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A place that is in our world called Criged....This place is hidden by a magic area but only a few has seen it. She smiled gently and looked upon them as Furries. They are both human and animals. There are different tribes of them Wolfs, Cats, dragonkin's, Ect.......

Snow was raised up from a wolf pup. She was left by her human family as she, though. Truth was that they raised her to be release from the human world. Her mother dies and was found by humans. Snow grew up and trusted humans till they left her. She felt alone in the woods. No one to care for her. She didn't know that she was put in a wolf territory. Everything smelt wired and scary. Was she going to be killed her first night?

________was an alpha male of the pack. He was handsome and strong. All the females wanted him to choose them to be the alpha female, every day he turns them down. One day a scout came back to the camp and told _______ that a new wolf came from beyond the forest. He gathers up few of his warriors and went to go see if it was true. He came across Snow. He went up to her and growled.

Will he invite her to join or will he kill her


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snow would look at him as she held her staff as she walked down the hall more. She would feel really uneasy as she heard voices. She would get closer to see what was going on. Were is she Fire elder" a voice said as she peeked in as she saw a man with a hood on I don't know what your talking about "I'm talking about the spirit wolf were is she?" he demanded. each elder refused to say anything as they were wacked. She couldn't let this contuined she gotten up as she open the door. As she walked in her eyes were pure white with madness "I am right here" She said as she would held her bow staff. "Leave them be if not I will make sure you will never show your face again." snow said as she had a fire in her eyes no one could of guessed wer it came from
  Snow *Furry form* / lunalight / 3y 153d 23h 35m 42s
The two of them whiled the time in front of the doors for who knew how long, time up here became completely meaningless. Andreas sort of half dozed during the quiet time, not that he was trying to be disrespectful or anything, it was just a habit of his.

Then Snow suddenly jumped up and yelled at the doors to open which they then did. Then she commanded him to drag the body with them into the temple, which he did. Everything was still new to him, he barely knew what was going on. Sure there had been those earlier explanations but he still couldn't clearly see how they all linked together.

After walking through the empty temple for sometime, he could sense that Snow was unsure of something. Then she told him to drop the body while she took out her now staff. He himself stiffened into a defensive stance.
  Andreas / Arya / 3y 167d 22h 26m 31s
Snow would lay there as she waited. She was worried though The packs were endanger and so were the elders. As she waited something seemed wronged. She picked her ears up as she heard howling in the winds. Snow soon walked up to the door and growled as she yelled I demand that the doors of the temple be open as she seem to be the one who did open them. "Lets go" She said as she ran into the temple.

As she stepped into the temple something felt so wrong. She looked around and no lights were lit and no one was in the main hall. She looked at the grate status as she walked froward. It was not what Snow wanted to feel. "Leave him there" She said pointed at a cage like area. She shift into her furry from and held the staff close to her.
  Snow *Furry form* / lunalight / 3y 169d 12h 34m 8s
They finally arrived at the top of the mountain, and there was something there. There was something that appeared to look like a temple. The humongous door was closed, preventing them from entering.

From what Snow said, there were these so called elders in there, barring their entrance into the temple until a certain time came to pass. When that would happen, none of them knew, but till then they would have to wait patiently.

He dumped his load for now, the wolf was stilled knocked unconscious which was good, there was no need for his antics at the top here. '

He still had the same feeling, but it was much stronger. The feeling that he didn't belong here, as if someone was looking down into his soul with much disgust. It bothered him, and he knew that whoever was making this feeling was completely true.
  Andreas / Arya / 3y 258d 16h 18m 2s
Snow looked at him and sigh gently "I don't know what lays head for you but if you can keep your cool head and just listen you will see were you are going." she said softly as she soon came to the top of the mountain. As Andrews would come up he would see massive shrine like temple.Snow would go to the doors as she waited for andrews to come up with her. "This is where the great elders live. No one is allowed to go in till the doors open" she said softly as she sat down.
  lunalight / 3y 258d 19h 36m 7s
It wasn't that difficult to drag the wolf up. He wasn't a heavy load, and Andreas had carried heavier things than this.

They came up to a mountain. He was still to the rear of Snow. When she stopped, he stopped and waited. Some time passed, and he was confused for a bit, but Snow started walking again. They went up a path up the mountain. Andreas had a feeling, an unwelcome feeling about this place. When Snow looked back at him, "I feel that this place doesn't like my presence."
  Andreas / Arya / 3y 287d 15h 6m 52s
Snow would smile, and enjoy the pleasure that she didn't have to drag the wolf across the village. She would soon head off to the mountains. Snow would soon reach up the path as her guide would come to her. [b I see that you're back to see the elders] he said "Yes and it's important to see them" She said softly "The Eternal Night clan is attacking the without us knowing" The guide look at hat Andrews, then the unconsumed wolf on his shoulder. He would let them pass as he disappears into the forest. Snow would lead up to the path as she would look back to make sure that Andrew was ok.
  Snow / lunalight / 3y 290d 9h 4m 6s
"Sure, let me help you." With that, he lifted the unconscious wolf on his shoulders instead of letting him be dragged across the terrain.
  Andreas / Arya / 3y 292d 21h 47m 37s
Snow would smiled a bit as she felt him hugging back and resting his head on her shoulder. She moved back and smiled a bit more. "I need to go bring him to my elders" She said as she pointed to the wolf laying unctuously "Would you like to come?" she asked. She never heard of anyone who was an outsider. She put her father's staff and the ribbon on her back as she began to drag the poor wolf across the village as she started up on towards the moutain
  Snow / lunalight / 3y 292d 22h 4m 53s
He still trying to figure himself out, so he didn't see it coming. Andreas was hugged by Snow. He wasn't expecting it, but he didn't do anything about it. He just let her do her thing. He also didn't expect for Snow to put her head on her shoulder.

Andreas didn't know what to do. His hesitation could be easily felt. He just decided to try, he hugged Snow back, putting his head on her shoulder.
  Andreas / Arya / 3y 293d 9h 32m 1s
Snow looked at him as she would sigh gently. She soon gotten up and walked to him. Tears still streaming but not as bad. "I'm sorry" She said softly and hugged him. She never done this to anyone as she lay her head on his shoulder.
  Nasha / lunalight / 3y 293d 9h 40m 3s
He was really frustrated. Not at Snow, not at anyone else but himself. He couldn't explain himself, even though he had caused the events to go down the path like this. "I... don't know how to explain it. It is a feeling I have... but I cannot finds the right words for it."

Andreas transformed, and sat down on the ground with his arms around his head. This usually happened whenever he was in an emotional state.
  Andreas / Arya / 3y 293d 17h 24m 12s
Snow would stop the cry just enough to hear him talk "B...b...but what?" she asked as tears ran down her face to compliantly stop. She didn't want to seem weak right now. She never cried in front of someone like this as much as she has with him.
  Snow / lunalight / 3y 294d 7h 23m 22s
"But therein lies the problem. Sure, I attacked you the first time we meet, but that was just standard practice. But you aren't a stranger to me anymore. I don't know... how to put it exactly... Sure, I know. I was and still am a big bad wolf. Did that horrible thing after another more heinous thing. But..."
  Andreas / Arya / 3y 296d 10h 52m 39s
Snow would look at him and sigh "Actually no It not what I want but it the only thing I can think of to keep your precise pack safe" she said as she turn around as she was about to cry. "It not even if you care" she said "You worried about some stranger who came to you and you didn't even ask you just attacked" She said lost it as she cried once again.
  Snow / lunalight / 3y 296d 11h 3m 28s

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