet. Although the ground might not have been a very comfortable bedding, Takeshi hoped that the small amount of sleep the boy had gotten had been enough to regain his energy and strength.
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[size12 The rest of the night was uneventful. Kazuki slept soundly despite the aches and pains. But of course he was rather exhausted after such a stressful day. From the betrayal of his village to the struggle up the mountain, anyone would have been tired.]

[size12 Kazuki didn’t dream. Like his body, his mind was at peace. Though he knew it wouldn’t last forever. When the sun broke over the horizon and an ew day began, he would be awake and back into reality.]

[size12 The sound of small song birds could be heard singing their morning songs. It was how Kazuki knew morning had come. Since Kazuki was blind, it was often disorienting when waking from sleep. Was he awake or still in a dream world somewhere? He moved his free arm up towards his head. He stopped when he touched rock. He pressed his hand into the rough stone, feeling the few sharp points he had found. He was indeed awake. He heaved a sigh and wiggled into his robes a bit more and it was then that he noticed he was curled more on the ground than he had started. He pulled his robes to him more but was stopped when he felt something by him. It made him wake up a little more. It was then that he also felt a great warmth by his body. It was warmer than a blanket. He moved again and realized someone was next to him. It had to be Takeshi. Who else would it be? Kazuki relaxed, realizing he had tensed up. He didn’t want to wake the other male.]

[size12 After getting over the surprise, Kazuki used his free hand to reach down towards the other man to figure out exactly where he was. With a gentle touch, he felt along his side. He stopped when something fur like brushed against his hand. He touched the ‘fur’ more and quickly realized it was hair. Kazuki’s hair was soft but not like this. Nor was it this thick. A small smile formed on Kazuki’s face. He slowly and gently touched his way towards Takeshi’s head, stopping when he felt his body heat raise up. Kazuki was too tired to tell where the other had first started and because he had moved, Takeshi’s head was resting by his upper belly. The morning was peaceful, Kazuki wasn’t in as much pain as he was expecting and he was also still alive. How long it will last is unknown but for now, Kazuki is clinging to the tiny bit of hope that maybe death won’t find him.]
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[font gentium [center Takeshi was mildly pleased to hear that his attempts at warming Kazuki payed off, and remained still in his position so as not to make any startling movements as the boy began to drift off in to sleep.

Takeshi on the other hand was not tired; as a god of sorts, he required little sleep, and could last many days without so much as a nap. Particularly then, he was on alert; he'd received his prize, and needed to ensure its safety until they were to reach the ceremonial altar at the top of the mountain to feast. God forbid any other wild animals try take their chance at a bit of Kazuki's flesh.

With this in mind, he craned his neck slightly to peer out of the cave opening, feeling Kazuki's breathing against his head. His sensitive ears could hear the boy's pulse too, which made it a lot easier to determine whether he was dead or not--there was a chance that the cold could kill a fickle human, after all, even with the warmth of Takeshi's hair wrapped about him.

Despite not being tired, there was a certain element of calmness that led Takeshi's eyes to begin to droop. Several times he caught himself slipping away, out of pure boredom rather than actual fatigue, and had to startle himself awake again.
Around the fourth or fifth time around, however, he could no longer take the endless pain of remaining in that stiff position curled around Kazuki, and he curled his body in to a cat-like ball, before allowing the edges of darkness in his vision to close in. Morning was coming soon, anyhow, and the chirping of bird's early songs would surely wake him.]]
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[size12 Kazuki had begun to shiver as the cold bit along what bare skin there was. His feet were going numb as well. He was getting sleepier and sleepier from the combination of exhaustion and the cold. If he wasn’t found when he was, he’d have froze to death.]

[size12 Kazuki tried to think past it all but his mind was clouded with so too much as it was. There was a sound before he felt his robes being tugged in closer to his body. Something around his waist snugged in tighter and had to guess Takeshi had tied it tighter to keep his robes in place. There was a bit more warmth, making him snuggle into it. Then there was something soft touching his feet. Warmth began to build around his feet, chasing off the chill and bringing feeling back into his skin. Kazuki heaved a sigh but he was still pretty chilled.]

[size12 A couple moments seemed to pass before he felt something else. There was movement and small sounds before he felt something barely resting against his legs. A moment later, something warm covered him. It did not feel like the weight of a blanket or pelt, it was much too light for that. It was too heavy to be another robe as well. All Kazuki could make of it was that it was probably Takeshi’s hair. Kazuki snuggled more into the warmth, his shivering slowly stopping. The warmth of another body always seemed to help him more than any amount of blankets did. Kazuki heaved another sigh, warm at last.]

[size12 Kazuki heard Takeshi speak, confirming his assumptions about the warmth coming from the other man’s hair and body.] [b “I’m alright now. Thank you.”] [size12 He said, voice heavy with sleep. It wasn’t long after that he was no longer able to fight it. He nestled into the warmth and let himself drift off into sleep.]
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[font gentium [center Takeshi gazed over Kazuki as the boy's frail frame coiled in to itself, desperate for warmth. The confirmation of how cold he was came as no surprise to Takeshi, who had felt just how frozen he was when cleaning his feet.

Slowly, Takeshi moved closer to Kazuki. He reached for the boy's robes and pulled them tighter, before tying up the rope ribbon around his waist, to keep it in place. Lifting up one of the fox pelts from the ground beside them, he laid it over the boy's feet, to keep in the heat.
All the while, Takeshi was eyeing Kazuki's body. He was certainly as frail as he claimed, his arms unlikely to be any use for lifting heavy objects. This didn't take away from his overall aesthetic though, and if anything added to it. Takeshi rarely had lambs as doll like as this, and almost felt guilty about the idea that he would later be tearing a part the pretty flesh.

Leaning back, he smiled meekly, before realising quite suddenly that there was no point in doing so--Kazuki could not see his faux smile. He opened his mouth to ask if he were still cold, but closed it quickly. Pulling his long hair from his back, he moved it around to the front of his body and placed it there against his bare chest, before lying down with his head beside Kazuki's thighs, legs wrapped up like a cat's in to a ball position. Then, he placed his hair upon the boy, enveloping him in the thick, overgrown blanket. Having not lived in a human society for a great long time, Takeshi did not comprehend that this position might be seen as a display of affection. Rather, he knew that the warmth of another body was how many woodland creatures survived, huddled together and sharing in one another's heat.

Now, he asked the question a second time, eyes droopy--even god's needed their sleep, after all--'[#ED7B7B Are you still cold?]']]
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[size12 Kazuki heaved a sigh.] [b “To sacrifice one is to save many. Perhaps it does not always apply criminals.”] [size12 He muttered. He knew very well that those who cared for him would be safe but they wouldn’t think twice about him.]

[size12 He felt the release of his foot. They were clean, or as clean as they were going to get. Silence seemed to fill the air as the rush of rain hit the stone. The wind howled, sending cold air into the cavern. It was going to be a very cold night.]

[sie12 Kazuki was starting to doze off when he heard movement. He felt a slight line of warmth along side him and knew Takeshi had moved. He nodded.] [b “Hopefully the weather will let up.”] [size12 He mumbled. The air was getting even colder. Kazki moved his robes in closer, turning his back towards the entrance of the cave. He drew his feet up and huddled into his robes. He yawned, his face showing just how tired he was. He began to nod off but was snapped out of it when he heard Takeshi’s voice. Kazuki knew he didn’t really care but the effort to try to sound like he cared showed. Kazuki also wanted to hold onto the slight sliver of hope that someone did care. He hunched in on himself but forced himself straighter. He was starting to shiver.] [b “I am indeed cold. If I was less frail in frame, maybe it wouldn’t affect me much but the cold has me beat every time.”] [size12 He heaved a sigh and let himself huddle down into his robes. His hair came forward as a violent gust of wind blows through. A long and cold night indeed.]
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[font gentium [center Takeshi smiled at Kazuki's answer, not surprised. Even humans had animal instincts, and the desire to survive trumps all "morality" that they have created. One would even eat a friend if it meant ensuring one's own continuation of life.
One would even sacrifice an innocent boy if it meant the continuation of a village. This thought caused a snarl to ripple across his lips, but he held it back like a tamer pulling the leash of a lion. Takeshi's views of humans grew more filled with hate every time he contemplated their morals.
Regardless, he realized that Kazuki was uncomfortable talking about it, and had slumped in to some sort of self-pitying commentary. '[#ED7B7B You needn't worry about that now. Survival is impossible for you,]' pausing, Takeshi waited a moment before continuing, '[#ED7B7B But think of it this way; your death with ensure the survival of all of your neighbours. You are more human than the rest of them, and more innocent.]'

Deciding he had done all he could to clean the boys' torn feet, he lowered it gently to the ground and placed the rag beside him. Sighing softly, he turned back to face the entrance to the cave. Past the point of entrance, little was visible in the mixture of rain and wind that swirled in all directions.

Running long fingers back through his slick hair, he moved in to a more comfortable position beside the boy rather than facing him, crossing his legs in the process. '[#ED7B7B We will move in the morning,]' he commented meekly, changing the subject topic from earlier, watching as the rain outside quickly became sleet, edging on to becoming snow. The cold hardly irked him, however the frail bodies of humans were susceptible to its devilish grasp and this made Takeshi turn to Kazuki. '[#ED7B7B Are you cold?]' His voice was tinted with concern, but it came off as forced and faux, despite all of his efforts for it not to sound so.
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[size12 Kazuki was able to adjust to the pain after a while. He was able to endure it more. Very seldom did Kazuki get injured to such an extent. Of course, most of those injuries were from his childhood when he knew very little.] [b “Do not worry. The pain is subsiding. I am much too tired to worry too much about it.”] [size12 He mumbles in reply. He felt his one leg lower gantly and the other was picked up. He was quite groggy from the stress of the situation. His body was just as tired as his mind. The air around him was getting colder. The wind seemed to be getting stronger. There was a gust of wind, making some pebbles skitter across the ground. The coming storm was going to be quite strong.]

[size12 Kazuki brought his robes up a tad bit more around his neck. Another very strong gust blew by, making the walls seem to hum with the power of it. Dust and pebbles came loose. A bit of it landed on him, a couple pebbles bouncing off his head. He coughed a little as the dust tickled his sinuses and throat. He felt Takeshi brush his arms off some. He was about to thank him but instead let out a couple sneezes. He felt his foot being messed with again and settled himself back.]

[size12 As the storm brewed, Kazuki’s mind began to wander. He wondered how things would be different if he had his sight. He wondered what the world looked like. He let out a sigh that sounded almost sad. When Kazuki heard Takeshi speak, he twitched just a little. His eyes flew open and turned his head towards the direction he felt Takeshi was in. He blinked, trying to think of something to say.] [b “I have not thought to consume human flesh. However, I have heard stories of it happening. One was about a pair of men traveling in the mountains where food is scarce. A bad blizzard hit and one of them didn't make it. In a desperate attempt to stay alive, the other man ate the flesh of the fallen one to wait out the storm. In the end, the man survived and made it home safely.”] [size12 Kazuki heaved a sigh and moved his robes closer to him.] [b “There is not many in the world willing to go so far just to survive. With my lack of sight, I do not have much of a chance at surviving on my own.”] [size12 Kazuki let out another sad sigh, his eyes closing.] [b “I am but a burden. It is a thought that is always there in the back of my mind.”]
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[font gentium [center Takeshi scraped off the caked mud and blood that had surrounded the grazes on the soles of Kazuki's feet. It was a mess to say the least, the state of his flesh. '[#ED7B7B Do tell me if I am harming you,]' he spoke absently, finishing up with the first foot and lowering it cautiously to the ground and moving to the other. Outside, a gust of wind blew rocks in to the cave that ended not far off from their position. The air was getting quickly colder, bitterly nipping at his skin. While it did not affect Takeshi much, for he was used to the treacherous weather of high altitudes, he knew that humans were more fickle and frail when it came to such things.

A heavy gust caused the cave to shake and several pebbles fell from the rocky roof, dousing Takeshi in dust. Shaking it off, he wiped Kazuki's arms of the fallen stone dust and continued to wipe away the mess on his feet. He had no medical tools to treat his wounds, such as disinfectant, but if he could get them to the river not far from their current position upon the easing of the wind, then he could at least clean him.

While he worked, his mind wandered to the feast he would have later, upon Kazuki's health returning to him. A charming thought came to him and he spoke aloud, '[#ED7B7B Have you ever tasted the flesh of humans?]' It had always amazed him how the species claimed to be more "intelligent" than the "lesser" beings that ate one another in the wilderness. In all honesty, Takeshi saw humans as even below the creatures that they claimed superiority over.]]
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[size12 Before Kazuki was able to answer, he felt a hand around his ankle and his foot being moved. He winced a little as his leg complained about being moved but it passed. The bottom of his felt dry, the skin stiff from being caked with blood and dirt. At least the pain wasn't so bad now that he was off his feet.]

[size12 Kazuki trusted Takeshi's words. In fact, Kazuki didn't like feeling sick and knowing his feet were basically one big open wound, he would get sick if it was left untreated. The thought almost scared him.] [b "Do what you must. I understand that you would rather have an offering that is healthy than one that is weak and injured."] [size12 Kazuki said with a sigh, despair filling him once more. He shook his head a little to chase the emotion back.]

[size12 Kazuki heard a bit of movement before he felt something against his foot. It wasn't until that something began to move that he realized what it was. A bit of the dried blood and dirt came off and when the air hit a small but raw wound, he inhaled sharply and stiffened slightly as the spot stung. He exhaled slowly and relaxed. He knew cleaning his feet was going to hurt so he was prepared for the pain. It didn't always make injuries hurt less but it did help him to keep still and not jerk he leg away.]
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[font gentium [center Takeshi knelt again, this time to inspect the end damage the Kazuki had bore on his barefoot trip up the mountain. If only humans were smart enough to not wear those silly shoes in the first place, perhaps his soles would have adjusted by this age and he would not be in so much agony.
But then again, he told himself, it was hardly the boy's fault. It was the elder humans who taught their strict ways, teaching falsehoods and silly rules that make no sense: Shoes outside, no shoes inside. Why not no shoes at all?

Takeshi pulled himself from his straying thoughts, tilting his head and reaching his hand out. Before he could touch skin, he realized he should probably warn the boy he is going to touch him so that he does not get frightened. Just because he's going to eat him doesn't mean he can't be compassionate to him beforehand. '[#ED7B7B Kazuki, child, I am going to inspect your feet now,]' he spoke softly, a vast comparison to the whistling wind outside that harshly blew fallen leaves in to the opening of the hillside cavern.

Not really expecting much of an answer, he went ahead and placed his hand around the boy's foot, lifting it up off of the ground by a few inches. There were several deep gashes that had been caked over by what appeared to be a mixture of both blood and dirt, likely to become infected. '[#ED7B7B I will need to clean your wounds. You cannot walk, and I will not leave you to go find a water source, but it will likely rain tonight. I will gather water then,]' His voice was gentle, but monotonous, and he continued briefly, '[#ED7B7B Until then, I will use rags.]'

What Takeshi did not tell Kazuki was that the rags in which he was referring to, sitting several meters away in a bundled pile, pertained to human clothing. He had killed many a trespasser in his time, and often kept their belongings as to not let them go to waste. Clothing was no exception, and he picked up a soft rag that had once been a beautiful hakama, patterned with hand stitching. It was damp with mildew but that mattered not, and he pressed it against Kazuki's feetm wiping gently in circular motions. The dry muddy blood scraped off and he made sure to intently watch the boy should he show any signs of distress or pain at the amount of pressure he was applying to the wounds.]]
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[size12 Kazuki hobbled along, being as careful as he could. He listened to Takeshi, following his instructions and not fighting against any movements to guide him. The scent of rain was getting stronger. A storm was coming and it was going to last a while.]

[size12 As the wind picked up and became stronger, Kazuki began to stumble. However, he was saved from falling when Takeshi held him closer. The elements were never kind to the weak. Kazuki knew that all too well. The wind ripped through the clearing, making both their hair go wild. Along with the wind was the ever so slight mist that let one know the rain was about to fall.]

[size12 The boy was relieved to hear that shelter wasn’t much further. The weather was changing quickly. Too quick for Takeshi’s taste, it seemed. Kazuki shivered as the air seemed to grow colder. The closer to the shelter Kazuki got, the more the sounds changed. There was a hollow sound coming from somewhere.] [i ‘A cave?’] [size12 Kazuki thought to himself. He listened a bit harder at the sounds and concluded it was a cave. Kazuki didn’t complain. At least he would be able to be out of the coming rain.]

[size12 Kazuki knew he was inside when he touched a patch of dirt. His feet stung just a bit as the dirt got stuck to a couple wounds but it wasn’t bad. The cave was still quite cold but without the wind and the promise of rain, it was tolerable. He heaved a sigh of relief. Takeshi spoke and he simply nodded in reply. He lowered himself with the help of Takeshi to sit. Once down, he felt that he was sitting on something soft and fuzzy. He gave a small smile as he petted the soft fur. He kept his feet off the fur so he didn’t dirty it with his blood. His feet and legs had stopped bleeding for the most part but when it came to treating the wounds, there was no guarantees they wouldn’t start bleeding again.] [b “Goodness. I’m sure to be sore come morning. At least I hold no serious wounds. As far as I know, at least.”] [size12 Kazuki said, his face showing a slight look of discomfort as his body complains.]
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[font gentium [center Takeshi held the boy close to him, lifting him somewhat so as to relieve the pressure on his feet. Judging from the pain that Kazuki was in, Takeshi would need to tend to his wounds rather quickly so as to make the final stretch of the journey, to his altar, possible.

'[#ED7B7B Careful now,]' he spoke slowly, elongating his vowel sounds to make his speech more understandable, what with his lisp and all. His tail curled around his leg, out of the way, and his ears changed to face all directions, locking on to even the smallest of sounds.
With the wind picking up, the scarce number of trees that protruded from the rocky surface swayed harshly, near bending to touch the ground. His hair whipped about, and he held Kazuki closer, to shield him from the harsh of the elements. It annoyed him somewhat, how weak this lamb was, but there was no use in pitying himself for his sore luck; best to just be on with it and do what needs to be done.

In sight came a small hollow in the rock, the first beads of rain falling in a gentle mist that clung to his skin. '[#ED7B7b Just a few more steps,]' he egged the boy on, waddling closer to the entrance of the solid cave. It was tall, though not particularly wide, and with the angle of the rain fall several drops made their way around thirty centimeters in to the cave. Hopefully no creatures had made the cave their home and tampered with his fire or blankets at the far end of the cave, though the likelihood of his hopes were slim. Foxes, especially, were always trundling about in his hideaways, claiming them as their own.

Stepping inside, the stone floor of the cave mottled with patches of similarly rock-hard dirt, the bitter cold of outside began to fade away. It was still cold, mind you, but without the rain and winds nipping at bare skin, some of the pain was relieved. '[#ED7B7B Are you alright? Quick now, child, sit down,]' Takeshi moved to lower Kazuki on to a blanket made of skinned foxes--ironic considering they were the same species of creature that often used the blankets for warmth of stormy nights not dissimilar to that which was coming.]]
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