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[i August, 1946]

Stella couldn't remember a time when the heat was this intolerable. It was thick and muggy, clinging to any surface and making it miserable. Of course, it was a Southern summer where the storms came in through the front door like relatives and the heat was intolerable. Somehow through her childhood, she hadn't noticed, worked on a farm then in a crowded two story building.

It had been Europe that changed that. As awful as it had been treating wounded men, the climate hadn't been so terrible. If it wasn't for the religion intolerance and lack of opportunities she would have wondered why her grandparents ever left in the first place.

Bernie thought she was visiting family, remaining comfortable at the hotel. Twisting the gold band around her finger, she analyzed it for a moment. It really was just a gold band with a single diamond in the middle.

"Darkar, are you really asking me, a mortal, to protect a book that holds knowledge on your world," Stella asked. Looking despairingly to the large book. It was worn and smelt as if it was centuries old. The pages discolored and filled with dust.

"Why are you asking me to do this? I deserve an honest answer, since I had to lie to my husband to come see you," she reminded, with more anxiety in her tone than anything else. She thought the war had finished all of this business, it seems she was wrong though.
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