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A prince, his kingdom before him. All soon to be in his complete control within a few months. But this power is corrupt. The prince, cold but noble on the outside, has many secrets and doesn’t fully trust anyone. All he really seeks is power and control which is just out of reach for himself. With his responsibilities, he’s been keen to take care of loose ends but that keenness is slipping. He instead now looks for opportunities to find the loyalties of ones he meets on the roads surrounding the capital where he lives. He finds that many are underestimating how his rule will be, and this only encourages him to hid his true colors and show them when the time comes.
Many have spoken of someone who will liberate the Kingdom of Chamlek which the prince is soon to be ruling. He hears this as talk of a rebellion and a reason to strengthen ties with the surrounding territories incase anything does happen. This prince’s name is Eric and he loves to seek out challenges, a coming rebellion wouldn’t be much of a surprise, more as a welcoming challenge which surrounds his coordination. Love was never in the equation for him and being such it’ll take him by surprise when he meets a man whose aiming high.


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Fidelis smiled slightly at Enoch’s soft chuckle. “Well you wouldn’t be able to outrun one of them, getting used to that armor makes them fast without it.” He removed his own helmet and was working his own armor off when Enoch walked over with a sly grin. His question was enticing enough and the captain couldn’t help but turned to look at him. His enthusiasm was cute and Fidelis gave him another, sweeter kiss. “I have a few ideas.” He purred in reply and wrapped his hands around Enoch’s waist. “How about this? The bedroom is upstairs and to the right. Why don’t you go wait for me?” He could see the excitement flash across Enoch’s face for just a moment before his cool, sly demeanor returned and he agreed to go.

With his long loyalty to the ruling bloodline, he knew how wrong this was and he knew he’d be tortured and executed alongside Enoch if they were caught. But still, none of this knowledge was stopping him. Fidelis stepped back from his armor stand after putting everything they’d discarded away and he rubbed the back of his neck, stretching and feeling his joints pop. By the gods, he was getting old, well, at least old for still being single. He pushed the bothersome thought away and decided not to keep his supposed enemy waiting any longer.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 282d 1m 35s
Enoch gasped as he kissed the captain. After going so long without human contact he yearned for more. He couldn't help but try to get as close to the captain but before he knew it they pulled away. Once the captain was gone he decides to stick around a bit, an hour wasn't that long not to mention it gave him time to think about the rebellion. He knew that once the royalty had been taken down Chamlek was going to need a leader not a ruler and Enoch was more than equipped for that job. He had many plans on how to please the people as well as integrate humans with the more mystical folk who had been forced away so long in the forests. At this point he was only hoping that Fidelis would follow up for him, after all the captain was starting to grow on him quite a bit.

Soon enough the hour had passed and Enoch perked up as he saw the captain heading his way. He did as he was told and put his helmet back on before he followed, making sure to keep his eyes low until they had made it inside. His only wish that this wasn't an ambush because while he wanted to believe Fidelis was on his side he knew the captain still remained somewhat loyal to his prince. Enoch couldn't even begin to imagine what torture the prince wanted to put him though after all this trouble he'd been causing. He definitely wouldn't be able to use his silver tongue to work his way out again if Fidelis was to hand him over.

Once the two had made it into Fidelis' home Enoch began to relax. He slowly took off his helmet as well as the rest of the armor, stretching for what wad to come next. "I don't know how you guards stand being in that clunky mess all day. Nearly drived me crazy." He chuckled softly as he walked up to the captain, wrapping his arms around their neck.  "So...you have me now, what do you plan on doing with me?" He asked with a sly grin.
  Enoch Biancardi / whitetail / 282d 6h 26m 6s
Fidelis pressed his lips together at Enoch’s enticing inquiry and the captain closed the space between them, leaning down and giving him a masterful kiss. “Meet me back here in a hour, and don’t get caught.” He mumbled through the kiss, pulling back from Enoch and stepping back from him. With a ghost of a smile on his face, though it was hard to tell if it was really a smile in the dark of the morning, the captain turned away and disappeared back into the town, thinking over what enoch had asked for him and how the king’s fall would really affect Chamlek. The territory would be free, but for how long, along with the rebellion there would be many different factions that would try to take control. Not to mention the neighboring nations. Enoch, Enoch… What had the Warlock started?

Fidelis retreated towards the castle and turned in the barracks lane. A set of houses that were for training soldiers and high ranking generals and their families. Fidelis himself had a home here, but he hardly ever used it. Tonight would be an exception. An hour later, he returned to where Enoch had found him and he could see that the rebel didn’t disappoint. He was there waiting and the captain walked over, taking his hand before shifting up to his wrist and pulling him closer slightly. “Keep the helmet on and don’t speak. There are plenty of eyes and ears in the streets.” He mumbled softly, letting go of Enoch and giving him a slight nod to follow. They’d be safely inside soon enough.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 282d 11h 24m 35s
A deep sigh of relief came from Enoch as he leaned against a near by wall. He thanked god he didn't have to subdue the captain, he wasn't sure what would become of him if he didn't someone he would at least semi-trust in these trying time. It was only when the captain asked what he needed that his mood darkened because he knew exactly what he had too do. "I need a horse...a fast one. I have no choice but to hide since the prince kmows I'm well and alive. Not tonight though, the prince will suspect something if any of thr villagers leave tonight. In two days I'll be waiting near the stables. I hope you can come through for me...Fidelis." He said softly, letting one of his hands caress the older captains cheek.

"I do need to find a place to sleep...possibly something could be arranged? I do have quite a bit of gold still on me...but there is another way I could always pay you." Enoch's silver tongue did it's magic as he gently placed Fidelis' hand on his lower hip. "I wpuld be more than happy to help out a friend in need and with thr captain of the guard no less. It could be the only chance we ever have together...afterall you did say you prefer younger men." He chuckled softly as he did his best to entice the captain to let him stay with him even if it was for the night.
  Enoch Biancardi / whitetail / 282d 23h 56m 55s
It wasn’t a surprise to be bumped into and have others scare themselves out of their own skin when faced with the captain, but to see Enoch there, in disguise. It was more like a relief to have found him rather than any one of his patrols. He grinned at the flirtatious remark and he let the warlock lead him away to a more secluded spot.

“I know,” He said coolly as Enoch began to explain sheepishly. “Why else do you think I’m up so late?” At Enoch’s question, Fidelis’ deep blue eyes shown with a little uncertainty in them.

Was he a friend? Well in this moment alone with the leader of the rebellion, Yes. He could afford to be a friend. “You shouldn’t have to ask that.” The captain remarked smoothly, giving another smirk as he saw relief pass across Enoch’s expression.

“What do you need?”
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 283d 2h 14m 13s
Enoch marched forward with the other's in disguise, slipping away as soon as a command was given to patrol for himself. He cursed the prince as he followed a path around the castle. He soon found himself bumping into the man he was looking for. He looked up at Fidelis with a smirk before removing his helmet to reveal his face as well as let his chestnut hair blow gently in the wind. "Bet you thought you wouldn't ever see me again, huh?" He said flirtatiously.

The warlock ended up taking the captain by the arm so he could pull him away so that they would be able to talk in private. "I know this is really sudden not to mention how the prince already has it out for me because of more than one reason right now but...I really needed to see a friendly face Fidelis. You are my friend aren't you?" He asked sheepishly as he readied his wand just in case the captain was to try anything funny. Enoch wanted to believe that Fidelis would help him out in this dire moment but he couldn't take that chance, there was much more he still needed to do for his rebellion.
  Enoch Biancardi / whitetail / 283d 3h 12m 5s
Eric stared after Enoch, his hand on the dagger but it was still hidden by his body. There was no way the warlock could have seen it, but the prince was just bitterly glad that Enoch was gone.

“To hell, if I stay here…” He snarled to himself, getting out of the bed and heading out of the pub quickly after Enoch. He’d be damned if he stayed there any longer. I need to tell Fidelis, get the patrols out now, while he’s still here. Eric thought and raced back to the castle as fast as he could. It was now early morning and just before dawn, the darkest time of night. When he arrived, he headed straight for the captain’s room and burst into the room.

“Captain Fidelis! I need you to arrange and send out patrols around the city. Now!” Eric shouted and his captain got up, sluggish from sleep.

“What?” he asked not quiet understanding what the prince had just ordered him to do.

“You heard me…” Eric replied sharply and stepped back out into the hall followed by his captain. “Enoch is still in the city.” He began and this got Fidelis’ attention.

“How do you know?” he asked and the prince gritted his teeth.

“I saw him, just now on my outing.” The prince said, leaving out all and any details. “But he won’t be for long. Now go get your guards men up and send out all patrols.” Fidelis stopped and stared after his prince while Eric stalked off towards his own chamber. “I know he is still here, and I want him dead.”

Fidelis watched his prince leave and knew this was the beginning of the end for either the kingdom or the rebellion. He’d send out the patrols but he decided that he’d go out himself, arrange for new recruits to be brought to the capital for training and hope that Enoch and he did not meet.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 2y 194d 6h 33m 3s
He stared at Eric for a few moments before getting off to go open the door. "Get out, if you really want to go and like your selfish life without having a taste of what love could actually feel like then get out." His gaze was cold as ice as he watched Eric on the bed. Enoch had, had enough with games especially with someone so dull. It would just be best if the warlock would cut his losses and go back to leading the rebellion like he was supposed to be doing not trying to seduce the enemy. "And before you go Eric...if you don't know how to even communicate with a lover...how are you even going to communicate with a whole damn kingdom. Think about that on your way back to your precious castle. You know what...you stay and I'll go."

The warlock quickly collected all of his things and headed out, racing down the stairs of the pub to get to his horse. Enoch didn't know where he was going by he needed to get somewhere. Maybe he would try to find Fidelis, he certainly seemed like decent company in time of need. Soon enough Enoch made up his mind and decided to keep an eye out for the captain of the guard. It certainly seemed like a long shot especially with the way he left but Enoch was certain that Fidelis would be slightly happy to see him again. Once he neared the castle Enoch was sure to be careful, he even went so far as to steal a newbies armor just to infiltrate the place. Now all he had to do was find the captain.
  Enoch / whitetail / 2y 194d 8h 34m 0s
The prince remained tense and shivered as Enoch began to kiss him again, tilting his head up and staring away when the trail of kisses moved down his neck and he felt the warlock’s warm hands wandering the lower part of his torso. He hoped Enoch didn’t reach farther up and find the out-of-place leather strap that the prince had draped over his right shoulder, hidden under his shirt. He had two other twin daggers, on him, one on his shoulder and another just behind his side. These daggers were for closer, more personal conflicts like this and he had ever intent on using them, as soon as he could regain control of his body. He hadn’t used them when he had almost been mugged outside because it would have been a bit of a show for him to try and grab one of them, let alone both of them. But in this position, the prince thought he might be able to use the one of his side to stun Enoch long enough for him to scramble out of the room.

Eric closed his eyes when Enoch whispered in his ear and turned his face away, shamefully. He waited till Enoch had asked him again, before slowly moving up and closer to Enoch to whisper back. “You don’t know what you ask of me..” He whispered while reached down next to his left side to try and grab one dagger while he still had then chance. He didn’t intend on killing Enoch, though he wouldn’t be too sad if he did accidentally. The prince wanted out and since he couldn’t make himself say the words, he’d just have to act. Maybe just one stab would do it, if Eric’s aim was true. But he didn’t want the warlock to be able to follow him once he’d gotten up. This was a risky move, but Eric was willing to take it as long as he could keep Enoch distracted so he could grab his dagger.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 2y 194d 21h 17m 25s
Enoch chuckled softly to himself while he saw Eric so vulnerable, it was cute really. It see me the young prince had some sort of anxiety when it came to hard situations like this but that would soon melt away after Enoch was finished with him. "Stop thinking so much darling, relax and enjoy the moment. I wanna show you what love really means. All you gotta do is let yourself go, I promise I'll make you feel good." He leaned back down, pressing a quick kiss to Eric's lips and then trailing down to his jaw.

While he continue with the onslaught of kisses he let his hands wander up the prince's shirt, feeling around his delicate torso. "You feel so smooth, so lovely. I can't help but want to eat you up. I bet you taste like heaven. Your body is perfection and I want to worship you." He said in between kisses. Eric seemed to be revving Enoch up, soon enough Enoch would be ready to show the prince what people meant when they said the warlock had a silver tongue. He stopped kissing to lean upwards so that he could whisper into Eric's ear, "I love you, Eric. I want to show you how much I can truly love you. This is going to be your second chance...do you want me to stop, Eric?" After he finished talking he gave the shell of the prince's ear a nip.

He snickered and moved a bit to get a good look at the prince's facial expression, hoping he was alright. Enoch knew this could be a bit nerve wrecking for some people especially when it came to that special little L word. As long as the prince wasn't crying it would be all fine in the w arlocks book. "So...what do you say Eric? Will you let me continue to love you?"
  Enoch / whitetail / 2y 194d 21h 34m 22s
Eric jumped when Enoch slammed his fists on either side of the prince so he couldn’t move away. [I People were dying? Blah! Of course people are dying! Your cause is hopeless, this rebellion isn’t the first my blood lines had to deal with.] Eric wanted to snap back at Enoch but he hadn’t forgotten what the warlock could do and he stayed tense till Enoch stepped back, pacing while questioning if the prince didn’t really know what went on outside of the capital walls.

“You have no-!” Eric started but he was cut off as Enoch snatched him but his wrist and threw him onto the bed. He landed on his front and quickly rolled over so he could face Enoch, while scrambling backwards to try and get off the other side of the bed. “A lesson? You wouldn’t dare touch me..” He growled quietly in a warning tone but his warning was called bluff when the warlock removed his top layers and crawled onto the bed over top of Eric, pinning him down and warning him that if he tried to hurt Enoch, then he’d end up like the dead outlaw outside. After that he kissed the prince and it seemed like all the air in Eric’s lungs vanished and he tried to break the kiss so he could breathe but Enoch dissolved the kiss into something more passionate before pulling back.

Eric didn’t know how to respond when Enoch gave him his first chance to stop. Yes he want to stop this, he could feel himself trembling with disgust and his hands twitched to reach up and punch Enoch hard or wrap around his neck. But he couldn’t more, and he couldn’t form any real words to tell the warlock to stop.

“N-no… I.. I…” He stuttered and swallowed, tensing under Enoch and ducking his head, squeezing his eyes shut while trying to calm himself down. This situation was nothing he couldn’t handle, he just had to calm down and think! Eric was quiet after a second failed attempt to say ‘no’ and he didn’t really try to answer Enoch’s question again.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 2y 194d 21h 56m 21s
His he's immediately snapped in Eric's direction, 'just politics'? This was so much more than that and he didn't have any idea. Enoch stormed over to Eric and slammed both of his arms on each side of the prince so he couldn't slip away. "Oh I think we got a shit ton more to discuss. You can say it's just politics but my people are dying for this cause everyday while you and your whole monarchy has all the riches theu could ever want." Enoch snarled as his grip on the wall behind Eric tightened, it seemed the prince was starting to make the young warlock angry. "It seems you are forgetting what I can really do here your highness, do you not remember I had killed a man with my bare hands a matter of minutes ago. Who says I can't do the same to you if you make me very...angry."

Enoch gave a snort before he pushed away and began to pace in a small circle. It seemed like he was deep in thought, mosy likely the man was doing everything in his power to keep calm until he stopped to look at the prince again. "You really don't get it do you? Are you truly so dense? Thinking you know everything when honestly you have no clue what goes on outside of your castle...you know I truly pity you." He slowly crept towards Eric again before swiping to grab him by the wrist to throw him onto the bed. "Well, I think you need to be taught a lesson Eric. I'm going to show you how harsh you've been as well as to try to warm up that ice block you call a heart."

He took off his top layers, leaving his pants on before crawling ontop of the prince to pin him down. "I'm going to give you a few chances here Eric and if you do anything to harm me just once your heart will be outside of your body just like that outlaws, I really don't want to do that so please don't make me." After blabbering he leaned down and gave his prince a nice tender kiss, slowly letting it dissolve into something more passionate before pulling back. "This is going to be your first chance, do you want me to stop Eric?"
  Enoch / whitetail / 2y 194d 22h 25m 18s
Eric listened to Enoch state the terms and watched him as he rubbed the back of his neck and looked away. So this was just it, only the taxation and regulation of the soldier’s wrong doings. Eric smirked to himself then stopped when Enoch, stood up and walked to the window, opening it so he could sit out on the edge. The two were silent for a moment and when Enoch looked back with his proposal that they forget this for one night, the prince didn’t look amused. He had his arms still crossed and now, instead of leaning against the wall like he had been at first, he was up and standing firm, debating whether to stay and talk, or more like argue, or leave and continue on to stop the rebellion.

“These terms aren’t what I’m upset with…” Eric growled lifting his head up slightly. “And this wasn’t a lot for me to take in. It’s just politics. But your terms aren’t unheard of…” He found himself dancing around Enoch proposal that they get to know each other personally. He didn’t want to get to know the enemy, but somewhere he was sure he knew the reason why he hadn’t ordered for Enoch to be executed the morning he was taken captive back at the prince’s home.

“If those are the only terms…” Eric started, looking away from Enoch’s pleading brown eyes. “Then we have nothing more to discuss, rebellion or otherwise.” he pressed himself back against the wall again and didn’t look back at Enoch, silently hoping the warlock wouldn’t try to persuaded him to stay.
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 2y 195d 44m 29s
Enoch's eye's narrowed as he stared at the prince, his fatuation slowly fading. The damn brat apparently couldn't sympathize with him let alone the entire kingdom of Chamlek. He huffed and wiped his face as he thought of a negotiation that would appease the prince as well as the kingdom. "Fine, if you really are so cold hearted and won't truly listen these are the rebellion terms. I suggest instead of taxing the people to death, royalty can start paying the dues that they are currently having the poor pay for them so that way the people can still be able yo feed their children. As for the guard brutality I suggest we introduce sone sort of monoriting system so that we can reduce corruption in the outer parts of Chamlek."

At this point Enoch was fairly certain Eric would yell at him for suggesting what he might find preposterous. In all honesty it's what the warlock was going to fight for if Eric deemed it unnecessary for peaceful living in the kingdom. He tried to keep his best face as he continued to speak, "Now I understand this is most likely a lot for you to take in but I hope you get that if you don't even agree with one then the rebellion will just keep fighting. I'm sorry but that's just how it's going to go..." He rubbed the back of his neck as he tried to look anywhere else but Eric, he didn't think he could look at what most likely would be the prince's angry face.

He got up from the bed and slowly made his way over to the window, opening it up so he could sit on the sill. What Enoch wouldn't give for another pint right now...even though he was a leader the warlock didn't enjoy trying to agree on terms. Enoch's eye's shifted back over to Eric, while one side of Enoch wanted to strike a deal with the prince the other side wanted to charm him. It was either his kingdom or the man who didn't even want to glance his way. "Eric can we just...just forget about this whole thing for one night, I know you must be angry with these sort of terms but all I'm asking is for you to sleep on it for one night. While you think about it...maybe we can get to know each other on a more personal level."
  Enoch / whitetail / 2y 195d 5h 31m 47s
Eric let Enoch drag him to the others room, he hoped that he wouldn’t regret doing this and that it wouldn’t end up just being a waste of his time. When they were there, the prince watched Enoch take a seat on the bed and patted a spot next to him while he began to talk. Eric decided to stay standing instead, this was only for negotiations, nothing else, nothing more interment. Eric listened as the warlock described the public’s wants and fears, how many wanted a ‘Calm Kingdom’ and peace to ‘care for one another’. But with the taxation going up on many thing and in many areas, along with the nature of the guards becoming more brutality and corruption. Chamlek’s lower class people were beginning to lose faith in the ruling family and in their government. Eric nodded to himself, but when he noticed that Enoch was just repeating himself, he decided to go back over the demands in his own head.

The lower classes were upset with the constant taxations and the guard’s brutality. The prince understood that the value of a soldier work outside of the capital had gone done since the last warring campaign to establish the kingdom, and with no one to keep these guards in line farther out into the kingdom, it wasn’t surprising that corruption is there. And he supposed the taxation was a bit too high in terms of what the kingdom was getting for trade. The taxation had risen originally as an emergency buffer, in case any disaster happened or another war broke out, there would already be something to fund the army instead of all that funding coming straight from the farms then. But he was beginning to see that the people of this kingdom were also starting to think that nothing would ever happen, since the taxation has been going on for a few decades and nothing has ever happened since the establishment of Chamlek a few centuries ago.

The prince supposed when he took the throne he could lower that taxation and send Fidelis out with a group of trusted to go sort out the corruption in some of the harder hit places of the kingdom. [I Hmm, but it seems that the people are also forgetting the ‘Divine Right.’] He thought, knowing that a ruler’s reign could only last as long as they can keep their reign a live, through wars and famine to civil war and new pacts signed with other powers. But also in keeping the faith of the kingdom that their kings and queens could lead them, and that is what was wavering for the kingdom. Eric tsked to himself at this realization before he noticed that Enoch had trailed off. Looking at the young warlock, he noticed that Enoch was staring at him with longing eyes. Eric snapped his figures twice which seemed to cause, Enoch to realize he was getting off track and he apologized, saying he still wasn’t over the prince.

“…” Eric took a moment then began to talk himself. “The public is losing its faith in its rulers. I see that they no longer believe in the Divine right. Hmm, now I’ve listened to your demands but I can’t simply just order for these things to be fixed since I’m not yet king… But you also haven’t offered a way to fix these problems. So if the rebellion does end up over throwing my father before I can take the throne, that seems to me like it would just create more problems than there are now for your little cause.” Eric wasn’t going to be nice about this. He either wanted to hear what Enoch was offering in negotiations, or he would leave, presuming that this rebellion would just open up Chamlek for invasion while civil war tears the kingdom even further apart. “Tell me, have you even thought that far? Thought about rebuilding the kingdom to be… What you’d call calm and peaceful? Do you have fighters willing to fend off invasions from others and resources to sustain a new kingdom after the rebellion is over?” The prince waited a moment for an answer before scoffing and crossing his arms. “There is no real civil war yet, and here you are given a chance to stop any from happening. But what would your excuse be, for not taking this opportunity? Let me guess… [I All's fair in love and war.]”
  Prince Eric / BBJ / 2y 195d 12h 13m 4s

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