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Loic's eye twitched and he went to turn to the male but then when he saw the smirk on his face he paused and a smirk of his own came over his lips. "Ah, I see..." He turned to face Kenji completely and raised his fist. But quickly turned to Sora and punched her so hard in the stomach that it cracked some of the wood on the mast.

Sora had black out but instantly felt the pain and screamed before coughing up a mouthful of blood.

"Best watch your mouth boy. I have no problem killing her. I did kill her mother after all. Best not test me boy. I figured my good for nothing daughter wasn't even able to kill someone sent to kill her. She had to get help from a pirate hunter. She'd be better off dead. But you know. I do enjoy watching people suffer."

After Sora had coughed up more blood she instantly blacked out again and her body went limp.

"She can't even handle a few punches... How did I get cursed with such a weak child."
  Sora Rey / PotatoPirate / 3y 17d 1h 4m 54s
As soon as Loic came from below deck Kenji knew there was going to be trouble. The man had a certain rage about him that Kenji would have preferred to avoid, but when the man made his way across deck he knew he had to do something. [b 'Goddamn it....I have to make sure he focuses on me, not Sora.'] As soon as Loic made his way over Kenji did one thing he did best, run his mouth.

[+blue "One of your best? Damn that's pretty pitiful. I'm pretty sure it took one of my worst pistols to turn him into swiss cheese. Though you know what they say about you pirates? You always meet your fate at the end of a barrel or the bottom of the sea. Funny, I would think that the bottom of the sea would be more fitting, but than who would I have to blow holes into for money, am I right?"]

As Kenji spoke several member of Loic's crew began to encircle him as he hung suspended over the ship's deck. He exhaled softly before allowing a wide smirk at the Captain, hoping his words drew enough attention to him for the time being.
  Kenji Minorou / xAcheronx / 3y 17d 1h 35m 21s
Sora looked at Kenji and heard him mutter that he was a genius. "Huh?" He instructed her to get some rest and as he did so her mind started to feel fuzzy again from the loss of blood. "O-Okay... Just... don't leave me... behind." Sora mumbled softly before her head hung down and she passed out.

Loic was in his Captain's quarters speaking to Julian about the grand line. "If only Carla was here to see this. If she hadn't tried to disobey she could have become queen of the pirates."

Julian sighed before bowing his head. "You did what had to be done, Captain. She was a traitor. Just like her daughter."

"Everytime I see her she reminds me of how rebellious her mother was. If she would have just been obedient nothing bad would have ever happened to her. But she sided with a damn hunter... A completely wrong move on her part."

"I agree completely Captain."

There was a knock on the door and Julian turned to face the door. "Come in. State your business."

"Captain, urgent news.."

"What is it?" Loic sneered.

"Kade is dead. Shot multiple times then shot in the head. We found his body on the outskirts of town."

Loic clenched his fists before standing up from his chair and walking out of the room to the top deck. "So you managed to kill one of my best. Congrats. Now I'll make you wish you were dead."
  Sora Rey / PotatoPirate / 3y 17d 14h 44m 41s
Kenji watched as the other pirate struck Sora once more. [+blue "Hey! back off jackass!"] This earned him a fist to his jaw and a lovely spin that did not seem to stop for quite a while. Kenji exhaled before looking to Sora with another comforting look. [+blue " crying, it doesn't look good on you. Just trust me ok? I'll get you out of here, if it's the last thing I do." ]

Kenji was very sure that would be an all too true statement, because he currently had no plans on how he could get them out of this situation. Though he knew one thing was for sure, whatever they did they had to do it before they reached the Grand Line. He sighed before looking around trying to find something to use, the rest of the crew was distracted so it left him with enough room to wiggle if he needed to look around something. Eventually he looked up towards the mast and smiled softly. [+blue "I am a genius. need to rest now, ok? They plan to keep us fairly healthy so they'll probably let you sleep....Rest."] He smiled soflty before closing his own eyes, formulating a plan.
  Kenji Minorou / xAcheronx / 3y 17d 19h 12m 29s
Sora coughed up blood but when she lifted her head she saw Kenji. His cloak had been stripped off him and her eyes widened when he started spitting up blood too. Not too long after he was suspended in front of her. When he winked and tried comforting her she gave a soft smile which resulted in her getting punched in the stomach once more. This time it was by Julian and not Loic.

"You caused the Captain a lot of trouble you know. None of us appreciate it."

She coughed up blood again and her stomach wound had now opened up again and was bleeding through the bandages that they had roughly put on instead of the rags.

She watched as Loic and Julian left and then looked at Kenji. "I'm sorry... I know you gave me that crash course but I heard a gunshot and I ran back to town only to find you lying on the ground surrounded by blood. I got scared so I ran towards you only to get captured... I'm sorry." She looked down as tears rolled down her cheeks. "I'm so stupid... I actually thought I could escape..."
  Sora Rey / PotatoPirate / 3y 17d 20h 11m 32s
Kenji came to below the deck of a ship, he could not help but notice the two rifle barrel's aimed at his face. When he finally looked up he realized he was being guarded by four pirates, each one had a rifle aimed directly for him. [+blue " guys.....are mad....about the ship? If it makes you feel wasn't the first I've blo-"] When the butt stock of a rifle connected with his face he decided silence may be the key in this situation.

Kenji looked down and noticed his stomach wound had been sutured and taken care of, as well as the one on his side. [b 'They gave me medical attention? That...cannot be good.'] He exhaled before hearing someone yell from the top deck. [b "Get that son of a bitch up here!"] Kenji looked up at the men surrounding him. [+blue "Which of you is the son of a bi-."] Once more a buttstock found home, this time on the back of his spine.

The men pulled him to his feet, he noticed his cloak was nowhere to be found, along with his shirt and boots. His hands and legs were bound, not only to each other but to a nearby post. One of the guards cut the chain on the post before leading Kenji upstairs. [b "Come on! The Captain says he has something special planned for you!"]

After dragging him onto the top deck the pirates began to tie another chain to the ones that bound his feet. As they did he looked around and exhaled when his eyes saw Sora. [+blue " damn hard is it to remember that?!"] Immediately he felt a hand slap him clean across his face. The slap caused him to have to spit out another healthy slob of blood. [b "so....did you think you could kill me so easily?"] The Captain, Loic seemed to hold a face that was less than pleased with Kenji.

[+blue "Easily? Nah....Wouldn't have cried if you blew up with that ship th-."] Another hard slap across the face caused Kenji to yell at the man. [+blue "What the hell is with you people and the face?!"] Loic growled at the man before Kenji felt himself being swept off his feet and into the air. [b "Shut your damn mouth, Hunter!"]

Kenji became suspended in the middle of the air, moved right next to Sora. The pirate hunter began to spin slowly in front of her, only adding to his humiliation factor. [+blue "Now that i think of it....I left my hat on shore."] He gave Sora an almost reassuring smile before winking at her and speaking softly, almost protectively. [+blue "Don't worry, I'll get you out of this."]

After barely a second Loic's voice could be heard roaring over the ship. [b "Tell the others to finish sacking the town and get back on board! We set sail for the grand line!"]

Kenji had to wait until he rotated back towards Loic to speak once more. [+blue "Hey....uhm...Loic....I don't know if you know this. The Grand Line is kind of a no no zone these days. Especially for Marine war vessels....which we are on."]

Loic smirked at the man before nodding. [b "Oh I am sure...but my other ship is a little busted up at the moment, thanks to your handiwork. so we set sail regardless of colors. We'll make modifications as we go. Don't worry, we'll be just fine. You just worry about your fate."]

Kenji paused to let himself rotate once more before continuing. [+blue "Yeaaa.....I almost hate to ask but....what is my fate, per say?"] The man smirked before walking oer to Kenji patting his chest softly. [b "Oh don't worry about'll see once we reach the line."]

Loic began to laugh as he trailed off below-deck. The rest of the crew began to prepare the ship for sail while Kenji rotated back to Sora. [+blue "Charming man...."]
  Kenji Minorou / xAcheronx / 3y 17d 22h 22m 26s
As soon as Sora had found the med kit she heard a gun shot. It was louder than Kenji's pistols. "Oh no." Adrenaline ran through her body making the pain in her leg and gut non existent as she ran towards the town. She was on the outskirts of town when she saw Kenji's limp body. "Kenji!" She was about to run over to him when she felt her body being lifted off the ground by her arms. "H-Hey!"

"Well well look what the cat dragged in. Hey! Tell the Captain we got them both."

"Put me down Julian!" Sora squirmed but Julian was a strong muscular man and a small woman like her couldn't even make him flinch. He grabbed some rope from his belt and tied her wrists together then her feet. "Julian stop!"

"Don't you dare say my name you traitor." He grabbed her by her arms once again and dragged her back to the new ship, which used to be a marine vessel. She wasn't sure what happened to Kenji because as soon as she was back on the ship she was tied to the mast and Loic smiled upon seeing her.

"My daughter. So glad I found you. So I heard that you snuck on the ship then right off right before the ship got blown to smitherines. Care to explain?"

"I--" Sora was cut off when Loic punched her as hard as he could in the stomach.

"You little wench. Thinking you can get a pirate hunter to kill me. How stupid are you."

Sora coughed up blood and her breathing became heavy. She tried to speak again but every time was cut off by another punch to the stomach in the same spot over and over again.
  Sora Rey / PotatoPirate / 3y 18d 50m 18s
Kenji had remained on the outskirts of town for nearly ten minutes before his head began to swim and his legs grew weak. [+blue "Damn it...I can't fight the pirates like this...I'll have to do this the hard way."] Kenji tried his best to sneak towards the town, the pirates seemed to be ransacking it for any sign of him and Sora. [+blue "Well....aren't we the popular ones today?"] He crept to the first building he saw and glanced around the corner, watching as the pirates tore through the main road of the town. [+blue "Nope."] He immediately turned and went along the backside of the building, towards the fence that was surrounding this part of the town.

Kenji leapt over the fence, giving a loud groan as he landed on the other side. He proceeded to cut in between the buildings, trying to find out somewhere he could get medical supplies. After a few minutes of searching he heard a voice behind him. [b "Don't move!"]

The gunman sighed softly, before turning to see the barrel of a rifle aimed down at him. He let his hand fall underneath his coat before sighing. [+blue "Ok, you got me, guess you're gonna take me-"] Instantly the sound of a rifle shot was heard as Kenji's gut flooded with blood. He staggered for a moment before falling forward, onto the ground. [b "I got him! Tell the Captain!"] Kenji coughed out a slob of blood before slipping into unconsciousness.
  Kenji Minorou / xAcheronx / 3y 18d 1h 15m 57s
Sora listened to his crash course and groaned. "Anyone with common sense would know that!" She watched as he left and she sighed softly before sitting on a nearby rock.

"Dammit..." The woods were silent and she felt the breeze blowing through. She sighed once more.

"Wait a second... Kade usually carried a small medical kit with him whenever he left the ship just in case he ever got injured because he would be screwed if someone got his arm! I wonder if he has it on him!" She hopped up off the rock then started heading back in the direction they came.

She stayed quiet and stayed hidden listening to her surroundings. She came up to the clearing where Kade's body was and she walked over cautiously.

She looked at the body and winced. Her vision had been blurred before when Kade died but now she saw every shot that he took into his body and she shook her head. [i No time for that. I need that med kit if he has one!]
  Sora Rey / PotatoPirate / 3y 20d 14h 12m 44s
Sora's words caused Kenji to pause in his exit, he sighed before walking to her and taking the cloth from her hands, wrapping his side tightly before pulling his cloak back over the wound. [+blue "Stay hidden. If for some reason I don't come back....well I'm probably dead and it'd be a bad idea for you to think up any travel plans anytime soon."] Kenji pulled one of his wheellock pistols from his holster and handed it to the woman. [+blue "Crash course class on shooting. Aim at the bad guy, pull the trigger, hope he falls down."]

Kenji turned away and began to walk back the way he came. As he did he tried his best to cover up the trail of blood that he had left on the ground. The bounty hunter had no clue what he was doing, though he knew one thing. If either Sora or him were found by pirates or marines, they would be in big trouble.

It took Kenji almost ten minutes to make it back to town, at one point he was able to pick up a swift jog but it hadn't lasted long. He was a fairly athletic person but there wasn't much he could do with a hole in his side. He had managed, however, to find his hat that he left behind. After pulling it on his head he hid in the bushes on the outskirts of town. He could see the pirates were searching thoroughly for him and Sora. [+blue "This should be fun..."]
  Kenji Minorou / xAcheronx / 3y 21d 1h 24m 47s
Sora felt him slap her hand away and she snapped. "I'm just trying to help you!" Then she heard mumbled apology before she sighed softly. "Then at least wrap it yourself... You won't make it far in town like that..." She looked at him concerned. "Because if you don't wrap it I'm going with you. Who knows what could happen while you're injured in town!" She stood up and winced before she walked carefully over to him with a slight hobble. "I know you can't stand me. But even so as for right now... You're the only person who doesn't seem to want me dead yet. So, I can't let you die."
  Sora Rey / PotatoPirate / 3y 21d 12h 27m 59s
Kenji blacked out for nearly ten minutes, when he came to he saw Sora wrapping his side. Immediately he slapped Sora's hand away, his eyes seemed aggravated by her helping him. [+blue "Don't touch me, pirate."] After a minute he exhaled and muttered under his breath. [+blue "I-I'm sorry Sora..."] He rolled over and pushed himself up to a sitting position. After he did he looked to Sora and nodded. [+blue "Yea, you're right...but we can't get into town now that your friends are searching for us."]

The man pushed himself up and grabbed his cloak, after that he looked to Sora and smirked. [+blue "So I'm gonna sneak into town and get us some supplies, you're gonna stay here."] After a few minutes Kenji was able to walk a bit, he pulled his cloak on and groaned from it's weight. All in all his cloak weighed nearly an extra seventy pounds from all the pistols. Though it was a bit lighter than usual he still struggled with it.

He looked to Sora before resting a hand on his forehead, trying to calm his dizziness. [+blue "I'll only take a few minutes, thirty max."] Kenji was not even so sure if he would make it back alive, but when he looked to Sora even crusted in blood he couldn't help but admire her beauty. [+blue "Just....stay in hiding."]
  Kenji Minorou / xAcheronx / 3y 21d 20h 54m 6s
Sora shut up instantly and just looked away from his face. [i Right... he's a pirate hunter... what was I thinking... I won't be accepted as a pirate, marine or pirate hunter... Yikes... life is going to get pretty rough for me...] She sighed softly to herself before feeling him set her down.

She listened to him speak and she sighed softly. "He caught me off guard. True I'm not the greatest fighter... But usually I can handle myself... But he just made me freeze up..."

When she saw his wound her eyes widened and she looked warily at him. "Kenji, you need to wrap that now..." But then he soon collapsed on the ground. She got up to her feet then went over to him as quick as her legs would let her. "Kenji!" She took his cloak off him then looked at the wound it was bleeding pretty bad. She looked around and noticed a small stream she tore off a piece of her shirt and walked carefully over to the stream. and soaked that piece before returning to Kenji's side and carefully cleaning the wound. It didn't look like there was shrapnel or anything caught in it. Just the extra strain must have opened the wound further. She tore off another piece of her shirt to the point where it was covering just her breasts. and she carefully tied the shirt around his waist and had it covering the wound. "We need medical supplies... we need them bad..."
  Sora Rey / PotatoPirate / 3y 21d 22h 56m 11s
Kenji continued to walk through the forest, not paying the woman too much mind before he finally gave her a reply. [+blue "Shut up, I'm not saving you i'm just not letting you die, there is a difference."] His words were spoken with an overtone of annoyance that he had to falsify. In truth Kenji was saving the woman purely because he didn't care for the idea of her getting hurt.

Though he would not admit that to her, probably ever. After nearly an hour of walking Kenji found a small clearing that would work perfectly for them. He set Sora down before pulling his cloak back over himself. [+blue "For a pirate you're pretty weak, you should work on that, learn to fight your enemy, not get shot."] His eyes were soft, not matching his tone, but after a moment he realized that his vision was getting blurry.

Kenji lifted his cloak to reveal his wound on his side, it had torn open to a fairly decent size and was leaking a very small amount of blood. He turned back the way he came and exhaled at the trail of blood he left, he could tell it must have been thicker at one point. [+blue "Oh..."] Kenji took a step and instantly lost his footing, he collapsed in front of Sora with a loud smack to the ground. [+blue "Ouch....i...overdid it."]
  Kenji Minorou / xAcheronx / 3y 21d 23h 47m 32s
Sora nodded as she felt him wrap her other two wounds tightly. "What about your wound?" She asked warily.

But her question was ignored with a question of his own. "Well, considering you just blew up the ship... I'd assume the uninjured survivors are searching for at least me if they saw me get on the ship and leave like Kade did... And I have a feeling the Captain is still alive... It's just a gut feeling I have... This seems like it was far too easy..."

She felt herself being lifted off the ground again and she wrapped her arms around his neck and held on. "Kenji, what about your wound? Are you okay to carry me like this?" She asked again. Granted she wasn't sure if she'd be able to walk very fast due to her leg wound but she could try. She didn't need him straining his body without proper care to his wound as well. "By the way... I never said thank you so... thank you, Kenji."
  Sora Rey / PotatoPirate / 3y 22d 19h 59m 55s

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